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Birthday Tease


The doorbell rang.

"Can you get that, honey?" my wife asked as she
busily prepared appetizers.

Our good friend Kim was coming over for her birthday dinner.
Recently divorced and gorgeous, she'd been our close
friend for years. My wife was well aware of the sexual attraction between
Kim and me, but since it was just a harmless flirtation she
did nothing to discourage it. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it.

I opened the door and invited Kim inside. "Happy birthday, "
I said as we met with a warm hug. As she continued to squeeze
me, I realized she wasn't in any hurry to let me go. We
held each other tight and I rubbed her back.

"That feels good, " she purred. I could feel
her warm breath on my neck and her breasts pressing firmly
into my chest, and I could feel myself starting to get aroused.
Still holding me, she looked up into my eyes and smiled,
"It's so good to see you." Then she kissed
me softly on the mouth. She grinned at my look of surprise
and said, "I've been wanting to do that for a long
time. I figured what the hell, it's my birthday."

Our lips met again and it was electric. I felt myself getting
hard and I'm sure she felt it too. "Wow, "
I said stupidly. I felt lightheaded and was sure that all the blood had left
my brain and was lodged in my pants.

My fingers finally noticed that her back was nice and smooth.
"Going braless tonight?" I winked. She grinned and whispered conspiratorially, "That's
not all I forgot to wear!"

I raised my eyebrows and slid my hands down to her ass, ready
for her to push them away like she'd done before. But
this time she let me stroke her fine ass through the thin material of her
skirt. Sure enough, there was no hint of anything but skin
under her flimsy sundress. And believe me, I checked pretty carefully.
Then I cupped her firm buns in my palms and said, "Mmmm,
my favorite. Sexy girl, short skirt, no panties. Of course
you know I'm going to spend the whole night trying to
peek up your skirt."

"Oh, I'm counting on that, " she grinned
wickedly at me and pulled out of my embrace. "You see
these buttons down the front of my dress? How many are there?
8? How about if I do this, " and she unbuttoned the
top two at the bottom two. "Now there's only 4.
How do you like that?"

"I love it, " I confessed.

She stepped back and kicked off her sandals, held up her
arms and said, "There. Now I'm wearing exactly
one piece of clothing, held together by nothing more than 4 little buttons. Gets
your imagination going, doesn't it?"

"That's not all it gets going, you little tease.
Now come in and say hi to Megan and let me get you a drink."

In the kitchen the girls exchanged hugs and kisses and told
each other how great they looked. I noticed that they really
did look fantastic. "You know, " I said, "you
both look so gorgeous that I almost feel bad keeping you all to myself tonight."

My wife came over and said "Oo, aren't you sweet"
as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I slid my hands down
to her shapely ass and stroked it as we kissed. I noticed Kim
watching my hands with a grin on her face. Then my wife breathed
into in my ear, "Keep up the sweet talk and you might
just get lucky tonight, " and with a wink and a grin, she spun
on her heal and went back to setting out the appetizers.

I was liking the way this evening was starting out. With
a dopey grin on my face, I buzzed the blender-full of margs and poured
us each one.

"Yikes, that's strong!" Kim made a face
as she took a sip. "It's good, but it's strong!"

"We're trying to get you drunk, " Megan

"And when I'm tipsy, are you going to take advantage
of me?" Kim teased right back.

Megan laughed and said, "You're not the one that
needs to worry about being taken advantage of!"

Carrying drinks and appetizers, we all settled comfortably
into chairs on the deck outside. The heavy foliage of the trees
provided cool shade and gave us some privacy. Friendly
conversation filled the air as three good friends enjoyed
each other's company. One by one we finished our first margaritas
and I dutifully refilled them. They really were pretty strong
and I was starting to feel a warm buzz after just one. I looked
at my wife and smiled a contented smile and she leaned over and
kissed my cheek. "Oh, I need to pee, " she said as if
it surprised her, and she got up and walked quickly into the house. When she
opened the door, our cat came trotting out and started wrapping
itself around Kim's legs.

