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Once we have spent time getting comfortable
with each other and talking about the things we want to accomplish
tonight we decide it’s time to get started. Having already
changed into robes, we help her out of hers and she lies down
on the sheet on the floor, resting on her stomach. I hand
you a bottle of warm oil and I keep one. We start at her ankles
and begin to work our way up her legs. Smoothing the oil on
and massaging it in as we move our way upward. Past her calves,
up her thighs, rubbing, massaging her muscles, our hands
working over all her skin. We move them slowly up to her hips,
caressing the insides of her thighs. She feels our hands
slowly and gently touching her pussy and ass as we slide
our hands up from between her legs. We look at each other
and smile as her body reacts to the touch of our hands. I reach
over and pull your face to mine and gently kiss your soft
lips. We pour more oil onto her hips and back as we continue
to massage our way to her shoulders and neck. After we’ve
worked the tension from her shoulders and neck, we have
her turn over. We both lean down to kiss her. I kiss her first, somewhat
hard, but sexual and passionate as a man would do. As we are
in the process of doing this our hands have reached out and
began to play with her nipples, one for you and one for me.
I’m pulling and stretching on mine and you are being gentler
by using your fingertips to circle it and tease the very
tip of the nipple. After I have broken my kiss you watch as
she turns her head to look at you. You know what she is expecting.
You know that now is that time. You feel the rush of excitement and fear going through
your body. The urges become overwhelming as your body reacts
to what’s happening in your mind. You swear your nipples
just got harder and that your clit just quivered as you lean
down to feel the hot breath hitting your face just before
her soft tender lips touch yours. It starts out gentle but
as the energy surges through both your bodies it becomes
more electric and sexual. You press harder against hers
as she does yours. You feel her tongue dart into your mouth,
parting your lips, exploring, looking for your tongue,
finding it, tasting it, touching it. The breathing has
become heavy between the two of you. Then, it’s over as gently
as it started. Your lips separate, tongues part, lingering
for each other and you sit up. The memory of that kiss has
already run through your mind a thousand times. The best
we can hope for is that you want more of them. I know she does.
We continue on with the oil and massaging. We pour oil onto
her breasts and stomach. We both spend a lot of time kneading
and massaging her breasts and nipples. She enjoys that
an awful lot. You find that you also enjoy playing with her
breasts as much as you do your own. And, since you know exactly
what turns you on you can do the same for her. She is a kisser,
so every once in a while she’ll pull one of us back down to
her and we’ll spend time kissing those tender lips again.
I notice that you are becoming quite comfortable doing
that when it’s your turn. I just get lost in the moment as I watch you two. My cock gets
very hard as I see your lips touch and the force behind them
and the energy that goes between the two of you. If I had my
way, you could just stay there kissing her and playing with
her nipples and I’d do the rest. As I come back from my daydream
we are moving across her stomach massaging the oil in. When
we get to her legs I have her spread them wider for us. We go
ahead and pour the oil onto her legs and massage them before
returning to do her lower body. We take our time and make
sure we do a good job. Her whole body has now been done except
for the most exciting part. Let’s see what we can for her
there. As we slowly pour the warm oil between her legs, it runs
slowly down between her thighs. I have you place your hand
on her inner thigh and begin to move it up and down. I watch
you as I guide your hand closer to her clit and pussy. I saw
her body start to react to your touch. I made sure your hand
comes into complete contact with her clit and pussy as your
rub against it. I place mine on the back of yours to help you
get the feel for touching her. You don’t need any help. I
take my hand away and begin talking to you. I begin telling
you to do just as you would yourself. I watch her as she closes
her eyes and begins playing with her own breasts and nipples.
I reach over and get the electric vibrator and turn it on
low. I begin making small circles on her body as you two are
playing. I keep telling you to touch her gently, to rub against
her pussy and clit, to use your fingers as you do on yourself.
