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Brat party (fm:group)


Karl, my next-door neighbor–Melissa's father–looked
unhappy. "It's about

My blood froze.

Did he know? Had Melissa told him? It had all started–well,
innocently. It had started one afternoon when Melissa
had been locked
out of her house in the rain. I'd let her in and she repaid
my kindness
with a helping of her brat attitude, and we argued, and then
somehow we
ended up naked, fucking wildly for hours.

Then she brought her boyfriend over, and my wife Kelly got
involved. We
both taught them how to become better lovers, and the lessons
had been
fantastic. She'd come back for me or my wife for a few
times after
that, but otherwise just said "Hi" when I saw
her outside the house. In
the last few weeks I hadn't seen her at all.

What the hell did Karl want? There hadn't been any cops
with him when I
answered the door. He didn't appear to be armed. But
he looked upset
and I could only wonder if my life should be flashing before
my eyes
right now.

"I know she's a brat, " Karl said. He was
a big man, with a thick black
mustache, and while he wasn't especially athletic
he outweighed me by
twenty pounds and I had no doubt he could crush me or strangle
without too much effort if he really, really wanted to.
What had I been
thinking? Melissa had sworn she'd never tell anyone,
but she was a
selfish, spoiled brat and even though the sex had been great
. . .
really great . . . her young breasts bouncing as she rode
me . . .
screaming as I nibbled on her pussy . . .

Stop. Focus. You're about to die.

"She gave me your name, " Karl said.

Oh, my god . . .

"I had no idea." He shrugged. "Kids, you
know? You never know what
they'll do."

"Right, " I said. "Complete mystery.
I mean, they make things up, they
say one thing and they mean something else, sometimes they
get confused
and you don't know if they're hallucinating or
just talking out loud--"

"Right." Karl nodded. "You know what
I'm talking about."

I held my breath. It would be better if he killed me, anyway.
Jail would
be an experience I didn't want to contemplate.

"She wants you to chaperone a party next weekend."


"We have to be out of town, and she wants to have a few
friends over.
Not without someone to keep an eye on things, we told her,
and she said
maybe you'd do it. I know it's a pain in the ass,
but what can I do?"

"A party."

"Yeah. And look, you don't have to be a nazi or
anything. I know they're
going to drink–just no kegs or throwing up. We don't
want to have to
clean the carpets again. Now, there'll be some boys."
He sighed. "I'm
not stupid. Melissa isn't a little girl anymore. Just
as long as she
takes the usual precautions and everything–I don't
like it, but I can't
stop her, you know what I mean?"

All too well. "Uh-huh."

"If you could just hang around, keep an eye on things,
don't let
anything get out of hand–I don't really think they're
going to trash
the place or have a gang bang--" He laughed, a blunt,
chuckle. "You've got authority to kick everyone
out, call the police if
you have to. Just keep an eye on them, make sure everything's

A party. What could go wrong? Everything. "Fine.

"Thanks." He stood up and shook my hand. "I
knew I could depend on you.
You're a good neighbor."


"A party? You're joking!" My wife Kelly
laughed when I told her that
night. We were in bed together. She was wearing her yellow
teddy, and
her breasts strained against the thin silk. My cock was
against my boxers as she stroked my chest

"No. They're going to be out of town, and he wants
someone to make sure
they don't trash the place." I slid one hand up
her smooth legs and
teased at her clit.

"You and a bunch of Melissa's friends?"
She licked her lips. "I've got
to be there."

"I'm sure she'll want you." Kelly
had taught Melissa a few things about
sex and pleasure herself.

Kelly slipped her hand beneath my boxers. "I can't


"Well of course there's going to be sex. That's
the point."

Melissa and I were standing inside my door. Which was safely
closed so
no one walking by could hear us.

"I mean, don't worry." She looked exasperated.
"We all know about birth
control and STDs. And we're all friends. Geez, if you're
going to act
like my dad–"

"Let's leave your father out of this, "
I said quickly. "I just wanted to
make sure I know what to expect. Do any of them know about–about–"

"About me fucking an old guy like you?" She laughed.
"Just Bobby." Her
boyfriend. "Oh, and Tracey."

My skin grew cold. "Who the hell's Tracey?"

"She's my girlfriend. Don't worry, she's
not going to tell anyone. I've
got just as much dirt on her as she's got on me."

"Great." Who else had she told? "Well,
you know we won't be able to do
anything at he party. You and me, I mean."

She giggled. "I'll just have to find some way
to survive that

"I mean it. We can't–hey, what are you doing?"