Kim leaned over to pet the cat and I watched her top fall open
to reveal a large portion of her breasts. I had a great view
looking straight down her dress. I couldn't see her
nipples, but I could see that should wasn't wearing a bra. Her
tan lines looked very sexy and I told her so. She called me a naughty
boy but did nothing to cover herself. She continued to stroke
the cat and my eyes continued to drink up the sexy view down her
top. Then she looked me in the eye and put her fingers on the third
button from the top of her dress. This button was below her
breasts and I watched her unfasten it. Then she slipped
out of her chair and got on her hands and knees to nuzzle the cat.
The top of her dress fell completely open before me. Both firm
breasts were completely exposed and I could see that her
pale pink nipples were hard. I swallowed hard and she giggled
at the look on my face.

"You're killing me, " I said in a choked

"Who me?, " she said in a sultry voice, "Don't
you like seeing me this way?" but she already knew the answer to that

"You know I love it, but look what you're doing
to me, " I said indicating my lap.

"Mmmm, that looks good enough to eat, " she
purred as she eyed the large bulge in my shorts.

"So do you, " I replied honestly as I stared
at her naked breasts.

She just smiled and continued to pet the cat. I couldn't
believe my luck and I just watched quietly, unable to tear my eyes
away from her sexy display. Moments later, I felt my wife's
hands rest gently on my shoulders as she stepped up behind me.
Kim looked up at her and smiled and gave no indication that she
knew she was flashing me, or that I was staring, or that I had a
huge erection. She stayed right where she was and kept petting
the cat and I kept enjoying the view.

I could hear the cat purring as she scratched under its chin.
Kim was muttering suggestively to the cat something about
stroking the nice little pussy. I couldn't be sure,
but I thought I heard her say something about wishing someone
would pet her kitty and make it purr. Megan nuzzled my ear and said,
"And just what are you looking at, hmmm?" I smiled at the
lust in her voice, and she teased, "You know, if I didn't
know better, I'd say she knows exactly what she's doing. She's
got that dress unbuttoned so far that if she stood up right now, I bet it
would just fall right off of her. You'd hate that, wouldn't
you?" She kissed my neck and nibbled it erotically. Then she reached
into my lap and started rubbing my bulge and breathed in my ear,
"Mmmm, and it's deliciously obvious that this
is turning you on." I tore my gaze away from Kim's breasts and looked at
her eyes instead. She met my look and winked at me, then went back
to watching my wife's hand rubbing my cock through my
pants. I reached around for Megan and she squealed as I pulled her
down onto my lap.

Kim stood up and announced that it was her turn to go pee,
and she made her way towards the house. She discreetly held
her dress together so it wouldn't fall off as she walked,
at least until she was past Megan. As soon as Megan could no longer
see her, Kim's eyes met mine and she shrugged the straps
off her shoulders and let her dress fall to the ground. She stepped
out of it and turned to face me. This was the first time I'd
ever seen her completely naked. She was perfect. Firm breasts,
hard pink nipples, and her pussy was shaved bare. She stood before
me with her legs slightly apart and I could clearly see her
puffy labia, swollen with desire. She lingered as long as she
dared, showing off her sexy naked body for me and letting me devour
her with my eyes. Then she blew me a kiss and bent over to pick
up her dress. Still nude, she turned and strutted into the
house, dragging her dress behind her.

Megan was sitting sideways on my lap and I was stroking her
long, bare legs. "She's got you hard as a rock, doesn't
she?" Megan grinned as she wiggled her sexy ass against my stiff cock.

"Have you seen the way she's tormenting me?"
I said in my own defense.

"Oh, yeah, you poor thing. I can tell you want her to
stop, " she teased.

"I just can't believe how wild she is tonight.
Do you want me to ask her to stop?" I asked in a serious voice.

In reply, she kissed me passionately, which did nothing
to ease the pressure in my pants. "No fucking way, "
she breathed, "Don't you dare stop her. You can't imagine how sexy this is
to me, watching her tease you out of your mind." She kissed
me again, then said, "You know what I want you to do? I want you
to play along with her. Encourage her and let's just see how
far she'll go."

Our mouths met again and I reached into her top and started
caressing her tits. Finally I said, "I don't
want her getting all the attention, though. Why don't you ditch these
shorts and put on a sexy little skirt instead."

