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CONFESSIONS FROM A BI COUPLE (sissy cuck hubbie)


As Jill my attractive young blonde bride of only 14 weeks
intently watched me most willingly taking a large thick
stiff prick deep into my quite receptive mouth on our nearby
giant 60 inch television screen, she excitidly asked me
"If I also liked taking it up the ass as well?"

Yes in searching our entire house earlier that unforgettalbe
Friday afternoon for my needed passport for our upcoming
planned 10 day July European tour, Jill had found the hidden
key to my very private and guarded basement stored old college
foot locker. An always kept locked locker not only containing
a large number of very private gay polaroid photographs
of myself with other secretly gay fraternity brothers,
but also my most treasured nearly two hour long most private
video cassette tape spanning three years of my College
Cock Frolics with many other Gay Jocks in my Frat House!

While I had first found myself terrified upon arriving
home from work to spot my secret homo things carefully laid
right out in plain sight atop our living room coffee table
just in front of Jills scantily clad lovely couch seated
young body, her quickly tugging down my fly held slight
promise that perhaps my marraige wasnt in real grave danger
after all? With her pink carefully chosen skimpy thong
panties clearly showing telltale stains from her wet dripping
pussy, my Jill showed no visable signs of anger or dissapointment,
but rather a mood of fully awakened turned on passions I
had never seen displayed from her before.

So as I sat mystified and spellbound, her exploring right
hand fingers skillfully began to bring my now exposed cock
to life. This as we both watched together my practiced hot
then college boy mouth easily devouring a good honest eight
inches of vein engorged glistening rock hard quite athletic
starting quarterback dick! This all seemed like a far away
dream to me that day, as my racing mind tried to sort things
out? Christ my wife had just discovered that her macho husband
was a secretly closeted Cocksucker. Yet instead of feeling
betrayed and hurt, Jill was instead so fuckin turned on
and horny, that I could easily smell her flowing feminine
juices from three feet away. Wanting to somehow to try to
maintain my macho image, I gently guided Jill right next
to me and slipped my left hand up under low cut French matching
pink bra to score a full handfull of firm fleshly tit!

As her soft gleaming light blue eyes met mine, my Jill also
began to reveal her own past sexual secrets to me as well.
While many times my Jill had briefly talked about her two
high school heart throbs the Perkins twins. it was now that
her most intimate and private teen times came out in the
wash. Yes first as a sophmore she had gone steady with Raymond
who had taken her cherry after a Sadie Hawkins dance. Then
the following year she discovered that she had found his
younger by 18 minutes brother Roy a bit more attractive
and desireable. Without her ever knowing or even suspecting
anything, both very close identical twin brothers used
to switch off and used Jill for their mutual shared sexual

Somehow when Jill learned in her senior year that both different
brothers had been steadily fucking her on an almost weekly
basis, she decided to make her then favorite sexual fantasy
come true. Yes by that point in time, my Jill had grown to
love the hot acts of being Fucked and Sucking Cock just about
Equally. So on Senior graduation dance night, she had two
handsome dates instead of the usual one all her other female
classmates had. Afterwards a bit loose and excited from
the spiked punch bowl, Jill ended up naked on blanket with
Raymond and Roy enjoying the wildest sexual adventure
she had ever known and experienced! Yes many times both
brothers took turns together using her quite willing cock
craving mouth as well as her soaked receptive beckoning
soft very moist pussy.

It was just after having her second wonderful long lasting
multi climax, that Jill sat up to catch her breath. With
a bright cloudless 3/4 moon almost directly above the three
of them, Jill watched both of her temporarily discarded
partners suddently slip into a side by side 69 position.
It was Raymond that boldly asked her then if she would mind
two brothers sharing everything with each other? Then
without even waiting for her answer, Raymond suddenly
slipped his lips down over his brothers ridgid glistening
rod that was still covered with her freshly fucked pussy
juices! While taken back those first few minutes of viewing
this open mutual cock craving oral homosexuality, soon
Jill found not only full acceptence in watching them, but
a new spark of reawakened sexual want as well. How loving
and hot she found them to be engaged in deeply sucking each
others identical dicks. Christ instead of turning Jill
OFFf, it was somehow turning her fully ON! Yes both brothers
seemed to share the very same enjoyment and longings to
take a stiff cock into each of their mouths just like Jill

