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Bike Ride


I go for a ride on my mountain bike. The trail isn't used
much so I don't see many other riders. As I work my way
back down the hill I decide to stop at a creek that I can hear
from the trail. I get off the bike and walk my way into the
trees. A small clearing opens up beside the gurgling stream
and is the perfect place for lunch. I can't even see
the trail from here so I'm not worried about anyone
seeing me.

I take off my shirt, shoes and socks and wade into the water
a bit to cool down. Back on shore I decide to even out my tan
lines and strip out of my shorts. I spread my clothes out
as an improvised blanket and lay back on the grass to eat
the sandwich I brought with me.

When I'm done eating I roll over onto my stomach to tan
my butt.It was so peaceful and tranquil that I fell asleep
and didn't wake up until I heard a voice call out, "Hello
there. Mind if we join you?"

I look up and see two guys walking their bikes into the clearing.
They're both well built and tan. One is about my age
and the other is in his mid 40's. They're both smiling
at me as they walk closer.

"We didn't think anyone else knew about this
place", the older guy said, "We like to come
back here and work on our tans as well. Do you mind?"

"Um, no. I guess not. I mean, uh, well, not at all guys.
The more the merrier, right?" I stammer.

I'm not sure yet if these guys are gay but they seem to
be checking me out as they drop their bikes next to mine.

"Thanks, " says the younger guy, "I'm
John and this is Frank."

I introduce myself and watch as they start to take off their
clothes. My dick starts to throb as I lay on it. Frank non-chalantly
pulls his shorts down and steps out of them. His body is toned
and trim. He's fairly hairy but in that sexy Tom Selleck
kind of way, not the Sasquatch way. My eyes were instantly
drawn to his groin and the amazingly thick cock hanging
there! It hung out in an arch at least 6 inches long soft and
looked to be more than my hand would wrap around. My cock,
which was pointed down between my legs now sprang to life
as I hoped that I would get to find out if Frank would fit in
my hand.

Frank turned and walked toward the creek as John stepped
out of his shorts. He was facing away from me so I couldn't
see his package but as he followed Frank I caught a glimpse
between his legs from behind and saw a huge set of balls hanging
there. He was very muscular and had an obviously rock hard

The water was only waist deep at it's deepest but the
two dove right into the cool water. They floated out to the
middle then stood up. Frank put his arm around John and pulled
him close. John's hand glided down Franks ripped stomach
and into the water as Frank kissed him.

Well, that answered the question of if they were gay or not!
When they broke the kiss Frank leaned in and whispered something
into John's ear as he looked straight at me.

My pulse quickened and my cock ached as they started to move
back toward the shore.

Frank walked slightly ahead of John and I was starting to
see how their relationship was arranged. Frank was clearly
the dominant top and John more the submissive. I had been
looking back over my shoulder watching them because I hadn't
wanted them to see my hard cock in case they weren't
gay. Plus, I'm shy and really need the other guy, or
guys in this case, to take the lead.

As they walked out of the stream toward me I lay back down
flat. I couldn't see them as they walked up but knew
that they had a clear view between my legs and at my cock which
was pointed down along my leg.

"Man that's a nice ass!", I heard Frank
mutter to John as they walked around in front of me and went
to their bikes. They pulled towels out of their packs then
moved back toward me.

John said, "Boy that water feels great! Have you been
in yet?"

I turned my head to face him and replied, "Yea, it really
is nice."

He spread his towel out within 2 feet of my left side then
flopped down on it on his side facing me. I couldn't
stop myself from checking out his cock, even if I had wanted
to, so my eyes slid down his body. He was no where near as thick
as Frank but was about as long and uncircumsized. I'm
uncut also and have always wanted to experience one like
mine so it was an extra turn on to see his cock hanging down
across his thigh with the foreskin covering the head.

While I had been focused on John, Frank had moved in on my
right side and was now laying in the mirror image of John
as he said, "Aaron, did you put on any sunscreen? You're
starting to get a little red back there."

