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Connie watched from the seclusion of her darkened apartment
as Don plunged his cock in and out of the woman. They were
standing beside his bed, his knees bent so that he could
enter her from behind as she bent over to support herself.
She was shorter than him with small breasts and thin legs.
It was the first time she had ever seen him bring a woman to
his apartment and she was fascinated with the spectacle
she was watching. It had been weeks since she and Suzie had
fucked him and since that time, they had not spoken, although
they had both made a point of exhibiting themselves to one
another. It was a private game they both enjoyed, and there
had been a few times when she had been almost ready to call
him over, or to put on some clothes and go to his place as she
watched his hard cock and balls swinging. But she had always
let the moment pass and waited for him to come to her. The
woman was sitting on the side of the bed now, sucking his
cock as he humped in and out of her mouth. As Connie watched,
he suddenly withdrew and a long arc of white come splashed
on her face and lips, followed by another. Connie adjusted
the binoculars and saw the come glistening in her dark brown
hair, her tongue trying to capture more of it as it ran down
her face. Don pushed her back on the bed and buried his face
in her open pussy. Connie plunged three fingers into her
own pussy and fucked herself madly as she watched the couple
in the other apartment. It had been a long time since she
had had a man. In fact, the very man she was watching was the
last man she had fucked – and what a great fuck it had been!
She closed her eyes and remembered the touch of his tongue
snaking around her clitoris and began to come as her fingers
stroked the swollen polyp at the apex of her soft vaginal
lips. Across the way, the woman stretched her legs high
over her head as Don licked her pussy. Spasms and shaking
told Connie she, too, was coming. “Oh, Don!” Carolyn
sighed, “you really know how to eat a girl! Where did you
ever learn to be so good?” “I took a correspondence
course, ” he replied. “It was on a matchbook cover
– Can You Draw Good Head? – That’s what I thought it
said, anyway.” “Seriously. Most men don’t seem
to know the little secrets that women know. Somebody had
to tell you. Who was it? An old love?” Don smiled and looked
at the dark window across the way. He wondered if Connie
had been watching tonight. So many times he had been tempted
to call her or simply walk over and knock on the door. but
that would have been too easy. After the night spent with
her and Suzy, he could never suggest anything as banal as
a casual night of lust. With Connie, he would have to be creative
and, at the very least, different and exciting. Anything
less would ruin the almost fantasy relationship they had.
For a moment, though, his thoughts went back to the moments
when she had taken his soft cock and balls into her mouth
and blown him as no other woman ever had. Carolyn’s ministrations,
as practiced as they were, could not come close to the sensations
Connie’s lips, tongue and fingers had produced. “Hey!
Come back, lover!” “Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I got carried
away, ” he apologized. Carolyn knelt on the bed and threw
her arms around his waist to hug him. One hand fondled his
soft cock and her tongue snaked into his navel. The other
hand cradled his balls and then went between his legs to
cup his ass as she devoured his limp penis. Occupied with
his cock, she failed to notice as he waved at the darkened
window in the building across the way. She did notice, though,
when, a few moments later, his cock took a decided leap within
her mouth and began to stiffen once more. Connie smiled
to herself as she watched the woman go down on the limp penis.
When Don waved at her, she knew that he, too, was remembering
the night they had had together. Still smiling to herself,
she adjusted the small reading lamp beside her bed and spread
her legs wide. Switching on the lamp, she let it highlight
the lush pinkness of her open pussy and felt the cool night
air blowing across the wet lips. Spreading herself open
with her fingers, she watched the effect it had on the couple
in the other apartment. The sight of Connie’s pussy had
an immediate effect on Don, and he felt his cock come alive
in Carolyn’s mouth. He had suspected she was there, but
this had been the first sign. As his cock grew to full strength,
Carolyn released it and looked up at him. “Do you want
to fuck me?” she asked. Don nodded and lay down beside
her. Immediately, she threw her leg over him and straddled
his cock. Raising up slightly, she eased his penis into
her wet pussy and began slowly fucking. Suddenly, she froze.
“My God!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe it!”
“What?” “There’s a girl over there. I mean she’s
jerking off and…Oh my God!” “What?” “Don, she’s
been watching us!” Don worked his hips so that his cock
moved slowly in and out of her as she stared into the night.
“What’s she doing?” he asked. “She’s, she’s
got three fingers in her cunt! I can’t believe it! I mean…Do
you know her?” “Uh huh.” “Who is she?” “Connie.
She lives there. I guess she likes to peek.” Carolyn was
becoming more excited as she watched and her pert ass answered
Don’s long thrusts with a pulsating rhythm of its own,
her eyes fixed on the scene across the way. “Did you ever
fuck her?” she asked in a strange voice. “Yes, ”
Don replied. Carolyn’s pussy swallowed his cock to the
hilt and she ground her clitoris into his pubic hair. “Did
you know she was watching us?” “I wasn’t sure. Does
it bother you?” “I…I don’t know. It makes me feel
funny, though. Sort of embarrassed but excited at the same
time. I think I’m going to come!” Her ass stroked faster
and faster as she talked and Don felt his own orgasm coming
on strongly. Carolyn made little sounds as she started
to come and he grasped her ass roughly and pumped up into
her as his come spurted into her pussy. As they subsided,
she remained on top of him, her ass poised high in the air
and partially turned to exposed her dripping pussy to the
eyes of whoever might be watching from the dimly lighted
window. Phantom fingers were strumming the pink clitoris
so fast they had become a blur as Carolyn reached down and
milked the last drops of come from Don’s cock. After a
long while, she spoke. “What’s she like?” “Connie?”
“Is that her name?” “She’s nice, ” Don told
her. “She’s pleasant and pretty, too. And she gets
very horny!” “I can’t believe we let her watch us
like that. And the way she had the light on herself…Don,
do you two do this often?” “First time, actually. I
didn’t know it was going to happen. Connie is a rather
sensuous woman. Like other people I could name! Not that
you’d ever consider doing anything quite like that.”
“What are you trying to say?” “Nothing. Except I
noticed you didn’t stop.” “Why should I. She wasn’t
hurting anybody. I kind of liked it.” “Kind of?”
