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Beth, My Story. . . .




When I was in the Coast Guard stationed in Miami, occasionally
I would fly up to Cincinnati to visit my brother and his wife,
Marcia. Just before Christmas one year, Wayne, my brother,
called and asked if I had any plans for Christmas, and would
I like to spend it with them. "Yeah, that would be great.
I've got a couple weeks on the books“. Christmas
approached, and I was on the road. In no time I was at the airport
being greeted by Wayne. When we got to their house, I was
surprised to see his wife Marcia’s younger sister,
Beth, sitting at the kitchen table. I had only met Beth once
before at my brother's wedding three years ago. Beth was
attending Purdue University, and had accepted the invitation
to also spend the holidays with them. I was glad, because
being single, I didn't want to be the "Odd Man Out". She was
average looking, very plain, but had a nice body. Shoulder-length
Auburn hair, kind of small breasts, a very shapely ass,
and nice long muscular legs. She had Hazel eyes that you
could look into and get totally mesmerized.
We said our hellos and I kissed my sister-in-law on the cheek,
and sat down at the kitchen table for a cup of coffee and some
idle chitchat. Beth said she had one more year to go, then
it would be the "cold hard world" for her. I asked what her
major was and she said Psychology. I thought, "Just great.
. .I'll spend my vacation being psychoanalyzed". As you
will see, that was definitely not the case.
After I was shown to my room upstairs, got unpacked, and
laid on the bed to rest. I heard voices in the hall, and opened
the door to see Beth being given the bedroom directly across
from mine. As Wayne opened the door and put her luggage inside,
he turned, and gave me a little wink and a smile. As Beth entered
her room, my brother looked at me and whispered, "It's up
to you, now". I grinned. back at him. "This could get interesting",
I thought.

Later that evening, in the living room, Marcia said we were
all invited to a Christmas party at a friend’s house
on Friday.
"It should be a blast" she said, "We've partied with these
animals before.. By the way, why don't you and Beth take
the car tomorrow, and tour the city. Get to know each other
"It's starting already", I thought. "Sure, that would
be nice".
Beth looked at me like I was lowly ‘Military Mongrel‘.
With a smirk she said, "yes, that would be nice. There's
nothing else to do, unless you need help around the house."
Marcia assured her there was nothing to do, so just go for
the day, since Wayne had to go to work, anyway.

The following day we started out with directions Wayne
had given us of interesting places. Well let me tell you,
December in Cincinnati is cold, but it was colder inside
the car than it was outside. The day started to be a disaster.
We toured the Museum, walked in the park, and even went Ice-Skating.
Nothing seemed to break the chill. Later, on the way home,
I suggested we get a bite to eat. She agreed saying; "All
this great activity has given me an appetite". Wanting
to please, we stopped at a nice restaurant, went inside,
and were shown to a table by a huge fireplace. The waiter
came by, and I ordered a Manhattan, while she ordered a Vodka
Tonic. The drinks came, and I downed mine, and ordered another.
Beth just sipped hers. There was absolutely NO conversation.
I finally decided to just brave it.
"Just what the hell is your problem? I've tried my best
to please you, but there's no way, I guess”, I said.
She finally said, "I'm sorry, but I'm worried about my grades.
We have finals coming up and I really wanted to stay and study,
but Marcia insisted that I come visit, since you were going
to be here alone." "Well, you're here now, ” I said,
“So why don't we just make the best of it, and have
some fun“. Reluctantly, she agreed, and apologized
for being in such a downer. She finished her drink just as
the food came; I ordered another round, and she said she'd
like to try a Manhattan, too. The drinks came, and as I sipped
mine, she downed hers, and said, "That was good. . .Can I
have another?" Aha! She's breaking down.
"Of course, " I said, and ordered two more. Dinner, and
six Manhattans later, I paid the bill, and we left.

Once in the car, she was a totally different person. She
jabbered on about her school friends, especially Andrea,
her roommate. She said Andrea had 'big tits', and a shaved
pussy. I was amazed to see the dramatic change in her.
"I envy Andrea“, she said, “All the guys
are after her, and I don't get much action at all. Andrea
says, all the guys want to do is grope her tits, and ass, and
want to lay her. Andrea said I was better off not being chased
all over Campus”.
I could tell the drinks had taken a positive (for me) effect
on her. She continued talking about all the girls at school,
and what they were doing.
“They have all the fun, and all I do is study”,
she said. “Lately I’m spending more time
at the Library, than in our room. Andrea always has someone
over ‘studying’ with her, but I know better.

We pulled in the driveway (about 11:30). She leaned over
and kissed me, and said, "I had a pretty good time with you
today, and I'm sorry things started out like they did. Can
we start over?”
I reached over, kissed her again, and felt her tongue search
out for mine. “Man, I'm starting to get somewhere”,
I thought to myself.
Just then the front porch light came on, and Marcia walked
out onto the porch. We broke it off, and went in the house.
Marcia asked where we had gone, and if we had fun. Beth told
her she had a great time, and we had stopped for dinner and
drinks. Marcia saw the lipstick on my face, and smiled with
a knowing grin.
Wayne offered drinks, and Beth asked Wayne if he knew how
to make a Manhattan, that is what she wanted. Drinks were
delivered, and Wayne sat next to me on the couch, while Marcia
and Beth sat in the chairs opposite. A little more small
talk about the day, and with my drink gone, I said good night,
and was off to bed.
I got undressed, and lay in bed contemplating my actions,
and if Beth would be receptive to any moves by me. "What the
hell, " I thought. What can she do, ..Scream? Throw me out?
It's worth a try, anyway. I waited another thirty minutes
or so, got out of bed dressed only in my skivvies, and quietly
opened my door. The hallway was dark except for a little
light at the end of the hall. I heard no noise, so I crept across
the hall to Beth's door, and listened. I could hear Beth;
it sounded like humming. I slowly opened her door, and peeked
There, in the light of the bedside lamp, Beth lay with her
Flannel nightgown pulled up around her hips, her hands
between her thighs, rubbing herself. My eyes got as big
as saucers. She stopped, looked at me, smiled, and motioned
me in.
“I was wondering just how long it would take you”,
she said.
I couldn't shut the door fast enough. As I approached the
bed, she looked down at my semi-hard erection.
"Is that a banana, or are you just happy to see me", she whispered.
"It's a large green banana", I teased. She giggled, and
reached out for it.
"I've had dinner, but no dessert, yet."
She moved over pulling her gown down and patted the bed next
to her, motioning me to sit. I sat, and she said,
“I really did enjoy being with you today. . I don’t
really drink, and man, those Manhattans gave me a real buzz.
I leaned over, cupped her face, and kissed her. She responded
with her tongue parting my lips in search of mine. Taking
the hint, I reached up and cupped her breast.
“Easy Buster. . not quite yet. . ..what’s
your hurry?”
“I just thought I’d give you a ‘tale’
to tell the girls at school”, I said.
“We can take our time. . .everyone else is asleep”,
she said.
“Plus, you’re going to have to work for it.”

