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Bond Gals having fun


"You're hired, " was the words I'd
been hoping for. I spent weeks after weeks, trying to find
a job as a sale manager. I've got a degree in sales, but
because of no experience, almost all of the companies wouldn't
hire me. Except for one firm owned by Ms. Suzan Sager. From
what I understand, she sells any kind of sex equipment she
can get her hands on. From condoms to the torture racks,
even the computer generated mind sex that just barely came
out. I couldn't tell much about Ms. Sager, because
she was sitting behind a large desk. She's a beautiful
honey brown hair woman, who's in her early forties.
Her black leather business jacket that she was wearing,
jutted almost straight out and then tightly straight down
to her narrow waist. It hinted that she's a very large
busted lady. Through out during the interview, she was
very serious about her business. She likes to smile a lot
as she talks. Her huge office was luxuriously decorated
with expensive items. At one wall, she had a large painted
portrait of herself in a ivory frame. Below the picture,
was a long glass showcase. Inside the glass was various
antique unaccustomed torture devices she had imported
from different countries. Next to it was a full wet bar.
On the opposite wall, was a TV set embedded into the wall
with a complete stereo equipment. About two feet away was
a full bathroom with a walk-in closet. The closet has a full
set of clothes for different occasion. At the same wall,
there was another room off set to the side. In the room, there
was a large spa sunken into the floor, surrounded by live
tropical plants. I could also see a hologram projector,
which only the filthy rich people could afford. Further
back into the room, behind the glass doors was a sun room.
It was filled with all kinds of exercise provisions. It
had everything from dumbbell to a treadmill. Most of the
weight were free-weights, almost no machines. At one side
of the suite, there was also a double metallic sliding doors,
which I had no idea what's it for. There was a window,
which overlooks her warehouse and the city, behind her
desk. She also has close circuit TV under the window which
probably covered every room in this building. There is
a double wooden doors that opens electronically behind
me, which leads out of her office. Ms. Sager's office
is upon the seventh floor. The honey brown hair lady asked
a series of question about my personal life. I answered
her that I was single and had no dependents. I have no girlfriend
and lead a pretty quite life. She told me if I wanted the job,
I would have to move onto her property for security reason.
She assured me, that there would be no rent to paid, but she
has some very strict rules that I would have to go by. She
handed me a sheet of paper for me to read her rules. And handed
me another stack of paper which contained the regulation
of her business. The rules were pretty much the same as a
hotel. I wasn't surprise when I came across a rule that
contained 'No Intercourse Allowed Within the Building',
but it pissed me off. There were other rules I never heard
of before. I wasn't allowed to leave the grounds for
anything. If there was something I wanted, I would have
to apply for the item. Most of the rules rubbed me in the wrong
way, but I wanted the job very badly. So, I accepted the job
and the ground rules. Ms. Sager beamed at me as I signed the
papers in agreement that I will followed the regulation
to the letter. "Don't worry about your clothes
and things. My secretary will arrange them to be brought
here, " my boss said as she handed me a electronic pass
card. She also told me that her secretary will give me the
tour of the building and my room. The card was my only key
that I will have, so I was not to lose it. As if it were a cue,
I heard the door behind me opened and closed. I turned around
and my jaw dropped. There stood the most sexist female I
ever seen in my life. She was a brunette who stood about 5'5"
tall. Her long legs were encase in black fishnet stockings
with black thigh boots. She also wore a black leather swimsuit
that had long sleeves with zipper from the wrist to the elbow.
And there was one long zipper up the center of her suit. The
leather stretched tight across her hips and tummy, but
it stretched even tighter at her huge bust. The zipper almost
gouged into her skin as it was half way up the suit. I could
see her pink halo peeking over the edge of her suit. In short
her suit left nothing to the imagination. Her face was just
as beautiful as the rest of her figure. Her long brunette
fell over her shoulders in waves. Her green eyes were in
despaired as I looked into them. "Melissa, what is
the meaning of this ?", demanded Ms. Sager. "I'm
sorry Ms. Sager, I didn't know you had company. The
art department was behind schedule, so they asked me to
be their model. They gave me the only suit they had, which
is one size too small. I thought you could help me closing
this thing around my chest", said the busty brunette.
The honey brown hair lady turned to me and asked, "Tony,
can you help her out please?" I got up without a word
to help a damsel in distress. After struggling with it,
I finally close the zipper. The color left Melissa's
cheeks as she thanked me. I could-n't help eyeballing
her huge breast that was being crushed by her leather suit.
The top of her suit was jammed with tit flesh. I had to refrain
myself from touching her. Before she left, Ms. Sager asked
her to return as soon as possible when the art department
was done with her. Suzan handed me a stack of papers for me
to fill out. It was the W-2 forms and I.D. paperwork. About
an hour later, Melissa had returned just as I finished the
papers. The secretary was instructed to give me a tour of
the company and shown to my room. To my surprise, the secretary
had changed her clothes to a plain looking dress which showed
no sex appeal, but she still wore her high heel boots. I followed
the busty woman out the door. We talked while she showed
me the layout of the company. She showed me how to use the
electronic card in order to access something that might
be otherwise off limit to the other personnel. The building
was larger than I thought it was. It had a gym and a swimming
pool at one section of the building. There was also a complete
library of books, video, and music tape, but any kind of
pornography and sex stuff was to be bought with your own
money and kept to yourself. The mind sex computer was available,
but you needed Ms. Suzan Sager's permission. The tour
ended at my room. I was sorry to see Melissa go. I had a raging
hard on despite the plain dress she wore. I was not only turned
on by her physical appearance, but also by her personality.
Unfortunately, I wasn't allow to invite her in for
a night cap. I could have sworn, even Melissa wanted me too.
After that, days few by like a wind. I rarely see her. Even
if I do see her, we could only wave at each other at a distance.