“A lot.” “How much is a lot?” “What are you trying
to get me to say, Don. I came, didn’t I? After all I was getting
a damned good fuck at the time!” “Would you like to meet
her?” “Don!” “Would you?” “I don’t know.
Maybe. I mean, you said she was nice.” “She’s a very
sensuous woman, Carolyn.” Carolyn’s face became
serious for a moment and she looked directly at Don. “I
am, too, ” she said very softly and bent to lick one of
his nipples in an effort to underscore her meaning. “Would
you like to meet her?” he repeated. Carolyn was very quiet
for a few minutes. When she replied, her voice was clear
and strong.” “All right, ” she said. “are you
going to call her?” “We both will, ” he replied and
tugged her to her feet. Standing together, they waved across
the way and motioned for Connie to join them. When the tiny
light went out and a moment later another light elsewhere
in the apartment came on, they knew she was on her way. “I
hope you know what you’re doing, ” Carolyn breathed
and shivered as Don ran his hand down her back to stroke her
behind. Connie took a deep breath and knoc

ke d on the door. If anyone had ever suggested that she would
be walking into an apartment wearing nothing but a raincoat
to meet a man she hardly knew and a woman who was a perfect
stranger, she would have told them they were insane. But
here she was. After watching the two of them, she knew she
could not resist their invitation to join them. The door
opened to reveal a dimly lit room and Don’s face appeared
from behind it. She knew he was naked behind the door and
shrugged out of her coat as she entered. When she turned
to kiss him, she was as naked as he. “Hello, stranger, ”
he murmured as he stroked her full body. “Having fun?”
she asked. “She’s in the bedroom, ” Don told her.
Connie fondled his penis as she walked toward the bedroom
door and he cupped her ample breast as she walked. As she
entered the room, she saw the woman had slipped between
the covers and was turned away from her. “I’m Connie, ”
she said tentatively. “This is Carolyn, ” Don told
her. “I think she’s shy.” “I’m not shy!” Carolyn
objected as she turned over and sat up. “I just never did
anything like this before.” Connie smiled as she saw
the woman’s face. Carolyn was pretty and as the sheet
slipped down, she saw her petite body and small breasts
puckered with excitement. Carolyn smiled back at her.
“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked. Connie blushed
unexpectedly. “Yes I did, actually. You’re very exciting.”
“So are you, ” Carolyn replied as her eyes roamed over
Connie’s large body, coming to rest on the auburn down
at the juncture of her thighs. As Carolyn watched, Connie
shifted her weight slightly to allow Don’s hand to grope
her wet pussy and slide two fingers into her cunt. The smaller
woman’s eyes widened as Connie involuntarily moaned
and thrust her abdomen in tiny, jerking motions. Don leaned
forward to capture a large breast with his lips and suck
the nipple in and out of his mouth, tonguing it wetly. He
slowly forced Connie down on the bed as Carolyn crawled
out of the covers and positioned herself beside them, watching
Connie’s face intently as Don continued to finger-fuck
her. In less than a minute, Connie began to come and reached
out to hold Carolyn’s shoulders as the waves of pure pleasure
washed over her. “I’m sorry, ” she whispered as
she regained control of herself. “It’s all right, ’
Carolyn told her softly. “Did it feel good? It looked
like it was wonderful!” “It was!” Connie assured
her. “I just meant that I don’t want to make you feel
uncomfortable.” “Don’t be silly!” Carolyn replied
and kissed her on the cheek, making sure her breasts came
in full contact with Connie’s. Don took advantage of
the moment to put his arms around both women and take turns
kissing them. Someone’s hand captured his cock. He was
not sure whose it was, but did not care. Connie was making
small sounds in her throat as Carolyn kissed one of her large
breasts. He gently opened Connie’s thighs and the hand
led his cock to the pouting lips of her pussy as Carolyn’s
fingers parted them and urged his cockhead inside the girl.
Delicate fingers massaged his balls as he slid deep inside
the big woman and he felt Carolyn’s tongue teasing the
base of his cock as he fucked. Connie’s tongue had driven
deep into his mouth and was dueling with his own. When he
came again, both women shared the warm juices as they spurted
out of him and splashed across their lips and breasts. Licking
one another off, they did not stop until they were busily
devouring one another’s pussy as Don watched. He had
always suspected Carolyn would be a passionate lover,
but never really thought she would be as lascivious as his
sensuous neigh- bor. Nor had he suspected that she would
be as bisexual as she was. After Connie arrived, Carolyn
had paid surprisingly little attention to him and concentrated
on the other girl’s breasts and pussy. Connie, on the
other hand, had stayed true to her nature and paid Don’s
cock the attention it craved, sucking it deep into her throat
and rolling his balls between her lips. Finally, the three
of them lay side by side, exhausted and covered with perspiration.
“I like your friends, ” Carolyn told him and squirmed
around to give Connie a kiss. “So do I, ” Don agreed
and ran his hand over Connie’s wet bush. Connie hugged
both of them tightly and closed her eyes. Her orgasm had
left her only partially satisfied, and Carolyn’s warm,
tight body glowed like a warm coal beside her. Under her
hand, though, Don’s cock curled soft and small as she
kneaded lightly. it would take more than casual excitement
to bring it up again, she knew. Carolyn, however was already
beginning to pulsate gent- ly against her. Boldly, she
let her fingers run along the crack of the smaller woman’s
ass and dip between her thighs to caress the damp flesh of
her vagina. She was rewarded by a pair of soft lips on her
nipples and knowing fingers probing her own pussy as Carolyn
rose to the occasion. Moments later, they had shifted position
with Carolyn mounted atop her, busily licking her wide-open
pussy while she probed the other woman’s cunt with her
tongue and fingers. As Carolyn sucked her clitoris like
a tiny cock, Connie did the same to her and felt the woman
humping her pussy into her mouth as she reached down and
forced Carolyn’s face deeper into her crotch. Laying
on top of Connie brought back memories from many years for
Carolyn. Marsha had been her best friend for as long as she
could remember, and the two girls had grown up together.
