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Boy/Girl shower games at summer camp


My sister and I had been going to summer camp since I was old
enough to go to school. When I was little, my parents told
me I would have fun because I would have a chance to spend
a week in the woods, living like Davey Crocket, which was
my favorite show on television. But looking back now, I
think they just wanted two weeks without my sister and I
at home.

Becky, my big sister was a year older and my mother also told
me Becky would also be there with me, just in case I got homesick.
But Becky and I didn't get along at all so that really
didn't make me feel better. My mom kept telling me over
and over, how much fun I was going to have and when they finally
dropped us off at camp, I met some other boys my age and made
friends right away. From then on it was nonstop swimming,
baseball, hot dogs and hiking in the woods. And we got to
all sleep in real wood cabins just like Davey Crocket lived

So year after year, Becky and I went off to summer camp, and
with each year it got better and better for me. I had made
some really good friends that I only got to see at summer
camp. I was always ready to go early the morning we were set
to head to camp.

A week before camp when Becky was seventeen and I was sixteen,
we were obviously both going through the process of changing
from being girls and boys into women and men. She had already
let me sit in her room and talk to her while she was wearing
only her bra and panties a couple of times. She was my sister
but she was also a girl and I couldn't help, liking how
she looked. And at one point when I was staring at her, Becky
turned and barked me and said I shouldn't just stare
her like that. "You are giving me the creeps, "
Were her exact words.

My sister wasn't very big on top but she still had boobs
and I definitely was liking boobs more and more over the
past few years. I just sat on the edge of her bed and felt my
face turning red. "You are weird really weird, "
Becky said before she told me to leave her bedroom or she
would scream. I left her room and went back to my bedroom
confused and aroused even if my own sister wasn't suppose
to make me feel aroused.

Ten minutes later Becky walks into my room still only wearing
her bra and panties and told me we needed to have a talk. I
remember my sister's bra was kind of lacy but not too
lacy like our mother wore and my sister's panties were
pink. I told Becky if she was going to call me weird again,
she could just leave me alone

"I'm sorry. I just say stupid things sometimes
but I don't really mean them, " My sister said
before she sat on the edge of my bed. She then admitted to
me it was fun teasing me when she is only wearing her bra and
panties around me. "It gets you excited, doesn't
it?" Becky asked. I nodded yes so she admitted it gets
her excited too.

I asked my sister if she would show me more. My dick was starting
to stir a little looking at her bra and her panties. . My sister
grinned at me and said, that is what she wanted to talk to
me about. "Ok the thing is, now that you are sixteen,
you're going to be staying in the cabin with the older
boys, " Becky said first. The camp my sister and I went to, was broke up the kids in age
groups and each age group had its own cabin, one for the boys
and one for the girls. And each age group also had a male and
a female counselor for the two weeks. I nodded my head and
told Becky I was looking forward to being one of the older
boys now.

"Well do you remember the counselors for us older
kids?" Becky asked me while I still snuck a few peaks
at her bra and panties. I nodded my head and said I thought
their names were Ross and Julie. My sister said that I was
right and then told me they were both in college so this was
their summer job working at the camp.

Julie was one of my favorite girls at camp even though she
was a lot older than me. I liked how Julie's long brown
hair looked as well as her sexy slender shape, especially
when she wore her short, shorts and camp t shirts when she
walked about camp. She had never really talked to me but
I still hoped Julie would someday.

Becky giggled which made her breasts bounce up and down
a little in her bra. "Ok here is the deal. After everyone
is asleep except for us older kids, Ross and Julie come to
our cabins and ask if any of us want to play some water games."
I looked at my sister and felt a surge of excitement and I
didn't even know what she was talking about.

"So what are, water games?"I asked Becky as
she stared at me without speaking for a few moments. My sister
hesitated before she explained that Ross and Julie let
us older kids take go skinny dipping in the lake, late at
night and also play games in the shower. "What are
you talking about?" I asked my sister figuring she
was just teasing me again like she always does.