Until one day, I received an angry call from Ms. Sager, ordering
me to her office. I quickly strode over to her floor. Her
secretary was sitting at her desk. "Hi Melissa, what's
going on?", I asked her while eying the deep cleavage
at her blouse. "Nope, all I know is, that I transfer
one of her client's call to her. Then I heard her yell
your name, Tony. She must be really mad at you if she call
you in personally, " she said with a worry look on
her face. "Well then, I better get in if she's
mad, " I said heading for the double set of wooden doors
to her office. The doors were locked when I tried the door
knob. I turn my head towards the brunette and asked, "Is
she in?" She nodded her head 'yes' and pointed
her finger towards the metal sliding doors off to the sides.
I moved toward the doors. There was no buttons or knob to
let me inside. I took a step forward, all of the sudden the
door splinted in half with a swoosh and I was sucked inside
the dark-room. The light behind me was cut off as it sucked
me in. My body was hurling through the air, even though it
felt more like I was falling down in a hole. There was a strange
strobe light flashing intensive heat on my body as I flew
through the air. I screamed as a wall came rushing at me at
full speed. But suddenly, I stopped about a foot from the
wall, instead of being splattered against it, the air current
pushed into a new direction. The tunnel spitted me out into
another room as fast as it sucked me in. I rolled onto the
floor in a tumble heap. My head spinning as I tried to focus
my vision on my immediate surround-ings. The light was
blinding my eyes as I squinted. There was a massive moving
blurred object that was twice my height. Slowly after each
blink, my vision began to sharpen in details. I rubbed my
eyes to clear any foreign object that might be hampering
my perception view. To my shock, the massive blurred object
was my lady boss. She was bigger than life itself. I barely
came up to her crotch. She wore a pair of bicycle pants which
shows off her shapely buttocks and her massive pythons
thighs and a half shirt that displayed her muscular abdomens
and a little bit of the underside of her huge breast. Her
well develop biceps were also exposed with veins crisscrossing
like road maps down to her wrist. Perspiration ran down
the side of her face and chest from a heavy workout. Exercise
equipment laid on the floor in a line behind the honey brown
hair giantess. I stood up shaking my head and rubbing my
eyes to make sure that I wasn't hallucinating. I looked
up again and things were still the same. I stared in disbelief.
The giant woman was doing arm curls with dumbbells marked
75 pounds each. Her arms exploded with veins popping out
as she alternating raised and lowered the weights. Her
breath rasping for air, she growled while slowing down
to her last repetition and then dropped the weights which
made a loud clang. Ms. Sager glanced at me for the first time
since I enter the room. She glared at me like she wanted to
kill me on the spot. I wanted to hide from this giant woman.
"Today, we lost a very valuable client, because of
you, " her voice thundered loudly as if they came out
of a 1500 watt speakers. I wanted to cover my ears, but I was
afraid I would get beaten for ignoring her. She went to one
of the exercise bench and picked up a folder from it. She
tossed it to the floor in front of me. The file was as large
as a newspaper as I opened it. The giantess started doing
warm up stretches while I read through the reports. The
client had an outstanding record which dated back when
Ms. Sager first open her business. She sold every type of
product that she had in stock to the client. It made me realize,
without the client, there would be no steady cash flow to
the company. I probably cost Ms. Sager a lot of money on the
equipment she had in stock for the client. "Well,
what do you have to say for yourself, Little Man?"
she roared at me. I started to launch my side of the story,
but she cut me of saying that she had a tape of our conversation
with the client. She understood what had happen, but it
was no excuse to mess up the transaction. While she continued
to stretch her muscular body out, she ordered me to move
the weights that she was exercising with earlier to the
far side of the wall. Without thinking, I jumped to the task.
The bar was so thick that it took both of my hands to circle
it. As I tried to pick it up, the dumbbell refused to move.
I put more force into it, again it didn't move. Suddenly,
I felt something lifting me by the belt. My feet were dangling
in the air and I heard her say, "Pathetic little wimp,
can't even pick up lousy 75 pounds without help."
The giant honey brown hair woman lifted me higher and higher
off the ground and then she lowered me towards it. She was
lifting me as if I were the dumbbell she was exercising with
earlier. I squirmed trying to make her put me down while
she did a few more repetition before dropping me to the floor.
I landed face down into the carpet. "I want to do a little
test before I start my next exercise, " she said as
she picked me up by my waist. The woman placed me on a workout
bench. Curiosity perked in my mind while she lifted the
75 pound dumbbell. She stood in front of me and said, "I
want you to stop me from lifting this heavy weight. I don't
care if you use your weight to stop me from lifting this bar."
Sounds easy enough I thought to myself, as I placed both
of my hands against her enormous wrist. I nodded to her that
I was ready. Her long forearm and biceps swelled out into
massive portion. I set my back into it as I painfully tried
to walk into her. I closed my eyes to concentrate on stopping
her. Her arm started to lift inch by inch which pushed me
back a little. Again, I doubled my efforts. I opened my eyes
to look at her face, to see if she was straining. To my astonishment,
she was smiling down at me. Without a warning, her arm exploded
with veins popping out all over her arms like road maps.
At the same time, her hand shot up into my stomach, and lifted
me and the weights up. I let out a yelp. I tried to maintain
my balance, but I tumble over her hand on to the floor again.
I crashed on to floor on my back. I looked up to see the giantess
shaking her head at me, "I can't believe you can't
even stop me. Not only you are weak, you're fuckin'
light weight little ass." She moved both of the dumbbell
to the rack. She continue to taunt me, "I could probably
crush you be-tween my boobs without much pressure."
The busty woman thrust her chest out proudly. When she did
that one of her nipples popped out from under her quarter
shirt. Even with just one of her boobs was bigger than my
chest. I shuddered at the thought of being caught in her
embrace. She could crush me into a pulp with those muscles
of hers. Ms. Sager pulled out a flat rectangular object,
what appear to be a remote control for the television set.
