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Caitlin's Birthday


Before reading this I suggest you read "Listening

Early December:

It’s 10pm and I am sitting on the living room sofa watching
television. My daughter walks in, sits down and says, “Dad,
can I ask you something?” The tone in her voice told me this
was important, so I turned off the T.V., leaned forward
and gave her my undivided attention.

(Ever since her mom died when she was ten we’ve had an agreement:
There is nothing we can’t talk about. There are no taboo
subjects between us. In the last 7 years we have talked about
everything you can imagine; boys, drugs, her period (started
at 12), death and dying, school, friends, losing her virginity
(at 15), every sexual topic imaginable, and so on.)

I say, “What’s on your mind?” She says, “It’s about Caitlin.
You know how much I trust her and how much her friendship
means to me.” I said, “Yes I do.”

(A quick history on Caitlin. They met at 10 in gymnastics
shortly before Bree’s mom’s death, switched to soccer
at 12 and then onto cheerleading at 14 through high school.
She helped Bree out of her shyness and together they created
a huge social network. They experimented with alcohol,
drugs and sex together. Bree told me that almost every important
conversation we have had, she has also had with Caitlin
and vise-versa.)

She continues, “Caitlin’s 18th birthday is in 4 weeks and
I want to do something for her that she will never forget,
but I need your help. I want to have a party for her here.”
I say, “Ok, that’s not a problem.” She says, “I knew you would
be ok with that. That’s not the part I want to talk to you about.
Just listen ok.” I say, “Ok.” She continues, “Awhile back
Caitlin and I were talking about sex and she asked if I knew
if you had any porn. I told her I thought you did. We went into
your room and not only found your porn but also your bondage
gear in the duffle bag in your closet.” I smiled as I said,
“Oh how the children play when the parents are away.” She
got this quizzical look on her face and said, “How did you
know we play with it.” I said, “I didn’t. That was just a saying
from my childhood.” She blushed and said, “Oh.” I asked,
“What do you mean you play with it?” She said, “We watch the
porn.” I said, “And?” She continued, “And we tie each other
up.” I noticed she didn’t use the past tense in that sentence,
and asked, “How long has this been going on? And when was
the last time you played?” She said, “Since June. And yesterday
after school while you were at work. That is actually when
all the parts of my idea for Caitlin’s birthday came together.”
I thought, “What idea was sparked from watching porn and/or
tying each other up?” She gave me a clue when she asked, ”Do
you think Caitlin is pretty?” Again, the way she asks the
question clues me in that she’s testing me, so I answered
honestly, “Yes.” She says, “I thought so. I have seen the
way you’ve been looking at her since the end of summer, after
she caught you in the hallway outside my bedroom listening
to her tell me the story about getting fucked by her dentist.”
She pauses and then asks, “You want to fuck her don’t you?”
Nervously I sit back in my seat and swallow hard. She continued,
“Dad relax, it’s no big deal. Who am I to judge? Besides she
is into you too. I don’t know how many times she has said,
in one way or another, that she thought you would be an awesome
fuck. I once asked her if she had ever fantasized about you.
She was like, oh hell yes.” I felt myself becoming aroused
at the thought of it, when, as if she could read my mind, she
said, “Dad, what I really want to ask you is this: If I could
arrange for you and Caitlin to fuck, would you do it?” Surprised,
I looked at my daughter and thought, “Honor our agreement
and answer honestly.” Taking a breath I composed myself,
cleared my throat and said, “To be perfectly honest, yes
I would.” She said, “Good.”

For the next half hour we discussed her plan for Caitlin’s

Early January:

