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Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way
out the door from her upscale suburban home and into the
big four wheel drive Ford Explorer. Gliding smoothly into
traffic, she thought that lately shopping seemed to be
her only outlet. Her husband Frank was away on business
at least three nights a week, and usually more. Not to be
complaining, Frank is a wonderful provider and father
for her and the twins, but it seemed like they hardly ever
saw each other, let alone spending any meaningful time
together. As she pulled into the mall parking garage, Claire's
thoughts turned to the ad she had seen in the local newspaper
taken by the ad immediately and she really could use some
new bras and panties. Even though she and Frank had been
married for eight years Claire had managed to stay in good
shape, and for a thirty three year old she still could turn
a man's head, and the only real change in her body was
her chest size. When she graduated from college Claire
was a perfect 34-C, but after the birth of her daughters,
her boobs had grown to a very heavy 34-D. Although they sagged
a little, she still filled out a bra like a centerfold, and
when he did show some interest, Frank liked to tell her that
no Playboy bunny could hold a candle to her! As she entered
the mall she thought of the last time he had sucked her tits,
and her nipples got getting hard just thinking about it
inducing her to look down at her chest and see the two buds
poking through the her blouse, causing her to shiver!!!
There was hardly a sole to be seen as Claire headed off to
find the new store, BOUDOIR LINGERIE, and after locating
a store register directory, she found that it was on Level
3 East. The elevator ride and walk to the store took about
five minutes, but when she approached the door she realized
it was about a half hour until opening, and as she was just
about to walk away, she caught a movement behind the glass.
As she focused her eyes, Claire saw an attractive woman
of about forty five coming to the locked door. She clicked
the latch, opened the door and invited Claire to come in,
introducing herself as Marie while extending her hand.
As Claire was shaking hands she gave Marie a quick look over
tall, about 5'10' Claire guessed, dark brown
hair with just a touch of gray that was pulled back behind
her head and held in place with a silver barrette while a
stern but attractive face that was highlighted with light
pink rouge and matching lip gloss. Tactfully dressed in
a light gray suit with a rose colored silk blouse that was
accented by a loosely tied mauve scarf, the hem of her skirt
was just about knee high and covered obviously athletically
trim legs while black patent leather high heals completed
the ensemble!!! Impressive to say the least!!! Marie led
Claire into the main lingerie department and commented
that she was her first customer and she wanted to give Claire
her undivided attention. After a few pleasantries were
exchanged Marie got down to business and asked Claire exactly
what she was looking for, after which Claire told her that
a few bra and panty sets would be good for starters. Marie
quickly led Claire to the expensive Amore' line that
was being endorsed by a European actress. Marie asked Claire
to remove her coat and after giving her a quick once over,
she selected flesh colored and black sets and led Claire
to the changing room. Claire didn't usually try on
underclothes in a store, but this time she seemed to be swept
along by the aura that Marie exuded. Claire expected Marie
to hand her the clothes and wait outside the changing room,
but instead she gently pulled her inside and closed the
door. In a matter of fact tone Marie instructed Claire to
remove her clothes, and after hesitating for a moment,
a firm look from Marie made Claire begin to undress. Although
she was embarrassed, Claire quickly removed all of her
clothing until she was standing naked before the approving
eyes of Marie. It was strange but Claire was proud of the
way her body looked, and never in her whole life had she ever
thought about displaying herself to another woman, however
here she was in a changing room standing naked before a total
stranger!!! In a soft voice Marie murmured, "Very
nice, " while handing the flesh colored panties
to Claire and told her to put them on. As she pulled them up
over her hips she saw Marie looking directly at her blond
haired crotch, which caused Claire to shiver and make her
nipples immediately harden. She adjusted her panties
and reached for the bra, and as she began to put it on, she
felt Marie's hands helping with the clasp in back,
then reaching around her with both arms she adjusted her
chest inside the large cups. As she tugged and pulled on
the bra, Marie let her hands roam all over her, gently cupping
each breast and squeezing and pinching her nipples. Claire
was stunned but didn't move as Marie continued to touch
her while biting on her shoulder and ear. As the massaging
of her chest became more intense, Claire then felt the clasp
to the bra unhook! Marie's hands were now on her bare
breasts! Claire turned around to face Marie directly,
and immediately Marie's mouth went straight to her
nipples, sucking on them urgently for two or three minutes
as the moisture was filling her hot pussy. Claire became
dizzy with desire and Marie slipped to her knees and pulled
off the flimsy panties. "This is what I want, "
she said, as she pushed Claire down on the changing room
stool and pulled open her legs. Marie's mouth barely
touched her outer lips, but it caused Claire to shudder!
