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Best Friend's Dad


My Best Friend's Dad

This is a story that actually happened a very long time ago,
and yet even just writing about it today, already has my
small, little cock all hard!

--------- So now my story ............................................................................................................................................................................................>>>>

I was fifteen years old at the time, and my one and only friend
was a boy my age named Tommy. I guess Tommy was really friends
with me only because there weren't really any other
kids our age in our particular neighborhood. Also Tommy
and I'd know each other since we were both only five
years old and his family moved into the house across the
street from our house.

At school Tommy was a bit more distant from me once we both
entered high school. Although I didn't like it all
that much, I really did understand why. Tommy was your typical
high school athlete, and good looking too. Me on the other
hand, well that will take afew more sentences to explain
and describe. At fifteen I was still only about five-foot-six,
and I was actually very skinny with a body and butt that looked
more like a girl than a boy. Another thing was that my legs
were nearly hairless, and what hair that was there, was
so fine it was pretty much invisible anyway. I even once
had an older neighbor lady ask me directly if I shaved my
legs, and I was too embarrassed to even answer her back To
top all that off, it was also the early 1970's and most
boys my age had long hair, and so did I. More than once I knew
I'd been mistake from the rear of being a girl. Believe
me, it had happened several times in my life back then.

Away from school Tommy was a lot more of a friend, and we even
still had sleep overs at his house or mine. Once, before
even starting high school Tommy and I'd talked about
it, and why he woudn't associate with me as much, and
because he was my only friend, I agreed and told him I understood.
Once we were both in high school it quickly became apparent
he was right in some ways. I wasn't an athlete like him.
I wasn't a straight A student, and so I didn't really
fit into any group; other than nerds, loosers, and as they
called them back then, queers. So as I said before, I really
did understand Tommy's concern about being known
as my best friend, and I quickly accepted my role of just
whispering hello if we passed in the hallways, and waiting
until we were both home again to resume our real friendship.

I somehow made it through our freshman year, and in spite
of all the rude jokes, kidding, comments and taunts from
a lot of the other kids. Summer was here and I was now fifteen,
and with only one last explaination about myself, I can
really start the real story here.

This last explaination has to do with my sexuality at the
time. In only a couple of words I can easily describe myself
and my sexuality, and those words are simply, very, very,
confused! I knew I liked girls, and that was a plain, honest,
simple fact. Sometimes Tommy and I'd "borrow"
girly mags from his dad or mine. Without them knowing of
course. We'd be in his room or mine looking at the magazines,
and looking at women's tits and their pussy's
and even their asses really did turn me on very much. Tommy
and I sometimes even jacked off together, but I was always
really embarrased because of the size of my hard little
cock. Just guessing these many years later, I'd say
Tommy's cock was probably about average for a fifteen
year old boy. His cock was maybe six inches when he was erect,
where as my cock was barely three inches if that.

Tommy never teased me about having a little dick, and much
to the disappointment of you reading this, we never did
anything sexual together; other than jerking our own selves
off at the same time. As we did thise though I began to realize
something else about myself. There were times I'm
sure Tommy probably knew it, but often I was more fascinated
looking at this hard cock, and his hand sliding up and down
it, than I was in looking at the naked girls. Then, alone
at home sometimes I'd be masturbating by myself, and
often I was imagining men, and hard cocks as often as I'd
fantasize about girls and women. On top of all that I had
another secret, that only me, only I knew anything about.
Sometimes when I had the house to myself and the time to do
it, I'd often dress in my mom's panties, and I loved
the feel of the silky material on my dick and my ass. I also
loved putting on her hose, and sometimes, even though I
didn't have actual tits of course, I'd still lke
wearing one of her bras. So with all that I guess it is easy
to say that I was very, very confused about my sexuality!

So once again sorry about the long, long introduction to
my story, but now at least you know who and what and where
I was at when the actual story takes place!

It was now summer, and although Tommy had made some new and
different friends in high school, at least he still hung
out with me quite a bit during that summer. The it was around
mid-July when Tommy told me they were leaving on a two-week
vacation. He also told me his parents had asked if while
they were gone I could get the mail for them, and also water
all the plants in their house. He told me before they left,
that they would give me a key to the house. Of course I agreed
to do it, and a couple of days later I was handed a key, and
the next day after that they were off on their vacation.