Soon again overrun with burning passions, Jill joined
Roy in sharing Raymonds presented Prick near the center
of that blanket. Soon it was her and Raymond whose close
lips were only seperated by Roys large cockhead and the
seven inches of swollen shaft just below it. While Jill
had learned and loved to orally take an expolding load,
it always made her quite sick right afterwards. So when
Roys Cock began to wildly ejaculate, she used one hand to
hold it tightly in place while using her other to guide Raymonds
slightly parted lips deep down over it. Yes perhaps it was
untested motherly instinct to make Raymond nurse, or maybe
seeking yet another quite stimulating dirty sexual thrill
of naughtiness that had taken her over right then? By the
time that moon had lowered in the southern sky, some three
hours of the wildest kinkiest off and on sex acts had taken

Yes first a kneeling younger twin Roy had fucked her from
behind while they together kissed, licked, lapped and
sucked his older brothers presented prick. Once Roy's
cock was soaked with her flow of feminility, he carefully
had worked it into the tight confines of her virgin anus.
Soon a very aroused older brother also wanted to sample
the tightness of Jills newly discovered third cock hole.
Not wanting to simply watch, Raymond soon joined his twin
bother in stuffing rock hard dick into a quite turned on
Jill. Yes as her pussy and ass were being selfishly cram
pounded at the same time in a true slut mannor, Jill openly
fingered her super sensitive enlarged swollen clitty
and brought herself off just as she began to feel the warm
splashes Raymond's Jizz Juice flooding the deep reaches
of her sensitive bowels. As Jills three minute intense
climax finally ebbed and Raymond's spent dick slipped
harmlessly from her puckered anus, Roy then pulled out
and quickly stood back up to flood her gasping lips with
a big pent up load of hot soupy shot off semen which a still
craving tuned on Jill took deep into her whore feeling mouth!
Yes instead of gagging, choking and getting sick as always
in her past, Jill instead savored its salty thick tastse
in delight as both spent and satisfield brothers reached
for their nearby clothing!

Yes as Jill completed her secret confession to me on our
couch late that Friday afternoon, I no longer felt deep
quilt and fear of being discovered by her to be a Cocksucker,
but instead experienced a wonderful Bi Sexual High in realizing
that my Jill had found my Queer longings for Cock quite EROTIC
AND STIMULATING AS WELL! Not wanting to Cum then, I removed
her teasing and pleasing hand from my ceiling pointed hard
med thick seven inch dick while finally answering her question
about "Did I like taking it up the ass as well ?"

Perhaps a good twenty five minutes of our mutual movie watching
had passed by then, before my dirty video's very first
Anal Action began to play. Yes I was faithfully sucking
my fifth different frat house mens room dick that Jill was
intently watching when I got up off my knees in that small
four headed steamy dorm shower room. Leaning both of my
hands against the side wall, I waited while a small endowed
but quite muscular and stocky freshman football lineman
by the name of Chester Billings lathered up his thin erect
dick and moved in behind me. As he carefully placed his cockhead
up into my hidden valley asshole, Jill again reached over
to capture my cock while asking me "If perhaps at times,
I might just enjoy being submissive to her in the same way
I was to all of my former male college buddies?" When
she then added that between her two sex toys, hopefully
buying a strap on dildo as well as possibly having some wild
threesomes with another male, I found my heart wildly pounding
in my chest as I anxiouly told my understanding wife "

So a few minutes after Chester Billings began putting the
boots to me right on our giant tv screen, I found myself naked
as ordered by Jill and kneeling on our oak coffee table on
all fours while awaiting her return from our bedroom. How
fuckin Erotic I then found the sight of Jill's favorite
right hand held sex toy whose fair sized sculptured visable
rubber head was covered with huge gobs of vasoline petroleum
jelly! With over six years having passed since I had last
taken a college dick of any kind up my ass, I instantly felt
my anus twitch in full response to such a wild kinky sight!
Yes as my Jill carefully got into position right behind
me, I began to view close to two dozen colored polaroids
below me which showed me sucking a number of different erect
College Cocks. Then upon feeling stickiness and firmness,
I closed my eyes while Jill was asking me "If I was ready
to start my new secret sexual adventures as her sometimes
naughty acting gay boy toy?" Having acquired skills
in using her toy on herself long before our recent marraige,
Jill expertly worked her hand held hardness past the tight
resistence of my stubborn sphincter! Soon she had me deeply
moaning in wonderful pleasure as ever so slowly and skillfully,
she had worked it well up into my tightly clinging fully
awakened bowels. Soon from the head of my cock, a large flowing
pool of my precum was slowly oozing out as Chester Billings
warning that he was Going To Come filled both Jills and my
ears together. It was right then that Jills idle left hand
swung into action. How wonderful it felt as it tightly grabbed
around my engorged cock shaft and began pumping to the same
rythm of her other toy humping hand.

