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Business As Usual


Sighing out loud, I swipe my key-card and enter my hotel
room ... I finally have a weekend to rest. I just wound up
a 3-day seminar, one which I lead to coach women to be more
assertive in business - and in their personal lives. I immediately
step out of my shoes, kicking them aside. Dump my supplies
on the nearby desk, and strip as I head for the shower. Leaving
a trail of clothing behind me. Hot steamy water follows
the curves of my body. I can feel the tension and professional
attitude wash down the drain. The force of the spray pulses
on the back of my neck and my breathing slows to a relaxed
rhythm. Stepping out of the shower, I put my hair up in a towel,
but let my body drip-dry while I brush my teeth. Once dry,
the lotion I treat my skin to is jasmine scented and goes
from head to toe, keeping me as smooth as possible while
adding just a light scent. I don’t spend a lot of time on my
hair, quick blow-style - keeping it loose and relaxed.
It’s my time and I want to be at ease, even when just I step
out for a bite to eat.
My favorite lavender colored snap-front t-shirt dress
hangs in the closet. It fits just so it shows off my curves
without being tight. Skimming me at mid-thigh. I wear a
nice comfortable low-heeled sandals and skip the jewelry.
Simple and casual - no bra, no panties tonite, they’re too
constricting and I want to be very cool and comfortable.
Mascara and lipstick and that’s it. I’m ready for a quiet
dinner with just me and my notes from the conference to review.
I forego the restaurant, choosing to sit in the bar to have
a lite meal and drink - or two. There’s less than half dozen
people enjoying the lounges’ atmosphere. I opt for a corner
booth which has just enough light to allow me to see my notes
without straining. The waitress arrives to take my order.
Vodka and cranberry juice, and just an appetizer for my
meal. I slip around to the very back of the booth so the entire
room is in my view ... leaning back and stretching my legs
out before pulling my notes from my note binder. Looking
up only occasionally to watch people as they come and go,
I’m soon engrossed in my work.
The first taste of vodka has a bit of a bite to it, but smooths
out with each successive sip. My appetizer arrives shortly
and I’ve succeeded in taking up most of the table with my
notes, food and drink. I’m pouring over my insights, trying
to determine where I can improve my delivery. It’s an effort
to reach the women who attend seminars just to have a few
days off work. I go over the feedback questionnaires that
I hand out to each attendee. I do this in order to glean whether
I have actually reached any of them. Taking each suggestion
sheet attached and organizing them from the negative input
- to the positive affirmations.
Another drink arrives as my first is close to being emptied.
I didn’t order it, but, the waitress explains that it’s
from the two gentlemen at a table not far from my booth. I
thank her and acknowledge the kind gesture from these gentlemen
with a warm smile and nod. They smile in return and raise
their own drinks in a toast-like gesture.
I can see them out of my peripheral vision as I try to focus
on my paperwork. They keep looking in my direction. I’m
feeling nice and warm, and all too comfortable now from
the drinks, not to mention the attention I’m receiving.
They’re both quite good looking black men...athletic
builds which is evident beneath their dress shirts. Though
they’re sitting, I can tell they’re also tall, with long,
strong legs stretched out. One of them has the most beautiful,
sweet smile I’ve ever seen. The other doesn’t smile...he
appears more intense and serious. A dangerous sensual
quality about that man. Although, they make no attempt
to come over, they still face me, looking my way often...staring
between clips of conversation. Curious, but flattering.
I grab a stack of papers and as I lean a bit to slide them into
my binder which is sitting next to me on the seat, I think
I finally understand why the long-distance attention.
A few snaps have come undone on my dress and the top of my thighs
must be visible to them - not many secrets hidden from their
eyes. A straight line of view for the attentive men. Even
though a slight sting of shocked embarrassment passes
through me, I’m instantly aroused. My embarrassment quickly
fades as I feel my heat rising. I’m putting on a show for these
men, discreet and unknown, at least at first. I decide to
pretend not to notice my exposure and continue to put away
a few papers.