It was Saturday, just after midnight. Upon arriving home
from a weekend ski trip, I noticed there were two cars parked
in my driveway. One was my daughter’s, which I parked behind,
the other belonged to Caitlin. “So far so good”, I thought.
Quietly I entered my house. I paused and listened. It was
dark and silent. I was prepared, dressed in a pair of baggy
camouflage pants and a black hooded sweatshirt. I took
off my shoes and pulled my mask and black leather gloves
from my sweatshirt pocket. As I made my way down the hall
to my bedroom I noticed a faint light under the door. As I
got closer I thought I heard muffled voices. I snuck up to
the door and listened. There were definitely voices coming
from my room but they were more like moans and groans of people
enjoying themselves. I’m thinking, “This isn’t part of
the plan. Who is fucking in my room?” Curious to know what
the heck was going on, I slowly opened the door to peek in.
About a dozen candles illuminated the room. The television
was on and there was one of my pornographic movies showing
a girl blindfolded and ball gagged, shackled by the wrists,
neck and ankles to a picnic table in the doggy style position
getting it up the butt. She was moaning and the guy giving
it to her was moaning. I thought, “Well that explains the
dim light and the moaning.” I opened the door a little farther
and peeked around the door. My jaw fell open at the sight
before me. This was better than anything I had imagined.
It was a very naked Caitlin, all 5’7”, 120 lbs of feminine
perfection lying on her back, stretched out across my bed.
Her eyes were closed as she moaned through a ball-gag. Her
arms and legs tugged against leather shackles around her
wrists and ankles that were tied to the legs of the bed with
nylon straps. Bree was wearing an oversized t-shirt and
was kneeling on the bed between Caitlin’s legs deftly stimulating
Caitlin’s clit with a vibrator. Bree saw me and pressed
her fingers to her lips reminding me to be quiet and then
gave me the thumbs-up. I retreated back behind the door
thinking, “Caitlin you are about to get the surprise of
your life.” I put on my gloves, pulled my facemask on and
abruptly walked into the room.

Caitlin’s eyes popped open as she heard the door slam against
the wall. She saw me in my black mask and sweatshirt, and
camouflage pants, obviously had no idea who I was and screamed.
The ball gag did its job perfectly and muffled her scream.
I walked over to Bree who was ready for what I was about to
do. She said, “Oh fuck no!” and put up her hands defending
herself as I pulled her to the floor at the foot of the bed.
I made it look like I punched her, knocking her out. She played
along and went limp.

I turned my attention to Caitlin who was screaming into
the gag and wildly thrashing on the bed trying to free herself.
She quickly realized she was stuck and froze. Her eyes were
now focused on me like lasers; I could see the fear in them.
I stood there quietly, making no sudden movements and thinking,
“Soon you will understand.” Standing by the foot of the
bed, I reached forward and she started squirming, trying
to get away from me. I picked up the vibrator that was lying
there and tossed it on the floor. I reached again and she
started squirming again. I picked up a pair of scissors
and tossed them on the floor. Reaching forward for the third
time, she didn’t squirm until I grabbed her by the waist
at the small of her back and pulled her toward me, stretching
her arms out straight against the resistance of the straps.
This created a little extra slack in her leg restraints,
so I had to tighten them up in turn. This took a little time
because she put up a valiant struggle working against my
efforts to spread her open. With her being a cheerleader
and all, I knew I could get her legs spread to almost a full
180 degrees and I was determined to have her pussy completely
exposed to me no matter how long it took. Once she was spread
open and the straps were nice and tight, I blindfolded her
with a t-shirt that was lying on the floor and then removed
my mask and gloves.

Placing my mouth just inches from her ear, I whisper, “You’ve
been caught being a wickedly bad girl. Do you know what happens
to bad girls when they get caught doing naughty things?”
Caitlin slowly shakes her head from side to side. I say,
“No, well let me tell you. They get turned into sex slaves
for the people that catch them being naughty. You are going
to become my sex slave. I am going to ravage you. I am going
to make you feel things you didn’t know your tight, young,
naughty, sexy little body could feel. I am going to make
you cum harder and more intensely than you have ever imagined
you could. My touch, and my touch alone, is going to help
you discover how your body can quiver, quake, shake, spasm
and convulse from that raw, primal and instinctually animal
place deep inside you. Once I seduce your body and your mind,
no other man will be able to satisfy your newly discovered
sexual appetite as completely as I can. You will become
addicted to the things that I will make your body do and feel.
You may resist at first, but eventually you will allow the
physical and emotional pleasure to overwhelm you and you
will surrender yourself to me as I gradually take possession
of you. Do you understand?” She is shivering. I’m thinking,
“She’s scared, really scared.” Again I ask, “Do you understand?”
She nods her head and through the gag mumbles, “Yes.”