I told him I had not thought to do that since I hadn't
planned on laying out all that long.

"You're not leaving any time soon are you? The
view is definitely better with you here, " Frank
said, "We've got sunscreen if you need it."
Then to John, "Hand me the sunscreen John."

I heard John rummage around looking for the sunscreen as
I stared in amazement at Frank's huge cock. It was only
a couple of feet from me and seemed to have grown a bit since
he got out of the water. I could tell that my fingers wouldn't
reach around the incredibly thick shaft already. The head
hung down on his leg and twitched slightly as I looked at
it. When I was finally able to tear my eyes away and look back
up at Frank he was smiling and holding a tube of sunscreen.

"Here, let me help you", he said as he held the
tube over me and squirted some onto my back.

"You get that side John", he instructed.

I lay my head down as their two hands rubbed the lotion onto
my back. I desperately needed to adjust my cock into a less
painful position but was afraid to move, lest they think
I was wanting them to stop. Their hands moved down to my lower
back then Frank's paused at the top curve of my buttocks.

"Want me to do the rest of you?", he asked.

Here was the moment of truth. Everything up to here had been
deniable flirting but if I said yes I would be inviting them
to rub lotion on my ass and that's hard to explain in
a hetero kinda way. I hated being asked what I wanted and
when I had met guys via the internet we had always arranged
for them to just take me however they wanted and not to ask
me what I wanted. I understood Frank's need to ask in
this situation since he didn't know what role I wanted
to play.

So I answered "Yes Frank, please do. Anything else
you'd like to do while your back there?"

They both laughed as Frank said, "I have a few ideas!"

Their hands slid down the outside of my hips and I felt more
lotion being squirted right into the top of my ass crack.
John's hand cupped under my ass cheek on his side as
Frank laid his middle finger in the lotion in my crack and
said, "Oops, guess I'll have to spread this around."

His slick finger dredged the lotion down my crack as John
squeezed my ass saying, "Nice and firm."

As Frank's finger inched toward my asshole I couldn't
help but spread my legs a bit and kind of arch my ass up against
his hand. My arms were crossed in front of me and I had my head
down on them with my eyes closed. Another involuntary reaction
came in the form of a quiet moan.

Frank finally lightly ran his finger over my puckered hole.
Now my moan was clearly audible! John's hand had moved
down the back of my leg and was massaging my hamstring as
Frank increased the pressure against my aching hole. I
pushed my ass up against his finger eagerly, hoping he would
push it into me.

Instead he said, "Relax Boy. We've got plenty
of time. I'll tell you how and when to move."

I relaxed and lowered my hips back to the ground and said,
"Yes, sir."

"Very good Boy, " Frank reassured, "now
let's set some ground rules.", his finger pressed
against my now trembling hole but I did not react.

"I prefer to be in control and John kind of switches
it up. For today, as long as you agree, we'll both be
in control of you. What do you think Boy?"

"That sounds perfect to me Sir.", I answered.

"Good. Now by 'in control' I mean that you
do whatever we say without question or hesitation. We won't
do anything that will truly hurt you or mark you but it may
get a bit rough. If you want to stop say 'Red' but
if something just gets to be too intense and you want to switch
it up but keep going say 'Yellow'. Anything else
you say will not be regarded as a real request. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

John's hand came off of my leg and I could sense him moving
but I didn't look up. Frank was also moving but now he
had both of his hands on my ass, kneading my cheeks.

"Look here Boy, " John said from in front of me.

I looked up to see him spreading his towel in front of my face.
He told me to prop myself up on my elbows as he sat down in front
of me. As I raised up he slid under me and directed me to put
my elbows outside of his legs. When I did he slid down more
until his cock was directly under my face. He laid back on
his elbows and looked down at me.

Frank had knelt straddling my right leg and he pushed my
left leg out. His hands worked closer and closer to my hole
as he massaged my ass and inner thigh, occasionally brushing
my cock which still lay down against my leg.