She punched a series of buttons until I heard a electronic
whir over my head. I looked up in time to see a door open with
a quiet hiss. A red bag attached to chains came down through
the ceiling. The bag was a cylinder shape with words 'Everlastic'
printed across it. It was a body punching bag. "Hold
the bag, while I go a few rounds with it, " she com-manded
me. The bottom of the bag reached my waist, but it was twice
my height. Gripping the bag the best I could, I set my weight
against it. I found out it was a mistake. Every time she jabbed
it, I thought my teeth were going to be knocked out by her
light punches. The giantess talked while she sparred with
the bag. She assured me that she would give me a chance to
make up for the lost customer and restore me to normal size
when I completed the task in limited time. She gave me three
weeks to sell all of the products that were allocated for
the customer, otherwise I would remain as I am until I found
another way to please her. Her punches became stronger
after each blow and she even started to kick it as well. I
was losing my footing each time she violently punched or
kicked the bag. I slowly peeked around the edge, hoping
I could brace myself for her next blow. The punches stopped
as I looked around. Ms. Sager was totally drenched in sweat.
Her quarter shirt and her bicycle pants were soaked as if
somebody dumped a bucket of water on to it. Her shirt became
transparent I could see both of her nipples. I could also
see the sweat dripping off her massive mammeries. I failed
to notice her eyes. There was a look of determina-tion as
she gather all of her ki or strength of force into one blow.
Suddenly everything went into slow motion as my heartbeat
thumped in my ears. I knew the honey brown hair giantess
moved quickly as she took two side steps and put all of her
weight into her kick. Instead of kicking the side of the
bag, she kicked straight into it. The red punching bag exploded
in half. The stuffing flew everywhere as I flew backwards
still holding the bottom half. It must have been at least
five feet from where I was standing to where I laid on the
concrete. Another two more feet, I would have been in the
spa. The landing knocked the air form my lungs. It was a good
thing I was on the side instead of behind it, otherwise the
bottom bag would have crushed me. I heard the giantess grumbled,
"Damn, there goes another one." With that she
left the room, leaving me laying under the heavy bag. I managed
to pull my arm from under the damaged bag. My shoulder stung
like hell, but other than I wasn't hurt all that much,
just a lot of bruises. Ms. Sager looked down at me and said,
"You better get back to work and don't forget
to pick up a copy of the inventory from Melissa." Without
another word, she left to take her shower. I brushed the
stuffing from my clothes as I stalked angrily out of the
office. The day had already turned sour on me. Out of sheer
politeness, I closed the door quietly rather than slamming
it. "Are you all right, Tony, " asked a ladylike
voice behind me. Melissa's big brown eyes were leveled
with mine, when I turned around. She was on her knees, brushing
the stuffing out of my hair. I stared at Melissa's huge
tits bulging out of her low cut blouse. I wanted to sink my
face into them and cry, but that would appeared to unmanly
of me. So, instead, I told her what happened. The busty lady
listened to every word I said, then she gently checked my
arm and chest. To my surprised, there were black and blue
bruises on my chest and arms already. I flinched when she
touched the bruises. She said, "You poor little man."
and pulled my head down into her cleavage. Her musky fragrance
wafted into my nose. I tried to breathe, but she was cutting
my supply of oxygen off. I really didn't want to leave
her soft downy breast. She clamped my head tightly to her
bosoms. The secretary ignored my squirming and my muffled
pleading. It seemed like hours went by, until Melissa released
me. The room was spinning as I tried to regain my composure,
but I fell backwards onto my ass. The giant brunette giggled
as she stood up. "Goodness, I'd better get back
to work, " she said. I waited on the floor while my
head began to clear. I stared at Melissa's shapely
ass and thighs that were encased in blue jeans. She also
wore a pair of black leather high heels boots that made her
looked sexy. I wanted to run my hands up and down her legs
to see how they feel. I stood back up as soon as my head felt
cleared enough to do so. Her large posterior loomed just
above my head as she moved away. "Ms. Sager said that
I was suppose to get a copy of the inventory from you, so that
I could find out what I need to sell, " I asked as I walked
towards her. She answered that she was looking for it. I
stood in the center of her working area. She moved from one
file cabinet to another and then to the counter where another
computer was at. Then suddenly, she turned and walked right
into me. I quickly, had this impression of a truck bearing
down on me as her massive thighs knocked me down. I fell tumbling
away from her. She broke out laughing at my misfortune.
With one hand, she grabbed by my arm and pulled me up as if
I were a doll. "Looks like I better give you something
to do to keep you out of my way before you get kicked out of
my office, " she said smiling. Melissa gave me the
task of getting her some paper clips for the papers I need.
I stood on my toes to see if I could reach her tray full of paper
clips. I couldn't even see over the top of her desk much
less than reaching her tray. I looked at her chair next to
me. The chair was high enough to assist me on what I need to
do. I struggled to climb onto the swivel chair as quickly
as I could. The chair spun around as I tried to climb into
her seat. I was getting dizzy from spinning around in circles.
Soon as it stop spinning as I grabbed the desk and reached
for the single item that she could've gotten it without
any efforts. I pushed the swivel chair around so I could
face the giant brunette. I sat down into the plush of the
seat and leaned into the back support. Melissa was already
looking at me as I spun the chair around to her. She had her
hand covering her mouth as if to refrain from laughing out
loud. She said, " I didn't want to disturb you
from your conquest, but some of the papers you need already
had paper clips." "Damn!" I exclaimed,
tossing the object over my shoulder hoping it would land
on the table. "Hey! Don't do that!, " the
busty giantess said, taking three steps towards me. Her
shapely legs straddled the chair and prac-tically plummeted
her ponderous weight onto my legs. Her weight was crushing
the life out of my legs as I screamed. She felt like she weigh
at least five thousand pounds of flesh and bones. Her stomach
smothered me as she reached to replaced the paper clips
back into their proper place. Try as I might, I couldn't
budge her. She squealed with delight when I punched her
tits. The secretary leaned back to look down at me and scolded,
"You, naughty little man, you should never touch
me there. I'll have to punish you." She stood
up slightly and grabbed my head with one giant hand and smashed
my face into her heavy milkers. Both of her arms encircled
my head against her monstrous mammeries. My air was immediately
cut off. No amount of my strength will ever get me free. Blackness
was slowly settling over me within a matter of seconds.