Pulling my feet under the seat and crossing my legs at the
ankles, my knees fall apart just a little. Not giving too
much of a show, but allowing a little more of a peek for my
audience. Such a tease! They stare intently now...I think
I see a slight squirm in their chairs. Their attention definitely
rooted to the scene under my table. Of course my idea of no
panties tonite fell perfectly into this scenario. Good
thing I gave myself a nice clean shave, leaving a heart-shape
tuft at the peak of my pussy. Even though I had no intention
of showing myself to anyone, I always maintain my habits
of being clean shaven, soft and smooth. After all, one never
I rest a hand on my thigh in an absent-minded fashion, the
dress slips just a bit further off the thigh. Their heads
haven’t turned once in the last several minutes. The intense
one has leaned back in his chair, with his hands laced over
his smooth abdomen. The sweet one rests forward on his elbows,
almost as if to get a closer look. I brush a few imaginary
crumbs from my lap. . . my dress slips up a bit. More temptation
to peek from between my thighs. Taking another drink . .
. resting my fingers on my upper thigh. After finishing
the 2nd drink, I’m feeling quite nice and relaxed. I decide
to put away the rest of my notes and just enjoy sitting quietly.
Another drink arrives, gift from my admirers. Again I thank
them, offer a shy smile, and lean back in my booth. I’m quite
aroused by this time in the game. My nipples are hard and
show blatantly through the thin material of the dress.
Feeling them pressing against the soft thin cotton material.
Ok, it’s time to turn up the heat. I slowly trail my hand lightly
down my breast to my lap. I’ve never had such strict attention
in my life. Maybe I should do this in my seminars. Spreading
my knees a tiny bit further, I let my fingers rest on my lap,
careful not to block the secret view.
Taking a slow taste of my drink, I want to make this last
a while. I let my gaze wander the room, drawing a slow deep
breath with a slight arching stretch of my back as my hand
dips deep secretly between my legs. Hoping my men are hard
with excitement. I look down to my lap, pretending to notice
my exposure for the first time. . . and not minding at all.
I glance shyly at the gentlemen, while slipping a finger
between my thighs, slowly stroking myself. The drink is
very good - but will soon get better. I bring my hand out of
my lap and dip it into the vodka and let some drip to my exposed
skin, spreading it a little with my fingers before bringing
them to my lips and licking them clean.
Do they look a little flushed? Good, I see it in their eyes.
I hit the mark for sure. Moving my fingers slowly between
my pussy’s lips, up and down - slow and steady, quick dip
inside and back out again. Another dip into my drink and
back to my wet pussy. Moving so slightly back and forth over
my clit. Resting my chin in my other hand, slightly closing
my eyes... I gaze between my eyelids right back at my friends.
The look of clear lust in their eyes is strong.
I decide to make my way to the ladies room, not bothering
to snap my dress, I slide out of the booth and walk leisurely
by their table, with each step the dress slips open and closed,
exposing peeks of snatch. I return in a few minutes, same
show and they watch me intently, as I walk by, slowly and
As much as I’ve enjoyed this little game, it’s getting
late and I begin to gather my belongings. . .hating to end
this. . . it was all too much fun, but this fantasy should
come to an end now. I slip out of the booth again, the dress
quickly slides up towards my hips then falls closed as I
stand. They haven’t moved an inch and stare openly at me
as I leave the bar and head for the elevators. No one is in
the lobby and I’m not worried about my dress ... I like the
exciting chance that someone may come around a corner and
catch my state of attire. Pressing the button to go up...the
doors open and I step into the elevator. As I do, my friends
surprise me by following right behind me into the elevator.
I never noticed them leaving the bar, nor did I hear them
approach behind me as I waited at the elevator.
“What floor?” The tall sweet one asks without looking
my way.
“Nine, ” I answer. I’m not sure how to take this turn of
events. After all, I hadn’t expected them to follow me.
“Same as ours. We’re neighbors.”
“What a coincidence.” I smile.
He turns to gaze at me. Stepping up beside me, arms brushing.
No conversation as we ride slowly upward. Watching the
numbers light as we pass each floor. All the while each of
us knows what the other is feeling. The look in our eyes and
secret smiles underneath the heavy sensual atmosphere.