She kissed me passionately, then without taking her lips
away from mine, she grinned and said, "Oh, twist my arm.
But can I keep my panties on? I'm wearing that itty-bitty pink
thong you like so much. And it's really wet."

"Show me, " I breathed.

With a snap and a zip, she pulled her shorts open and exposed
her sexy little panties.

"Damn you look fine in those, " I said as my fingertips
dipped into her shorts and stroked her through her panties. I could
tell how aroused she was by the intense wet heat emanating
from between her legs.

"If you let me keep the panties on, I'll let you
push them aside with your tongue later, " she said enticingly.

"Oo, you know I love that, " I moaned.

"Yes I do, " my wife purred, "almost as
much as I love it, " and we kissed again.

"Maybe I should undress you right here and spread
you out on the table. I want to taste your sexy little pussy right now.
Wouldn't you love to feel my tongue on you right now?"
Her clit was very hard and I rubbed it through her soaked panties.

"But Kim will be coming back any second. What if she
caught us?" my wife breathed.

"Let her watch. I bet she'd be into it, "
I winked.

Megan moaned, "Mmm, yes. That would be so sexy, "
and pulled me in for another hot kiss and I forced my fingers farther into
her shorts. My fingertip traced down the fabric of her panties
and into the warm embrace of her puffy pussy lips. Her labia
were so swollen with desire that they completely surrounded the
microscopic crotch of her panties. I pushed her soaked
panties to the side and dipped a fingertip into her tight hole. I
gently slid my fingertip in and out several times and she opened
her mouth and whimpered, "Oooh, that feels so good."

Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed. Her sensuous
mouth was open just a little and when I kissed it, she started
gently sucking my tongue. Then she opened her eyes and said
in a husky voice, "Come upstairs and help me change. I'll
make it worth your while."

But suddenly Kim stepped up beside us and said, "No
way! You guys aren't going to leave me here all by myself while
you go boff each other!"

Talking about getting caught was one thing, but now that
Kim had actually caught us talking dirty and messing around, I
thought Megan would yank my hand out of her pants and get all embarrassed. But she didn't. She shot me a sexy look
and stroked my arm and whispered in my ear, "Let her watch, "
so I kept fingering her hungry pussy right in front of her friend.
She looked at Kim and asked coyly, "How long have you
been watching us?"

"I don't know. A while, I guess, " Kim said
as she started at Megan's shorts, which were spread wide open with her
naughty little panties exposed for anyone to see. Kim's eyes
focused on my hand, boldly buried between my wife's legs. I watched
the lust flicker through Kim's eyes as she saw my fingers
moving purposefully inside Megan's shorts. Kim could tell
that I was playing with Megan's pussy, and I could see that she
loved watching me do it. It felt so wonderfully naughty to masturbate
my wife's cunt right there in front of Kim.

Finally, to break the silence, Kim said, "So what's
this about changing? You look gorgeous!"

I admitted, "I asked her to put on a skirt. I love the
way she looks in skirts."

"You mean you love to look up her skirts, " she
teased. "Meg, go change if you want to, but leave him here to keep me company
while you're gone."

Megan shrugged and extracted my hand from inside her shorts.
She hopped off my lap and zipped up, gave me a quick kiss and said,
"Back in a flash!" We both grinned at the double
meaning because we both knew that once she had that skirt on, she'd be
flashing me mercilessly for the rest of the night. It was one of our
favorite games.

When she'd disappeared inside, I said to Kim, "Hey,
we need some music. What to help me pick some out?"

"Sure, " she said and we both got up and walked
into the house.

As we approached the CD rack, I caught her smiling at the
painful bulge in my shorts and she said, "You poor thing. That
must be really uncomfortable."

I adjusted myself and admitted that it kind of hurt.

"You know, " she faced me and said in a sexy voice,
"you'll be a lot more comfortable once I get these shorts off of you."
Her hands reached for my belt and quickly unfastened it. Then
her fingers flicked open the button at the waist of my shorts,
and all of a sudden my shorts were hanging loosely on my hips.
I felt her tug at my zipper while her other hand slid under
the waistband into my undies. I wanted so much to feel her fist
wrapped tightly around my stiff cock. I was breathing fast
and my heart was racing, and it took every ounce of my willpower
to stop her. Just before her fingertips touched my cock, I
grabbed her hand and said "No. I can't."