Within maybe 30 seconds at most, my cock passed the point
of no return as ten thousand exploding sparks of pleasure
consumed my entire cock and balls. Even my asshole went
into unavoidable spasms right then as I moaned like a wounded
bear. This while from our big screen TV, Chester Billings
was also loudly proclaiming a most enjoyable long cum!
Afterwards in our bedroom, I somehow wanted to be my old
masculine self again. So I spent a good half an hour eating
out my Jill's lovely pussy before mounting her from
above and throwing a hard pleasing long deep fuck into her.
Yes we finally had supper almost three hours late that night
as we tightly held hands on our bed and discussed a countless
number of new sexual things we wanted to mutually explore
and discover together! Among these was my willingness
to please my Jill in many new different ways. It seemed she
always had deeply hidden and disguised desires and urges
to be Dominant and in charge rather than being Passive during
Sex! It was shortly after our late supper and again returning
to our living room, that Jill suddenly issued me a very Stern

"Look at the Fuckin Disgusting Sperm Mess you left
on MY coffee table Faggot!" "Get the fuck down
there and lick it up until I tell you to stop!" "Christ
you dumb worthless shithead, you even sprayed your dirty
little collection of homo pictures too!" Somehow
I immediatlely felt such a sense of excitement as my now
Completely Different Acting Wife of only 14 weeks, Took
Total Control over our former so called normal marraige.
How thrilling I found it in not only accepting my brand new
fate, but also such deep mental gradification in having
So as I knelt and licked many different small pools of my
spent somewhat dried sperm without question, Jill make
100% sure I totally belonged to her by now and then applying
with both of her hands, hard open stinging slaps that had
my ass cheeks feeling hot pain that somehow gave me a super
hard almost instant big boner of arrousal! Next I was forced
by her to go and properly wash and clean up her ass used sex
toy real real good as it was going in my mouth while we watched
the nightly news together!

It was late the next day that Jill informed me that on two
occasions since she had started dating me, that she had
hooked up with the Perkins twins for a couple of harmless
secret mid day motel room romps. She told me then that she
while she loved me, she wasn't in Love with me and would
every now and then need some space outside of our marraige
to satisfly her deep running passions. While hurt and feeling
self pity, I somehow agreed and found myself alone that
following Thursday nite while Jill went out alone clubbing.
It was after two am when she finally got home. Finding me
still awake and waiting, Jill described the wonderful
time she and a disc jockey from the club had out in his van.
Somehow my damaged and quite frail ego were quickly forgotten
on my part when Jill told me her freshly fucked and come filled
cockpit needed to be properly bitch boy cleaned!

After removing her damp panties in our living room and stuffing
them into my mouth, Jill had me crawl into our bathroom where
she would then awaited me while sitting spread eagled on
our toilet. While I had always loved taking live cock loads
from shooting dicks, I quickly discovered a far greater
enjoyment in lapping my wifes just fucked gooey pussy as
Jill carefully watched and barked out discriptive orders!
That following Saturday morning my now fully in charge
wife, began teaching me how to perform a countless amount
of household chores and assigned weekend cleaning duties.
This in the role of her secret weekend maid. Wanting to totally
please my Jill in any way possible, I gave my all while now
and then hoping for just a little bit of phrase from her.
However Jill never would voice her approval but instead
only voice Scorn and sometimes Rage if my duties failed
to totally please her. Yes Jill had chosen a new name for
me then only used by her behind the safe closed doors of our
suburban house. A name carefully and well chosen to describe
my new submissive role of worship to her. Neil Bitch (as
on your knees Bitch) soon became not only fully accepted by me, but in short order
quite welcomed as well. Yes instead of our former normal husband and wife mutual
relationship and now and then male and female flings in
the bedroom, I had willingly become Jill's gutless
little sissy slave that once a week on Sunday nights would
be dildo hand fucked as my one and only reward for such great
sacrifice on my part. Now and then Jill would go out on her
Thursday nite Nightclub Sex adventures and be kept clean
by my kneeling toilet pussy worship right afterwards!