She dropped her jeans around her ankles. "What does
it look like? If we
can't do it at the party, I'm going to have to get
some extra from you
ahead of time."

Melissa pulled her sweater off and stood before me in her
bra and a
black thong. Her young body, full of curves, made my cock

"You'd like Tracey, anyway, " she said,
reaching behind her back to
unsnap. "She's got long blonde hair. And she's
skinny. I hate her." Her
young, firm breasts jiggled as she tossed her bra to the
floor. Her
long black hair flowed down her shoulders.

"She's got nothing on you, " I said, my
hands at my belt.

"And I've got nothing on at all!" She laughed
and kicked her thong away.
"Well, my shoes. Come on, I don't have a lot of
time. I have to get
home and help with dinner."

She kneeled on the stairs and I entered her without delay.
Her pussy was
already moist and she began gasping with pleasure at my
first thrust.
With one hand on her waist I plunged into her with more urgency
usual, aroused by her eagerness and the sight of her plump
round ass.

"That's it, that's good, " she moaned.
"Hurry up, I've got to . . . Oh!
Yesss . . . It's gonna be so good, you're gonna love
it, I can't
wait–Ah! Do it! Do that! Oh! Yes! Fuckkkk!"

I leaned back, reaching around to caress her plump breasts
while pushing
into her as deep as possible. I could feel my balls swinging
back and
forth. Melissa began pounded the stair with her fist, and
I was glad
Kelly wasn't home right now. I grabbed her hips with
both hands and
gazed at her ripe, round ass as I pounded into her. Sweat
soaked my
t-shirt as her pussy squeezed my cock. Neither of us were
going to last
very long

"Can you--get it--any deeper?" she panted.
"YES! Oh, this is great. It's
gonna be a great party, all those boys and their–ahh!–that's
it. I just
hope Tracey shares her boyfriend, he's hot, but she's
such a bitch . .
. oh! And Hannah and Lane, I think they're gay but that's
all right,
they can–oh! Oh! OHHH! Shit!"

She came, cursing like a sailor, and then I came, spurting
into her as
stars burst in my head from the raw, uninhibited pleasure
of a quick
release. She slammed her ass back at me as I pumped myself
dry, and I
reached around to finger her clit and draw out her orgasm
until she
stopped me.

She sank against the stairs, gasping. "Oh, god, I
love a good quickie."

I slapped her butt gently. "That's all I am to
you? A quick fuck before
going home?" I kissed her shoulder.

She grinned. "Enjoy it, gramps. While it lasts."
She sat up. "Where the
hell are my clothes?"


"You guys can hang out up here in the kitchen, "
Melissa said. "There's
beer and wine in the fridge. We'll mostly be down in
the basement."

She looked excited. She wore skintight jeans and a sleeveless
T-shirt cut low in the front to show off her cleavage. I tried
to keep
my eyes to myself.

Kelly nodded. "That sounds fine. Now, let's
have a safety word."

Melissa blinked. "We're not doing bondage or
anything like that."

My wife laughed. "No, I just mean if you want us to ask
someone to
leave, or stop doing something. You probably won't
need it, but it's a
good idea just in case."

"Okay . . ." She clearly thought it was a dumb
idea, but she shrugged.
"I'll just say, ‘Everything's ducky.'
My Dad says it all the time. You
ask if we're okay and if I say ‘Just ducky, ' you
kill the guy. All

"I doubt if I'll actually commit murder just
on your say-so, " I said.
"But that will work fine."

The doorbell rang. Melissa jumped to get it.

I looked at Kelly. "A safety word?"

She winked at me. "You always want one whenever we
go to a party."

"Yeah, that's in case I get bored by some asshole
talking about his

"Hi, Trace, hey Lou." Melissa walked through
the kitchen, followed by a
cute blonde in a miniskirt and tank top and a muscular black
"C'mon down. These are my neighbors. They're
chaperoning. This is
Tracey and that's Lou."

The girl waved, the boy ignored us. They trooped down the

Kelly and I opened some wine. The door buzzed again.

"Can you get that?" Melissa shouted.

I went to the door. It was Bobby, Melissa's sometime
boyfriend. He
carried a six-pack. "Hi."

"Hello, Bobby." That was Kelly. She'd
taught Bobby some techniques for
making Melissa happy, and he'd certainly enjoyed
the lessons. He
brightened up when he saw her.

"Is that Bobby?" Melissa yelled. "Get
his butt down here!"