She smiled ruefully and said "No, of course you can't."

As I got my shorts put back together, I remembered Megan's
words about playing along and I said, "You know, just because
I can't doesn't mean you can't." I reached out and
tugged gently at the button below her breasts that she'd unfastened earlier
while petting the cat. "What happened here? How'd
this get buttoned back up?"

The gleam returned to her eye and she said hungrily, "You
want that one unbuttoned? But you saw what happened when I unbuttoned
it before. My boobs fell out, and then the whole dress just
dropped to the ground and left me standing naked in front
of you. You wouldn't want that to happen again would you?"

I just grinned at her as I popped the button open. The dress
sagged in the middle and revealed the inside curves of her
breasts. "I dare you to leave it like that the rest
of the night." I said.

She pulled her dress open and exposed one of her breasts
for me. With her fingertip, she traced her very hard nipple and
said seductively, "But these will be falling out all night.
You sure you want to see that?"

"More than you can imagine, " I answered.

"Then touch me, " she said as she guided my hand
to her bare breast. I cupped her firm mound and rubbed her nipple with
my palm. Then she took my fingers and used my fingertips to
brush her exposed nipple.

Over her shoulder, some movement caught me eye. It was Megan,
standing just a few feet away with a big mischievous grin
on her face. She was freshly changed and looking absolutely stunning
in her cutest little miniskirt. I winked at her and she made
a kissing motion at me, then she lifted her skirt up to her
waist and slowly turned around to show me how totally hot she looked
in her tiny pink thong. She faced me again and mouthed the words
"Unbutton her dress" as she pantomimed fingers
undoing buttons. I raised my eyebrows at her questioningly. She nodded firmly
and lifted her skirt again, this time putting her fingers down
the front of her panties and touching herself. "Do it"
she mouthed to me.

Silently, I began unbuttoning the three remaining buttons
that held Kim's dress together. Kim watched my hands as
they exposed more and more of her body, until finally her dress hung open
from top to bottom, revealing a tantalizing strip of soft, tan

"Did you shave just for me?" I asked in a naughty
voice and she answered, "Do you like it?"

"Oh yeah, " I breathed as she took my hand and
helped me stroke the smooth skin where her pubic hair should have been.

She pushed my hand lower and said, "It's smooth
down here too." My fingers touched her pussy for the first time. She was
on fire. Her whole sex was slippery with her juices. Her clit
stood out proudly and when I touched it, she pressed my hand
firmly into her crotch and wantonly ground against me.

"It's so smooth and wet and hot and slippery, "
I said more to my wife than to Kim.

"Mmmm, " Kim moaned, "See what you do
to me?"

I looked over her shoulder and saw that Megan was now leaning
against the wall, masturbating as she watched us. She looked
so incredibly sexy that I was tempted to leave Kim and go nail
Meg to the wall. Instead, I caught her eye and gave her a beckoning
look. She got the hint and made her way over to us and stopped
close behind Kim.

From behind, Megan put her hands on Kim's shoulders
and kissed her neck softly. Kim jumped with surprise, then smiled
and said "Hi sweetie" and reached up to touch my wife's

"Hi there, " Meg said, "Enjoying your
birthday present?"

"I'm trying to, but he wouldn't let me undress

"Good boy, " Megan smiled at me and said, "Kiss
me, lover." We pressed together with Kim sandwiched between us. Megan
leaned over Kim's shoulder, and as our mouths met in a wet and
sexy kiss, I asked "Birthday present?" but both
girls ignored me.

"Now the birthday girl needs to strip down to her birthday
suit, " Megan smiled wickedly as she took Kim's straps in her
fingers and gently eased them off her shoulders. For the second time
that night, I watched Kim's dress fall to the ground, leaving
her standing naked in front of me.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" my wife asked rhetorically
as I drank in the beauty of Kim's naked body. As I tried to answer,
Megan interrupted me and said, "And now I'm going to
watch her undress you."

