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Blondie and her lovers!


Charlotte slammed her drink down on the table, the empty glass thumped on the coaster in her rage.
For over an hour she had been waiting in the hotel bar for her date to arrive, she had just tried to call his mobile to find it switched off.
“How dare he stand me up? How dare he!” she had high hopes for the evening but they had just slipped away like her last drink.
The only thing left to do was have some more, get drunk and head home in disappointment.

The hotel bar was smoky and very quaint; it was a nice public place to meet and if the date went well – rent a room for the night!
It was full of guests from all walks of life; businessman, couples, people having affairs and a few nationals.
She felt very embarrassed to be sat on her own, all day she had been telling of her excitement to work colleagues and now she was going to have to go in with egg on her face.
She was the pretty one in the office; her eyes were like the sea on a tropical shore and her dark hair was always immaculate. She had worn her best top with a short skirt that just about covered the tops of her stockings and suspenders, her high heels and skimpy lace underwear.
“Bastard!” she said to herself!

Her gaze wandered around and stopped at a woman who looked in her early forties with blonde hair, she was staring back with a very stern look on her face. Sitting either side of her were two men; one had short blonde hair and the other had jet-black shoulder length hair. They were stunningly attractive and also looking over.
Both men had very expensive looking suits on and the woman was wearing a red low cut ball gown.
Charlotte began to feel very self-conscious and blushed a little. To break away she headed for the bar and ordered herself another drink. On checking in the mirrored wall behind the optics – she saw that the three were still staring intently.
“Better make that a double!” she piped up to the barman.

She sat down again but this time she had her back to her observers, it didn’t help, she could almost feel their gaze burning into her back. She wanted to down the drink in one.
Suddenly the woman appeared and sat on a stool next to her, she still had a stern look and stared hard into Charlotte’s eyes. Close up she was flawless.
“You are very beautiful my dear!” She sounded eastern European and her speech was deadpan. Charlotte felt a little awkward and confused.
“Erm! Thanks!” she replied uneasily. The woman continued.
“ I need you to be completely honest with me because I will be to you!”
“So what do you want?” Charlotte sat straight on her chair to appear more streetwise and unmovable by what ever was about to be asked.
“The two men over there are my lovers!” Charlotte looked around at the two men whom the woman had been sat with.
“Lucky cow!” she thought, the woman continued with her deadpan emotionless voice.
“Tonight I cannot satisfy them as it is – as you English say – Time of the month and I want you to help me”
Charlotte crossed her arms to create a personal safety zone, and then she glanced around to see if anyone else was watching.
“You want me to help you? How?”
“They want to sleep with you, we have been sat here all night and we all agree that you would be the best candidate”
Charlotte nearly fell off her chair in disbelief, both men? It was the chance of a lifetime and an opportunity to finally have a threesome – her wildest fantasy.
“Really? Me?” was all she could say.
“Yes my dear, we are retiring to our room shortly. Will you be joining us?”
The woman was either really cool or emotionless. Or even both! Charlotte shrugged.
“Okay! My name is…”
“We are not interested in any names here, the woman interrupted, you will know me as Ma’am and my lovers as blonde and black” After looking back round at them again she quizzed the woman.
“So what about you?”
“I shall be watching and teaching my lovers as they progress in ravishing you, is that a problem?”
“Erm, no!”
“Good, bring your drink with you. We shall retire immediately! The woman stood up and beckoned to the two men. They stood up and followed as she left the bar.
Charlotte struggled to hide a smile as they all got into the lift.
The two men smiled at her and she could hold back no longer and beamed a huge grin in return.
“They do not speak much English I am afraid. But words are not important tonight” the woman watched the lift door slide open and they all walked down a long corridor. They were on the top floor.
Ma’am produced a card from her handbag and swiped it to open the door, the room had to be the most expensive in the hotel; four - poster bed, view of the city and a huge plasma screen TV on one wall.
Charlotte was in awe of it all.

