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Blind date wouldn't kiss but jacked me off


I have been best of friends with Mike ever since we were kids
growing up in the same neighborhood. He was more like a brother
than my real brother so of course when we got married, I stood
up for him in his wedding and he stood up for me at mine. And
we continued our friendship which now involved my wife,
Cindy and his wife Susie.

But my dreams didn’t turn out the way I thought they would
when Cindy suddenly and unexpectedly announced to me she
wanted a divorce just four years after we got married. The
only bright spot was the fact we didn’t have children.
The divorce devastated me and Mike and Susie were there
when I needed them. But I was not ready to date so when they
mentioned they knew someone I might like, I made up one excuse
after another.

I suddenly had to come to grips with the reality that I was
twenty nine years old and once again single with no trust
concerning women. For the record my wife started an affair
with her boss whom she ended up marrying the day after our
divorce was final. I had tried to be the same, stable man
my father was but apparently I was too boring for her.

One month turned into six as Mike kept calling me asking
me if I was dating anyone yet. I was at my apartment alone
one night when he called again asking me the same old questions.
I once again told him no to the women and assured him I was
doing just fine on my own.

I still remember when he said, “You need to start living
again. I have an idea. Since I have to be out of town all next
week why don’t you and Susie go out and have some fun.”
I sat stunned at his suggestion although I knew he meant
it as a friend. “No I don’t think I can, ” I replied
hoping he would let the subject drop. But Mike can also be
bulled headed and insisted that I call Susie and set something
up assuring me she didn’t want to be home alone either.

So the next week rolled around and I didn’t call on Monday
night not really feeling like going out with anyone. So
at work Tuesday my phone rang and I heard Susie say hello.
“Are you going to stand me up?” she said giggling on
the other end. “Stand you up. I didn’t even call you
yet, ” I replied amused by her sense of humor. “Well
what time should I be ready tonight?” she asked putting
me on the spot. Of course she had trapped me so I said I would
pick her up at seven sharp.

I knocked on their door five minutes after seven but Susie
did not answer. Turning the handle I realized it was unlocked
as I popped my head inside and yelled out her name. “Hi
sweetie. Just come in, I am almost ready, ” Susie yelled

I felt odd being there alone with her since all the other
times it was day time not night time. When I looked up Susie
appeared in their bedroom doorway smiling at me with her
bright blue eyes. “Which top do you like?” she said
holding a red one against her front. “That one looks nice, ”
I said as Susie sighed and told me I had not seen the other
one so how could I tell which one was best.

And then she did something that shocked me when she tossed
the red one back onto their bed before picking up a blue one.
The shocker was she was there in plain sight of me wearing
only her bra. Susie had always had a petite cute figure but
I had never in my life ever looked at her with a sexual eye.
After all I was married most of the time I knew her and she
was still my best friend’s wife. Apparently Susie was
not exactly that I had pegged her to be which was a sweet,
shy kind of woman.

I could not help but noticed her small but shapely breasts
being held in her lacy low cut bra. And she clearly had no
issue letting me see her wearing only a bra as her cover.
She giggled again and told me it was the same thing as when
I saw her wearing a bikini. She then held the blue one in front
of her chest. I told her I still like the red one better as
she nodded at my comments. Walking back out of my view Susie
yelled back, “Ok it’s the red one. But it looks better
without a bra so I am not going to wear one.”

I suddenly had no idea who this woman was being so forward
and bold and nothing like the Susie I thought I knew. She
reappeared in the very tight red top which clung to her chest
like saran wrap. My eyes could not help me start at her dart
like nipples pointing at me. “Do I meet your approval?”
she said modeling for me with her arms above her head. I quickly
nodded yes as we walked toward the front door. Susie also
had on a very tight pair of jeans and matching red heels which
made her look as sexual as I have ever seen her look.

