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Billy's Mom ( my boyhood crush)


I had just gotten my first car although it was far from being
a new car. But it was mine and I remember how thrilled I was,
to have a car of my own. It also happened to be a warm spring
afternoon just after school let out as I cruised around
our small town, listening to the radio and feeling like
a million bucks.

And then I spotted her walking with a grocery bag in her arms
and wondered if I should stop and give her a lift. I knew her,
but didn't really know her since she was a friend's
mom and I had only seen her a few times. I had never actually
spoken to her other than to say hello or thank you.

So I pulled up alongside of her anyway and asked her if she
needed a lift. Billy's mom bent over to look into the
car and see who was driving it. "Well sure that would
be great. But can you maybe first, turn your radio down a
little bit, " she said smiling at me. Being a stupid
teenager, I had forgotten about how loud the radio was because
who doesn't like loud music. Apparently she didn't

So she opened the back door, put her bag of groceries inside
and then climbed into the front seat next to me. In nineteen
sixty seven, showing respect for your elders was still
something everyone was taught. She then smiled at me so
I smiled back even thought I was extremely nervous having
her in my car with me. I remembered I also really liked how
she smelled.

"When did you get a car?" I remember she asked
me as I pulled away from the curb and headed towards her house.
I was just praying none of my friends saw me driving around
with Billy's mother in my car. So without wanting to
show her any disrespect I carefully took some back streets
that didn't have much traffic on them.

She noticed of course and gave me a couple of funny looks.
But I just drove us, pretending to be cool, towards her house.
She explained her car was not running and she had walked
to the store to get some groceries for dinner. I smiled and
told her that had to be tough, not having a car that ran. "It
can be, " She said to me as she turned the radio back
up a little bit.

I dropped her off in front of their house and Billy's
mom got her groceries from my back seat before she bent over
to thank me. And that is when I got a good look down the front
of her blouse and even saw some of her bra. My legs began to
tingle almost instantly as Billy's mom remained bent
over while I was looking down her blouse. "Can I ask
you for a lift on Saturday?" She asked me explaining
she would need a few more things by then.

"Sure I can do that. What time?" I asked her.
She smiled and told me it was alright if I called her Sharon,
from now on. It felt really odd to call a grown woman by her
first name but I tried it for the first time when I said to
her, "Ok Sharon. I'll stop over at one and if your
car is not running yet, I will take you shopping."

I pulled away and all I could think about were her tits and
how great they looked in her bra. I had seen a few bras and
a few tits with girls my own age, but I had never seen a grown
woman's, ever before. I jacked off every single night
for the rest of the week leading up to Saturday. I had been
making a lot of cum for sometime but after seeing Billy's
mothers chest, it increased even more in volume.

Saturday finally arrived as I drove over to house a few minutes
early, praying her car was still not running yet. I pulled
up and remember watching her coming out of their house with
a big smile on her face. She got me hard, just looking at her
but then it didn't take a lot back in those days.

"You're right on time, " She said as she
climbed in alongside of me. Immediately I smelled her perfume
again which didn't help me relax one bit. "Ok
honey, let's start at the hardware store, "
Billy's mom said smiling from ear to ear. We spent over
an hour shopping for things she said she needed and the more
time we spent together, the more it was getting to me.

She told me stop by the drive in so we could enjoy a Coke and
a chance to talk a little more. So I pulled up with Billy's
mom in my car which was very embarrassing for me especially
when the car hop came to take our order. I was just a seventeen
year old kid and I had this mature, woman in her thirties
with me as if we were on a date.

Julie, a girl I knew from school waited on us and as soon as
she saw Sharon in my front seat next to me, she gave me a very
strange look. I ordered us two Cokes and smiled back at Julie
as if there was nothing going on between Billy's mother
and myself. And the really strange thing was I wished there
was something going on, even if that sounded crazy.

I didn't have a girl my own age with me, I had a grown woman
who was use to being fucked and must have liked it a lot. I
had many fantasies about what Billy's mother was really
like when she had a cock stuffed inside of her pussy. Did
it take her breath away and make her moan or did she fuck back
as if she really needed it? Trust me when I say, the mind of
a seventeen year old boy can be very imaginative.