“Now my dear, you must undress and shower. My lovers like clean bodies to taste”
The bathroom was gold taps and marble walls; the soaps were very expensive and the towels looked like cotton wool in their softness.
Charlotte got undressed and showered. It was heaven to be surrounded by so much extravagance and she made the most of it with a long soak.
She dried herself down and left her clothes in the bathroom.
She went back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her, on arriving she saw that the two men were naked and stood either side of Ma’am. She looked up with her first smile of the evening. She was still in her ball gown and with each of her hands she was stroking the men’s cocks; they were fully erect.
Charlotte couldn’t believe what she was seeing; Ma’am spoke up.
“I’m just preparing my lovers for you!” and she leaned to one side and took Blondes entire cock in her mouth. She slid her lips up and down the length a few times and then moved over to Black to do the same.
She savoured the two hard cocks and looked up at each man in turn.
“Sorry you cannot fuck your mistress tonight but you will make up for lost time in a day or two!” she had to repeat it on her native tongue for them to understand, they both smiled, nodded and all three looked at Charlotte who’s nipples had grown stiff under the soft towel.
“Show us your nakedness my dear, do not be shy!”

Charlotte stood there for a second and let the towel fall, her nipples grew a little more and she could feel her clitoris begin to fill with blood. Her heart rate was at fever pitch and breath very sharp.
They all looked on in awe.

“Perfect! Said Ma’am, take her now my lovers and do not dare cum before she does!”
Again – she had to repeat it in some language that sounded similar to Czech.
She didn’t want Charlotte to feel awkward with the differing tongues.
The two men walked over to her and led her to the huge bed, Ma’am went and laid on a chaise lounge in a corner of the room and looked on intently.
She was laid down softly on the expensive sheets; her head was on the pillow as they started to work on her.
Blonde got beside her on the bed and gently massaged her breasts in turn; his large palms spread over and enveloped them.
“Mmmmmm!” she purred.
His whole body moved up and in no time, his mouth was around her left nipple.
He held it tight between his lips, ran the tip of his tongue over it from side to side, it was fully swollen now. He could feel Charlotte’s breath against his face.
Black placed the tips of his fingers on the inside of her knees; slowly he slid them up the inside of her thigh and she could not help opening her legs wider.
They trailed upwards and stopped either side of her drenched pussy, he used his thumbs to spread the lips and expose her swollen clit.
Charlotte chanced a look down to see Blacks tongue touch it and roll around it in a circular motion.
“Oh my God!” she squealed.
Blacks tongue massaged her clit some more and he slid a finger inside her wetness.
Blonde traced a trail between each nipple without losing contact.
Charlotte gasped as a further finger slid easily within her, in as deep as they would go.
Once inside they were stirred around against her pussy walls while he sucked on her clit like an erect nipple.
“Oooohhhh!” she cried out.
He spread out his drenched fingers inside her and turned them, each one stroking against her wet pussy walls.

Blonde was biting her hard nipples very gently when her eyes opened quickly.
“Oh my god I’m…I’m…Ooohhhhhhh!” Charlotte felt a climax tear through her whole body. She shook violently for a second and then settled down.
“Mmmmmmmm!” she said and giggled a little.

“Very good my lovers, Ma’am said softly from across the room, you must progress now!”
Black got up and moved his face close to Charlotte’s; he kissed her full on the mouth to allow her to taste her own juices. She flung her arms around his neck to hold it for a little longer.
He laid on the bed next to her and pulled her on top of him, she felt his hard cock against her pussy lips and began to slide up and down it’s length.
Her juices drenched it and allowed it to glide easily.
She got up on one hand and guided the tip of his cock to the entrance of her pussy, before she had a chance to slide down it he thrust his hips upwards and entered her fully.
“Ooohh!” she screamed as he began to pump his hardness in and out of her.
She placed her hands on his tanned chest for support as his balls slapped against her cheeks.
Black took hold of her hips and pushed her back onto his throbbing cock, she took over movement and rode him so hard the whole bed was moving and sheets creasing.
Their thighs slapped together and trails of sweat began to roll down their skin.
Charlotte felt her cheeks ripple with each thrust down against him, Black was holding her hips tight when she felt a pair of hands on her bottom.
They squeezed and then dug nails in gently, she looked around the see that Ma’am had joined them on the bed, she was massaging her as she moved up and down the length of Blacks hard cock. She stopped her movement to allow Ma’am to enjoy what she was doing.