I then walked to the bathroom, and making lots of noise like
I was looking for something, I grabbed a disposable razor,
some shaving cream and a towel. (This gave Bree the opportunity
to sneak out of the room without Caitlin hearing.) I walked
back to the bed and placed the towel on the bed below her butt.
She squirmed as I spread a very thin layer of shaving cream
around her pussy. Any resistance she was making she stopped
as I pressed the razor to her skin. At first her body seemed
tense with fear. But, gradually, as I took my time and carefully
shaved her until she was completely clean and perfectly
smooth, her tenseness changed to arousal as I witnessed
her clit and mound begin to swell and moistness begin to
accumulate between her lips. I thought, “Aroused already,
she is a sleazy one, outstanding!” I looked up to see her
body was flush and glistening with perspiration in the
candlelight and her breathing had become irregular. The
look on her face seemed conflicted, I figured her rational
mind didn’t want to enjoy what was happening, but her body
and her primitive, animal instincts were thoroughly enjoying
it. I refocused on the task at hand and finished by shaving
around her clit, gently tugging and stretching her soft
skin as needed until finished. I notice her little pink
button continue to swell until it was peeking from under
its hood. Using the towel I wiped her delicate flesh clean
of any shaving residue. I looked directly at her pussy and
said, “Perfect!” Its sweet aroma was oh so intoxicating.
I leaned in and inhaled deeply and my mouth began to water.
Teasingly, I blew a stream of air across her moist clit.
Her body involuntarily tensed at the stimulation and she
let out a little squeak of pleasure. I’m thinking, ”Her
primitive mind is winning. I just have to be patient and
work her mind and body a little longer.” Then, she resisted.
I figured she was straining against the bindings attempting
to distract herself from the temptation of submitting
to her animal instincts and her captors’ suggestions echoing
in her mind.

She becomes still as I crawl over her. My chest hovering
a few inches above hers, I let no part of my body touch her.
I just let her feel my presence for 5…10…15 seconds. She
whimpers and her body tenses as the time passes. As I gently
rest the pad of my index finger on her swollen clit, she startles
and inhales abruptly. Wriggling and straining against
the restraints, she fights against me and her own mind and
body’s desire to be increasingly aroused. I don’t move
my finger on her clit. I just keep it pressed there. She is
unintentionally stimulating herself by continuing to
struggle. I whisper, “That’s it. Rub your clit against
my finger. Use me to stimulate yourself. You’ve already
given yourself to me you just haven’t realized it.” She
struggles about fifteen seconds more before allowing
her animal desires to overwhelm her. Surrendering to my
touch, she releases a long, slow moan of satisfaction as
her body tenses and she orgasms. I whisper, “That’s it,
give yourself to me.” She continues to rub her clit against
my finger for a few more moments and then I whisper, “Remember
how you said you thought I would be an awesome fuck?” I let
those words ring in her head for a moment. She smiles, nods
and says, “Yes“ through the gag. I continue, “Well you are
about to find out just how right you are.” I get off the bed,
walk around the side, sit next to her and remove the (t-shirt)
blindfold. She blinks a few times trying to force her eyes
to focus more quickly. Recognizing the safe familiarity
of my face she relaxes, smiles and sighs.

I look into her eyes with a raw, animal desire and say, “Who
do you belong to?” as I tug on the nylon straps attached to
her wrists. She looked back at me with smoldering eyes and
attempted to say “You” through the ball gag. I got off the
bed and removed my sweatshirt and shirt. Undoing my pants,
I let them drop to the floor freeing my trapped cock. Now
standing naked before her, Caitlin eyed with lust my 6’5”,
220 lb, lean muscular frame and rock hard, throbbing erection.
She moans, trying to get my attention. I look at her and teasingly
say, “You will have my cock in your mouth in good time.” She
looks at me with playful disappointment as I walk to the
foot of the bed and position myself between her legs. I take
a moment to observe the shapely nuances of her feminine
form. I notice that not only were her nipples erect, but
her areolas as well. They formed perfect peaks on her ample
breasts. I crawl over her, lightly kissing her navel, then
halfway between her navel and her breasts, then the valley
between her breasts and finally, seductively I place the
tip of my tongue to the tip of her nipple, before kissing
each areola, suckling them into my mouth where my tongue
lovingly bathes them in soft, warm caresses. I curled my
lips over my teeth and firmly squeezed each nipple as my
tongue continued its caresses. She moaned into the gag
as her body stiffened. Releasing her nipples, I slowly
kiss my way down between her breasts, along her rib line,
across her stomach and twice around her navel before stopping
at the invisible line between her hipbones. I slide my tongue
between her hips and softly blow across the trail of moisture.
She moans pleasantly at the sensation. I pull away from
her, adjusting my position on the bed. I take a moment to
look at her widely spread legs and the way her swollen clit
and glistening pussy are so exposed and vulnerable, and
I think, “Delicious!”