We finished our Cokes, headed for the grocery store where
she put her things in the cart while I pushed it around the
store. She had a big order so my backseat was nearly full
by the time I drove her back to her house. We had almost gotten
there when she said, "Did you enjoy the little show
I gave you last time?" When I didn't answer she
giggled and told me it was alright that I looked down her
blouse when she bent over to tell me good bye. She apparently
had fun embarrassing a kid my age.

I helped her carry all the bags into her kitchen which filled
up her table, before she turned to me smiling and calmly
said, "You want to do this again next week? Same time
on Saturday"? I told her that sounded great before
she walked me to her back door and thanked me again for helping
her out, until her car got fixed. Sharon had long brown hair and a very pretty face with big
eyes, but it was her body that I really, really liked. She
weighed about a hundred and twenty five pounds and she had
all the curves a grown woman should have. Not huge on top
but bigger than any of the girls my own age. And I liked the
fact she still wore blue jeans even if she was a lot older
than me, because my mother and aunts sure never wore blue
jeans, any more.

The week dragged by as I worked at my summer job, cutting
lawns for a man down the street that owned a landscape business.
But I had a great tan which made me look older than I really
was, or so I thought. And finally, after seven very long
days, Saturday rolled around and I was really excited when
I went back to Billy's mom's house to pick her up,

But she didn't rush out like she always did before,
so I waited for a few minutes before I walked up to their front
door and knocked. When Billy came to the door, I was shocked
because he usually spent his weekends at his father's
house. "what's up?" Billy asked as his
mother walked behind him shaking her head no. And her eyes
looked terrified so I told Billy I had just stopped over
to see if he wanted to hang out for the afternoon.

"No, sorry I can't. Have to cut mom's grass
and do a bunch of stuff around here, " Billy said as
I backed away and watched Sharon blow me a kiss while standing
behind her son. I was clearly disappointed but then she
had blown me a kiss so that lifted my spirits a lot. Maybe,
by some miracle she felt something for me as much as I felt
something for her.

I spent the entire next week wondering if I dare stop over
to see her again or not because what if Billy's was home
again and not at his fathers. I went to bed really late on
Friday night and my dick was so hard and throbbing more than
ever, that I couldn't['t resist the urge to stroke
it and make myself cum. I laid on my back in the dark and stroked
it over and over as it filled with blood and got so fucking
hard, I thought it was going to burst. My nuts felt like grapefruits
before they snapped and I shot my cum a good foot into the

Saturday at one I drove by her house to see if I could spot
Billy or not and she must have been watching for me. Because
as soon as my car passed by her house, she walked out onto
the front porch and waved at me. This would have felt totally
insane to everyone else but for Sharon and me, it didn't'
feel insane at all.

I pulled over, she rushed to lock her front door, grabbed
her purse and ran down to my car. "Hi again. Thanks
for last week, " She said before I pulled away from
the curb. Sharon didn't' want to take a chance
of being seen together so she told me to drive out of town
so no one would spot us.

"I wasn't sure if I should stop because I didn't
know if Billy was going to be home or not, " I told her
as we headed out on the highway. "No, he is at his father's
this weekend, " She said before she turned on the
radio and surprised me when she turned up pretty loud too.
"Let's not talk for a while, " she said
next so I just drove and she sat alongside of me in the front
seat staring out the windshield.

We just drove and drove and twenty miles later we reached
the next small town. "Do you need gas money? "
was the first thing she said during the last thirty minutes
of silence. I shook my head no and said I had a full tank as
Sharon smiled and said we should find a Coke machine and
get something to drink. I was nervous but then I was always
nervous when she was with me but this time she seemed really
nervous, too.

We spotted a machine at a gas station and pulled in to get
us each a cold Coke. "Thanks honey" she said
after I handed hers to her. I really liked the ring to that
sound when she called me, honey. I knew she didn't mean
it like I wanted her to mean it but it was still nice to hear.
Sharon then told me if anybody asks us who we are, we were
going to tell them that she was my mother.

