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loved the control, all men would love one of these radio
control vibrators . where can i buy or several


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You covered an awful lot of ground here, Lana, and each excapade
was delightful. Love where your mind goes.

My sense is that the first and second could easily have been
a story, and then each other one could have been a "continuing
saga off" episodes. This might be much more enticing
reading if you segmented them into different stories and
then went back and spent a little more time on each one.

Lots of hot scenes and language, but I'd love to read
more female insight into the feelings and what was being
done. Also, some paragraphs would make reading easier.

This quiet sail is as a noiseless wing to waft me from distraction ~ George Gordon Noel Byron


Block comments from DunksLumenTeams

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whata wonderful sense of style and finess towards creating
not only a vivd character but an insatiable one at that keep
writing the way the lesbian stories invoke more of
a flare of the dramatic keep them cumming


Block comments from rm_sikos9

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Fantastic writing Lana. Wish you were in Calgary Canada
to thank you very personally


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