I then begin kissing, as softly as possible, the inside
of each thigh just above the knee. Back and forth from thigh
to thigh, patiently working my way closer and closer. Finally
so close I can smell her aroma and she can feel the warmth
of my breath float across her swollen mound. She moans hungrily
and struggles to press her hips toward my mouth, physically
pleading with me to touch her. Her hips fall back to the bed
and I lightly brush the tip of my nose across her pussy once
(she moans), twice (she moans louder), a third time (she
moans again as her thighs begin to quiver). Again she presses
her hips upward. As her hips fall back to the bed I continue
with a very soft kiss just below the center of her pussy,
then a second above the center and lastly, a lingering kiss
right on the center. She is now moaning urgently and breathing
very erratically. As my kiss lingers, I lightly place the
tip of my tongue upon her lips and begin slowly gliding its
warm, soft, moistness toward her pink button. Easing my
way closer, ever closer, sliding over and around the outside
of its hood, and then descending back to the starting point.
I press my tongue deeper and again move toward her pink button,
twice around the hood and back down. The third time I bury
my tongue deep in her folds and slide my tongue through her
lips toward her clit with a new sense of purpose. Her body
tenses, pulling at the restraints, anticipating my tongues’
arrival. Any moment. Any moment. Then hungrily I embrace
it, caress it and massage it with little circles and figure
eights. Upon contact she thrusts her hips upward, pushing
her clit into my tongue as her body begins to shudder with
wave after wave of orgasmic energy. She moans long and hard
and tries to catch her breath between waves. She is straining
against the bindings. I curl my lips over my teeth and squeeze
her swollen clit. She lets out a whimpering scream and moans
into the gag. She is violently straining against the restraints
as I continue to nibble on and nibble on and nibble on her
clit. While she is aggressively moaning and violently
shaking through her orgasm, I take my index and middle fingers
and slide them about two inches into her pussy. She moans
loudly and through the gag says, “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!”
With my free hand I reach up and release the buckle on the
gag. She shakes her head and the gag falls away. As she catches
her breath she says, “You…Fucking…Rock!”

My fingers start gently rubbing a small bumpy patch of flesh
with a come hither motion. She excitedly says, “Oh my god.
That feels amazing.” I say, “You are going to love this.”
I massage and stimulate her G-spot and her body starts to
tremble. She closes her eyes and lets the feeling overwhelm
her. A few moments later her entire body stiffens and I feel
her pussy tighten around my fingers. I say, “Open your eyes.”
She witnesses her body squirt a semi-clear liquid once…twice…three
times. With a trembling voice she exclaims, ”OOHHH FFFFUUCK
YYYEEEAAAHHH! I…can… squirt. Fu…cking Awe….some!” I
continue to milk her G-spot hoping to prolong her orgasm
and make her squirt again. As she lets the orgasm overwhelm
her, I feel her muscles squeeze around my fingers. I immediately
replace them with my hot, throbbing cock, plunging it in
just as she squirts. I can feel her pussy muscles quivering
as they squeeze her tunnel walls around my cock. She says,
“OH YEEESSSSSS. Fill me up with your long, thick tool!”
As I plunge in ever deeper, my cock gently bumps against
her cervix and she hungrily says, “That’s it, that’s what
I want. Fuck Me Deeply. Lay claim to my body. Oh Shit You Feel
Sooooo Goooood.” As I start ramming my cock into her, I say,
“I am making you mine. I am going to fuck you so good no other
man will be able to satisfy the raw, animal desires I am awakening
in you.” She says, “Oh Fuck Yeah. Use my body. Take me. Ravage
me!” My hips and balls smacking against her, combined with
the nasty things we are saying to each other, fills the room
with the sounds of ravenous fucking.

Feeling the unmistakable urge to cum building inside me,
I adjust the angle my cock enters her pussy so I can press
my shaft against her G-spot with each pounding thrust.
I slam my cock into her with every bit of strength and power
I have left. As I hit her g-spot and bump her cervix again
and again, she screams, “OH YEEESSSSS. Don’t stop. Don’t
you dare stop fucking me just like that! OH YES. OH FFFFFFFUCK,
YYYYYYYES.” Her raw emotion, the aroused look on her face
and the sight of her boobs bouncing furiously with the impact
of each thrust sends me over the edge and I lose all my physical
and emotional self-control. I erupt into her and exclaim,
CUNT! TAKE MY SEED!“ As my warm cum fill her depths, I feel
her entire body orgasmically convulse and she yells out,
I want your seed. Give me every last drop. Fucking Mate With
Me.” I continue slamming my cock into her, attempting to
honor her request and doing my best to prolong the intensity
of her orgasm for as long as possible.