"So I'm her birthday present?" I asked

"Well, not really, " Megan answered with a
grin. She stepped up beside her naked friend and looped an arm around her waist.
Slowly and erotically, she explained, "We were planning
to gang up on you and flirt with you and tease you into submission.
Then when we had you all turned on, I was supposed to undress you
in front of her. She really wants to watch me strip you naked."
She was clearly enjoying this and was speaking slowly,
drawing it out as long as possible. "Once she's watched
me slowly remove every stitch of your clothing and you're standing
naked and hard in front of us, she wants me to take you in my mouth and suck
you. That's her fantasy, to watch me suck your gorgeous
cock. She's a very naughty girl, " she said as she slipped
her hand down and smacked Kim's bare ass.

Megan continued in a seductive voice, "And I was going
to make her fantasy come true for her birthday. We had it all planned
out. Can you imagine that I was actually going to undress
you and suck your cock right in front of her? Well, I was. Once
we had you good and hard, I was going to peel your clothes off,
and then I was going to go down on you and give you the best head
of your life. And she was going to be just inches away watching
every movement and probably playing with her pussy. But, "
she added flippantly, "I like the way things are going
right now so I'm changing the plan." A wicked gleam flickered
in her eyes as she added, "I've decided that we're going
to reverse the roles. *She* gets to entertain *me*. And I can't imagine anything
more erotic right now than watching this beautiful, naked girl
undress you and suck your big hard cock."

She stepped over to me and kissed me wetly and breathed,
"I want to watch you cum in her mouth. Think you can do that for me?"

"Hell yeah, " I responded.

She looked at her friend and said, "What do you think
about that, birthday girl? Wouldn't you rather suck him off than
just watch me do it?"

I could see the fire in Kim's eyes. "Step aside, "
she instructed Megan. Kim stepped up to me and started pulling my shirt
up roughly. As I helped her get it over my head, she breathed
hungrily, "Let's get you naked!"

I was surprised to see Megan grab the camcorder and start
filming Kim undressing me. Megan saw my questioning look and said,
"I got this ready earlier so Kim could film us."

Kim dropped to her knees and she whipped my belt off and had
my shorts unbuttoned and unzipped in no time. She didn't
let them fall to the ground; she yanked them down. She eyed the bulge
in my undies and playfully bit it. She muttered "Damn,
that's big, " then she looked into the camera and licked up and down the
length of my bulge before grabbing my undies and pulling them down
my legs. My cock sprang free and pointed straight out at her.

"Wow, " she said as she stared at my erection.
"You weren't kidding when you said it was huge, " she said to my

"It's a shame he has to wear clothes, isn't
it?" Megan winked at her.

"Who said he has to wear clothes? He should never wear
clothes in front of me again. Not a stitch. Now step out, "
she instructed me, and I stepped out of the shorts and underwear
pooled at my feet.

"That's better, " she breathed as she
looked up and down my naked body. She wrapped her fist around my painfully erect cock
and stroked it up and down a few times. Then she silently brought
her lips to the head and kissed it.

Megan didn't make a sound as she hovered around filming
the erotic action in front of her. Kim popped my cock into her
mouth and started working on it. I was in heaven. My knees were
getting weak. But all the teasing I'd endured had taken
a toll on my stamina and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off
like I wanted to.

Suddenly, Kim popped my rod out of her mouth and said, "Ok,
there's a problem."

Megan and I were both shocked and said, "What?"

"There's just too damn much hair! I hate it when
pubes tickle my nose. We need to shave all this off."

Megan and I looked at each other with our eyes wide in surprise.
"What do you think, sweetie?" Megan asked me.
"Are you up for that?"

"Sure, " I shrugged. "Why not."

Kim took charge and said, "Let's do it in your
room. Meg, get a towel to put under him. And we'll need some scissors,
a razor, and some shaving cream." And we all traipsed upstairs
together. I followed Kim, watching her incredible, naked ass sway
in front of my eyes. Megan followed behind us, videotaping the nude
procession to the bedroom.