So we just sat in my old car, drank our Cokes and listened
to the radio as we watched other people pass by for the next
ten minutes. Sharon finally handed me her empty bottle
so I put them both back in the rack by the machine and got back
in my car. "I think you better take me home, "
She said smiling at me as I pulled back onto the highway and
headed back to our town.

We had only gone a mile or so when she asked me if I had a girlfriend.
I looked at her and smiled before she scolded me and told
me she was not my girlfriend. "I didn't say you
were, " I think I told her back as she shut up again
and just turned the music up so loud we couldn't really
talk any more.

We were about five miles away from our town when I asked her
if I could come inside of her house when we got back there.
I remember my heart was pounding in my chest and my dick was
already half filled with blood just being near her and her
perfume. "Heaven's no. Someone might spot us, "
She said as soon as I had asked her.

So as I got closer to our town, I began to look for a dirt side
road to pull off on and maybe talk to her some more. And when
I did spot one and pulled off Sharon said, "Now wait
a minute honey, " but I didn't listen to her and
drove down the dirt road anyway. We drove past a couple of
farms and had not seen a single other car on the road we turned
onto it.

When I stopped my car, Sharon looked scared to death when
she looked at me and said, " Please, don't do
this." But my male hormones had waited long enough
so I reached for her and felt her moving closer to me until
we were face to face for the first time. She closed her eyes
when I pressed my lips to hers and her lips nearly knocked
me off the seat.

She felt tense but didn't fight me off as our lips remained
on each other's longer than any kiss I had ever had before.
Billy's mom was in a panic after our long kiss and told
me we needed to leave and for me to take her back home before
we did something we would both regret.

When I didn't move or restart my car, she looked at me
again and smiled before she said, "What if I give you
a another show?" I told her that sounded great as long
as I then promised I would take her home. When I nodded my
head yes, she slowly reached for her blouse and began to
actually unbutton it right in front of me. I swear, I nearly
came in my jeans once her bra started to become visible.

It was lacy and I loved how it held her breasts which looked
really big to a kid my age. She sat with her blouse undone
next to me for a few minutes before we kissed once more. She
then quickly buttoned it back up, so I put my car in drive
and headed back to her house. I had asked if I could touch
her but she had refused and insisted this was a look only
kind of show.

School started up a week or so later and things went back
to normal for the next month or so only because Billy wasn't
visiting his father as much because of school. It was early
October when my mother called up to me in my bedroom, and
told me some older woman was on the phone for me. "That's
probably Billy's mom asking me if I had seen Billy lately,
" I told my mother even if I knew it was a big fat lie.

Mom stood right next to me as Sharon and I talked for a few
seconds. "Sure, tell Billy I will stop by around eight, "
I said to her before I hung up the phone. My mother seemed
satisfied enough. "It's a school night so make
sure your home by ten, " My mother said before she
walked away.

I had gotten some men's cologne for my last birthday
so I made sure I put some on before went to over to Sharon's
house. I didn't know what she wanted but it must have
been important enough for her to have called my home. I could
hardly stand it because I was so excited I was almost out
of control.

But it was a school night so I figured Billy had to be home
with his mother, so I would have to play this cool and see
what she had to say in front of him. I knocked on her front
door and waited while my legs started to become numb. Sharon
opened her front door, saw me and smiled before she invited
me inside. She noticed me looking around for Billy so she
told me he was skipping school on Friday and had already
gone to stay with his father.

I quickly realized we were alone in her house and it was dark
out and neither of those things had ever happened before.
I watched the way she walked and loved everything about
her as I followed her into her kitchen. This was a real woman
in front of me and that is the only thing I wanted.

Sharon then turned and asked me to sit down before she began
to tell me all the reasons we could not see each other again.
I heard things like, "we both know this is wrong, "
and "It would never work because of our age's."
Sharon then stopped talking, smiled at me and thanked me
for everything I had ever done for her.

Of course I made a few attempts to change her mind but none
of them worked. I probably sounded like a stupid kid and
Sharon saw right through me. After all, she was old enough
to be my mother and I can only imagine who my mother would
have looked at a boy if they wanted her to do something this

Sharon was in front of me and when we got to her front door,
as she turned I pulled her into my arms, even if it was going
to be for the last time. "Please, just one last kiss, "
I said to her as if I was begging. She shook her head no until
our lips finally touched and we just stood there holding
on to one another in a very hot, torrid embrace.