I moaned to Frank's circling hands as I looked down
at John's growing cock. When he had first slid in under
me his cock had lay down between his legs. Now it was growing
longer and arching up. He was about 8" long now and
only about half erect. I looked up into his face and he smiled
down at me and said, "Go ahead. I can tell you want to
suck it."

With that he shifted his weight onto one elbow then reached
down and lifted his cock toward my face.

I did want to taste him badly so I lowered my head and took
the foreskin covered head into my mouth. I had dreamed of
feeling an uncut cock in my mouth and the actuality of it
was even better than the fantasy! I pushed my tongue into
the opening as my lips sealed around the tip. John grabbed
a handful of my hair with his free hand and held my head in
place as he said, "Nice and slow Boy. Get to know my
cock. I like to be sucked with a lot of pressure."

I rolled my tongue around inside my mouth and sucked as hard
as I could. I was rewarded with a moan from John and he pulled
me a little farther onto him. His cock throbbed and grew
in my mouth as I eagerly sucked on it.

Frank had his fingertips in my crack and he pulled my cheeks
apart. He pressed an index finger against my hole and said,
"What a nice tight hole. This is gonna be fun!"

I moaned on John's cock as Frank's finger increased
pressure against my aching hole. John let go of my head and
laid back on the ground. I moved so I was leaning on one elbow
then wrapped my free hand around John's shaft. He was
almost completely hard now and had to be near 10" long.
The shaft was incredibly veiny, which I love. I held his
cock up and pulled the foreskin back. The skin of the head
was stretched tight and that perfect shade of purple. A
drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip as I stroked him loosely.
I flicked my tongue out and lapped up his juice. The erotic
taste drove me wild! I ran my tongue under the head and down
the shaft, reveling in the feeling of my wet tongue sliding
over the veins of his shaft. Once at his balls I licked around
them then took each one into my mouth in turn. His cock throbbed
against my hand as I held it up on his stomach.

As I was working on John's nuts, Frank suddenly pushed
his lotion slicked finger roughly into my tight hole. When
I say tight hole, I mean it. It had been close to a year since
anything had been in there except occasionally my own finger
in the shower and I would ease my soaped finger into myself
as opposed to the way Frank had just plunged into me.

I lost focus on John for a moment as a pressure wave rolled
up my body from Frank's intruding finger. He quickly
buried his finger into me to the last knuckle and was rotating
his hand around. He pulled down on my hole and spread it a
bit before pushing a second finger into me. Frank twisted
and bent his fingers inside my ass, stretching my hole.

I found that I had collapsed onto John's thigh with
his cock throbbing in front of my face. I managed to split
my attention between Frank's fingers working my ass
and John's cock. I raised back up, running my tongue
up John's unbelievably long cock. Apparently he liked
seeing me being worked by Frank because he had grown to a
full foot long. He was still only about as thick as me, which
is to say about average, maybe a bit more, but the length
was incredible. Of course I wasn't able to suck any
more of it than if it was 6 inches but the thought of that monster
plunging in and out of me in long, long thrusts was hard to
imagine. The longest cock ever in me was around 8 - 9 inches
so I wondered if I could even take it all!

Frank grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled up on them. I followed
his guidance and he quickly had me on my knees with my legs
spread wide. I had to raise up onto one hand but was still
able to stroke John with my other hand as I sucked him. I was
focusing my efforts on his swollen head now and his pre-cum
was really starting to flow, which only made me work him

Frank was pouring more lotion onto my crack and letting
it run down to his fingers as he relentlessly plunged them
in and out.

"How's that mouth?", Frank asked John.

"Very hot. Do you have his ass ready for me?",
John asked in return.

"He's still tight but we can get you in. How do
you want him?"