“I was so bored last night with Mike gone. I am glad you
accepted my invitation to take me out because I really need
to get out of the house, ” she said in the car as we drove
towards one of our favorite bars. I remained silent still
shaken by the bra incident back in their home a few minutes
earlier. And she sensed I was shocked so she tried to help
me relax. “I know I am acting different than what you are
use to. But Mike and I enjoy our fun and I don’t think you
and Cindy were as carefree as Mike and I are. In fact he likes
me to dress slutty when we go out so I figured you might like that too.”

Once at the bar I ordered us each a beer as we sat at the bar
while Susie chatted with several guys she seemed to know.
And after a few more beers, Susie was openly flirting with
others while I grew concerned by her actions. Was she the
kind of woman who would cheat on my best friend? I had never
seen this side of Susie before and was not sure I liked what
I was seeing either.

Sensing my concern Susie told me I was way too uptight to
be Mike’s best friend. “I was not going to say this yet
but this as good a time as any. I know a woman, who is very pretty
that might be a good match for you. But she is kind of kinky
like Mike and I are and obvious you are not.” I just sat
there shocked for the second time in the first hour being
with her. “I’m not interested in dating, ” I replied
to her hoping that would be the end of her lecture.

Susie giggled and immediately replied, “Well neither
is she. But you are interested in sexy fun, right?” I could
feel my face turning redder by the second as I sat speechless
next to her. She was clearly having a good time at my embarrassment
and handed me a piece of paper from her purse. On it was the
name, Amanda and a phone number.

“I told her all about you and your situation. She said
she would meet you to talk, if you call her. So you better
call her tomorrow, ” Susie said and went back to chatting
with some other guy. I put the piece of paper in my pocket,
drank a few more beers before taking Susie home around ten
since it was a work night and we both had to get up early the
next morning.

I will also be honest and admit I thought about calling her
friend, Amanda most of the day but was not sure if I would
when I got home. But after being home for an hour and after
two beers for courage I dialed the number. It felt like I
was fifteen all over again and was calling a girl for the
first time in my life. I heard the phone ringing and ringing
as my heart kept pace.

And then I heard her voice but it was an answering machine
message as I listened to her say to leave a number and not
much more. “Hello. I am a friend of Susie and Mike’s
and they gave me you number. Look forward to hearing from
you, ” I said or something just about as stupid. Why is
when you leave one of those messages you wish you could take
it all back seconds after you hang up. Why couldn’t I have
been more clever or more intelligent? I knew Amanda was
going to hear my voice and think I was a geek for leaving her
such a lame message.

The dumbest part of it all was I didn’t even care if Amanda
called me back. Yet I waited by the phone just the same for
her to return my call but it never rang. One day turned into
two and then five before Mike called once he got back in town.
“Hi Buddy. Thanks for taking Susie out while I was out
of town, ” Mike said with his same friendly voice. We
made small talk for a while and then he asked me if Amanda
had called me back yet? I told him no but not to worry about
it because I still was not interested in dating anyone just

After hearing me say the same ole thing to him once again
Mike interrupted me, “Listen my friend. Amanda is a hell
of a woman. Little strange at times but I think you would
absolutely love her. And if you don’t love her then you
are nuts, ” he said laughing.

It could not been more than five minutes had passed since
Mike and I hung up when my phone rang again. Figuring it was
Mike calling me back I picked up and said, “Not you again?”
If there was a hole close by to crawl into I would have jumped
in head first as a woman’s voice said, “Again? This
is the first time I have called you.” Talk about feeing
stupid would have been an understatement.

I quickly apologized and tried to back track by explaining
to her, I thought she was a friend whom I had just chatted
with a few minutes earlier. “Do I sound like Mike?”
she said clearly amused by my mistake. “How do you know
Mike?” I asked somewhat confused. “Well I know him
because I just spoke with him and he told me to call you, ”
she explained.

“You must be Amanda, ” I said softly feeling like if
first impressions mean something I was batting zero. “Well
there you go. We finally got one thing right so far, ”
she replied. The woman was not like my wife or any other woman
I had ever known. She seemed so confident with a very dry
sense of humor and it was exciting to talk with her. “Guess
I did not get off to a very good start, ” I replied as she
continued her giggling.