Before we reach the 4th floor I feel fingers tickling the
back of my right thigh, slipping under my dress. Sweetness’
hand strokes, slowly petting my round smooth ass, each
stroke brings him closer to my inner thighs. My legs relax
and feel weak. My chest feels tightness with excitement
and a bit of trepidation. The intense one steps up close
to my other side, his right hand reaches up and boldly cups
my breast...thumb on my nipple, teasing it, brushing over
the fabric of my dress. Sweetness’ fingertips explore
the soft folds of my tender spot. The heat rises, I can smell
my jasmine scent as it warms on my body.
Standing between them, Sweetness fondles my ass now,
his fingers petting my opening, circling, gentle. Intense
slips his hand inside my neckline...a snap comes undone,
exposing more breast. He holds it in his palm...fingers
tickling my nipple. I rest my head against the wall of the
elevator, enjoying being explored.
The door opens to our floor. I step out from between them
and walk to my door. No one is in the hallway. Taking my belongings
inside my room I then return to the hall where they’re waiting
for me. We walk a few doors further down to another room.
I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, walking half-dressed,
with two strange men, to their room. Opening the door, they
step aside to let me walk in. The room is dark with the exception
of the city lights glowing through the sheers. I make my
way straight for the windows and open the curtains to let
in more city light...we have enough to see and it’s not so
bright as to be clinical. Perfect ambiance.
Intense takes his shirt off so quickly I barely see the
buttons come undone. He takes me by the wrist and turns me
to the wall. Pressing me against it, kissing the back of
my neck and grabbing my ass. Sweetness is moving about,
undressing by the sounds of it, and watching his friends’
assault, I’m sure. Intense’s fingers grope between my
soft mounds to find his treasure finger shoves in
very quickly. I gasp. Arching my back against him. He presses
me harder into the wall thrusting his finger into me repeatedly.
I spread my legs wider. Just as quickly as it began, he steps
back. I hear his zipper and turn to watch as he removes the
rest of his clothes. His body is amazing...a body builder
physique. Sweetness rises from the bed where he was sitting
and comes to me. Taking hold of my dress, each side of the
opening in his hands, he pulls sharply and the snaps fly
open. He lowers his head to my breasts I raise them to him
as an offering, and kisses my hard nipples. Lovely lips
encircling each, his hands hold my breasts to his face.
He buries his face between them before moving to the other
waiting nipple.
My pussy is throbbing and I feel hot and wet. He’s naked
and his hard cock gently teases my pussy. He moves his hips
to softly stroke me with his dick. He drops to his knees and
seeks my clit with his generous mouth. Spreading my legs
further apart. Placing an open mouth kiss on my pussy, tongue
tickling and teasing the clit, then quick dips into my slit.
I lean against the wall moaning and spreading my legs for
him. His tongues tastes me, following the folds of my pussy
and inside again. The heat increases and Intense steps
up beside me to fondle my breasts and fingers my ass again,
while Sweetness sucks my cunt. Flicking his tongue across
my clit then closing his lips over it to suck it into his mouth.

I’ve never done this before, never thought I
body is their playground and nothing is off limits. Sweetness
stands and presses his hard cock against my pussy. I ache
for him to plunge inside, but he waits...a teasing look
in his eyes glimmer. He knows what I want and prolongs it.
Ah, the torture, and he knows it. Instead he reaches down
with his hands and strokes my pussy softly. Intense is still
fingering my ass, kissing my neck, biting my shoulders.
He lifts me away from the wall and moves behind me and his
hard dick slips between my cheeks, stroking it up and down,
reaching from behind to play with my tits. Pinching my nipples.
He takes them in his hands and raises them up ito Sweetness.
Who accepts the invitation gratefully, and sucks my nipples
quickly...saliva dripping down my chest. His two fingers
still inside my cunt, pulsing in and out slowly.
I don’t know how much I can take before begging to be fucked
- and fucked hard! Sweetness pulls his fingers out and I
feel him guide his cock to my cunt. Pushing inside me
slowly. All the way in and drawing out just as slowly. A few
quick thrusts and he pulls out...grasping my shoulders
he pushes me to my knees. Intense hold my head while I lick
my pussy juices from his friends’ dick. I suck him clean
and stroke his length with my tongue, tickling just under
his head with the tip of my tongue.