"Turn around and sit on my cock Boy", John ordered

Frank's fingers pulled out of me and he gave my ass a
good hard slap. I moaned at the loss of his fingers then grunted
at the sharp, erotic pain of the slap. I swivelled around
and straddled John's hips. I was kneeling and my upper
legs were at a perpendicular angle to his legs but his cock
was already against my trembling hole. He apparently had
a hold of it since I felt the head slap against my hole a couple
of times. I was a little afraid of trying to get all of him
inside me but I figured with me on top I could stop if I needed

All of those fears faded as I looked up at Frank though. He
was standing directly in front of me stroking his cock.
Where John scared me in length, Frank scared me with girth!
I badly wanted to suck all over his beautiful cock but I was
sure he would rip my asshole apart if he tried to put that
monster inside me.

He moved closer and let his cock hang in front of my face as
he said, "Don't move."

John was rubbing the tip of his cock against my hole and I
had been slowly moving back to meet him. At Frank's
order I stopped moving all together. Frank grabbed his
cock and rubbed it slowly back and forth across my closed
lips as John poised himself at my hole and raised his hips.
The pressure at my hole increased as Frank pressed his heavy
meat against my cheek.

John grabbed my hips and said, "Sit down slowly Boy.
I'll guide you."

"Yes Sir" I said to John.

Then to Frank I asked, "May I move Sir?"

"Yes, move with him but take the head of my cock into
your mouth first and don't let it come out until I say
so. If it does you will be punished!"

I opened my mouth and Frank rubbed the tip of his cock along
my lips again just as John started to pull down on my hips.
Frank moved with me as I lowered myself on John. His head
was pressing hard against my hole as Frank shoved his cock
between my lips. I had not opened my mouth nearly enough
to take the width of his head into my mouth. As thick as the
shaft was the head was even wider. He had a mushroom head
with a very pronounced ridge and it spread my lips wide as
he fed it to me. My mouth was as wide as I could get it when my
lips finally slipped past the head and sealed behind the
ridge. I could barely breath as the head filled my mouth.

Frank grabbed the sides of my head and held me at the tip of
his cock as John kept pulling me down. The pressure at my
hole was intense then he suddenly popped inside me. I've
always loved that feeling as the pressure gets too great
and the cock buries inside me. John had pulled me down roughly
just before he slipped in so I sank down about half the length
of his cock instantly. My ass screamed and my mouth moaned
onto Frank. Frank moaned back.

I didn't think there was any danger of his enormous
head coming out of my mouth but just to make sure, and because
I wanted to feel his meat filling my hand, I reached up toward
his cock.

Before I reached it I gave him a pleading look with my mouth
full of his cock. He smiled and nodded, understanding that
I was asking if I could touch him. I wrapped my fingers around
the base of his cock and it throbbed. Now, I have fairly large
hands but my fingers did not meet around the shaft. I cupped
his balls in my other hand as I slowly slid farther down John's
long pole. As each vein in John's rock hard cock slid
through my opening I let out a little groan onto Frank.

I had thought that John's balls were larger than Frank's
but that was an illusion created by John's thinner
cock. Frank's balls completely filled my hand! I ran
my tongue around inside my mouth as best I could as I squeezed
Frank's shaft and gently fondled his balls.

I held tight on Frank's pole as I lowered myself farther
onto John, making sure to bring Frank with me. I was sure
at some point I would be 'punished' and was actually
looking forward to it but I figured I should earn it honestly.

About 3/4 of the way down John's pole I was as full as
I had ever been. It felt like his cock was in my throat! I rotated
my hips as I slowly tried to get more of him inside me. Every
millimeter now felt like it was pushing in my guts. The full
feeling was incredible!

I was groaning loudly on Frank's cock when I finally
felt my ass cheeks make contact with John's thighs.
Frank grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back.
The head of his cock popped out of my mouth with a loud slurp
and saliva flowed out of my mouth and down my chin.

"Work that cock Boy. Take it all!", said Frank
in reference to me getting all of John inside me.