Somehow over our first month in our new roles, I lost all
interest in fucking my wife or having normal sex with her.
I instead found myself deeply yearing to return to my college
days of past where I had deeply loved and welcomed sucking
an almost endless number of available Frat Brother Cock.
It was Jill that cancelled our planned cruise when July
rolled around. Instead we used a fair share of our vacation
money at a Adult book store just across the state line in
Massachusettes one Saturday afternoon. Yes right out
in open public for the first but not last time, My Jill told
a grinning store clerk that she was looking for a number
of different role play specialty toys to use on for her Queer
Sissy Husband! A large nine piece Strap On Package Kit was the first item
he suggested and brought out to show my Jill. A state of the
art black leather harness that came with six different
sized life like looking insertable Fake Suck and Fuck Cocks.
Stainless steel handcuffs as well as a giant sized tube
of KY Jelly were also included for the rather steep price
of $239. Next he walked my Jill over the the main side wall
that was covered with an endless array of different imatation
suck and fuck toys. Yes my Jill and him openly discussed
a great number of different uses while my attention was
then occupied with the back Peep Show booth section that
was partly concealed behind two long hanging red curtains.

Some riding crops, a matching pair of wrist and ankle restraints,
a leather slaves mask as well as a wooden punishment paddle
were the next items that Jill picked out. Upon finally spotting
my disinterest in her purchases, Jill also noticed for
the first time that back peep show section. It was the still
smiling clerk that informed her that mostly queer cocksuckers
used it to suck each other off behind locked private booth
doors. While my Jill had no idea what the two glory holes
he mentioned to her really were, I certainly did! Oh such
a sudden rush of excitement I felt right then when Jill told
him she had only seen a six year old cam corder movie of me
sucking off other men and certainly never had seen me do
it right in front of her.

More than anything, for over two long months, I had wished
to not only suck some real man cock again, but to have my Jill
watch me do it as well. So right in front of that then giggling
store clerk, I openly asked my Jill for her permission go
into that peek show section? With her Maybe at least showing
some promise of hope, I followed them around the rest of
the store until some 25 minutes later, that happy store
clerk rang up some $482 worth of charges on my major credit
card. After putting them in the trunk of our car, I again
asked my Jill if she would let me had some male fun back inside
of that bookstore? With five guys milling around the back
walls in wait and seven of those 12 booths having red lit
lights over their closed doors, it seemed to take forever
before a glory hole booth finally became empty and free.
During this time, a few of the lingering guys who were either
straight of bi, checked out my attractive wife who seemed
like she was thinking about leaving with me. Thank God I
beat a short little fem acting and looking fag to that open
booth. Jill seemed to wear a look of amusement as she entered
it first and had me carefully lock the door behind us. After
having me wipe off the yellow plastic single seat with my
hankerchief, Jill sat down while I fed the back wall machine
with a hand full of one dollar bills. This as pair of brown
eyes appeared at the center of that soup can sized hole on
the right wall. Next two beckoning fingers were sending
an invitation out to my cock as I looked to my wife for advice
on what she wanted me to do. Yes deep down I wanted my Jill
to take complete control over me just like at home and hopefully
force me to again be submissive and hopefully totally queer
as well!

It seemed to take forever before that cocksucker finally
gave up on getting my dick and left his booth. Immediatley
someone else entered to take his place. Next both Jill and
I watched a blue jeans housed fly being lowered right in
front of that hole. God such a sudden surge of excitiement
consumed my mind as very thick and long uncut cock in a state
of complete erection came into our view. With longing eyes
I looked to my Jill with the hope that she would order me to
submissively get down on my knees. However it was a low deep
straight sounding male voice that was asking my Jill if
"She wanted to sample a REAL MAN?" I was absolutely
amazed when without the slightest bit of hesitation, my
Jill invited him into our booth to join us. Soon I found myself
holding my single long time wallet Trojan whose wrapper
now rested on the booth floor. I was in hopes of being allowed
to perhaps have the honors of putting it on him until Jill
took it away from me while slipping down to her knees. Soon
from just a few scant feet away, I found myself watching
my wife playing with another mans cock. Such a exciting
speciman on pure erotic manhood that had my eyes fully locked
on to it while my mouth began to water in gay desire. Next
my overwhelming urges to get queer with it were replaced
by the incredabally erotic site of my Jill peeling back
the large pocketed foreskin and suddenly appearing pink
tongue that quickly went to work on it in slow teasing practiced
fashion. Yes I was completely spellbound back then as my
wife began to make whore style mouth love to every incredable
thick inch of that large oversized stiff thick prick. How hot and Erotic I found it watching her behaving like
a total slut!