"No, I'm serious but you have to promise you will
not tell mom and dad" Becky said next to me. I asked
my sister again what the games were. "Anyone who wants
to play can go with Ross and Julie into the shower room, usually
the girls shower room because us girls feel more comfortable
in there, " Becky said softly.

My heart was thumping in my chest as I looked at Becky and
whispered, "So the boys and girls are in the lake and
maybe the same shower at the same time?" My sister
giggled and nodded her head yes. "Naked?" I
asked softly. Becky frowned at me and said it would be really
stupid to be in a shower, taking a shower with our clothes

"And Julie is in the shower at the same time as everybody
else?"I asked. Becky said that both Julie and Ross
are both in the shower with the rest of the kids. "Well
anyway we need to talk more but I wanted to at least tell you
a little bit, so we can talk more tomorrow, " Becky
said before she got up and walked out of my room with her panties
jiggling as she walked.

I had already dated a few girls so far and had enjoyed the
kissing part a lot. And with one girl, she even let me slip
my hand under her shirt and down her panties but I had never
seen a girl naked before. So, now the idea of being able to
see girls totally naked and especially Julie, my dick was
hard by the time my sister left my room.

Becky left me hanging the next two days but all I thought
about camp and the showers at night. I was jacking off more
than I ever had and even that wasn't helping much. I
would shoot a load and be hard all over again, an hour later.
Another day passed before Becky snuck back into my bedroom
although I was not sleeping because my head was spinning
so much. She had on her pajamas which were stupid looking
with cartoon drawings of cats all over them. I would have
normally teased my sister about her pajamas but on that
particular night I decided not to.

"So have you been thinking about what we talked about
last time"? Becky asked me very quietly although
our parents' bedroom was down stairs and Becky and
my bedrooms were upstairs. I nodded yes as I laid under the
sheet, praying my dick would not swell up in front of her.

"So did you played the water games last year?"
I asked Becky. She blushed and nodded her head yes. "So
you were naked in front of a bunch of boys?"I asked
as if I didn't already know the answer. Becky again
blushed and said there were always a few girls and boys who
played every night. "And Julie is always in there
with everyone"? I asked her. Becky frowned at me and
said that Julie and Ross are always in the games with everyone

"So do you think you are going to play this year?"
Becky whispered to me. I nodded my head yes as my dick was
once again growing harder by the second. "Are you
going to play again"? I asked Becky. She leaned close
to me and whispered she wasn't sure it would be right
if we were both naked in the shower at the same time.

"So you're not going to play?"I whispered
to my sister hoping she didn't notice the growing problem
between my legs. "I don't know. It might help
us if we showed each other our bodies before we go to camp,
"Becky whispered next to me. Becky then looked down
and saw the bulge in my sheets right where my crotch was.
I felt my face getting warmer and warmer as my sister stared
at my crotch and knew I was getting an erection right in front
of her.

"So do you want to show each other our bodies or not?"
Becky said as she got up off of the edge of my bed. "Well,
not right now, " I said to her. Becky looked down at
the bulge again and said "That happens to all the boys
in the shower so I am use to seeing it get hard."

I told Becky I thought we should show each other our bodies
and climbed off of my bed so we were then facing one another.
All I had on was my underwear while she had on her pajama top,
pajama bottoms and her panties. Becky and I were both nervous
but agreed so she lifted her top up and pulled her over her
head. My sister's breasts were very small and her nipples
looked like the end of two arrows. I liked the shape of my
sisters breasts a lot.

Becky and I kept constant eye contact when she leaned over
and slipped her pajama bottoms off next. "Let's
do this at the same time, " Becky whispered. So I reached
for my underwear while she reached for her panties and we
both pulled them down at the same time.

The tension in my bedroom was thick as the heaviest fog you
could ever imagine. There I stood in front of Becky with
my hard cock pointing out at her and she stood there with
her dark curly bush and pointed tits sticking out at me.
My sister and I were both breathing very fast as we looked
at each other's naked bodies and naturally our hormones
surged. I noticed how my sister looked at my swollen tool
for a long time but never said anything about it. But then
I was also looking at her boobs and her hairy pussy too.