My body collapses onto hers. I lay there catching my breath,
my cock still in her pussy. I can feel her lingering orgasm
as her pussy muscles quiver against my shaft and head. With
confidence I say, “Caitlin, you sexy little thing, I have
wanted to fuck you for a long time. I want you to be my regular
fuck and I want you to want to be my regular fuck. I want to
plunge my cock and pump my cum into you daily, to make you
orgasm and squirt as often as possible.” Then breathlessly
she says, “Be careful what you wish for, because if you really
want to fuck me like that, I am ready and willing to give you
my pussy whenever, wherever, however you want it.” I say,
”I will want more than just your pussy. I will want all of
you, physically, emotionally and intellectually. I want
to possess you and I want you to want to be mine.” She pauses,
making sure to look into my eyes, and says, “I am yours, do
with me what you please.” I press my lips to hers and kiss
her deeply. She returns the sentiment.

I begin flexing my cock repeatedly while it’s still inside
her. As I flex it, it twitches and moves against her tunnel
walls. She lets out a soft, “Mmmm that feels good.” and asks,
“Are you ready to go again?” I say, “I will be shortly. I just
have to make a few adjustments.” She says, “Adjustments?”
I say, “I can tell you or surprise you.” She says, “Ooo, I
like surprises.” I pull my semi-hard cock out of her and
get off the bed. I put some slack into the nylon straps at
her arms and legs and gave her a moment to stretch a little.
As she was stretching I undid the nylon straps from her restraints
and said, “Turn over.” She giggled as she turned onto her
stomach and I reattached the straps. She says, ”I love doggy
style.” I say, “Then assume the position.” She was immediately
up on her hands and knees. She is watching me intently. I
walk over to the closet and pull a blindfold from my duffle
bag and place it over her eyes. She pleads, “I wanna watch.”
I say, “It’s a surprise remember.” I then pull a leather
collar from the duffle bag and fasten it around her neck.
She says, “Oh, a little extra naughty!” I return to the bag
and pick up 2 separate, foot long, half-inch diameter metal
bars with a 2-inch metal loop attached at the middle of each
bar and 1-inch metal loops at each end. I tap them together
so she can hear them. The first bar I attach, by the ends,
between the wrist restraints and the second bar between
the ankle restraints. One last time to the bag to get a 4-foot
length of dog-leash chain with a 4-inch loop at one end and
a one-inch loop at the other, and a padlock. Returning to
the bed I shake the chain so Caitlin can hear it. She says
with excitement, “Oh, a lot naughty!” I thread the 1-inch
loop end through the 2-inch loop in the bar between her ankles
continuing through the loop in the bar between her wrists.
I place my hand on the back of her neck and press down toward
the bed. She bends her elbows so her forearms are flat on
the bed. She says, “Damn you are turning me on! My nipples
ache and my wetness feels like it’s running down my legs.”
I attach the chain loop to the leather collar with the padlock
and then remove any extra slack from the nylon straps, completely
immobilizing her arms and legs. Once everything is good
and tight I move onto the bed between the headboard and her
face. I put my index finger under her chin and gently lift.
As she raises herself off her forearms and back onto her
hands she pulls the slack out of the chain, her elbows locking
just as the slack runs out. Everything is ready and my cock
is now fully engorged again and just a few inches from her
face. She says, “Your cock smells gooood!” She tries to
lean forward and take it into her mouth, but the chain restrains
her. I run my fingers through her hair from her forehead,
over her scalp and down the back of her head to her neck. She
tries to press her head into my hands, but again the chain
restrains her. She says, “Please say something!” As I run
my fingers through her hair again I say, “Open your mouth.”
She opens her mouth and I reach down to pick up the ball-gag
from earlier. Placing the strap around the back of her head
I begin to put the ball in her mouth. I expect some resistance
or disappointment from her, but there is none. She opens
wide to take it in. I’m thinking, “She is submitting to me.”
I immediately take my throbbing cock and put it into her
patiently waiting mouth, rewarding her naturally submissive
behavior. As she feels my swollen head touch her tongue,
she wraps her lips around my shaft and lets out a soft moan
of appreciation. I begin to thrust. Her lips embrace my
shaft as her tongue licks, caresses and swirls around and
over the head and shaft. I say, “Damn you feel fantastic.”
I start fucking her mouth more aggressively. I grab handfuls
of hair, holding her head still as I push each thrust in deeply.
I say, “I want to cum and I am not going to stop until I do.”
She moans, “Mmm Hmm.” I start fucking her mouth hard enough
that my balls are bumping her chin. After about a dozen thrusts,
my cock suddenly gets harder and its head swells as I feel
my cum rising. She opens her throat as I press in deep. My
cum flows, sending waves of elation through me, she swallows.
I cum. She swallows. Her tongue swirls around the rim of
my head between spurts. My body quivering as she uses her
tongue and lips to milk me of every last drop. She continues
to suck, swirl and caress, hungry for every moment my cock
is in her mouth. I remove it. She says, “Just a little while
longer?” Opening her mouth, she invites me back in. I indulge
her request and I’m rewarded with more of the most succulent
tongue work I have ever experienced. She thoroughly licks
and sucks me clean. She moans in pure enjoyment of my cock.
I pull out. She says, “I like your cock in my mouth as much
as I like it in my pussy. Thank you Master.”

