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Blindfolds, Restraints and Devices Oh My!


What time are you going to shower? That was code for I want some tonight. Being married many years you find such things and more times then not life falls in a certain pattern.

So with us that question acknowledged whichever one of us made the request my husband would shower first and I'd soon follow. This night started like many before and how said, I'm not saying it's a bad thing. So wrapped in my damp towel I make my way to my side of the bed. But I'm stopped and asked to come to the other side.

Standing there my husband raised, kissing me and using his finger he free my towel letting it fall on the floor. Then taking my hands he gently lower me cross ways on our bed. It's pretty dark in the room, my eyes having yet to adjust coming out of the bright bathroom so I jumped when my husband placed a blindfold over my eyes. He whispered " I need a little light for what I have planned "

Next laying there with my sight taken away I feel something being wrapped around my ankle, then the other. Following both hands are captured in the same way, not tight but enough where I can not free myself. Again he whispered " This is not to keep you bound but to give you reason to say what I'm about to do was completely out of your control"

I trusted him like no other so I didn't feel fear but great excitment for what might come next. One sence taken away the others increase, I could here him open the nightstand drawer where our toys are stored. I could feel moisture already running down my legs, mind now racing.

Surely I was expecting something but it was this, something cold and damp surrounding my pussy. Then along with a strange sound I could feel my pussy being pulled/sucked up, until the point my hot flesh was pressed against its cold walls.

A trail of kisses came next one linking to the last, starting just above the strange device and upward to my wanting nipples. Already firm they pulled even harder as each is brought into his warm/wet mouth. Then that same feeling and sound as each are drawn into their own cylinder, a mixture of pleasure and pain which caused me to fill what little space left in the cup below with my first climax of the evening.

Having returned below he laughed seeing the mess I made. Using the tip of his finger he broke the seal letting the device fall to the side. Then without a word he use his tongue to clean me anew. He told me how hot my pussy looked having gone through the experience, I tugged at the restraints to feel for myself but coming far short.

Once again the odd but growing feeling, this time directly on my clit. It stung at first but that soon gave way to pure pleasure. As he let me adjust to the new devise he reached up pulling on the cylinder containing my nipples. Not enough to pop them off but more then enough to have me longing for them to be sucked upon, happy to even do myself if given the chance but even that wasn't to be.

Again I hear the shuffling of the draw, quickly filled by a loud buzz. I spread my legs more when I felt the vibrating toy touched to my longing hole. Slowly he slide it to its end, instantly I began to build, I murmured fuck me fuck me as the toy slipped in and out of my box.

Then by skill or pure luck the metal vibrator came in contact with the glass cylinder containing my engorged clit ten times its normal size. I came instantly and I could'nt stop my body from shaking. Wave after wave crashed over me until I was almost spent.

Almost because after freeing me my husband began sucking on my clit as if it was a tiny cock. I felt so incredible another count of orgasms began. As soon as he got me clean another left his face awash in my juices.

Finially very deserving of some pleasure himself I could hear him walking around the bed. The head of his hard manhood touched my lips, I quickly opened my mouth to welcome him in. As I hungerly ate his cock he freed my hands one directly shot downward, the excitment I felt to feel my engorged clit like never before.

The other cupped his balls, then gently squeezed then coaxing a big load. With the excitment of the night I didn't have to wait long and I loved every drop.

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Your husband is a lucky man.


scraig1226 49 M
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Great love to see more


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Do you have the names for those devices?


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that must have been an incredible orgasm!!!


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great story of a great adventure. you and I need to chat sometime


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I just love Devices !!!


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You are am awesome author - looking forward to many more stories