“Well depends if you want this to be the last time you hear
from me or not?” she stated matter of fact like. Her boldness
was surprising yet I remained on the line and simply apologized
one more time for my mistake. “Can I have a second chance?”
I asked hoping she would say yes. “Well ok but only because
you are friends with Mike and Susie, ” she replied. Amanda
asked me a lot of questions about myself, my life, what went
wrong with my marriage and in the end I hung up not knowing
a single thing about her. All I knew was I enjoyed talking
to her and had an erection when I hung up although she never
said anything that would have caused me to get hard. But
I still jacked off after merely hearing her voice for a few

Amanda called two days later and then again on Sunday as
we talked more than I had talked with any other woman. My
curiosity was peaking as I hoped for a chance to meet her
sooner rather than later. It was near the end of our chat
on Sunday when I decided to ask after she had finished talking
about her job. “I would like to meet you, ” I said hoping
for a positive answer from her.

Amanda remained silent not answering or responding to
my request. I sat there trembling as if I had maybe blown
the first chance I had since my divorce with a woman I was
actually interested in even though I didn’t know much
more than her name. “Well that’s ok. Sorry for asking, ”
I finally said after a full minute of silence.

I was about to hang up when Amanda spoke again, “Sorry
but I couldn’t find my appointment book to figure out
when we could meet, ” she said. I had just sat for a minute
feeling like crap when she had put the phone down and apparently
went to look for her appointment book. She quickly sensed
my insecurity. “You are indeed fragile. Susie warned
me but I didn’t ‘know till right now how fragile you
really are. But it’s ok because I am fragile too, ”
Amanda said. The woman sounded like anything but fragile
based on our phone conversations.

“How about next Thursday, ” Amanda said. I agreed
and wrote down the name of the café we would come face to
face for the first time. “How will I know who you are?”
I asked. Amanda assured me and said, ” So look for the
woman who doesn’t look like all the other women and that
will be me, ” she said giggling before wishing me a good

I had never felt as alive as the moment I hung up the phone
knowing I was finally going to meet Amanda even after all
the bone head things I had said. Mike did call me before I
left and told me to just be myself because he knew Amanda
would like me. “Don’t be a fake. This woman will chew
you up and spit you out if she feels you are not being honest, ”
were his exact words of advice for me.

I knew so little about this mystery woman yet sensed she
might truly be special. When we chatted I felt more pressure
than I did proposing to my wife. And all I was going to do was
meet her, talk and hopefully we could become friends. When
I walked into the café I searched but did not see any woman
who stood out from the rest. I remember standing at the hostess
station looking and looking when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned and there stood this incredible woman smiling
at me. “Amanda?” I asked as my voice stuttered. “Well
I’m not a hooker looking to pick you up, ” she replied
as another example of her very dry sense of humor. Amanda
was a very striking face with deep brown eyes, pitch black
straight shoulder length hair. Her bangs were cut straight
across and she almost looked gothic but her makeup was normal
except for the brightest red lip stick I had ever seen. She
also wore entirely black from her head to her heels which
made her slender body look to be around six feet tall. She
caught me looking down at her shoes when she whispered to
me, ” They are four inches and fun.”

I was holding my breath as I followed her through the crowded
café onto a patio while admiring her very sleek shape and
very cute ass. Amanda was definitely not the center fold
type of woman but something about her sex appeal was even
more powerful. We had just sat down when she leaned over
to me and whispered, “I felt you staring at my ass the whole
time, so don’t do that again.”

She was either the smartest woman on earth or she was already
reading my mind and we had not even said five words since
we met face to face. Blushing I told her I was sorry and blamed
it on an old habit. “No it was not out of habit. It was because
you’re horny and have not learned to respect me yet, ”
she said putting me in my place. I remember Mike warning
me not to lie so I told her she was correct indeed and apologized
one more time.