I’m thinking, “Master! She understands this game all too
well. Or is she just roll playing into this situation?”
I tested the waters by asking, “Do you understand what you
are saying?” She pauses and then says, “Yes Master, I am
yours to do with what you please.” I think to myself, “She
does understand.” I continue with, “We have a lot to talk
about.” She says, “I understand Master. I am prepared.”
I say, “Prepared for what?” She says, “Indoctrination.”
I ask, “Where did hear that term?” She says, “Master please
don’t be angry with me. I was curious.” I say, “Answer the
question.” She says, “Master, some time ago I asked Bree
if she knew if you had any porn. She said you had more than
just porn and showed me your bondage gear. We watched your
porn and tried tying each other up. I asked if she ever looked
for anything else you might have hidden away. She said she
had looked but found nothing. I secretly decided to look,
when she wasn’t around, and found your Journals of Indoctrination,
but said nothing to Bree. Curious, I started reading them.
The more I read, the more I wanted to know. The whole idea
of it turns me on and I often fantasize about you taking me
through the process and making me your slave.” I ask. “How
long have you fantasized about this?” She says, “Almost
six months Master. I have wanted to be yours since last summer.”
Testing her, I ask, “How does the process start?” She says,
“Master, when you recognize a submissive personality
and you choose her as a candidate.” I say, “Do you know that
your indoctrination has already begun?” She says, “Yes
Master.” I ask, “When did you realize this?” She says, “Master,
when you whispered the “realization of self” speech. I
remembered it from the first journal. I have been playing
along recognizing the steps as we go.” Curious, I test her
further and ask, “Where are we in the process?” She says,
“Master, I have completed two of the eight steps of indoctrination
and two of three parts of the third step. I am almost eligible
for my first graduation ritual.” I’m thinking, “She seems
to really want this.” I continue her indoctrination by
saying, “You’ve been a wickedly bad girl. Do you know what
happens to bad girls when they get caught doing naughty
things?” Caitlin, now smiling, nods her head and says,
“Oh yes Master.” Surprised and intrigued by her response,
I say, “You do, do you? Tell me.” She says, “I am becoming
a sex slave for you Master, the person that caught me being
naughty. I get to be sexually and emotionally ravaged by
you. I get to have you make me feel things I didn’t know my
tight, young, naughty, sexy little body could feel. I get
to have you make me cum harder and more intensely than I have
ever imagined. I get to have your touch, and your touch alone,
help me discover how my body can quiver, quake, shake, spasm
and convulse from the raw, primal and instinctually animal
place deep inside me. I get to have you thoroughly seduce
my body and mind, so that no other man will be able to satisfy
my newly discovered sexual appetite as completely as you,
my Master, can. I get to become addicted to the things that
you will make my body do and feel physically and emotionally.
And lastly, I am going to surrender myself to you as you gradually
take absolute possession of me.” I’m thinking, “Impressive!
She really does want to be my slave!” I say, “Very good slave!”
She proudly says, “Thank you Master.”

