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Boys Will Be Boys?



Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The cock shook
and trembled. It spat out a stream of white. The jizzlet
flew through the air to land with a heavy splotch on the blond
woman's left cheekbone. The cock pulsed once again.
A streak of hot wet white whizzed out, splayed gracefully
in the air, and traced a line up the woman's face from
below her cheekbone into her hairline. It curled up over
her cheek, across her pert nose, and into the socket of her
eye. It continued up over her eyebrow and across her forehead
before disappearing into her hair. Even before the white
line had splattered forcefully into her face, the snake-like
prong shuddered again. The rope of man-goo was even thicker
than the previous one had been. It shot out like a white cannonball,
and the girl watched spellbound as it approached-her face.
She opened her mouth as wide as she could, and adjusted the
angle of her head. The sperm approached. It headed straight
into her open mouth, striking her uvula soundly and splattering
forcefully backwards across and over her teeth and gums.
It flowed wetly across her tongue. A large globule of sperm
trickled off her tongue, dropped onto her tonsils, and
slowly swam down her rosy esophagus to pool quietly in her

She let the remaining semen collect in her mouth, careful
not to let any more slide relentlessly down her throat before
she wanted it to. She opened her one clear eyelid, and checked
the penises jutting at her face. The first one had shot three

Kim had done some testing earlier with a measuring cup and
water. She could hold almost two cups of water in her swollen
mouth without spilling or swallowing any. She hoped to
collect that much semen during this tournament. Doing
some quick calculation, she figured the first cock would
have three, maybe four more shots.

And there were over thirty hard fat cocks to go. A delicious
shudder ran through her, as she contemplated the barrage
of semen to come. Winning this contest would go a long way
towards fulfilling her dream of becoming an adult film
star. She had read about it in an underground swingers magazine,
and had been enthralled from the very beginning. The premise
was simple. The contestants were being judged on the amount
of sperm they could hold in their mouths. They were allowed
to collect it from off their faces, but nowhere else - no
necks, tits, hair or hands. How it got into their mouths
was of their choice. They could fuck the men and make sure
that the ejaculation took place orally. They could have
the men jerk off straight into their mouths, or if they were
squeamish, into a glass that they then would quaff. Kim
had seen one girl do that earlier. She collected a fair amount
of squirt from about sixteen virile men, and dripped the
champagne glass full right into her open mouth. This scene
so turned on several other men that they ignored her wishes,
and proceeded to masturbate directly onto her face and
into her mouth. She could do nothing but accept the cum shower,
since if she turned away or closed her mouth, she would have
been disqualified.

Kim, on the other hand, had no such reservations. She seemed
to get a quirky satisfaction out of seeing the men panting
and trembling while they rubbed and pulled on their cocks,
aiming the purplish heads at her exceedingly pretty face.

She spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what
was so exciting about ejaculating semen onto a woman's
face. She thought maybe that it was because a woman spent
much time and money on makeup to insure that she looked her
prettiest, and that for a man to ejaculate on her face was
an act of domination and mastery. But semen wasn't
dirty. It was a warm, bodily fluid, full of life and containing
the essence of a man. If a man wanted to piss on her, that was
something entirely different. Sperm was not a waste product,
it was something that only a man could give to a woman.

Kim had seen enough adult movies to know that the facial
cum shot was a favourite of producers and directors, and
thus probably of the audience. After all, if they didn't
want it, the movie makers wouldn't film it that way.
She knew that some women would fuck the ugliest guys around,
and allow themselves to be treated like whores, but would
not allow a man to cum on their faces. She couldn't understand
that. What difference did it make?
A cumshot was a cumshot, and if the star or the director wanted
it on your face, so be it. She didn't mind at all. Cum
wouldn't kill you. In fact, Kim thought, because of
its proteins and other natural essences, semen was probably
good for your skin. She often rubbed it into her face after
a healthy bout of sex with her boyfriend, after breathlessly
gasping for him to ejaculate, not in her pussy, but all over
her sweating face. Mostly, the men were glad to co-operate.
Over the course of the last few years, Kim had both swallowed
the salty mixture, and just as often, massaged it into her
face. And she hadn't had a blemish or even the hint of
a pimple or blackhead in all that time, and her skin was so
soft and smooth, she rarely needed to wear any makeup at
all. So to her, it was a cycle - the pretty face that got the
most sperm on it remained pretty with almost no additional
care. She didn't spend a dime on fancy soaps, facial
scrubs or expensive makeup. All the face cream she needed
was at the end of a tube of flesh that she had little or no trouble

But now she had more important things on her mind. She pooled
the collected semen in her mouth, and waited for the next
ejaculatory squirt. It was not long in arriving, a cock
missile that shot into her mouth with the wet force of a bullet,
knocking her head backwards once again. The sperm rocketed
around inside her mouth, spreading a thin white paste of
fluid over her teeth. A large globule sat thickly on her
tongue. The man grunted and once again unclenched his thumb
from around his swelling glans. A ribbon of white shot out,
tracing a line from the left corner of Kim's mouth up
over her cheek and into her eye socket. The man moved closer,
putting one hand on Kim's head and directing her to
place her gaping mouth directly under his penis. He angled
it downwards, just a scant few inches from her face. He unclenched
once again with a roar. The backed up cum squirted out like
a miniature firehose full of white paint. It drooled and
dripped into her open mouth, seemingly without end. It
dropped between her open lips without spilling over at
all. Kim curled her tongue backwards and closed off the
passage to her stomach. She couldn't afford to waste

The other men drew closer, turned on like never before at
the spectacle of a ravishingly beautiful blond woman accepting
the sperm of an eight-inch cock straight into her mouth.
Finally the flood was over, and the man shook his penis a
few times, to ensure that the last few drops from deep in
his balls were forced out. One droplet landed with a qooey
squish on Kim's nose, and the rest found their landing
place variously on her face. He stepped away.

Kim held up her hands to indicate a time-out. She traced
one long red-nailed finger up into her semen-pooled eye
sockets, collecting the juice and transferring it to her
mouth. She roamed around her wet, sticky face, bringing
as much of the lines and drops of sperm down into her mouth
as she could.

Finally, her face was somewhat clear again, and she blinked
open her eyes.

Motioning for the second man to come forward, she open her
mouth, and reached for his trembling cock, not a second
too soon. The moment her smooth palmed hand touched it,
it exploded in a torrent of cum. She directed the head of
the cock to just between her lips, knowing that if she forced
it any further in, it may displace the already collected
sperm out her compressed lips, or worse, down into her stomach.
She tickled the bottom of the glans with her tongue, coaxing
the sperm out in excited rushes. One, two , three, four long
squirts roped out into her mouth. She jacked on the cock
several times for good measure, extracting several more
smaller, albeit still worthwhile, driblets of sperm.
By now the semen collected by her efforts was beginning
to wash up over her gumline, and her back teeth were covered
with the white liquid.