Bobby scowled but headed obediently to the basement.

For the next fifteen minutes Kelly and I took turns answering
the door.
They were all young college-age types, cute girls dressed
and guys dressed like, well, guys. I saw Kelly checking
them out as
they went down the steps, but then she'd tolerated
my watchful eyes on
the girls so I couldn't complain. Music started playing
and I heard
beers opening.

We drank some more wine and then moved to the living room
to watch
Karl's big-screen TV. During a commercial Kelly nudged
me and said,
"You'd better check. Just to let them know we're

"Fine." I kissed her, stood up, and started
downstairs. "Coming down!" I
shouted in warning.

In the basement I saw Bobby shooting pool with Mark, a blonde
guy who
looked like a surfer, while a short oriental girl in named
watched. She kept moving the balls, bending over in a short
skirt, and Mark looked annoyed but Bobby just smiled at
her like a

Tracey was sitting in Lou's lap and they were making
out, ignoring
everyone else. Melissa and three other girls were watching
music videos
on the downstairs TV, giggling and chattering. The other
guy, a
Hispanic kid named Reese, was going through the bookcase
as if looking
for something interesting to read. I noticed Melissa and
the girls
checking out his butt as he bent to a low shelf.

"Everything okay here?" I asked.

Melissa grinned. "Just fine."

"Good." I went back upstairs, rejoined Kelly,
and we began to cuddle.
The cuddling got fairly hot, and Just as I was thinking about

unbuttoning Kelly's blouse she pushed my hand away
and got up. "My turn
to check."

"I'll just sit here and play with myself, "
I said.

"Pour me some more wine, " she said with a smile,
and went downstairs.

She came back a few minutes later with a report. "Bobby
is flirting with
that Asian girl, and Melissa looks pissed. Two of the other
girls are
teaming up on Reese, and Lou didn't even bother keeping
his hands out
of Trace's shirt. I don't think they knew I was
even there."

We watched some more TV. After about half an hour, just as
I was ready
to start moving in on Kelly again, we heard footsteps on
the stairs.
Trace was pulling Lou's hand, and they both hand glazed
eyes and
flushed faces. "We need to–get something upstairs, "
Trace said, and Lou
nodded vigorously. Kelly waved and they dashed up to the
third floor.

"What do you suppose they need to get?" I asked.

She squeezed me leg. "Maybe we should go see."

I followed her quietly up the stairs. At the end of the hall
a faint
light glowed beneath the door to one of the bedrooms. Kelly
and I crept
toward it.

The door was open about an inch, but even before we reached
it we had a
pretty good idea of what was happening inside. Heavy breathing
with low moans drew us closer.

"Oh god Lou, " I heard Trace whisper. Peering
inside I could see a thong
on the floor, and as I looked up I saw a pair of lovely thin
wrapped around Lou's waist. His jeans and boxers were
bunched around
his sneakers and Tracey's skirt was hitched up around
her hips as she
sat on the edge of the bed. She was holding onto Lou's
shoulders if her
life depended on it while he thrust his cock into her, low
coming from his throat.

"Do it, do it, " Trace moaned. I could see Lou
biting his lower lip,
sweat running down his face. Kelly's eyes were on his
ass while I was
watching Trace's slim legs.

I rubbed up against my wife and she felt my cock poking at
her. She
gently slapped my chest. I put my hand on her butt and she

"Oh!" Tracey grunted. "Oh . . . oh . . . ahhhh."
She closed her eyes and
her body shuddered, but Lou kept up his pounding until she
looked up
and pushed him away. He slipped out of her, his cock wet with
juices and dripping, but he hadn't cum yet.

Tracey smiled, grabbed his ass, and turned him around until
he was
sitting on the bed and she was kneeling between his legs.
She rubbed
the long thick length of it while licking the precum from
its tip, then
took a deep breath and plunged it into her mouth. She stroked
his balls
while inching her face forward and began to suck noisily.

Lou grunted, smiling. Trace popped his prick out of her
mouth and licked
it up and down, then slid it back in to suck some more. Lou
again, pushing his hips forward. Tracey looked ready to
choke but she
kept going, using her mouth and hands to speed the process
along. Lou
tapped her head when he was about to cum, and she jerked away,
working his cock as he spurted. A few drops hit her shirt
but most
landed on the carpet as Lou groaned happily. "Excellent, "
he murmured.

Kelly pushed me away and we hurried back downstairs as quietly
as we
could. Trace and Lou came down five minutes later. A dark
wet splotch
was clearly visible on Tracey's shirt.