Becky had narrow shoulders which made her breasts looked
very nice hanging on her chest. "Can I touch them for
a second?" I asked her. Becky was blushing a lot before
she nodded her head yes. My hands held her softness for the
first time.

"What games does everyone play?"I asked her.
Becky told me I would have to wait to find out. "Ok that's
enough, " My sister said before she pushed my hands
off of her squishy soft breasts. Seconds later Becky made
a few soft whimpering sounds as I jacked off laying on my
bed imaging if I was really going to be able to see Julie naked
as well as the other older girls.

It was the longest two days left before my parents were taking
us to camp. And like usual, my sister avoided me almost all
of the time. Normally I wouldn't have minded if Becky
and I didn't see each other but now that I had seen her
naked and got to touch her tits, I had hoped we could have
done that again. I hardly slept the night before camp and
was still up extra early already packed and ready to go.

Mom and Dad finally got up, fixed us all breakfast before
they told my sister and I to go get our bags because we were
leaving in a half hour. I remember when I finally saw the
camp first sign on the dirt road we took to get to the camp,
my nerves wound up even more. There were a ton of cars with
parents all dropping their kids off when we arrived. But
Dad found a place to park so we all got out to say our good byes
before our parents left and Becky and I were now officially
back at camp for another year.

We headed inside the registration building which was also
where we ate, to find out which cabin we would be in and meet
our counselors again. I spotted Julie right away but she
didn't even look at me. But I didn't see Ross and
began to worry that maybe we weren't going to play the
games this summer. "Hi, I'm Dave, " a guy
said to me , as he shook my hand and welcomed me back to camp.
Dave was the new counselor for the older boys which didn't
exactly thrill me at the point.

But I pretended to be happy to meet him and shook his hand
back before Dave gave me my cabin number. The cabin I was
assigned to was smaller than what I was use to but then a lot
of boys stopped going to camp when they got older. But there
were still mostly familiar faces when I walked and found
my bed. I didn't bother to unpack but then no one did
except for one nerdy boy before we all headed outside to
see if anything had changed at camp.

I strolled around with Jake, a boy I had met at my first camp
and searched for the older girls to see which one's
showed up again this year. I finally spotted Becky standing
with Sandy and Janice, two other faces I recognized for
pervious camps. Of course none of them were little girls
anymore and had all filled out over the years. And Janice
appeared to really fill out a lot, since last summer because
her blouse was definitely fuller in front. So Jake and I
walked up to my sister and her two friends just to hang out
for a while.

We were down by the lake sitting on one of the picnic tables
when a few more older kids wandered up to hang out too. All
of a suddenly Dave and Julie found about ten us hanging out
doing nothing and quickly put together a volley ball game
that they played in too. Julie looked even better than she
had the year before. I got nervous just being so close to
her and when she ended up on the same team I was on, it was nothing
short of great. At least she smiled at me more and I felt maybe
even flirted but that was probably all in my head.

But the volley ball game turned to be lots of fun and we all
laughed as well as worked up a good sweat before we all went
to change into our swim suits to take a dip in the lake. "Are
you going to go swimming with us?" I remember asking
Julie after our team had just won, two out of three. "Of
course honey. I'll see you in the water, " Julie
said before I watched her walk off with Dave towards their
cabins. I am sure Julie didn't mean "Honey"
as in "Honey about me, " But it was still great
hearing her say it.

But Julie and Dave never showed up although the rest of us
swam and cooled off in the water until it was time to get dressed
for dinner. Us older kids all ate together at a separate
tables but had to wait until the little kids were served
first. But that was ok with me because I got to sit and check out the
rest of the older girls who all looked very good. Inside
I was still very nervous when I looked at them wondering
if I was really going to see some or all of their bodies naked
later on.

