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I awoke at four in the morning, not quite five hours of sleep
when my alarm went off.

I had hoped for more, but the drive from Seattle to Berkeley,
which I had estimated to be twelve or thirteen hours, took
closer to seventeen.

Seventeen hours almost constantly on the road save for
a few stops at gasoline stations and fast food joints along
the way. I arrived at the University Village apartments
where I had arranged for a unit.

I just had tomorrow to get everything organized and then
had to start my work on monday, having just snagged a new
job with the University of California, Berkeley campus.

It was May of 1990, I had been laid off from my job with Boeing
in Seattle. I had been responsible for maintaining workstations
in their Seattle facilities but they were downsizing and
moving much of the work to other locations, locations that
already had computer administrators.

Berkeley, on the other hand, had a growing need for competent
administrators to configure workstations and secure
them against intrusions. My experience with Boeing qualified
me well for this job.

But, I had to be there monday morning following the last
last friday I worked for Boeing. Not much time to coordinate
the move, especially given such short notice. So I packed
the bare essentials into my car and headed south, planning
on making another trip or two back up to collect my belongings
and tie up loose ends.

So here I was, set the alarm early so I could get a good start.
Hadn't had time to deal with laundry before I left,
but the apartment I had arranged for came with a laundry
room so I figured I'd take care of it when I arrived.

I got up, got a shower and shaved, and proceeded to slam down
a cup of coffee and some toast. Loaded up the washing machine
and started a load of darks.

Then I unpacked my computer, and set it up, slurping down
several more cups of coffee in the process.

Now I hear the buzz from the washing machine informing me
that it's done. So I interrupted the computer setup
to go put the cloths in the dryer.

Did that, hit start, it started briefly than stopped. Spent
some time looking around for a reset button, nothing. Damn!
Not like I don't have enough to deal with in one day.

I remembered I had seen a laundromat in a strip mall right
next to my new apartment building so I tossed all the wet
clothes into a plastic garbage sack, swung them over my
shoulder and headed out.

When I arrived, it was fortunately open, sign says open
24 hours, lucky since it's just after five in the morning.

Went in and emptied my garbage sack full of soggy clothing
into the dryer, threw a couple of quarters in the slot, and
cranked the handle. It started up with a reassuring whir.

These dryers were the big old natural gas fired type, I've
used them before, ought to be good to go in about twenty minutes.
Not a major setback I thought.

I looked for a place to sit down, near the entrance where
I was on the left was a row of dryers in the wall, in the middle
looking towards the back, two rows of washers back to back,
and on the right there was a cut-out area where they had some
extractors and vending machines vending little packets
of laundry soap and fabric softener, and a bill changer.
Then past that more dryers in the wall, and I could see there
was a similar cutout area past the wall of dyers at the back
side of the room, but from where I was I couldn't see
what was there, except for what looked like a vending machine
of some sort.

I walked back to the back of the room hoping to find a chair
where I could sit down and rest while I waited, maybe if I
were really lucky some reading material and coffee. I'd
only managed to slosh down four cups so far. Far short of
my normal morning caffeine quota.

As I got farther back, first the rest of a coffee vending
machine, then a chair came into view and a small table with
magazines scattered about, and the corner of a sofa.

As I walked further, I saw feet on the sofa, bare feet. Another
step reveals smooth beautiful legs. I was expecting a skirt
or shorts to come into view next, but no, what comes into
next are beautiful hips framing a blond patch of public
hair, leading up to a flat belly with straight very light
long blond hair resting across it. Another step and a pair
of the most perfect breasts I've ever seen come in view,
medium sized but very perky. And then an absolutely beautiful
face came into view, a small delicate nose, distinctive
cheek bones and jaw line, light delicate eye browse, full
pink lips, and beautiful light blond hair framing all this

I was a bit taken back. I've never seen a naked woman
lying around on a sofa in a laundromat at five in the morning
where I come from.