After maybe five minutes of licking, kissing, lapping
followed by some very deep sucking, Jill skillfully dressed
it in my condom and then asked him how he wanted to take her?
Next I anxiously watched my JIll step out of her panties
before turning her back to him and grabbing on to the top
of that hard plastic chair as he lifted up the her short green
skirt from behind her. Unlike me who always had been slow,
gentle and loving during our intercourse sessions, this
tall heavy set middle aged stranger took my wife with a sense
of selfish urgencey. After guiding his large cockhead
past her smooth rounded lower ass cheeks, Jills beckoning
pussy ring was suddenly expanded by one hard selfish forward
lunge into paydirt. With a loud moan of passion, Jill stood
firm as I watched his muscular blue jean clad ass, begin
to fuck in primitive type mannor. Soon our little booth
was overrun by the age old sounds of wet pussy being slammed
hard by pumping prick. For maybe five intense and enjoyable
stimulating minutes, I watched in an incredablely turned
on state as my wife was being Fucked in standing doggy style
right in front of my eyes. Then with deep animal like sounding
groans, he got his rocks off and hurridly pulled back out.
Having only received a taste of what she craved, wanted
and needed so badly then, my Jill stood still while hoping
he would enter her again. However like most selfish men,
he wasted little time in removing that condom and zipping
himself back up. Then seeming to notice me for the very first
time, he handed me back my now used half filled cum condom
while telling me to have queer fun with it. Then as quickly
as he had appeared, he was gone!

Frustated and Bitchy all the way home from being cheated
out her fuck fun, Jill wasted little time back home slipping
into her new Strap on harness and selecting a med sized slip
in cock toy to plow my sorry ass with. This while having me
bite off that used condoms baloon knot just below its top
so that I could suck all of the then watery cum right out of
it's inside. Soon however, my Jills pussy needs became
far more important to her than punishing my sorry ass with
her fuck toy. So after leaving it in me until I jerked myself
off, I was made to kneel at the foot of my bed and to lick and
suck her pussy until her third different series of multi
orgasms ended. It was the very next morning when Jill took
TOTAL COMTROL over our New Marraige. Yes I could only sit
and watch right beside her at our kitchen table as she ordered
an almost endless number of feminine attire from three
different mail order catalogs. Victoria's Secret
was the one that Jill used first. She would cirlce such sexy
shear items that included silky fem panties, see through
brassires, stockings, garter belts as well as naughty
nighties and fem teddies that she was going to force me to
wear behind closed doors. Next my Jill ordered many sexy
skirts, dresses, blouses from a catalog page she had downloaded
and printed out from our computer. Yes it was from the Girly
Mans Specialty Boutique that Jill completed most of my
new Bitch Fem Husband Ward Robe! Even two sets of different
sized form fitting stick on boobs were included in that
nearly $500 order. Yes some 11 days and three different
UPS delivery trucks later, our third till then unused bedroom
closet was well stocked with so many different feminine
special items to complete my Transformation into becoming
her Sissy Cross Dressing Slut Slave!

As my Jill carefully completed my entire weekly body shave
from the neck down in our tub, she commented that there would
be no visits to beach all summer long on my part. Somehow
as she had me bend over holding my ass cheeks widely apart,
I got a big erection as with her Lady Shick legs razor, every
single visable hair on my ass cheeks and around my asshole
were wisked away. This just a few short minutes after my
cock and balls had received the very same treatment. So
by mid July of last year, not only was my body made completely
ready for my new journey into womanhood, but Jill had my
mind pretty well programed as well!