I keep reminding you to look at her, to see how much she enjoys
your touch. I move the vibrator down and slowly run it against her clit
and have it lay against your fingers so it would vibrate
through her lower body. Then I move it along her stomach
and slowly across her breasts and each nipple. As we do this
you can feel the juices begin to seep from her pussy as your
fingers touch it. Finally, I ask if you are ready to help
me make her cum. You say yes. I sit up and move the vibrator
to her clit and begin making small circles. I tell you to
take two of your fingers and place them inside her pussy
just as you do to your own. As you do that, I tell you to move
them in and out. She needs to feel and think she’s having
sex and you’re her partner. You do as you’re told. I concentrate
on her clit. You can feel the vibrations on your fingers
inside her pussy. I tell you to watch her and to feel what
you’re doing and how she’s reacting. But, I also want you
to think about what we’re doing and feel it yourself. Trade
places in your mind. Make that you laying there receiving
this. It will be shortly. How is it going to feel? How does
it feel differently touching someone else compared to
touching yourself? How does it feel to feel someone react
to your touches? Watch her hips move. Can you feel her pussy
tighten on your fingers as you move them in and out? Can you
feel her juices begin to flow like you can yours? Do you like
watching her react to your touch? Do you like to touch another
woman’s breasts and nipples? Do you enjoy playing with
her clit and running your fingers inside her pussy to help
make her cum? Can you see her getting aroused? Can you feel
how wet she’s become? She’s a quiet one. You have to pay attention to her. Watch
her. Her eyes are closed. She’s pulling on her nipples.
Do you like the feel of her hot pussy? Keep moving your fingers,
don’t stop, even when she cums, we’re not going to stop.
Are your nipples hard? Is your pussy getting wet watching
this? Ok, move them faster babe. Be ready. Here it comes.
Shove your fingers deep inside her babe. Make hard thrusts
with them. Feel the pussy tighten on your fingers? Slow
it down now but keep them deep. See her face change colors?
Ok, slow, deep, strokes hun. I see your fingers are all wet.
Can you feel her pussy pulsating? I tell you to keep your
fingers moving. Ok, now just push them in and let them stay
for a few minutes. Just feel her body react. How’s your body
doing? Is it ready for this? Ok, you can take your fingers
out and touch her gently if you want just to see her reaction.
I hand you a towel to wipe off with. I help her sit up. We both
kiss her one more time. This time, you go first. I enjoy watching.
Now, of course, you will get the exact treatment but instead
of writing this all out again, just go back and reread it
and use your mind to switch you and her, putting you on the
floor and her with me. I know you can do that, you have a great
imagination. We head to the shower to wash away the oil from your bodies.
As we walk in, there are several candles lit. The sweet smell
of lilac fills the room. The shadows of the flickering lights
bounce off the walls and ceiling. We all climb into the tub
as the hot water cascades from the shower head. We all take
turns getting our bodies wet. You’re the first one to get
lathered down. We start at your neck, each of us taking a
side. We make sure there is plenty of soap on the wash cloth
as we begin washing your back. As we do this, we both cup a
breast in our hand and play with nipple as we scour your back
with the cloth and soap. Our hands finally move down across
your hips and circle around covering them completely until
they meet at the middle of your waist where they slide down
your ass together, moving up and down, teasing you. We feel
your body sway a little as you feel the pleasure of our hands
on your skin in this area. Our hands have stayed on your breasts
this whole time, our fingers squeezing and pulling on your
nipples, feeling how hard they’ve become. Then we rinse
out the cloths and soap them up again as we grab your arms
and lather them up for you. From there we move to your chest,
gently covering each breast with soap, slowly rubbing
your nipples with the wash cloth as it passes over them.
Circling your breasts slowly, watching you, feeling your
hard nipples as we pass over them. We then move onto your
stomach and head on down to your legs. Each one taking the
time to wash the front and back of the leg that is on our side.
As we get back to the top of your thighs we both take turns
running our wash cloth between your legs, over your clit,
touching it gently. We make several passes this way. We
also take turns placing our bare fingers inside your wet,
hot pussy, teasing you, trying to make you wetter with each
stroke of our fingers. We quit touching you and have you
stand under the streaming water. As it cascades over your
body, I lean in and suck a nipple into my mouth, biting it
gently as the water rushes around your nipple and my lips.
She takes her hand and pulls your head toward her and places
her soft, wet lips on yours, sucking your tongue into her
mouth. As your lips crush together, she allows her tongue
to circle yours, tasting, and teasing it. I have sucked
your nipple hard into my mouth, teasing the very tip of it
with my tongue. My fingers have again found your clit. I’m
rubbing against it very lightly. Somehow, you have found
your other nipple with one of your hands and are playing
with it yourself. She has allowed your tongue to recede
back into your mouth but has followed it with her own. Searching,
exploring your mouth, touching the roof of your mouth,
sliding her tongue back and forth against it. I have released
your nipple from its suction and I’m now just running the
tip of my tongue around it as I cup your breast with my hand.
