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Breaking down the barriers 2


Nearly a week had gone by since my first encounter with Doug
and Kim. Daily I checked my email and still nothing, I could
only hope that I pleased them both enough to be invited back.
I tried checking my box one last time before bed and I was
rewarded by a message from them.

Doug and Kim were part time swingers and it seems like they
already had another couple coming over for the weekend,
which was the reason for the delay. They checked and the
younger couple closer to my age was receptive to another
person if I could make it. As luck would have it I was alone
that weekend so I emailed them back and told them I would
make it after work on Friday.

Friday arrived and I found myself outside their house.
An unfamiliar car was parked in the driveway so I figured
the other couple must already be here. I knocked and Doug
greeted me with a hug and a beer. I could hear the sounds of
people talking in the den and that was where Doug led me.

Kim was there seated on the love seat looking stunning
as usual. The new couple where seated on the couch looking
very nervous as I was. They had never gone outside their
relationship and both were bi-curious. Doug introduced
me to Laura and Jack. We made polite chat for a while and shared
some drinks and a lot of laughter. Finally around 8 o’clock
Doug announced that we should get ready and the fun would
soon start. Tonight we would make use of the den. Some excess
furniture was moved. Padding and silk pillows were tossed
on the floor till it looked like a harem scene. Doug and Laura
were directed to the guest bathroom to change while Kim
and Doug went towards the bedroom. I was a little confused
as to where to go when Kim and Doug both waived me to follow

Smiling I ran to catch up and hand in hand we went to the bedroom
with a few pinches in the ass exchanged between us along
the way. Doug started to change in the bedroom and Kim led
me by her hand giggling to the bathroom.

“I think we are going to have so much fun this weekend Nicki,
Laura works with me and has always wanted to try another
woman. Jack says he is open and curious so I hope you feel
like being a slut.” Kim giggled as she patted my ass.

“Daddy has some new things for you”

She then handed me a bow tied box. I opened it to find a black
silky maid uniform with lots of frilly white ruffles. A
matching PVC garter and G-string was also in the box. Kim
helped me with my stockings again and I managed to get the
PVC garter on me in time to help her put on a lovely blue silk
corset with black lace. Her tits were fully open and a pair
of stockings and thigh high leather boots completed her
outfit. I was a little nervous and tried to get used to walking
in the 5” heels of my boots. Kim was finishing putting on
her make up when she motioned for my to sit on the toilet which
I did.

“Wet your lips like this Nicki and pucker them out for mommy.”

“I licked my lips wet as she straddled over top of me. Turning
away she grabbed a lipstick and started applying it with
a brush on thick. She also did my eye lids and brows.

“Daddy wants you to look especially tasty tonight for our
new friends. One other thing my slutty little girl, you
mustn’t forget this.”

I looked and saw Kim twirling the leather collar in front
of me. I bent my head forward and she attached and locked
it in place.

“That’s such a good girl little Nicki, mommy is so proud
of how far you have come along. You need more training but
I have never had such a willing and good slut as you.” She
picked up my chin and kissed me passionately, it was nice
having her all alone even for just a moment.

“Lets go see if Doug hasn’t fallen a sleep by now waiting
on us girls.”

Doug was waiting but hardly a sleep, he was wearing some
leather boxer briefs decorated in chains with an open crotch.
He also had large black boots with lots of straps and buckles.
Seeing his smile as we entered the bedroom without orders
I grabbed Kim’s hand and we slowly spun ourselves around
for his enjoyment. I even lifted my short skirt and frills
for him to get a peek. He was pleased to say the least; I could
see his manhood throbbing and wondered if he would make
it to the den. He motioned for me to come over to him which
I did keeping my head down as to not look in his eyes. His hands
lifted up my skirts rubbing my ass as he pulled me close into
an embrace. I was more than a little shocked but if I could
have I would have crawled up into his lap and cradled with
him. The moment passed and he pointed towards a large covered
silver tray sitting on the dresser.

“Nicki you will be besides our resident slut for the weekend
you will also see to the guests and make sure their needs
are being met. I want you to take the tray along with you when
we go to the den.” Doug said in a fatherly but stern voice.

“It will be my pleasure daddy.”