I stopped over once in a while on weekends when I knew Billy
was gone but she would not answer her door. I knew she was
inside because her TV was on but Sharon would not even talk
to me. But I had spent enough time with her and seen her bra
once and that was enough to drive me insane with the lust
I had for that woman.

I left her a Christmas present, small gold chain, I had wrapped
myself on her front porch with no note but I knew Sharon would
know who it was from. And when Valentine's day came
around I dropped off a valentine for her too and signed it,
"Just me." She had obviously moved on while
I had hanging on trying to restart whatever it was Sharon
and I had going the summer before.

The next time I actually saw her was at graduation although
her and Billy were across the gym from where me and my family
were gathered. I looked her way as much as I could being surrounded
by family and then right before we were all going to leave,
Sharon and I caught each other's eyes for a brief moment
and it was electric.

For the next three years I dropped off a Christmas gift and
a Valentine's card for her , but never heard back from
Sharon. I had been dating a few girls during that time and
even lost my virginity which was another experience I would
always remember. But it only made life worse for me because
once I knew what it felt like to have my cock inside of a girl's
pussy, I wanted it all the time. But the girl who did let me
fuck her , got back with her long time boyfriend a week later
and that ended my chances with her.

I was twenty one, had a small apartment and a pretty good
job at a local dealership as an apprentice mechanic, so
life was going pretty well for me. And then my luck got even
better, one night when I drove past Sharon's home which
I had done every single day for the past few years and there
she was sitting on her front porch steps. Instantly I got
very, very nervous inside and in a split second decision
I pulled car over and got out.

She looked up, smiled but I saw a sadness in her eyes as I walked
up to her. "Are you ok?"I asked Sharon who remained
seated on her porch steps. "It's a long story
so won't bore you, " She said first as I sat down
alongside of her. "I like being bored, " I told
her as she giggled for a moment at my joke. "You got
a better car, " She said next to me so I told her where
I worked and that I got a big discount on my three year old

Sharon seemed really off in space as we just sat next to one
another and not talking very much at all. She finally looked
at me close to crying and said, " I never knew he was
married." I had no doubts in my mind that Sharon probably
had a lot of men after her because she was a very good looking
woman. "So are you going to keep seeing him or not?"I
asked her. She frowned at me and said she was not that kind
of a woman.

We sat next to each other another few minutes before Sharon
thanked me for the gifts and the Valentine cards. "It
was very sweet of you, " she said with a bit of a better
smile on her face. I told her I thought of her a lot which seemed
to confused Sharon as she wrinkled her eyebrows as she looked
at me. "Why, I'm seventeen years older than you?"
she said and then shut up again.

"It might still be fun, " I said back to her. Sharon
giggled for a moment and agreed that it might be fun but just
too crazy of an idea. I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride
and listen to the music really loud because that might take
her mind off of her problems. She turned, looked at me with
a big grin on her face while she said, "And you hope
you might get another show, too." That felt like a
real insult to me because as seventeen her show was great
but at twenty one, I wasn't after a show from her.

"That was mean, " I told her as I stood up and
began to walk towards my car. Sharon realized what she had
said before she got up, rushed up behind me and apologized
after she had turned me around. "I may be a lot younger
than you, but I'm still a person with feelings, "
I said to her, looking into her fantastic, big brown eyes.

"I am so very sorry, " Sharon said to me and it
felt like she actually meant it. Just being near such a stunning
woman again, did something to all over again. "Prove
it by coming with me and having a beer or two together , "
I said to Sharon as her eyes got even bigger. She sensed I
was dead serious so she told me to wait while she got her purse
and locked up her house.

She got in my car, told me how nice it was and asked me where
we should for a beer. "How about Johnny's?"
I said because I knew it was a bar people her age went to. She
smiled before she said that might make too uncomfortable
so I took her to one of the bars, us younger kids went to for

And let me say when you are a boy my age and you walk into the
bar with a stunning thirty eight year old woman in tight
blue jeans on your arm, you get a lot of looks. "A little
loud but it seems like a fun place, " Sharon said as
we found two empty bar stools and sat down. I swear, every
guy in the place was suddenly drooling over my date.