I have replaced my fingers with my thumb on your clit and
have taken my fingers and slid them inside you, slowly moving
them in and out. You are so wet. I feel your body tensing.
You have begun to moan and she has broken her kiss from your
lips and has now moved her sweet lips to your neck. She is
placing soft, short kisses all over your tender neck. As
your body begins to gyrate against my hand and your moaning
become more consistent, I decide it’s time to stop, I don’t
want you to cum just yet. With some disagreement from you
we both stop and rinse you off again. When we’re done, we move her into the middle and it’s our
turn to do the same to her. You are now able to feel the slickness
of her body as you wash it with the cloth. You get to feel her
bare breast in your hand as you hold while washing her. You
get to feel the wetness of her skin as you play with her nipple,
feeling the firmness of it as you roll it between your thumb
and finger. You feel her body react to the touches of your
hands as one washes her body and the other slides along her
wet, smooth skin. You use the hand that isn’t washing her
to slyly touch places that you know will excite her as we
make our way down her body. Letting it gently glide across
her stomach, over her pelvic area, just barely touching
her clit and the lips of her pussy as you make your way down
her thighs. As we get done with her legs and return to her
pussy, you gently but forcefully move my hand away so you
can do the washing there. You make sure you move the cloth
ever so slowly back and forth over her clit and pussy and
back to her ass. Making sure your fingers press it in whenever
possible. Once the washing is done you dispense of the wash
cloth and use your fingers to continue rubbing against
her clit and sliding them in and out of her pussy. Everything
is done slow and deliberate. You feel how hot and wet she
has become. You feel the pulses of blood running through
her clit as you rub it gently. You feel her hips sway slightly
back and forth as your fingers move in and out of her pussy.
I begin to kiss her. This allows you to suck one of her nipples
into your mouth. You think back to when you were doing this to yourself and
how good it felt. You could remember what pleasures were
as you played with your clit and pussy and how you felt as
you sucked on your own nipple. You wonder if she is feeling
this now as you do the same to her. She must feel something
because she is starting to moan softly as my lips touch hers.
Her body starts to move a little further as you tenderly
play with her swollen clit and ever so hot pussy. I decide
it’s time to rinse her off before things go too far. As with
you, it’s not a popular decision. This time not just from
her but from you too. However, things need to move along.
My time in the middle is pretty uneventful as the two of
do what has been done before. Everything is going along
just fine until it’s gets to the point where you are done
washing everything but my cock. Then things get a little
interesting. I must say having watched you two do your thing
with each other up to this point has been a little exciting
to me and it’s taken a lot for me to keep from blowing hot cum
all over the place. This turns out to be a real test of control
for me. I’ve got two hands washing and basically stroking
my cock while the other two hands are rubbing all over my
ass and up and down between my legs playing with my balls
as you take turns kissing me and kissing my neck. I’m ready
to explode right there! I finally just turn around and turn
off the hot water and blast myself with a full stream of cold
water until that feeling goes away. It’s certainly not
time for me to unload. We all get out and spend the next few
minutes making sure everyone is completely dry. I make
sure I get done first so I can get into the living room and
get those candles lit as well as get the music playing and
the fireplace started. What you two do to dry each other
can be your little secret. I just get it all done as you both
walk in. I already have the mattress from the couch lying on the
floor covered by the furry blanket. I had decided ahead
of time that she would be the first to be tied up and blindfolded.
You help put the blindfold on her. Then we help her lay down.
We each take an arm and fasten the straps to them. Once they
are attached, I fasten them to the legs of the couch which
stretches her arms above her head. I have you kneel down
beside her and start rubbing your hand over her breasts
and stomach as I go get some of the things we’re going to use.
