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Boat Story!!


This past year has turned me into a philosopher. My wife
and I both work hard; probably harder than we should because
we’re both pretty driven people; driven towards success
and given to self-doubt. Like most entrepreneurs we’ve
had some tough falls, but we’ve always managed to get back
into the ring and now my business is an unqualified success
and hers looks as if it will get there. But this story isn’t
about our business struggles, it’s about the things our
business has taught us about each other. Six months
ago I found out that my wife of ten years, Jessica, had been
having an affair with someone who I thought of as a good friend
and who worked in my business as my second in command.
The affair was probably my fault, I’ve always been a liberal,
thinking that sexual pleasure is one of the best things
about being alive, and I’d become aware that my wife, Jessy,
found my Vice President Jack sexy. I’ve also thought that
repression was not a good thing, lord knows I’d met a lot
of repressed people in my life and always felt that they
were the ones likely to do bizarre things, like molest kids.
We always had a certain amount of freedom in our relationship,
but one night while we were having sex I figured I’d tease
her a little by asking how she’d react if I blindfolded her
and had Jack sneak into bed and fuck her with me. My god, it
was Niagara pussy; she came harder than I could remember,
though she didn’t really want to talk about it later.
I started to notice that whenever we were at a corporate
function she always seemed to end up laughing in a corner
with him. We sometimes went out as a foursome with Jack and
his wife and I also started to notice that Jack’s wife had
become a little bit cooler towards Jessy. I’ve learned
through the years that women are a hell of a lot more perceptive
than men and I figured that something might be up.
At that time of my life the only thing I thought worse than
repression was dishonesty. I didn’t want to lose two
people in my life for something as foolish as an affair.
Right around that time I decided that I wanted a boat, and
I found a Bertram 46 that appeared mechanically sound though
it needed a cosmetic restoration. The boat was kept in Destin
Florida, about a two day trip away. I figured I’d
kill two birds with one stone and asked Jack to help
Jessy and I bring the boat home.
It was great to be on the water taking a long trip away from
worries, and the boat seemed to perform just fine. Jack
and I always got along great and I think he loved being on
the water just as much as I did. I still remember the little
thrill watching Jessy come up top, three long necks
in one hand, wearing a tiny bikini. I went over a couple of
wakes just to watch her tits bounce and I saw Jack’s head
move like the googly dog you see in the back window of a Mexican’s
car. She came over to stand next to me and put the beer bottles
down. I gave her a kiss on the back of the neck and undid the
string that held the bottom of her bikini, reaching around
and cupping a boob. Jessy turned to plant a kiss on my mouth.
The Bertram has a bench seat just forward of the helmsman’s
chair and Jack was sprawled in its corner. I saw him watching
us, so I removed my hand from her boob and undid the top string,
so her top fell to the deck. Jessy has gorgeous tits. About
a week before her period they get huge, something over a
D, she gets horny as hell and she can nearly cum from having
them fondled. She looked at me with curiosity but she made
no move to cover herself. I replaced my hand and felt her
nipples, which were as hard as pebbles and spent a few minutes
playing with her tits while she stood there, staring at
Jack. My dick became completely hard, and after a few minutes
I moved my hand to her bottoms and pulled one of the side ties.
The bottom joined her top on the boat deck and I ran my hand
between her legs. The console shielded Jack from seeing
much below her waist, but her pussy was soaking.
I said, “You had better take Jack his beer.”
She looked at me and said, “Like this?”
I was in a wicked mood, so I turned her to face me and picked
up Jack’s long neck, rubbing its top between her pussy lips.
“No, like this.”
She laughed and obediently took him his beer. I watched
as he put it to his mouth. He grinned and smelled it and then
took a long drink.
I lifted my bottle at him and said, “Here’s to sex on the high
Jessy has always had an exhibitionist streak, and she was
in rare form that day. She leaned up against the front of
the boat, one knee supported on the settee and proceeded
to give us a wonderful show, rubbing her pussy, using the
beer bottle as a dildo, playing with herself until she came.
When she sat down we both cheered, and she collected top
and bottom and went below.
Jack came to sit in the seat beside me and said, “That was
the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks.”
A few hours later we pulled into a marina for the night and
grilled steaks on a bar-b-que off the stern. Jessy had wrapped
a filmy sarong around her top and I suspected that she wore
nothing underneath. We sat in the stern until the bugs chased
us inside and set up the berths for sleep. I could feel Jessy’s
tension, but figured I’d see what else developed. We lowered
the dinette table for Jack’s bed, and I was thinking that
it would make a great playground, but I said nothing and
washed up for bed. The moment I closed out stateroom door,
Jessy was all over me. I pushed her back on the bed and spread
her knees apart, looking at her pussy. It was a dusky rose,
flooded with moisture. When I ran my tongue from her asshole
to her clit I collected a little puddle of pussy juice which
I rubbed into her belly.
“A little horny are we?”
“Yes you bastard, make me cum.”
I obliged, and licked her pussy for the few minutes before
she came and then I moved between her legs and entered her,
holding her knees up, so I could watch my cock moving in and
out. “Is this enough Jessy?”
“No, I want more.”
I fucked her for about ten minutes and she came again. “Is
that enough Jessy?”
“No, I want more.”
I lifted her knees higher and pushed my cock into her asshole
and fucked her for another ten minutes. She had started
grunting each time I plowed her, grunts with a little shriek
at the end, that were perhaps a little louder than usual.
I knew exactly why she was making so much noise. I said, “Is
that enough Jessy?”
She said, “No, I want more.” I went back to licking her pussy
and made her cum again, and while she was cumming I played
with myself and sprayed cum all over her tits. I rubbed it
in and said, “Is that enough, Jessy?”
She looked at me and said, “You know it’s not.”
I turned around and shouted, “Jack, I need some help in here.”
When he came though the door he was wearing a towel with a
tent in the front. I looked at him and said, “You can drop
that. Jessy is demanding more, so it’s your turn.” He dropped
his towel and his cock sprang free. It wasn’t quite erect,
but I was happy to note that it was a little shorter than mine,
perhaps not quite so thick either. Strangely, he got onto
the bed and laid on his back. Jessy jumped his cock like a
hungry robin, sucking it into her mouth, grabbing his balls
with her hand. In a minute she straddled him, her cum smeared
tits in his face. I reached between his legs and lifted his
cock, watching Jessy’s lips close around it. I lay back,
happy to watch her tits bounce, We’d always had a great sex
life, but I don’t think I’d ever seen anything that erotic.
When I saw her lean forward to put a tit in his mouth and watched
him cleaning my cum off like a cat I thought I’d died and gone
to sex heaven. I moved myself and stuck a finger up her ass,
and I could feel his cock through the thin skin. She looked
behind her and said, "Cna you feel him. Watch me work
it. She clenched her pussy so tight I could feel his cock
start to clench. He came a minute later, and it was the coolest
thing ever, to feel the cum gushing along the bottom of his
cock, filling her pussy while I reamed her ass.