The feeling was unbelievable!!! When Marie forced her
tongue into her hot slit, the first of her orgasms hit like
a tidal wave. Wave after wave poured over the shaking woman,
and just as she began to come down from her high, Marie's
expert tongue found her clit and began a steady licking
and sucking that caused Claire to cum three more times in
quick succession!!! Claire reached out and caressed Marie's
face and murmured little thank you's as she nursed
the older woman until Marie got to her feet and stood before
her still seated partner. Now it was Marie's turn to
remove her clothing. Silently she unbuttoned her jacket,
and Claire could see that beneath all that material was
a very large chest. The thin silk blouse was strained to
its limits as she shrugged the coat from her shoulders,
and you could clearly see the outline of a very sexy low cut
white bra through the thin material!!! Slowly Marie undid
the buttons of her blouse exposing one of the most beautiful
chests Claire had ever seen, and as if drawn by a magnet,
Claire reached up and felt the huge bust as it fought to free
itself from the straining nylon. As she caressed the her
boobs, Marie continued to undress, slipping out of her
skirt and standing before Claire in a bra, panties, garter
belt and hose. She was certainly a living advertisement
for BOUDOIR LINGERIE!!! Marie stood motionless for a few
seconds, letting Claire get a good look at her magnificent
body, while Claire noticed a very definite wet spot on the
front of Marie's frilly panties. With both hands Marie
grabbed at the waistband of her panties and gave them a quick
hard pull, tearing them away and leaving Claire staring
directly at the dark furry pussy of her seductress. Without
a word Marie lifted her right leg and put it on the side of
the stool Claire was sitting on, opening Marie's pussy
and leaving it just inches from Claire's mouth. The
aroma was absolutely intoxicating!! Gently Marie pulled
Claire's head towards her waiting crotch and in a stern
voice commanded, "Suck Mama!!!" Claire buried
her face right into the hot wet cunt and within seconds brought
the quivering lady to a smashing orgasm. As both women held
each other in the afterglow of great sex, Claire knew that
a whole new horizon had been opened for her that day! She
vowed that from now on she would take the initiative to create
her own sex As Claire finished up her last aerobics exercise,
she noticed a very muscular dark haired woman working out
on the stationary bike in the strength and conditioning
room. The woman was oblivious to everything around her
because of the Walkman headphones attached to her weightlifting
belt. Claire picked up her towel and walked directly towards
the heavily sweating woman, and as she got closer, Claire
could see the brunette was extremely well built and was
much more heavily muscled than any female she had ever seen.
Her quads stretched the skin tight workout tights as she
pedaled at an even steady pace, while her biceps bulged
even though at the present time her arms were at rest. It
was hard to tell how tall she was because she was sitting
down, but Claire guessed that she was average height--about
5'5" to 5'6" while her weight was probably
more than she looked because of all those bulging muscles,
and with her hair tied into a bun behind her head Claire guessed
that a long mane of brown hair would frame a pretty if not
beautiful face. As she settled onto the bike next to her,
the brunette gave Claire a courteous nod, and with this
opening Claire nodded back and introduced herself. Turning
off her headphones the woman introduced herself as Samantha
or Sam for short as she reached out a small but powerful hand
in an introductory shake. After some small talk, in which
Claire found out that Sam was single, lived alone, worked
in the Loop as an attorney, and drove a bright red Mazda Miata,
Claire broached the subject of Sam's tremendous physique.