Therefore, when John, Marsha’s older brother, took
an interest in the developing Carolyn, it was not so much
of a noticeable event as a natural development. The day
they kissed, though, she felt his stiff penis through their
clothes and knew that something important had happened.
John was two years older than the girls, and more sophisticated
than either of them. A popular athlete, he never lacked
for girls friends, but had been taken with the pert curve
of Carolyn’s behind and the upturn of her growing breasts.
When she accepted his invitation to go to the drive-in that
night, she immediately thought of telling Marsha. But,
for no particular reason, she changed her mind at the last
moment and put the telephone back in the cradle. She thought
of John’s kiss for the rest of the afternoon and, as she
relaxed in the bath, she closed her eyes and remembered
the feeling of his penis pressing against her thigh as their
lips pressed together. She wondered what it looked like
and a tight feeling in the pit of her stomach told her that
she would soon know! He had kissed her as soon as they pulled
into the drive-in and she answered him savagely, meeting
his lips with a hungry pressure as he drove his tongue into
her mouth and his hands began roaming over her body. She
let them go and encouraged him by rubbing his chest and arms
with her own hands as her tongue met his and tried to delve
as deeply into his throat as she could go. She whimpered
in excitement as he squeezed her breasts, and her hand pressed
his closer and harder. Not satisfied, he caressed her behind
and rubbed her thighs, reaching the hem of her skirt and
sliding it up until her white panties showed. Her own hand
was rubbing his thigh as she waited for his fingers to climb
further up her leg. Suddenly, he took her hand in his and
placed it firmly on the hard lump of his penis. She gasped
as she felt it jump under the smooth fabric of his trousers,
and his hand guided hers in a slow rubbing motion that she
continued after he let go. His hands went back to her thighs
and rubbed her soaking pussy through the slick cloth of
her panties. His fingers slipped inside and she felt them
probing her pussy as she found the zipper of his trousers.
She pulled it down as John pulled her panties down over her
behind and massaged the cheeks of her bare ass. She raised
up so he could pull them the rest of the way down and freed
his penis as he did so. It sprang out hard and furious, and
her eyes opened wide as she saw it. John guided her hand once
more and she felt the smooth skin of his cock for the first
time as he taught her how to stroke it up and down. Reaching

, he freed his balls and she felt their heavy softness, feeling
them slip away from her fingers inside their warm sac. His
fingers were stroking her pussy by now and she shifted her
weight again as he opened her lips and played with her clitoris.
His fingers probed her pussy lightly and she gasped as they
touched the delicate membrane of her hymen and pressed
softly inward. “Be careful. Don’t hurt me, ” she
whispered. He did not answer but pressed his mouth on hers
and she felt his tongue pulsing in and out of her mouth as
his hand guided hers up and down his cock to match the rhythm
of his tongue. His other hand set up a similar pattern on
her clitoris until she was conscious of nothing but the
pulsing of his fingers and the swollen thickness of his
cock in her hand. She could hardly breathe because of the
excitement that was building in her, and she broke the kiss
finally to look down at the beautiful cock in her hand. The
head was almost purple and shone darkly as drops of moisture
oozed from the slit in its tip. “Suck it!” John Whispered
urgently. She looked at him to see if he really meant it.
He was sitting with his head thrown back and his eyes closed.
There was no question that he had meant what he said. Very
slowly, she lowered her head, his fingers still strumming
her clitoris. When her closed lips came in contact with
the rubbery head he thrust upward, trying to feed her. She
let the tip of her tongue brush over it and found the taste
to be far from unpleasant. His hand on the back of her head
drove her down and she found her mouth filled with is cock
and she gagged. “I’m sorry, ” she apologized. “I’ve
never done this before.” “If you don’t like it…”
“No!” she objected. “I do like it. It’s just that
you have to let me get used to it!” Slowly, she returned
to her task. This time she took several inches of his cock
into her mouth and sucked it as he had told her to in the beginning.
The effect was immediate on him and he groaned and twisted
his hips, trying to fuck her virgin mouth as she sucked her
first cock. She marveled at the hot, spongy feel of the head
as it slid over her tongue and felt the loose skin sliding
between her lips as her head tried to match the furious pumping
of his hips. Suddenly, Carolyn became aware of something
happening and a salty taste invaded her mouth as John’s
cock shot streams of come. It took a moment for her to realize
what was happening and then all the hushed stories she had
heard came back to her in a heady, exciting rush. She sucked
the throbbing cock with a ven- geance to capture drop after
drop and swallowed it all greedily. As she sucked, the lovely
thing began to wilt in her mouth and John forced her away
from it. By the time the movie was halfway over, she had sucked
him hard once more and had come in his hand as he frigged her
cli- toris to a frenzy. She climbed on top of him and pressed
his cock against the soft down of her cunt and pressed her
lips to his as he fumbled between them. She squealed sharply
as his cock pene- trated her hymen and entered her pussy.
Despite the burning sen- sation in her pussy, she humped
him madly, feeling his cock pressing against her cervix.
He pulled out of her abruptly and she felt his come splashing
against her stomach as she held his cock close to her as he
continued to thrust his hips at her. It marked the beginning
of her lifelong infatuation with sex, and she spent the
rest of that year meeting John whenever and wherever she
could. She became expert at deriving pleasure from his
and soon learned how to entice him into serving all her pleasure
points. They were in John’s bedroom when Marsha discovered
them. They had thought they were alone in the house and had
wasted no time in getting out of their clothes. Marsha walked
in on them, they were in the sixty-nine position with Carolyn
kneeling over John’s mouth as she sucked his cock and
jerked him off the way he especially loved. Marsha stopped
cold as she saw them and stood for a moment watching. So busy
with one another, they were, that neither realized she
was there. Carolyn’s thighs hid John’s view, and when
she turned her eyes and saw her best friend watching, she
froze, the swollen cock halfway down her throat, her hands
cradling his balls. Neither girl moved until Marsh licked
her lips nervously and moved her hand to her breast. As she
did, Carolyn slid John’s red cock as far into her throat
as she could, making him moan as she forced the muscles of
her throat to swallow frantically. As he began to come,
she lifted her head and used her hand to pump his cock so that
Marsha could see the gobs of come spurting up on Carolyn’s
face and hair. Marsha gasped and fled. Carolyn’s orgasm
washed over her like a wave as John’s tongue swirled over
her clitoris, and she came again, almost immediately,
grinding her pussy into his face. She found Marsha in her
own room. She was sitting on the edge of her bed with tears
running down her cheeks. At first Carolyn had not noticed
it, but she soon realized Marsha’s hands were in her shorts
and the girl was very obviously playing with herself as
she sat crying. “I’m sorry, ” Carolyn said and sat
beside her. “It’s all right, ” Marsha sniffled.