Dave played his guitar around a fire later that night and
most of us older kids joined in and sang along. I had hoped
Julie would sit by me but she didn't and instead sat
next to Dave. It got later and before long, most of the other
cabins were dark and all the littler kids were fast sleep.
Dave then stopped playing and asked the group what we all
thought about going skinny dipping in the lake. You put
a bunch of teenagers together at night and mention skinny
dipping and you created a tornado.

Even though it was fairly dark down by the lake you might
still be able to see a little bit. Julie then told us for those
who were not interested, they could head back to their cabins
for the night. And for those who were interested should
just hang around the fire for a few more minutes.

Even though it wasn't as good as standing in a shower
looking at a girl easily, it was still excited as Julie and
Dave quickly separated the girls from us boys. Dave looked
at the six of us who wanted to give it a try and sternly said,
"Absolutely, no touching what so ever." We
all quickly shook our heads and agreed.

Dave then took us boys far enough away that we couldn't
see anything while Julie took the girls down to the lake
to undress. By the time my toes touched the sand, I was as
hard as a rock . The girl were already in the water standing
up to their necks giggling when each of us boys had to run
into the water to also cover our bodies up too. But when I
saw Julie also in the lake I got really excited just knowing
her body was completely naked under the water.

First girl I talked to was my sister who found me right away
and asked me if I liked this so far. "Yes, it's
a lot of fun" I told my sister as she winked at me and
moved on to talk to other boys although all we could see was
a hint of her breasts under the water. So all of us stayed
in the water and mingled with each other while creating
a lot of nervous energy.

I guess just knowing we were all naked at the same time and
stood a foot away talking was very arousing for us boys and
for the girls. And Dave and Julie kept circling and checking
to make sure we all behaved. Janice, my sister's friend
with the larger breasts began to chat with me and while we
talked Janice got on her tip toes a little bit so I could check
out her tits.

"Do you like them?" Janice said after she quickly
exposed her chest to me. I told Janice I loved them and asked
her if I could see them again. "Sure, but we have to
make sure Julie or Dave aren't watching us, "
Janice said. Janice and I slowly moved into shallower water
until her large wonderful breasts popped out of the water.
They looked wonderful. I had a really hard time not reaching
out to touch them.

And then my dream came true when Julie smiled as she made
her way over to where I was standing in the water. "Your
Becky's brother, right?" She said with her eyes
looked like they were filled with stars. I couldn't
believe our beautiful Julie was under the moon filled sky.
Her bare shoulders were exposed as we talked and when she
moved a few times, I managed to get a quick glimpse at the
top of her breasts.

Finally the girls were told to stay in the water facing out
into the lake as us boys all got out and quickly got dressed
even though we were still wet and it made all our clothes
totally wet. I masturbated in the bathroom later on or I
would never have been able to fall asleep.

The very next night Dave and Julie took us kids who wanted
to skinny dip again back to the lake again later that night.
But this time they had the girls undress while we faced the
campground although everyone of us boys took a few quick
peeks as they undressed behind us.

We heard each and every girl giggling as they undressed
before they all rushed into the water to cover themselves.
Us boys then undressed in front of the girls but it was dark
enough where they could see everything but not very clearly.
The following night Dave and Julie changed things up and
us boys got to stand naked in the water first and watched
all the naked girls rush into the lake. I was still able to
see a lot of tits bouncing and a lot of dark pubic hair as well.

So each night the first week of camp, us older kids spent
time skinny dipping on the lake after everyone else had
gone to bed. And several days into our second, our last week,
we still went skinny dipping together. I knew Becky had
told me later on during camp, both the boys and the girls
played games in the shower too. But I worried that because
Ross had not returned, that maybe we were not going to do
that this year.

We had only three nights left before camp would be over and
our parents would come and pick us up. There were about ten
of us again at the camp fire singing along while Dave played
his guitar when Julie finally brought up the shower games

I remember how tense everyone immediately got once she
had said it. I was sitting across from my sister who looked
at me and got a half smile on her face. "So is anyone
interested in taking showers as a group and playing some
fun games or do you all want to just skinny dipping in the
lake again?" Dave asked the group. My sister and three
other girls all raised their hands as my nerves went up another
notch. "Which do you want to do?" Julie asked
the girls. Janice blushed before she said they wanted to
play shower games.