She backed off the cock, dipped her head downwards to collect
the semen, and motioned for the next man to step forwards.
Again, she placed the tip of his cock, which was luckily
rather thin, though quite long, between her once-rosy,
but now semen-covered lips. She dropped her hands to rest
on her thighs. The man placed his hand around his cock, stroking
it into her mouth with practiced determination. Finally
he let his hand pull back on the cock until it lodged in his
bristly pubic hair, and clenched the muscles in his ass.
Kim later would swear she heard, as well as felt, the torrent
of semen flow into her mouth. It shot out in a white ropy stream,
filling even more of her mouth up. Suddenly she felt a grunt
and a "whoosh" in her left ear, as one over-excited
man next to her now-sticky head placed the tip of his cock
in her ear, and proceeded to ejaculate several strands
of white cum into it.

Kim quickly cupped her hand under the ear, and allowed the
semen to leak out of it. She brought the hand up to her mouth,
and licked the small puddle of cum out of it.

"Lucky for me he didn't come too much. I think
I got it all..." she thought to herself.

Another man stepped forward, a black man with a cock that
Kim guessed to be at least nine or ten inches long, and several
inches around.

"Just lean back and open up, pretty lady, I'll
shoot it right into your mouth, and not spill a drop."
he calmly said.

Kim obeyed him. He moved closer, so that the tip of his cock
was just three or four inches from her semen-spotted face.

He stroked it several times rapidly, and finally grunted
through his teeth "Here it comes, baby, get ready!"

The horse cock's slit opened up, and a river of sperm
rushed out, arcing beautifully into the woman's open
mouth. The first spurt broke
over her teeth, and splashed so much that a tiny wave of cum
broke over her lower lip, to drool down her chin. Kim quickly
cupped her hand under her chin, to again capture the semen
and not let it escape.

Again the penis shuddered and shot out a stream of white
semen. It flowed into Kim's sexy mouth like a river
of cream. The sperm hit her tongue, arched up to splash on
the roof of her mouth and settled back to join the rest of
the microscopic spermatozoa now floating in her oral cavity.
Kim shuddered to a small orgasm at the thought that there
were billions of tiny sperms swimming around her teeth
and gums, relentlessly searching for an egg to fertilize.
They would find no egg today, Kim thought. There were sperm
from tall, dark haired men with blue eyes, sperm from black
men with skin like coal and deep brown eyes, there were sperms
from small red haired men with freckles, and soon there
would be more. Kim noticed at least two Asian men in the line
waiting for their turn, and several other blacks, an Italian-looking
man, and several Jews.

"A real United Nations of semen in my mouth.."
thought Kim.

The black man moved his cock a bit farther away from Kim's
face, perhaps to let the others view the lines of sperm rocketing
into her mouth. He slid his powerful looking hand up over
the tip of his prick, pinching the head between his thumb
and forefinger. He looked down at Kim, kneeling before
him like a concubine in the royal harem of some long ago Nubian

"Lady, I'm going to do something special for
you now. It's a little trick I learned in the Army from
a hooker in Saigon. I've pinched off my cock. But I ain't
done cummin" yet, that's for sure. I'm going
to send such a load of jizz into your pretty face, you'll
swear I was peein" white. Every last bit of cum I've
been saving for four days is going straight into your pretty
little face. How'd you like that?"

Kim looked up at him, sloshed the fluid sperm around in her
mouth a bit, and tried to talk without spilling any.

"Dat wudbe murvlus, "oney" she murmured,
careful not to drool over her barely open lips.

"Led be make some roob.."

It was almost comical, as Kim could picture herself kneeling
in front of a circle of mostly total strangers, semen clotting
her hair, dressed only in heels, stockings and panties.
Drops of sperm dotted her breasts and shoulders, and several
more slowly dried about her face. Her once perfectly coiffured
hair was now splotched with the seminal offerings of various
men. Her eyebrows were soaking wet. Even her dainty eyelashes
had small tears of sperm hanging from them. She reached
down with one hand to rub her aching clitoris, and quaked
from an orgasm. She leaned her head back, cracked her jaw
from side to side, and opened her mouth as wide as she possible

Spectators even several feet back could plainly see the
pool of white liquid collected in her mouth. Many were thinking
it was the most erotic scene they had ever seen, unrivaled
in its" sheer perversity and its" dreamlike,
almost ephemeral quality.

Fucking and sucking had become so commonplace anymore
that there was very little left to jade this sophisticated
crowd. But the sight of a beautiful blond woman, blessed
with firm, rounded breasts with erect nipples a half-inch
long, supple, perfectly proportioned legs, and an amazingly
pretty face, eagerly awaiting the onslaught of semen to
come into her lovely mouth, was a sight they would all remember
for years to come.

The black man tensed and shuddered. His buttocks clenched
powerfully. Again he tensed. The crowd could sense the
buildup of semen backing up the length of his cock. Once
more he grunted, tensed and almost buckled at the knees.
A bead of sweat formed on his nose, and dropped to the floor.
His whole body seemed to be tensing like a coiled spring.
A small drop of semen escaped from the tip of his straining
prick. Kim reached out with her forefinger and collected
it up. The man backed still farther away from her face and
beckoning mouth. He looked at her. She looked him straight
in the eye, and nodded almost imperceptibly. She waited.
One more time, he seemed to collapse inward for a moment,
and then arched his back, pointed the near bursting penis
at Kim, and slid his hand back to his pubic hair with a quick
jerk. For a split-second, nothing happened. Then the eye
of his cock opened up, and a stream of semen sped outward.

Straight into her open mouth, the sperm flowed. Like some
crazy water fountain, the cum roped between her lips, and
set the pool of liquid collected there to splashing and
foaming. The man backed away. Still the jizz sped out, now
a liquid white line connecting the tip of his cock and the
interior of Kim's mouth, almost two feet apart. To
some observers, it did indeed look like he was pissing white.
For what seemed like an eternity, but was in reality only
a few seconds, the bizarre scene continued. Kim kneaded
her clitoris and pussy lips roughly, shuddering through
a series of powerful orgasms as her mind reeled at the immensity
of the man's cum shot. One woman at the back of the crowd
almost fainted dead away, it was later learned. Abruptly,
it was over.