I pick up the ball-gag, place it in her mouth and fasten it.
She takes it willingly. I get off the bed and get a tube of
lubricant from my bathroom. I walk to the foot of the bed
and get on. I move up behind her. My cock is raging hard again
and I am eager to plunge into her depths. I place my lower
legs along the outside of hers and the front of my thighs
to the back of hers with my cock between her legs pressed
against her pussy and its head against her clit. I place
my hands on her ass and squeeze, before sliding them over
the small of her back, around her waist, along the sides
of her torso and then forward onto her breasts, allowing
each breast to fill my hands and her erect nipples to slide
between my fingers. Leaning over her I press my chest to
her back as I massage her breasts and squeeze her nipples.
I start repeatedly flexing my cock, bumping the head against
her clit. The wetness of her pussy leaking from her slit
coats my shaft. She moans and her breathing becomes labored
as I massage her breasts more firmly and slightly pinch
her nipples. After sliding my hands slowly down her spine,
returning to her ass, I spread open her cheeks to look at
her cute little pucker. I notice her body is quivering uncontrollably,
she seems nervous. I’m thinking, “She must have a virgin
ass.” I open my tube of lube, squirt a little on my fingers
and start massaging her hole. Her natural response is to
tighten. I press harder and say, “Slave, is that any way
to respond to your Master’s touch?” I can feel her trying
to relax. A few moments later my finger begins to slide in
and I say, “Very good slave.” I begin sliding my finger in
an out, pressing deeper each time. Soon my entire finger
is penetrating her. I pull my finger out and add some lube
and press my thumb into her. She moans as her hole opens a
little wider. I say, “Slave, you know this is what you want.
If your mind enjoys it, your body enjoys it.” She nods her
head. I push my cock into her pussy hoping to take attention
away from her ass. She moans as my cock penetrates. She tugs
against the restraints as I continue to pump my thumb and
cock into her holes for a few minutes. I feel her pussy hug
my cock and her body begin to shake as an orgasm begins to
course through her. I pull my thumb from her ass and place
my pussy juice lubed cock at her asshole. Thrusting slowly,
her body quakes as I enter. She moans loudly as she throws
her head back against the resistance of the collar and chain.
My cock slides in and I begin to pump her slowly. I can feel
the orgasm in her pussy quivering through to the internal
muscles of her ass. As she enjoys the orgasm, I thrust a little
more aggressively and soon begin to feel my cum rising.
I say, “You enjoy this don’t you slave. You enjoy your Master
pumping your ass? You want your Master to claim your ass
don’t you slave?” She is moaning very loudly and nodding
her head vigorously. I reach behind me, toward her ankles
and grab the four-inch ring attached to the chain and pull
it hard. She feels a firm tug at her neck pulling her down
onto her forearms. She moans as I take more control of her
and she readily submits to me. Once she is down on her forearms,
I release the ring, put my hands on her hips and aggressively
thrust my cock into her ass, bouncing my balls against her
pussy and smacking my hips against her ass repeatedly before
my cum finally explodes into her. She takes my cum, pushing
her ass against my cock with each thrust, milking me as my
warm seed fills her, marking the last of her orifices as
mine. I slide my hands across the small of her back, up her
spine and around to her breasts. With my chest against her
back I reach forward to remove the gag and say, “How do you
feel?” As the gag falls from her mouth she releases a deep
moan and says, “Oh fuck, where do I start? You have marked
me, filled me, claimed me totally and completely with your
lips, tongue, cock and cum. I have physically and emotionally
surrendered myself to you more deeply than I thought possible.
I have exposed my most emotionally and physically sensitive
places to you and have been rewarded with unconditional
acceptance. I want to give more of myself to you, to have
you help me discover that which I don’t even know about myself.
I am ready to give myself to you absolutely. You are what
I crave and I feel like I will never get enough of you.” As
she finishes speaking, I feel her whole body start intensely
quivering. I whisper, “You…are…mine!” She exhales and
whispers with her voice shaking, “And you are mine!” I linger
there, enjoying the feeling of her body orgasming beneath