“It’s just…” “What?” “I can’t tell you.”
“Please! Don’t cry! I didn’t want you to know!”
Carolyn pleaded. She put her arms around Marsha to comfort
her and felt the girl’s wet cheek against her own. For
the first time, too, she became aware of the firmness of
her friend’s breasts. “Oh, Carolyn, ” Marsha sobbed.
It was so…so…Oh, God! How could you stand it?” “What
do you mean?” Marsha stopped crying and tried to get ahold
of herself. “I’m sorry, ” she said stiffly. “I
guess I got carried away seeing you and Johnnie like that.
It’s O.K., though. You’re my best friend, so I won’t
get mad.” Slowly, it began to dawn on Carolyn. “You
and Johnnie?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.
They were still holding one another and Marsha’s arms
held her closely. “Are you mad at me?” Marsha asked
in a tiny voice. “No! You did it with your brother?”
“It wasn’t like that!” Marsha pleaded. “I mean,
I love Johnnie. Please don’t tell anybody. I’d die
if anybody else found out.” “I won’t tell. And don’t
you!” Carolyn replied. “But…” “But what?”
Marsha was suddenly alarmed. “Well, you saw me with Johnnie.
It’s not fair unless you let me see you.” Marsha’s
eyes widened. “Carolyn! What are you saying?” “Nothing.
Just that you have to let me watch you with him, just like
you watched me. Then we’ll be even.” Marsha looked
around as if to make sure they were alone. “We, uh…we
sort of do everything, ” she said quietly. “So do we.”
“I know. Johnnie told me.” “You knew we went all the
way?” “He told me when you blew him in the drive-in.
You really turned him on! He didn’t want any other girl
but you. And me, of course.” “Then why did you get so
upset just now?” “Seeing you doing that to him. It just
made me want… never mind. I guess I was just acting silly.
And besides, you caught me playing with myself. I was a little
embarrassed, and all. Besides, you’re so pretty and
I’m so…” Carolyn impulsively kissed the other girl
and was surprised to have the kiss returned. The tip of Marsha’s
tongue touched her lips for a second and then the kiss was
gone. Carolyn remembered the delicious hot flush that
crept through her as she realized what the kiss really meant.
“You kiss good, ” she said. “And besides, I don’t
know why you think I’m so pretty. Look at you you’re
breasts are twice as big as mine. I bet Johnnie really likes
them.” Marsha smiled and looked down at herself. “He
likes to suck them, ” she said. “I love it when he does.”
Carolyn eyed the larger girl’s nipples poking through
the light fabric of her T-shirt. Even at 15, Marsha’s
breasts were large and heavy, almost as large then as Connie’s
were now, Carolyn thought to herself as she reminisced.
And easily as sensitive! She had giggled mischievously
as she tickled one of Marsha’s nipples, making the other
girl gasp with surprise. “Carolyn!” “As good as
Johnnie?” Ma

rsha looked at her coyly. “Maybe, ” she said with a
little grin. She was looking away, but her eyes met Carolyn’s
for a scant moment. The meaning was there, all right. Carolyn
saw that look too many times after that to have forgotten
how it affected her then. Now it was her turn to become shy.
“I can be better, ” she said, lowering her eyes. Marsha
did not answer but continued to look down at the bed- covers.
Her hands twisted together nervously. “Want to see?”
Carolyn pressed. Marsha nodded once without looking at
her. “Promise not to tell anybody?” Again, Marsha
nodded and Carolyn slid next to her. “Lift up your shirt, ”
she whispered, and when Marsha did, she stared at the full,
blue-veined breasts with their pink caps. She ran her hands
softly over one of them, feeling its full weight as she lifted
it. Without another word, she bent her head and captured
the turgid nipple and began sucking, moving her tongue
over it. She felt Marsha’s own hands tentatively exploring
her body and when she shifted to the other breast and continued
sucking, Marsha peeled her shirt away and began fondling
her small, hard breasts, too. “Am I as good as Johnnie?”
she asked impishly and went back to sucking the excited
nipple. Marsha’s only answer was a strange sound from
deep in her throat and the movement of her hands to Carolyn’s
shorts. Without taking her lips away from Marsha’s tits,
she shifted her weight and allowed the girl to run her hand
down inside her panties to caress her pussy. When John found
them, Carolyn recalled, they were wearing only their panties,
and had only slipped them back on when they heard him coming.
Connie moved sinuously beneath her and Carolyn slid her
fin- gers into the soft mat of pubic hair between the girl’s
thighs. She had always enjoyed the bodies of larger women,
a throw-back, she was sure, to her years with Marsha and
John. Don had rejoined them and was assisting Connie in
ministering to Carolyn’s pussy, tonguing it deeply
as Connie sucked her clitoris. It was a rare combination
of effects she especially loved and wondered why she had
never before recognized just how sexy a man Don was. They
had known one another for several years and had just now
decided to see one another socially. Tonight, she had been
hoping for a nice lay, but this was much, much more than she
had bargained for. Don tasted the heady aroma of Carolyn’s
pussy and pressed his tongue further inside her. His cheek
was pressed against Connie’s and he could feel the muscles
of her jaw and face working as she sucked her pink clitoris.