We ordered wine as I waited in silence not wanting to say
something wrong again and be corrected for a second time.
“I think you’re catching on. I am searching for someone
and Mike and Susie thought you would be perfect. I seldom
listen to anyone who gives me advice but decide to first
call you and if you impressed me as being honest, then we
would meet.” I then noticed her finger nails were as bright
red as her lip stick. Amanda also had a feminine shape, rather
small breasts but they fit her overall form making her very
attractive and sexy.

“How do you know Mike and Susie?” I asked wanting to
make our conversation interesting and maybe a little informative.
Amanda frowned at me and told me I would have to get that answer
from them. But as I sat next to her I felt alive and tingly
for the first time since my divorce. She was nothing like
any woman I had ever met or known and that made me even more
interested in not screwing up again.

We sipped our wine as I gave her the lead to talk about whatever
she wanted to while carefully sneaking peaks at her. When
we finished our wine I asked her if she wanted another glass.
“No one glass is all I ever drink, ” she replied. Obviously
Amanda was not the drinker I was so I decided it would not
look good if I ordered a second for myself.

“Do you want to come over tonight?” she asked me. I shook
my head yes as she offered the first smile of the night and
stood up ready to leave. I made sure I didn’t look at her
ass even once as we made our way into the parking lot. “You’re
a quick learner, ” she commented to me once we reached
her car. That was another shocker as Amanda drove a Mercedes
so clearly she had some money.

She clicked her fob and turned facing me standing by her.
“You want to kiss me, don’t you?” she said without
much expression. I didn’t want to lie as I nodded yes feeling
like a little boy who had just been forced to tell the truth.
Amanda smiled as if she was pleased and said, “Maybe back
at my place. But not now. A kiss has always been very special
to me so I don’t waste them, ” she said as she wanted
to manage my expectations.

I told her I understood and would let her decide if a kiss
was warranted before I left her place. The more time I spent
with this woman, the more mesmerizing she was becoming
almost like an addiction. Her home was nice, normal and
not what I expected based on how she dressed and how she presented
herself. “Make yourself at home. I am going to go change, ”
she said before leaving me alone in her great room.

Amanda was gone for quite a long time as I checked my watch
and figured at least ten minutes had passed. I wondered
if she was alright or if she had changed her mind and it was
her way of telling to me leave. And then I looked up and Amanda
appeared again walking to the sofa where I was sitting with
a short black silk robe tied at the waist. “I like to be
comfortable when I am at home, ” she said as she smiled
and sat down next to me. Her long legs were incredible as
I glanced once but made sure I didn’t stare.

The worst part was that immediately I smelt her strong perfume
filling my head as my dick began to respond. “Are you always
this nervous?” she asked sensing I was having issues
with her being so close to me. “Not really. Only around
you, ” I replied while trying to stop myself from getting
a full erection. “I make you nervous?” she asked feeling
powerful and in complete control. “You are very attractive
and your perfume is intoxicating” I said hoping she would
take my comments as compliments.

Amanda giggled and rested her hand on my upper thigh as my
shaft began to swell even faster. “You’re getting
hard, ” she said looking down at the bulge in my slacks.
“Sorry. I can’t help it, ” I said hoping she was not
insulted. “Do you need to jack off?” she asked with
a softer tone in her voice for the first time. “I can wait, ”
I replied as my hard on was past the raging stage. “I don’t
think so. You look as if you are in pain, ” she said while
her hand continued to rub massage my upper thigh.

“I can’t believe I am going to do this and don’t you
dare judge for it afterwards, ” she said as she reached
for my zipper. I stared at her fingers as she unzipped my
slacks almost read to pass out. I couldn’t believe this
woman was reaching for my cock but she was. Amanda was clearly
pleased with my shaft as she stared at it holding it in her
warm hands.

“You don’t get to kiss me after this, ” she said softly
as she began to stroke my shaft with her silk like hands.
My breathing quickened as I began to sweat the faster she
stroked me. “Oh fuck” I blurted out once as Amanda squeezed
my cock really hard and told me she did not allow swearing
so I was to never talk like that again. Gasping for air I nodded
yes before she continued working on me as the pressure grew
too intense within seconds.