She told Claire that as a small child she had a terrible weight
problem and this caused her to be teased by her classmates
until she was fifteen. That's when she decided to do
something about it! She saw an ad on TV about a weight training
program, which in turn got her started in body building
and endurance training. As she shed the pounds, she got
more and more into it! In high school her training was just
for her own physical well being and mental health, but at
college, however, she got into competitive lifting and
entered triathlon meets against experienced athletes,
and she had been hooked ever since. Both women decided to
call it quits for the day and hit the showers. As they undressed
Claire told Sam about her family life and of how Frank was
on the road so much while also glancing at Sam's body
to see how it shaped up out of her workout clothes. To say
she was spectacular would be an understatement!!! Unbelievably
muscular with tits that you could die for and large nipples
that stood out like thimbles surrounded by large pink areolas--
a solid D cup Claire guessed. Sam's bush was also a sight
to behold, a very thick patch of fur covered her pussy while
thin trail of dark hair ran up to her navel. Immediately
deciding that she wanted to have her, Claire wrapped a towel
around her as they walked into the showers, while Sam on
the other hand left her body totally uncovered, seemingly
oblivious to the effect she was having on her new found friend!!!
Under the hot jets of as water both women silently let their
muscles and minds relax, it was at that moment that Claire
noticed something like she had never seen before!!! It
was between Sam's legs--what was it??? As she tried
to get a better look without looking overly obvious, she
finally figured out what she had seen, it was Sam's
clit!!! It was jutting out of the dense curly pubic hair
that was trying to hide it! It was much bigger than anything
Claire had ever seen in her entire life, and that included
four years of college in a dorm and a sorority. As she was
looking away Sam said, "It got that way from the Juice."
Claire was embarrassed that she had been found staring,
but couldn't help but looking back at the enormous
organ for a better look. Sam explained that when she was
in college she took steroids to promote muscle mass and
one of the side effects was an enlarged clitoris. When she
quit taking the drugs the clit stayed in its present state--oversized
and constantly engorged! She told Claire how sometimes
she would have violent orgasms if her crotch was rubbed
by a bike seat, a weight lifting apparatus, or any of half
a dozen other things, and not only was it big, it was also
super sensitive. Just to show Claire what she meant, Sam
adjusted her shower head directly at her cunt, and while
the stream of hot water bore directly onto her clit, Sam
began to breathe heavily and shake, and within a matter
of minutes she brought herself to a shuddering climax!!!
With no one else in the shower Claire boldly reached out
and began feeling Sam's chest--it was the only soft
thing on her body, and Sam immediately began to respond
to Claire's deft touch, while turning her body so Claire
had a straight on look at this magnificent creature. Her
hard clit was still pushing it's way through the wet
forest of hair, and Claire dropped to her knees and began
to tongue Sam's erect organ while her own hand went
to her own clit as she furiously frigged her hot steaming
slit. As she sucked, Claire looked up to see Sam sucking
one of her own nipples, and that sight, coupled with her
own fingering started wave after wave of orgasm to sweet
through her shaking body. As she started to tremble, Claire
also felt Sam's pussy begin to violently contract
as her sucking became more intense, inducing the muscular
woman to a blinding climax of her own!!! Both women slipped
to the floor in a heap of spent sexual delight, and Sam gently
leaned over and gave Claire a tender kiss and a soft thank
you. Claire looked down to see if Sam's clit had relaxed
at all, but just like a good little soldier, it still it stood
at attention! All Sam said was, "Always like that."
As they got dressed, Claire said, "Same time next
week?" Sam replied, "I wouldn't miss it
for the world!" l destiny, and as we will find out in
future stories, she does exactly that!!! She was running
late as usual! Claire just couldn't seem to get anywhere
on time. Why in the world did she ever agree to attend a lingerie
party at Cathy's house? With Frank away on business
and it being a week night, she had had trouble finding a sitter
for the twins. She was bone tired and prospect of watching
a lingerie show was the last thing she wanted to do, but Cathy
had invited her over a month ago and had promised an "interesting
evening". How did she get roped into these things?!?
Oh well, a few of her other friends were going to be there,
and she hadn't seen some of them in months. When she
arrived at Cathy's place she was surprised to see so
many cars parked in the driveway and on the street. "Well,
the more the merrier, " she thought, as she walked
quickly up the walk to the large imposing red front door.
A hard on the brass knocker and the door was immediately
swung open by Julie, Cathy's best friend. "Come
on in Claire, and make yourself comfortable, the show's
just about ready to start, " said Julie as she ushered
her into the downstairs rec room, "we've got
the house all to ourselves, Cathy's husband and kids
decided to go bowling to get away from us girls!!!"