"Find everything okay?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah!" Tracey answered nervously, and
they scampered back

We heard shouts and applause as they reached the bottom
of the steps.
Kelly giggled, and we went back to watching TV and necking.
I was
getting excited, and I slipped my hand inside her T-shirt
to play with
her plump breasts a little. She sighed and began rubbing
my thigh. I
began thinking about sneaking upstairs myself when I heard
a snorting

"Everything okay up here?" Melissa asked.

Startled, we broke away and Kelly pulled her T-shirt down,
her face as
red as I've ever seen. And she's not the kind of
woman who gets
embarrassed easily.

"Just fine, " I growled.

"How's the--the party?" Kelly asked.

"Well, Trace and Lou are happy." She frowned.
"And Bobby sure is
enjoying himself."

"Maybe he just needs some attention, " Kelly

"Oh, he's getting that from Trish." She
sighed. "And so is Mark. Oh,
well, at least Reese is cute. Now if I could just get him away
Holly. I'm just glad Lane and Hannah don't like

"Are all your parties like this?" I asked.

"Not when my parents are around." She grinned.

"Hey, Melissa!" One of the girls in the basement.
"Get down here, bitch!
You don't want to miss it!"

Melissa turned and scampered down the stairs. Kelly and
I looked at each
other, nodded at the same time, and quietly followed.

We could peek around a bend of the staircase without being
seen. The
game of pool had stopped. Everyone stood looking at one
of the girl's
bags, which had been dumped out on the carpet. A short girl
in a denim
skirt and a sleeveless sweater sat cross-legged in front
of the
scattered contents, holding up what looked like a red vibrator.

"Hey, Lane, what does this do?" the girl asked,

Lane, scowling, sat on the couch. She was short blonde hair
and multiple
rings in one ear. "Fuck you, bitch, " she snapped,
but then she laughed.
"Actually, that's what it's for. Fucking.
Fucking bitches like you,

Holly dropped the vibrator and lifted up a black double-headed
"Wow. Do you and Hannah use this every night?"

"Show us how it works!" shouted Reese.

"You'd like that, " said Hannah, a slender
woman with long straight black

"Well, yeah, " Reese replied. "That
would be pretty hot."

"Do it!" Melissa ordered. "Give us a show."

"I think you'd like that more than the boys would, "
Hannah told her.

"Show!" Bobby began chanting. "Show!
Show! Show!"

Lane waved her arms. "Shut up, you perverts!"
She stood up, a wicked
grin on her face. "All right, maybe I will do a show."
She pointed at
Holly. "With her."

Holly shrieked as the rest of the group laughed. "You–you
bitch! What do
you think I am?"

"Hey, you're the one fondling all my toys, "
Lane said. "I think you're a
little curious."

"Go on, " Melissa said. "Dare ya."

Holly turned. "Dare me?"


The three boys in the room were silent with hope.

Holly shrugged. "Okay." She wiggled the dildo
in the air. "Which end do
you want, Laney?"

Kelly squeezed my leg as applause rocked the room. The boys
were eager.
Melissa looked surprised and a little shocked, but she
sank onto a
chair and grabbed a soda as Lane walked over to Holly, whose
eyes were

"Don't worry, " Lane told her. "Just

Holly was stiff as an ice sculpture as Lane began to kiss
her, but she
let the blond girl pull her close and then moaned softly
as Lane's
hands roamed over her body. After a minute she kissed Lane's
check and
neck tentatively, then pressed her body close to Lane's
hands and began
caressing her.

Bobby was leaning on the pool table next to Trish, with Mark
on her
other side. As they watched Trish stroked his knee but she
also ran her
other hand up and down Mark's leg, close to his crotch.
Tracey was
sitting in Lou's lap, and she started licking his ear.

Kelly's hand rubbed my back, and my cock was straining
harder than ever
as we watched the scene unfold. Holly began to loosen up,
nibbling on
Lane's ear, but she hesitated again when Lane pulled
her shirt out of
her jeans. "I don't know . . ."

"Shh." Lane kissed her lightly on the mouth.
"Don't worry. Don't even
think. Here." She stepped back and began unbuttoning
her blouse. "Help

After moment of nervous hesitation, Holly reached out
and began fumbling
with the buttons, and Lane's shirt fell to the floor.
She turned
around, presenting the snap of her black bra to Holly's
fingers. "Get
me out of this."