I love the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth, sliding up
my tongue, dripping precum on my tongue. Intense strokes
his hands through my hair. Holding my head so Sweetness
can fuck my mouth. Before he can cum, he pulls away and walks
to the bed.
“Bring her over” he says.
Intense lifts me to my feet and guides me to the bed. Sweetness
is laying on his back and I kneel over him and take him into
my mouth again. I’m on my knees on the end of the bed...Intense
moves up behind me, grabbing my hips and holding me steady
as he guides his hard cock into my pussy. No teasing with
this one, he rams me hard and deep. Moans muffled by a full
hard cock. Slapping my ass and ordering me to suck his friends’
dick while he fucks me from behind.
Sweetness is moaning, thrusting his hips up a bit to meet
my rhythm. Intense pulls out and shoves his dick into my
ass, slowly at first to test my tightness. It’s tight, very
tight. I relax for him and he shoves in all the way, fucking
my ass swift and hard.
“Do you like my dick in your ass, slut?” he growls, gripping
my hips harder and pulling me into him. His hard wet black
dick stretching my tight pink hole. I feel his huge balls
slap at my pussy, Sweetness grows impossibly hard in my
mouth and I know he’s about to cum.
“Suck it baby, suck it.” he moans.
I suck quicker, stroking with my tongue up the underside
of his length, squeezing with my lips until I feel his hot
jizz blast inside my mouth.
“Swallow it all in!” And I do, drinking it all down.
Intense is grunting with each push, grabbing my hips tighter
as he blows his load shortly after. I feel his slippery cum
slide down my ass and onto the backs of my thighs. I’ve been
filled from both ends and have more to expect.
Intense pulls his cock from my ass and walks to bathroom
where I hear him washing.
Sweetness rolls me onto my back at the end of the bed and
takes his place between my legs...his mouth seeking my
pussy. He’s sucking my clit and finger fucking my cunt at
the same time, driving me to the edge of ecstasy. I feel my
orgasm coming on like a slow hot wave. Sweetness is fucking
me with three fingers and eating my snatch like a sweet dessert.
I grab my knees to pull them wider apart. His tongue slides
over my clit quick as the electricity of a spiraling orgasm
hits me hard.
I can barely control a soft scream as he keeps up the licking
and sucking, driving me over the edge again and again. I
think I’ve lost my mind and soul.
He stands, leaving me laying, legs splayed, quivering
with post-orgasmic throbs.
After several minutes, we’re all stretched out on the
bed, touching and kissing. “I want to be double-fucked.”
I say. They look at each other and grin.
Intense gets off the bed and grabs my wrists, pulling me
off the bed as well. His back to the wall, he pulls me against
him and without wasting any time crams his cock up and into
my cunt. Sweetness steps up behind, licking his fingers,
he wets my ass to slip into me easier. He takes it slow, pushes
in steadily and reaching a rhythm to match Intenses’ own.
Soft, pink pussy plundered by a huge black dick, my tight
ass filled with another. A dream come true - and I didn’t
know I had it in me. I feel so completely filled it’s unbelievable.
I cum fast and hard and soon after Intense shoots his jizz
into my cunt, my orgasm stays and I go over two more times....Sweetness
cums at nearly the same time. I’m so wet and hot, I don’t want
it to stop.
We’re exhausted and fall back to the bed. Sleep overtakes
us and the sunrise finds that we haven’t moved from the positions
we collapsed into.
I get up, collect my clothing, slipping them on quietly.
Leaving the room, I sigh. Did it really happen?
I walk into my room and after a shower pack my things and
leave. And I thought this was going to be just another boring
After packing up and checking out, I catch a cab to the airport.
The wait drifts by as my thoughts return to my adventure
the night before. I’ve never done anything, it was so unlike unexpected. I dream and fantasize, sure, but to
act one out? I never thought I’d do it...ever.
The following Monday was the same as most others, full.
I had to catch up on some office work that piled up while I
was away. I was looking forward to coming home and having
a nice relaxing evening. My boyfriend warned me that he
had a dinner meeting and that it was going to be a late one.