“You turning Icy on me again?” I asked.
“No, but I’m not a ‘wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am’,
either”. . . “Ever hear of foreplay?”
she asked.
“Sure”, I said. “So, what do you have
in mind?”
“Climb in here under the covers with me, and I’ll
show you”. I got up rremoved my skivvies, and stretched
out next to her on the single bed, which brought us right
next to each other.
She reached down, rubbing my stomach, and slowly increased
the circling of her hand until she was touching the pubic
hair at the base of my joint.
“How does that feel, big boy”, she asked.

“So far, so good, ” I said.
“Well, then, take the hint!”.
I reached over and began rubbing her the same way. Reaching
down further, I felt her pubic hair, and began to approach
her pussy.
“Whoa, big fella”, she whispered. “Not
quite yet”.
Beth raised her rump, slowly removing her nightgown, exposing
her small, pert breasts. She took my right hand from her
thigh, and placed it on her left breast, helping me squeeze
and rub the nipple. At this point, I began to wonder just
how much experience she REALLY had. I continued rubbing
her nipple, as she closed her eyes and sighed, “That
feels really good.” I continued rubbing, and felt
her nipple start to harden. .
“.Want a little taste?”, she asked.
“Thought you‘d never ask!”, I whispered.

Moving up slightly, I started sucking her nipple, while
continuing squeezing and rubbing. Her squirms told me
she was getting excited, as I continued sucking. Moving
my hand back down her body, I put pressure on her mound. She
opened her legs slightly and I began rubbing the lips of
her cunt.
“Ooooh baby, that feels good. . . I think you’re
learning the game”.
I moved the covers, and my dick sprang up like a play-toy.

“That looks interesting”, she said as she
reached down and took it in her hands. She slowly started
stroking it.
Looking into my eyes, “I want some”, she said,
as she moved down toward my cock. “Whoa, little
lady, This is your game, but we’ll play it my way”.

I pushed her back on the bed, and forced her legs apart. I
started kissing her thighs, and moved slowly up until I
was at the “Y“. I licked next to her pussy,
touching her tender spots just enough to make her anticipate
more. When she started moaning, I got busy on the serious
part. Now I licked from her “taint” to the
top of her clit, touching it with the tip of my tongue, and
blew my warm breath softly on it. I took her cunt lips into
my mouth and sucked them each in turn. Then I ran my tongue
into her honey hole as far as I could, and tongue-fucked
her. By this time, Beth was soaking wet and begging for more.
I looked up at her, and she was pinching and twisting her
nipples. She was moaning again, and not too softly. I stopped
for a moment, and said, “Better be quiet, or we’ll
have the whole house up”.
“Who gives a fuck”, she moaned? “Eat
me. . .I can’t stand this much longer, or I’ll
go mad!.”
I got serious on her clit, took it in my mouth and sucked with
a vengeance, while I inserted a finger in her cunt. Finger-fucking
her and working her clit over, put her on Cloud Nine. I found
her “G” spot and she came in gushes. Her whole
body tensed, her hips bucked to meet my mouth, and she writhed
in ecstasy. Her moans were now loud enough to wake the dead.
I stopped, shushed her, and lay back beside her. “My
God, keep your voice down!”
“That was wonderful. . .I really needed that”,
she said. “I haven’t come like that in almost
a year. You were right. . .this beats the hell out of homework”.

She reached down, put a finger in her pussy, brought it to
her mouth, and sucked it..
“It’s your turn now”.




Chapter 2

She turned until her face was even with my now engorged dick,
and her pussy was even with my nose. I grabbed her leg and
rolled her on top of me into a ‘69’ position
, and continued playing with her, while she began stroking
my dick. I felt her warm breath on my member as she took me
in her mouth, and began sucking up and down, paying attention
to my Glans. I felt her hand on my balls, as she continued
to suck me.
“This what you like?”, she asked.
“Oh, Baby, do your thing”.
She continued sucking and rubbing until I said, “
I’m getting ready to cum”.
“That’s O.K. honey, I’m ready for
it.....let it go”.
As I shot my load, she moved her head aside and caught my cum
in a tissue.
“I’m on a low salt diet, and I don’t
like the taste”, she said, “Do you mind my
not swallowing?”
“Not at all, Sweetie, I just needed to unload. God,
that was good head you gave .
“Just wanted to reciprocate, Baby”.
She turned around and hugged me saying, “The perfect
end to a perfect day”.
“Are we through?” I asked, “Or is
there more to come- - -No pun intended”
“My pussy is so tender right now, if you blew on my
clit I’d orgasm all over the place. Let’s
rest a bit first. But I do need you in me. Can you get it up again?”
“Yeah, I think so, if you help”, I answered.
The bedroom door opened, and there stood Marcia. “I
see you two have gotten acquainted. Beth, I could hear you
all the way down the hall. You had me squirming with all that
moaning you were doing”, she said. There wasn’t
much I could say, so I just smiled. Beth said, “Yeah,
we’re getting to know each other pretty well. He
really knows how to please a Lady.”
“Really?” Marcia said. “After Wayne
goes to work tomorrow, maybe we’ll have a chance
to find out. If Wayne weren't asleep, I’d fuck him.
You two got me horny as hell with all that noise ”.
With that, she turned, walked out, and closed the door quietly.
I looked at Beth, and asked, “What do you think that
“Guess we’ll find out tomorrow, huh?”
she said with a snicker. “Well, I guess we’re
caught now, so what next, sweetie?” I asked. “Wanna
play a little while?” she asked. “I’m
game if you are”. I replied. We huddled together
for a while, kissing and hugging each other and believe
it or not, I fell asleep.

I woke the next morning to find Beth already out of bed, and
downstairs having coffee. I jumped in the shower and let
the water beat on my body. I got out, dressed, and went downstairs.
Marcia looked at me with a gleam in her eye, and asked if I
slept well. “Yeah, under the circumstances, I did
O.K.”, I replied with a little blush. Not saying
any more, she offered me a cup of coffee. I asked what was
on the agenda for today. “Not sure”, she said.
“Wayne won’t be home ‘til about 6:30,
and all I have to do is warm up some leftovers for tonight’s
dinner. I do have to go shopping for some things to take to
the party tomorrow night at the Nelsons, but that’s
it. I’ll leave you two Lovebirds alone for a while.
“We’re not exactly Lovebirds”, I
replied. We only had a brief encounter last night. That’s
it”. “Whatever”, she said. “
I still want to see if you really know how to treat a Lady”.
“I guarantee you he knows” Beth chimed in.”
“Well, I have to get the shopping done, so I’ll
see you two in about an hour or so”, and left.