We didn’t have sex with him again that trip, though he obliged
us by watching me eat her pussy and then fuck her exactly
in the same position he had. I know she got off having him
watch us because she was so wet that it was tough to get any
traction and it went on for a long time. We did fuck with him
a few more times, but then one night after we’d both had her
half a dozen times, in her pussy at the same time and then
me in her ass while he took her pussy, I saw her rush to the
bathroom to jump into his arms and I knew I had a problem.

It seemed as if my philosophy had back-fired. Temptation
wasn’t eliminated in this case by satisfaction. Old Oscar
Wilde was wrong on that score. I became convinced that she
had actually fallen in love with him, and for the next six
months I refused any more sexual adventures. She became
steadily more infatuated. Jack was a bit of a redneck. Physically
he was younger than I was but tended more to fat around the
middle. Perhaps more handsome in a certain light but half
as smart. She wanted to trade the jag for a pick-up, wanted
to buy him cowboy hats, took to wearing short skirts with
no underwear, saying that underwear were giving her the
frequent yeast infections that had started to interfere
with our sex life. Several times strange rashes had driven
her to the gynecologist and once she accused me of bringing
something nasty home.
I felt incredibly stupid, but tried my best to fight the
depression I felt descending over my entire life. Imagine
being the author of your own destruction in such a spectacular
fashion. It was almost a tragedy from fucking Shakespeare.
Our relationship lurched on, punctuated by furious rows
whenever I felt there was something not quite right. It
was almost an anti-climax when our maid came to me tearful
, saying she couldn’t stand it anymore. She led me into
my wife’s room and showed me a dozen skirts and dresses the
back of which were stained by cum.
“I’ve been sending things out to the laundry every day for
the past year, but last week when you went out of town the
sheets were so full of this stuff I had to throw them away.
It’s not right. You’re too good.”
When I confronted Jessy I was surprised to learn that it
had been going on right from the first time, and I wonder
some days whether it had been going on longer.
Anyway that was six months ago. Now the funny thing
was that there were two levels on which this affected
me ‒ of course I had to deal with the business level first
and that was tough.
Men are pigs and no one knows that more than a man. If a woman
throws him the opportunity, or if she sends the signals
indicating that there is an opportunity then a guy is going
to take the shot and all men know it. The likelihood that
a man would turn down a free fuck even from his best friend’s
wife is remote and this is just a fact of life. There is no
question she started the affair; but from a business perspective
it meant that I had been lied to on a regular basis and though
forgiveness came easily to me I soon realized that everything
about my relationship with Jack had changed and that I no
longer felt the same bond. When I found out about the regular
trips to my home when I was out of town somehow that just made
me realize he would have to go.
The sex level was tougher; because, if I admitted it to myself,
the thought of my wife hiking up her skirt and getting pounded
on the desk or letting her lover in for a late night romp while
I was out of town was exciting. Sorry, but if you’ve been
fucking the same person for ten years straight then thinking
of a little variety is inevitable. Can’t say I hadn’t had
the same drives and in the earlier years of our relationship
fooled around plenty but I started this new business five
years ago and the only women I now met were the ones who worked
for me and I was not going to go there.
So the past six months had been a challenge, but
they had been better than the year that preceded them. I
briefly thought about divorce, but the truth was that we
got along in so many ways and we had built a good partnership.
Of course perhaps there had been so much deception that
my thinking that were was a partnership might be just another
self-delusion. They hadn’t been honest with me and perhaps
I still wasn’t being honest with myself. We talked about
the affair for the first few months as I worked my way through
the anger, but then we put it in a box, closed the lid and went
on with our lives. Isn’t that the way of life, though?
If we accept that the only person that we truly know is ourself,
and we catch our self in deception where does that leave
the rest of our relationships?
So here we are, working hard and we have a rare four
day week-end come upon us and the chance to use our fishing
boat, the same 46 foot Bertram that we’ve now had lovingly
restored. In the springtime we had a few days off and decided
that we would go fishing off the coast of Mississippi with
a couple that we had known for a few years.
Delilah and Sam are nice people, people that we feel comfortable
around, but we had really only spent a few hours at a time
together, dining or playing golf, and you always take a
chance when you agree to spend a few days on a boat with anybody,
but we figured that they were reasonably laid back so we
made the invitation. We also thought that if it got really
bad we were only three hours away and a business
emergency could always be manufactured. We keep our boat
in Gulfport, Mississippi so we thought we’d leave on Friday
morning and head over to Ship Island, trolling for tuna
on the way. We arrived at the boat at seven in the
morning to find Delilah and Sam already waiting. The boat
was fueled and ready so we achieved a quick departure.
Delilah and Sam are both in their early thirties, almost
ten years younger than we are and we’ve known them for probably
five years. During that time, they’ve gone through
the same kind of rough spots that we had, caused by too much
pressure and too little time together. We were all ready
for a few days away from the grind. Delilah is about the same
height as her husband, about 5’ 9”, tall and willowy. She’s
an executive in a PR firm and always looks put together,
but I had never seen her dressed in anything more casual
that tailored pants and a shirt, but she turned up today
looking appropriately nautical, tight white shorts,
billowy seersucker shirt tied under her boobs and a white
ballcap. Her strong cheekbones, page-boy haircut and
big framed sunglasses made her look like a picture postcard
for a nice resort. Her hubby is also in PR and is similarly
image conscious. We knew that both of them were active in
their local church, and, I suppose, that was probably the
only discordant thing in our relationship, as the only
thing we’re religious about is our exercise program.
Delilah has been around small boats most of her life, so
she was an ideal crew mate, and we gave her the helm while
we baited the lines and set up to troll. Once we traveled
far enough to find the weed line we would let out the bait
and then maintain a slow trolling speed. The moment we got
offshore my wife, Jessica, disappeared below to change
into her swimsuit and to make a tray of margaritas. When
she appeared I don’t know which looked better, those frozen
concoctions in an icy glass or her luscious figure clad
in a thin black one-piece cut high on her cheeks. It’s always
a shock to see someone in public in a swim suit for the first
time in a season, at least it is for me. It’s the same feeling
as talking to a stripper and then seeing her naked a few seconds
later. I checked her out as she climbed the steps and whistled,
and of course Sam looked up and laughed and told her that
she looked great.
We left the girls to chat while we kicked back in a couple
of deck chairs to absorb some rays and keep an eye on the lines.
About an hour in we had a good bite on two of the rods
and Delilah handled the boat like a pro, raising the trim
tabs and backing down hard on the fish as we got them close
to the boat. Half an hour later we had two forty pound
tuna; but we knew that the ice chest and our own needs would
be satisfied by one, so we cut one loose and dressed our prize
on the spot. Sam and I were pretty fishy and sweaty after
our fishing challenge, so we told the girls to head for Ship
Island, pulled in the remaining lines and went below to
clean up. A Bertram 46 is a perfect boat for a couple, and
has a nice master stateroom with a big island bed, but the
guest stateroom is pretty small with two separate
single beds. Of course there is only one head and shower.