He told me he may not make it over. This meeting was very important
and he was going to spend as much time as necessary to nail
down this contract. I knew he’d been working hard on this
project and this was crunch time.
It had just started to rain when I ducked into the back door
of my condo. They were calling for thunderstorms and it
appears that this time the predictions were correct. Shaking
off the few drops that found me, and stepping out my wet shoes,
I dropped my purse and keys on the kitchen counter and proceeded
to the bedroom. With each step I take up the stairs I relax
bit by bit. The house is dark in the twilight of the approaching
storm. I keep it that way and make my way to the master bath.
My bath is like a sanctuary in my home. I decorated it to be
conducive to relaxation, an oasis from the normalcy of
the rest of the house. It’s large and airy with a skylight
over the garden tub - a large fern hangs just beneath. Two
candle sconces adorn the wall just behind the tub. Well
lit double sink and separate shower are opposite the tub.
Italian marble floors, shower, and tub surround. With
thick, soft throw rugs tossed about. A vanity in the corner
holds a CD player which always has some smooth jazz CD, or
perhaps a new age music selection, featuring sounds of
nature or perhaps some Native American tribal music.
I decide to take a quick shower - though a bubble bath would
be oh so nice. The hot water massages my tired muscles and
I really don’t want it to end. But with the storm coming in
I know I need to get out as soon as possible. After a quick
towel dry I put on my favorite jasmine scented body lotion,
blow dry my hair so it’s soft and loose. Then I just throw
on my gauzy, loose sun-dress to lounge around in for the
I scope out the fridge to see if there’s any appetizing
left-overs and find the last of the grilled chicken breasts
from a couple nights ago. Beside the chicken there was the
last of the pinot griggio with a note attached....”Enjoy,
babe, I want you to have a nice quiet evening!” Beside the
bottle of wine was a beautiful pink rose. How did I get so
lucky to have this man in my life? He must have stopped by
on his way to dinner, before I left work.
I heat the chicken in the microwave, pour a glass of the
wine and sit at the breakfast bar to have my simple dinner.
The sky grows even darker, so as a precaution I’ve lit the
candles that I always have around the house. As I gaze out
of the windows to watch the clouds roll in I see the lightning
flashes, brightening the backyard garden. The flowers
seem to jump out at me with each flash of light. Their shadows
streak across the well manicured lawn.
When I finish cleaning up after dinner, I settle into the
living room to catch up on some reading, since I have the
evening to myself with no distractions. The television
is on just for some background noise. The occasional storm
warning flashes across the screen. It seems a few storms
will be rolling through all night long.
As the first storm reaches it’s end, my eyes feel heavy.
I make sure to blow out all of the candles before heading
off to bed. I’m careful to lock the doors. Brush my teeth,
strip off my dress and hang it on the back of the bathroom
door. Turning off the bathroom light, I can see my way to
the bed with the aid of the waning lightning flashes. The
air is charged and I can feel this as another bolt brightens
the windows. I catch a glimpse of my naked body in the full
length bedroom dressing mirror. An eery erotic snapshot.
It’s as if I’m looking at someone else. I feel a bit strange.
I slowly find my way to the bed and slip between the smooth,
cool sheets. The memory of my shocking encounter lingers
like a fading dream. It doesn’t even feel like it happened
Easing in and out of sleep I find that I’m soon in a dream-like
state. I hear whispering voices that seem float into my
subconscious. I can’t quite make out what they’re saying,
I often can’t in a dream. Am I dreaming? I feel a soft kiss
on my’s my husband, he’s finally home and appears
to be in a romantic mood. Storms do this for him.
“Don’t wake, darling, I’m going to get out of my things
and join you.” It’s my boyfriend, he’s whispering to me,
“Did you enjoy the wine?” I try to speak, but the words don’t
want to form. He chuckles softly and leaves the room. He’s
kept the room dark so as not to shock my eyes, I suppose...such
a dear. I’m in a twilight sleep, I feel warm and so relaxed
as if sinking into the soft mattress. I make out some
rustling, footsteps, muffled, they seem unreal and sometimes
exaggerated in this state. I think that I hear murmuring,
”....the wine ....won’t fully ..... hours...”