"Oh!", She took a breath, "I fell asleep
while my clothes were drying. I hope I didn't offend

She had deep blue eyes, it felt as if I could look through
them straight into her soul.

"Offend no.", I said, "I think you might
describe it better as shock, and when I realized how beautiful
you were, awe!"

"Ah, that's a nice thing for you to say.",
she said, "I'm just a normal girl, I'm no
movie star."

"But you could be.", I said, "Is it customary
in these parts to lie around naked in laundry mats while
waiting for your clothes to finish?", I asked.

She answered, "Well, no, actually this is the first
time I've gotten nude in here, but I sunbath nude over
there on the hill in front of the campus all of the time, many
of the students do. It annoys the campus police but now they
pretty much ignore it, and the rest of the public, I think
they enjoy it."

And she said, "There's one guy there that even
goes to class naked. You'd think it would be disruptive,
but most everybody save for the school administrators,
pretty much ignore it. He's got a valid point really,
clothes don't serve much purpose in this climate for
much of the year, except to reinforce establishmentary
values and differentiate between the sexes."

So I asked, "So you feel pretty comfortable out in
public nude? Aren't you afraid of being arrested or
molested or ?"

She responded, "I feel comfortable yes, heck even
at 5am it's 85 degrees already, no need for clothes
really. And, presently Berkeley has no laws against public
nudity unless it is accompanied by lewd behavior. I don't
think lying on a couch could be considered lewd."

She continued, "As for being molested or , I've
been going to school here for three years now, and the worst
that has happened to me was an occasional stare. And nothing
bad has happened to any of my friends here. I know lots of
people that sunbath in the nude, we all hate tan lines, right
over there."

She pointed at the hill across the street on campus.

She continued, "My only real concern is offending
someone, and for that reason I usually do not strip down
here in the laundry mat. But, I've been using this laundry
mat for the three years I've been here, since I'm
staying at the apartments next door and my unit is a cheap
one without laundry facilities. And in that time maybe
twice in three years, someone's come in this early
in the morning."

She went on, "Anyway, I figured I was pretty safe,
chances of being discovered in this state of dress low,
and the chances of anyone around here being offended pretty
low. It's mostly students that live in that apartment
and use this laundry mat, and anyway, you said you weren't

"No, " I said, "After my dryer blew up
it's actually a pretty pleasant surprise. Are you
talking about the University Village apartments?"

"Yes, ", she replied, "I've been
living there since I started school here, almost three
years now."

"I live there now too. I've landed a job at the
university administering workstations, and these were
the closest affordable units I could find.", I said.

"That was why I moved in there also. Right across the
street from the campus and reasonably priced, and I'm
on a tight budget. That's actually the reason I'm
nude. I loaded my darks into one washer, and then loaded
my whites, and I was wearing all white, and I'd already
worn them a day, and I thought, what the heck, I can save another
day before I have to do laundry again. So I threw everything
in, my blouse, my skirt, my bra, my cotton panties, my socks,
and started the load. And then when the wash finished, that
was about fifteen minutes ago, I threw them into the dryer.",
she volunteered.

Then, she looked at me kind of funny and asked, "Do
you think your wife would be mad if she knew you saw me naked

"No, ", I said, "I'm not married,
so no wife to be angry."

"Your girlfriend then, would she be mad?",
she asked.

"No, I don't have a girlfriend either.",
I said.

She the asked, "Would you like one?".

"Are you suggesting that you might like to be my girlfriend?",
I asked.

"Yes, ", she said, "Would you like me
to be your girlfriend?"

I almost choked, "Yes, very much! One of the reasons
I left Seattle, besides losing my job there, is that the
women there are strange, all into punk and goth and just
generally weird. But, I'm thirty years old, you look
like you're maybe twenty? Do you really want an older
guy like me for a boyfriend?"