Our clothes were pretty nasty after boating and cleaning
the tuna so I stripped off in the cockpit under the overhang
and left my clothes outside while I headed for the shower.
If we had been alone I would have used the cockpit shower
but Delilah hadn’t even changed into a swimsuit and I was
afraid she would be offended. I could see the indecision
in Sam’s eyes, when I took off my clothes but I guess he figured,
when in Rome, so he shed his clothes and followed me inside.

Of course I couldn’t help but notice the details of his
body. He was less muscled than I was and about 4 inches shorter,
but his body didn’t have any extra fat. I was surprised to
notice that he had shaved all of his body hair. I’ve always
kept my balls and the base of my cock shaved but I’ve always
liked my chest hair. His body appeared very young without
any hair. His cock was shorter than mine but was much thicker,
and the head was very pronounced. He insisted that I shower
first, but kept on talking about the fish, so I left the head
door open while I showered, though I closed the clear glass
shower door. I felt him studying me, I guess in the same way
that I had studied him. I think we’re always curious about
other people’s bodies, but I felt a little strange showering
with him leaning on the door talking while I soaped and rinsed
myself, and I actually felt myself start to thicken a little,
which I found a little disturbing and mentally put a stop
to it. When I turned off the shower and got out, he handed
me a towel. I felt slightly embarrassed as I thought he might
notice that my dick had gotten a little chubby, but as I took
the towel from him I had the distinct feeling that his cock
was similarly a little bigger. I dried off as he showered
and he seemed determined to continue the conversation
as he soaped himself, so I stood there talking. I thought
he spent a lot of time soaping his dick and saw that he had
gotten a lot thicker; that was embarrassing, but hey catching
big fish is definitely a testosterone kind of deal, but
still I was kind of surprised. His thickening dick was interesting
to look at; it had a broad, flat, very defined head, and even
not fully aroused curved upwards like a scimitar. I had
a tough time not staring at it, I guess we’re all fascinated
about other people’s sexuality. It was tough to look away;
and I lifted my eyes to see him watching me. I had wrapped
my towel around me, but seeing him getting erect was exciting
in a disturbing way and I could feel that tingling fullness
that meant that my dick was going the same way, so I pulled
out another towel and went to our stateroom to change into
some shorts and a shirt, willing my cock into quiescence.

Just as I exited the stateroom, my wife entered the salon
and Sam walked out of the bathroom buck naked heading towards
their cabin. I heard my wife say, “Well hi Sam” and then the
sound of the blender. When I went up to offer help I could
see that her ears were red, and she was a little clumsy handed,
and she turned her mouth to my ear and said, “I saw Sam naked
and I think his cock was hard.” I looked at her and said, “And”
and she replied, “And nothing, it was just funny.”
I helped assemble the drinks and went topside. We were just
pulling up to the south side of Ship Island, and Delilah
was reducing our speed, looking for a nice sand shelf that
would hold our anchors. I went forward and dropped a double
anchor setup to hold us tight and Delilah killed the motors.
It was about three in the afternoon, and I went up
top to check the instruments and then remotely lower the
dingy that I had unshipped while I was on the bow.
Delilah announced that she would like to go for a walk on
the dunes, so we all packed up some towels and sun lotion
and headed for the sand. We had only walked twenty feet when
we came upon our first nude couple, lying stretched out
on the sand. The they sat up and greeted us, and we felt like
Muslims at a Christian Revival, but we kept on trucking
a little further down the beach, and immediately came across
four more naked people. Delilah commented that
this was obviously the nude section of the beach and one
couple overheard her, and they told her that indeed this
was the area where nudity was permitted. We were now about
three hundred feet from the boat and I wasn’t anxious
to move any further away, so I suggested we put our towels
down here.
I guess I was as surprised as anyone when Sam suggested
that we shouldn’t embarrass our neighbors by remaining
clothed, and he quickly shed his trunks and shirt. It would
have been awkward, I thought, for him to be the only one,
so I started unzipping and unbuttoning, while Jessica
started to slip off her swimsuit. Delilah was the only one
who looked nervous, but she started following suit and
laughed, saying that she couldn’t have imagined doing
this on our vacation.
Jessy has a beautiful lush body, but she’s slightly self
conscious about her tits, which she feels are a little large
and sag more than she’s happy with, but the truth is they’re
gorgeous; very full, with well defined rose colored aereolas
and slightly darker colored very small nipples. They do
sag a little, but only enough so that they sway when she walks,
and I’ve always loved their entrancing motion. Immediately
after she took off her swimsuit she walked to the water,
and I watched Delilah strip out of the corner of my eye.
I had never seen much of her body previously to this, but
had always assumed that she was pretty flat-chested. Boy
had I been wrong. She was tall and lithe with very boyish
hips and a high rounded butt, but her boobs were definitely
outsize and in fact, when I turned to look at her I realized
that she had had a boob job. They were now pretty close to
a D cup, and she had fairly dark areolas with very pink nipples.
She lay down on her beach towel next to me, and said, “Do you
like my boobs? They’re only about three months
old. You’re the second man, other than my doctor, to have
seen them.”
I looked at her, smiling at me behind her sunglasses. Sam
walked down towards the water and I looked for my wife. She
was in the water up to her nipples, but I could see her face
quite clearly, and I could tell that her eyes were on Sam’s
cock. He had a nice ass too. I saw him wade out to Jessica and
stand beside her, talking.
I looked at Sam and said, “Well, yeah I think they look great.
What made you decide to get them?”
She sat up and held them in her hands, and looked down, “I
don’t know really, I guess I just liked girls with big boobs.
They’re very soft.” She fitted her actions to her words
and grabbed them tight, which had the effect of causing
her nipples to lengthen and harden. She lay back on her towel
and turned over and said, “Rick will you put some tan lotion
on my back, please.”
I thought to myself, “This is not good. You’re going to have
to get on your knees to do this and you’re going to get hard.”
I uncapped the bottle and spread some on my hands and started
on her neck and shoulders, all the while doing a complicated
fuel calculation, trying to keep my mind off the soft skin
I was coating in lotion. So far, so good. I had just about
finished my calculation and the lotion application and
thought things were going well when Delilah said, “Will
you do my legs too, please.”
Another calculation would be required for this task, I
thought, and was trying to work out our likely average speed
over ground in getting here, deciding to convert it into
yards per minute. The legs were done; they were, like the
back, well muscled and firm toned. I had just about managed
to avoid looking at her butt and the shadowy area between
her legs, when she said, “Don’t forget my butt, ” and moved
her legs apart about six inches.
I could tell I was fucked now, for no amount of control was
going to help me here. Her ass cheeks were perfect little
bubbles; round and high, such that there was actually a
little crease where the muscles of the ass met her legs,
and as I put the lotion on the inside of her thigh I could that
see the outer lips of her pussy were completely shaven.