Charlotte moved her hips so the cock was stirring inside her, she was panting with the pleasure it caused and black had a look of great satisfaction on his face.
Suddenly she felt a very cold sensation, she jumped a little and managed to turn her head enough to see what it was.
Ma’am had poured a clear liquid down between her shining bottom cheeks and it was flowing down. Before Charlotte knew it – Ma’am was massaging her anus.
It gave a tingling sensation and the cold was a stark contrast to the heat given off by black’s cock that was throbbing inside her still.
Slowly a finger was inserted deep inside and stirred around; there was so much KY that it was very slippery. She felt her sphincter relax and allow a further finger in, Ma’am began to finger fuck her anus and Charlotte started riding blacks’ cock again.
The finger was withdrawn and a moment later she felt a warmth over her back, by the time she felt the breath of Blonde on her shoulder – his hard cock was already most of the way in her anus.
She gasped at first and then his full hardness was deep inside her.
“Ooooooooohhh!” she could barely contain herself any longer, as both cocks began to thrust in and out of her simultaneously – another climax took over her.
“Aaaahhhh! Fuck! Fuck!”
As she rode both cocks at once and was in heaven, Ma’am sat next to the rampant bodies and played with charlotte’s bouncing breasts.
Her soft hands pinched the swollen nipples, as she looked deep into Charlotte’s eyes.
Blonde was moving faster and breathed heavily, he moaned out loud.
Ma’am looked at him.
“Pull it out! Now!”
His cock slid out of her anus and Ma’am took hold of it, she jerked it a few times and a fountain of hot thick cum shot out and cascaded down Charlottes back. Then more!
Ma’am milked his cock for a time and then let him get off the bed.
He went and relaxed on the chaise lounge to catch his breath.
Ma’am pushed Charlotte downwards and adjusted her legs so she was laid out straight on Black.
She moved up and down his cock at a slower pace now as Ma’am licked the trails of fresh cum off her back.
Her tongue both tickled and tantalised – leaving no trace of Blondes climax when she finished.
Yet again she could feel a climax approaching, Ma’am noticed.
“Cum with her my lover, fill her with your warmth!”
Black increased his speed a little as he thrust upwards, Charlotte saw pain on his face and felt his cock start to swell a little more.

As the first volley hit the very end of her pussy – she came so hard that she screamed!
“Oooowwwwww! Yes! Yes! Fuck!”
His throbbing cock filled her drenched pussy with his seed and their juices combined, he pumped so much inside her.

They both lay exhausted for a few minutes, stuck to the sheets and out of breath.
“Time for you to shower my dear!” said Ma’am as she finished licking her lips.
Charlotte smiled as Black held her tight for a little longer.

Within twenty minutes, Charlotte was showered and dressed.
She went back into the bedroom to see both men laid on the bed with Ma’am – still fully clothed sat between them on the edge.
“My lovers must rest now, you have served them well but will never see them again”
Charlotte looked on disappointed.
“We leave for our homeland tomorrow, so thank you and goodbye!” she smiled again as she left and let the door slam behind her.
She was aching all over but felt good for it.

She decided to check for messages on her phone; she was shocked to find three voicemails and a text – from her missing date!
She read it; it was sent only ten minutes before.
‘Hi, car broke down and phone battery died. Sorry! I’m in the hotel bar now by the entrance and hope to see you soon’
Charlotte was just about to get in the lift when a stream of Blacks cum dribbled out of her pussy and down her stocking.
“Oh no!”

© N.J.Benke 2005

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