Amanda reached for tissue at the perfect time and held it
over the head of cock right before I exploded. “My goodness.
You cum a lot, ” she said as she kept stroking me as more
and more hot cum shot out and splashed into the tissues she
placed over me. When my balls were drained I sat gasping
for air while she grabbed more tissues to wipe over her cum
drenched hands.

“Can I see you again?” I asked after covering myself
back up. “Time for you to leave, ” she said but did not
answer my question as she walked me to her front door. “I
work allot” she explained before she opened her door.
Looking at her I tried to smile still reeling from the hand
job she had just given me. “You surprised me and I don’t
ever get surprised when it comes to men, ” she stated.
“Wait here, ” she told me as she walked off leaving
me waiting again with no clue where she went or what she was

“I am free Saturday afternoon. Be here at one, ” she
said before I left in a complete daze and just as confused
as I was when I first met her. For the next week all I could
think about was Amanda and how strange, different and tempting
this woman was and I hardly knew her.

Saturday took forever as I counted down the days, hours
and minutes before arriving on time at her front door. Amanda
opened the door looking even more radiant than I remembered
with her pitch black hair and bright red lip stick. She didn’t
speak and simply rushed up while giving me a big hug. I carefully
wrapped my arms around her not wanting to appear to be too
aggressive. Holding her for the first time I realized just
how slender and petite this woman truly was.

She had on a tank top and sweat pants which hung on her narrow
hips as if they were about to fall to the floor. It didn’t
really matter because the woman was sexual no matter what
she wore. Giggling she reminded me what happened the last
time she sat next to me as we headed for her sofa again. She
walked in a way that sent vibrations down my spine. She was
so graceful almost like a runway model.

“Know why I jacked you off last week?” she asked once
we were seated. Before I could answer she explained she
never kissed anyone she was not in love with so she got me
off so she didn’t have to break her rule by kissing me.
“I think people kiss too much and don’t really mean
it, ” she went on to explain. The woman was either brilliant
or a wacko with lots of rules and beliefs. And I was not sure
which it was. But I didn’t want to leave either because
being next to her was a high I had never felt before.

“Have you ever kissed anyone?” I asked as she gave me
an odd expression. “One time, one love, ” she replied.
“But I’ll kiss you if you want, ” she said next as
I stared at her bright red lips. Was this odd woman saying
she thought she loved me? “Really?” on our second time
together you would kiss me even with your rule?” Amanda
shifted gears quickly and told me she was just testing to
see if I wanted to kiss her after knowing what it truly meant
to her.

“Let’s just lay around in bed and watch old movies all
afternoon, ” she said next as she jumped from the sofa
and reached for my hand. I knew that was not a good idea but
followed her into her bedroom hand in hand. Without saying
a word Amanda wiggled out of her sweat pants wearing a sexy
pair of pink panties obviously not affected by me being
in the room.

My dick began to swell immediately and there was no way of
hiding it from her. “Look what’s happening to you again, ”
she said while pointing at my crotch. “Do you want me to
put my sweats back on?” she asked standing across the
bed looking as inviting as any women I had ever known. “I
don’t know. Maybe it would help, ” I said as my cock
continued to grow harder by the second.

“No I trust you and know you won’t try anything, “she
said while pulling her tank top off next revealing her small
pear shaped breasts and perky swollen nipples. I had not
been alone in a room with a woman let alone one wearing only
her panties in a very long time. “I can’t do this, ”
I said and turned to walk out not wanting to insult her or
hate myself later on.

But as I had gotten just outside her bedroom door, Amanda
caught me and turned me around. I felt foolish and used as
if this woman took joy in embarrassing me as a man and as a
person. Even without her four inch heels Amanda was almost
as tall as I was so we were face to face looking directly into
each other’s eyes. Her deep brown eyes were marvelous
as she stared into mine for a few seconds before closing
them and pressing her lips to mine.