Peeking out between these two plump outer lips
were two little fat lips that mimicked the coral
color of her nipples, and as I watched a single bead of moisture
welled from between them. The bitch was getting turned
on. My cock on seeing this, decided that it was time to say
“Fuck math, I’m leaving home, Dad, ” and sprang into full
combat mode.
I finished and sat back on my heels, hoping to shield my hard
cock with my hand until I could roll over, but the moment
I finished she rolled onto her side facing me and said, “Nice
cock, Rick.”
I gathered my dignity and said, “Thanks, I think.”, Delilah
giggled and said, “I thought you’d get hard rubbing my butt.
It was probably bad to ask you to do it.”
I rolled onto my stomach and she said, “I’m going to do you
now, ” and sat up.
She gave a great massage, and I felt all the tension of the
past few weeks melt away as she rubbed lotion into my shoulders.
I think I was actually near to falling asleep, whe she left
my back and started rubbing my ass. All of a sudden, I was
on high alert. She rubbed each cheek carefully and then
started her finger down my backbone and traced it all the
way down, cruising slowly over my asshole. She actually
circled it with her fingertip and pushed a quarter of an
inch inside before moving on. She pulled my legs a little
apart and worked on them, spending a lot of time on my inner
thighs, intentionally I thought, sticking her fingers
into that soft flesh between my balls and my ass. She slapped
my cheek and said, “I dare you to turn over.”
I laughed and refused, saying, “I’ll turn over in a few minutes.”
And she replied,
“If you wait a few minutes you’ll miss Sam and Jessica playing
in the water.”
I lifted my head and looked at the water. Jessica was laying
on her back floating, with Sam’s hand under the small of
her back supporting her, his face at the level of her pussy.
From the direction of his gaze I could tell he was staring
right into her lips, and I could see her scissoring her legs
together and apart. While we watched I was sure we saw him
move his head down, but his back was now to us and we couldn’t
see any more.
After a few more math problems, I was able to turn over and
Delilah and I started talking about something inconsequential,
but the sun was now starting to set. We saw Sam and Jessica
start walking towards us. As they left the water I could
see that Sam’s dick was just as hard as it had been earlier,
and it bobbed in time with their steps. I could see Jessica’s
head tilted down, watching its motion and I wondered what
was going through her mind. Seeing her like that, with that
degree of open interest was erotic as hell, and though I
tried to keep my thoughts under control, I could feel my
cock, heavy with the sun, starting to stretch against my
thigh. Delilah was definitely a tease for as Sam and Jessica
came close she said, “Look both Sam and Rick had got hard
cocks, ” and she was right, both of us were bobbing with
our heartbeats.
We all laughed, dressed and began our walk back to the boat.
Once we were onboard, it was time to shower off the sand using
the outside shower. It seemed natural at this point to strip
again and Jessica fetched some soap, saying that we had
to be careful not to use too much water because the watermaker
might not be able to keep up. She suggested that I hold the
shower head while Delilah showered off, and then shocked
me by proceeding to lather up Delilah’s back while Sam did
her front. Delilah just stood there, perfectly still,
her legs spread slightly apart, looking at me, while hands
roamed all over her body. I saw Sam spread her pussy lips
with one finger and she closed her eyes; but what really
shocked was seeing my wife’s manicured finger slide up
from behind, so that one red nail scraped over her lips.

It was Sam’s turn next and Delilah took his back while Jessica
took his front. Jessica soaped his chest, drawing circles
around his nipples and then down his stomach. I thought
she would stop there, but not tonight. His cock had hardened,
and I could see her hand close around it briefly, tracing
its length and shape. She then moved to his balls, weighed
them in her palm and kneaded them. Once again, I saw a hand
appear from behind, this time Delilah’s as she cradled
his balls. I directed the showerhead over his body and removed
the last trace of soap. To my surprise, Jessica was the one
who held the shower head for me. She stood on the lowest step
of the ladder, so she could reach my head, while Sam and Delilah
soaped my body. Delilah had taken my front and rubbed my
chest, but I think I was actually paying more attention
to Sam who was behind me. Delilah directed me to spread my
legs, and then proceeded to soap my cock. This wasn’t the
superficial cleaning that Jessica had given Sam. Delilah
grabbed me at the root and squeezed it hard, watching a drop
of pre-cum ooze from my head. I could feel Sam’s hand move
to my ass and was disconcerted to feel a finger brush my asshole
and then a second hand lifted my balls. Delilah had dropped
to her knees and was soaping my legs, going high into my inner
thigh; tracing my erection all the way to my asshole. I could
feel pressure mounting in my balls, but my dear wife saved
the day by turning the shower to cold and rinsing me off.
My tormentors retreated from the chilly water, and we all
toweled off.
Each couple retreated to their rooms to dress for dinner.
As soon as the door closed I said to Jessica, “That was unusual
and unexpected.”
“But a lot of fun. Good vacation, huh?” she replied, reaching
for my head, pulling me down into a long and passionate kiss.
“What are you going to make us for dinner?” she asked.
“Tuna steaks, salad, grilled tomatoes and sauteed brocolli,
with chocolate sundaes for dessert.” Cooking has always
been my thing, so I went into chef mode while the others sat
around the salon. Jessica was wearing a short skirt and
a stretchy top, without a bra. Delilah appeared wearing
a filmy sarong wrapped around her and tied over her breasts.
I suspected there was nothing underneath. Delilah and
Sam curled up together on the sofa with Jessica sitting
at the dining table while I started cooking. Jessica had
opened a bottle of wine and Delilah asked the story of our
relationship. Now this is one of the more embarrassing
stories of our relationship and Jessica always tells the
edited version, but tonight she told the truth. She said
that she had been living with a girlfriend and that the both
of them decided that they would like to sleep with me and
then had asked to move in with me. The three of us
had lived together for over a year before the other girl
moved away to pursue another degree.
Delilah said, “That’s quite a story. You mean that the two
of you were roommates?”
Jessica laughed and said, “No the two of us had been
lovers for nearly a year before we met Rick. We were pretty
committed for a while.”
Sam said, “Wow Rick, you lucky dog. You must have been in
It hadn’t all been easy, but it certainly had its sensual
highlights. I teased Sam by saying; “It was tough keeping
track of who got to sleep in the middle every night.”
Delilah said to Jessica, “What was it like having a girl
Jessica smiled and said, “It was wonderful. It was great
and then Rick came along and it got even better. We liked
sharing him and sharing each other with him.”
I looked over at Sam. There was no doubt he had gotten hard
thinking about our past romantic life; I could see a little
wet spot forming on his white shorts. Delilah noticed me
looking and grabbed his cock through his shorts and said,
“Rick, Sam is very excited by that story, ” She leaned into
him and kissed him passionately, and as he reached for her
the sarong fell open. They stayed kissing for a minute or
so, and Delilah’s nipples were hard. When they broke apart
she grabbed her sarong together and said, “Sorry, I got
carried away.”