I walked over and picked the tray up with both hands and held
it out before me. I kept my head down out of respect for my
mommy and daddy as well as watching my feet. I still wasn’t
used to walking in heels as of yet and needed the practice.
Doug opened the door and waved me out. They quickly followed
in behind me; I could hear whispers about how adorable I
looked. I allowed myself a smile to crack my lips as I headed
down the hall.

Entering into the den I noticed the lights were turned down
and that allowed many shadowy intimate areas. Laura and
Jack were seated huddled together on the couch. Laura looked
like she had a zebra skinned bra and panties on with matching
garter. Jack was adorned in a pair of silk boxers sporting
the English flag. I entered the doorway more and stopped
keeping my head down as mommy and daddy went around me. They
motioned and the new couple slowly walked over to them.
Doug removed the lid and placed it beside him.

“Please sample all the oils, lotions, toys and whatever
you care to use. Our willing house slut Nicki is also here
for your enjoyment should you care to use her, as you will.
“ Doug announced with a loud but happy voice to break the

I knelt down on my knees and lifted the tray up over my head
as I looked down onto the floor. I saw out of the corner of
my eye Kim grab Laura’s hand and led her towards a large pile
of pillows. They quickly embraced and started kissing
as they slowly lowered themselves to the floor.

“What would you like to do first Jack?” Doug asked as they
both hovered over me.

“I ah … always wanted have my dick sucked by someone like
Nicki here, would that be ok Nicki?” Jack stammered in a
very low but hopeful voice.

“You don’t have to ask Jack here lets see how the little slut
does with two cocks.”

Sitting the tray down Doug pulled his cock out as Jack pulled
his boxers down and soon I had two cocks in my face. Jack’s
was maybe 6” fully erect while Doug’s was easily 9 if not
more. I raised my head and opened my mouth when both tried
to shove them in my mouth at once. I really gagged on both
and it hurt my mouth being that open but I tried my best. Soon
Doug pulled out leaving me Jack’s cock alone. Letting it
slide out of my mouth I proceeded to lick his shaft and head.
I could here his moans as I slid my mouth down on it, wiggling
my tongue on his sensitive underside. His hand came down
stroking my hair as I started to feel him buckle. A few more
strokes and then I slid it out of my mouth leaving a clear
sticky trail from my lips to his head. I jerked him off with
my right hand and pressed my tongue right by his head with
my mouth open. Soon I was reward by a cum shot in my mouth,
waiting for the explosion to end I quickly moved in to suckle
his man juice before it dribbled on the floor. Jack then
staggered to the sofa to sit by Doug with his head resting
upright and his eye shut moaning.

I smiled as I licked the cum from my lips and saw daddy motioning
me over. I crawled over on all fours to him sitting on the
couch. His hand was pouring oil down over his fully erect

“I think its time for my little slut to sit on daddies lap.”
He announced with wild looking eyes.

I got on my knees and looked confused, I knew what he wanted
I was just not sure how he wanted me to do it. Reaching down
he pulled me up by my hair and made me bend over his legs. My
dress was lifted up exposing my panties to him and Jack.

“When I tell you slut to do something I mean you do it nowww!”

His left hand started paddling my ass, the pain was sharp
and it burned. The slaps seemed to echo in the room they were
that hard. Tears welled my eyes, as I knew I has displeased
daddy something mommy warned me about. The crack of his
hand down on my ass stung badly I could barely turn and see
how cherry red both cheeks had become. He pushed my off his
legs onto the floor leaving me crying at his feet. Strong
hands gripped my waste pulling and dragging me up onto his
lap. I could feel his hard slick cock against my ass cheek
as he reached down to pull my booted ankles up onto the coach
as well. Legs spread across him he pushed up and inserted
his hard cock in my ass. It was so slick it went in much easier
than anytime before. He pulled me back against his chest
and heaved into me once or twice. I gritted my teeth from
the pain that was starting if he really fucked me hard.

“I want you to fuck daddy like a good little slut, ride daddies

I nodded my understanding and put my hands on his knees to
push off. I started slow strokes trying to work most of the
length of his shaft while still keeping it in me. I messed
up twice as his cock slipped out and was reward with a couple
of smacks. Soon I found a rhythm that pleased daddy; my ass
was slapping his lap on every stroke. His hands began to
play up my stockings till he found my shiny black panties.
Soon daddy started rubbing my suppressed cock till I could
feel my self getting wetter. I increased humping his cock
till I really felt it get hard in me. Soon warm goo was lubricating
my ass as he grunted and moaned louder. His hands stopped
rubbing my cock to grab my waste and force me down harder
on his warm slick monster. Doug’s hips bucked into my ass
as I was rewarded by his sticky warm cum that left my ass dripping.
Arching back he held me while still more jizz unloaded into
me. I was going to be a mess but I think I really pleased daddy.