Sharon drank two beers and I drank three before we left just
before midnight. We had talked for a couple of hours and
she found about my apartment, my job and my life in general.
And I learned Billy had moved away and was living with his
father so Sharon was starting to think about selling the
house because it was too big for just her.

When I got her back to her house, Sharon leaned over, kissed
me on my cheek and thanked me a fun night and one she said she
really needed. I told her I had a good time too and hoped we
could do it again real soon. "Let me think on that for
a little while, " She said smiling before she climbed
out and waved good night.

My crush on Billy's mom, was back and with a vengeance
since I thought about Sharon night and day after that. I
was once again back to driving by her house once a day and
a couple of times on Sunday's although I never saw her,
even once. And it was not just because of my cock and what
it wanted, it was also because of my heart and what it wanted

I had just finished a long day in the garage and was covered
in grease and oil, when I went home to take a shower and found
Sharon sitting on the floor outside of my apartment door.
My heart soared as soon as I saw her as she quickly stood up
and smiled at me.

"This isn't going to mean anything but I think
we both still need it" she said looking as sexy as ever.
I didn't know how to react when every dream I ever had
about her was right there in front of me and apparently ready
to come true. I quickly unlocked my apartment door and as
Sharon walked in first looking around she was also impressed
with how neat I kept it. "Your mother taught you well, "
She said before I told her , "She didn't teach
me everything so now the rest is up to you."

Sharon blushed, of course before I showed her where my bedroom
was and told her I needed to take a quick shower. "You
sure do, " She said as she watched me walk into my bathroom
and clean up. And when I walked out and saw Sharon laying
on my bed wearing only her panties, my heart nearly stopped.

This was not a girl, but was a real woman with a real woman's
body. She was resting on her side with her long brown hair
covering one of her large oval shaped breasts but the other
one was visible. Her nipples were very pink and quite large
as I walked to the edge of my bed and dropped my towel.

Sharon gasped once or twice when she saw how large my swollen
cock truly was. And she began to tremble too as I climbed
onto the bed with her and pulled her into my arms. There is
simply no way to describe what it was like and how we both
felt before we were finished with each other.

Sharon and I started by sharing the most tender, most gentle
kisses of my life. Even though we were basically both naked
except for her panties, Sharon and I still kissed each other
in slow motion as if we both needed to take this slowly and
make it last. I didn't even reach for her bare, luscious
breasts for the first five minutes. In the beginning , this
was just about our lips and our mouths coming together first.
We both just knew we would get to the rest of our bodies, later

I remember when I finally pulled her close to me and felt
her warm , soft breasts touch my chest, it was better than
a miracle. Sharon pulled her head back once, smiling at
me and told her what I great kisser I really was. I smiled
and leaned forward so our lips could touch all over again.

Sure, I wanted to fuck this gorgeous older woman but first
I wanted her to feel like I seduced her to be my lover. We both
understood that by the end of this experience, my cum was
going to left deep inside of her pussy but we had a lot of small
moments to share before that happened.

Sharon finally laid on her back with her arms out inviting
to me touch her fabulous body where I desired. With my finger
tips first and later my lips, I began to explore her womanly
form as Sharon closed her eyes and began to let out soft moans
every once in a while. I wanted her to find that special place
women go when they are totally into the connection they
are having with a man.

So I slowly began to massage her breasts as her nipples began
to swell, right before my eyes. And when I suckled each of
her nipples, Sharon held the back of my head as if she was
holding her baby to her breasts for its meal. "Ohhhhhhhh"
she said a lot as my lips brought each of her nipples to life.

And then I traveled down towards her panties, kissing her
belly every inch or so along the way. Her body was beginning
to tremble more the closer I got to her sweet spot. I had been
smelling her perfume for a while but now I was getting more
of a scent of her womanhood and that really drove me crazy.