Holly stared at the girl's bare back, then unsnapped
the bra. Melissa
whistled and the boys cheered as Lane's breasts popped
into view, small
with hard dark nipples. Lane turned back to face Holly,
whose eyes
zeroed in on her breasts as if she'd never seen any before.
With a grin
Lane took one of her hands and pressed it to her nipple. She
closed her
eyes and moaned–more for her audience, I figured, than
from any real
pleasure from Holly's tentative touch.

But Holly took the hint. She reached out for Lane's
other breast and
squeezed it. Holly's moan sounded more sincere now,
and when she leaned
forward to kiss the other girl again Holly responded, opening
her lips
to let Lane's tongue slip inside.

Lane slipped her hands under Holly's sweater and pulled
it up. They
struggled with it, Holly suddenly as eager as Lane to get
out of it,
and in a minute Lane was unsnapping Holly's bra, releasing
her big,
bouncy breasts. Without a moment's pause she leaned
down and took one
nipple in her mouth, sucking it noisily. Holly gasped,
and for a moment
looked shocked and frightened, but then the sensations
on her skin took
over and she closed her eyes and sighed happily as Lane licked
sucked at her.

By now Trish was rubbing Mark's cock through his jeans.
Bobby squirmed
next to her and she turned her face to kiss him. Melissa glared

My own cock was squirming, and Kelly's breathing grew
ragged as we
watched. I stroked her shoulder, and she shivered and smiled
at me.

Lane knelt on the carpet and pulled Holly's denim skirt
to her ankles,
leaving her in white cotton panties. Holly looked scared
again, with
goose bumps covering her bare pink flesh. Lane smiled reassuringly
wrapped her arms around her legs, kissing her thighs softly.
tentatively placed her hand on Lane's shoulder. A
moment later, she
sank down to the floor on top of her clothes and let Holly
kiss her on
the mouth again. This time Lane responded, opening her
mouth to share
tongues while rubbing her hands across Holly's back.

"Oh my god." This came from Dorine, the girl
sitting next to Hannah, a
brunette in tight slacks and a tank top that showed off her
small but
firm boobs.

"You like it, Dorine?" Hannah asked, scooting
closer to her.

Dorine stood up quickly and glanced around the room. Tracey
and Lou were
making out, Tracey trying to distract him even as he kept
his eyes
glued to the action in front of him. Dorine scampered over
to Reese's
side, as if she needed protection. Melissa scowled.

Trish was rubbing both bulges on either side of her, alternating
with the boys. Melissa folded her arms, shook her head,
then walked
over and sat down on the couch next to Hannah. "Do you
guys do whips
and stuff?"

Hannah laughed. Then she leaned over and kissed Melissa's
lips. Melissa
didn't respond but she didn't pull away. After
a moment Hannah sat
back, smiling, and held her hand.

In the meantime Dorine kissed Reese and he reacted instantly,
his arms around her. Dorine pressed her body into his, pulling
up his
shirt to run her hands up and down the skin of his back. Lou
for a moment, as if Dorine's aggressiveness had made
him lose his
balance, but he grabbed her butt with both hands and leaned
into her,
snaking his tongue down her throat.

On the floor Lane was gently stroking the inside of Holly's
thighs while nibbling on her breasts. Holly looked flushed
and excited,
her eyes closed, her body trembling. As Lane's finger
skirted the edge
of her slit she tensed, then sighed loudly and opened her
legs wide.
With a grin of triumph Holly stuck her finger into Holly's
pussy. Holly
gasped; Lane worked her finger in and out a few times, then
leaned down
and gently kissed her clit, licking up the first traces
of pre-orgasmic
moisture. "Mmm, " she said.

"Do the dildo, Laney, " Melissa shouted.

"I think you need it more than she does, " Laney
shot back.

"What I need is a big fat cock, " Melissa replied.
"Any men in the room

"Shut up, " Holly moaned. "Don't
stop, Lane, keep doing that–ahhh!"

Melissa jumped up from the couch, pulled her pink T-shirt
over her head,
and quickly unsnapped a matching bra. She wiggled her breasts.
on! Let's see some action here!"

All the action paused for a moment as every took in Melissa's
breasts. Tracey pulled Lou's face back toward her
mouth jealously, but
he kept sneaking peeks at her as they kissed. Reese staring
was at
Melissa, So Dorine began tugging her tank top up to her shoulders.

Reese's eyes got even wider as Dorine threw the top
away and unfastened
her own sheer black bra, and he forgot about Melissa altogether,

leaning down to begin sucking at her nipples. Dorine laughed

triumphantly, her hands on Reese's shoulders, and
then she closed her
eyes and sighed as his lips started getting her aroused.