The brunette released me from her crushing hug. My eyes
were fluttering as I tried to open them. Suddenly, my face
was being pummel by two large breasts. I felt something
trickled from my nose as she continues to slammed her boobs
into my face. Almost a full minute later, she released me
from her bea-ting. I found blood on my fingers when I checked
my nose. The giant Melissa took no notice of it. "C'mon
we have to go to the file room to get the rest of your file, "
she said. I nodded my head that I would go with her. I pinched
my nose, hopefully to stop the bleeding. Without another
word, she got up and headed towards down the hall where the
file room was. Her click-banging of her high heel boots
faded as I got down from the giant chair. I crashed to the
floor, trying to get the life back into my dead legs. I quickly
hobbled after her the best I could. The giant and giantess
all stare at me as I ran down the aisle. I could hear whispering
as I passed by them. I turned around as I walked to find enormous
people staring at me in wide eye amazement and astonishment.
I wanted to avoid the crowds' stares, but there was
no chance of that now. Just as I turned around, without a
warning, something dark and huge came out of a doorway and
broadside me. As I was flying through the air, I tried to
go into a roll. No such luck, I crashed into a heap. My body
was in pain and it wasn't meant to take so much beating
already today. A female voice speaking Spanish asked me
if I was OK. I only understood some of the Spanish, but I understood
enough of it. A huge finger prodded me in the ribs as she rolled
me on to my back. I groaned as I looked up. I recognized the
huge female face. Her name was Ruby. I spoke half in Spanish
and the other half in English knowing that she only spoke
Spanish. She gasped when she saw my face. My nose was bleeding
again. I pinched it. The giant Spanish woman asked what
happen to me. I told her that I would explain later. With
one hand, Ruby pulled me by my shoulder and started to dust
me off. I wanted to take off and catch up with Melissa, but
she held me firmly. Boldly, she asked me if I would like to
go out with her after work. She shorter than most of the women
who worked here, but even then she was still taller than
me. I only came up to Ruby's large breast. I told her
I wasn't allowed to leave the company premises. The
giant woman put on the puppy dog look on her face, and said
that she was sorry. She made some comments about how she
could have some fun with me. The tall woman always wanted
to go out with someone who is shorter than she is. I shudder
at the thought. There was a rumor that this woman likes to
'rough up' her lovers before going to bed with
them. Ruby wasn't ugly, in fact she was kind of pretty
in a way. The Spanish woman always dresses to her advantage.
She wore low cut dresses and always tight fitting clothes.
There wasn't a day that went by she didn't wear
high heel shoes. Unlike most woman, Ruby's shirt were
cut lower than most woman would could care to go. In fact,
they were on the border of being scandalous. She continued
to brush me down from the backside, while she was there,
she took to opportunity to feel my ass. Her huge body was
press up close to me, giving me the same chance. Her huge
breast rubbed along the side of my arms. Then, she switched
to my front, also taking the opportunity to rub her long
finger along my shaft. I couldn't help getting excited
as she perpetuated brushing me down. Ruby made a comment
about me being too small for her that she might have to toss
me back into the water. I told her that I might be small, but
I just might be too much for her to handle. The Spanish woman
chuckled and patted my ass before letting me go. "I
see you finally caught up with me. Did you get lost?"
demanded the giant secretary with her foot tapping the
carpet. I responded, "I got knocked down by Ruby."
Without a word, she grabbed me by the ear and pulled me inside
the storage room. "Let's get to work, "
she said hungrily. I didn't know what she meant by that
comment. The storage room was little bit better than a closet.
There was one rows of file cabinets on each side of the doorway.
There is a table at the end of the aisle. The light lit up the
room brightly as she pulled me to the table. Almost without
any effort on her part she lifted me on to the high table.
Even with me sitting on the table, she was still a head taller
than I. I felt helpless. By my hair, her enormous hand yanked
it back and as her large lips covered mine. Melissa kissed
me passionately as her other free hand roamed over my smaller
body. I couldn't resists her, specially when she is
twice my height and three times stronger than I am. She forcefully
pressed my small body against her larger form. The brunette's
massive hooters were crushing my chest painfully. I tried
to push her away, but only succeeding burying my hands between
her breast. Melissa thought I was massaging her breast.
She released me as she began to unbutton her blouse. I tried
to persuade her to hold off. "But, Melissa, we'll
both get fired if Ms. Sager ever catch us at this, "
I pleaded her. "Screw her. I want you now, Little man.
I'm so horny right now. I don't think you'll
object to me having a good time with you?" she sneered
as her braless boobs came into view. They were full and firm,
and didn't sagged at all. Her teats were at least an
inch long, from my point of view. The secretary shoved my
face into her right tits and said, "Suck my titties,
you dirty little man!" Given no other choice, i did
as she bided me to do. I kissed and sucked the huge nipple,
while I fondled her left breast. Her breathing became heavier
and hoarse. She moaned with pleasure as Melissa squashed
my face against her fleshy mountain. With one hand, she
released my dick from the confinement of my pants. She stroked
and fondled my turgid shaft, even though her fingers were
longer than my miniaturized peter. I was aching to fuck
her, no matter how big she is. Her body heat rose steadily,
soon, she was burning like a bitch in heat. My hand moved
down to her flat stomach and lower. She moaned, "That's
it, lover. Unbutton my pants." I tried to unsnapped
her pants, but it took almost all of my strength to pried
it apart. Suddenly, without a warning, the door was kicked
in, with a loud crack. It remained hanging on one of the hinges
as my towering boss stormed in the file room. The look on
her face told me that she wasn't please to find my hands
in her secretary's pants or with my face buried between
Melissa's breast. "I'd thought I'd
find you here, you miserable little runt, " raged
Ms. Suzan Sager. I started to say something, but the brunette
interjected, "He made me do it. He threatened to expose
me if I didn't do as he told me to do." She cowered
away from her boss and me. "Shut up, slut, "
The honey brown hair giantess snarled and she snapped her
attention to me. If looks could kill, I'd be incinerated
on the spot. She stared at me for a long time. I thought she
would hit me, but none came. Ms. Sager growled at her secretary,
"Melissa, I want you in my office in 10 minutes."