Her slender warm body was incredible to hold in my arms as
we embraced and kept our lips pressed tight to each others
for a very long time. When I did pull back I was dizzy and even
more confused and no better off than I was before our first
kiss. Amanda also appeared rattled by my kiss as she sucked
for air without saying a word.

“Why me?” I asked wondering why she picked me when she
could have any man in the entire world. “I feel something
with you, ” she replied almost ready to start crying.
“I am a freak or at least that is what most men have told
me. I mean they hear my rules and they either laugh or don’t
respect them, ” she said while sobbing a little harder.
Even a stunning creature like Amanda has feelings as I felt
bad for her and pulled her back into my arms trying to comfort

“I am not going to change as a woman but I still want you
to stay me, ” she whispered. “But don’t stay for
the wrong reasons and hurt me by leaving me ever again, ”
she went on to whisper to me while I held her breasts against
my chest. I began to wonder if two people who don’t really
know each other can fall in love so quickly as it was beginning
to feel for both of us.

“Can I kiss you again?” I asked softly in her ear. “Only
if you commit to me completely, ” she replied still sobbing
in my arms. I was torn between needing her, wanting her and
fearing her all at the same time. My cock was hurting the
longer I held her but I didn’t want to lie to her either.
“I can’t do that right now. I need more time, ” I whispered
to her hoping she would not start crying even harder. I felt
the need to step back and figure things out not wanting to
hurt her or hurt myself just because I wanted her sexually

Amanda backed up sobbing but offered me a smile as she waved
good bye and walked back into her bedroom. I can say it was
the worst day of my life, even worse than the day my wife told
me she was leaving me. I left depressed, confused while
also being drawn to the most amazing exotic creature I had
ever met. I had not gotten two blocks from her house when
I turned my car around and headed back.

I may have been stable and predictable in my life but where
had it gotten me? Maybe it was time to take a chance, a really
big chance and stick with Amanda even if she had a lot of quirks.
I rang her door bell and waited before she opened the door
with her red eyes. “I want to stay, ” I said to her as
she smiled and pulled me inside.

She didn’t say a word and simply grabbed my hand and led
me directly towards her bedroom. I may have been making
the biggest mistake of my life but then I had made a few before
and I realized I could survive. Amanda stopped by the edge
of her bed and dropped her robe for a second time exposing
her wonderful breasts which were now heaving on her chest.

“What if I get too worked up I accidently swear?” I asked
her. “Then I will correct you, ” she replied smiling
at me once she realized my cock was once again getting hard.
We kissed again and all the passion we had exploded within
us both almost like magic. I had her crawl onto the bed as
I stripped quickly to join her. Her long lanky frame was
unbelievable to view as she rested on her side gracefully.

My cock was hard as I climbed on next to her and pressed my
bare flesh to hers for the first time. As we both got swept
up in our passion Amanda whimpered quite loudly which was
exciting for me to hear since my first wife never made any
noises. But I had lots to learn about this very complex woman
even when she was aroused. At one point I lowered my lips
to her breasts when I felt her hand gently touch my head before
she said, “Please don’t suck my nipples. I want to save
that feeling for my baby moment I hoped to have someday.

I simply did not respond and kept moving my lips over her
soft breasts and stomach towards her pussy which was still
covered by her panties. “I don’t cum very often, ”
she said softly when I removed her panties and saw her wonderful
pussy for the first time. Her hips had a bit of a curve which
framed her thick black patch of hair.

I had never seen a woman who had not either trimmed or shaven
their pussy so Amanda indeed was different choosing to
remain natural around her womanhood. Using my fingers
I pushed her thick bush to the side and found her pink swollen
lips hidden underneath. My tongue began to explore as Amanda
began to whimper her delight at what I was doing for her.
“Oh goodness. That feels special, very special, ”
she said once as I played with her clit faster and harder
than ever. It took me less than five minutes before she began
to panic the closer she got to her climax. “Maybe you should
stop, ” she said once twisting on her bed like a flag in
a wind storm. But I didn’t listen to her this time and kept
my tongue darting over her clit as Amanda grew more and more

I used my hands to hold her hips as she began to moan and whimper
from deep within her chest cavity. I sensed she was very
close and worked on her even longer as her entire body began
to tremble and shake out of control. And then she suddenly
began to jerk her pussy up at my tongue as her juices gushed
out covering my face in the process. “Oh my. Oh my” she
kept repeating for five minutes after I had helped her cum
for the first time in what must have been a very long time.