I slid off of daddy to see if Kim and Laura were in need of anything.
I crawled over to find Kim resting her head on some pillows
with her legs spread wide. Laura was eating her first pussy
and from the sounds seemed to enjoy the taste. Kim caught
me moving over to her and with her left hand motioned towards
Laura while she sucked her fingers with the other. Laura
was bent forward with her nice ass propped up in the air feverishly
licking mommy’s pussy. I bent down and kissed Laura’s ass,
first tonguing it wet then letting my lips suck on her cheek.
I heard her gasp; her head momentarily left mommy’s wet
pussy to glance at me. Her eyes seemed to plead for more as
she closed her eyes and lowered herself back on Kim.

My hand slowly pulled her panties aside and I buried my face
in her. Laura arched her back to give me more access. She
tasted so good, already wet from her excitement of going
down on Kim. I licked her slit till she was moaning loudly
between Kim’s legs. Mommy was really getting close and
grabbed Laura’s head as her breathe started coming in quick
gasps and her hips bucked.

“Fuck you are such a good pussy licker Laura, swallow my
juices you fucking whore.” Kim stammered out as her back

Shaking Kim started climaxing. Laura really tasted her
at that moment. Her head buried between her thighs trying
to keep up with her wetness. Soon she lifted her head up and
glanced sideways at me, her lips were covered in sticky
juices from mommy. Her eyes were rolling back; she needed
a good fucking badly. Mommy place a large pillow right under
Laura and slid under her till her face was propped up in perfect
position to eat her pussy as well.

“Nicky I want you to fuck Laura while I eat her, she needs
it badly little girl.”

Sitting on my knees I pulled my stiff cock from my panties,
mommy lubed it with her mouth a few times before I buried
it right in her tight little pussy. Grabbing her hips I started
rocking her with my warm glistening cock. She really needed
no lube as she was already dripping. I slowly slammed her
until she started to meet my stroke with her ass.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me hard Nicky please…. I fucking need it
badly.” Laura pleaded I started hammering her hard. I noticed
at that time Kim’s tongue started slurping her moist lips
and my shaft, it was the best sex I had as of yet. Laura was
really moaning now, soon her muscles contracted down hard
on my shaft I heard her breathe puffing as her body shook.

“Don’t stop Nicky, fuck this whore hard for mommy.” Kim
screamed from under Laura.

Laura was almost sobbing now, she was dripping wet but still
I pounded her pussy while Kim licked. Bending forward Laura’s
hand began to pound a pillow and she slowly lowered herself
down between Kim’s thighs again. I could here mommy begin
to purrr again as Laura once again licked her drenched pussy.
The sounds were so erotic as I closed my eyes just to take
them in, Kim eating Laura and licking my cock while Laura
sobbed and managed to get a few licks herself on Kim. I tried
to maintain control while I pounded a hole through Laura.
Soon her she began to shake again getting ready for another
orgasm, which I knew, I couldn’t last through. Pushing
off from Kim she glanced back at me with her lips trembling.

“I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming Nicki, give it to me now!”
Laura screamed in ecstasy.

I couldn’t control myself anymore not with a woman begging
for me like that. A few strokes later I busted my load hard
up her pussy leaving her head arching forward while she
felt my warm jizz in her. Pulling out mommy cleaned me off
with her mouth and then caught and slurped up all the sticky
fluids oozing from Laura.

We all gathered together on the floor and just lay there
for a while. Everyone was messy from the evenings romp and
the tension was lifted. It was getting somewhat late and
we had all day tomorrow yet so we all decided shower and turn
in. I escorted Jack and Laura to the guest bedroom where
I waited on them until they were done. Later I escorted them
into bed and made sure they had enough blankets and covers
before I bid them goodnight and returned to wait on mommy
and daddy.