Claire looked around the room and exchanged hellos with
the women she knew and was quickly introduced to the ones
she didn't. She had just settled down in her seat when
Cathy stood up and introduced the lady who was putting on
the show. Vera Lane was a strikingly beautiful woman with
a large chest, medium length brown hair, and long slim legs.
She was dressed in a woman's business suit that although
was perfectly proper, on Vera it looked anything but proper,
seemingly covering up and intriguing unknown. Vera explained
that the lingerie would be modeled by her and several of
her models she had brought along with her. She would encourage
the women, however, to please try on any or all of the items
being shown that evening, and she further went on to explain
that lingerie they were modeling that evening could be
ordered in red, black, white, nude, and pink. She also said
to ask questions as they went along as the show was quite
informal. Claire was listening with half and ear when all
at once Vera Lane unbuttoned her suit jacket and removed
it along with her skirt and blouse! Underneath she wore
an absolutely wicked black bra and panties set with a matching
garter belt and stockings! In her five inch spiked heels
she looked spectacular to say the least! By now Claire was
getting much more interested in what Vera had to sell, and
after giving a brief rundown on the items she was wearing,
she called out for Pam, a young girl of about twenty five
who was wearing a red teddy. As the models would come "on
stage", Vera Lane would give a brief description
and pricing information. Any questions would be answered
and then a new model would appear and the whole process would
start all over again. After about one hour Vera said that
they would be taking a fifteen minute break and then would
bring on the "special" items. Claire made small
talk with some of her friends got a drink of 7&7 and returned
to her chair. Seeing these young girls in the skimpy underwear
had made Claire a little creamy in her panties, and although
there had been no direct talk of sex, there was a definite
undercurrent of arousal in the air! By now Vera was back
at the front of the room and asked for attention. She then
said that they now were going to show a special line of products
whose use would be self explanatory. Reaching into a large
black leather bag Vera Lane pulled out an eight inch plastic
vibrator, and as she held it high for everyone to see, she
said, "A woman's best friend!!" There
was an audible gasp from some of the ladies in the audience
but no one got up to leave--infact no one moved an inch!!
With a quick twist of her wrist Vera turned the machine on
and an audible buzz could be heard throughout the room.
Giving a description of the device and how the controls
operated, Vera then did something that stunned everyone
there, including Claire, as Vera Lane very casually slid
down her black panties, sat down on a folding chair and stuck
the buzzing machine into her hot pussy!!! That brought
gasps from the crowd, but soon the loudest sounds were coming
from Vera Lane herself! Moving the dick like object in and
out of her pussy, she began to moan in obvious pleasure,
and it soon became evident that she intended to cum right
there in front of every one!!! Claire's own pussy was
now leaking like a sieve and her panties were becoming drenched
with her cunt juice! God she wished she had that thing in
her pussy!!! As Vera continued to work her pussy, two of
her models, Pam and Ingrid, came out of the changing room.
Pam was wearing a strap on dildo that looked like an erect
penis, while Ingrid lay down on the carpeted floor, spread
her legs, and begged Pam to fuck her! In an instant Pam was
between her legs guiding the latex dick into her little
blond fuck hole! Soon she was pounding away at Ingrid's
defenseless pussy with reckless abandon while by now Vera
was in such a sexual frenzy, she had stopped fucking herself
and was now directing the tip of the buzzing toy onto her
burning clit! Her head rolled from side to side and she actually
looked slack jawed as her orgasm thundered through her
hot cunt, screaming with pleasure as her whole body shuddered
to a standstill!!! Claire by now had slipped her hand up
under her skirt and was brazenly fingering her pussy, and
at that moment she couldn't have cared less if anyone
was watching her at all, but she needn't have worried,
as over half of the "ladies" had their fingers
buried deep in their own quims! Soon there were women having
their own orgasms oblivious to everything around them!