I let go of Frank completely and pointed my knees in a little
bit. I had found that I could open my hips a little more by
doing that and it worked in this case. The pressure inside
me eased just the slightest bit. I used that relief to take
the last inch of John in. I dropped all my weight onto him
and buried him in me. My balls came to rest on his as his groin
pressed against my hole.I leaned back and put my hands on
his chest and ground my hips against him.

John responded by pulling me harder onto him and grinding
back up against me. I swivelled my hips forward toward John's
feet and raised up my hips while still leaning back onto
his chest. I was able to raise myself 4 or 5 inches that way
before lowering back onto him. That motion also made me
grab at his cock with my hole.

"Oh fuck yea! Like that....more!", John grunted.

I complied and raised back up. At the highest point I twitched
my hips back and forth several times, each time my hungry
hole grabbed at him. Then I would slide back down him. The
feeling was intense each time I bottomed out on him and the
tip of his cock buried itself so deep in me. I was breathless
and panting as I picked up the pace. I could only move so fast
in this position but I worked him just as fast as I could.

After a few intense moments of riding him, Frank said, "Get
on all 4's Boy. I want to see how much you can take when
John's in charge."

I slid up and up John's cock. As the pressure inside
me decreased I was able to focus on the sensations directly
at my hole. Inch after glorious inch slid out of me and my
hole was trembling. With just the head still inside me I
was unable to raise any more to get completely off of him.
I had to raise one knee and push up with my foot to get high
enough to climb off. His head popped out and we both groaned

"WOW Sir! That was unbelievable! You are amazing.",
I exclaimed.

Frank's hand shot out and grabbed a handful of my hair.
He twisted it roughly and pulled my head back so I was looking
up at him. A grunt escaped my throat.

"Who told you that you could talk Boy? I only want to
hear animal grunts and groans coming out of you unless we
ask you a question. Understand?"

I nodded as much as I could with him holding me like that.
To be sure he knew I was answering him I grunted "Um-him."

Frank pushed my head away and said, "Now get on your
hands and knees like you were told!"

I quickly turned so my ass was facing John and dropped to
all fours. I spread my legs wide and waited. I heard them
talking behind me but couldn't make out everything
that was said. I did hear the words "punish"
and "hard" among others that gave me the sense
that the punishment I mentioned that I wanted to earn honestly
was about to be delivered.

Frank moved so he was standing straddled over me facing
my butt. He reached down and spread my ass cheeks apart as
John knelt between my legs. With no warning I felt the tip
of John's cock pressing hard against my hole. The sudden
pressure had made me tighten up but John didn't care.
He pushed harder and forced his cock into me.

I cried out as John slammed into me which turned them both
on. Frank spanked my ass hard as he said, "Fuck yea
John! Ram that ass!"

John responded with a grunt as he plowed all the way inside
me. I struggled to hold my position as pain shot through
my ass. The sudden and forceful intrusion, combined with
the feeling of fullness as he bottomed out in me, overwhelmed
my senses.

When John's hips slapped into my cheeks we both let
out a loud moan. He had a tight grip on my hips and was pulling
me back against him. I returned it by pushing back, grinding
my butt against him to get every last millimeter inside
me. The feeling was indescribable...but I'll try!

There was definite pain involved but it was the erotic kind.
Even just staying still pressed against each other I was
still getting waves of that pleasurable pain mixed with
pressure starting deep in my guts.

He slowly started backing out of me. There was still the
pain from his forceful entry but as the pressure eased inside
me it was replaced with an almost tickling sensation at
my tortured asshole. The length of him made his withdrawal
a totally different experience than say an 8" cock.
When he finally pulled all the way out I literally cried
out loud. It was just one sobbing kind of noise that I heard
myself make but the absence of his cock brought an extreme
feeling of desire to have it back.

John laid his cock up along my ass crack as his and Frank's
hands rubbed and lightly slapped my ass. I tilted my hips
up and down and made John's dick slide back and forth
in my crack.

"Oh! You want more do you boy?", John asked.

I nodded my head in the affirmative.