Without wasting a moment, the brunette ran from the file
room. "You, in my office, now!" her huge finger
was leveled at me. Before I could move, her hand jerked me
off the high table. I landed face down on the carpeting floor
with a bone jarring impact. The giant woman stormed out
of the room without another word as I looked up. I knew I wouldn't
be able to keep up with her giant long strides. Not wanting
to keep her waiting, I ran after her. She was nowhere in sight
as I went to her office. I stared straight ahead to avoid
the questioning stares from around me. Ms. Sager's
door was open when I arrived. I slowly walked in and looked
around for my boss. She was at her display case, pulling
out a long black riding crop. She wouldn't dare be planing
to use that on me, I thought to myself, but in my present condition
how was I to stop her if she choose to use it. "About
time you got here, you little prick, " she said with-out
looking at me. With a wave of her hand, she motion for me to
go to her desk. I closed the doors as I went to her desk. "Take
off your clothes, " she ordered me, acidly. "In
front of you? I don't think so, " I responded.
I regretted ever for saying it. Before I could move, the
leather crop struck me on my left shoulder. The blow drove
me to my knees as the pain lance through my shoulder. "You
don't think unless I tell you so. Now take off your clothes
or else, " she threatened me. In less than a moment,
my clothes where on the floor. I stood stark naked in front
of her. Ms. Sager snorted at my exposed genital as she examine
my body. She used her long crop to spin me around while inspecting
me. "You been here less than a month and you cost me
a long time standing customer. Not only that, in the same
day you tried to make out with my secretary in a closet. It
seems I have to show you some manners, " said the giantess.
I started to say something, but my head snapped to the side
after she struck me with her long stick. "Don't
speak unless I tell you so, " said Ms. Sager. "I'm
going to change into something more appropriate for the
task I have in mind for you, " she said, "When
I get back I want to see you on your knees." She strode
to another part of the room which was completely sealed
off after she closed the doors. With some careful efforts,
I lowered myself to my knees while my head continue to spin
from her last strike. I tried to think where I went wrong.
All I could think about was Melissa's massive hooters.
How they felt, smelled, and shaped. I know I should be pissed
off at her for lying to Ms. Sager. After all she was the one
who seduced me in the first place. I didn't look up when
a dark figure silently enter the office. I almost didn't
hear the door clicking shut. I gasped as I looked up to see
Ms. Sager's secretary walking towards me. The giant
brunette had changed clothes. She wore a 2 piece black swimsuit.
Her brassier was studded with sliver spikes that any contact
would pierce the skin. Her bottom part was plain swimsuit
with bow ties on both side of her swinging hips. She walked
in a pair of black leather high heel shoes. She smiled down
at me as she came closer to me. "Aww... Did she hurt
you again? " she cooed. Melissa's long finger
traced the newly welt on my face. With all of my strength,
I savagely shoved her hand away, "Don't touch
me, bitch." The hand came back, in a fist, with an astonishing
speed, punched me in the face. Her punch lifted me off the
floor and on to my back. Blackness settled over my eyes,
like a blanket. I felt a pair of giant female hands dragged
me in a short distance. I opened my eyes to see a knee being
lowered on to my chest. The giant secretary made herself
comfortable as she sat down on her hunches. Her leather
high heel shoe felt cold against my naked cock and balls.
Her huge knee was painfully compressing the air from my
lungs. I tried to shove the leg aside, but it was planted
firmly. No matter what I did, I was trapped underneath the
weight of her shapely leg. I glared up at her immense form.
Her breast dominated most of the view as she smiled down
at me. "What's the matter? Can't get comfy, "
she taunted me while I squirmed. "Maybe, I can help, "
she said. Before I could ask, she immediately stood up straight
on her knees. The weight of her knee intensified which the
pain became excruciating painful. I felt a couple of my
ribs cracked as I screamed. Melissa laughed at my agony.
I felt that if she stay on her knees my chest would eventu-ally
cave in. I struggled to shift her immense weight, but that
brought even more pain to my chest. "What's the
matter with you? Everything I tried to make you happy, you
bitch about it, " the giant brunette said. She looked
down at me between her massive mammeries. Slowly a smile
began to form on her beautiful face as if she had an idea.
Her eyes twinkled with delightfulness as she licked her
lips in a sultry fashion. With one huge hand, she grabbed
both of my hands, and firmly placed them above my head. I
sucked a lungful of air when she released me from her painful
pressure. Before I could relax, she dropped her gigantic
tits on to my ribs. Her studded bra piercing my already swollen
chest caused me to scream once more. With just one of her
boobs, it very easily covered my entire upper body. She
began to grind me with her superior weight and her massiveness.
The spikes felt like it was tearing my skin in to shreds.
The giant secretary moaned, "Ooooh, this feels soo
good!" and proceeded to move even faster and wider
circles. Tears streamed out of my eyes as I bit my lips to
keep from crying out. As much as I tried to squirm but her
mammoth body kept me immobile. It literally constricted
my breathing, as I was taking in small amount of air at a time.