Getting the mail was simple. Take it out of the mail box,
and go in and put it on their kitchen table. Watering the
plants though did take some time. Tommy's mom was a
bit of a plant nut, and there were like multiple plants in
every room of the house, even including all the bathrooms.
I didn't mind however because I didn't have to
water all the plants every day, and then there was the other
thing. Whether I was just dropping off the mail, or watering
the plants also, I usually spent at least two or three hours
in their house, and that was to satisfy my other needs.

Tommy's mom was actually about the same size as me,
and she even had very small boobs. That meant pretty much
all her underware fit me a lot better than my own mom's
did, as well as pretty much all Tommy's mom's other
clothes. So I'd go through her various drawers, and
pick out some pretty panties, and often a matching bra.
I sort of prance around their house in just underware for
a while, and then sometimes I also go back to her closet,
and pick out a pretty dress to wear, along with some silky
hose. After a couple of days of doing this, I even started
trying to walk wearing some of her high heels. Even our feet
seemed to be about the same size, and I was surprised at how
quickly I learned to walk in her heels. Ah, but then after
prancing around thier house that way, I go back to her room,
put eventhing away, and then pick out a pretty nightie.
That's when I usually looked at some of Tommy's
dad's more X-Rated magazines, and that was because
those mags also showed guys with fully erect cocks. I'd
look at them and masturbate, and only after a couple of orgasms
would I finally put all her things back away, dress in my
own clothes, and go back home!

All of this went on every day for the first week they were
gone, and I was in their house. That next weekend my parents
were going out of town, and it was decided that now that I
was fifteen years old, I should be old enough to stay home
alone with no sitter. I really, really liked that, and not
just for their vote of confidence and stuff, but also because
I knew that I would have the whole weekend to play in Tommy's
house! I even told my parents that if I didn't answer
the phone at home, to just call Tommy's, because I was
probably over there hanging out. They never questioned
the reason, and on Friday afternoon they were off on their
own weekend vacation.

Almost as soon as they were gone, I was over at Tommy's.
Friday was a no watering day, and so after getting the mail
I knew I had literally hours to dress up and play. I had so
much time alone there, that I didn't even rush to dress.
Instead I decided to take a long shower, and even wash and
then after blow-dry my long hair. After taking my shower,
drying off, and blow-drying my hair, I even put on some of
Tommy's mom's body powder, and then a bit of her
perfume. Now it was time for the real fun to begin, and I carefully
went though her things until I found the perfect black lace
panties and lacy matching bra. Today I was in the mood to
go all the way as I out it, and completely dress right from
the start. Oh, and something I forgot to mention. A few days
earlier in my snooping, I'd actually found a pair of
"falsies" im her closet. I guess she might have
sometimes worn them in fancy dresses, and that was because
of her small tits. So now I even had tits myself, as I stuffed
them in my bra.

Next came a pair of black thigh-high panties hose that I'd
also found days earlier and not yet worn. They were lacy
at the top, and I just thought they looked so sexy. After
all that I went to her closet, and I already knew exactly
what dress I was going to wear. It was black as well, tight
fitting, and when I looked in the mirror in her room, it really
did show off my ass and fake tits. Lastly of couse I added
a sexy pair of black heels! Now my outfit was complete, and
so I spent a long time walking all around their house doing
what I perceived as "womanly things". As we
all also know, I was still a teenager, and teenagers don't
always follow the rules. Especiallly when they are alone,
and no parents are around to interfere! I was tired of playing
housewife, but nowhere near tired of being dressed as I
was right then. I knew full well where they kept all their
liquor, and so next I raided that cabinet!

I used one of their fance bar glasses, and I tried to imagine
what a woman would drink. Of course I had no earthly idea
what I was doing, but I did manage to mix enough things together
to taste good, and I even managed to make the drink pink in
color! They did have a pool o their back yard, which also
explains why I spent a lot more time at their house when they
were home than Tommy and I did at my house. Right out the back
sliding door, they had a huge wooden deck, and bit patio
tabe and chairs. I knew that with their eight foot privacy
fence, I was also safe going out back and relaxing on the
patio in my current form of dress. Out I went with my drink,
and I seated myelf and began to sip my drink and day-dream.
I was outside until almost sunset, and of course by then
I'd finished my first drink. I was defintiely a bit
tipsy by then, but with all my practice during the week,
I still managed not to wobble in my high heels.