Jessica said, “Let me see your boobs, Delilah. I’ve been
thinking about getting mine done. Was it terribly painful?”
“It wasn’t a picnic, but I’m happy I did it.” She stepped
towards Jessica and retied her sarong around her waist.
She looked down as she cupped them, holding them up for Jessica’s
Jessica said, “Where is the incision?”
Delilah lifted up her arm and showed her the scar hidden
in her armpit, “He went in through here. It’s not too bad.
Of course it’s only been three months, so it’s still
a little red.”
Jessica said, “Are they still sensitive?”
Delilah said, “I think they’re even more sensitive. The
sensations seem to be amplified for some reason. I can almost
cum from just having them kissed. Would you like to feel
them? They’re very soft.”
Jessica smiled and reached one small hand to cup one of her
breasts. She was sitting down, so Delilah’s boob was at
face level and she reached out a hand to accept the invitation.
I could see her weigh and lift it, and then she leaned forward
and took a nipple into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue.”
Delilah moaned and she let it slip out of her mouth, wet and
“It’s that sensistive?”
“Oh yes.”
I was shocked and a little disturbed. After all I wasn’t
sure where this was leading and I wasn’t sure where I wanted
it to go. I said, “Anybody want a chocolate sundae?”
Jessica laughed and said, “Rick I don’t think so, but I know
where I’d put the whipped cream.” The others joined in the
laughter as I did but I was feeling a little nervous. She
continued, “I didn’t ever see you naked before the boobs,
what did they look like?”
Delilah said, “Well they were small and they sagged. I never
thought they were very nice looking.”
Jessica removed her top and said, “This is what I don’t like
about my boobs. They’ve always been large, but over the
years gravity has put this crease here and I don’t really
like it.” She demonstrated by grabbing a handful of boob
and lifting it. “I don’t know whether an implant would help
Delilah reached and said, “Your boobs are beautiful. I
wouldn’t do anything to them.” She slipped her hands under
Jessica’s and lifted, taking Jessica’s breasts in her
own hands and lifting them. “I love the way they move when
you walk. Watching you walk from the water today was incredibly
erotic. They sway just perfectly. She lowered her head
and took a nipple in her mouth, and then reached over and
traded nipples, so both were long and hard.
What was going to happen? On one level their play was innocent,
but I suspected that it could easily get more serious. I
didn’t know what to do to change the course of the conversation
without seeming like a stick in the mud dweeb. I looked over
a Sam, who was reclining on the sofa, his shorts visibly
tented. I said, “I’m going to check the anchor lines, ”
and went out on deck. I turned on the GPS and set an anchor
alarm, which works by taking a position and then sounding
an alarm if the boat shifts off that position by more than
ten feet. I then walked forward and checked the anchor lines,
placing my hand on each and feeling for any movement across
the sand. They seemed solid. I stood up and mentally took
bearings on the land, faintly visible in the moonlight.
I felt, rather than saw someone move up beside me. Jessy
put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Sorry if I made you
I stood up and took her into my arms. “It’s okay, sweetheart.
Playing in the shower was fun this afternoon, but I’m not
sure I’m comfortable with any more. I love you.”
“Come on, we’re going to play a card game.”
We went into the salon, and I felt a little uncomfortable,
kind of a party pooper feeling, but Sam and Delilah didn’t
seem uncomfortable, and I uncorked another bottle of wine
while Sam dealt a poker hand. We played for about half an
hour, chatting about nothing, laughing and having fun.
Delilah said, “Can I ask a difficult question?”
Jessica said sure, and Delilah said, “Have you guys ever
had any issues about fidelity?”
Now that was a hell of a question, and I would have laughed
if Delilah hadn’t looked so serious. In fact, it was a tough
question for us. The affair had been difficult for both
if us and there had been times when I had despaired of our
relationship surviving. I wasn’t about to say anything,
but I think the wine had started to go to Jessica’s head,
for she blurted out, “Rick caught me having an affair about
six months ago. I think we’re okay talking about
Delilah said, “Me too, I mean I caught Sam having an affair
about the same time, with a girl in the office.” She looked
at Sam, “It was tough to go through. I guess most couples
who have been together for a long time have to deal with it.
How did you deal with it Rick?”
“Well, I was sad, and wondered what I had done and then felt
angry. I wasn’t sure why it had happened, but I guess I understood.
I had been tempted a few times myself. I think that relationships
are so complex and sex is such a driving need. I sometimes
think that there is a built-in genetic drive to seek sexual
Delilah held her wine glass out to me, “Exactly. It’s tough
to blame someone for something we feel ourselves isn’t
it? Just like the two of you getting hard this afternoon.
I mean, Sam and I have a great sex life but it’s pretty unlikely
that if it had been just Sam and I this afternoon that we would
have gotten nearly so aroused. The problem is how to accommodate
that without dishonesty and heartbreak.”
Those were pretty wise words, or so they seemed to me at midnight
after four glasses of red wine. The card game was
winding to an end and I got up and cleaned the remaining dishes
in the galley. I said goodnight and went to use the head.
I undressed, put on silk shorts and brushed my teeth. Delilah
was waiting when I came out, dressed in a very short translucent
teddy that hung off the peaks of her breasts. She said, “I
hope I didn’t upset you.” I reassured her, and she leaned
forward to kiss me goodnight, and her leg brushed my cock.
She kissed me full on the mouth and I could feel her mouth
open and then a very pointed tongue licked my lips. She smiled
and turned away walking up the three steps to the
salon, her pretty little butt winking beneath her teddy.

Sam followed while I opened the bed covers and then it was
Jessica’s turn and then she turned the lights off and found
me under the covers. I could tell she was aroused and indeed
when I reached for her found that her lips were completely
wet. I chuckled and said, “What no foreplay?”
She said, “No, just lick my pussy” and pushed my head between
her legs. Her lips were slippery, her clit smooth and hard
and when I took it into my mouth she gasped and cried out,
clutching handfuls of sheets, her back arching in orgasm.
I continued licking, but then heard the door open and Delilah’s
giggle. “Sorry to interrupt, but we can’t sleep in those
tiny beds, can you help us lower the dinette?” She was naked
and I said, “let me just get a towel” She replied, “Why bother,
it’s not as if I haven’t seen and touched it already.”
I got out of bed and walked into the salon. Sam had turned
on the navigation lights, so the salon was bathed in a dim
red glow and he was naked struggling with the lowering mechanism.

He said, “I’m sure I can figure this out but Delilah was getting
Delilah was standing at the top of the stairs and giggled.
I saw Jessica’s head appear behind her, and saw Jessica’s
hands reach around her hips, stroking her tummy. Delilah
said, “Please hurry.” I crawled under the table, found
the lever, and lowered the table. Sam put all the cushions
back and I said, “Let me get the foam cover and the sheets.”
