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Breakfast for Two


Breakfast for Two
by Lacie Paige
"Good Morning Baby" He whispered in her ear as he leaned to kiss her cheek. She sat at the kitchen table entering the last bit of data into her laptop before leaving for work. Big meeting this morning with the owner.
"Mmmmmmmm, That's some sweet sugar", she replied as she stood up stuffing her case and gathering her things. He stood looking, arms crossed as he surveyed her black business suit. Jacket, tight short skirt, sexy but discreet. The sheer black hose and heels completed the look. Her dark auburn hair was loose and fell just perfect around her face. He took a deep breathe of her scent in. He could smell her sex also. Coming forward he grabbed her behind the knee, placing one foot on the chair. He dropped to his knees and spread her legs telling her "I'm Hungry".
"Oh baby you now I have to go...." Turned into moans as he began to nibble at her through her black lace panties. God she turned him on, her skirt hiked up to her waist, the wide black lace band encircling her taunt thighs. She grabbed him by the head pulling him in closer to her clit. she smiled as she looked down and saw his huge cock was hard and she knew her sexy man was really hungry. Moaning louder in a rough voice she told him "sit way back in the chair." In one quick motionshe pulled her panties aside as she slid down his huge hard cock, grabbing the back of the chair as she did.
He loved the view of her riding him with that slow hard rhythm. His cock glistened with her wetness. Her thighs were spread wide and her heels pushing hard against the floor giving her leverage. He smiled urging her to "Come on, show me how bad you want it little girl." He slaped her ass, making it sting. He could see the red mark of his hand.He smiled, knowing she was about to give him a nice hot fast fuck. And did she! Gripping the chair back as she threw her head back as she started slamming down harder and faster. He could feel the trembling start in her thighs. She began screaming as came time after time riding him faster and faster. She had driven he wild and he matched her orgasms yelling with each one urging her on. He knew when he came she got even hotter for him.
His lap, cock, bad thighs were drenched in their come. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. What a Breakfast for two this morning.

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Very nice story, good imagery as I'm eating my breakfast


pepeshelper7 replies on 7/23/2017 4:09 pm:
thumbs up thank you.

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Nice Story, very Hot ! >>!


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I'm hungry for a good hot breakfast