As I went back into their house to mix another drink, I was
definitely thinking it might be time to go and change into
a sexy nightie. I just felt so good, so sexy in the clothes
I had on righ then, that I put that off with a promise to myself
that I'd do it in another hour or so. As I stood there
trying to remember what all I mixed in that first drink,
I never heard him come home. I just never heard his car pulling
in the driveway, or a car door opening then closeing, and
I never hard him coming in their back door! Expecting his
home to be empty, he never called out he was home or anything
like that. He quietly walked from his kitchen into the living
room where I was now standing and thinking about the mix
for my drink, and that's when he stopped silently and
just stood there bags still in hand and staring!

Now before I even go on, I'll tell you now why he was home
and his family still on vacation. Apparently there was
some major emergency at his work and he had som huge meeting
he couldn't miss that was taking place that Sunday.
He'd tried to get a flight out on Saturday, so he could
spend at least one more night with his family. It being the
height of summer vacation time however, and the best he
could manage was a flight back home that very Friday afternoon.
A three hour flight, then trip to his car on the shuttle bus,
and then finally the half hour drive home from the airport,
and he was now standing slilently in his own living room,
and staring at his wife in front of him. That is except for
the fact she's a short haired dark brunette, while
my hair was long and blondish.

The very first time I knew Brad (Tommy's dad's
name) was there, was when I heard him exclaiming, "Well,
I'll be damned!", and then the sound of his bags
hitting the floor! I spun around with my glass still in hand,
and this time I was wobbly and almost fell as I did it, but
I somehow managed to catch myself just in time. As I turned
to face him I was literally frozen in place and completely
unable to speak. He had this big grin on his face as his eyes
looked me up and down, and then he finally looked me in my
eyes and spoke once again! All he said was I'll be damned
once again except this time he also added Steven (my name)
at the end. He then chuckled as he looked me up and down from
head to toe again, and then he added, "Well, maybe
I'd better make that Stephenie instead of Steven".

I really was just frozen with fear, and unable to even speak.
I'm sure Brad could plainly see this, as well as also
knowing he was probably fully in control. His eyes looked
up and down my body once again, and then he said something
like how I really was a hot, sexy looking little thing. To
Brad I honestly was a little thing compared to him. You already
know I was only five-six at best, and slim with a feminine
body. Brad was like six-one, and in very good shape, and
I'd guess he weighed maybe one-eighty. Although at
this point I wasn't thinking this about Brad, he was
also a good looking, handsome man as well. His hair was dark
brunette like his wife's, and thick, and trimed perfectly.
He also had very sexy dark blue eyes and he was clean shaven.
As I said before however, none of these things were anything
I was thinking about right then!

Brad chuckled again and once again called me Stephenie,
and he told me it looked like we needed to talk. He told me
that he was going to put his bags in his room, then take a quick
shower and change into something more comfortable before
our talk. He said that I should wait a few minutes after he
left and then make him a scotch on the rock, and after that
go sit on the couch and wait. He added that I was free to make
a drink for myself as well, but I was absolutely not to think
about trying to leave. All he said after that, was that I
should already know that leaving wasn't a good idea, and
that it would only bring memore trouble. I watched as he
walked right by me, and stopped and turned to look at me,
and smiled and shook his head. He then walked off and disappeared
down the hallway, and at that point I honestly felt like

Somewhow I did manage to regain some composure, but I was
still scared to death. I did as he asked and several minutes
later I made his drink, and I damn sure made one for myself
also. I then went over and sat on the couch. Although I sat
as far towards one end and waited. God, it seemed like forever
before I heard him coming back into the room, and yet I'm
pretty sure it was maybe only twenty minutes at the most.
He smiled as he saw me sitting there waiting, and although
he did sit down next to me, at least he left a foot or so betwen
us. At first we sat there saying nothing, and as he sipped
his drink I also sipped mine. He finally turned more to face
me, and that's when he said it was time to talk. He then
told me before we begin, he was going to set some rules. He
told me I had to be honest with him and tell the truth at all
times. He then said if he felt I was lying about anything,
that would be the time he'd have to decide what to do
next, and that next would probably be telling my parents,
forbidding Tommy from seeing me, and pretty much making
sure everyone we knew, also knew I liked dressing as a woman!