Chapter 3
“Do you know what kind of trouble you’re getting
me into with my brother?”, I asked.
“What are you talking about?”, Beth asked
“Nothing has happened, yet. And they are comfortable
with their situation, so quit worrying. Marcia told me
she’s hot for you, and Wayne will probably watch
and cheer her on.”
Beth came around the table and sat on my lap, and said, “Only
what can happen, what you want to happen”.
Then she moved her leg over so she was astride me, and looked
into my eyes. “Lets get back to where we were last
night. My clit has recovered, and I’m ready for more”.

With that, she raised her blouse over her head, and thrust
a tit in my face, pulling my head against it.
“Make me feel as good as you did last night. Suck
on me. . .That felt sooo good“.
I put my mouth on her breast, and began sucking on her nipple.
I could feel the immediate response as it hardened in my
mouth. She began to squirm, and suggested we go into the
living room where we had more room. As we got up from the chair,
she noticed my bulge, and said, “Ah, another banana
for me?”.
We went into the living room, and sat on the couch, where
she started to rub the bulge in my pants. She sat on my lap,
and kissed me with deep, passionate kisses, her tongue
searching mine. Our tongues intertwined, and my hands
started to roam. I massaged her breasts. She lifted herself
up so I could reach between her legs and feel her moistness.
I started rubbing her through her jeans.
“This isn’t working”, she said.
She got up and removed her clothes, leaving her in Bikini
panties, and Bra. What a sight she presented to me. How can
a guy resist a piece of ass like this? She knelt on the floor,
and started unbuttoning my pants. Reaching inside my shorts,
she grabbed my dick, and drew it out, placing her mouth over
the head.
“Mmmmm”, she said. “Just like last
night”. By now I’m at full attention, and
I’m hers for the taking. (Like I could resist) She
put her lips on my cock, and started licking, slow long licks
from the base of my shaft to its purple head.
“God, you’re good”, I murmured.
She continued sucking on me as I played with her breasts.
I pushed her away, saying, “Let’s get comfortable.
She got up. removed her panties and bra. We ended up on the
floor with her on top. I started playing with her cunt as
she continued sucking me off. I put one finger in her and
started moving it in and out in a fucking motion. She started
moaning, so I quickened the pace. As I masturbated her,
she quickened the motion on my dick until I thought I would
cum. “Slow down”, I said, “You’re
going to get me off“.
“I’m not ready for that, she said. . . “I
want more this time. I need you in me. I want to feel your dick
in my cunt this time, not your tongue. I need you to fuck me”.

I turned her around, and said, “Get on your knees.
. .I’ll drive you insane”.
“You already are”, she said. She got on her
knees, her head on the couch, me behind her. I put the head
of my cock at the entrance of her ‘glory hole’.

“DO it “, she said . “Fuck me. . Fuck
me hard. I need you in me“. I started to enter her,
and she backed up, forcing my dick into her cunt.
“Oh, God, fuck me. . .Shove that cock in me. . .Fuck
me hard.” As we fucked, she moaned, saying, “God,
that feels sooo good.. . .I need it all”. I was pumping
her cunt and rubbing her clit for all I was worth. I was about
to blow my load when I heard a noise and looked up. There was
Marcia standing in the hall, watching me while I fucked
Beth. Marcia started taking her clothes off, dropping
them as she walked into the room..
“You guys can’t have all the fun. . . Count
me in!”
By now she was totally nude. What a tight body she had. Tits
that stuck straight out with not a bit of sag, and nipples
hard as rocks. Slim body, and a closely trimmed pussy. A
real knock-out. “Keep it going, honey. . . don’t
let me break the rhythm”, she said as she came closer
and sat in one of the chairs. She started rubbing her pussy,
and pinching her nipples as she watched us fuck.
“I want to be next”, she said. “We’re
going to find out if Beth is right. Do you REALLY know how
to treat a woman?” Beth, between moans said, “Oh,
God, Marcia, believe me he knows. I haven’t been
fucked like this in years".
Seeing Marcia sitting there playing with herself while
she watched us, gave me a temporary drawback, but I continued
pumping until Beth started to moan and shudder, “I’m
cumming. . . .Oh, God, I’m cumming!” with
Marcia watching, I couldn’t make the grade. Beth
finished cumming, I withdrew, and just fell on my back.
Beth turned around, and said, “Oh, Baby, you didn’t
come!” “No”, I said. “I don’t
play to audiences”.
“Oh, poor Baby”, Marcia said. “And
I thought you were a real stud”. “Now I‘m
sorry I interrupted. The problem now is, you and Beth have
me so worked up, I’ll have to go upstairs and get my
toys working to cool me down. I was hoping you would do that
for me, honey, but if you’re too tired, I understand.
..but I need a release, too”.
“What would Wayne say if he knew I was fucking his
wife?”, I asked.
“Not to worry, sweetheart, I thought you knew Wayne
and I were ‘swingers‘. In fact, the party
we are invited to is a ‘swinging’ party with
some of our favorite people. You’ll learn a lot at
the party tomorrow night”.
I looked at that fine body before me, and, being a red-blooded
American boy, I reached up to her, pulled her face to mine,
and gave her a long, passionate kiss.
“I hate to leave a woman in need.” I led her
to the couch, sat her down, spread her legs, and looked at
that pink meat before me. “You are one beautiful
lady, ” I said. I reached up, and gently started
to lick and kiss her thighs. “I’m not ready
to fuck you, but I sure as hell can eat that beautiful pussy
of yours “.
Beth watched as I lowered my head , and kissed her Labia.
I ran my tongue along her outer lips. Then, spreading her
open, licked her slit, and gently approached her clit.
I brushed it with my tongue, and sucked gently on it until
Marcia began whimpering, “Ooooohh . . .Baby, suck
it....Tongue-fuck me”. I kept working on her vigorously
thrusting my tongue into her. She began to moan. “Oh,
I’m in Heaven, . .more. . .more. . . make me cum”.
She pulled my head into her and almost smothered me. My face
was drenched with her juices. I inserted a finger in her
and found her “G” spot, and that was enough
to take her over the top. I felt her cunt pulsating, and I
knew she was cumming. After the tremors stopped, I raised
my head, and looked at Marcia. She smiled down at me, and
said, “God, that was good. I thought about this all
morning”. Marcia got up from the couch, bent down,
and kissed me. “That was much better than any toy
I’ve got.” She gathered up her clothes and
left the room. Beth looked at me and said, “That was
nice of you. Enjoy it?”, she asked.
Chapter 4