I was ready to volunteer my services for Melissa's
need, but Kelly
grabbed my arm and held me back. At the pool table Trish was
Mark's belt while Bobby rubbed her legs and ass under
her short green

Frustrated, Melissa's arms sagged and she looked
at the staircase. Did
she see us? Was she going to ask me to kick everyone out because
wasn't the center of attention? Or was she thinking
about my hard cock?

"Don't even think about it, " Kelly whispered
then kissed my ear.

Before Melissa could do whatever she'd been thinking
about, Bobby
abruptly jumped off the pool table and walked over to her.
For a moment
Melissa looked disappointed, as if she'd been hoping
to fuck in front
of her friends with someone new, but then Dorine began easing
jeans down and Melissa made up her mind.

"C'mon, Bobby!" she shouted. "Let's
show them how it's done!" And she
began peeling off her skintight jeans.

Mark almost kicked Trish in the face getting out of his jeans
as she
bent down to take his prick in her mouth. He gasped with pleasure.

Dorine now had Reese's shirt off and was kissing his
chest, running her
hands over his body, slipping her fingers inside the waistband
of his
pants as he played with her nipples. Lou began unbuttoning
blouse as he kissed her ears and neck, trying to watch everything

without his girlfriend noticing.

Kelly and I glanced at each other, then shrugged at the same
time. A
party was a party. I just wished I could enjoy myself as much
as the

Hannah looked annoyed all alone on the couch. She glared
at Lane and
Holly, muttering to herself, and for a moment I thought
she'd throw a
fit and stomp out angrily–which meant Kelly and I would
have to move
pretty quickly to avoid getting caught. But Melissa saw
her expression
as she was stepping out of her jeans, leaving her in a tiny
pink thong
that hugged her pussy tightly. With a wicked grin, she stepped
in front
of Hannah.

"You want some, bitch?" She rubbed her crotch
in front of Hannah's face.
"Come on. You and me. And him. You know you want some
hard cock."

Hannah stood up. Bobby, his shirt off, looked at her nervously.

"You want me to fuck your boyfriend in front of you?"
Hannah said.

"Only if it pisses off your girlfriend."

By now Lane had Holly's legs wrapped around her head
as she licked and
sucked the girl's pussy, and Holly was whimpering
and thrashing on the
floor. Lane's face was shiny with Holly's juices
and her short blonde
hair was plastered to her scalp with sweat. She fumbled
for the dildo
with one hand while stroking Holly's clit with the

"I don't think she's paying attention, "
Hannah said.

"Fuck her, then. Come on, Bobby, show her what she's

Bobby's cock was pressing hard against the front of
his jeans, but he
hesitated. "Only if . . . I mean, only if you want to.

Hannah looked at him. "What the fuck." She was
wearing a baggy
sweatshirt that she casually pulled over her head and dropped
to the
floor. Braless, she sat in front of Bobby in just her jeans.
Her tits
were bigger than the sweatshirt had hinted at, her nipples
big and
dark. "I said, what the fuck, Bobby? Anything to shut
that bitch up." She giggled at Melissa.

"I'll get him ready for you." Melissa walked
over to the Bobby and
helped him pull his jeans and boxers down. His dick popped
out, already
hard, and Melissa sucked it into her mouth. Bobby's
eyes glazed over.

Kelly had taught Melissa how to suck a cock expertly, and
the lessons
were paying off. Melissa fondled Bobby's balls as
she ran her tongue
over his prick, breathing shallowly and keeping her eyes
on his. Bobby
nodded slowly, ignoring Hannah, enjoying the sensations.

Hannah slapped Melissa's shoulder. "He's
ready. Why don't you get me
ready, Melissa?" She slipped her pants down her slim
legs and peeled
off a pair of white panties. "You know how to eat pussy?"

"I can–I can do that, " Bobby panted, his eyes
on Hannah's dark bush. But
Melissa let his prick slide from her mouth and shook her

"I've got it, lover, " Melissa said. She
pushed Hannah down on the couch
and crawled between her knees. She lowered her face and
I saw Hannah
close her eyes as Melissa began licking her pussy just like
Kelly had
taught her.

Bobby looked lost and left out for a moment. Then he crouched
on the
floor, crawled to Melissa, and planted his face between
her thighs.
Melissa lifted her head, smiled, and wiggled her butt at
him. Then she
leaned down and went back to pleasuring Hannah.