When we got to our room, Megan grabbed a towel from the bathroom
and threw it at me and said, "Put this under your ass
so we don't make a mess on the comforter. I'll get the other stuff."
I did what I was told and laid down naked on top of the bed with the
towel under me.

Kim grinned at me and climbed up on top of me and straddled
me. She started kissing me as she mashed her dripping wet pussy
against my cock and started rubbing her slit up and down
my length. Suddenly, she grabbed my dick and lowered herself
onto it. I sank smoothly into her. She came to rest with her pubic
mound crushed against mine and she ground herself against
me. "Mmmm, that's nice, " she moaned.

Then her hips started working. With a slow pistoning motion,
she started working her pussy up and down the length of my cock.
She was so tight and wet. I fought to keep from shooting my load
inside her and just reveled in the sensation of her riding

Megan came back into the room with the shaving supplies
and said, "Hey, no fair! I thought we were shaving him first!"

Kim apologized and said that she just couldn't help
it. Megan raised the camera and started filming again. Kim smiled
into the camera and said, "Now *this* is what I really wanted
for my birthday!" as she slid up and down my long hard cock.

Megan looked at me and teased, "And this is just what
you wanted to give her, isn't it?"

I just winked at her and leaned forward and licked one of
Kim's hard nipples before popping it into my mouth and sucking
on it. I was so close to cumming that I knew I wouldn't be able
to hold off much longer. I released her nipple from my lips and told
the girls that I was going to cum soon if we didn't stop.

Megan brought her face close to mine and I could see the intense
desire in her eyes as she said, "That's ok, sweetie,
I want you to cum. Do you want to cum in her pussy? I'll bet you do.
And I want to watch. I want to see you fill up her hot little cunt
with all that sweet cum of yours." and then she kissed
me more passionately that she'd ever done before. The camera
was still running but she didn't care where it was pointing.
As it happened, she laid it on my chest pointing down to my crotch
and it filmed a sideways view of Kim riding me.

"I'm so close, " I grunted.

"That's it, sweetie, " Megan urged me
on. "Cum for me now. Cum in her pussy. Pump her pussy full of your sweet cum."
Then totally out of character, Megan said, "Watch this
while you're cumming, " and she took one of Kim's nipples
in her mouth and started sucking it.

Well, that was it. Watching my wife sucking Kim's nipple
sent me over the edge and I shot off like a geyser. I don't think
I even breathed while my spasms were shaking my body. Blast after
blast of sticky, hot cum shot out of me and splashed deep inside
Kim. My orgasm must have triggered hers, because suddenly I
felt Kim's pussy clenching rhythmically onto my pulsing cock. Her
cum mingled wetly with mine and ran down my cock and soaked my

Finally, we slowed our pumping and I opened my eyes to see
Megan and Kim's mouths locked together in a passionate kiss.
I was shocked and aroused, and I wondered if the kiss had triggered
Kim's orgasm. When they realized I was watching them,
they separated somewhat reluctantly. They both smiled at me,
but their expressions were very different. Kim looked totally
satisfied, her cheeks warm with that freshly-fucked glow,
but Megan was blushing and I could tell she was surprised and
maybe a little freaked out about her first lesbian kiss.

"That was a really sexy kiss. Did you like that?"
I asked her quietly to show my approval.

Megan blushed an even deeper crimson, giggled, and said,
"Yes, that was amazing."

"Good, " I said as I kissed her. "I'd
like to watch you kiss her some more. It was so sexy, " I breathed into her mouth
and she kissed me hungrily. Tongues, lips, saliva, all mingled
into a sexy hot kiss, and the more we kissed, the more passionate
we got.

I was still buried deeply inside Kim and she was grinding
against me very slowly. "You're getting him hard again, "
Kim told my wife.

"Let me see, " said Megan as she reached her
hand down. Kim raised up a little so Megan could wrap her hand around my
sticky cock. Megan grinned at me and called me a naughty boy as she
squeezed my relentless erection. Kim pressed her soft,
warm pussy down against Megan's hand and then ground against
her a little bit before lifting herself up to do it again. It felt
so amazing to have my wife holding the base of my cock as her
friend slowly slid up and down me. I was so sensitive after my recent
cum that any movement caused me to catch my breath, teetering
on that excruciating edge between pain and pleasure. As she
continued to slowly ride me, I decided pleasure was definitely
winning out.