Frank lifted John's cock and stroked it a couple of
times then slapped the head against my trembling hole.
I groaned with pleasure at the pain that washed through
me each time his hot, hard cock slapped against my hole.
Frank aimed the tip against my hole and worked it minutely
up and down as John pushed forward with his hips. I relaxed
my hole and tilted to the best angle for him to enter me and
he slid in. This time he pushed into me in an easy steady pace.
When he was about half way inside me he began to pull out but
after just a few inches he pushed back in. When he was just
past the point that he had last pulled back he did it again.
He started a two steps forward, one step back kind of penetration
with each change in direction causing a moan from me. When
he finally pushed his hips against my ass he changed the
order and did the same technique pulling out.

I felt Frank climbing off of me and soon saw him in front of
me. I couldn't look up because John was still working
my ass but I saw that Frank was spreading a towel in front
of my head. In a moment he had laid down on the towel. He spread
his legs so they were outside of my hands on the ground and
slid down so his cock was directly under my face. His thick
cock was now even thicker and throbbing below me. He lifted
it up onto his stomach and told me to lick his balls. Just
then John had finished his pattern and was pushing back
into me. This time he did it in one long stroke until the tip
of his cock hit my lungs! He switched directions and was
quickly fucking me in long, fairly fast thrusts as I lowered
my head towards Frank's huge balls.

I held my tongue out and ran it around his ball sack. This
skin was hot on his clean shaven balls. He grabbed my head
and pushed it down as he raised his knees up to his chest.
He guided my tongue down to his hole and pressed my mouth
against it. I licked and ate at his hole hungrily as John
knocked me against Frank with his thrusts.

After a moment, Frank lowered his legs and pulled my head
back to his cock. It was longer and harder and throbbing
against my face. He pulled my head away from him a few inches
then slapped his heavy cock against my lips. I held my tongue
out for him and he rubbed the warm head on it. His cock was
now about 7" long and even thicker than before. He
was stroking himself as he rubbed his cock on my face and
I could see him throb and grow.

John raised himself up so he was squatting over my ass and
fucking me in a downward kind of motion. He was able to pick
up the pace but the thrusts were not quite as deep as before.
Don't get me wrong they were still long he just wasn't
bottoming out in me like he had been.

"Let's get him on his back Frank", John

John pulled out of me in one long pull and my ass ached at the
loss as well as from the intense fucking. Frank let go of
me and moved out of the way as John guided me over onto my side
then my back. Frank grabbed a couple of towels and rolled
them up then put them under my hips to elevate them. John
reached down and grabbed my ankles then lifted them. He
pulled my legs straight up and rested them against his chest
as he knelt at my ass.

"Put it in your ass, Boy", John ordered.

I reached between my legs and wrapped my hand around the
long shaft of John's cock. I rubbed the tip around my
now fairly loose asshole. He was so long that even as hard
as he was his cock had some bend to it. As I rubbed it on my hole
it would start to slide in but then I would move it lower or
higher so it came back out. I worked about half of the head
of his cock in and out of my ass like that for a few moments.
John just arched back a little and moaned. Finally I held
him still with the head partially in me. I pulled gently,
letting him know that I wanted him in me. He obliged by pushing
unbelievably slowly. He inched his way into me and I felt
every vein and bump as it slid through my hole. He took at
least two minutes sliding in until his hips finally met
my ass cheeks.

As we ground our bodies together with him buried inside
me and his cock bottomed out in me, Frank grabbed my arms
and pulled them straight up over my head. He knelt at my head,
facing John with his legs pinning my arms above my head.
He reached out and grabbed my ankles then spread my legs
wide. He held me like that as John started backing out of
me. Frank's huge cock hung out over my face and I desperately
wanted it in my mouth but since he had not given me any directions
to suck him I had to settle for just looking at the beautiful

John pulled all the way out then poised the head back at my

"Ready Boy?", he asked, "I'm gonna
fuck you hard!"