That night after dinner, Wayne asked if I wanted to go out
for a drink. I said “Sure”. About 8:30 we left,
and ended up in a strip joint about 10 miles from the house.
We were sitting enjoying the strip show, and he asked if
I enjoyed the afternoon. I asked, “What do you mean?”.
Marcia had told him about my relieving her “tension”,
and did I enjoy what I did.
“I wasn’t too happy with the situation,
but yeah, I enjoyed eating her”. He said I wasn’t
the first guy to ’gobble her gooch’, and yeah,
it was fine with him. They had joined the ’swinging’
lifestyle about 3 years ago, and enjoyed it. It put an extra
spark in the marriage. Things were getting too routine,
and they needed a change to spice things up.
“A little strange pussy never hurt anyone”,
he said. “Plus, you really get turned on in a swap
arrangement, where no one gets hurt, and everyone has fun.”
“Whatever puffs your Chito“, I said. We
had a couple more drinks, and he asked me what I thought about
“Well”, I said, “I think she has had
more experience than she lets on. Last night she gave me
a blow job that was out of this world”.
Wayne said, “Yeah, and she told Marcia that you
are a real pussy connoisseur. You ate her like a real Pro.
That’s what turned Marcia on so much. She just loves
to be licked. When she went shopping, she was hoping she
would catch you two doing something that she could get into.
You did good, brother”. “She’s yours
whenever you want her. OR, when she decides she wants you.
O.K.?” What could I say to that? After one last drink,
we left for home.
We got there just in time to see Beth and Marcia finishing
the evening dishes. I felt a little uneasy when Marcia came
over to me, gave me a big hug, and kissed me on the mouth, her
tongue parting my lips to tangle with mine. I looked out
of the corner of my eye, to see Wayne smiling. I still felt
strange, but all I could do was go with the flow. Wayne offered
cocktails, and everyone agreed. Beth ordered another
Manhattan, saying, “ Those things are awesome.
They do wonders for you”. I had one also, and sat in
wonderment, and I admit, a little curious, about what Wayne
had said earlier. The thought of fucking my Brother's wife
still left me a little uneasy. Marcia looked at me with a
grin on her face, and asked if we had a good talk while we were
out. I said, yes, a lot of things came to light that I wasn’t
aware of before. “I guess everything got straightened
out, then”, she said. I didn’t answer and
Beth said, “You know you may be in high demand, then.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked. “You
really know how to satisfy a woman”, she said. I blushed
in embarrassment.. “Is that going to be the topic
of conversation tonight?” I asked. “Not
necessarily tonight, but you may be asked to perform tomorrow
night at the party”, Marcia said. I looked at Beth.
To change the subject, I said, “For a college girl
with limited action, as you profess, you certainly know
what is bad and what is good”. “I’ve
had my go-arounds, and you give great head”, she
said with a grin. “I haven’t cum that hard
in a long time. And Marcia agrees, from your performance
this afternoon, you know what you are doing ”.
Marcia got off the couch, came over to me, raised her skirt,
and straddled my legs. ”Wayne has given his blessing,
you’ve seen both Beth and me totally naked, so what
seems to be your problem?” I had no answer. “If
I asked you right now to fuck me here and now, would you do
it?” “No. . .. I already said I don’t
like to work to an audience. I do my best work in a ‘one-on-one’
situation.” With that, I finished my drink and left
the room.
In bed, I thought the whole situation over and decided I
was an idiot to pass up such an opportunity. I needed some
sleep. I was bushed. My mind wandered. . .from the first
day when this cold bitch had me going, until now when she
was the hottest thing on the planet. . . .who’s to
figure?. It was beyond me. I rolled over and tried to go to
sleep. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I know,
Marcia is lying in bed next to me, gently rubbing my back.
“You awake?” she asked. “I am now”,
I answered. “What the hell are you doing here”
I asked. “You looked disturbed when left earlier,
and I was just worried about you. I don’t want you
to be angry with us.” “Where’s Wayne,
while you are here?” “He’s still downstairs
with Beth. I just want to make sure you are alright.”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just not sure
of what is going on, and I don’t want to cause any hardships
in the family.” “Oh, you can’t do that.
. . we love each other dearly, and the sex thing is just another
way we have of strengthening our relationship. We’ve
been with other people before, and all it is to us is just
fun, . Please just accept it for what it is, and don’t
let it worry you.” With that, she started kissing
my neck. Her hands started wandering down my back until
they reached my ass. She pulled me over on my back, and started
rubbing my stomach. She reached for my cock, took hold,
and started moving her hand up and down jacking me off. Then,
she turned around, put her mouth on my dick and started sucking
me while she played with my balls. I lay there, not knowing
what to do. “You know how Wayne and I feel so why don’t
you just relax and enjoy our hospitality?” I laid
back and let her do what she wanted. Then the bedroom door
opened, and in walked Beth and Wayne. I straightened up,
and Wayne said, “Relax, brother, Marcia was just
worried about you.” Michele came over, kissed me,
and said, “Marcia and I want to please you. Beth bent
down and kissed me on the mouth.
“I want you to be totally satisfied. We want you to
cum this time. We left you in the cold this afternoon, so
we’re here to make amends.” Wayne looked
down at me and said, “Go for it little brother , I told
you earlier how it would be.” Marcia really knew
what she was doing, and in no time I dumped a load that would
choke a horse. Marcia was a swallower, and took it all. These
two women were phenominal. Marcia and Wayne left the room,
and Beth climbed in bed next to me. She kissed me, and asked,
“Feeling a little more relaxed?”. “Yeah,
I guess I think I'll be O.K. I’m just not used to all
this attention, and Wayne and Marcia just blew my mind with
the ‘swinging’ thing. “Wayne told
me about them being ‘swingers’ at the bar.
She is one foxy lady, ” I said.
The next day was uneventful. Being Saturday, Wayne didn’t
have to work, so we all lounged around the house and watched
some Television. He asked if I liked Porno Flicks, and I
said that I really had no chance to watch any. “I’ve
got a pretty good collection going. Most are of our friends
from other parties”. He got up selected one from
the cabinet, and popped it in. The girls came into the room
and sat down as the tape started. One scene was of a woman
lying on her back being fucked by this guy with a huge dick,
while she was sucking two other guys kneeling on the bed
beside her . “My God, Marcia, is that really you!?”,
Beth asked. “Oh, that was one of my finer moments”,
she said. “The guy fucking me is Al. He’s got
a huge cock. When he fucks you, you know you have been fucked”.
We watched the tape with people doing everything you could
imagine. Guys and girls in every position possible. At
the end of the tape, I asked, “That’s where
we’re going tonight?”. “That’s
the place”, Wayne said.
Beth said, “I’ve never been to a ‘swinging
‘ party. I can hardly wait. Do the guys wear condoms
when they’re fucking all these different people?”
“No, not always. We’ve been with all these
people for a long time, and they are almost like family.
You two will be the only new people there, and I vouched for
you two being safe. You did get tested, didn’t you,
Beth?”, Wayne asked. “Yes, I went to the Student
Clinic just before I came here”, she answered. “Besides,
I haven’t done anything since my last test six months
“No wonder you’re so horny”, Marcia
said. “Well I do have my toys, you know”, Beth
Time came to get ready for the party. I jumped in the shower,
and lathered down. Suddenly the shower door opened, and
Marcia was standing there in her robe. “Want some
help?”, she asked. “Sure”, I answered,
as she dropped the robe and joined me. I lathered a washcloth,
and ran it over her back and ass. She turned around, and I
massaged her breasts with my hands. I got on my knees and
washed her legs, between the cheeks of that firm, gorgeous
ass, and finally, her pussy. This woman was incredible.
I stood and she backed up to me pushing her ass against my
half-hard dick. I stopped her, saying, “Let’s
not get too heavy. . .it’s almost time to leave. She
took the cloth, and washed me, paying attention to my dick
and balls. We finished, got out, and dried off.