Each new day with my Jill was then started in the very same
way. Her first wake up words to me were always the same question!
always experience the same sudden stimulating excitement
to me when stating to my Jill. " That I was her Submissive
Sissy Sex Slave who loved mens Cocks so much that I wanted
her to make me become Donna!" Next my Jill would always
ask me which one of my three French Maids Sissy Uniforms
did I prefer to wear while doing my assigned house work chores?"
While I certainly didn't enjoy doing many of the always
countless chores of housework Jill had assigned me to,
I found myself egarly doing them all as per our agreement.
Yes for every four hours of my Maids Dressed work, Jill would
allow me 15 minutes of Dildo Play time with her just before
bedtime. Soon I found myself dearly loving those very private
sessions that always included me mouth worshiping a number
of her new male croutch cocks for foreplay always before
Jill placed me either into handcuffs or leather restraints
so I was bound and totally helpless as she dildo buggered
my new back door she male pussy with some of her larger toys.
Without fail those sessions of my Bitch training always
ended with my Jill giving me a baby lotion handjob that never
took more than a few short minutes to get me off! Calling
me her naughtly little Bitch Boy, I was made to lap up all
of those passion messes while recieving many stinging
blows from Jills favorite wooden punishment paddle!

So for nearly three long months, I endured Jills Dominant
daily routines in hopes that some day soon, She would allow
me the privlidge of a real mans cock instead of her vast play
toy collection! I can't begin to count the number of
times I had begged my Jill to bring one of her bar pickup tricks
home so that I could watch and perhaps even get to clean off
a spent cock. It was in early August just two days before
my twenty eight birthday that my tormenting wishes finally
came true. After arriving home from work on Tuesday afternoon,
Jill introduced me to Barry the owner of the red Mercury
parked in our driveway as well as his friend Jason. When
Jill introduced me as her sissy husband Donna, she also
added that we had met by proxy as once in the past, I had lapped
out his lingering Thursday night load from her just fucked
pussy. While both strangers broke out in almost hysterical
laughter, Jill hastily ordered me to go slip into my lacey
Lavendar Maids outfit and to wear my blonde wig with light
pink glossy lipstick as well. When I returned completely
done up some fifteen minutes later, both men were completely
naked and standing in front of my kneeling wife who was holding
a decent sized cock in each of her hands.

My Jill flashed quite a lewd smile when Barry called her
a pig whore cock loving slut and ordered her to get busy!
This while Jason's quite interested eyes were checking
out my entire fem clad body from head to foot. So just as my
Jills pretty soft lips slipped down over Barry's big
boner, Jason asked me if I gave Good Head? Immediately upon
hearing this, Jill removed her new found mouth prick just
long enough to inform both men that she had the final say
in anything that might involve me. Just like our one book
store booth adventure of the recent past, I watched in total
fascination and stimulation as my wife started sucking
Barry's big boner while playing with Jasons also impressive
sized dick. How erotic I found it when whenever she would
lick it, she would look me straight in the eye while telling
me how nice it tasted. Yes Jill was not only teasing the ever
loving shit out of both Barry and Jason, but me as well! Next
all three of us intently watched as my wife slid over to Jasons
bulging boner. Again she went slow while telling both men,
that she was having her peroid and didn't ever fuck
on the rag!

Next Jason informed her that while blow jobs were ok, he
much rather preferred fucking to receiving oral sex. Jills
words then were like a bolt of lightening to me as she quickly
told Jason that I had a very tight hot little bitch pussy
ass he might just enjoy pounding? Right then my aroused
mind was consumed with the silent thoughts and wishful
thinking. "Please fuck me ! Please fuck me! , as with
pleading eyes I looked up into Jasons! Next Jason spoke
the words I had dying to hear for ages and ages. "Can
I use your cute little Cock Bitch for a while?" he asked
my Jill. "It's been ages since I last treated
my Cock to such a nice little tight girlyboy bubble butt
to selfishly bugger !"

" I think my Donna would love nothing more!"
said my Jill. I've had her on strickly a dildo diet for
several months now. " "Yes perhaps some real live warm stiff cock meat might
just bring out the best in her?" Fuck the little faggot
real good while I write a long overdue letter to my Vivian
my cousin down in southern Fla. It seems she just joined
a few onine sex clubs and I want to find out if shes getting
any hot action yet! So make my bitch moan and beg for your
big one Jason, and when your done give me a yell!

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