He put his arm around Connie and cupped her large breast,
pressing his still-limp cock against her ample ass. She
tensed her muscles, pinching it be- tween the smooth, firm
cheeks. As the two of them continued eating Carolyn, he
felt his cock begin to slowly grow as the warmth of Connie’s
ass filled him. She, too, was becoming aware of the stiffening
prick between her cheeks as she began to make a slow, rubbing
motion with her hips. Carolyn’s lips and tongue at her
cunt also enhanced her rhythm and Don knew her orgasm was
not far off. Connie reminded him of someone else he had once
known and loved. They were much younger then, but Sue had
had the same wide, ample body and the full, pendulous breasts
that marked Connie so distinctively. They had met at a party
and each had left their own date to slip away. Taken with
the wildness of the moment, they had gone to his apartment
and necked heavily until he slipped his hand inside her
bra to feel her nipples. He winced in pleasure as he remembered
the way she had grabbed his hand and pressed it hard against
her warm flesh. Reaching behind her, he unhooked her bra
even as she was pulling her sweater over her head and immediately
kissed the huge nipples as they came tumbling into view.
Sue’s breasts hung low and pendulous, the tips crowned
with dark brown aureolae and huge nipples that stood out
like corks. He lifted one of her breasts with both hands
and devoured it, sucking as much soft flesh into his mouth
as he could hold. As he licked and sucked her breasts, Sue’s
hands tentatively roamed to the waistband of his trousers
and lingered there. Without leaving her breasts, he ran
his right hand down her back and slipped it inside her slacks
to feel the soft flesh of her ass. As he did, she expertly
undid his belt and pulled down his zipper she grasped his
raging cock at the same moment he found the wet folds of her
pussy. As he frigged her wet hole, she pulled away and bent
over to take his cock in her mouth to run her tongue the full
length of the big vein swelling beneath it. Sue had always
sucked his cock better than anyone in the world until he
met Connie. It had been years since he had seen her, but he
could still feel her lips and tongue urging the juices out
of his balls. He cold also remember her big, soft body as
she loomed over him, rubbing her breasts all over his face
and chest, her soft ass massaging his stomach and thighs
until her pussy captured the head of his cock and drew its
full length into her. Their relationship was based on lust,
by their own design and desire. They put no bounds on their
lust, except to honor the other’s decision to say “No”
to anything. As far as Don could remember, it was a word that
neither of them ever used. Carolyn’s spasms told him
she was coming again, and Connie was making tiny sounds
as she glued her lips to the girl’s clitoris. Don’s
cock had come to a full erection and pressed against the
tender flesh inside of Connie’s thighs. She opened her
legs and let the head slip against her own wet cunt and reached
down to stroke his balls with her finger-tips. They were
wet and heavy as he pushed his cock far into her open pussy.
A sudden intrusion of Carolyn’s lips and tongue across
Don’s balls caused her to withdraw her fingers. Immediately,
she felt Carolyn licking her pussy, tasting the heavy juices
that Don’s cock was forcing from her, and exciting her
clitoris as the broad penis inside her stretched her vagina.
Don was on his knees now, seriously fucking Connie from
behind, feeling the full mounds of her broad buttocks against
his abdomen everytime he thrust into her. Carolyn was licking
the two of them as they worked and he knew his third orgasm
was shortly forthcoming as her tongue worked to send the
thick, white juice up into his cock. It was better than even
Sue had been. Despite Sue’s fantasy to be ganged-fucked,
they had never had anyone join them and Don did not even know
whether Sue would have liked it or not. But Connie left no
doubt. She was the perfect complement for him. He wondered
what she would be like by herself, and then remembered the
phenomenal blow-job she had given him in her apartment.
Just before he came, he slipped his cock out of her pussy
and fucked it against her clit. Carolyn licked the dripping
head as well as Connie’s wet cunt as he began to come again.
The come spurted out of him and across Connie’s pubic
hair. Carolyn caught most of it in her mouth and crawled
up to kiss both of them deeply. Both Connie and Don tasted
the mixture of male come and pussy juice in her mouth as they
took turns spearing their ton- gues deeply inside her.
Connie half-woke as Carolyn kissed her goodbye and left
the apartment. Don kissed her too and promised to let her
sleep until he came back, and she lazily closed her eyes
and let them go. The next time she woke, Don’s naked body
was sliding into bed beside her and he pressed warm and strong
beside her. She wiggled her ass contentedly as he pressed
up against her. Sighing, she went back to sleep. When she
awoke again, the sun was shining brightly in the open window
and Don was sucking one of her breasts. A cup of coffee and
a glass of orange juice were on the bedstand. “Good morning, ”
she murmured and reached for the class of juice. Don beat
her to it, though, and knelt beside her, his cock stiff and
dark. Taking his cock, he dipped it in the glass of orange
juice and then presented it to her to suck clean. When she
did, he repeated the exercise again and again until she
held him still and sucked him vigorously. “Not so fast!”
he wa

rned her. “I have limits, you know!” She leaned back
and laughed. “Hand me my coffee, ” she told him. “And
don’t scald your dick in it, either!” He chuckled and
handed the cup to her. “How was your trip last night?”
she asked. “To Carolyn’s place? Fine. She likes you,
she says. I just took a chance, actually. When I saw you watching
us, I figured if she didn’t like it, she could leave early.
I didn’t realize she was as into it as she is!” “She
seems nice, but I think I might be giving the wrong idea of
myself, ” Connie said. “I’m actually a very conservative
person. You just seem to bring out secrets that I thought
no one could find! You seem to enjoy them so much, I guess
it’s O.K. But last night I got a little worried a couple
of times.” Don kissed her. “You’re more than any
man could ever hope to dream of!” he assured her. “You’re
probably the most exciting woman I’ve ever met.” Connie
pinched his ribs playfully. “That’s why you call me
so much!” she retorted. “I was beginning to think…well,
I’m glad we caught each other tonight.” Don nodded
and kissed her again. “I’m sorry, ” he told her simply
and slipped into bed beside her. Connie put her coffee down
very carefully and rolled toward him. Wordlessly, he slid
his body on top of hers as she opened her thighs to him. His
cock was already stiff and he slid it into her wet pussy without
delay, sinking it in as far as it would go. He could feel the
muscles of her vagina squeezing around it as he began to
draw it out again. Her hands were firmly upon his ass, guiding
his speed and pulling him into her as deeply as she could
urge him. They fucked slowly and deliberately, all concentration
on the juncture of their bodies, he reveling in the smooth
tightness of her pussy, and she in the plunging friction
of his wide cock. He made little whimpering sounds as he
came in her and she answered him with her own orgasm moments
later. As his soft cock slipped out, she felt the mixture
of their juices seep out of her and slide down into the crack
of her ass. As they lay quietly in their afterglow, she let
her fingers creep down to touch her tender cunt and feel
the slippery flesh between her thighs. Then they slept.