Claire reached over and began rubbing the chest of the woman
next her, who was furiously frigging her clit and was close
to cumming! When the woman didn't move her hand from
her breasts, Claire became bolder and unbuttoned the woman's
blouse and slipped her hand inside her bra. This lady had
a nice set of tits with especially long nipples and Claire
rolled them between her fingers, making them grow nice
and hard! Claire then took her free hand and opened up her
own blouse and bra and pulled out her boobs. She then guided
her hot nipple into the mouth of the panting woman who couldn't
seem to get enough of Claire's nipples! Claire was
now in the midst of the onset of a very major orgasm! Her nipples
were super sensitive and this woman was sucking them like
there was no tomorrow! Claire then whispered into the lady's
ear, "After you cum, eat my pussy!" The woman
could only nod as her own orgasm raced through her like a
freight train on the loose, while at the same time she tried
to inhale Claire's firm breast as she hit her peak!
By now Claire couldn't wait another second as she grabbed
the woman by the hair and pulled her mouth to her gaping vagina!
The second that hot tongue touched her clit, Claire was
shooting her hot juices into the stranger's eager
mouth; as a matter of fact she was cumming for the second
time in less that ten minutes! The two ladies then held each
other and caressed each others breasts as they gave soft
wet kisses to one and other! Claire looked around and saw
Cathy with her panties off using the same vibrator Vera
Lane had been using. As she disentangled herself from the
crowd of hot sweaty women, Claire found Vera Lane and said,
"Nice sales technique! I'll take two of everything!"
Driving home all she could say was, "What a party!!!"
Claire peered out the window checking to see if Becky was
on her way from across the street. Not that it really mattered;
it's just that she was all ready to go and was getting
a little fidgety waiting for the 18 year old baby sitter
to arrive. It was so handy to have Becky so close and not to
have to worry about using someone you didn't know,
especially after hearing all those baby sitter horror
stories! Just then there was a knock on the door and Becky
entered the front vestibule. Claire was just beginning
to give Becky a run down on where she would be for the evening
and how to get in touch with her when all at once Becky burst
into tears. A surprised Claire stopped in mid sentence
and went over to hold the now sobbing teenager. With her
arm around her shoulder, Claire led Becky over to the large
sofa and asked her what was wrong. "Everything, "
she cried, "My boy friend wants to dump cuz' I
won't let him---you know, let him....." "You
mean go all the way, " asked Claire?" Becky
only nodded and cried even harder. "Boys can be such
pigs, " she said!!! As Claire held Becky close, she
could feel her cheek up against her chest. As unreal as she
could even believe, she was getting turned on having the
young girl's body near her own! Over the last two years
Becky had blossomed into a very pretty young girl, and although
not entirely filled out, she had a lean and lanky frame with
just enough curves to let you know she was definitely female!
Her breasts could best be described as pert, and while they
weren't big, they looked just perfect on her youthful
body. Earlier that summer Becky was over using their pool
and Claire now remembered that she looked wholesome yet
very sexy in her tiny bikini. The funny thing was that she
had no idea of the affect she had on not only boys, but anyone
who saw her dressed so skimpily. Now it was up to Claire to
calm the girl down and maybe help her through her problem!!!
After a few minutes Becky had relaxed and then told Claire
how her boyfriend, Mick, had given her an ultimatum--"Sex
or good by!" She then went on to tell Claire that not
only had she never had sex before, but she had never really
done anything at all sexually. Claire reassured her that
there was nothing wrong with her and that Mick was way off
base trying to push her into something she didn't want
to do! "But I want too, I just don't know how, could
you help me Mrs. Andrews, " Becky asked, "I
really need help!" Claire looked into Becky's
eyes and nodded in the affirmative. "What is it you
would like to know dear, " asked Claire? Becky then
shocked Claire by reaching up to rub her own tits and asked
Claire about letting a boy suck on them. She then shrugged
off her sweater revealing a beautiful lace white bra that
gently cupped her bosom! "I get so scared when Mick
touches them, and I feel so squishy inside, I can feel my
nipples get hard and I get so flustered I just stop him!"
"Look, see them now; they're getting hard right
just from my own touch!" Beneath the lacy under thing
Claire could see the outline of rigid nipples showing through
the sheer fabric! Involuntarily she reached out to caress
the hard nubs, making Becky let out an audible sigh as Claire
began to massage her chest through her bra. Claire then
slipped her hand behind Becky's back and unclasped
it, letting it fall away from the young chest. Now it was
Claire's turn to gasp! Becky had the most beautiful
nipples she had ever seen! They were what you would call
"puffies"! They were nipples that were really
too big for the size of her breasts and they bulged out in
a constant state of fullness. Puffy. That was a perfect
description for these light pink models of perfection!