As a sixteen year old boy, I felt like my world had suddenly
just changed. Six of us boys then said we wanted to play shower
games too. Dave told us boys to wait with him while Julie
took the girls into the girls shower building. All six of
us bys were extremely nervous and excited.

Dave reminded us again that no touching would be allowed
outside of the games we were going to play. "And if
anyone does touch a girl, they will have to leave the shower, "
Dave said before we all stood up and followed him towards
the building with the girls showers inside.

Dave knocked first before he led us into the girls shower
room area and I remember all I heard were the girls giggling
in the shower, itself. And then I remember looking down
and seeing the girls clothes on the benches with their bras
and panties under each of their plies as if they were trying
to hide them from us boys.

"Ok let's undress and go join the girls"
Dave said before he removed his shirt. The energy coming
from inside the shower as well as with us boys outside of
the shower, was incredible. We were all down to just our
underwear with our bulges showing when Julie suddenly

I remember looking at her as if someone had just stunned
me with a stun gun as Julie stood in front of all of us completely
naked. Her breasts hung perfectly on her chest and her flat
stomach made her look like the sexiest woman on earth. "Welcome
to our shower room, " Julie said to us boys as we all
stared at the dark patch of curly hair growing between her
legs. I just couldn't believe I was looking at Julie
and she was naked.

Dave slipped his underwear off first and showed us he was
just as erect as the rest of us. "Well, come join us
when your all ready, " Julie said before she walked
back into the actual shower itself. I don't think I
had ever been as nervous as I was at that moment in my life.
My cock was rock hard and my balls felt like they weighed
twenty pounds each.

Jake and I looked at each other for a moment before we followed
Dave into the girls shower where the girls were waiting
to see us and we were all anxious to see them. The girls all
huddled on one said and were giggling as us boys walked in
with our hard cocks on display for all of them to look at.
It was also the most embarrassing moment in my life too.

"Ok let's start with boys on this side and the
girls on that side" Dave said as we all just looked
at each other's naked bodies for the first time. Janice
had the more developed shape and looked like a real woman
while Becky and the other two girls, who all had the right
parts, but theirs were not as formed yet. Small perky little
tits and dark curly patches of pubic hair covered their
pink slits but us boys could still see most of what we wanted
to see.

"Ok everyone can just mingle first and talk to each
other, " Julie told us but my eyes didn't want
to come off of her naked body. She was by far the girl I was
most interested in before I saw her naked and now that I had
seen her naked, I wanted to know her even more.

Becky approached me first with her red face and asked how
I liked this so far. Even though I had seen my sister's
tits and pussy once before, it was still exciting to see
them again. So Becky and I chatted back and forth but also
we both kept looking at each other's sexual organs
too. I don't mean to have this sound sick, but I really
did like how my sisters breasts were shaped , except for
Janice and of course Julie's breasts.

There was a lot and I mean a lot of nervous teenage energy
in the shower before Julie and Dave started the games. Each
of us boys would take turns being paired with a girl and together
we had to try and keep a bar of soap from falling on the floor
on the shower. And we were standing back to back and the bar
of soap was placed high on our backs which made it even more

Dave and Julie laughed a lot and timed each couple so see
who was going to win the first game. I was one of the last boys
and was paired with Mary Lynn, a girl I hardly knew. So Mary
Lynn and I slowly backed up until we were touching and then
we each felt our butt cheeks touching too. That was very
odd yet very exciting for me and probably for her too.

"Ok are you two ready?" Dave asked us. Mary Lynn
must have nodded yes and I nodded yes before Dave put the
slippery bar of soap between our upper backs. Immediately
Mary Lynn and I realized we need to push against each other
a lot more than we were before to keep the soap from falling.
So I pushed back against her and she pushed back against
me as our got as tight as we possibly could on our back sides.
We didn't win but we did keep the soap up a lot longer
than some of the other boy, girl teams.