When we arrived at the Nelson home, Helen greeted us at the
door dressed in a Red evening gown that came mid-thigh.
“Come on in, you guys. . .join the party”.
she said, kissing Wayne and Marcia on the cheek. We were
led into the den. Beth and I were introduced to the six couples
already there. Helen offered to take our coats and Jim offered
drinks. I looked around the room, noticing the couples
sitting around. They were all in full dress, and I couldn’t
wait to see some of the action as was on the tape.
I looked around the room, and the first thing that came to
mind was the “Playboy Mansion“. It was an
enormous room, with a large stone fireplace against one
wall, with a fire burning. There were large sliding glass
doors at the far end of the room. I walked over and looked
out to see a lighted swimming pool half indoors, and half
outdoors with a large glass wall separating the outside
form the inside. The pool looked more like a small pond surrounded
with large boulders with a stream of water trickled from
a waterfall above the pool. Adjacent to the pool, was a Jacuzzi
surrounded by palms and ferns. The whole setting reminded
me of a Tropical Paradise. I wandered back to Beth and said
that later we would have to take a walk outside, that the
setting was unbelievable. I wondered if, and how it was
Jim returned with the drinks, and we took seats on one of
couches. A few minutes later, one of the ladies (Linda)
got up and left the room. About five minutes later, she entered
wearing a sheer white negligee under which you could see
the outline of her blue Bikini panties. The nipples of her
breasts showed dark through the near-transparent garment.
“Wow, it’s starting”, I thought.
I got up, took Beth’s glass, and went to the bar for
a refill. On the way, Wayne said, “Take it easy with
those, it’s a long night. And you don’t want
to get drunk”.
The man introduced to us as Larry, got up, walked across
the room, and sat next to a red-haired lady (her name was
Ginger) and kissed her. They talked for a bit, smiling at
each other, then his hand started rubbing her thigh as they
talked, moving her dress further up her leg. After a period
of time, he reached over and unbuttoned the top of her dress,
slipping his hand in, massaging her breast. She smiled,
and in turn, reached over and started rubbing his thigh
near his crotch. Her husband (I guessed) sat and watched
for a moment, leaned over kissed Ginger on the cheek, whispering
something in her ear. She smiled. He got up, walked over,
and asked Marcia to dance. He helped Marcia up, led her to
the center of the room, and they started a slow, sexy groin-grinding
dance to the soft music playing. His hands moved down, and
raised her dress up baring her ass, and began massaging
her cheeks, pulling her into his groin harder. It was obvious
Marcia was enjoying herself. She put her head on his shoulder,
and whispered into his ear, and began to laugh. She looked
over at us and smiled.
Beth and I sat there in wonderment, watching them. “The
night has just begun, and I’m dripping wet”,
she whispered. I was obviously nervous as I fiddled with
my glass, twirling the ice. This was my first swing party,
and wasn’t sure what the ground rules were, and no
one had clued me in. I took Beth’s now empty glass,
and wandered over to Wayne, and asked, “So, what
am I supposed to do?. What are the rules?”. “Just
sit and watch for a while, and see what happens”,
he said. “It’s not exactly a sex free-for
all. There should be a mutual attraction, and if you approach
someone, understand that No means No. They won’t
embarrass you, they’ll tell you in a tasteful way”.
I refilled our drinks at the bar and returned to the couch.
Sitting next to Beth, I told her what Wayne had said. “Well,
if nothing else, we have each other”, she said. We
continued watching Marcia dance. Soon two more couples
joined them dancing. Larry and Ginger were into some pretty
heavy petting, her rubbing his crotch, him massaging her
breasts. The front clasp of her bra had been undone, and
her breasts were now in plan view. He leaned over and kissed
one nipple as she put her head back. You could see her chest
rise and fall as her breathing increased in intensity.
By now her dress had been hiked up to reveal her hairy triangle.
She was naked beneath her dress. And yes, she was a TRUE Redhead.
I took Beth by the hand, and said, “Let’s take
a walk around and check out the house. This place is enormous”.
We went up the curved staircase adjacent the entry hall,
and entered a long carpeted hallway. There were doors on
either side of the hall, and as we approached the first door,
I opened it cautiously to make sure it was not occupied.
As we walked in, there was a giant bed in the center of the
room with Pink Satin sheets, and a Hot Tub large enough to
hold 6 people in the far-right corner. Tapestries hung
on the walls depicting scenes of Greek orgies; sex acts
between men and women, women together, and multiple women
with one man. The eroticism in the room was intense, and
just being here aroused me. Beth took my hand and said, “Do
you feel what I feel?” “Yeah. . .Makes you
want to fuck just being in here”, I said. We walked
out, and I closed the door. The next room we entered was starkly
plain in comparison. Bare floors, heavily draped windows,
and a “rack” of heavy polished wood shaped
in a large “X” with restraints in several
locations, leaning against one wall. In one corner was
what appeared to be a massage table, with a cabinet next
to it that held towels, and various implements- - whips,
masks, and dildos of every shape you could imagine. “This
has to be the ‘dungeon’, I said. “Yeah,
let’s get out of here. I’m not into pain of
any kind”, she said.
We walked out, closing the door. In the hall, you could see
at least five more doors, but we didn’t venture any
further. We could hear voices in the entry hall downstairs,
so we walked back down the stairs, and saw another couple
that had just arrived. The man was saying, “If you
didn’t come in a Sherman Tank, you had best plan on
spending the night until this storm lets up. It’s
a blizzard out there”.
As we approached, we were introduced to the couple who were
Jack, and Angie. He was an older man, in his 50’s balding,
a little on the heavy side. Angie was about the same age,
graying hair, short, with huge breasts, and stocky legs.
They were both dressed in casual wear, not really suited
for this kind of weather. They entered the main room, and
said hello to all, went to the bar, and joined in a conversation
with Jim, who fixed them drinks.
Helen came over to me and asked if I would like to dance. She
said that she could see we were a little nervous, and this
would ease my tension. “Once you get to know these
people, you’ll be just fine”, she said. I
looked at Beth, winked, an started dancing with Helen.
As we danced, she said, “Marcia told me of your talents,
and maybe we can get together later, and try them out”.
She was a good-looking blonde lady in her late 30’s
with average breasts, and slim body. I just looked at her,
and smiled. We continued to dance and she rubbed her body
against me in a seductive way. Jim looked at us and smiled
his approval. Beth sat there and finished her drink. When
the dance ended, Helen walked with me back to Beth, and said
to both of us, “I noticed you touring the house. Please
feel comfortable to go anywhere you want. We have several
bedrooms, and if the opportunity presents itself, feel
free to use any one you desire. The big rooms upstairs are
for “Groups” that want to share. They are
open to you, also, if you want. The important thing is, to
have fun while you are here”. With that, she smiled,
kissed me on the mouth, and walked away. “Well, what
do you think?” Beth asked. “Well, this place
certainly has its possibilities”, I said. “I
just wish I knew these people a little better, that’s
Ginger and Larry were now in hot pursuit of each other- -
her dress was fully unbuttoned, his hand rubbing her crotch,
while he continued sucking her tits. They got up and left
the room through the hallway. Her husband, Bill, said something
to Marcia, and they both laughed. Shortly after, they stopped
dancing, and took Larry and Ginger’s place on the
couch, where they started kissing, and rubbing each other.
I looked for Wayne, who was standing at the bar with Linda,
in her negligee. He had one hand on her ass, rubbing in a circular
motion. As they talked, she turned and looked at me. I did
a slow melt. I could feel my face redden. Linda brought her
drink over, and sat between Beth and me. “Are you
doing alright? Have you gotten over the newness yet? Once
things get going, You will be just fine”, she said.
“Wayne says this is your first time at this kind of
a party”. She looked over, and asked, “Yours,
too, Beth?” “Yes, it is. I’ve never
seen such erotic action displayed so openly before. It
really turns me on”. “Have you ever shared
with another woman before, or been with another woman?”
“No, except my roommate and I have fooled around
a little at school, but nothing very heavy. “I can
tell you, there is nothing more sensual than to be made love
to by another woman”. Linda said. “I’m
sure Helen has explained to you about the bedrooms. Hopefully,
I'll see you in one tonight. I hope you have a good time".