Her body heat continued to rise steadily as she rubbed her
tits across my chest. The pain was even more agonizing than
ever. "Aww...You're crying, " I heard
her say. My tears were streaming out rapidly. Then she dragged
her heavy breast down lower to my stomach with the metal
stud leaving a trail of red welts in it's wake. I felt
her wet rough tongue lapping up my tears off the side of my
face. Her hot breath steamed over my face as she moaned with
pleasure over each lick. With her free hand, she grabbed
my hair and pulled it back as she rammed her large tongue
down the back of my mouth. I couldn't help gagging for
several moments as I was forced to breathe through my nose
instead of my mouth. For several long minutes, I was to endure
her torturous torments. Suddenly her tongue slid out of
my mouth and her mountainous hooters were lifted. I opened
my eyes to find the giant Melissa still squatting on her
knees, towering above me. She was rubbing her crotch with
her right hand as she smiled down at me and commented, "That
felt good, Little man." Without getting up, she undid
the strings that held her shorts up on her hips. The garments
fell to the floor in a heap. "Now, let's see if
you can get me off, " she purred with ecstasy. With
a single hand, she pulled my legs between her tree trunk
size thighs until my head was under her crotch. Her dark
pubic hair loomed high above my head as I stared up at it.
Terror was beginning to over take me as she lowered her-self
towards me. My hands were still pin above my head, render-ing
it useless. I shook my head from side to side, screaming
and begging for her not to do this to me. Her huge hand pinned
my head down so that I could no longer shake my head as she
settled her muff down on my face. She released my head as
she gyrated her hips in a slow seductive manner. All I could
was breathe and smell her crotch. "C'mon, give
me some tongue action, " Melissa growled huskily.
I shook my head negatively the best I could. "Oh? You
don't want to? Seems that you didn't learn anything
from the last time, " Her voice had an edge of steel
that I didn't like. I didn't get much of a view since
her crotch and ass were on my face, but I could feel her other
hand stroking my right thigh as it went towards my half hard
shaft. Suddenly, intensive pain shot racked through my
body as the giant hand squeezed my dick. Melissa smiled
as she listened to my muffled scream. The pain stopped when
she asked me once more, "Are you going to do as I ask?"
What was left of my strength, I nodded my head weakly. I slowly
stuck out my tongue as she continued her shifting her hips
across my face. The giantess purred as she released both
of my hands to massage both of her enormous tits. "Now
I don't taste all that bad, do I?" she cooed. I
was fighting the urge to put my tongue back in my mouth after
tasting the bitterness of her vagina. Both of her huge hands
grabbed my head and tried to shoved it deeper into her cavernous
cunt. Her giant oscillating hip gyrated at a faster rate.
I was close to the point of passing out until Melissa rolled
off of me, pulling me with her. I laid on top of her gasping
for oxygen, until I heard her say, "Fuck me, you little
runt." I looked down at my half hard shaft, trying
to will it to rock hard, but I was to exhausted to do so. I had
a feeling that I would get a beating if I don't fuck the
secretary soon. This time, I willed an exotic image of a
woman at my height that any man would want to have for the
night. Slowly, my genial started to become erected. I crawled
forward slowly, as I stretched my legs and back. Suddenly,
something large and big swatted on my back. The blow sent
me sprawling forward, face first into the giantess's
tits. A voice, I know all to well, said, "You should
know better than that, Melissa. You'll screw up the
incantation if you let him touch you that way." I rolled
over to see my boss, Ms. Suzan Sager, towering above me.
She changed her clothes to something that looked more dominating.
She wore a pair of jet black high heel boots, which showed
off her massively powerful thighs. I could see her pubic
hair protruding from the sides of her panties. The cups
of her black lacy corset was being threatened to be overrun
by her giant hooters. Over her broad shoulders, she wore
a black cape, which hung all the way down to the floor. The
word, incantation, ran through my mind. "What could
she be talking about?" I thought to myself. "I
couldn't help myself, Ms. Sager. I haven't been
fucked in a long time, " said her secretary. I started
to get up off of Melissa, but the honey brown hair giantess
kicked me back down on to my back. "I think we're
going to have to debase Tony a little bit more, " snickered
my boss. The giant woman threw her cape back and withdrew
what looked like a strap on dildo. The thing looked pitifully
small in her hand as she snapped the straps around her waist.
If she was going to use that thing on me, I didn't want
any part of it. I tried to get up, but Melissa's shapely
long legs imprisoned me. No matter how hard I tried to get
out, I was no match against her superior strength. I banged
with my fist on her legs as the giant Suzan stooped down and
grabbed me by my shoulders with both of her hands and hauled
me to my feet. The giantess laughed at my efforts to escape
her hands as she stood up to her full height and then readjusted
herself so that the rubber dong was face level with mine.
She pulled me up close to her strap on dildo. The rubber dick
was longer than mine by a good 5 inches and thicker, too.
I shook my head every time my giant boss tried to insert the
shaft into my mouth. I had to brace my hands against her wide
hips. "Kiss my dick, dammit!" she growled at
me and I still re-fused to do so. Her huge hand nearly took
off my head when she slapped me. My nose was bleeding again
and the pain stung the left side of my face. "Now, kiss
it, dammit!" she ordered me again. I puckered my lips
to kiss the distasteful thing. I heard Melissa laughing
behind me. "Now, lick the side of the shaft to show
what a good little slut you are, " said Suzan. I turned
my head to lick the entire length of the entity. The taste
was bitter as I licked the shaft. She guided my head with
one hand, around the rubber dildo, to make sure that I've
licked every inch. The giant lady purred, "That's
very good, little slut. Now, " her two giant hands
grabbed the back of my head, "suck it." All resistant
was futile, as she arched her hips towards me, her powerful
hands pulled my head directly into her strap-on rubber
dildo. The thing forced its way into my mouth as I tried to
accommodate it's size. I half gag and half chocked
on the thing, but I wasn't given any choice. The giantesses
laughed at me as I struggled with it. Suzan continued to
stroke the rubber dong in and out of my mouth while tears
were streaming out of my eyes. Each time she pumped the projectile,
she drove it deeper and deeper into the back of my mouth.
My throat expanded until she drove the whole thing all the
way in. "So, how does it feel to be the weaker sex for
a change?" my boss asked me. I couldn't say anything
because the dong was still impaled into my mouth. She slowly
backed the shaft out of my mouth, forcing me to endure it
for a while longer. It came out with a silent pop. I wiped
my eyes dry as I looked up to see Ms. Sager grinning at me evilly.