Connie awoke with a warm feeling and quickly recognized
that she was captured in the arms of a man who was holding
her from behind and stroking her right breast. His cock
pressed hotly against the tender flesh of her behind, which
she moved seductively against him, and felt the hard penis
jump against her ass. Her skin was caked with dried come
and it cracked as she moved. “Where’s the bathroom?”
she asked, and got out of bed reluctantly. She was about
to return to bed when he met her at the door. “Shower-time!”
he announce and she allowed him to steer her back into the
bathroom and entered the shower stall. The warm water cascaded
them and Don began lathering her body with a rich smelling
soap. She braced herself against the side of the shower
stall as his fingers slipped between her legs and soaped
the tender folds of her vagina. Taking the soap, she lathered
her hands and then rubbed his cock and balls until they were
white with suds. He knelt and carefully scrubbed each leg
and, turning her around, soaped her back and her wide bottom,
taking special care to run his hands over her round buttocks
and down into the tender flesh of her pussy. Turning around,
she did the same to him, starting at the back of his neck and
working her way down to his buttocks. Slipping her hand
between his legs, she soaped his balls well, feeling their
weight in the palm of her hand. She moved her fingers and
felt them sliding away from her touch. Resoaping her hands,
she smoothed his ass once more, groping as intimately as
he had, until her turned and took her in his arms. His cock
was stiff once again, and she broke the kiss to kneel before
him. The water rained down on her face as she engulfed his
cock and began sucking him with long, slow strokes. His
hands entwined in her wet hair as he moved with her questing
mouth. He made her break the embrace before coming, however,
and pulled her out of the shower to kneel on the soft rug on
the bathroom floor. Without a word he knelt behind her and
entered her pussy with a single stroke and began fucking
her deeply. She put her hands under her to feel his cock going
in and out, and rubbed the tip of her clitoris as he fucked
her. Her orgasm was beginning to build when he suddenly
stopped and pulled out of her. “I can’t get enough of
you!” he gasped. “Let’s get back in bed!” “Let’s
dry off first, ” she laughed. “I’m freezing to death!”
He laughed and wrapped her in an oversized bath towel, and
gave her another to fold around her soaking hair. He rubbed
himself dry and led her back to the bed. She sat down on the
bedside and began rubbing her hair dry as he knelt in front
of her and parted her thighs. Sliding forward so that her
ass was on the very edge, she exposed her gaping cunt to his
mouth and closed her eyes as he expertly sucked her clitoris
and then ran his tongue the length of her pussy. His fingers
tickled her ass and her clitoris as his tongue delved into
the depths of her slit. Don felt her legs tremble as she came
again and again while he ate her. He tasted the heady aroma
of her cunt and realized just how unique and delicious her
pussy was. He sucked her clit into his mouth and heard her
making low, panting sounds as he continued making her come.
Finally, he stood up and kissed her on the lips. “Sit down, ”
she whispered and quickly changed places with him. She
looked closely at his red cock and the heavy balls beneath
it. It was fringed by curly brown hair, and a light down covered
his balls. She wet her tongue and ran it over the wrinkled
sac hanging between his legs. Lifting his balls, she ran
her tongue over the sensitive place just behind them and
felt his body react. She worked back up over his balls and
licked the length of his cock, using her fingers to milk
out a tiny drop of clear juice for her to taste. Secretly,
Connie prided herself on being an accomplished cocksucker
who loved her work! She had first learned about it when she
was in the back seat of George Pauley’s car. He had come
in her mouth and she had been furious and made him take her
right home. She went immediately to her room that night
and lay awake shaking in excitement thinking about what
she had just done, and tasting the lingering traces of come.
She could still hear George’s breath coming in quick
pants and the whimpering sounds he made as the gobs of come
flooded her mouth. She put three fingers in her cunt and
brought herself to such a shattering orgasm that her mother
had knocked on her bedroom door to see if she was all right.
It was not until a few months later, though, that she really
learned what it was really all about and how much she enjoyed
it. She was staying with her aunt and uncle for a week while
her parents were away, and had been enjoying her stay as
she always did. She and her Aunt Carlie had been shopping
and sightseeing, and doing things together like going
to lunch in fashionable restaurants that had made Connie
feel very grown-up and sophis- ticated. Carlie was several
years younger than Connie’s mother and more of an older
sister than an aunt to Connie. The two of them laughed and
swapped stories, Carlie always interested in her niece’s
latest doings. One afternoon, they were sitting in an outdoor
cafe having an ice cream soda when Carlie suddenly winked
and nodded toward a young man walking by. Connie looked
at him keenly, trying to discern what her aunt was looking
at. The man was rather handsome with a good build and dark,
curly hair. Connie found herself rather interested as
he passed. “Great buns!” her aunt remarked and Connie
blushed as she realized she was watching him with more than
passing interest. “Don’t tell me you hadn’t noticed, ”
she teased the girl. “When I was your age, I…” She
let her voice trail off as she grinned mischievously. Connie
blushed crimson and looked down at her ice cream. Her aunt
patted her forearm reassuringly. “Don’t tell me you
don’t have any boyfr

iends!” Connie shrugged. “I go out sometimes, ”
she answered. “Good God, he’s sweet!” her aunt said
looking at the young man again. “I’ll bet he’s hung
like a horse!” “Aunt Carlie!” Connie exclaimed.
“What’s the matter?” she laughed. “Do you think
you kids have a monopoly on sex? Us old ladies like to look
too! Just don’t tell Jack I was checking out the local
talent. He seems to think I should be blind!” Connie grinned.