After cupping both tits in her hands, Claire bent her head
down and flicked her tongue over the end of one nipple. Becky
sucked in air and begged her to suck on them harder, and Claire,
needing no more encouragement, opened her mouth and took
a nipple into her waiting mouth! God it tasted good!! Becky
moaned as the tit sucking made her squirm around on the couch,
making it quite obvious that her pussy was now going into
overdrive! Claire now started to tug at Becky's jeans
trying to pull them down so she could get to that hot little
cunt, and after several futile minutes, Becky hunched
over and slipped them over her still girlish hips. Now the
only things she had left on were here bright red knee socks
and white cotton panties with little pink roses on them.
As Claire stared down at the young sexpot, she felt her own
cunt begin to cream uncontrollably! With her hands shaking,
she started to undress in front of the rapt youngster, and
as her clothes hit the floor Becky never let her eyes move
from Claire's now naked form. Claire felt like a slut
but didn't care, all she wanted now was to have this
little cunt for herself! She slipped back down to the sofa
and pulled Becky to her so that their chests were mashed
together. Then they kissed each other deeply as the ground
their nipples into each other while both women were now
ready to explode with lust! Claire reached down and pulled
off Becky's wet panties and was hit with another surprise--Becky
for her age had a very hairy pussy!!! A thick mat of dark brown
fur ringed a now gaping pair of very puffy cunt lips! Claire
asked Becky if she had ever had an orgasm. Becky whispered,
"Only with my own fingers!" Claire smiled,
kissed her and then slid down the sofa until her mouth was
breathing hot air right on Becky's hot slit! "W-what
are you gonna do, " moaned Becky? "This, "
answered Claire, and with that one word she buried her tongue
deep into Becky's quim! Within seconds she was exploding
her juice into Claire's waiting mouth as a brutally
powerful orgasm swept through the young girl's body
as if it was a revelation! Afterwards, with her chest still
heaving, she gave Claire a long kiss and a hug and thanked
her profusely! Claire gave her a loving smile and then guided
her own nipple into the satiated girl's mouth. "Shut
up and eat, " Claire ordered! Lesson one was just
beginning! Frank couldn't wait to get home to show
Claire the new toy he had picked up while a trip to Amsterdam,
Netherlands. One evening while out one the town, Frank's
host had taken him to the famous red light district, where
there were hookers of every size, shape, color, and sex
that a person could think of! Also in the area were many adult
bookstores, to which Frank wandered into a large well lit
one and was browsing the magazines when he noticed a display
case with every kind of vibrator and dildo known to man!
He quickly found a new type of vibrator and bought one as
a present for his lovely wife Claire. Now as readers of the
Claire series already know, Claire has a sex drive that
is set a little on the "high" side and since Frank
was away on business quite a bit of the time, when he was at
home with her, he always tried to pay her the attention she
deserved and needed. Frank pulled into the driveway at
exactly six o'clock and was greeted at the door by the
twins as well as Claire. After the excitement of getting
home had worn off and things had quieted down, Claire told
Frank that if he felt up to it that they were invited to a cocktail
party at the Carr's down the street a few houses. Frank
didn't really want to go, but it was obvious that Claire
did, so he said, "Sure, let's go!" Claire
had already arranged for a sitter, so all they had to do was
go upstairs and get changed. Frank watched his beautiful
wife undress and get ready for the party, and as always,
he was amazed at how great her body looked! When she was nude,
Frank said, "Honey, I brought you a present from Amsterdam!"
"What is it, " she asked? "This, a small
vibrator, " he said. Claire held the miniature machine
in her hand and wondered why Frank had bought one so small!
It was only about two inches long and very thin! "Frank, "
she asked, "here's the switch, I can't find
a switch to turn it on?" All of a sudden the little buzzer
started to hum! "How did you do that, " she asked!
"With this, " he answered, as he held up a small
black box that looked a lot like a miniature TV remote control.