The man had ejaculated a single jet of semen for more than
eight seconds. This was no drippy, slimy cum shot from an
exhausted set of balls. This was no "two quick [color
blue] spurts and it's over" job
like so many had seen before.

end all cum shots. Kim was amazed at the volume of semen now
inhabiting her mouth. She could no longer face forward
with her lips apart without having strands of white ropy
goo drip from her lips.

She had to tilt her face backwards to keep the jizz from leaking
out. It completely covered her lower teeth, and her tongue
was nowhere to be seen. She closed her mouth, and looked
at the black man, a mixture of envy, astonishment, greed
and gratitude in her eyes. He looked at her, winked, and
said "There you go. Hope it was all you expected."

Kim could only close her cum-streaked eyes daintily and
nod at him with thankfulness. He had managed to send several
pure ounces of jizzum into her mouth without wasting a single
drop. Her fingers were working full time, plunging in and
out of her wet vagina, pinching and rubbing her clitoris.
She tensed to an orgasm, then another. A flush rose up from
her pussy, spread over her tits and coloured her shoulders.
She inhaled a deep breath and tried to catch her thoughts.
Her mouth was too full now to continue kneeling on the satin
pillow on the floor, waiting for the men to step up and cream
her wet lips with their semen. And she was beginning to get
the normal swallowing urge she knew she could not ignore
for long. Finally, she had a thought.

Kim dropped to her hands and knees, and inclined her face
forward and down, making sure her lips were tightly compressed.
The lake of white in her mouth shifted forward, oozing between
her front teeth and gums. When she was sure that no valuable
sperm was left lurking about in the back of her throat, she
swallowed lightly. Even then, she could feel several strands
of spermatic fluid slip into her esophagus, and disappear
down into her belly.

"Damn!" she thought, "there's more

She got up to her feet , and ignoring the looks of the crowd,
went over to the mirror on the wall of the room to check herself
out. The sight she saw jolted her out of her reverie. Looking
back at her from the mirror was a woman with sperm-splotched
hair, a cum-spotted face, and lips that compressed about
a thin line of white. Her cheeks were swollen out like she
had mumps. A small, thin line of semen ran from the hollow
of her neck down the upper slope of one firm breast to bead
at the erect and swollen nipple. She looked at her own reflection
with longing.

Turning about quickly, she walked over to the long, expensive
looking dining table that graced one side of the room. She
judged it's height to be just about right. Motioning
the line of men to follow her, she climbed up on the table,
gesturing for a piece of paper and something to write with.
A pert, dark haired woman quickly placed a pad and pencil
in her hand.

Kim wrote "Feeling fine, but getting too full to stay
on my knees. I will lie on the table, face up. I want two at
a time now, just keep "em coming! HA HA."

She handed the pad back to the other woman, who read the words
aloud. Kim placed the satin pillow under her neck, to angle
her head flat and level on the table. She consciously closed
off her throat and leaned back, her head even with the edge
of the table, gazing at the flocked ceiling. Two cock heads
loomed over her mouth, and for the next several minutes,
the same scene was repeated over and over. Kim couldn't
see who the men were, and could just tell white from black.
The cocks were all shapes and sizes, from short, bulbous
ones, to long, gleaming towers of male flesh. She often
glimpsed traces of lipstick or pussy juice on the pricks,
and could guess that the men were amusing themselves any
way they could while they waited their turn.

The only thing they all had in common was that they all spat
streams of cum into her open mouth. Jet after jet of milky
white semen was directed between her eagerly waiting lips.
Strangely, almost no one spoke a word. It was as if, after
the spectacle of the black man hosing her face with the enormous
amount of sperm, they were all participating in a sexual
ritual. Man after man grunted streams of thick, white sperm
over her cum-covered lips and into the pool steadily growing
in her mouth. Her teeth slowly but surely were covered up
with the juice. Her tongue occasionally poked up out of
the lake of semen. Two, four, six, eight, then ten men emptied
their boiling balls into her mouth. She could no longer
taste the differing types of sperm, no longer able to tell
the rich, almost milky texture of the blacks from the light,
more watery Caucasian jizzum.

She thought she detected a faint trace of garlic from one
man she guessed to be the Italian. The first Asian's
cum smelled sweetly of tea and cloves.

The line of men slowly dwindled down. twelve, fourteen,
sixteen men were through. One of the next pair was so over
excited by the scene he could do no more than jerk his cock
helplessly over her face, spraying the cum about her features
with relentless abandon. Lines of wet sticky sperm traced
over her nose and cheeks, zooming up her face from jaw to
forehead. More cum dripped and drooled into her eyes, and
a line of it even shot up one nostril. Her blue shadowed left
eye closed, a line of sperm dissecting the oval. Another
line of sperm hung connected from the tip of her nose to her
upper lip. Her lips themselves were rimmed with white liquid
quite a distance away from her open mouth itself. The man
looked at her helplessly. She opened her one good eye and
gazed at him. She had no time to collect the cum though, as
there were still more to be satisfied.

The lake of cum in her mouth was now almost overflowing.
Kim ballooned her cheeks outward with as much power as she
could muster. She could feel a soft tongue licking at her
pussy through the panties she wore, and after a few minutes,
was undergoing almost continuous orgasms. She seemed
to climax in tandem with the men. One spurt
into her mouth, one shudder up her spine.
Two spurts against her lips,
two pelvic quakes that she felt down to her toes. Twenty,
twenty two, then twenty four men emptied themselves into
her mouth. Number twenty-five placed his cock against
her lower lip and let a small stream of cum flow out of it to
drip into her mouth, and join the army of sperm. Number twenty-eight
jerked several strands of jizz against the tip of her tongue,
saucily stuck up like a small island in a sea of sperm. Kim
could taste the rich aroma of it on her sensitive taste buds.
He finished by tracing a line of cum across the width of her
forehead, down one cheek, and across her chin. He was joined
by another man, who continued the cum drawing up the other
cheek, across the bridge of her nose, up between her eyes,
and back across her forehead. By now, her face was nearly
completely covered with sperm. There was virtually not
one square inch of skin that didn't have a sheen of cum
covering it. Kim was having continuous orgasms herself.
She could see flashbulbs going off , and the whirr of video
cameras capturing this event for posterity. The thought
of so many strangers watching this spectacle brought another
quaking orgasm from her dripping pussy.