She liked Carlie just because the woman made her feel she
was on her level and not a child. She had had a lot more intimate
conversation with her girlfriends, of course, but talking
so frankly with her aunt made her feel even more mature.
“I won’t tell him, Aunt Carlie.” “That’s O.K., ”
the woman conceded. “You probably liked that kid better
than I did! Myra better keep her eye on you!” Again Connie
blushed. “You little devil!” Aunt Carlie teased.
“You’re way ahead of all of us, aren’t you? Tell your
Aunt Carlie all about it. I can’t wait to hear what goodies
you’ve been into.” And so the afternoon went on until
Connie had confessed her recent fun and games to her aunt
who, in turn, confided in Connie about some of the affairs
she had had as a teen-ager. When Connie asked about her current
activities, however, Carlie changed the subject and the
two of them left the cafe and went home. Connie knew she had
touched on something that her aunt found extremely sensitive,
and Connie was more than certain that Carlie was having
an affair with someone. Connie ran her tongue the length
of Don’s cock and then poked the tip of it under the ridge
of its large, spongy head. Softly, she covered it with her
lips and ran her tongue into the tiny slit. She loved the
feel of a man’s glans in her mouth and squeezed the shaft
with her hand to make the head swell large and firm. Don arched
his back as she slid the cock deep into her throat. His pubic
hair tickled her nose as she sucked contentedly on the throbbing
cock. “Can you wait a couple of minutes? I have to run inside
and see about some business, ” her aunt had said as they
pulled up in front of a small office building. It housed
a real estate office, primarily and Connie waited as her
aunt went inside. As the time passed, she grew more restless
and began to worry as thirty minutes went by. Finally, she
got out of the car and went into the office. There was no one
in the outer office, but she could hear her aunt’s voice
very clearly coming from behind a closed door. “Oh God!
I love that!” she was saying and a man’s voice responded,
so muffled that Connie could not make out what he was saying.
Connie tiptoed over to the door and opened it a tiny crack
to peek through. Her aunt sat on a desk. Her blouse was open
and her breasts hung bare. Her shirt was pulled above her
waist and a man knelt between her thighs, his face buried
in her bush. Connie flushed with excitement as she saw his
pants were down and his hand was stroking his erect cock
as he ate her aunt’s pussy. His cock was broad and long;
it seemed gigantic compared to George Pauley’s. Connie
stared at it as he stroked it back and forth. As she watched,
he stood up, and her aunt slid off the desk to kneel before
him and suck his cock into her mouth. He held her head and
fucked in and out while she stroked his ass and soothed his
swaying balls. Finally she stood up. “Fuck me, Stan, ”
she gasped as she sat back on the desk, opening her legs for
him. Connie saw the pink lining of her cunt as she opened
the lips to accommodate his cock. The man drove it into her
as the girl watched in breathless excitement. She had never
seen anyone fucking before and watching her aunt taking
the fat cock into her pussy was almost more than she could
bear. Suddenly the man’s hips began moving incredibly
fast he began grunting with passion. “Oh yes! Come in
me, ” Aunt Carlie panted. “Shoot it all!” Connie
could see her hands digging into the man’s buttocks as
her aunt pulled him closer and closer. Her feet were suspended
in the air, pumping furiously in time to his thrusting hips
and she squealed as he stopped and shuddered. “Oh Christ!”
Carlie exclaimed. “I left my niece out in the car. She’ll
think I got lost!” “You’re too much, Carlie!”
the man exclaimed and Connie saw them straighten up and
adjust their clothes. When her aunt re- turned to the car,
Connie was conveniently asleep and smiled sweetly as the
woman got into the car. As they drove toward home, they passed
another young man walking beside them. “Great buns, ”
Connie remarked pointedly. “I suppose, ” her aunt
replied and then looked at her oddly for a moment. Neither
spoke again until they were nearly home. Then Aunt Carlie
cleared her throat and began. “I’m trying to prepare
a little surprise for Uncle Frank, so maybe we shouldn’t
tell him about the stop we made today. I wouldn’t want
him to put two and two together and ruin it.” Connie nodded
and looked down at the floor. “I’m sorry I was so long, ”
her aunt continued. “I just got involved and couldn’t
get out of there!” “I know, ” Connie murmured. Her
aunt smiled wryly. “Stan has nice buns, ” Connie added
and winked impishly. “Connie! Don’t tell me you…Oh
my God!” Her aunt had to pull the car over to the side of
the road while she got ahold of herself. And Connie rolled
her eyes in fear that she had gone too far. Her Aunt Carlie
leaned back and looked at the roof of the car. “I’m so
embarrassed, ” she said. “I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything, ” Connie answered.
“It’s O.K. I love you, Aunt Carlie. I know you must love
him, too, or you wouldn’t…” “Oh, you don’t know!”
her aunt laughed. “Connie, you just don’t know! Frank
is a nice guy, but he’s…well, he’s sort of boring,
if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t hurt him for any- thing,
but Stan just turns me to water. I mean, I would do any- thing
for him!” “I think I know what you mean, ” Connie
told her. “I wouldn’t think of saying anything to Uncle
Frank. Are you going to leave him and marry Stan?” Carlie
looked at her and shook her head. “Stanley is not the kind
of man a girl marries, Connie. The reason he screws so great
is that he gets a lot of practice. Marriage isn’t going
to change that man… I shouldn’t be talking to you like
this. You’re liable to get the wrong idea. Marriage is
supposed to be different, isn’t it?” Connie shrugged.