Is someone talking? Or am I still dreaming...there’s
something that feels so very different. I cannot wake,
even though I try. Then again, I don’t really want to try.
I’m floating....and so relaxed.
“Let’s have fun.” my boyfriend says, and he lifts my head
to tie a blindfold over my eyes...he must be in a playful
mood! He ties the blindfold on tightly so it won’t slip off.
I hear the lamp next to the bed click on. But, I’m still in
the dark. In more ways than one, I’m soon to discover.
“Isn’t she beautiful?” He says as if to anyone and no one
in particular.
“Beautiful, look at that skin.” I hear him whisper as he
pulls the sheets off me. His hand lightly pets me, caressing
my breast for the briefest moment, so softly.
“Fabulous nipples...standing erect, so tasty.” I feel
myself warming as he speaks. “Let’s taste.” His voice seems
to change with each comment, deeper, then normal. I must
be much more tired than I thought. I feel his lips on my breasts,
licking my nipples, a soft kiss, sucking it in and tickling
it with the tip of his tongue while holding it tightly between
his lips. I can feel myself holding my breath as the excitement
builds. Heat growing and coursing to my groin. The slightest
twinge of the first throbbing beat rises between my legs.
His tongue trails wet circles around each nipple, they’re
hard and erect.
He grabs hold of my left ankle and pulls it towards the side
of the bed, the smooth silk of a scarf as ties it around with
one end, the other end he ties to the bed rail. Very quickly
he’s around the other side, too quickly...doing the same
to my right ankle, spreading my legs wide. He seemed to be
a little bit rougher with the right ankle, tying it tighter,
harder. His hand felt heavier, thicker.
“Just look at the pretty, pink pussy. So warm and wet.”
On cue I slowly reach down with my hand and spread the wetness
across my pussy, trailing them to wet my clit. Lightly tickling
myself, toying it back and forth for his watching pleasure.
I feel as if I’m underwater...putting forth this effort,
I try to move faster, but can’t. The warm soft skin swelling
beneath my fingertips, I bring them to my mouth to taste
my juices. Openly licking each finger....slowly.
“That’s right, baby, put on a show”
I put my fingers back into my pussy, plunging them slowly
in and out, rubbing my palm against my clit and arching my
back. I’m getting off on his watching me.
“Isn’t she sexy?’ He’s still talking, as if to an audience,
this is a new side I haven’t experienced from him before
and I like it. It’s so sexy and making me so hot. Just the thought
that we may be viewed while I jill-off. I’m so lost in the
moment I barely notice that my left arm is being raised over
my head and tied to the head-board. Just as quickly my right
hand is grabbed and tied the same. I feel so exposed, vulnerable
to his eyes, touch.
I hear him moving about, but don’t know what he’s doing
or where he may be, it sounds as if he’s all around me. My breast
is grabbed, nipple pinched and tweaked softly as I moan.
Skillfully rolling it between his fingertips and gently
tugging. As my breast is caressed, I feel fingers searching
my pussy, gently probing, spreading my lips open. Two fingers
slip slowly and deeply inside. Stroking me passionately.
Inside then to my clit to tease it lightly. Back in again
to wet them and easing out to play my clit, rubbing it, petting
me with care. My throbbing is strengthening and I arch my
back to his touch, trying to push against his touch. I feel
the mattress sink as he climbs onto the bed, straddling
my face and rubbing. He strokes the head of his dick across
my lips. I open them in anticipation and am rewarded as he
pushes himself into my mouth, rhythmically pumping as
I lick his length and suck him back in. He’s moaning, deeper
in his throat than I’ve heard before, he must really be enjoying
this. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but his fingers are
still playing with my pussy, driving me crazy with passion.
Moans fill the air, mine mingled with his, sounds from
all around me. Confusion sets in when I feel the mattress
sink between my legs and his mouth captures my pussy full-on,
tongue diving into my slit. But, I’m sucking his
Then I come to a hazy realization that it’s not just him...there’s
another...and they’re both having me, taking me....using
me. I’m frightened, confused, yet so hot and aroused, I
can’t think straight. I feel like I’m in a dream, dizzy,
floating. I try to speak, but his cock fills my mouth, I can
only moan. Whimpering as hands hold my head and guides him
in and out faster. I feel I may choke, he tries to go all the
way inside my mouth. The mouth on my cunt sucks and wets me,
dripping to the mattress. My clit is flicked and tickled
with a thick, long tongue, fingers fuck me as an orgasm approaches.