With that, she got up, and returned to Wayne at the bar.
“Everyone seems so friendly”, Beth said.
“How will you feel if someone comes up to me and suggests
we go somewhere?” “Go for it. Do whatever
you feel like", I said. Just then Wayne came over and, pointing
at the other couch, said, “Marcia is getting into
it, I see”. We looked over to see Marcia on the couch,
skirt off, breasts bouncing, with Bill on his knees nuzzling
Marcia’s crotch through her panties. Wayne turned
saying, ” Time to get busy”, and returned
to Linda. He took her by the hand, led her to the couch next
to us, and began removing her negligee. She said that wasn’t
fair, and started unbuckling his pants. He stood, removed
his shoes, socks, and pants, and sat back down. She straddled
him, and began rubbing her cunt against his now hard cock.
She reached over, took my hand, and placed it on her breast,
saying, “You can play, too, honey”. Beth
started to get up, and Linda said, “No, baby, you
too”. She took Beth's hand and placed it on her other
breast, and said, “Always room for more”.
Linda leaned over and kissed Beth on the mouth, putting
her tongue in Beth’s mouth. Moaning, Linda said,
“I want to teach you a few things tonight, honey”.
She got off Wayne's lap, took Beth and me by the hand, and
said, “School’s in”, as she led us
out of the room. We went down the hall to a room, opened the
door, and led us in. She turned to Beth, and said, “Let
me undress you, honey”. She reached over and began
unbuttoning Beth’s skirt, letting it drop to the
floor. Then she undid her blouse exposing her breasts.
Reaching behind her, she undid the clasp of her bra, and
let it fall to the floor. Looking at me, “What are
you waiting for, honey”, she said. “Get those
clothes off” I started to undress while she continued
removing the rest of Beth’s clothes. “Lay
on the bed”, she instructed me.
Seeing these two beauties before me now had me as hard as
a Greek statue. Linda bent down and started sucking Beth’s
breasts, lightly biting her nipples. She forced Beth backwards
on the bed with her legs still on the floor. Linda knelt before
her, and slowly started kissing and licking her thighs
as she continued rubbing her breasts. I reached over and
helped rub Beth’s nipples, and she began to moan.
Linda reached her cunt, taking her clit in her mouth and
began sucking. Beth began to whimper louder. She reached
up and took my dick in her hand, and began rubbing me up and
down. I wasn’t sure how long I could last at this rate.
Linda then got up, placed Beth on the bed, spread her legs,
and continued licking her pussy. “Get behind me”,
she said, as she raised her ass in the air. I positioned myself
behind her. She took my cock and brought it to her cunt. As
I entered her, she pushed back against me, forcing me all
the way in. She was so wet, there was little resistance.
Beth was moaning, I was fucking, Linda was grunting making
“Unh- -Unh--Unh” noises with each thrust.
I reached around and played with Linda’s clit as
we fucked. Beth was moaning loudly now, saying, “Oh
God, I’m going to cum- - -I‘m going to cum”.
Linda said, “Oh, fuck me, baby- - -harder- - harder.
I want to cum with her”. I kept thrusting until I could
feel my load building, and said, “I’m cumming,
too. OH FUCK”. With that, Beth let out a loud moan
shaking her head from side to side. Linda said, “Oooohhhh-
- God, I’m cumming too. Beth came, Linda came, and
I shot my load. There was a noise at the door, now open. Wayne,
Marcia, and Angie were standing there, totally nude, applauding.
“Way to go, you guys”, Marcia said. “The
ice is broken”.
I got off the bed, and Linda laid down next to Beth, kissed
her, and reached over, to rub Beth’s breasts. “How
was that, for the first time with a woman, honey”
she asked. Beth looked at us and said, “Oh, my God”.