She could still picture her aunt kneeling in front of the
man as he fucked her mouth. Her underpants were soaked from
her excitement and she wished her aunt would hurry on home
so she could go to her room and change, and maybe stroke the
burning place between her thighs. But her aunt needed her
– what? Approval? Forgiveness? Perhaps, thought Connie
as she thought back the conversation they had had at lunch,
her aunt was really seeking some sort of complicity, an
ally or a compatriot. Connie swallowed hard and looked
at the woman. “I sort of liked watching you, ” she said
quietly. “It was kind of like I was watching what I wanted
to do, if you know what I mean.” “Connie, don’t say
that… besides, I don’t know what you saw, ” her aunt
replied. “I saw you blow him, ” Connie said quickly
and waited to see what she would say. To her relief and surprise,
Carlie smiled and looked back at her. “It must run in the
family, ” she said. “We Munson women are born cocksuckers,
it seems. Yes, Stan has a most wonderful cock, Connie. I’m
sure, though, that someday you’ll find one equally delightful.
Now we have to be going. We’ll talk about this again. Believe
me, we will!” Connie had stopped sucking Don’s cock,
not wanting him to come too quickly and was slowing and torturously
licking the line between his balls and his ass as she tickled
his hole with a fingertip. Don had a nice cock, she mused.
Just enough more than a mouthful to be exciting and so smooth
and delicious. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts
wander back to her Aunt Carlie once more. Two days later,
Aunt Carlie told Connie she had a surprise for her and later
that afternoon, formally introduced her to Stan and her
surprise – Stan’s nephew, Phillip. The

y were at Stan’s apartment overlooking a large park,
and Carlie suggested the two them take a walk to get better
acquainted. Connie ran her tongue the length of Don’s
cock once more and remembered the feel of Phillip’s cock
when she first took it in her mouth. It was bigger than George’s,
almost as big as Stan’s, she always thought. She sucked
Phillip until he was almost ready to come and then sat up
on the couch and pulled her dress up for him to lick her pussy.
As he burrowed into her cunt, she could hear her aunt being
fucked in the bedroom. Either by accident or design they
had left the bedroom door partially ajar, and Connie could
see glimpses of flesh as the couple inside moved back and
forth on the bed. She remembered Phillip’s naked body
as he stood before her and stripped her dress and bra from
her and tossed them on the floor beside her panties, and
she remembered the feel of his thick, sweet cock as it entered
her pussy for the first time, sliding all the way in while
her aunt’s moans came from the bed- room. She had come
almost immediately, and Phillip came shortly thereafter,
causing a river of sperm to run down the inside of her thighs.
She got up and walked naked to the bathroom and felt Phillip’s
eyes on her ass as she went. Inside the bathroom, she put
two fingers to her pussy and tasted the delicious mixture
of juices still running out of her. Then she peed and wiped
herself. On her way back to Phillip, she paused beside the
bedroom door and peered inside. Her aunt was kneeling over
Stan’s chest, his face covered by her hairy cunt as she
took his cock deep into her throat and massaged his balls
as she sucked him. Unconsciously, she had opened the door
wider to watch, stroking her clitoris at the same time.
A moment later, Phillip’s hands captured her breasts
and she felt the tip of his cock poking into the deep crack
between her buttocks. Arching her back, she reached behind
her to guide it lower to where her pussy still dripped with
the excitement of watching her aunt go down on her lover.
Phillip moved behind her and his cock entered her cunt from
behind with such force that she gasped. Her aunt had looked
up at her with a panicky, worried look on her face, and then
had smiled as their eyes met. Connie reached between her
legs and held Phillip’s balls as he groaned in pleasure
while he humped against her ass. Carlie’s smile turned
into a pouting “O” as she went back to the erect cock
in her hands. She proceeded to give Connie her first real
lesson in cocksucking then, as she licked her lover’s
cock and balls, and finally urged streams of white come
out of him – streams which she quickly gobbled up as Connie
watched in amazement. Phillip had long since come, and
his juices were again running down the inside of her legs.
Her aunt was milking her lover’s cock into her mouth,
straining to capture the last of the succulent white cream
he shot. Bits of the fluid seeped at the corner of her mouth
as she closed her eyes in obvious ecstasy. Connie watched
the woman’s throat working as she tried to swallow the
length of Stan’s cock. With Phillip’s semi-hard cock
pressing her ass, she watched her aunt with growing excitement
and slowly dropped to her knees, turning to capture the
boy’s penis in her hands. Watching her aunt out of the
corner of her eye, she sucked the still-soft organ into
her mouth and felt it jerk alive on her tongue. Carlie smiled
as she watched her niece going down on the handsome lad.
She wiggled her ass as Stan’s tongue swirled around her
clitoris, bringing her closer and closer to climax. Connie’s
mother was a demure prig of a woman, just the opposite of
her hot-blooded little sister. Carlie recognized herself
in Connie and had vowed to help the girl out from under the
moral tyranny of her mother. It was, after all, an aunt’s
duty to help her niece enter the mysteries of womanhood,
she told herself as she weighed Stan’s balls in her fingers.
Connie had held onto Phillip’s hips as he fucked her mouth
and tried to counter his movements with her own, feeling
the luscious cock slipping back and forth between her tongue
and the roof of her mouth. When he suddenly broke the rhythm
to thrust deep into her throat, she gagged and choked, gasping
to catch her breath. She could hear her aunt snickering
softly from the bed and turned crimson with embarrassment.
Later, Carlie had told her how to avoid choking on an over-exuberant
man, but it would be some years before she learned to deep-throat.
Connie was a cocksucker from a long line of cocksuckers.
She had taken naturally to her calling and with the prompting
of her lascivious aunt, became a mistress to her oral desires.
Don moaned loudly as he shot a stream of white come into the
air. She quickly brought her thoughts back to business
and captured the erupting column in her mouth to taste the
second spurt of hot cream. Don’s body convulsed as he
pumped his orgasm into her sucking mouth. Connie stretched
out on the supine body of her lover and shared a deep kiss
with him, barely flicking their tongues to- gether with
his hands wandering over her wide ass. At times like these,
she forgot how she so often envied the narrow-hipped, thin
girls who seemed to steal every show and parade themselves
as paragons of feminine beauty. Her man loved her for the
big, soft woman she was – what she was and who she was. Putting
her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes and luxuriated
in the feel of his hands soothing her satiated body. Outside
the window, birds chirped noisily in the morning sun. She
would have to take the time to look at them through the binoculars
Don had given her, provided she could stop listening to
the song of his magnificent trouser lark!

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