"Actually, I just turned 21. And yes, I'd like
an older guy like you for a boyfriend. Older men are more
mature and established. They know what they want. And granted,
I've only been with three men in my life, two of them
were my age, and one was more than twice my age, 44 at the time.
The two men my age, neither of them knew how to make me feel
good, both of them it was, put it in, thrust twice, cum, pull
it out. And oral? They wanted me to give them head, but if
I asked them to go down on me it was like I had maggots down
there or something. And really I keep myself very clean.",
she related.

Then she continued, "Now the older guy, he worked
over at the university, he was completely different. He
wanted me, he made no bones about it, and in spite of a few
wrinkles, he looked very attractive so I accepted an invitation
to dinner. He took me to a wonderful seafood place, and then
afterwords he asked me if I wanted to go to his place or mine.
I felt daring and chose his place."

She continued, "He had a very nice house, not large
but very neat and clean, nice furniture. He put on some music
and we sat down in his living room to talk. He told me how he
had been married, but his wife had found someone she liked
better and dumped him. He'd been single ever since.
The only fortunate thing was that they hadn't had children
before the divorce. I asked how long he'd been single,
he said it had been fifteen years. I asked if he'd had
girlfriends along the way and he said nothing serious.
Then I asked him if he had had sex with any of them. He hadn't.
Fifteen years without sex I asked, he affirmed that that
had been the case."

She went on, "I had decided to have sex with him at that
point. He hadn't asked, or even hinted, but I figured
that was why he asked if I wanted to go to his home. And I felt
really sorry for him. Call it a mercy fuck if you will. So
I ask him if he wanted to fuck me. He replied no, he wanted
to make love to me. What's the difference I asked, he
said he would show me, and BOY DID HE!"

She continued, "He picked me up and carried me into
his room, put me down on his bed, and it sloshed! This guy,
this 44 year old guy had a waterbed. How cool is that? I asked
him if it wasn't a waste of such a nice bed not to have
had sex on it in fifteen years. He told me that we would make
up for lost time. Then he slipped off my shoes, and he moved
his hands up my legs to my waist, hooked my cotton panties,
might have even been the pair I just threw in the dryer a few
minutes ago, and gently pulled them down. Then he crawled
up my legs while running his hands in front, and when his
hands arrived at my hips again, his face arrived at my bush,
and I felt his hot breath down there. I was getting wet, and
his tongue landed right in the middle of my slit and slowly
moved up, then he pulled back pulling my skirt with, and
I was naked from the waste down."

She went on, "Then, he sat my skirt on the floor with
my panties, and proceeded to take off his shoes, and his
socks, undid his belt, took off his shirt and undershirt,
and then removed his pants and underwear in one fluid movement.
I have to say at first I was a bit disappointed, he was a bit
small compared to the other boys I'd been with, I'd
say maybe only four or five inches, but he was as thick or
thicker than them and by this point he appeared rock hard.
Anyway, he gently climbed back onto the bed, and undid my
blouse and removed it, and then undid my bra, and placed
them on the floor with my other clothes."

She continued, "He then laid down next to me facing
me, and reached up and touched my breasts, very gently running
his finger tips over them and around the aureole and nipples,
and I could feel a tingling down below that desperately
needed attention."

She went on, "He seemed to read my mind, because then
he scooted down and gently pulled my knees apart and buried
his face down there. Oh, and what that man could do with his
tongue! He worked that tongue on me and in me for oh must have
been close to an hour, during which time I experienced half
a dozen orgasms, more than both of my fifteen second boyfriends
had given me during our entire relationship."

I wanted to interrupt her, but I couldn't, and I was
getting rock hard listening to her talk.