I arrived at the master bedroom and checked on my parents.
Kim invited me in and was already mostly undressed. The
shower was running I could see Doug just stepping into it.
I undressed and then knelt down for mommy to unlock my collar,
which she did and pulled me along into the shower. It was
a large walk in shower with a built in massage table that
could double as seats when they turned the steam on. We showered
off together washing our bodies together when mommy and
daddy decided to head to the back of the shower for some fun
not before Kim turned around and gave me orders.

“Nicki you have been a good slut but as a slut I think you need
your mouth rinsed of all that cum. I want you to get down on
your knees and face the shower with your mouth open. You
will keep your mouth open and let the water rinse your slutty
behavior from it. Do not move your head or close your mouth
or you will be punished for it.” Kim ordered me in a very stern

I got down on my knees as the hot water started hitting my
face. It stung my eyes and soon I had to repeatedly spit the
water that was filling my mouth. The water jet was also stinging
my tongue. Gagging from swallowing the hot water I could
hear mommy and daddy going at it behind me. My face was really
starting to hurt from the water jet and I was now gulping
the hot water down my throat. My face burned and I couldn’t
get enough air with my mouth so full of water. I bent forward
and started choking almost throwing up the water. My face
cooled but remained hot as the water now cascaded down my
back. Soon mommy and daddy were done and I heard them mention
me as I lay there with water still being coughed up. Soon
a strong arm picked me up by my neck and dragged me out of the

“I see you can’t even listen to simple directions Nicki,
you disappoint us. You were coming along so good and now
this. Don’t you love your mommy and daddy any more? Is that
it, after what we have done for you? Now dry us off while we
think how we will punish you. You better be good or else we
will reconsider if we even want you at all.” Kim berated
me harshly.

I grab some towels and dried them off thoroughly and when
I was done I grabbed mommy’s legs.

“Please forgive me, I so sorry I couldn’t do what you wanted.”
I pleaded at their feet.

Reaching down Kim clasped the collar on me and cinched it
very tight. Using it as a handle she dragged me into the bedroom.
I was shown a drawer with new stockings, garter belt and
panties to put on. I dressed in silence on the floor in front
of the dresser. Kim also dressed circled behind me and snapped
a chain back on my collar pulled me across the floor to the
bed. My body was stretched over the bed but knees were still
on the floor. Doug then cuffed me to the frame while I heard
mommy routing through the closet behind me. Soon Doug sat
on my back and bent forward and shoved the ball gag in mouth.
I remembered what happened last time and started to squirm
away put he quickly forced it in my mouth and tightened it
horribly till I could feel the skin on my cheeks being pulled
back. He then strapped leather belts around my thighs and
ankles till I couldn’t move at all.

Kim circled around me and shoved a 3’ long wooden paddle
in my face. It was very thick with holes drilled though it.
One side was smooth the other looked like it was very rough
with dimples sticking up.

“See what you made mommy do Nicki, be a good little girl and
take your punishment.”

She circled around me while Doug sat in a chair just in front
of the bed watching me. I tried to relax but I was nervous
about the gag and after seeing that paddle. I heard a sharp
crack before I even felt the pain. I expected the blow to
my ass but instead was hit across both thighs. Biting down
I winced from the burning that spread down my legs. The next
several blows did connect with my ass leaving it painful
and sore. Tears streamed down my eyes as I tried to beg mommy
to stop. I could barely hear them whispering when I felt
the worst blow yet on my backside. It had to have been the
rough side as I could feel it like pinpricks across my ass.
My head arched from the pain as I tried to flail but was unable
to. I buried my face in the bed and sobbed. Soon a hand wiped
away my tears and lifted my sweaty head. My read burning
eyes met hers as she looked down on me concerned.

“If you want to stay Nicki mommy has to use the whip on you
yet. If you want to stay nod if not we will call a cab for you.”
Mommy said as she knelt beside me on the bed, a black whip
was coiled around her lap.