Finally, the sperm in her mouth reached the limits. It started
to overflow her lips and drip down her neck towards her ears.
The last man had just finished adding his donation to the
cum charity of her face. She could hold no more. Kim motioned
a halt. It was too late for one man, who aimed his jetting
cock at her breasts and shoulders, topping the nipples
with warm white rain and showering her upper arms with his

One man brought forward a glass marked with lines denoting
each fluid ounce. Kim sat up, pressing her fingers to her
lips to keep the collected sperm from leaking out any more.
She held the cup up to her mouth, leaned forward, and opened
her lips. A river of white whooshed from between her lips,
pouring into the glass.

Kim shepherded the cum from between her teeth and gums with
her tongue, drooling it all into the glass. The level rose
and rose. Still more cum poured from her open mouth. Up,
up, up the glass filled. Finally it was finished. Kim collected
the slimy strands of jizz from about her face and eagerly
fed them into her mouth, where she could now swallow and
soothe her aching face and throat. The cool juice seemed
like champagne to her, as it flowed over her parched throat
and seeped down into her stomach.

She looked at the glass of cum she produced. The level was
slightly over the ten ounce mark. The nearest competitor
was marked at six and one half ounces. Kim had won!
And won big!
She managed to contain in her mouth, without swallowing,
over a pint of semen, the ejaculations of 33 men. She blushed

"Whew, is that a load or what?" she spoke aloud,
to no one in particular.

"Kim, that was the greatest exhibition of sexuality
I have ever seen, bar none. I think I have a job for you."

She turned to look at the man who had just spoken. He was a
slim man of about six feet, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
He was completely dressed in an expensive looking suit
that fit his tanned body well. Her gaze travelled down to
his crotch, detecting a largish bulge there that betrayed
his excitement, and lent truth to his statement.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Somers,
and I produce and direct adult movies in Los Angeles. I own
my own production company, and work with only the best and
brightest of the actors. I would like to take you to the West
Coast, and put you to work in my movies. I think you have the,
ah, "talent', shall we say, to go a long way. There
has never been anyone in the adult film business like you,
I'm sure. Are you interested?"

Kim's heart leaped at his words. This was exactly what
she was hoping for when this evening first became a reality.

"Yes, I think I would be. NO, I KNOW I would be!"

"Well, I certainly am glad to hear that. I think that
you could be one of the biggest stars to ever hit the adult
movie scene. I have only a few other questions. How well
do you fuck, and do you mind anal?"

Kim looked right at him, daring him to gaze at her cum-spotted
face without busting the zipper on his slacks.

"Why don't you get your clothes off, and find
out?" she said, ripping what was left of her panties
off and tossing them over her shoulder.

"Perhaps later. Right now I'd like to see how
well you handle three men at once. Shall we?"

And he offered her his hand, to walk towards the centre of
the room, where the remnants of the party still stood.

"Kim here would like to take care of any men who might
not have had a chance to "donate" to her earlier.
Are there any takers?"

Several men stood and cheered, or waved their hands excitedly.
John turned to Kim.

"Ladies choice, my dear. Whom would you like?"

Kim looked the available candidates over. Pointing at
three husky men in succession, she said "OK. You I
want in my snatch, you in my ass, and you I want in my mouth.
How's that?"

She positioned one man down on his back in the centre of the
room, and kneeled over his midsection. Lowering her head
to his cock, she placed the tip of it into her mouth. Slowly
she laved up and down the shaft of the penis, licking around
and around the head with her slimy tongue. She spit a small
gob of slightly white saliva on it, then abruptly crouched
down over it. John bent closer to get a better look. She positioned
the head of the thin, yet long cock at her rosy, crinkled

"Ahhhhhh..." she mouthed, as she slowly lowered
herself over it.

At first, her butt wouldn't give. Then, the head of
the cock popped in with an audible plop.

The first few inches of it were slowly gobbled up by her hungry

"Ohhhh, that's good.."

Kim breathed.

"I love the feel of a good hard cock in my ass."

Slowly, the penis disappeared up into her. Finally, she
was lowered all the way down onto the man's prick, until
his curly pubic hair tickled her anus and pussy lips. Then
she leaned back, and motioned to another man to come forward.

"Over here, honey, slip that dick of yours into my
lovely pussy. And don't be afraid to slam it into me,
I could use a good fuck right now."

The man came forward, and dropped to his knees in front of
her, between the other man's outstretched legs. He
rubbed the head of his erect cock over her red and pulsating
clitoris, eliciting several moans from Kim.

"Stop teasing me, man, shove it in!" she croaked,
with a severe intake of breath as the man slid the entire
eight inch length of his dick into her pussy on her last words.

"Oh, yes, that's right, slip it in."

The man could feel his cock rubbing against the invader
in her anal tract through the thin barrier of skin separating

He matched his withdrawals with the other man's insertions,
so that Kim was never bereft of some length of cock meat in
one of her lower channels. The three people moved and squirmed
for a few minutes.

"Oh shit, I going to cummmmm..." wailed Kim,
as a tremendous quake of orgasm shook her body.

"YES YES YES YES YES!" she screamed.

She could feel the two hard organs sliding in and out of her
super aroused lower body. John looked down at her tenderly.
Then he stood up and walked over to the table where the semen-filled
glass still stood, being inspected with some wonderment
by several people.

"Quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you say?"
he said to one woman who seemed entranced by the thing.

"I can't believe she could hold that much cum
in her mouth" she answered back , "When men go
off in my mouth, it feels like I'm going to drown or something."

John looked her over. She was a pretty brunette, with small
breasts that had tremendous areolas, showing bright pink
nipples that winked up at him.

"I'm sure you could do better if you applied yourself."

He picked up the glass, and walked back over to where Kim
was just beginning to position the third man in her lovemaking

She directed him to squat over her breasts.

"Slide your dick between my tits for a while, then
I'll suck you off like you've never been sucked

Kim loved to talk dirty when she made love, knowing that
it turned most men on quite a bit. The man held his cock down
over her tits, rubbing the head over her nipples, and leaving
a thin colorless stream of pre-cum wherever he took it.
Finally, he squashed her tits together over his prick,
and slid it back and forth in the valley of her chest. Each
time the rosy head emerged from between her breasts, Kim
bent her head forward to swipe it with her tongue. She was
still spotted with semen over various parts of her head,
shoulders and breasts, and the man's cock did not need
much lubrication. Finally, he moved it up to just in front
of her lips.

"Open up, baby, here comes the main event" he
said, looking down at her.

She parted her lips. The man slowly fed the length of his
cock into her mouth, watching fascinated as it disappeared.
He could see it angle past her tonsils, and lodge halfway
down her neck. The skin beneath her chin bulged out with
the tell-tale outline of his glans. Then he withdrew the
cock. It emerged slimy with saliva and the remnants of Kim's
mouthful of cum.

John knelt down above her head once again.