Sam helped me, his erect cock bobbing, and when we were done
he stood up and said, “Thanks.”
I’ve always thought that erections look slightly ridiculous
other than when they’re engaged in the sex act, and I’m sure
we made a strange picture, both of us standing there, cocks
bobbing, looking at our wives. Delilah was holding on to
the cabinet at the top of the stair, my wife behind her three
steps below. Her arms were no longer around Delilah, but
I could see that Delilah was standing with her legs shoulder
width apart and that my wife’s hand was stroking her lips.
I said, “Right, I think you’re ready.”
Delilah’s eyes opened and she said, “Oh yes, I’m ready.”
She moved towards Sam and fell on her knees, taking his cock
in her mouth, looking up at me.
I moved back toward our cabin, cock bobbing, my emotions
in turmoil. Jessica followed me, shutting the door. I crawled
onto the bed and she was there on top of me. She reached for
my face and I smelled Delilah’s juices, and then she put
her fingers in my mouth. “She tastes good, doesn’t she”
I heard her say, and she was right. Her head moved lower and
her mouth closed over my aching cock. I could hear rthymic
wet slapping from the other room and felt myself starting
to release. Jessica clamped an iron hand around my balls
and said, “Not yet, not until we hear her scream.” She moved
up towards my face and mounted me, sliding on with practiced
grace, grinding her pudendum hard on the base of my cock.
She moved up and down slowly and I could sense that she was
timing her strokes to match those of the couple next door.
After fifteen tortured minutes, I could hear faint rthymic
moans that started rising in pitch and volume. The moans
started taking the form of words, “Fuck me, fuck me, me,
me, me, oh my god I’m cumming so hard.” A final shriek and
I was there too. Just before I started my orgasm Jessica
placed her hand redolent with Delilah’s juices under my
nose and that set me off. I grabbed Jessica’s hips and plunged
recklessly, filling her pussy with my seed.
We slept soundly, though Jessica reached for me again in
the early morning, demanding me. She slept again afterwards,
though I put on shorts and walked quietly though the cabin,
ignoring Delilah’s head moving over Sam’s cock. I baited
a hook and cast it off the stern, more to take my mind off the
sexual energy inside than anything else. A few minutes
later the cabin door opened and Delilah appeared. She was
naked, yawning, with a fist in her mouth. I could see dried
cum streaking her leg. Another boat had pulled up to the
island and was anchored only a hundred feet away. I had waved
at the young couple when I came on deck but I’m sure they weren’t
expecting to see Delilah standing naked on the transom
scissoring neatly into the crystal clear water. I reeled
in my bait, and sat and watched. She came up out of the water,
hair slicked back, golden in the morning light, and laughed,
“Come on in and keep the sharks away.” I thought about it
only for a second, since I too had dried jism all over me.
I put a ladder over the stern, stepped out of my shorts and
jumped. Delilah was floating on her back when I paddled
up. She said, “Let’s swim for shore.” Shore was only a hundred
yards away so we set out, Delilah matching me stroke for
stroke, her lean body cleaving the water. When we arrived
she said, “Let’s walk. We had great sex last night. It made
it much better hearing you.”
“What do you mean hearing me? You were the one making a racket.”

“Oh no I wasn’t. I heard you shouting. That’s what set me
off. You gave me a very good orgasm.”
I said, “You know it’s not good naturist etiquette to become
aroused on a beach. If you keep on talking about it I’m going
to be a rude boy.”
Delilah grabbed my hand, swinging it, “OK I won’t talk about
it. How did you catch Jessica?”
I said, “Well that’s a subject guaranteed not to make me
erect. I found cum in about a dozen skirts that she had worn
to work. I got a test to make sure that it was cum and then I
tested half a dozen of her other skirts with mysterious
stains. She had taken to not wearing underwear, claiming
that they gave her yeast infections.”
Delilah laughed “I found underwear in Sam’s suit jacket.
He didn’t know how they got there. The bitch put them there
for me to find. Did you get aroused thinking of Jessica fucking
someone else?”
I looked at her, stopped walking and turned to face her.
Her body was perfect in the morning light, her nipples slightly
protrubent, coral pink and slightly translucent at their
tips. “Why are we talking about this?”
She bit her lip and I thought I saw her eyes get a little shiny,
“Because I’m afraid it will happen again. I think that’s
why I got these.” She grabbed her boobs. “Not that I didn’t
always want them. But I’m afraid that the next time it’s
going to be me that’ll have the affair. I’ve been thinking
about it. When we went though counseling one of the reasons
Sam gave was curiosity and boredom. That’s not going to
change, and sometimes I think I’ve given something up.
I think I want more memories to sustain me in my old age. I
understand Sam’s feelings cuz I share them, but I want it
to be honest and in the open.”
“What does Sam think about that?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Sam is not quite as open as you are, which is
wh y we’re talking about it, I guess.”
I said, “Yes I did find it erotic. I have spent a lot of time
picturing her with another man inside her, doing it on the
spur of the moment in odd places, trying things that are
different just because she could. I never doubted that
she wants our relationship to continue, but yes I could
see her doing it again. She knows that if I caught her it would
be over though. I wouldn’t go through with that again. It
was exciting to think of the sex part but the dishonesty
really hurt. It put me off thinking about doing it myself.”
“I know what you mean. So now I’m going to be very honest.”
She kicked her feet in the sand, looking down like a little
girl. “Let’s head back. You don’t have to give me an answer,
but I want you to figure out how all four of us could
have an affair together .” She let go of my hand and raced
back towards the boat, her cheeks winking in the sun, boobs
swinging. I saw the couple from the boat anchored next to
us getting out of their dinghy and thought, oh no, poor people,
but then I saw them taking their clothes off, leaving them
in the dinghy. They walked towards us. Delilah slowed down,
facing back towards me, making a circle with her thumb and
finger in front of her chest where the couple couldn’t see.

Delilah stopped, waiting for me and then mimed oral sex,
her tongue making a tent of her cheek, her hand circling
an imaginary cock and then she laughed. As the couple walked
up I could see why. They were young, perhaps in their early
twenties. She was pleasantly plump, in the sometimes way
of girls of that age, with round chubby breasts, a B cup,
but high, as though her nipples were attached to helium
balloons. Her waist was tiny and her full hips swelled below
emphasizing her waist. She looked like one of those Hindu
goddesses, round hipped, cute faced. Her pubic hair was
a thin whisp that didn’t even cover her lips. Delilah’s
reaction however, came not from her but from her boyfriend
who simply had the most enormous cock I had ever seen. It
was thick and at first I thought he must be very short, but
when he got close I realized he was only a few inches shorter
than I and quite thin. His cock must have been ten inches
flacid, and his balls were equally outsize, though they
were nestled in a bird’s nest of pubic hair. Delilah linked
my arm as I came up to them. They said “Hi. We saw you guys walking
naked so we thought this must be the nude beach.” He smiled
and said “My name’s Dick.” He paused and smiled, “and this
is Jenny. Are you guys fishing?”