I felt so humiliated that I had displeased them I nodded
even though I knew the pain would be worse. She smiled out
of the corner of her mouth and circled behind me again. This
time I felt her smooth hands rub up and down my back with occasionally
a light smack on my ass. The room seemed so still, Doug was
really bending forward staring over my body when I heard
the leather whip it the floor. The first crack I was totally
unprepared for. The paddle had been a broad sting this was
sharp and fierce. She worked my lower back with a few on the
ass as well. Many shots later I was simply a mess. My back
and ass burned horribly. I felt Kim straddle me and a finger
ran down my spine. I could hear her then suck it and only could
think she tasted my blood. My straps were undone and I was
uncuffed from the bed frame. With a shove of her pointed
heel Kim kicked me off the bed were I was collared to the bedpost.
I just lay there on a throw rug panting and sobbing. I was
nearly thankful the gag muted my pleading. Ankle and wrist
restraints were put on me. Soon I was connected ankle to
wrist lying on the floor. The rug was pulled out from under
me leaving only the cold hard wood floor for me to lie on.
Kim and Doug went to bed and turned the lights off.

“Good night little Nicki, sleep tight.” Both of them said
at once which trailed off into laughs.

The night was cold and long. My arms and legs were painfully
cramping and my back felt like it was burning. The only position
that was even close to comfortable was on my side. I managed
to fall a sleep but weird frightening dreams filled my slumber.
I awoke to find it still dark outside. The sounds of Kim’s
gentle breathing clashed with Doug’s snores. My pains
were fading slightly being replaced by an overall stiffness.
That was when I found what woke me up. My sides hurt and I fill
my bladder was completely full. This was a no win situation
for me. If I woke them up they would punish me again and may
not even allow me to go anyway. If I instead piss myself I
am sure I would be punished when they found the mess in the
morning. I resolved to try and hold out as long as I could
but the cold hard floor wasn’t helping any. Soon my guts
ached and I could feel myself loosing the battle, as my panties
steadily got wetter. Warmth spread between my legs and
onto the floor, I surrendered to my fate in the morning and
went back a sleep.

A snarled curse woke me up. Cracking my eyes I could see daylight
and the foot of Doug who must have stepped out of bed into
my mess. Doug stood up as I huddled shaking in ball. A hard
kick connected with my stomach and sent me rolling across
the floor with the wind knocked out of me. Cursing me again
he stalked off into the bathroom. I lay there on my painful
back crying not knowing what type of punishment I was going
to get for this offense. The shower kicked on and Kim kneeled
down beside me. Stroking my cheek she unclasped the gag
on me allowing fresh air to fill my lungs. She then disconnected
my ankles from my wrists. My wet panties were pulled off
and thrown into a corner. I could see she had something in
her hand, which fastened around my waste. It was a leather
strap that had something metal dangling between my thighs.
Mommy then pushed my head back when I heard and felt a series
of metallic clicks circle my manhood. Rolling me on my side
a strap was connected from my cock and balls up my ass crack
to the back of the belt. Mommy then started kissing me deeply
with her tongue while her hand reached down to caress between
my legs. Something was wrong, I felt restrained and the
harder I got the worse it hurt. Pinpricks were going up my
shaft and my balls felt like they were stretched.

“It fucking hurts mommy, please take it off!”

She just kissed my lips again and walked off laughing at

About an hour later I was freed and told I was on kitchen and
maid detail until tonight why they considered if they even
wanted a daughter anymore. The two left to join Jack and
Laura in some activities, which I wasn’t included in. Donning
my maid uniform I cleaned up the bedrooms and started in
on breakfast for everyone. Getting their orders I prepared
them while they all sat around the dining area. Slowly I
brought out the dishes and set the table. Everyone seemed
in good spirits and was going over last night, which I winced
at the memory of my failures. At last breakfast was done
and I loaded it onto a large serving platter and walked into
the Dining room.

I served our guests first and then mommy and daddy. Once
finished I sat the tray on a side table and knelt beside mommy
with my head looking down. I hoped that my serving met with
her approval.

“Why doesn’t Nicki here sit at the table with us?” jack asked
as he stared at me beside mommy.

“Oh pay her no mind, she will eat when we say she can. She was
very bad last night and pissed herself.” Kim replied.

I felt so embarrassed, but I didn’t move. I could see Jack
shrug and then the conversation went on to other things.
About an hour later my knees were sore from kneeling there
but it was almost welcome to have something other than my
ass and back hurting. I could tell things were breaking
up and they were heading out to play some golf together leaving
me alone until the evening. Then something so small happened
I cursed my rotten luck. Mommy was talking when my stomach
gurgled and it did so loudly. My eyes opened wide as I heard
the conversation come to a complete stop. I could feel her
eyes boring into me as I bit my lip and continued looking
at the floor.