And when the game was finally over and everybody had a chance
to play , Dave and Julie let us all mingle and chat in the shower
for another ten minutes. I am not sure why but Mary Lynn and
I ended up talking to each other the most as we stood facing
each other naked with big smiles on our faces. She was the
same age as I was and I think we both sort of liked each other

She was very aware of my erection and glanced several times
down at it, while we chatted but then I was looking at her
dark curly haired pussy just as much. I sort of liked how
her hips were shaped but of course I loved looking at her
hairy pussy the most.

They had us boys rinse off first and leave to get dressed
before Dave walked us back to our cabin for the night. And
yes all six of us took our turn in the bathroom getting rid
of the pressure. I may never know how I actually fell asleep
that night but somehow I did. And at breakfast the next morning
Mary Lynn and I ended up sitting next to each other while
we ate.

I thought she looked really, really cute. Mary Lynn had
dark hair and a rather small body but shapely enough to show
off her assets, even in her clothes. And we hung around together
for a large part of that day, going on a nature hike with Julie
and some other kids as well as swimming in the lake in the
afternoon. And it was while Mary Lynn and I were in the lake
with a couple hundred other kids, she told me she was still
shocked she actually decided to do the coed shower the night

I remember smiling at her pretty face and when I told her
I was glad she had. Mary Lynn reached out for the first time
under the water and held my hand. We had seen each other totally
naked already but holding hands meant something more to
both of us. And when we had just two nights left at camp, we
all went skinny dipping again and Mary Lynn and I just stayed
together in the lake the entire time.

The very last night of camp, we were all asked who was interested
got to go back to share one last shower. And once the same
kids were back in the shower naked in front of each other
for one last time, someone asked Julie and Dave if they had
one more game we could play.

They both laughed and said they had one more game but was
a really challenging game and anyone who truly wanted to
try and play it. Apparently enough of us said we wanted to,
so Julie and Dave showed us what was allowed and what wasn't
allowed while they played the game first. Both people's
hands had to remain at the sides at all times even though
the boy and girl were now facing each other.

We all were very excited when we watched Julie and Dave come
together until their chests were touching each other's.
In fact Julie's breasts flattened out a little crushing
up against Dave's chest. "The winner is the couple
who can stand in this position the longest without any movement
at all, " Julie said after their demonstration.
"And if either one of you moves your hand or moves anything
else other than your heads, you will be called out of the
game, " Dave added.

Dave then added a tip when he told us that it would be a lot
easier if the boys' hard shaft did not slide between
the girls legs. Of course Julie quickly added if that did
happen, neither the boy or the girl were still not allowed
to a muscle. Janice, the girl with the most developed body
went first with one of the older boys as we all watched with

Her breast slowly moved up against the boys chest as Dave
and Julie stood on each side of them to guide them into position.
"A little closer, " Julie said as Janice and
the boy tightened up against one another. "Ok your
game has started, " Dave said as we all watched the
two of them glued to each other, face to face. Janice ended
up moving her hips just a little bit and Julie called them
out. They had lasted fourteen seconds.

I looked over at Mary Lynn and kind of asked her with my eyes
she wanted to try the game with me. Mary Lynn smiled back
at me with her small, pointed breasts and nodded her head
yes. So Julie and Dave brought Mary Lynn and I into the center
of the shower, facing each other and we both couldn't
stop trembling.

"Ok you two. Move closer, " Julie said first
as Mary Lynn and I took a couple of steps until we were inches
apart. My cock was throbbing so hard I was afraid I might
cum and embarrass myself for life. Mary Lynn just kept staring
into my eyes as we both felt our bodies beginning to touch
each other's. She suddenly blinked her eyes really,
really fast when she felt my swollen cock slip between her
legs and rub over her slippery outer pussy lips.

"Ok hold still, " Dave said as our game had started.
I remember standing there trying really hard not to move
as my cock rubbed up against her hairy pussy lips. And for
her part, Mary Lynn just kept staring at me while struggling
to breath. I don't remember moving but apparently
I moved something because Julie called us out after just
eleven seconds.