She went on, "Then he started moving up, running his
tongue along my body as he did, and then he climbed up on top
and I felt his hardness probing my hole, and then I felt him
slide in. Here we go I thought, two thrusts, and fifteen
seconds, and all of this will be over. Oh well, I thought,
I've already had half a dozen orgasms, he deserves

Then she went on, "But it wasn't over, none of
the quick thrusts I had expected, no he very gently pressed
into me until the base of his cock was grinding my clit, and
he gently moved around grinding this way, no thrusting
like my young boyfriends. He felt so very good. He did this
for about fifteen minutes and then I came powerfully. And
then he let out a groan and I felt his warmth start to fill
me, he was cumming too, with me, and he was holding me tight
and kissing me and oh god it was so good."

"And then it was all over?", I asked.

"No!", she said, "it was just starting!
After my orgasm subsided and his also did, he kept moving
in me, he did not loose his erection even though he had just
cum inside me. He continued to make love to me for another
hour that way, and we both came again. Then he asked if he
could go in from behind. I thought he meant anal sex, and
I didn't want that, I asked him if he meant in my butt.
He said no, he wanted to go back into my vagina but from behind.
Ok, I told him and he gently rolled me over, and then I felt
his cock probing my slit from behind, and then the fullness
of it inside me again. This time though, he initially moved
slowly and gently, but then he did start to thrust, each
time he thrust into me deeply, it felt very good. I could
feel the tension building up again, and then I came, again
very powerfully. He didn't stop, he kept thrusting,
and then he grabbed my hips and pulled me totally up against
him pushing himself deep inside, I heard him groan again
and I felt the warmth of his cum splashing my insides."

I asked, "So what happened to this guy? I would think
if he made you feel that good, you would still be with him."

She replied, "He came from Australia, and his father
had a heart attack followed by a stroke several days later.
He survived, but was incapacitated completely at first,
and he had to go back to take care of him. And I couldn't
leave school."

She went on, "But now there is you. You see why I'm
ok with older men? Can you love me like that?"

"Well, ", I said, "I'll certainly
give it the old college try."

Then the buzzer on the her dryer went off signaling her clothes
were dry.

She said, "I'll walk back with you since we both
live in the same apartment building. But first I need to
get my clothes.".

She pulled her dried clothes out of the dryer and put the
clothes she was previously wearing back on, and then went
back and put her shoes on. The skirt she was now sporting
barely covered her lovely ass. Not quite like having her
there nude, but still a pleasant sight.

Then the buzzer on my dryer went off, I stuffed the clothes
back in the plastic garbage bag that I had brought them in
and we headed back towards our Apartments.

As we arrived at the building, I asked her if she'd like
to come in for some coffee. She gladly accepted the invitation.

I poured some coffee and we sat down in front of a coffee table
in the living room. A room that had computer components
strewn about as I had not completed the assembly of my system
before the failure of the dryer had interrupted me.

We finished the cup, and then she asked, "What I asked
you in the laundry mat, can you?"

Not getting what she was referring to, I asked, "Can
I what?"

"Make love to me.", she responded.

"Right now?", I asked.

"Yes, ", she said, "what better time
than now?"

"I don't have a waterbed, I haven't even
made it this morning."

"The waterbed's not important, it was fun, but
it was secondary. And the bed will be messed when we're
done anyway, so who cares if it's made or not?"

"Ok, you don't have to ask twice, let's go."

We rushed back into the bedroom, both of us anxious, for
me, it had been a long time since I last had a girlfriend,
and I don't know exactly how long it's been for
her but she was definitely ready.

Back in the bedroom, I first undid her blouse and removed
it, then I bent down and kissed her breasts just above the
bra cups, while simultaneously reaching behind her back
and unclasping it. And as it fell away, I moved down to her
nipples, and gently kissed, and licked them and gently
sucked on them.

Then I removed my own clothes but she didn't stand their
idly, as I unbuttoned my shirt, she untied my shoes, and
unhooked my belt. I pulled my shirt off, stepped out of my
shoes, and slid my pants and underpants down.

Then I turned my attention back to her, pulled her panties
and skirt down to the floor in one fluid motion and she stepped
out of them, and gently and playfully pushed her back onto
the bed. She intentionally exaggerated the loss of control,
throwing he legs up in the air and spreading them apart to
give me a very good view of what lie between her legs.