After I dismount I remove the bindings, putting them back
into the bag. Once she is completely unbound I grab a bottle
of massage oil and massage her body, top to bottom, front
and back, pampering every part of her. While massaging
her I ask, “Since you’ve read my journals you know the rules
right?” She says, “Yes Master.” I say, “Recite them.” She
calmly recites the rules for a slave that has been through
the first three steps (or first stage) of indoctrination,
“I shall not divulge my status as a slave. I shall not divulge
any information about my relationship with my Master.
I shall honor my Master’s requests without question. I
shall not keep secrets from my Master. I shall not cause
my Master physical or emotional harm.” I say, “And what
can you expect from your Master?” She says, “My Master shall
not cause his slave physical or emotional harm. My Master
shall provide safety and security for his slave, as he deems
appropriate.” I say, “Very good!” After I finish her massage,
I get up from the bed and retrieve a small, polished, black,
wooden box from the back of a dresser drawer and place it
on top of the dresser. She sits up on the bed with a look of
excitement and anticipation. I open the box and remove
the top tray then close the box and set it aside. Placing
the tray between us as I sit on the bed I open the cloth flap
so that she can see. There are six polished silver rings
in various sizes on black felt and a tool that looks like
an odd pair of pliers. The rings are all the same design,
a simple slightly tapered band with no ornamentation on
the outside. I remove the pliers and one of the rings, showing
her the inner band. It has today’s date engraved there.
I ask for her left hand. She offers it. I slide the ring onto
her index finger, look into her eyes and say, “This ring
represents your willingness to give your clit and pussy
to me exclusively and that I have laid claim to them.” I then
pick up the tool and slide it over her finger and the ring.
I squeeze the tool and it squeezes the ring. There is a small
click sound. I pick up the second ring, slide it onto her
thumb and say, “This ring represents your willingness
to give your mouth to me exclusively and that I have laid
claim to it.” I follow with the tool. I slide the third ring
onto her pinky and say, “This ring represents your willingness
to give your ass to me exclusively and that I have laid claim
to it.” Again I follow with the tool. She is twisting each
ring, looking at them with pride. She asks, “Master, What
was the tool for?” I’m thinking, “She hasn’t read the last
journal.” I say, “The tool cinches the ring so that it cannot
come off. The rings are now a permanent tag, marking you
as mine.” She pulls on each ring and they will not slide past
the closest knuckle. She says, “Very cool! Thank you Master.”
I pause, gently lifting her chin with my fingers to again
look her in the eyes and then continue, “You are never to
share what wearing these rings represents or the meaning
behind each ring. The people that need to know already do,
so they won’t ask. To anyone else that inquires, you will
simply say - they were a gift from a friend. Do you understand
and agree?” She says, “Yes Master, I understand and agree.”
I continue, “Caitlin, these three rings represent your
status as my slave. By accepting them you are freely choosing
to be mine and demonstrate that you belong to a Master. Do
you so choose and agree?” She excitedly says, “Oh my gosh,
absolutely yes! I do so choose and agree!” I say, “Congratulations
you have graduated through the first stage of indoctrination.”
She is beaming with sense of accomplishment. All giddy
she gives me a huge hug and kisses me long and very hard. She
then leans back, looks at the rings and then me and says,
“When can we start the next step?”

I smile and say, “Tomorrow.” But first you need to go hang
out with Bree. There is something she wants to share with
you.” She asks, “Right now.” I say, “Yes and if she is asleep
she wants you to wake her up.” Caitlin goes into the bathroom
to clean up then pulls on my black sweatshirt, gives me a
kiss and heads out the bedroom door.

While Caitlin was talking to Bree, I cleaned-up, changed
the bedding and got in bed to wait for her return.

She walked back into the room, immediately took off the
sweatshirt and climbed into bed with me. She snuggled up
to me and put her head on my shoulder. I asked, “Everything
ok?” She said, “Yeah great” as she started caressing my
chest and stomach. She continued, “It seems as though there
is a journal that I haven’t read.” I said, “Yeah I know. Something
you said told me so. Do you want to read it, be surprised,
or have me tell you what’s in it?” She asks, “Did you know
that Bree has read the journals?” I said, “I thought as much,
but wasn’t absolutely sure.” She asked, “Would you be upset
if she told me what’s in it?” I said, “I knew something was
on your mind. What’s up?” She slides on top of me, looks me
square in the eye and says, “I want you to get me through the
seventh step before the weekend is over.” Surprised, I
say, “What’s the hurry?” She says, “I want you to show me
off at the Black and White Ball. It’s next weekend and the
deadline for inclusion is Monday, right? If I wait until
July then I only have a month to be completely yours before
I leave for college.” I say, “I understand. What did Bree
tell you about the Ball?” She answers, “That it happens
twice a year and that it is where the Masters take their slaves
and show them off to other Masters in a formal social setting.
The Masters are dressed in black and the slaves are dressed
in white. But for me to be eligible to go I must have advanced
through the seventh step, because for any new slaves the
eighth step is the Ball. It’s THE graduation ceremony.”
I say, “What else did Bree tell you?” She says, “Nothing.
I told her I didn’t want to know anything except what the
culmination of all the steps leads to.” I say, “Let’s get
some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.” She smiles,
we kiss for a long time and then she lays her head on my shoulder
and drifts off to sleep.

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Oh my goodness, that was so exciting, touching, caring
and hotly sensual. I don't believe I have ever read
anything any hotter. So is Bree going to be next?


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An awesome tale.......


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Can't wait for the next part.


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I love it!!

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I hope you post more of this story. it's really hot