When I laid on my back Amanda once again began to stroke my
hard cock clearly in the mood as I waited for her to suck it.
But she didn’t as I waited still enjoying her hands but
wanting her mouth. “Are you going to suck my cock?”
I finally asked as the pressure continued to become intense.
She shook her head no while staring at my throbbing shaft
in her hands. “You will have to teach me someday but not
now, ” she replied.

But that would be a bridge we would cross with later as I laid
her onto her back as respectfully as I could and pulled her
legs apart. “Remember your promise, ” she said appearing
scared for the first time since I met her. “I remember, ”
I said as I guided my cock in my hand between her matted bush
and pressed it against her wet slippery lips. I felt the
head slip inside as her tight inner muscles gripped me immediately.
She was warm, slippery and quivering inside her pussy as
my cock found its place.

“You’re my second lover in my entire life, ” she
said as I stopped and looked down at her face all aglow. “I
realized just how little I knew about her but felt something
for her anyway and it wasn’t just being horny in need of
a fuck. I pushed some more into her wet hole as Amanda responded
quite well considering if what she told me was true.

My chest as puffing at full steam as I slipped deeper and
deeper into her womanhood before I felt my sack resting
against her ass. And then together we began the most mind
altering union of both of our lives. Her pussy was beyond
perfect the way I slid in and out as she gasped and pleaded
with me to never stop. Her tits laid flat on her chest as if
she was just thirteen but it didn’t matter because she
was such an incredible woman and lover anyway.

We kissed at times but it was too challenging for either
of to do that often and still breathe. Our bodies were consumed
by each others as I rode her harder and harder from then on.
Amanda was tight as it posed challenges for us as I fucked
her hard near the end. “You feel like you’re going to
cum, ” she said once between breaths almost in a panic.

“I can’t wait much longer, ” I replied as my cock
continued to expand and rub against her inner muscles.
“I’m not on the pill yet. I didn’t think this would
happen, ” Amanda said but it was too late as my shaft began
to spasm. I felt the first knot of thick cum shoot down my
cock and blast out into her warmth. Then came a second and
third as I continued to pump her sweet pussy full of my love.
I poured a river of hot sticky cum into her hot pussy as if
the dam had burst and there was no controlling my balls any

But the pressure needed to be released and if that had consequences
then we would have to deal with them as adults who were completely
responsible. And when my orgasm subsided I laid on top of
Amanda and kissed her repeatedly as we savored our union
as lovers not as strangers. My semi hard shaft remained
inside of her body for a very long time even after we both
calmed down. “We belong together, ” she whispered
to me as her arms held me tight on top of her. I wanted to be
in her and she wanted me there.

Our faces were covered with smiles as we hugged and kissed
like lovers should do after they have made love. My shaft
also continued to spasm from time to time deep within her
womanhood. But I eventually became soft as I pulled out
still dripping those last few drops of pleasure. “You
are fantastic, ” she said while cleaning herself up
from all the cum that began to pour out of her. “So are you, ”
I replied while staring at the bedroom ceiling. And as we
laid side by side on her bed, naked we finally began to talk.
I realized she had a lot of quirks but figured we would deal
with them later.

Amanda told me she was a vegetarian but said I could still
eat meat as long as she didn’t have to watch me do it. She
also told me the first man she loved was when she was nineteen
and he was thirty seven so it never worked out for them. As
she explained it she didn’t like sex and was too young
to enjoy it even though she did it for him whenever he asked
her to. I learned her father was wealthy, her mother had
passed away when she was twelve and lots of other information
you normally discuss before a couples makes love. But then
with Amanda everything was backwards and I accepted it.

Chapter two?

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