"Kim, you are doing just great. This is a real test
of a person's sexual capacity, and as I said, I'm
very impressed. And you know, I think I would like the men
to ejaculate inside of you, if you don't mind."

Kim looked up at him, nodding her head in agreement. She
couldn't nod too far in either direction, of course,
seeing as how her head and neck seemed grafted onto the penis
sliding slowly in and out of her mouth. She grasped the shaft
of the cock she was sucking, and slowly led it out of her mouth.
She winked up at John.

"Honey, I want you to spurt your
juice right down my throat, Okay?"

The man enjoying the blow job looked down at her.

"You bet, sweetie. I haven't cum today, and I'm
sure I got a good load for you to swallow."

He was amazed at the girl's forthrightness.

Kim loved to talk to her men as she blew them, knowing it turned
them on even more to hear words of encouragement and enjoyment
from their women.

"Yes, I'm going to swallow all your little sperms
and have them swimming around in my stomach. I want you to
paint my tonsils white!"

The man joined in the game.

"You going to eat my jizz, eh? You know, I got a lot of
jizz to give you. Your tongue is going to get slimed, and
your throat will feel my stuff sliding down like warm, creamy

"Oh, yes, I want to eat your cum. I love to feel the slimy
stuff slip down into my belly. I ...Umph". Kim was
cut off in mid-word as the penis entering her mouth made
speech unintelligible, if not impossible. John watched
as the man stroked his cock slowly in and out of her sweating
face, each time to spread her lips, flatten her tongue down,
and bulge out the muscles in her neck. In, out, in , out, the
cock retraced its route several times.

Suddenly the man in her ass cried out.

"Oh shit, I going to cum, I'm going to shoot..."

Kim bucked her pelvis at him several times, as if to offer
encouragement and agreement. The man arched his hips,
lifting the entire mass of flesh up off the ground, burying
his cock far up into her bowels. The cock head nestled into
Kim's tender rectal passage, then spit a line of hot
cum out. She felt the blazing hot liquid steam up into her
ass, bathing it with warmth. She clenched her ass muscles.
Again the cock let loose with a spurt [color
black]of ejaculate.

"Oh, yes, cum in my ass, cum in my ass, you dirty fucker,
shoot it up there!" she groaned, gulping in huge lungsful
of air, temporarily quitting her fellatio.

The man jerked and shuddered a few more times, then collapsed
with the weight of the people he had been supporting.

Slowly he slid his softening cock out of her rectal passage.
Its way was greased by the load of semen he had just deposited,
and finally he popped his cock out.

A small trickle of white liquid escaped from Kim's
tender, yet satisfied asshole.

She was undergoing variously sized orgasms almost continuously
now, as every fiber of her being seemed sexually charged
with electricity. She could tell that the man sliding his
cock up her pussy was soon to follow, leaving his deposit
to lave the walls of her sex. She was right. Without saying
a word, he jammed his cock one more time up into the very bottom
of her cunt, mashing his pubic hair in with hers. He grunted,
and Kim felt the cock flex, pulsing out a jet of semen to crash
into her uterus and spray the walls of her cunt. Another
jet joined it as Kim orgasm'd. The man slowly pulled
his cock from her clutching pussy lips, loosing a torrent
of sperm. He dripped the last of his cum down onto her clitoris.
Kim's pelvic region now was dripping with sperm, as
it slowly leaked from her two lower channels. She was too
busy to notice though, as the man she was blowing seemed
close to his climax.

She grabbed the shaft of the cock invading her face, and
let just the tip protrude into her mouth. She fed about two
inches in, mentally picturing the flared head resting
over her tongue and pointing it's menacing slit directly
at her tonsils and the back of her mouth. She looked up at
the man. She jerked the cock into her mouth, trying to telepathically
communicate with him.

"cum, cum, cum , cum" she repeated in her mind,
timed with the strokes of her fist.

"shoot, shoot, shoot" she thought.

On the last "shoot", she felt it.

A stream of semen pulsed out of the cock and struck her tonsils,
bathing them with white liquid. She gulped the white offering
down. She jerked the cock again, and again a stream of jizz
sped out, to slide over her tongue and down her gullet and
join its" mates. One more time, the penis shuddered
a thin line of white into her mouth that Kim swallowed gratefully.
She looked up at the man as he grimaced in pleasure, enjoying
watching his climax. She slowly fed the cock out of her mouth,
and pursed her lips to give the head a kiss as it emerged.

"There now, wasn't that nice?" she queried.

The man just looked down at her, shaking his head with the
disbelief of such pleasure. John applauded, as did most
of the others standing around her.

"Kim, sit up a second. I think you deserve a reward
for your efforts."

He handed her the glass of cooled seminal fluid.

"Everyone, come forward and watch this. You are witnessing
the birth of a star!" he spoke loudly to the crowd.

Kim took the glass from his hand, waiting until the people
crowded around her, waiting for the cameras to focus and
the video cameras to begin whirring. When she was sure that
everyone was ready, she looked up at John, then around the
room to the gathering.

"Well, here's CUM IN YOUR FACE! Cheers!"

And so saying, she raised the glass of sperm to her lips,
and drank in the first mouthful. She sloshed it around in
her mouth a moment, then swallowed. Again she raised the
glass, and again she swallowed. Finally, she raised the
glass over her face, tilted it downwards, and opened her
mouth. The remaining sperm slid out of the glass and directly
between her waiting lips, until there was no more to be had.

Kim swallowed thickly several times, and raised the empty
glass to the cheers of the crowd. John offered her his hand,
and helped her to her feet. Her stomach sloshed with the
semen of over 35 men. Her lips and chin were still spotted
with the white stuff, and a stream of it wound its way down
her leg from her ass and pussy. Her hair was matted with sperm,
and her forehead was bathed with a mixture of sperm and sweat.
But she was happy, and satisfied. This had been the most
sexually vibrant evening of her life. She turned to John.

"Well, when do we leave for Los Angeles?"

The next thing Kim knew, she was on a plane to Los Angeles.
The last few days had been a whirlwind for her, since she
had to quit her job, sub-let her apartment, and close her
bank accounts. John took her shopping one day, showering
her with beautiful clothes and jewellery, making sure
that she had everything she desired.

He took her to a beauty salon, where she had her hair done,
her finger and toe nails manicured and painted; she had
a wonderful full body massage that took every kink out of
her body, and as a special treat, John had the four men who
worked in the salon masturbate thick creamy loads of sperm
onto her shining face, which he tenderly rubbed into every
square inch of its surface, from her chin to her forehead.
Of course, while he was doing this, Kim was wildly plunging
her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, enjoying several
small orgasms.