I said that we had done some yesterday and that we had caught
a nice sized tuna and offered them some. He thanked me and
said that this was the first time they had brought their
rig out, and that they had fished all day yesterday and hadn’t
even had a nibble. Would I mind looking over their rig and
telling them whether they were set up correctly?
Delilah piped up and asked whether they were interested
in coming with us; we would be leaving in about an hour and
would probably fish for about three hours. If they
were interested, they could bring their rods and ride along,
assuming they felt comfortable with their anchor.
I could tell they were shy, but Dick enthusiastically agreed.
Jenny said she could stay on the boat if Dick was nervous
about leaving it alone, but he said he had put out two
anchors and he was sure it would be ok.
We swam back to the boat, and before we boarded the ladder,
Delilah said, “So I told you what I want. I know you have some
reservations, but I think it would be great, you know, for
all of us. Just think about it.” She climbed the ladder in
front of me and paused at the top, one leg on the transom,
her pussy spread and pink, looking down at me, a smile on
her mouth, “I want you to think about it a lot.”
We showered in the cockpit, though we kept out hands to ourselves,
but nonetheless Delilah’s words were ringing in my brain
and I could feel a familiar tingle in my groin. We walked
into the chill of the cabin looking for towels. Sam and Jessica
were dressed, drinking coffee when we entered. I could
feel Jessica’s eyes on my cock, and knew that she would see
the signs of imminent arousal. Delilah said, “We met the
cutest couple from the boat next door. We asked them if they
wanted to go fishing with us. She looked at Delilah. “If
we’re lucky we’ll find a way to get them naked. He has the
biggest dick I’ve ever seen. It’s enormous. Tell them Rick.”
“Well his name is Dick and he sure lives up to it. Damn thing
must be ten inches long, unaroused. Thick too. They’re
both very young though and quite shy.”
Jessica said, “Wow. Give me the binoculars. Maybe they’re
still on the beach.”
They were dressed and in their rowboat so Jessy was disappointed.
I cooked breakfast and then we pulled anchor and cruised
over to our neighbors, rafting along side. They had nice
31 foot Bertram, one of the original Moppies, in beautiful
shape, nicely rigged. They handed across two rods
and a soft bag full of lures and I handed Jenny across while
Dick jumped on deck. Jessica and Sam were waiting expectantly,
but Jenny and Dick seemed so fresh and innocent that I was
sure Sam and Jessica’s curiosity would go unfulfilled.
We got the boat up to cruise speed and headed out to deeper
water, turning on the depth sounders and watching the water
temperature. I explained the characteristics of what
were were looking for to Dick, and then left the helm to Delilah
as I went below and started preparing the hooks. There is
an art to prepping for tuna and marlin and it’s pretty tough
to learn from books. It’s nice to be able to hand on what you’ve
learned to others and Dick was an appreciative pupil. We
hit the weed line again and started our trolling run, placing
the lures carefully in the boat’s wakes. Another hour and
the tuna struck, this time hitting three rods.
I got Jessy to strap a rod holder around Jenny’s waist, positioning
the rod cup just above her pubic bone and let her take my rod,
not knowing that mine would turn out to be the toughest.
She fought the big fish gamely, but after thirty minutes
of tough hogging looked over her shoulder and asked for
help. I reached around her and put my chest against her back
to offer support. I felt her plump body rest against me and
I felt her arms relax as I took some of the strain. I left her
with the actual reel work and just took the pressure of the
rod but it was still hard work and I could hear her breathing
hard and could smell her hair brushing under my chin. I was
afraid that I was going to get aroused, especially when
she started backing her butt into my thighs. It was tough
to figure whether she was doing it deliberately but it felt
great; after a further twenty minutes we could see the tired
fish come along side. “It’s beautiful” she said, and indeed
it was, a small blue marlin probably weighing about two
hundred pounds. “Let’s set it free.”
We worked the tired fish up against the boat and managed
to get the hook out using a long handled remover, and I leaned
over, holding the fish until I was sure that it was getting
water over its gills. One flip of its tail and it was gone.
Dick had boated a twenty pound tuna and Sam had released
his. Jenny whooped and threw her arms around my neck, kissing
my mouth with wild enthusiasm, “That was the greatest,
it felt so good to fight that fish, especially when you were
helping me.”
We dressed the fish, and then cleaned the deck. Delilah
had been handling the helm, but handed it over to Jessica
and now she announced that she was going to get some some
sun on the way back. She stood and stripped, and fetched
a cushion. We were all filthy. I saw through Delilah’s game,
but decided to play along, so I stripped as well, and walked
to the cockpit shower. Sam followed suit and I think everyone
held their breath as Dick started unbuttoning his shorts.
The reason for his hesitation was soon evident. “Sorry,
I found actually catching a fish and then watching Jenny
doing the same to be quite stimulating.”
When he pulled his shorts off his dick sprang free, almost
completely erect. I heard Jessica gasp and looked up. “Who’s
steering the boat, Jessy?”
She laughed. Dick’s dick was even more amazing erect. It
was definitely over twelve inches. Our obvious glances
made it get even harder. Jenny came over and stripped too.
She said, “I understand. Look how wet I am.” She lifted her
leg, holding her lips apart, showing us the moisture that
was dripping from her leg. She looked at me, “That tuna rod
holder kept on putting pressure on just the right spot.
Having your arms around me while I was fighting that fish
was the most erotic feeling I’ve ever had. I actually came
just before we boated the fish.”
Delilah stood up and said to Sam, “Will you hold the shower
while I wash Rick?”
Sam obliged, while I became the center of attention for
five people. Delilah of course made sure that my
burgeoning member achieved its full potential, spending
time on her hands and knees applying soap. Jenny laughed,
“Your wife sure knows how to wash good cock.”
Delilah said, “Oh I’m not his wife, Jessica’s his wife,
Sam’s my husband.”
Jenny said, “Oh you guys must be swingers. That’s cool.
We’ve talked about that, but we’re only comfortable with
getting oral with other people.”
Sam washed the soap from my body and Jenny walked over, dropping
to her knees beside Delilah. She looked up at me and said,
“Thanks for the fishing experience.” With that, she wrapped
her hand around my cock and put her mouth around me, doing
a very magical swirling thing with her tongue. I guess when
you’re used to deep throating a log you can make a hot dog
feel pretty special. I was surprised, because of course
Jenny miss-understood the relationship between the four
of us. Jenny continued to suck me for a couple of minutes
before she got back to her feet. Dick moved over to my spot
and Delilah started lathering him. I heard the boats motors
come to an idle and saw Jessica heading down the stairs.
She had stripped up top and I could see that she had already
spread her pussy’s moisture over her lips. She dropped
the final few feet to land in front of Dick and moved straight
to his cock, pushing a wall of suds in front of her hand. Sam
obliged by spraying off the soap and I saw the first six
inches of Dick’s cock disappear in my wife’s mouth. Jenny
was watching her efforts, and when it became apparent that
neither Delilah or Jessy were going to be able to swallow
that monster offered to give them lessons.