That camp was by far the most sexually exciting time I had
ever had in my life. And when we all left the shower together
and got dressed next to each other, Mary Lynn and I were inseparable.
"If any of you want to do more, you have to do it in either
Dave's cabin or mine, " Julie said as Dave walked
around and secretly handed each of us boys a condom. "And
you better wear it, " He also said to each of us boys.

I immediately looked at Mary Lynn and saw the concern in
her eyes as she looked back at me. Julie and Dave then took
us all outside and back to the fire where we all listened
to Dave play his guitar for the last time. Mary Lynn held
my hand the entire time but didn't really speak after
the game we played together. But we still sat together and
listened to the music for a while before Janice and one of
the older boys got up and headed for Julie's cabin.
And as soon as they got up, Julie got up to stand outside of
her cabin door, just in case Janice called out for help.

It was like electricity was in the air after that and as Mary
Lynn and I sat holding hands, I was really surprised when
my sister got up and walked off with one of the other boys.
Unfortunately Mary Lynn was just not ready for that although
we remained by the fire until really late before we kissed
each other and said good night.

The next morning , Mary Lynn and I promised to call each other
when we got back home since we only lived about twenty minutes
away from each other. Although she went to a different school,
we found out we knew a few of the same people anyway. The day
after I got home from camp and lied to my parents about all
the fun things we did, I called Mary Lynn.

I was taken back a little when her mother answered their
phone but she put Mary Lynn on so we could chat. I guess you
could say Mary Lynn and I both shared our first love even
though we had met in a shower when we were both naked. Not
exactly the way you usually meet your first love.

And when my mother let me borrow her car, I drove over to Mary
Lynn's every chance I got to see her and be close to her.
I am sure looking back now, her parents saw it as puppy love
but Mary Lynn and I felt like it was real. We always held hands
and kissed each other when no one was looking. And on our
first real date at night, Mary Lynn and I parked and made
out like teenagers do. We would get each so aroused, it was
driving us both literally insane.

I wanted her and told her over and over but Mary Lynn was still
scared even though she told me over and over that she loved
me. And then one a week before school was starting Mary Lynn
finally surrendered. She had gotten use to me taking her
blouse off and her bra off so I could play with her warm, pointed
tits. And she had been letting me slip my hand down her panties
for the past couple of dates while we made out.

But on that date, she finally let me slip her panties off
and laid on the seat waiting as I put the condom Dave had given
me on my cock. I remember looking down at her body and it simply
took my breath away. Her breasts looked so perfect but it
was her swollen looking pussy between her legs that really
got to me.

Neither of us knew how to do it, but together we figured it
out and before we knew it, my cock was all the way up inside
of Mary Lynn. She trembled a lot the first time I fucked her
but she also kissed me a lot too. By adult standards it was
terrible sex but for Mary Lynn and I, at the time it was so
perfect it was beyond words.

Mary Lynn laid under me and kissed me over and over while
my hard cock kept working in and out of her tight crack. But
my balls had a limit and that limit was reached much quicker
than I wanted. Once we calmed down Mary Lynn and I were both
worried that the condom may have broke while we fucked but
thankfully it didn't. Mary Lynn and I slowly drifted
apart soon after our schools started up again and we each
began to date other people.

My sister graduated that spring and of course was no longer
going to go back to summer camp with me. So when mom and dad
told me it was time to throw my things into the car for my last
camp, Becky was giggling as she waved at me and told me to
have fun.

My last summer camp turned out to be my best camp!

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Waiting to hear about your last camp experience


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do we get to know what happened that last year


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how we get started doing fun sex and where it leads us to adult life great story


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Very exciting summer camp story.


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Very exciting summer camp story. I went to summer camp when I was a lad --- I do wish it was that on I went to ...

In fact SUMMER CAMP was the first time I ever sucked on a guy's cock --

I am a bi-sexual male that like's to suck guy's hard cocks off and swallow there sweet loads ..


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Hey Dandf you're writing is great , and that's from a former Muktowner..