But now she was 35, 000 feet in the air, dreamily lying back
and thinking of the excitement she was in store for. For
a while, she laid back and watched the clouds stream past
the gleaming silver wings, each second taking her closer
to the magic city of Los Angeles. Suddenly, John spoke quietly
to her.

"Kim , have you ever had sex on a plane?"

"No, no I haven't. Are you up for something?"
she responded saucily, her slim fingers tracing a line
up his zipper, where she knew a full and ready cock waited
for her.

"Well, I'd like to give the men on this flight
something to remember."

John looked back at the small lavatory.

"Hold on, let me check something out."

He got up and walked to the rear of the plane.

"Luck", he thought, "the lav is empty."

He motioned for Kim to join him. In seconds, she was by his

"Go in, sit on the toilet, and wait. Better put this
handkerchief over your blouse, we wouldn't want to
stain it now, would we?" he said, handing her a fresh
white cloth.

His words made Kim shiver. She knew he had an oral feast planned
for her. She entered the lav, closing but not locking the
door. She didn't have long to wait. A quiet knock on
the door, and the first man entered. He was a normal looking
businessman, no doubt headed home from a trip, or on his
way to begin one. He smiled and gazed down at Kim, sitting
primly on the lavatory, fully dressed but with a large white
kerchief tucked in her blouse at her chin. He handed her
a note.

"This is from John."

She took the note and unfolded it.

"Kim, darling, please fellate all the men I send in.
Allow them to ejaculate on your face or in your mouth. Save
as much sperm as you can, keep it in a plastic cup, and bring
it back to our seats when you are finished. John"

"Well, let's get started, shall we?" she
spoke to the man nervously standing before her.

He unzipped his pants and drew out a rapidly enlarging and
hardening penis. Kim leaned forward, stuck her tongue
out, and circled the tip of the glans. She kissed up and down
the length of the cock, finally drawing the entire organ
into her hot and wet mouth. She moved her face all the way
down the cock, not stopping until her nose was touching
the man's zipper. Up and down, up and down, she loved
the feel of the hard organ in her mouth. The man placed his
hands tenderly on her head, slowly guiding her to and fro
on his erect member. For several minutes, not a sound was
heard save the slurping and sloshing her mouth made on his
penis. Then he shuddered, and spoke through clenched teeth.

"Wh..where do I cum?"

Kim stopped her back and forth movement, and moved her face
from his cock. Still stroking it, she placed the tip right
on her outstretched tongue , as if to say "here, here
in my mouth."

The cock pulsed, and shot a line of white semen straight
into it. Kim heard the jizzum line strike the back of her
tongue and teeth. Again it shot, ejaculating a stream of
wet juice into her mouth. She stroked the cock, directing
the lessening spurts into her
mouth until the man was dry. She collected the semen pooling
over her tongue, and closed her lips, daintily kissing
the tip of the penis looming over her face. The man stepped
back, stuffing his shrinking organ back into his pants.

"That was fantastic, thank you very much."

Kim could do little but smile close-mouthed up at him, and
wink. He turned and moved out of the small lavatory. Kim
stood and checked herself in the mirror. Her clothes and
hair were still spotless.

"Bet I don't stay this way for long" she
thought, swirling the small pool of sperm around in her

She travelled her tongue up over and around her teeth and
gums, spreading the white goo all over the inside of her
oral treasurehouse. Then came another knock on the door.

The next man in was a young looking college student. His
muscles rippled in his shirt, and before Kim could say anything,
he placed his hand on her shoulder, and sat her down before
him. He unbuckled his pants and slid them down to the floor.
His penis sprang up, a strong and healthy eight inches of
hard meat. Kim cocked an eye at him.

"Open up."

She did. He looked at the thin coating of cum over the woman's
teeth and the white lined tongue.

"Perfect, " he said, "stay right like

Kim placed her hands on her thighs, and leaned back. The
man stroked his cock rapidly for several seconds.

"OK, here it comes, baby!" he grunted, and doing
so, pointed his cock right at Kim's awaiting face.

Spurt one travelled up the length of Kim's face, from
her chin to her forehead, neatly bisecting her lips and
nose. spurt two he directed
at her left cheekbone, watching with fascination as it
landed with an audible splat and continued up over her eye
socket, finally coming to rest on her upper eyelash. [color
blue] spurt three he did the same, only on
the right side of her face. spurt four
he directed at the small area just below her nose, above
her lips. Kim felt it drip down into her mouth.
spurt five disappeared into her mouth, joining
the first man's fluid there. The next weak
spurts were directed onto Kim's wet
cheeks and chin.

The man made no move to direct any more into her mouth.

"Now stay just like that for the next guy, OK?"
he demanded of her.

Kim kept her face leaned back, so that the lines of sperm
on her face didn't obey the laws of gravity and drip
down onto her clothes. She dipped one finger up into the
pool over her left eye and cleaned it up, so she could reopen
the eye. She sucked her finger tip into her mouth, sliding
the wet white cum off it. The man reached into his jacket
pocket and produced a small camera.

"Nobody's going to believe this unless I get
a picture."

He pointed the camera at Kim's cum covered face, snapping
several close up shots, focusing on the lines of sperm draped
on her features. The last one he took while draping his penis
over her bottom lip, with her eyes looking straight into
the camera. Then he finished, pulled up his trousers and
thanking Kim profusely, left the small lavatory.

The next man entered almost immediately.

"Damn, " he swore softly, amazed at the scene
that greeted him.

Here was a strikingly beautiful blond woman, fully clothed
in the lavatory of a speeding airliner, her face covered
with the ejaculated semen of a complete stranger.

"Baby, you look super with that jizz all over your
face. Why you doing this?"

"I love to suck cock. I love to have men cum on my face.
I love to eat cum. What other reason do I need?"

The man didn't answer, except to drop his pants, extract
his long thin penis, and direct it into her mouth. Kim dutifully
sucked his warm meaty tool, slurping it into her mouth over
and over, until the man jerked and shuddered, spitting
several streams of cum into her mouth, to join the growing
amount already there.

He left quickly. Kim looked around, found a cup, and drooled
the semen into it.

As she did, the fourth man entered. He took one look at the
beautiful woman's face covered with cum and the small
amount collected in the glass.

"I want to come on your face." he spoke calmly.

"Jerk me off on your face."

Kim reached out a strong hand, circling the cock pointing
at her features. She slid her hand up and down the shaft several
times, all the while gazing dreamily up at the visitor.
For several seconds, she jerked the man off, aiming the
purplish head right at her cum covered visage.