Things were getting wild now. Lou had Tracey's blouse
off and was
sucking her boobs, and Trish had pulled Mark's pants
off to start
licking his shaft and balls. Dorine and Reese were both
standing stark
naked near the TV, running their hands over each other's
holding each other close and swaying as if they were dancing.
Lane had
her dildo poised over Holly's glistening slit, teasing
her with it as
Holly whimpered.

By now Kelly had begun unconsciously stroking my throbbing
penis through
my pants. I reciprocated by slipping my hand down her slacks.
tensed at my touch, but the scene below us was turning her
on as much
as me, and she leaned back to allow me better access to her
pussy. Her
panties were already drenched.

Hannah moaned loudly, then pushed Melissa away. "All
right, boyfriend, "
she gasped. "Let's see what that cock can do."

Melissa wiped her face with her arm and grinned. "This
is your chance,
Bobby! Save her! Turn her straight!"

"Bitch, " Hannah said, pulling Bobby's
arms forward. "You liked that as
much as I did–ohh!" She smiled as Bobby jammed his
cock into her.
"That's , , , not so fast . . . that's good.
Ohh, yeah, that's . . ."

She threw her head back as Bobby forced himself to slow down
and pump
her in a hard but patient rhythm. His face was flushed and
he looked
ready to cum right away, but he closed his eyes and concentrated
holding off as Hannah moaned and lifted her legs high.

Meanwhile Tracey jumped off Lou's lap and pulled her
skirt and panties
off in one smooth motion while Lou lifted himself up to yank
down his
jeans. Then, with a squeal of delight, Tracey hopped back
on top of Lou
and guided his cock up into her pussy, kissing his face as
he gripped
her hips. When he was all inside her she reared back, her
eyes wide.
"God!" she shouted as she sank down on him. Lou
grabbed one of her
breasts and squeezed, and she began rocking back and forth,
her hands
on his shoulders, oblivious to the rest of the room.

Melissa, on the other hand, wanted to be the center of attention.
her nipples hard, she looked ready to pounce on someone
but everyone in
the room was too busy to notice her. She frowned, rubbed
her pussy a
few times, then decided to play hostess. She walked to Dorine,
reached down to fondle Reese's balls. He grunted in
surprise. I saw
Dorine glare up at her. She didn't move, didn't
want to share Reese
with her, and after a moment Melissa got the hint. She gave
Reese a
quick kiss, sliding her tongue into his mouth for a teasing
then turned, hands on her hips, to see who else she could

Lane looked up from Holly's dripping pussy as her dildo
drove in deeper
and deeper. "Want to help, Mel?"

"I want a hard cock, " Melissa snapped.

"Here, " Trish said, standing up. "I
think this one's ripe." Mark's prick
was quivering as he leaned against the pool table, his jeans
tangled in
his feet.

Melissa jumped happily, her breasts bouncing. "Goody!
Let me try it

Trish crawled on top of the pool table and quickly pushed
all the balls
toward the pockets. Melissa scampered over, beaming like
a kid in a
candy shop, as Trish pulled Mark back, laying him down so
that his dick
pointed up at the ceiling like a bullet.

His eyes looked dazed as if he couldn't believe what
was happening, but
he had enough presence of mind to kick his shoes and jeans
off at
Melissa's feet. Then I couldn't see his eyes at
all because Trish was
on top of him, planting both her legs on either side of his
head. "Time
to return the favor, " she told him. I watched her
tight little ass sink
down until her pussy engulfed his face, and he reached up
to grab her

Melissa kissed the tip of his cock and then climbed up on
the table.
"Okay, Mark, get ready to beg for mercy, " she
said. Trish held
Melissa's arm to steady her as she threw one leg over
his waist and
then began to ease herself down onto Mark's cock. Mark
gave a muffled
grunt and pushed his body up, thrusting hard into Melissa's
slick slit.
Melissa smiled and grabbed Trish's shoulders, and
Trish reached out and
put her hands on Melissa's tits, squeezing them gently
as Melissa began
to bob up and down.

She smiled at Trish and then glanced over her head and spotted
us. I
froze. Kelly had her hand in my pants and kept stroking my
lightly. I nodded. No one else saw us. Melissa flashed me
a smile and
then closed her eyes and threw her head back as she pushed
down to meet
Mark's dick hard.