As I walk back in I see that you’re playing with her hard nipple
with one hand, teasing the tip of it with your fingers. You’re
using the other hand to caress her stomach by skimming the
very tips of your finger tips across her skin. Her body is
squirming beneath your touch. I come in with my assortment of goodies and kneel down on
the other side of her. I lean down and surprise her with a
kiss, asking if she’s ready for the fun to begin. She gives
a somewhat reluctant nod to continue. I have an ice cube
in my hand and hand you one as well. I motion you to start rubbing
it on her nipple the same time as I do. When the cold touches
both nipples at same time, she gasps for air. Her nipples
harden immediately. We mimic each other in our movements,
circling the nipples, as well as the breasts allowing the
melted waters to run down her sides and stomach. Her body
shivers slightly as the cold waters gather near her belly
button. I signal to you that it’s time to lick up the water
and suck it from her breasts and nipples. She also reacts
as we both suck the nipples into our mouths and begin to tease
them in different manners, one biting and pulling, the
other sucking and teasing with the tongue. The contrasted
feelings send tingles through her body she hasn’t known
before. We stop this and place the ice cubes on her breasts so we
can use them up until they have melted. We continue switching
back and forth from the ice to our mouths until we have no
ice left. I tell you to kiss her while I grab our next surprise.
As you lean in to place your hot, soft lips on hers, you feel
your swollen breasts sliding across hers. Your hard nipples
gliding over her cool, wet skin as you feel her cold nipples
touching your hot breasts. Your lips meet, she notices
how cool yours are, you notice how warm hers are. It’s a gentle
kiss to begin with. But, as it lingers on, it becomes more
passionate. You both press a little harder, your lips part,
your tongues become entwined with each others. Your breathing
becomes heavier and you both feel how hot it is as it passes
by your faces. I’ve turned and am ready to continue but just
can’t take my eyes from you two. My cock has swollen to the point of aching and if this moment
lasted forever I would be satisfied. However, one of you
realizes it’s time to move on and stop the kiss but do it as
sensually as it began. The lips slowly break apart, the
tongues lingering to find each other, and lips reunite
gently a time or two, not wanting to leave but knowing they
must. And, then one last soft kiss and it’s over. I have you move around in between her legs. I shake the can
of whip cream and begin spraying it on her breasts, making
circles around her nipples and then down her stomach around
her belly button and make a large hill just above her clit.
I tell you it’s your job to clean her up. I watch as you lean
forward and start to lick the whip cream from her body. As
you are doing this, I lean down and gently kiss her lips and
neck. I tell her how much this is turning me on and how hard
it makes my cock to watch the two of you. You are certainly
taking it slow and doing a good job of cleaning her up. I watch
your tongue as it goes back and slowly glides over every
spot where the whip cream laid. You make sure to let it touch
every spot of skin that looks like it had been covered by
the white cream. I notice that you have straddled her leg
and have been rocking your hips and rubbing your wet pussy
on her thigh. I already see a buildup of juices there. I tell
her about that. She softly tells me, between moans, that
she can feel it. You have now cleared both her breasts and
have started down her stomach. As I continue to give her gentle, soft kisses I start playing
with her nipples that are now very hard. I stop on occasion
to talk to her as you proceed with your mission. Once you
get to her belly button you have to get off her leg and move
in between them. This disappoints both of you. You spend
a lot of time licking and cleaning up this area because I
have told you she enjoys having her belly button played
with. We both can see the results as she responds very well
to your tongue’s touches. Her hips have begun to move up
and down and her breathing has gotten much heavier. As you
move onto the last of the whip cream above her clit I give
her a long, deep passionate kiss and tell her I’m going to
have to move down and help you in a few minutes. She’s disappointed
but understands. As I make my move, I tell you to start sucking on her clit
for me. You do. I tell you how to let your tongue glide across
it, teasing it, making it swell with pleasure. I tell you
how to suck it gently into you mouth and clench it between
your teeth without it hurting her and how to lick it like
a lollipop as your doing this. She reacts instantly to this.
Her hips arch upward and push hard against your face. She
moans with utmost pleasure as your tongue caresses her
clit. Then I make my next move. As you’re sucking and licking on her clit I slide a vibrating
dildo into your hot wet pussy. This takes you by surprise
and you immediately release her clit as you moan loudly
with pleasure as she is moaning with displeasure that you
stopped. It only last for a second before you realize what
you’ve done and you quickly suck her clit back into your
mouth and increase the intensity with which you were giving
her pleasure and you feel bolts of sexual pleasure leaping
through your body. She has begun to thrust her hips faster
and harder against your mouth. I can tell she’s getting
close. As I move the dildo in and out of your pussy your not
that far behind either. I didn’t realize how much this had
turned you on until now. To everyone’s amazement, I had
you stop once again. This time I told you to turn around and straddle her in the
sixty-nine position. You did this so quickly I almost didn’t
get the vibrator pulled from your pussy. As you got settled
back into place you went right back to licking and sucking
on her throbbing, swollen clit. I inserted a vibrator into
her pussy as you were doing this and told you to make sure
you fucked her with it as you licked and sucked on her clit.