I moaned and nodded my head.

Immediately, he thrust into me violently. Pain tore through
me and I cried out. I thought I had been loosened up enough
that a hard thrust like that wouldn't still shock me
so much but I was wrong.

Frank let go of my legs and my ankles hooked over John's
shoulders. Frank wanted his hands free to torture other
parts of me. He pinched both of my nipples hard and pulled
on them. I have very sensitive nipples but I do love them
tweaked so this wave of pleasure meeting the wave of pleasure/pain
that John had sent through me met and took over my universe.
I could hear the sounds I was making but I was detached from
myself. Only the pleasure mattered.

One of Frank's hands released a nipple long enough
to slap my semi-hard cock before tweaking my nipple again.
His hands were all over my upper body, pinching, slapping
and rubbing, as John plowed in and out of me. Frank sat back
on his heels which lowered his cock onto my face. I still
had not been told to suck him or anything so I just enjoyed
the feel of his heavy meat on my face. As he moved around to
reach different parts of me his cock moved around my face.
I arched my neck back and opened my mouth to moan and, happily,
the tip of his cock fell into my mouth. With his cock actually
in my mouth there was no way I could resist so I started sucking
on it. The huge head filled my mouth as I sealed my lips around
it and licked all over.

I guess it felt good enough that Frank forgave my forwardness.
He started moving his hips so that his cock moved in and out
of my mouth. Of course I could only take a couple of inches
beyond the head before my mouth was full but I took as much
as I could as he fucked my face. He throbbed in my mouth and
quickly hardened.

With his cock getting hard it was wanting to point up so Frank
moved down into a 69 position on me to keep himself in my mouth.
I say a 69 position on me but actually my cock got, and deserved,
no attention. Instead when Frank put his head between my
legs, John pulled out of me and gave Frank his long cock.

"I think he's ready for you Frank, " John

"Good! Watching you fuck the hell out of him has turned
me on so much I need to punish him too!" was Frank's

I was actually a little, ok a LOT, worried about getting
Frank's enormously thick cock in me. If there was ever
a cock to ruin an ass, ours was the combination.

Frank moved off of me and his cock pulled out of me with a loud
slurp then he crawled around me to take John's position
as he got up from between my legs. John stood over me stroking
that amazingly long pole. Frank pulled my legs up so my hamstrings
were against his chest. He lifted me up so my ass was elevated
even higher and slid his knees in under my hips so that my
lower back was resting on his knees. He dropped his heavy,
hard cock onto my semi hard cock and balls and I flinched
from the jolt of pain from my nuts.

John poured lotion all over Frank's cock then took
my hand and told me to spread it on him. I reached between
my legs and lightly stroked Frank, spreading the slippery
lotion on his cock. Some of it had spilled onto my hips so
I rubbed the tip of his cock in it to make sure it was especially
slippery. Frank moved a bit to position the head of his cock
at my hole.

"Try to relax Boy. I'm not going to lie to you...this
is going to hurt. It'll hurt more if you tighten up though
so embrace the pain. Make it yours and experience it all",
Frank coached.

I looked up into his eyes and nodded.

The pressure increased at my already throbbing entrance
as Frank started to push against me. I did my best to open
my hips and relax my muscles. The very tip of his cock parted
my hole and with John's cock that had been enough for
him to pop inside of me but with Frank's enormous mushroom
head it was going to take a lot more force.

A guttural moan began to rumble in my throat as he pushed
harder and my hole spread wider. I arched my neck and back
and grabbed onto Frank's legs. I pulled myself against
him as best I could and groaned louder than I ever had lifting
even the heaviest weight. The pain was intense as my gaping
hole spread wider than it ever had before. Finally I thrust
my hips up and the head slid inside me. I let out the moan I
had been holding in and cried out as my ass gripped just behind
the ridge of Frank's head.

"Very good Boy", Frank panted, "No one's
ever taken me in like that before. Let's see if you can
handle the rest now!"