I didn't like that look she gave me. Her rubber shaft
was pointing at my stomach when she dropped down on her knees.
"Guess what we're going to do next, " she
said with her eyes laughing at me. "Oh no, she not going
to fuck me with that thing, " I thought to myself.
With her superior strength, she easily turned me around
by my waist while I screamed and try to pull myself from her
power-ful grasp. Suzan smacked the hard rubber dong on
my ass pain-fully as she laughed gleefully. Pulling with
all my might, the giantess effortlessly lifts me off the
floor. I screamed as she penetrated my ass with the dildo.
"That's it, cry, little man, cry, " she
said. Cry, I did as she rammed the rod into me deeper each
time. I could feel my rectum being forcefully spread wider
each time she drives it into me. The thing burned my asshole
as it entered and exited me while she held me aloft a few inches
in the air where my toes could barely touch the ground. It
felt like eternity, before she drove it to the hilt. It felt
like a log was inside of me. I was still screaming my head
off and trying to push the dildo out of my ass. Ms. Sager continued
to laugh and tease me, "I can see why men enjoy rapping
women. I never felt so much power from fear, especially
from a tiny little man like you, Tony." The giantess
swatted my ass to inflict more pain upon me. I watched the
giant Melissa , through my tear-streaked eyes, smiling
to herself as she fingered herself in the crotch. The brunette
rolled on to her hands and knees, with cat-like grace, she
crawled towards me. She lowered her face down mine and licentiously
drove her big tongue in to the back of my mouth. Her large
hand caressed the right side of my face while her other hand,
with her fingers lightly played with my left nipple. I tried
to scream when the giantess roughly pulled the long dildo
out of my ass, but Melissa mouth covered mine. I fell to my
knees when Suzan released me. The brunette still held on
to me. "C'mon, Melissa. If you want the spell
to work, now is the time to do it when he feels he has been degraded
so low, " I heard Ms. Suzan Sager say. The secretary
released my mouth with a loud smack. My body crashed to the
floor as both of the giant-esses quickly drew a circle around
me with chalk and started to light candles that were surrounding
me. Then I heard something heavy dropped to the floor, near
my feet, but outside of the chalk drawn circle. I turned
my head towards the object. It was a statue of a woman that
somehow was radiating fear into me. Don't know why,
but I was definitely scare of that thing. The lights were
turned off and I watched Melissa put her clothes back on,
in the candlelight, knelt down on her knees near my head
and somehow I felt and knew the other giantess was behind
me. Strange words erupted from the Suzan Sager's mouth,
I couldn't tell if they were Greek or Latin. Her voice
rose and pitched with feverish frenzy. suddenly her dialogue
switched to English as I listened to her, "Hear me
my goddesses! I bring thee an offering of a gift. I beseech
thee to come forth. Let thine present beknown among us.
Honor us with thine present." "Hello, my ever
so bright daughter. What do you have to offer me this time?"
a voice that somehow was emulating through the angry stone,
but it sounded so cheerful. It wasn't right. All my
life, that when I went to church, there was never a present
or a voice that was heard when I was around. Ms. Sager replied,
"I bring thine an offering of this woman to be one of
your followers. From her she brings you this worth-less
man as her gift to the most holy thine." "Suzan,
drop the thee's and thine's. Those days are long
gone by and you're giving me a heartache thinking about
my other daughters who died when Rome decided to invade
the jungle. And for once say my name." "I'm
sorry my goddess, but you know if anyone says your name in
your present, the other gods will hear it and take actions
against you and us. Just like what happen with Amazon."
"Very well. Let's take a look at our new follower."
There was a brief pause. Somehow I could feel the goddess
floating over Melissa and then it moved back to the cold
statue. "You have done well, even though she still
has the lust for this carcass, but she will change, Suzan.
I will take her offering even though there is nothing to
take from the man-ape. I will have to take his strength."
"No need to take his strength. I already extracted
fluid from him. I was going to ask you a favor that you transfer
his strength to Melissa. She gonna need it in the near future."
I heard something popped and set on the floor next to me.
"Because you have done so well, I will grant you your
wish." Before I knew what happened, I felt something
powerful seized control of my mind and body. I closed my
eyes and screamed as my body convulsed uncontrollably
as I felt something being wrenched away from me. I felt the
statue's anger and power as it tore something from
me. After what felt like eternity, the pain subsided, but
I don't think it will ever go away. Melissa moaned with
such an intensity, that I had to look at her. Slowly, I opened
my eyes just a crack and then opened them all the way. I wished
that I hadn't. Despite the pain I was feeling, I stood
up on my feet and looked up to the colossal form of the secretary.
She was even bigger than before. I stare in astonishment
as the brunette grew more and more muscular in each passing
seconds. The black studded bra she wore, burst from her
oversize chest. Her shoulder broaden as she spread her
arms out like an eagle as her biceps exploded with power
on her arms. Her abdomen shrank and formed into a hard packed
washboard. She rose up higher upon her knees as I watched
her thighs swelled into mighty pythons. "It's
an incredible sight, isn't it, " I heard a voice
behind me. I turned around and nearly staggered back from
the view. Suzan also towered like a colossal giantess.
I turned around to look at the other woman and then back to
my boss. They were both at the same height, it seems that
I had been shrunk again. "Well, it seems that my Goddess
has gotten greedy again. You should be lucky. The last man
she had, she didn't stop shrinking him until he was
2 inches tall and we lost him in my pussy, " giggled
the giantess. She reached down and grabbed me by my waist
with one giant hand. Her fingers were thick as a telephone
pole as I tried in vain to pry them apart. I was brought up
close to her billboard size face. "We're gonna
have some fun, " her loud voice rumbled. I was already
frighten, I couldn't get any more scared than I was.
Suzan hastily dropped me to the ground as she leaned back.