It was a sight to behold, small delicate petals surrounding
a small pink smooth opening, glistening with natural lubrication,
and her blond hair above, a true natural blond she was, so
light that it barely obscured the flesh below.

I climbed upon the bed, and reached out and gently touched
the mound above, and felt her public hair, it was so soft,
not like the women I'd be with before, not that I had
a large sampling.

I moved my face near, what a beautiful aroma, not like any
girl I had ever been with smelled, I planted my tongue in
her slit, already wet with anticipation, delicious, no
wonder that other man had spent forty-five minutes there!
I licked up her slit, ran my tongue around her clit, sucked
on her lips, she was making all sorts of moaning noises.

Then she said, "You are feeling good, but I want to
make you feel good to. Can you move on the bed so that your
cock is near my mouth while you eat me?"

You bet! I repositioned myself rolled over on my side facing
her and put my face back into he wonderful love box and went
back to licking and sucking, and then I felt a wet tongue
on my cock head, and I felt a hand gently grabbing my shaft.
I kept licking her, I felt the head of my cock being enveloped
in warmness, and I felt a tongue teasing it.

I continued to lick, I licked down towards her love hole
and reached in as far as I could with my tongue lapping at
her delicious love juice. She was involuntarily moving
her hips, I moved back up towards her clit and give her love
bud some attention, she started making noises with my cock
still in her mount, and then she started to spasm and juices
just poured out of her. I lapped as much up as I could. He started
going crazy with her tongue. I knew I was going to cum. I thought
I should warn her though, I knew she was relatively inexperienced
and didn't know if she'd be ok with that, she responded
by working her tongue even faster and massaging the shaft
with her tender hand.

The tingling rapidly built and then I burst. I come a lot
under ordinary circumstances, but it had been a long time
since I even masturbated, the intensity of my orgasm was
paralyzing, it enveloped every fiber of my being, and she
didn't even slow down, she sucked and slurped and swallowed
every drop. When I stopped pumping she continued to suck,
even taking her hand and squeezing any remaining cum out
of my cock into her mouth.

Then she said, "I need you inside me now but if it's
ok with you I'd sure like to do this on a regular basis."

"Oh, hell yes!", I replied, "most certainly
I'd like to do this on a regular basis."

Then I repositioned myself so I was lined up next to her,
I was about to mount her gently when she pushed me back on
my back and straddled me. She grabbed my cock, lined it up
with her love hole, and then impaled herself on it. Buried
deep in her warmth, deliciously tight and slippery warmth,
and her butt cheeks were against me and the felt so soft and
smooth. She started moving up and down wildly.

I asked her, "I thought you liked it slow and gentle?"

She replied in a hurried manner, "I need to cum now,
I can't wait, I need it now.", she spoke in short
breaths breathing heavily, and continued to move wildly.

Then I felt a sudden grip of her vagina on my cock shaft, so
tight initially that I stopped sliding in and out, then
I felt it rhythmically pulse on my cock and my own orgasm
followed. She settled down on me while my cock was still
pumping my seed deep inside her and leaned forward and collapsed
upon my chest. I put my arms around her and we just lie there
for the longest time. I could feel her heartbeat against
my chest.

She felt like nobody I had ever been with before, completely
wonderful. I felt so happy. I knew I should be getting things
organized, but I could not call an early end to this pleasure.

After awhile she said, "I don't want to go home

I asked, "You mean you want to stay here and sleep with

"Yes, ", she said, "I don't want
to spend another night alone in bed, ever."

I suggested, "It is almost at the end of the month.
You said you were on a tight budget. We obviously feel very
strongly for each other even though we've just met
a few hours ago. Why don't you just move in with me? You
can save on the rent and we can enjoy each other every night."