I moaned and groaned and nodded my head in the affirmative.
Just to let him know I was looking forward to it I pulled harder
on his legs and slid myself an inch down his cock. We both
grunted loudly.

Frank grabbed my legs behind my knees and pushed my legs
down and out until my feet touched the ground above my head.
I was pinned to the ground with my ass pointing straight
up and my own cock hung over my face.

John knelt at my head and held my legs down, freeing Frank's
hands. Frank kept his cock in me but moved so that he was straddled
over me. His cock bent down slightly to get into my ass. I
reached around my legs and spread my cheeks apart even though
they were already spread wide due to my position. Frank
pushed down into me and slowly started to bury his cock in

Where John's cock had made me feel full at the deepest
part of my ass, Frank's width filled me side to side.
The same feeling that his cock was in my chest, like I had
felt with John, pervaded my mind. Thankfully he quickly
forced his 8 inches inside me and his hips pressed against
my ass. I was panting and groaning as he leaned over and put
his weight on me. I had closed my eyes but now opened them
and saw that he was panting too.

"Your ass feels incredible, " Frank moaned,
"Talk to me and tell me how it feels for you Boy."

"It hurts, Sir (pant...pant) but in such an erotic
way, " I grunted, "You fill my ass so's

"I'm not going to be able to hold back for long,
" he said, "I'm gonna have to fuck you hard!
Tell me if you can't take it but try to take it as long
as you can!"

He raised back up and started to back out of me slowly. My
hole was stretched so tight that even though he was very
veiny I couldn't feel bumps of the veins sliding out
of me. Finally I felt the pressure ease as just his dickhead
was left in me.

John spread my legs wider then moved so his cock was hanging
over my mouth.

"Lick it!", he ordered.

I flicked my tongue out under his head and licked back and
forth along the ridge.

As Frank started to push into me again, John moved my hands
from my ass to the back of my knees and told me to hold my legs
like they were. With his hands free, John rubbed his cock
on my lips and I licked whatever I could get to. I opened my
mouth to moan as Frank again ripped my ass apart and John
stuck the tip of his cock in my mouth, stifling my moan.

He slowly fed me his cock, matching the pace that Frank was
burying himself in my ass. When Frank was all the way inside
me and starting to back out again I was gagging on John's
long meat.

They fucked me in unison and as Frank picked up the pace I
grunted, groaned and moaned on John's cock. In just
a few minutes Frank was holding my hips and pulling me roughly
on and off of him. My ass slapped into him and I rocked my hips
to work his cock.

John was stroking the part of his shaft that he couldn't
get in my mouth as he fucked my face.

"I don't know about you, " Frank said to
John, "but I'm gonna cum soon."

John pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed the head as
he replied, "I'm ready when you are. You wanna
cum in his mouth or ass?"

"Oh, mouth for sure!"

Frank pulled out of me and the loss of his cock from inside
me was even worse than when John pulled out.

"Please, Sir (pant, pant) PLEASE, " I begged.

"Turn over Boy, " he ordered.

I quickly rolled over but before I could raise to my hands
and knees like I thought he wanted me to, Frank put his hands
on my shoulders and pinned me down. He spread my legs with
his knees as he lay down on my back. His rock hard cock pointed
between my legs and pressed against my balls. He rotated
his hips, rubbing his cock around between my legs as he said,
"Put my cock in your ass!"

I slid my hand back between us and wrapped my fingers around
the thick base of his shaft. He raised up a little and I guided
his head to my hole then pulled gently when he was at the right
angle to push into me. I could feel that my hole was still
wide open from his brutal fucking. The muscles wouldn't
contract and I could feel air inside of me. Still his head
didn't slide in easily.

His upper body weight was pushing down on my back. His elbows
were on the ground on either side of my ribs with his hands
on my upper arms, pinning them down. When he suddenly rammed
his cock into me I couldn't move at all. An intense wave
of erotic pain wracked my mind and I cried out.

They were both s

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