I gathered up my clothes, and started from the room. “No
need for those, anymore, ” Marcia said. “Guess
not, I replied. “What should I do with them?, I asked.
“Hang them in that closet”, Linda said. I
took Beth’s and my clothes, and hung them up.
We all went back to the den, and had another drink. Snacks
had been placed on one of the tables. I looked around the
room, and except for Nancy and Ken, we were the only ones
there. “Where has everyone gone?”, I asked.
“They are all busy enjoying the evening, ”
Nancy said.
Shortly Ginger entered the room, wearing a light robe,
open, exposing her body. I looked at her trim body, but was
still too tuckered out to respond. It would take a while
before I’d be ready for more. I sat and Beth sat beside
me. “God, what an orgasm I had. That was the most incredible
experience I’ve ever had. I hate to say it, but Linda
eats pussy as well, if not better, than you. She really knows
how”. “I think she’s waiting for you
to reciprocate”, I said. “I’d be willing
to try, if you’ll do me like you did her. You haven’t
really fucked me yet”. Marcia came over and said,
“If your tongue can handle it, I think Ginger, Angie,
and Linda all want your services”. “Oh, Christ-
- -Angie is a little older than I prefer”, I answered.
“Age has nothing to do with it”, she said.
“We all enjoy the sex, and we all like to share. Wayne
has done Angie, and he says she’s a real sex maniac.
Sucks cock like there’s no tomorrow, and if you eat
her, she’s your friend for life. Wayne says she’s
really tasty, with a clit that sticks out like a little cock.
Plus, her husband, Jack, has a nine-inch cock that will
please any lady. Wayne sucked him off one time, and right
after that he fucked me. He doesn’t know what ‘enough’
means”. “Wayne sucked his cock?”
I asked. “Sure. He enjoyed it, too. Maybe you’ll
get a chance to try tonight. Looks like from the weather,
we’re going to be here for a while”.
It was a totally strange feeling sitting there with everyone
naked, or close to it. My ‘willy’ was at rest,
regardless of how many gorgeous bodies there were the room.
Marcia, sitting next to me, began stroking my limp cock,
and asked, “When are you going to be ready to give
me a good fucking?” “I don’t really
know right now”, I answered. She got on her knees
before me, and took me into her mouth. “Ah, I can taste
Linda”, she said. “How do you know?”
I asked. “I’ve eaten her before”,
she answered. “She has a distinctive taste. She
always uses a Cinnamon-flavored douche. You should try
her sometime- - -Really tasty---like eating a Cinnamon
cookie”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
They said they were in the ‘lifestyle’, but
I didn’t know how much until now. “You enjoy
eating pussy?, I asked. “Well of course, I do. I enjoy
doing it just as much as I enjoy getting it”. Wayne
came over to us, and said, “If you can’t fuck,
little brother, Marcia is still waiting to get together
with you. She hasn’t been fucked yet tonight, and
I trust you can keep her happy”. I looked at Wayne,
then to Marcia, and said, “Can we wait a little? I’m
still trying to recover from Linda”. “Of
course, honey, let me know when you’re ready, and
if there‘s anything I can do to help, just let me know”.
Ginger came in the room wearing a kimono draped over her
shoulders, open in the front, and my eyes almost popped
out of my head. What a body. A woman always looks sexier to
me with skimpy clothes on rather than totally naked. It
keeps the mystique alive. And this woman was definitely
one sexy-looking woman. I looked at her, and felt myself
start to respond. ‘Willy’ was coming to life.
I felt a stirring in my groin as I looked at her gorgeous body-
- firm tits, slender body, pretty face, and a firm, round
ass. Aphrodite in person. She walked to the bar, and fixed
herself a drink. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.
Marcia noticed the obvious change in me, and said, “Aha-
- The snake cometh alive”. “That is one gorgeous
woman”, I said. “She is beautiful, isn’t
she?”, Marcia said. Marcia got up, walked to the
bar, and spoke to Ginger. “My brother-in-law thinks
you are one sexy lady. He was dead meat until you walked into
the room”. Ginger looked at me, smiled, and walked
over to me. “Marcia says you like what you see”.
“I think you are beautiful”, I said. Her just
standing there brought me to a half-hard-on. I couldn’t
keep my eyes off her. Her pubic hair was visible through
the kimono, and her nipples stuck out like beacons. She
sat next to me and said, “Have you got something interesting
in mind?”. I reached over, and placed one hand on
her erect nipple, and said, “I have all kinds of things
in mind. She placed her hand over mine, and rubbed her breast.
“You didn’t come just to watch, did you?”,
she asked. “No, and I’d love to bring some
joy to you, if you’d let me”, I said. “Well,
the evening is still young, and later we could go somewhere
and have some fun”, she said. “Right now,
I’m going into the Hot Tub outside. Would you like
to join me?” she asked. “Isn’t it cold
out there?” I asked. “No, it’s heated,
and the outside weather doesn’t affect the inside-
- it just adds atmosphere”, she said. With that,
she got up, and walked to the sliding doors, opened them,
and stepped out. I watched her as she shed the kimono, and
got in the pool.
Marcia took Beth by the hand, and led her off saying, “I
guess for now, we’ll have to be satisfies with each
other, and Wayne can join us if he wants”.
I got up, started for the sliding doors saying, “I’ll
join Ginger, if you don’t mind”. I walked
out, and stepped into the Jacuzzi pool. Ginger was sitting
with her breasts floating just above the water. As I got
in, she came over and sat next to me. “Are you enjoying
the party so far?”, she asked. “Oh, yeah-
- Quite the experience- - -it’s all new to me. I reached
over and put my hand on her thigh, rubbing gingerly, waiting
for her response. Getting no rejection, I moved my hand
up to her crotch. She opened her legs slightly allowing
me to stroke her pussy. In return, she reached over and took
my dick in her hands. “Marcia says you are good at
cunnilingus”. “I do the best I can”,
I answered. With that, she raised herself up on the edge
of the pool, and motioned me to her. I looked at this gorgeous
woman sitting before me, and pulled her back into the pool.
I kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She responded
by meeting my tongue, as we kissed deeply. “Usually,
I don’t French Kiss”, she said. “but
In your case, I’ll make an exception. You excite
me so much. For some reason, you stir my blood, and make my
pussy ache”. We kissed and fondled each other- -
-I played with her tits, and she stroked my dick. I reached
down, found her pussy, and began stroking it slowly. I put
one finger in her, and she put her head back, and moaned softly.
“You excite the hell out of me”, she said.
“I’ve been fucked twice tonight, and I still
want you now”. With that, I raised her back up to the
edge of the pool, and kissed her thighs, licking up to her
trimmed pussy. I reached up, spread her lips, and licked
her up and down. I found her clit, hard and firm, and took
it in my mouth. I sucked it, flicking it with my tongue until
she was moaning softly. She was hot and ready. I lowered
her back into the water, turned her around, and took her
from behind. I put my dick in her, and started moving back
and forth, fucking that beautiful woman. I reached around,
grabbing her breasts and gently pinched her nipples. She