"Just relax, " I said softly to Sharon as she
laid on her back trembling even more. "I'm trying
to relax but you have me too worked up, " She said as
I reached for her panties with both hands. This was the moment
I had dreamt of so many times, I lost count. And when I slowly
began to remove her panties, Sharon began to tremble even
more. This was the place on her body where we were going to
come together and make incredible music together.

Once her panties were on the floor I just stared at Sharon's
sweet spot and loved everything about it. Using my finger
tips I first began to trace the outline of her outer lips
which really got to her. Her juices were naturally coating
my finger tips and the more I touched her, the her juices
began to leak out of her crack.

I remember I held her by her hips for a few moments and just
looked at her pussy without touching it anymore when Sharon began to
surrender by parting her legs without having to be asked.
"That's good. Show me all of it, " I said
softly as Sharon' eyes remained closed as she reveled
her womb to me for the first time. Her juices were sweet and
warm as my tongue slowly began to bring her to life.

It took less than a minute or two, tops before Sharon had
her first orgasm but that was just the beginning and not
the end. I just kept licking and licking and Sharon just
kept moaning and whimpering until she came for the second

I then carefully climbed on top of her body and positioned
my shaft at her entrance. When she opened her eyes once I
was on top of her, she was filled with lust and fire. Our eyes
locked onto each other's and slowly I pushed my quite
large, very hard cock into her warmth. "Ohhhhh honey, "
Sharon said a couple of times as she opened up and made room
for my shaft inside of her womb.

I had fucked a couple of girls so far in my lifetime but this
was the first time I made love to a woman. Sharon and I had
put ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature and we no longer
controlled our bodies or our minds. We just enjoyed the
connection we were now sharing and moved together in and
out, over and over for as long as we possibly could.

It was so intense yet so crazy, fun, insane and perfect that
one second Sharon and I would be kissing and the next we would
be laughing as my hard cock filled her up completely. "This
is really something, " Sharon told me sucking for
air under me as I fucked her. "I knew it would be, "
I told her as my hard shaft slammed hard into her for the first

"I knew it would be too, " Sharon said before
I began to really slam her harder and harder as my balls were
about ready to burst. It had lost its romantic feeling and
was now down to just pure physical lust Sharon and I were
feeling. And when I finally began to cum inside of her, boy
did I cum and all Sharon did was hold on and help me through
that overwhelming, personal experience.

I laid on top of her crushing her to my bed while I tried to
regain control over my mind and my breathing. And Sharon
laid under me holding me and rubbing my back with her warm
hands while I recovered. When most of my senses had returned
Sharon whispered to me, "I shouldn't have waited
so long. Because I knew this would be very, very special
for me." I leaned down over her and kissed her gently
in the lips as my way of giving her an answer.

I finally softened so my dick came out of her body as I rolled
onto my side and looked at her laying next me with her beautiful
body still naked and still trembling it's response
to what it had been through. We talked a bit but touched a
lot before it started all over again and this time Sharon
and I both gave more of ourselves to each other. And I came
just as hard the second time and Sharon gladly took everything
I had.

Over the next few years Sharon and I were sometimes boyfriend
and girlfriend and other times we were just friends who
had sex together. It was a blurry kind of relationship we
had for sure. We always spent our weekends together and
usually one night a week as well. And a few times we even talked
about me moving in with her but that never happened either.

Those six wonderful years we had together and will always
be with me and in my heart until my last breath. Eventually
Sharon and I drifted apart although our friendship never
ended. She dated a few men and I met my future wife and have
had a really good life that also including two kids of my

I am now sixty seven years old and each Saturday morning,
I kiss my sweet wife good bye and I go to visit Sharon who lives
in an elderly housing building across town. She is eighty
four and is still looking and doing great. She always smiles
as soon as I walk into her room and she still calls me "Honey"

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wow...what a great experience and life long friend


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what great love story of coming of age and becoming a man with a lover tell us more


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Super awesome story. I really enjoyed reading it.


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Something that can only happen once in a lifetime! You are very fortunate Sir to have such a wonderful experience with an older woman who made you melt with every breath she took!


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I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Keep them coming!


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so boring... some people really think its about literature here


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What a very good story!


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a great prize after such a long wait