By now Melissa's party was a full-fledged orgy. Lane
was twisting the
dildo in and out of Holly's snatch, bending over to
lick her juices as
Holly moaned louder with each movement. She paused every
now and then
to rub her own clit, her face flushed, but she focused on
taking care
of Holly, whispering to her as she manipulated the dildo
practiced, gentle fingers. On the big chair, Tracey bounced

energetically on top of Lou's stiff dick, moaning
"Fuck me, fuck me, " and burying his face between her tits as if she wanted to
prevent him from watching any of the other action. I saw
her sneaking a
few peeks at Holly and Lane, though, and the sight seemed
to energize
her into slamming down on Lou's cock even more forcefully.

Reese had turned Dorine around, bent her over on her hands
and knees,
and grabbed her hips to plunge his long cock into her from
"Ahh!" she yelped, and then she bit her lip as
he eased himself
forward. Her chin trembled as he began thrusting, and then
she leaned
forward to rest her arms on the carpet and give him better
access. With
a deep breath he began to fuck her, a serious look of concentration
his face. I could see his fingers digging red marks into

Bobby, in the meantime, was giving Hannah everything he
had, thrusting
in and out of her pussy with enthusiasm. I could see his sweat
onto her nude quivering body. I didn't know whether
this was Hannah's
first experience with a cock, but she seemed to be enjoying
it as much
as Bobby was, pushing her hips upward to take every inch
of him inside
her, running her hands across his chest, and pinching his
Bobby's eyes were closed but hers were wide, watching
his face contort
with effort and pleasure. Her lips moved as if she were urging
him on,
harder, faster.

Then Holly let out a gut-wrenching orgasmic scream that
Kelly and I
would have heard from our own house if we'd been there.
Lane smiled in
triumph and kept pumping the dildo into her as Holly's
body writhed and
shook on the carpet. "YE-ES!" Holly shouted,
pounding her fists on the
floor. "Yes! I love it! Don't stop, don't
stop. I love it, I love it .
. . ohhh . . . ."

I felt Kelly's lips at my ear. "I love you, "
she whispered. "And I want

"Uh-huh, " I murmured. My cock was ready to
burst. "Yeah. Let's–"

But she was already silently gliding up the stairs. I remembered
remain quiet as I followed her, taking one last look at the
naked scene
in the basement. Holly was gasping, oblivious to everyone's
eyes on
her. I saw Lane withdraw her dildo from Holly'd dripping
pussy and
then, with a wicked smile, begin slowly sliding up into
her own.

By the time I reached the living room Kelly was on the couch,
her slacks
and panties on the floor, rubbing her clit as if she couldn't
wait for
me. I dropped my pants and boxers, pulled her forward, and
sank my cock
into her west pussy without any preliminaries.

"Ah!' Kelly groaned quietly. "That was
so hot. . . . Ohhh . . . Which
one would you fuck, lover? Tell me . . ."

"All of them, " I grunted. "Hannah."

"I want Reese's cock, it's so big . . . you're
so big . . . and I'd like
to lick that Trish all over . . ."

"Melissa, " I whispered. "I want to fuck
her again and again . . . and
you . . . you're sexier than any of them."

"Oh, shit, yes . . . I want you, I just want you . . ."

We heard a scream from downstairs, a male voice that quickly
faded to a
loud moan, and Kelly smiled.

"Fuck her, Bobby!" Melissa yelled, her voice
carrying up the stairs.
"Fuck that dyke! Fuck her good!"

"Oh, Melissa, " Holly responded, "why
don't you shut up and come over
here and lick me? You know you want to, bitch."

I exploded then, pumping wave after wave of cum into Kelly's
pussy, and
she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips and came
trembling softly as her body spasmed beneath me. We kissed
for a long
time–maybe longer than we'd fucked–then quickly
grabbed our clothes and
crept back downstairs.

Tracey was on the floor with Lane, kissing her breasts all
over and
moaning while Lane stroked her pussy. Mark and Trish were
on the pool table, slurping noisily at each other's
bodies. Bobby and
Hannah were still in the chair, cuddling, but I could see
Bobby's dick
stiffening again as they watched Melissa.

Melissa was on her hands and knees, sucking Lou's cock
while Reese
pounded her from pussy from behind. Her eyes were closed
and her face
was flushed and she was moaning, quivering, rocking her
hips back to
meet Reese's slamming thrusts while fucking Lou with
her mouth and
tongue. From the look in her eyes I had no doubt she'd
be cumming in a
few minutes. And again after that.

"Quiet a party, " Kelly whispered, reaching
again for my cock.

"It's not over yet, " I said.

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