Finally, Megan said, "Ok, my turn. Hop off and give
me my husband back."

With a reluctant grin, Kim raised herself up and suddenly
the warm embrace of her sex was gone. She climbed off the bed
and said as if just realizing it, "Hey, girl, you have
way too many clothes on. Stand up so I can get them off of you."

Megan let go of me and stood beside the bed and let Kim undress
her. I picked up the camcorder and started filming them
from my vantage point on the bed.

"Raise your arms, " Kim said quietly, as she
gently lifted Megan's blouse up and over her head. "That's a pretty
bra, " Kim complimented my wife as she reached around and deftly unhooked
it. As the bra fell to the floor, Kim muttered "Beautiful, "
and leaned in to gently kiss each of Megan's nipples. Then
she sucked them and Megan's eyes fluttered closed and
her hands came up to stroke Kim's hair.

I watched Kim reach under Megan's skirt and only then
did she take her mouth away from Megan's nipple so she could
say, "My god, girl, you are absolutely on fire!"

Megan responded by hooking her thumbs in the waistband
of her skirt and trying to push it down. But Kim stopped her and
said, "Let me do it."

"But you're going too slow, " Megan pleaded.

Kim kneeled in front of her and lifted her skirt. "All
good things in time, " she grinned as she brought fingers
up between Megan's legs and started rubbing her there. "These
tiny little panties are so sexy, but they've got to go, "
she said as she slipped them down Megan's long, tan legs. "Let's
leave the skirt on for now, " she said as she gently pushed Megan back
on the bed beside me. I scooted around so that my head was at Megan's
feet and I was looking up her long legs. When Kim lifted my wife's
skirt, my video camera captured a perfect image of her naked
pussy being unveiled. Her labia were red and swollen and
flowered wide open with desire.

Kim leaned over Megan and kissed her mouth while her hands
gently stroked her soft skin. I zoomed in on their mouths as they
kissed, then my lens followed Kim's hand as it slid
down and started playing with one of Megan's very hard nipples.
Soon her hand started sliding down Megan's tummy and my wife
opened her legs wide in anticipation of her friend's delicate

I watched Kim cup my wife's mound and press her long
fingers firmly against the soft skin of her puffy labia. Now kissing
Megan's neck, Kim used her whole hand to rub my wife's
sex. I heard Megan moaning softly and saw that her eyes were shuttight.

"I want to taste you, " whispered Kim into my
wife's ear.

Eyes still shut tight, Megan frowned and rolled her head
back and forth and said, "No, no, you can't."

Kim grinned wickedly and said, "Oh yes I can and you
want me to do it. Don't you?" but it was a statement, not
a question. My wife's lips parted in pleasure as Kim slipped her middle
finger into Megan's dripping pussy and slid it in and out as
she continued to rub her whole mound up and down. Kim gently
bit Megan's earlobe as she continued to lovingly masturbate
her and said, "Tell me to lick your pussy. Tell me how much
you want to feel my tongue on you."

But Megan was defiant and breathed through her passion,
"No, not my pussy, don't lick my pussy." But her resolve
was weakening and she opened her eyes and looked at me pleadingly and said,
"She really wants to lick my pussy, sweetie."

Gently, I said, "I know, baby. It's ok. Let her
do it."

"Yeah?" she said as if my permission was a huge
relief. "But this feels so good and I want to cum soooo bad!" she

"I bet she can make you cum with her tongue, "
I said, which made Megan moan and say, "Cum in her mouth. Mmm, yeah, I
want to cum in her mouth."

Kim had picked up the pace of her masturbating Megan's
pussy and she said, "Oh yeah, I'll make you cum, girlfriend.
I want to taste your cum." My wife moaned and Kim continued,
"You can cum all over my tongue and my lips and my chin and my nose. Let
me taste you. I know you want to cum in my mouth, you naughty
girl, and I want you to do it."