"Yes, ", she said, "I know this is rash
but I know you're the one. I have dreamed of this day.
Even though nobody ever comes into the laundry mat, I knew
you'd come in and catch me nude, I had dreamed it. I thought
it was a silly dream, wishful thinking, but what the hell,
the clothes needed washing anyway. But you showed up right
on schedule, handsome, single, polite, composed, just
like I had dreamed. Yes, I will move in with you today."

Oh God, I've been here for one night, met a beautiful
girl, nude no less, just a few hours ago, and I am in love.
It's not just lust, I've felt lust before. This
was destined.

So I spent the better part of the day helping her move her
stuff in, and then we went to talk to the manager together
and inform her that she was moving in with me and no longer
needed her unit.

The manager said, ordinarily you're supposed to give
us thirty days notice, but since someone has already expressed
an interest as soon as a unit becomes available, I'll
waive that requirement this time. But it'll be gone
at the start of the month so are you absolutely sure you won't
need it anymore?

We both simultaneously said, "We're sure".

Then we went back out to "OUR" apartment, and
she helped me get my stuff organized along with hers. While
we were putting stuff away we talked some more, and I found
out she also came here from Seattle to attend school here.
Her family, like mine, lived there.

After we got stuff put away, we were hot and sweaty from our
earlier love making, and dusty from unpacking, so we took
a shower together, soaped and gently washed each other.
We'd been working on moving and organizing for many
hours, had totally skipped lunch and didn't even think
about it, and now it was seven in the evening.

She knew of a cozy little restaurant / bar int the area, so
we went there. Well, not exactly gourmet food, mostly a
burger and booze place, but it was very cozy with pine walls
and nice woodwork. Dimly lit, but enough light to recognize
our food.

We ate burgers, that's what they made there, and had
a few drinks, and returned around nine. She had school the
next morning and I started work the next morning so we decided
to go to bed. We were too tired for another love making session
at that point so I spooned up behind her.

My cock didn't seem to care how tired we were, so I slid
it between her legs and rubbed her slit, apparently it didn't
care either because it was all slippery wet. So I found her
love hole and slid it in and started to move gently, and she
pushed her butt back towards me and added to the motion.

I felt the tension start to build again, with each slow gentle
sliding motion it grew stronger, and just as I was ready
to go over the edge I felt her vagina clamp down and then that
rhythmic pulsing sent me over the edge, and again I filled
her. Her whole body tightened and so did mine, while my cock
spurted madly inside her. Eventually her contractions
and my cock spasms slowed and stopped, and became soft inside
her, and we fell asleep that way.

Sunlight coming in through the window woke us just after
five AM, I was still spooned up against her, still inside
her. She started to stir just as I awoke.

"By the way, ", I said, "My name is Gould,
Ben Gould."

"Yes, you have been good.", she said.

"You've been wonderful yourself, but I was telling
you my name, I kind of figured after you've moved in
with me you should know, it's Ben Gould. What's
your name?"

"Mary.", she replied.

"Yes, let's get married, but what is your name?"

"Mary May, my name is Mary May." she said.

"Oh, I thought you said you wanted to get married.",
I said.

She replied, "Yes, I do."

"Then it's settled, we'll get married.
I know I can love you forever."

I was still inside her, she was still wet from the night before.
I felt myself starting to stiffen inside her. I asked her,
"Care for another orgasm this morning?"

"Yes, thank you, I would like one please.",
she said somewhat jokingly.

I started rocking within her and she started grinding her
butt back against me and I felt the tension building again.
And just like the night before just as I was ready to go over
the edge her whole body flinched and her vagina clamped
on my cock and then went into spasms and my cock emptied itself
into her again.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to lie around, she
had to get ready for school, and I for work, so we both hopped
in the shower and turned on the water.

We both soaped each other and washed each other gently.
After rinsing I knelt down and give her little lovebud a
short tongue lashing.