“Are you hungry Nicki?” I could tell this was a loaded question
Kim asked.

“No mommy I will wait till you are done, I want to be a good
girl.” I pleaded hoping it would work.

That was when the plate was pushed into my face sending her
half eaten breakfast to the floor. I was covered in eggs
and grease when she poured the remaining orange juice from
the pitcher down over my head.

“I can’t believe you can’t wait for us grownups to finish.
Take mommy’s food she can’t eat it anyway. Is there anything
else you would like to take from mommy? The food was lousy
anyway and you are a disgrace now go to the kitchen until
we call you. Your are the most worthless slut I have ever
seen!” Kim’s rebuke followed me as I gathered up the mess
and went to the kitchen.

I figured I had blown it big time. I cleaned the house as it
gave me something else to think about. My body ached but
I kept going because if I stopped I knew I would fall asleep.
During that time I also managed to clean my dress and myself
up. The lights faded and I was thankful they were eating
out rather than give me another opportunity to fail them.
Everything was put an away when I saw the car lights in the
front window. I raced to the front door to open for them as
they got to the front step.

Entering I could tell most of them had too much to drink.
Jack was staggering and Doug was only slightly better.
Soon they all sat down in the den and started talking loudly.
I asked if there was anything I could get them, which they
all wanted more drinks except for Laura who gave me a embarrassed
smile. Returning with them they got louder and a few more
refills later Jack passed out. Kim was flirting with Laura
and Doug at the same time when they motioned for me to come
in. At this point they abandoned the couches and were all
on the pillows on the floor. I kneeled down in front of them
and asked what they required.

“Laura here want you to fuck her, she also wants another
dick in the ass at the same time. Jack doesn’t look like he
is up for it so I going to join in.” Doug announced waiving
his drink spilling a good portion on the rug.

“May I please be freed so I please mistress Laura?” I asked.

Kim walked behind me and lifted my skirt off and threw it
to the floor. Laughing she reached between my legs and tugged
on the restraint so Laura could see. Her eyes went wide as
the pain showed on my face. A look of almost pity was in her
eyes as Kim roughly unlocked the restraints allowing my
manhood out. It hurt mostly because I have to admit I found
Laura very attractive and couldn’t suppress a hard on seeing
her dressed in nothing but some panties and a bra.

Motioning me over to her she patted the pillows beside her.
I lay down and she mounted me. Her body bent own on top of me
and she whispered in my ear.

“I hope this doesn’t hurt to badly Nicki, I wanted you again
before I go.” Her soft voice was arousing.

Then I saw Doug bend over her as she squealed when he entered
her ass. I could tell she never did that before. Soon we were
screwing hard, Doug was drunk and sloppy. I was thankful
I could kiss Laura as she lay on top of me. Her soft delicate
moans stimulated me and I was rock hard hoping I would last
longer than Doug so I could enjoy her myself for a while.
Soon Doug did blow his load and it was dripping out her ass
onto me. I didn’t care as I embraced her and continued rocking
my shaft up into her. Our tongues danced as I could feel her
warm hard nipples rub my chest. My body ached, my back and
ass burned but I overcame all that for this moment with her.
Reaching behind her I cupped her fine ass, as I knew I could
last much longer. Sensing this her hips began to grind into
me. I grabbed her around the head and pulled her close as
I pumped my cum in her. I was surprised when I felt her tense
and then convulse with her own climax. A few much softer
pumps later we just lay there kissing enjoying our moment.

It was getting late, much to late. I helped get everyone
and the house cleaned up. Doug needed help to the bedroom
and Kim wasn’t much better. I kissed them goodnight and
went to see Laura. Jack needed help to the car and Laura just
waited for me. I must have looked confused when she grabbed
me and kissed me deeply under the stars. My aches and pains
vanished as we embraced.

“Will I ever get to see you again Laura?” I asked.

“I think I will convince Jack to come back next weekend if
you can make it.”

I nodded and she slowly drove off disappearing into the
night. With my keys out I started to the car. I was heading
back to the real world now. A world full of a different kind
of pain but pain still the same. I couldn’t help but think
I was even more confused then when I first came here. My car
started I slowly started to drive away and I never saw Kim
and Doug watching me from their window as I drove off.

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