Then she felt the vein pulse, and a stream of white shot out,
draping itself over her nose and onto her forehead. The
next stream travelled up over her lips and across her left
cheek. She calmly sprayed the cum over her features, feeling
it mix in with the rapidly cooling lines deposited by the
second man.

Finally the man finished. Kim moved the glass up and around
her face, drooling the semen into it. The level rose visibly.
What didn't enter the glass was smoothed into her now
shining skin. She swallowed smoothly.

"Wasn't that fun?" she said to the man.

"Ever had a girl jerk you off right onto her face before?"

She was amused at his bewildered outlook.

"No, can't say that I ever did. But you did it like
you meant it, I'll say that. It was great."

While he spoke, the man collected his pants and left.

The next visitor was, surprisingly, a woman of about twenty.
She didn't say a word, except to drop to her knees and
push Kim's skirt up over her waist. She reached up and
pulled the waiting woman's panties down, over her
trim legs and down around her shoes. She then spread Kim's
knees apart, leaned forward, and sank her hot tongue directly
into Kim's now-steaming gash.


Kim cried, orgasming immediately at the feel of the hot
muscle on her vulval lips.

"DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!" she moaned , squirming
her pussy over the girl's face.

She felt the tongue search out and circle her budding clitoris,
then felt her clit drawn into the slippery warm mouth much
like the penises of late had invaded her own. She felt it
sucked and pulled with the voracious appetite that only
a woman knows. She came again and again, while the girl worked
on her clit and pussy lips. She clutched at the girl's
head, twining her cummy hands in her hair, pulling the face
at her lap into and around her genital area.

Again and again Kim bucked into the girl's sucking
mouth, feeling wave after wave of glorious orgasm coursing
through her body. She felt the hot wet tongue slide in and
out of her spasming cunt, swiping up and down the pulsating
lips. Her clit was entwined in the tip of the tongue, then
was washed lightly with spit and blown on with the hot breath
of the amorous girl. Finally the girl pulled away. She looked
up at Kim's face with adoring eyes.

"Your friend told me what you were doing. I got so excited
I just had to come in and be a part of it. I hope you enjoyed

Kim could barely speak. Sweat mingled with the cool sperm
on her face. She brought a slim finger up to collect some
of the cum deposited at her hairline, then down the girl's

"Have some. It's delicious."

The girl opened her mouth, and sucked in the wet, white digit
with relish.

"Ummm, so it is" she said, pulling back and swallowing,
leaving Kim's finger absolutely spotless.

She stood, straightened her dress, patted her hair back
into place, and wishing Kim well, walked out of the lavatory.

The door didn't have time to close. The next man in was
a tall black man in jeans and a flannel shirt.

"Hey, honey, the man tells me you want to suck some
cock. Is that right?"

Kim nodded "That's right, babe, I want your juice.
You can cum all over my face, or in my mouth, or both. Just
give me your cum."

She reached out and guided his zipper down, then wormed
her hand into his pants. He undid the top clasp, and spread
them down over his thighs.

Kim extracted his rapidly hardening penis. It grew in her
hand to an astounding nine inches.

"Wow, that's quite a tonsil tickler you have.
I sure hope I can do you justice.."

Kim whispered in awe.

"I don't have any doubts you will, pretty lady.
Just start sucking it and we'll see how you do."

Kim pulled the man closer, and opened her mouth wide. The
man looked down. He saw her white-rimmed lips pull back
over her teeth. He glimpsed the coating of slimy white sperm
on her tongue. He leaned forward, and watched the first
three inches of his cock move like a battering ram into the
woman's mouth. Kim gurgled, adjusted her jaws, and
forced her head farther and farther down the slick shaft
of the cock.

Gradually, her lips moved closer and closer to the kinky
black hair at its" base. Her lips moved over the cock
shaft, pulling the organ inexorably deeper and deeper
into her mouth. She felt the bulbous head slide over her
well lubricated tongue, then stop momentarily at the top
of her throat. She craned her head to look up at the man. This
action also had the result of straightening the path the
cock was taking. She paused.

"Go ahead. All the way down. I know you can do it. I want
to feel your tonsils at the tip." the man said.

Kim snorted in a breath of air through her nose, and pushed.
The head rammed the back of her throat, then slipped down
past the base of her tongue into the very top of her esophagus.
Still she could feel three or four inches of cock exposed
to air. Gulping down the saliva built up in her mouth, Kim
forced her head forward. She felt the huge organ slide down
her throat, until her neck bulged with the outline of the
man's penis. He put his hand down to her neck, tracing
the outline with his fingers.

"Sheeeeit, you're really doin" it!"
he gasped, amazed at the oral hunger of the woman.

He watched her lips move down, finally to come to rest at
the base of his cock, nuzzling the dark curly pubic hairs.

Kim had to stop. She felt impaled on his cock, as though she
were trying to swallow a baseball bat. She swallowed several
times, feeling the cock pulse and her blood pound. The she
slowly slurped back up the cock. Inch after inch retreated
from her face, until just the tip was imprisoned behind
her loving lips. She reached up and placed the man's
hands on her head, and allowed him to roughly fuck her face
with the outer half of his dick. A few times, he slowly fed
the entire length down into her raw throat as the woman looked
up at him.

Finally he shuddered and moaned.

"It's cummin" baby, it's cummin..."
he groaned.

Kim felt the tip of the cock, some three inches down her gullet,
expand, then pulse with the first ejaculation of sperm.
It rocketed straight down her throat. She quickly pulled
back, as the cock continued to spasm. One spurt
let loose as the head backed up out of her throat,
bathing her tonsils with a white layer of semen. As the tip
moved back across her tongue, another jet escaped, sliming
her mouth and back teeth. Finally she had the tip at her lips.
She spit it out, leaned back, and moaned.

"Oh god cum on my face you black monster cum on my face"
she groaned deliriously.

The man was only too glad to oblige. He aimed his
spurting prick at her nose, and shot a line
of white sperm right up along the bridge between her eyes,
the end disappearing into her hair.

He moved left, leaving a line across her cheekbone. He aimed
the head up a bit, decorating her forehead with sperm. He
moved down, splattering her lips with streams of hot wet
goo. The explosions of jizzum went on for several seconds,
streaming over Kim's lovely features and decorating
her face until there was barely any dry skin left on it. As
the juice dwindled down, Kim opened her mouth, and the man
directed the last few dribbles into it. Shaking his cock,
the drips and drops flew into the dark cavern below it. Finally
he was empty.