We got out, and I shaved while she got breakfast started,
still nude, which it turns out is really her preferred state
of dress. I suggest that if we have bacon, then she might
want to get something on first, years ago I had learned that
frying bacon nude wasn't a good idea.

We ate breakfast and got dressed. We walked the university
together and made arrangements to meet after her classes
and my work. She headed off to find her class and I headed
off to find my employer.

I met my new boss, she actually was a very pleasant lady.
She told me that the reason they needed me here so quickly
was that they didn't have enough working machines
to get the tests scored and grades finalized and the quarter
was almost over.

She said, after that was done and the next quarter started,
then there would be time I could take off and bring the rest
of my belongings back.

We scheduled a couple of weeks in late June. I was then shown
the rounds and my duties were explained to me in detail.
I had to sign a couple of dozen documents to satisfy the universities
team of lawyers, and then set out on my first days work.

Most of my job consisted of reloading machines that had
been trashed by their operators. I put together a script
that would boot and load the machines over the net so all
I had to do was run around, tell the machines to boot net,
and walk away, so I got all the machines reloaded the first

I got off work at 5pm, Mary's last class was at 4:50pm,
so we arranged to meet after class and walk home together.

I asked Mary if we could marry in June. She could come back
with me to Seattle and we could marry there where both our
parents could attend. She readily agreed. Wish I could
have picked out an engagement ring first, but it didn't
matter, we were gonna get married, but we did go out and pick
out a ring together. Kind of spoiled the surprise but she
dreams it all in advance anyway.

Two weeks went by each night and morning filled with wonderful
love making. She introduced me to all the good local digs,
and with her living with me her budget deficit turned into
a surplus so we were able to live pretty well between us.
We planned our wedding, not a big extravagant affair, just
a small wedding with our relatives and closest friends.

The time went by and our drive back to Seattle was uneventful.
It was much easier than my trip down because we shared the

Our wedding was wonderful, I never thought I could cry like
I did, but they were tears of pure joy. You should have seen
her in that wedding dress, she was beautiful, but then you
could stick her in blue jeans and a T-shirt and she'd
still be beautiful.

After the wedding when we were at the reception we had a good
laugh. The parents got to speak, and when my mother got up
she said, "Son, I am so happy today. I didn't think
I'd ever have grandchildren because I thought you
were gay. Your sister hasn't married or settled down
yet, but I'm happy to know you've got someone and
I can look forward to grandkids now."

Laughter filled the room when she said the part about thinking
I was gay, but then it went dead silent when she said she could
look forward to grandkids. Everyone was staring at Mary
and I.

I asked Mary, "Are we gonna make grandkids for mom?"

She said, "Yes, I would love to have your children!
But I would like to finish my degree first, but that's
only a year away. Is that ok?"

It was definitely OK, I didn't answer I just grabbed
her and gave her the biggest hug and deep kiss in front of
the whole group there and everyone in the room just melted.

Her father came up to me, and he said, "Son, you are
my son now, I have the right to call you that. Son, I'm
very happy to know you'll be there watching her. Hopefully
you'll keep her out of trouble. We always had trouble
keeping clothes on her here."

I felt it was better not to relate the details of how we met
or her sunbathing habits, but I sure had a big shit eating
grin when he said that.

We're back in Bezerkly now. Life is good, Mary still
sunbathes nude though the city council is making noises
about changing the laws and the university passed rules
about being nude on campus, but they're largely ignored.
But we may have to seek out a nude beach or something in the

But life is good, my boss has been impressed with my work
and I've already gotten a pay raise and free access
to classes, so I'm working on a degree in computer sciences

She should have her degree by the end of this year, and then
we'll start looking for a home to raise our children

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Qhat a wonderful love story!! I love the details, and the
commitment from the beginning. Great JOB!!!


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Thank you.

My last story was a pure sexual fantasy story.

This one I put things in the context of a loving relationship.
I was curious to see how the two different contexts would
be responded to by the folks on AdultFriendFinder.

I haven't figured out what to do next.