"With this, I can turn it on or off and also make it go
fast or slow, " Frank replied. Frank then went on
to explain that after the vibrator was put inside her pussy,
it would be controlled by the little box Frank had in his
hand, he then had Claire lay back on the bed and carefully
insert it into her tight pussy!!! As soon as it was inside
of her, Frank hit the on button and a very soft hum could barely
be heard coming from the area of Claire's crotch while
an involuntary moan slipped from her lips as Claire felt
the buzz invading her cunt! Just as she was getting into
it, Frank shut it off and hurriedly started getting dressed
while Claire stumbled to her feet and was about to take it
out when Frank said, "Leave it in, it should be fun!!!"
When they arrived at the Carr's, the driveway and street
already were packed with vehicles. Doris Carr met them
at the door and was ushering them inside, when all at once
Claire almost lost her footing!!! Frank had just hit the
on button and she felt her legs wobble as the little "V"
did a slow hum inside her now drooling cunt!!! Bob Carr came
over and gave Claire a kiss on the cheek and led Frank over
to the bar while Claire was left by herself for a moment,
trying to collect her thoughts as her cunt was slowly being
stirred into a frenzy! As she looked around the room, no
one could have possibly guessed that she was on the edge
of a huge orgasm, and just as her cunt was about to let go,
the buzzing stopped! "Christ, " she thought,
"the stupid thing is broken, " but then out
of the corner of her eye she saw Frank smirking at her! "That
man!!!" Claire then wandered over to the bar to get
a white wine and on the way was intercepted by Peggy Stone.
For the next ten minutes Peggy and Claire talked about the
kids, their husbands, and their plans for Christmas vacation,
and while Claire was right in the middle of telling Peggy
about their planned trip to Cancun, the buzz in her cunt
suddenly reappeared! Stopping in mid sentence, Peggy
wondered if Claire was OK. Claire mumbled, "No, I'm
fine, " and tried to continue her conversation,
but now was unable to think about anything but her pussy!
Claire finally excused herself and picked up a glass of
wine at the bar. Now trying to avoid contact with anyone
else, she tried to slip of to the kitchen where she could
be alone for a few minutes but before she reached the kitchen
door, the intensity of the buzzing in her cunt shot way up!!!
Frank had turned up the power all the way! Claire was now
delirious with lust and was also having a hard time even
walking! She reeled across the floor into the kitchen and
to safety--or so she thought, because just then Doris Carr
came sweeping into the kitchen to pick up some more canap├ęs.
"What's the matter Claire, you look pale as a
sheet, " asked Doris! "Oh, I'm f-f fine, "
squeaked Claire, while trying to listen to Doris'
inane conversation with the buzzing hurtling her towards
a thundering orgasm!!! Claire stared blankly at Doris
as she babbled on, trying to hear what was being said, but
only seeing her lips move! Just as Doris was turning to leave,
Claire's pussy erupted in an earth shattering orgasm,
causing her to fall backward against the refrigerator
as her cunt began to spasm uncontrollably! She gave an audible
shudder as the intensity swept through her quivering cunt!
Seconds later the buzzing stopped and Claire was able to
compose herself and return to party. Walking home from
the party hand in hand, Claire leaned up and gave Frank a
kiss on the cheek. "What was that for, " he asked?
"Thanks for a wonderful present, " answered
Claire, and by the way how long do the batteries last!?!"

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loved the control, all men would love one of these radio
control vibrators . where can i buy or several


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You covered an awful lot of ground here, Lana, and each excapade
was delightful. Love where your mind goes.

My sense is that the first and second could easily have been
a story, and then each other one could have been a "continuing
saga off" episodes. This might be much more enticing
reading if you segmented them into different stories and
then went back and spent a little more time on each one.

Lots of hot scenes and language, but I'd love to read
more female insight into the feelings and what was being
done. Also, some paragraphs would make reading easier.

This quiet sail is as a noiseless wing to waft me from distraction ~ George Gordon Noel Byron


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whata wonderful sense of style and finess towards creating
not only a vivd character but an insatiable one at that keep
writing the way the lesbian stories invoke more of
a flare of the dramatic keep them cumming


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Fantastic writing Lana. Wish you were in Calgary Canada
to thank you very personally