Kim could do nothing but gasp with excitement. Her face
was literally covered with semen. Lines led up her cheekbone,
from jaw to eye. Her nose was dripping with the stuff. Some
had even leaked into her ears. She leaned over and grabbed
the cup sitting next to her on the lavatory, and moved it
over her face, collecting as much of the sperm as she could.
She smiled up at the man.

"Jeeze, what a load! Where did you ever come up with
all that stuff? I thought I was going to drown !"

"Hey honey, I always cum that much. Must be something
genetic, eh?" he said with a laugh, stuffing his now
shrunken, but well satisfied cock back into his pants.

"My girlfriend says I must have three balls."

Kim giggled as she finished slurping the sperm off her face
and from around her lips. She swallowed a time or two, to
clear her throat and satiate her parched mouth.

"I don't think I've ever seen as much cum
in one shot as that" she spoke, looking up at him in

"I loved it!"

"Babe, you are one hot woman, you know that?
Most gals would'a pulled back and moved outa the way
of the old firehose there, but you just hung in there and
took it right in the face. You looked like you was havin"
some sort of religious experience or something."

Kim could do nothing but nod in agreement. To her, the feeling
she got when a man sprayed his sperm on her face was wonderful.
She knew it was odd, no doubt rare, for a woman to enjoy that,
but she did and she felt no qualms about it.

She looked at the cup in her hand. It was nearly three-quarters
full of sperm.

She sloshed it around, and placed it on the small sink next
to her. She rubbed the remaining small amount of jizz on
her face into her skin, feeling its" smooth and wet
coolness on her fingertips. She checked herself in the
mirror. There were several splotches of cum in her hair
now, and her lips were still rimmed with white. She licked
them with her tongue to clean them off, and sat back down,
anxious for the next man to arrive.

The door opened , and two men entered quickly. They crowded
into the small head.

"Would you like to suck us both off at the same time, "
one man spoke "or one at a time? We can do either.."

Kim looked up at them confidently.

"I can do you both at the same time, if you'd like.
I think I can handle it."

So saying, she reached up with both hands and pulled down
two zippers. She undid each man's belt and loosened
his pants, so they slid down around his ankles.

Underwear followed. Grabbing the two hardening cocks
with each hand, Kim pulled them towards her face. She manoeuvred
them up close to her mouth, and opened it as wide as she possibly
could. Moving the two cock heads together, she fastened
her lips to them, and pushed her head downwards.

Maybe it was the service she had just provided to the enormous
black stud, but Kim felt her mouth expand easily to cover
and envelope the two dicks. She slid her tongue into the
groove between them, and slowly travelled down the length
of the twin stalks in her hands. The cocks were nearly the
same size and thickness, making the lips-on-skin journey

She gurgled deep in her mouth as the two cocks forced their
way into her face, shoving closer together as they neared
the narrowed opening at the back of her throat. She moved
her hand away from them as they neared the end of their journey.
No matter how wide her lips or how broad her mouth, there
was still one anatomical impossibility - getting two cocks
down into her esophagus at one time. They hit bottom at the
top of her throat. Kim paused there for a moment, revelling
in the new feel of two cocks at once in her mouth. She could
feel the men quiver and vibrate with excitement. Slowly
she backed up off the double donging, finally spitting
the matched set out at the very end. She looked up at the men.

"What I'll do is give each of you about ten strokes
apiece. I want to keep you both at the same level, so you shoot
off at just about the same time. Think you can do that?"

"No problem, ", said one man, "just keep
on sucking, we'll do the rest."

Kim took a deep breath. Opening her mouth wide, she slid
easily down the left hand cock. Face to pubic hair, lips
to base, she swallowed the dick easily. She felt the head
brush past her tonsils and snake down her throat. Swallowing
convulsively, she gave the man her best shot. Milking his
penis with her throat, Kim did all she could to bring the
man up to a heightened level of sexual charge. Again and
again, ten times in all, she throated the cock. Popping
her face off the first cock, she repeated the action on the
other. The men stood closely together, enjoying the feel
and sight of the lovely blonde sitting in front of them,
performing the ultimate in sexual service. After just
thirty strokes on each cock, one man grunted.

"Oh, honey, that's too much. Here I come!"

He grasped his cock from Kim's clutching hand. Quickly
the other man did the same. They moved forwards. Kim opened
her mouth widely, and stuck out her tongue. The two cockheads
rested on it. One shook - a stream of white sperm shot out,
striking the back of her throat and falling down into her
stomach before any thing else could happen. Then the other
one pulsed it's first load. This time Kim was ready.
She folded her tongue back, closing the back of her mouth
off, and let the twin heads rest on her lower lip. A streamer
of cum struck the back of her tongue and pooled in the bottom
of her mouth. Suddenly, her mouth was full to overflowing
with the jettings of the men. She leaned back, and felt wet
streams of cum strike her face. One ribbon shot up along
her cheekbone, coming to rest in a small blob just under
her eye. Another travelled up the bridge of her nose. A third
struck her square in the forehead before splitting into
many tiny drops in the front of her hair.

Again and again she felt her face doused with the sexual
fluids of the two men.

Soon her eyes were daubed with the stuff, and her cheeks
and lips were covered with small trails of cum. The men painted
her face like a canvas. She felt the cum loop onto her lips
and chin, slide off her nose, and splatter into her hair
over and over. She felt the wet blobs rain gently down onto
her nose and chin. For several seconds, the air above her
face was cloudy with the ejaculate of the two handsome men
before her.

Finally, they finished. Kim laid back and panted, exhausted
at the ordeal and flushed with the cum of the men that had
splattered her face.

"Ohhh god that was tremendous... I feel so fucking
slimy, I love it!" she breathed.

"Lady, you are one fine fox, you know that?"
one man spoke.

"I have never seen a woman take so much cum without
flinching in my life, and I've seen a lot of it, believe

Kim reached over to the cup of cum resting on the sink, and
ran it over and around her face, collecting up the tremendous
amount of semen that decorated her. The cup filled up almost
to the rim. She never even noticed the men leave, she was
so absorbed in her task. Swallowing roughly, she felt several
collected spurts slowly coat
her throat and mouth, travelling down to join the remaining
juice in her stomach.

The cup could hold no more. It contained close to six ounces
of semen, the mixed spendings of half a dozen virile men.
Kim stood and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face seemed
wet with sweat, yet she knew what it really was. Taking a
small towel, she dried it as best she could, taking care
to smooth out the cum drops in her hair. She quickly applied
some fresh makeup and lipstick, straightened her hair,
and left the lavatory.

Walking up the aisle back to her first class seat, she knew
she was being stared at by nearly everyone in the back of
the plane, wom

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