I looked up to see that she was removing the rubber dildo
which was twice the height as I was. Next, she removed the
panties she was wearing and motioned me to come closer to
her huge vagina. Her crotch looked like a set of forbidden
doors to dangerous sexual passion as I came closer to her.
With two large fingers, she peeled back the labia, to reveal
a large wet gaping hole with a nipple hanging down from the
ceiling. With her free hand, I was shoved towards her cavernous
cunt. I dropped down onto my knees and crawled the rest of
the way to her. My giant boss roared with laughter. I sucked
her large clit while I inserted one arm into the hole. The
hole quickly closed around my arm before I could pull it
back. No matter how hard I tried to, I couldn't pull
my arm out. I started to panic. I stopped sucking her clit
and changed position. I planted both of my knees into the
floor and tried to pull. No avail. I kept on trying. I looked
up at the honey hair giantess. She had her hand covering
her mouth. Suddenly, she burst out laughing and my arm came
free. I fell back from the force of my arm coming free. Before
I could get up, her gigantic hand scooped my legs and hauled
me upright. "At this rate you're never gonna
make me cum, " she said. With one leg on her knee and
the other on it's feet. She centered me underneath
her crotch and inserted my head and chest into her cunt.
My scream turned into a gargling sound as she pumped me in
and out. My arms were pinned to the sides, were useless.
After what felt like eternity, her body started to shuddered
and her vagina muscles expanded and contracted. With the
help of her juice, I slid out of her dark hole and fell 10 feet
to the ground. I crumbled into a heap, covered with white
sticky ooze. I was ready to fall asleep after what I was put
through, until a giant hand snatch me from the floor and
my sleep. Panicking, I held on to the fingers. My eyes opened
to find Melissa's large face looking down on me. "Yummy, "
was all she said. The giant face zoomed down on me with her
mouth opened wide enough to swallow me whole. I screamed
as it came closer upon me. Her tongue came out of her mouth
and started to lick the cum off of my body. The giantess licked
me thoroughly as if she were a kid who would take great joy
in licking all of the batter off the spoon. In mere minutes,
she had me licked clean, although I reeked of her breath.
She dropped me back onto the floor, like some forgotten
toy. I crashed onto the floor with every part of my body in
pain. I rolled over to see Melissa's new body. The change
was astounding. She still had her large firm breast, but
for some reason it look bigger, even though I'm smaller
than I was before. The rest of her body had a lot of mass muscles
on it. Her stomach was a flat washboard with her abdominal
finely detailed. Her arms and legs was nothing but a mass
of powerful coils wrapped around it with blue veins crisscrossing
all over it. She was trying to put on her high heel shoes,
but her feet was too big. And she tried to put on her swimsuit.
The secretary's bottom part splayed when she pulled
them up. The top part, no matter how she tried, couldn't
reach all the way around her broad back. I couldn't
take my eyes off of her new body, it was incredibly exciting
to look at it and at the same time it was also dangerous. "Ms.
Sager, do you have anything that I could put on that will
fit me, until I could get some new clothes?" asked
Melissa. Suzan only pointed at her walk-in closet. The
giant secretary disappear into it. "Upon your hands
and knees, Boy Toy!" Ms. Sager voice cracked like
a whip. It hurt too much to do as she said, so I just laid there.
"If you don't do as I say, I'm gonna step on
you!" she threaten and still I didn't move. Her
high heel boot was suddenly on top of me, but there was no
pressure. Her foot was so large that it easily covered my
whole body. "I warned you what would happen if you
didn't obey, " she said. Her immense foot had
gotten incredibly heavy. My breathing became more and
more difficult. The pain came next as I screamed in agony.
For the next few moments, she kept up the pressure until
she was satisfied that she had punished me. Her foot was
suddenly gone and again she commanded, "Get on your
hands and knees, Dog!" With each movement was a stab
of pain, I slowly rolled over and got onto my hands and knees.
"Good boy! You deserve a treat. Lick my boots clean,
Boy Toy, " the giant honey hair lady ordered me. I
looked up to find her foot several yards away from me. I made
my way over to the black shiny boot. I started at the point
of her toe and worked my way back to the high heel. "Melissa,
do you still want this miserable little wimp?" yelled
my giantess boss. "No, not really. Why? Do you want
him?" asked the other woman. "Yes, I think he
would make a nice little paper weight for me and among other
things, " Ms. Sager responded. "So, what are
you going to do with your fabulous new body?" continued
the boss. "I think I'm going to get even with those
artist who tried to stuff me into a suit that was too small
for me, " said the secretary. "That's
fine, but hurt them too much. I need them for a new project, "
said she. A hand reached down and grabbed me by my waist.
I was hoisted high into the air, until I was level with Suzan
Sager's face. "Hear that? You're my property
from now on. Anything I say or do, you will not disobey me
at all or you'll suffer the consequences. You got that?"
she shook me in the palm of her hand. I dare not to say anything,
least she decides to drop me as my punishment. There was
a knock at the door. "Who is it?" asked Suzan.
The door opened and a familiar face walked in. Ruby asked
in a stumbling English, "I wanted to ask you, ..."
She stopped in the middle of a sentence when she saw me in
Ms. Sager's hand. Her eyes glinted with pure sexual
joy. I shuddered with the thought if she ever got her hands
on me. My tormentress did not even miss the look from Ruby's
eyes. She took it in stride. "I see. Well, for twenty
dollars, you can have him for the night and in the morning
you can drop him off with my secretary, " she offered.
Without a moment to think, Ruby bobbed her head in agreement.
The giant boss continued, "And if you want one of your
own, we'll talk about it tomorrow. For this you can
pay me later." Suzan walked towards Ruby and deposited
me between Ruby's deep cleavage. "NOOOOO! Don't
leave me with her!" I screamed as I tried to scrambled
out of her soft downy boobs. A hand came down on top of me and
pushed me in even deeper into her cleavage. The last thing
I remember was Ms. Sager saying, "Tony, remember
who's the boss now."

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