pushed back against me forcing all of me into her. I stroked
her harder and faster, until she was on the verge. Reaching
down, I massaged her clit which raised her excitement.
She cried out as she came, “Oh, Baby, You’re
killing me- - -Fuck me harder. Put your cock in me. Oooohhhh,
God, I’m coming- - Coming. And she did. I could feel
her cunt muscles constrict on my dick as she spasmed. I came
in her, pulled out, and held her tight. “Oh, God that
was delightful”. Best fuck of the evening. God,
you are good; Marcia didn’t lie”. She turned
around, and kissed me deeply. We clung to each other, and
kissed again. “I felt you cum”, she said.
. “Like never before. I didn’t think I could
cum again tonight”. “Well, thank you, sir”,
she replied. “Maybe we can do it again before the
party ends”. “Well, it is going to be a long
night”, I said. “From the looks of things,
we’ll be here all night or until the storm is over”.
We got out of the Hot Tub, dried off, and returned to the den.
Other people were now there, everyone talking about what
had been going on during the night. Ginger put her robe back
on, and sat on the couch next to her husband, Bill.
It was 12:30, and everyone was in a jolly mood. It looked
like everyone had had some action, and everyone seemed
happy. The conversation was light; talk about who was with
whom, and what had happened.
Beth came in the room, followed by Wayne and Marcia. She
looked at me with daggers. I got up, walked over to her and
asked what the problem was. “You’re fucking
everything that walks, except me”, she said. “We’ve
done everything together but fuck!”. “That‘s
not true. I fucked you earlier, while Marcia watched us”,
I said. “I told you I needed you to fuck me, but you’re
ignoring me, it looks like. You’re really my ‘date’
for the night, and all I get is Marcia, and her husband. None
of the guys are interested in me”. “I can’t
understand that”, I said. “I’m sorry
if I’ve ignored you, but we still have time before
the holiday is over, and I thought you might enjoy a little
freedom”. “Yeah, if I could get fucked, it
would be fine”, she said. “Well, why don’t
you make the advance, then”, I replied. “Go
up to whomever you feel comfortable with, and make a motion”.
With that, she went over to Jim, our host, and whispered
in his ear. He got a grin on his face, took her by the hand,
and started up the staircase. He looked around, and motioned
to a couple other men to follow them. I went to the bar and
fixed myself another weak drink. Marcia and Ginger came
over and sat next to me. “Beth’s a little pissed
at you, you know”, Marcia said. “What did
I do?”, I asked. “It’s what you didn’t
do, is what pissed her off”. “She really wants
you to fuck her”, Ginger said. “I think she
has fallen in love with you”. “Well, I can’t
help that”, I said. “She’s a pretty
lady, intelligent, and has a great personality, but I’m
not ready to fall in love”, I said. I finished my drink
and Linda came over to me and said, “Let’s
take a walk upstairs and see what is going on”. She
took the glass from my hand, pulled me up, and led me upstairs.
We got to the first door, and listened. No noise could be
heard. Linda opened the door, and the three of us walked
in.. There was Beth in the middle of the big bed with Jim fucking
her, while she was sucking Al’s dick, and had Larry’s
dick in her other hand. She alternated sucking the two cocks,
while Jim pumped away in her. She finally got some strange
action. Jim saw us at the door, and motioned us in. He motioned
me to the bed, and pulled out of Beth. . I got on, and started
fucking her. She was so busy with the cocks she had, I don’t
think she even noticed the switch. Ginger came over to the
bed, pushed Al and Larry aside, straddled Beth, and lowered
her pussy to Beth‘s mouth. I continued stroking
in and out, while Ginger rode Beth‘s tongue Beth
began to gasp as I pumped into her. Ginger joined in with
her moans, and reached down to rub Beth’s pussy while
I fucked her. Ginger came first, followed by Beth, and finally
I shot my load deep into Beth.
“At last I got fucked by someone different". She
had Ginger’s juices all over her face, so I got a towel
and wiped her face. She looked like she was about ready to
cry. I climbed on the bed next to her, an hugged her. The others
left the room and closed the door. “I’m really
sorry that I ignored you tonight. I didn’t mean to
hurt your feelings. I had no idea how you felt”. “Oh,
honey, the only thing I really wanted tonight was you. I
don’t care about these other people- - -You’ve
come to mean so much to me”, she said with tears in
her eyes.
I lay next to her and hugged her close. I reached up and turned
out the light, and we lay there holding each otheruntil
we finally fell asleep.
When we woke the next day, we were still wrapped in each other’s
arms. We got up, showered together, and went down stairs.
Everyone was in the kitchen having breakfast. We took a
plate, and dished up some eggs and bacon. I was starved from
all the activity from the night before. Everyone was in
a good mood, talking about the storm, and who had fucked
whom. After breakfast, we found our clothes, dressed,
and got ready to leave. Ginger came over to me, kissed me,
an said I was welcome in her bed anytime. We said our good-bye’s
and got in the car. The storm had ended, the plows had cleaned
the roads, and it was an easy but slow drive home.
We went in the house and sat around the living room, me in
a daze. Beth being so quiet, she put a pall on the group. After
a bit, she went to her room.
There were only two more days left before I had to return
to the base, and I was ready to get back to a normal life. This
was one vacation I wouldn’t forget for quite some
time. My thoughts were on Ginger, and I wondered if I returned,
would it be the same. I went to Beth’s room and knocked
on the door. There was no answer, so I opened the door and
looked in. Beth was lying in bed, her eyes closed. Approaching
the bed, “Are you awake?”, I asked. “Yes”.
She didn’t open her eyes. I looked down at her. She
opened her eyes, and tears began to flow. “What’s
the matter?”, I asked. “I’m going
to miss you... I don’t want this week to end”,
she said. “What a difference from when we first met”,
I said. “Oh, I know. I was a real bitch, wasn’t
I”. “You got that right”, I said. She
pulled her covers back, and motioned me in. I lay down next
to her, an held her close. We kissed, a deep passionate kiss.
I got up, undressed, and got back in bed. She clung to me and
placed one leg over me, snuggling close. I felt a stir in
my groin, and held her tight. I’m not sure how it happened,
but I found my hardened member between her legs, her rubbing
her pussy back and forth on it. Gentle, she positioned herself
for me to enter her. I felt a warm sensation as I entered,
and started moving back and forth. She smiled at me, and
said, “This is what I wanted all along. I needed you
in me”. So we fucked. It was a warm, relaxing fuck
with more satisfaction than I’d had from all those
others the night before. No screams, no moans, just a good,
comfortable fuck. We fell asleep together, locked in each
other’s arms, totally content, and at peace with
the world.
The next day I packed my bag, I kissed Marcia and Beth goodbye,
and Wayne took me to the airport.
To my surprise, two months later, Beth phoned me to say she
was coming to visit. I didn’t know what to think.
I rented a hotel room for her to stay in, went to the air

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