First, she had him sit on one of the deck chairs. “The angle
is really important and you have to really relax so you don’t
gag. Watch.” She opened her mouth and slid the entire thing
down her throat, and then out. “Now your turn.” Jessy was
up to bat, and Jenny held her head in the right position and
I watched in amazement as this huge cock disappeared down
her throat. She worked it in and out for a few minutes, and
then swirled his head with her tongue. She moved over for
Delilah, and Delilah did the same.
Jenny left the two of them hard at work and came over
to me, “Now I want to finish what I started.” I said, First
I’d like to taste you.” She smiled and said “Really? I’d
love that because Dick won’t do it.” She laid on the cushion
and I ran my hands over those incredibly full tits, pulling
each nipple into my mouth before moving down to her triangle
of hair. Her skin was almost elastic, firm but cushy.
Her pussy was incredibly plump and wet, and I pulled her
lips apart with my fingers to see her delicious pink folds
before I started running my tongue all over, searching
for her sensitive spots. Her clit was tiny, almost impossible
to find, but there it was like a hard pearl between her lips.
She had a sensitive spot high on her right lip, one that would
make her gasp. I saw Sam position himself so that he could
kiss her on the mouth and on her tits and I saw one small hand
reach out, grabbing his dick, hauling him close to her so
that her lips could close on it. The moment his dick was in
her mouth she started cumming, a slow vibration that sent
shudders through her body. I expected her to stop after
a few seconds, but she kept on vibrating, kept on cumming,
her hips bucking against my mouth, her legs trembling,
her pussy flooding with moisture. Her woo hair was soft
as silk. She orgasmed continuously for fifteen minutes
before placing her hand on my head and urging me to stop.
“Oh that was incredible. Lay down for me.”
I lay back, and she dragged her long hair over my cock and
then proceeded to give me the best blow job I had ever experienced.
I looked over to see Sam kneeling beside us, his eyes bugging
watching her work. He was stroking his cock, which I found
oddly erotic. She knew exactly when to start and when to
stop, where to apply pressure and when to race forward.
She kept me on the brink for fifteen minutes before announcing
that it was time to come. She pressed here and sucked there
and it began; floods of cum that surged from my cock. She
held her head about three inches from my cock for
the first spurt, catching it neatly and then engulfing
me, sucking me, draining me. When she finished she sat back
on her haunches and said, “That was great. Now I want to lay
down.” She lay down, her tits a magnificent firm pool and
looked at Sam. “I want him to jerk you off so you cum on my tits”.
She looked at me, completely expectant, as if this were
no small thing to ask of someone to whom she had given so much
pleasure. He was on his knees, so I kneeled behind him and
reached out, rubbing his pre-cum over his head, feeling
my hand trace the upward curve of his dick. She said, “It’s
not wet enough. Put it in your mouth.”
I straightened up said, “I don’t think so.” She looked at
me and said, “OK then I guess it’s up to me. Shall I show you
how it’s done?” She sat up and moved to him, lifting his cock
to her lips, circling the head with her tongue. “I like to
suck it, though I can’t with Dick, so tell me if it’s OK.”
She began by slurping his head into her mouth and I could
see her cheeks concave with vacuum as she took him deep into
her throat. She played with him for a minute and lay back
down. “Now finish him on my tits.” I began stroking him.
It didn’t take long. I looked up to see Delilah and Jessica
standing, watching when Sam began to come, shooting incredible
quantities of thick white cum all over her tits. She gave
a shudder, coming again and then pointed to Jessy, “Jessy
I want you to lick this up.”
Jessy obediently came over, and looked at Sam and proceeded
to lick every drop off those firm young tits, staring at
Sam the whole time. We cleaned up once again and headed back
to Jenny and Dick’s boat, dropping them off and anchoring
in our old spot.
We retreated from the blistering sun to the air-conditioned
salon where I prepared sandwiches. We were all silent,
until Delilah said, “Did you ever imagine that you would
see a dick that big?” We all started laughing, and laughed
until tears ran down our faces. Delilah said “It’s a good
thing it was only oral. I don’t think that thing would fit.”
Jessy said, “I’ll bet it would, but you’d have to go really
Delilah laughed, “Is that a real bet? I’d love to see you
win that one.”
Jessy said, “Well before we even tried I think we’d have
to attack it with a razor. Have you ever seen so much pubic
Delilah replied, “Have you ever seen so much cum? I thought
it’d never stop. You guys missed that show.” She laughed
and said, “Well they broke the ice for us didn’t they? So
I want to talk.”
We all looked at her expectantly. “I guess we all know about
each other’s problems. I’ve got to tell you that I felt really
hurt when I found out about Sam’s affair, but there was also
a feeling of anger. I guess every woman is aware that she
can get laid just by saying yes. I mean how man offers do you
get every week?”
She looked at Jesse, who said, “Well not direct offers,
but looks and hints, lots.”
Delilah continued, “Right, and I felt mad that here I had
been turning them down and Sam had been shagging away. It
just wasn’t fair. So my immediate reaction was a desire
to get even, to go out and get laid. And of course being a modern
woman one for one wouldn’t do it. I was so mad it would have
been ten for one.” She laughed “But there was a part of me
that didn’t want to either get dishonest, or to throw it
in his face. I mean it would be better to get a divorce than
to deliberately do something that hurt someone.”
She looked at Sam and I could see the pain in her eyes. I could
also feel a lump in the back of my throat because I knew just
what feelings she was having. I was sure that I wasn’t really
over Jesse’s affair. She said, “So maybe that’s where we
leave it, but I think it would be fun to have fuck buddies.”

The sun and food had their way with me and I went forward to
read and have a nap. We woke around six, made coffee
and decided to go for a walk on the dunes. When we landed we
pulled our dinghy to rest beside a little rowboat, left
our clothes in the boat and soon came upon Dick and Jenny
lying on towels in the sun. We sat beside them and talked
about fishing. Dick was enthusiastic about our fishing
trip, saying that he had a better understanding of rigging
the rods. Jenny said she had also really enjoyed the sex
too, and then she said, “We talked and we’d really like to
have full sex with you guys. It’s just like fishing; there’s
a lot we want to learn. We’ve been each other’s only lovers.
We both went to Catholic school and, well, there are a lot
of hang-ups that don’t really work for us. We think that
being with you guys would be great.” She looked shyly at
the ground, drawing circles in the sand. “If you’re interested,
of course. I want Dick to learn how to lick pussy. He was watching
you do it and he really got off on how turned on I was.”
Jessy came over and put her arm around Jenny’s shoulder
and said, “Sure, we’d love to give you lessons, wouldn’t
we?” She looked around at the rest of us and saw no disagreement.
“Why don’t you come to the boat after dinner and we’ll all
Sam and I were bobbing our enthusiastic

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