I told you no matter what happens, don’t stop doing either
one. Before I could get back to her head her orgasm hit. Her
body tightened, she moaned with pure pleasure, her pussy
pounded against your lips and tongue. Juices flowed past
the vibrator. I told you to keep going, keep licking, keeping
fucking her, and keep wanting more from her. You did. And,
she gave it. By this time I had gotten back to where I could slide your
vibrator back into your very wet, hot pussy. Your hips had
been moving up and down wanting something to touch your
clit and feel the juices seeping along your skin. I began
fucking you very fast and hard with the vibrator knowing
you had been close before. I talked to her as I was doing this,
asking if she was ready to lick her first clit and taste her
first sweet juices. Between the orgasmic spasms from her
body, she softly told me yes. Her orgasm was starting to
decline. Yours was just building. I grabbed a pillow and
placed it under her head so she wouldn’t have to stretch
her neck to get to your quivering clit and find the juices
gathered there. I slow down my movements with the vibrator
so she could find your clit with her tongue. I use my hand
to guide your hips down to her face. I felt the muscles of
your pussy grabbing the vibrator just as I began to move
it slower, knowing this was a sign you were almost there.
As soon as her tongue hit your clit, your body exploded,
your head flew up, a long loud sexual growl came from within,
your hips started bouncing up and down against her face
and juices gushed past the vibrator and covered her tongue
and lips. It was all I could do to control your hips to keep
you in contact with her mouth. Your head stayed up, you’re
back arched, and your pussy clenched the vibrator so tight,
I quit trying to move it. Your body rocked with pleasure.
She just kept licking and teasing your clit, wanting more,
her pussy still feeling the waves of vibrations from the
dildo even though her orgasm was now just a tingling in her
body. As your body spent all the fluids it had for that moment,
both of you started to settle down and relax. But, I wasn’t
going to let it happen just yet. I removed both vibrators
from the two of you and told you to turn back around and straddle
above her again. Before I could even say anything, you were
both kissing each other and tasting the other’s sweet juices.
Damn, I didn’t think my cock could get any harder or ache
anymore. Guess I was wrong. After staring at this for a few
minutes, I came back to my senses and continued with my work.
I got out the double headed dildo and placed one end in each
of your pussies. I didn’t even phase the kissing going on
between the two of you. I don’t blame either of, your both
great kissers. I don’t ever want to stop myself. After I
make sure your legs are all where they need to be to keep this
thing in you I come back up and lay beside the both of you and
just watch. I could watch the soft lips as they kiss each
other and as they search out the ear lobes, the soft parts
of the neck, the eyes, the cheeks, the upper parts of the
breasts. I reach over and start playing with your nipple and pinch
and squeeze it for you. I see a faint smile as you show me you
know it’s me. Then I do the same for her. Both of them are very
hard and erect. I’ve also noticed that the two of you have
already begun to move your hips up and down against each
others without me telling you to. That’s a good thing. I
forgot what I came up here for as I became involved in your
sensuous play. I then start talking to both of you. Asking
how much you’ve enjoyed each other so far. How each of you
has enjoyed your first taste of the sweet juices of another
woman. Did you enjoy licking and sucking on the other’s
clit as much as it looked like to me? I know you both enjoy
sucking and playing with breasts and nipples. Do you like
feeling the dildo in your pussy now as you lay here fucking
each other? Most of the answers are more soft moans than
real answers as the kissing and fucking continues. I tell you to start feeling it, to start thinking about
it. Think about the feelings in your body, the feelings
going through your lips, down your body and into your pussies.
Remember the orgasms and how good they felt. How the sexual
energy flowed from your mind to you toes. Your hips are moving
faster now. Your kisses are lasting longer. I tell both
of to think about cumming together. To let your bodies go
and feel the shakes and tingles at the same time. Feel it
in your minds. Feel it in your bodies. Want it together.
Movements become much faster and harder now. Then I tell
you that this is what I’ve wanted with you. It will be my turn
as soon as you both cum for me. Think about that. Think about
what you’ve always wanted to give me. And it’s the same for
her. She is in the position where she was always supposed
to be, both of you think about it, we’ve talked about it.
We’ve wanted it. Think about cumming and it will happen.