I could see that Megan was so close to cumming on Kim's
hand. She was riding that crest, ready for her orgasm to crash
all over her. All this hot talk was driving her wild. And I knew that
she wanted Kim to go down on her, even if she didn't want
to admit it to herself. She hissed, "I want to cum so fucking
bad." and her eyes were squeezed shut tight.

Kim winked at me and said innocently to my wife, "I'll
make you cum, sweetie, but first you need to tell me what to do. Where
do you want my mouth?"

"On my pussy, " Megan grunted. "Go down
on me and lick my pussy and make me cum, " and she pushed Kim's head down
between her legs. She raised her hips off the bed in an effort to press
her hot little cunt against Kim's mouth.

"Grab a pillow for me, " Kim instructed me.
She took the pillow from me and stuffed it under Megan's ass to raise her
pussy to a better height for licking. "Now, where was I..."
she grinned as she stuck out her tongue and flattened it against my wife's
wet pussy. She took her time lapping slowly from bottom to top
again and again, and when she reached the top, she'd give
Megan's clit a quick suck before starting over again. I zoomed in with
the camera to capture a close-up of this incredibly erotic

Megan reached out and touched my leg and when our eyes met,
she whispered, "Come kiss me." I set the camcorder
on the dresser so that it was pointing at the girls, then I leaned over my wife's
face and brought my mouth to hers. She kissed me hungrily,
then I felt her fist close around my rigid dick. She pulled it
as we kissed, masturbating me awkwardly. Every once in a while
she'd stop for a moment and her eyes would flutter shut and I'd
hear her moan. Finally her mouth opened wide and she held very
still and I knew she was on the verge of cumming.

"Feels good, huh?" I asked stupidly. She just
grinned and silently nodded her head, her eyes shut tight and her mouth
halfway open. "Are you going to cum?"

"Uh huh, " she breathed, "I'm gonna
cum. Cum so hard. Oh fuck!" She gasped and a look of rapture lit up her face. Her breath
was coming out in short, quick pants.

"You look so sexy, " I encouraged her, "Does
Kim's tongue feel good on your hot little cunt?"

She gritted her teeth and started panting, "Yes,
yes, yes" with each of her orgasm's strong contractions. I heard
nothing from Kim but the sloppy wet sound of her fingers pumping quickly
in and out of my wife's dripping hole. I could see her mouth
crushed against Megan's slit, working furiously.

Megan's orgasm seemed to last a long time. I grabbed
the camera and zoomed in on her face to catch the look of pure ecstasy
painted there. Then I panned down her heaving body to film
her humping Kim's mouth. Finally her breathing slowed
and Kim raised her face which was glistening with my wife's juices.
Megan took a deep breath and laughed joyously and said, "Oh my
god! That was amazing! Come here, you, " and she pulled Kim's
face to hers. Megan looked carefully at her cum shining on her friend's
face, then she softly kissed it. "I really made a mess of
you, didn't I?" she asked, then she started kissing all around
her friend's mouth and chin and nose, using her lips and tongue to clean
her cum from around Kim's mouth.

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" Kim asked.

My wife just moaned and planted a very wet kiss on Kim's
mouth. They kissed quietly for a few moments, then Megan said out
of the blue, "Hey, is anyone else hungry? For supper, I mean?
I'm starving."

Kim and I looked at her, surprised, and I said, "Yeah,
I guess I'm pretty hungry, " and Kim agreed that she
was too.

"Well I've got a nice supper in the oven. Let's
go eat it before it burns to a crisp. And then I want to watch this movie we
just made."

"We're still making it, " I told her as
I got between her legs and zoomed in on her shiny pussy. "Damn, would I like a
taste of that, " I told her longingly.

"You can have a taste later. But now it's time
to shut off that damn camera and go eat supper. Come on, " she said
as she climbed out of bed.

But instead of turning off the camera, I filmed her walking
naked from the bedroom, followed by Kim who was just as naked.
Kim paused as she reached the door. She shot me a sexy smile over
her shoulder and said, "Let's shave Meg's
pussy before you go down on her, ok? And I still want to shave you so I can give
you a proper blowjob. Now turn off that camera and come eat some

And I did.

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