Faster the tongue on my clit laps across me, wetter, harder,
fingers stroking my g-spot and I cum in a white hot blast.
No control. I moan and pant, even as a dick is pushing faster
in my mouth.
“She’s cumming.” It’s my boyfriend...and his voice is
coming from across the room! Who’s fucking me...who am
I sucking? What’s going on? Too many questions, I’m shocked
and excited at the same time.
I hear a heavy growl just above me as cum shoots into my mouth.
“Swallow it down, baby, ” this stranger orders me. I do...I
don’t have a choice. When he’s empty, he pulls from me, stroking
his softening cock across my face. I feel this man get off
the bed. Whoever is between my legs, sits up, repositioning
himself and I feel his dick push into me.
“I have to fuck her now!” he says, “Hold on baby, I’m gonna
fill your cunt with my jizz.” he grunts. Fucking me hard
and rough, it seems to go on forever, my own excitement rises
to another climax. It isn’t long before he grunts low and
hard, I feel his hardness as he cums inside me. Then he collapses
on top of me. Sweaty, heavy body, heaving on top of me. His
dick slips from me to hang between my thighs.
“Your pussy is so sweet, beautiful one.” he groans in my
ear. He moves up the bed, to my face and putting his dick on
my mouth, wet with cum and pussy.
“Lick it clean.” He orders and I do as told.
“Your girlfriend is fucking hot.” He tells says as I lick
his cock.
“Yes, she is...I didn’t lie, did I?” My boyfriend says.
I hear him come over to the bed, he unties me and turns me over.
I’m tired, in shock, I don’t resist anything. I cannot.
“Now watch me.” My boyfriend tells his guests. Spreading
my legs as I lay on my belly, I feel him licking my ass, wetting
his fingers inside my cunt with the cum and pussy juices
that seep from me, he rubs the moisture across my ass. Grabbing
my cheeks, he spreads me open and puts the head of his cock
to my hole. Slowly at first he pushes in. I can’t move...this
has never happened. His guests chant their approval. I
feel them sitting on the sides of the bed..closer to view
this anal assault.
Pushing in deeper, all the way, then slowly drawing out
again. It’s so tight..will this end soon? What will happen
next? Pumping and pumping - faster and steady.
“God, that looks great, such a tight little ass” one man
My boyfriend drills into me faster and harder, then slows,
drawing out until his head is just at the opening. A familiar
moan escapes his throat and he pushes back in slowly. Then
as if he’s lost control he slams into me fast and hard....he
cums in a hot furry. Filling my ass, wetness running down
my thighs. Laying on top of me for a moment before getting
up, off the bed and to the bathroom to wash.
The men are still on the bed, I feel hands stroking and petting
my ass, spreading me open and fingering my pussy again.
One slips a finger inside my ass to savor the wet hole.
“That was the’s been a real pleasure doing business
with you.” one says.
“Thank you, gentlemen.” my boyfriend answers. “We’ll
have to do it again, soon.”
“Yes, we will. This is going to be a long and fruitful business
I feel them both rise off the bed and hear the sounds of them
all getting dressed. My boyfriend escorts them downstairs
to the front door. I hear a car pull from the drive as my boyfriend
comes upstairs again. He turns off the light, gets into
bed and removes my blindfold, tossing it aside. He pulls
the sheets over us and holds me close to him.
“Thank you baby, you’ve just made us very rich...that
episode sealed the deal.” My boyfriend explains. I just
lay there, still unsure if this really happened or not.
Before long I feel him sleeping against me, that familiar
shallow breathing that tells me he’s deep in slumber. I
lay for the longest time afraid to sleep, but before long
I can’t hold onto consciousness and slip into sleep. The
only evidence of what happened is the cum seeping from me,
and taste in my mouth. I’ll be sore tomorrow. I hope for an
explanation, but perhaps I’ll just push it away and pretend
it didn’t happen. As I’ve done with other situations of

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