The kissing has stopped, you are up on your hands and your
arms are locked straight. Both of your hips are slamming
together. I’m surprised the dildo’s staying in. I see both
bodies straining to cum. I see it in the breathing. I tell
you both one last time, think about it. It’s time to cum,
want to cum. And, with that, I move down behind both of you
and grab the dildo and begin moving it up and down as you both
fuck it hard. It’s only a matter of seconds when you both let go with loud
roars of pleasure and your pussies tighten on the dildo.
Juices flow from each of you. My hand becomes completely
wet. Your bodies shake and buck against each other, small
thrusts, then large ones. One of you stops as the other keeps
going. Both bodies strain to release the energy. Then I
tell both of you to relax, enjoy what you feel. Think about
it. Make everything soft and gentle, even your kisses.
Let your bodies enjoy all the pleasure flowing through
them. I begin to run my fingers along your hips. They are wet with
the sweat of what you just went through. I’m leaving the
dildo in both of you because I want both of you to feel what
I’m going to be doing. I let my fingers start at the dildo
and work its way up between your cheeks, sliding across
your ass, teasing it as I go. I have a smaller dildo ready
to insert in into your ass to start with. After teasing you
for a few minutes, I make sure I have plenty of lube on it and
gently slide it into your ass. I hear you moan some more.
I make very sure that you are completely comfortable with
each move. I talk to you as I do this. Once I have it all the
way in, I begin moving it back and forth. I know it makes you
more aware of it because of the dildo in you’re pussy. I turn
the vibrator on. I continue lying this way for several minutes.
I keep talking to both of you, making sure you are still enjoying
what just happened. You both are talking to each other and
kissing now and then. Everything is fine. Finally, I ask
if you’re ready. You say that you re. I get up behind you and then pull the vibrator out. I have
made sure my cock has been completely lubricated and is
ready to slide into your sweet ass. I place the head at the
opening and gently push it in, stopping to make sure you
are ok. When everything is, I proceed. With small, gentle
movements, I get my cock all the way into your ass. It is tight
because of the dildo in your pussy but that will help both
of us. I begin small slow strokes. As I move in and out, you
feel them and so does she. You can feel it better because
of how tight everything is and she can feel it because each
time I thrust back in, it shoves the dildo deep into her pussy.
When you have become use to my movements, you ask me to start
fucking you a little faster. I am glad to. I can feel the satin
skin of ass as it touches every part of my cock as my cock moves
in and out. That’s the feeling I want and the one you can’t
get with a pussy. My hands are now on your waist. I’m beginning to move a little
faster and harder now but I know I must control myself to
make sure you enjoy this as I do. You have again raised yourself
upon your hands. Your back is arched and you’re beginning
to shove your ass back against me. I feel your ass tighten
on my cock. It’s been a long day for me and my throbbing cock
has been hard for a long time. I don’t think I will last too
much longer the way your beginning to fuck me back. I have
noticed that she is also starting to thrust her hips up against
you and the dildo. Maybe, just once, my plan will work as
my cock drives deeper and harder into your ass I feel what
I’ve waited on all night. A sensation is building in my balls
and it won’t be long before I let go. You’re still thrusting hard against me and you’re now
telling me to fuck you hard. I’m trying to do that but with
a little control. My hands tighten the grip on your hips
as I slam my cock deep into your ass and loads of hot cum fire
deep inside you. I start talking and moaning at the same
time. My body jerks and almost makes me lose control. You
feel the hot cum hit your skin and back hard into my body and
keep thrusting back into me wanting more of it. I keep feeling
it shooting from my cock. I keep feeling your ass tightening
on my cock trying to work it all out. Just as I think it’s over, you cum again. You thrust three
or four times quickly against me and then just slam your
ass on my body and hold it there as your muscles contract
with sexual spasms. We both stop moving. We realize she
is still fucking the dildo hard and fast and as you relax
and let your body down a little against hers, it moves the
dildo deeper into her pussy and that all it takes. Her body
releases another orgasm and she softly moans with total
pleasure and satisfaction. You watch her hips trusting
hard on the dildo, as her juices flow from her pussy and past
it. You dare not move, until she gets done. Then, it’s time
for all of us to relax. After cleaning both of you up, we lay on blanket with me
in the middle and each of you on either side of me. Watching
the shadows dance on the walls, smaller they may be but still
fun to watch, again smelling the sweet candles and the sweet
smell of sex. We all kiss each other and rest for the next


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