Between the calm sterness of his voice, as well as all he'd
just said, I knew I was backed into a corner I could never
escape from, and I knew I had to follow his rules. After he'd
ended his speach, he said is that understood Stephenie?
I slowly nodded my head yes, and he chuckled as he asked his
firt question. He said it seems you like being called Stephenie
when you're in your girly mode, as he put it. He then
said I can see it in your face and in you eyes everytime I say
it, so tell me Stephenie, does me calling you that turn you
on? I had no idea how to answer him, but I also knew only the
truth might save me now, and I also knew pleasing him my also
be the real key to getting out of all this mess. I slowly nodded
my head yes again, and he spoke right away. He told me no more
head nodding after this, and I was to talk, and speak clearly
so he'd know if I really was telliing the truth.

His next question was to aske me why I liked dressing as a
woman. It took me a few seconds to get my voice going again,
but I finally answered because it makes me feel good. Does
it turn you on also he asked, and this time all I said was yes.
He then wanted to know why his wife's clothes, and I
told him because we seemed to be almsot the same size, and
even down to the size of our feet. He nodded at that and said
that makes sense, and then his questions began to get a little
tougher, He wanted to know if Tommy and I'd ever done
anything together or to each other. I quiickly assured
him we'd never touched each other, and all we'd
ever done was jack off together. He seemed to know by now
that he really was in total control, and he was sure I was
telling him the truth. I really hoped that was the end of
things, and that's why his next questions took me by
such total surprise!

He wanted to know if it turned me on watching Tommy jacking
off, and if I ever secretly thought about doing anything
with him. For me this was the most scariest questions of
all, but I knew I had to tell the truth. My yes was soft, but
he could still clearly hear it, and so he took it to the next
level. He wanted to know if I'd ever thought about touching
TOmmy's hard cock, and maybe even jerking it off for
him. My simple yes made him go even further, when he asked
if I'd ever thought about putting Tommy's cock
in my mouth? This time all I whispered was a simple, sometimes,
and as soon as I said it he stopped me right there! He then
reminded me of the no lying rule, and what the concequences
could be. So he asked the question about me sucking Tommy's
cock again, and this time I simply said yes!

When Brad said see tthere, all he wanted was the truth, I
felt the discussion might finally be over. He then took
a big drink of his scotch finishing it off, and then turned
to hand me his glass. He told me to go make him another, and
to feel free to make myself another as well. Even though
myown glass wasn't quite empty just yet, I still picked
it up as I stood up, and then I turned and headed to the small
bar. As I headed the short distance over to the bar, it was
like I could almost feel his eyes buring into me from behind.
I just knew he was probably staring at my ass in this tight
dress, and for reasons I had no explaination for, something
about knowing that began turning me on! Then to make matters
even worse, as I poured our drinks the strangest, and wildest
thought came into my head. I had no idea why I was even thinking
about it, but I suddenly wondered if his cock was hard. Not
only that, but after that thought came into my head, my next
thought was wondering if it really was hard, then what did
it look like that way?

I managed to finish mixing the drinks, and I took them back
over to the table in front of the couch. Before I could sit
down again however Brad stopped me, and told me to remain
standing up. He then said I suppose you have on underware
under that seaxy dress Stephenie, and when I answered yes
he told me to show him. It was by then like I was completely
under his control and now even I knew it. I slowly lifted
my dress up in front, and then pulled it up to show him. He
smiled and whistled and then said I looked so sexy, and then
he ordered me to turn around and show him the back as well.
I did a slow turn lifing my dress up higher to expose my whole
ass to him, and that got me another whistle, and him telling
my how sexy my ass looked. Once again it was like I had no control
over my own emotions, and the fact he was looking at my ass
like that, as well as his whistle was and comment, really
was turning me on.

As I slowly turned back around, and lowered my dress I asked
him if I could sit again. He smiled and told me yes, and as
I sat down once again he scooted over and he slipped his arm
around me and his hand gently grabbed my shoulder. Why was
this happening to me, I asked myself? Just the feel of his
arm around me, his hand on my shoulder now gently caressing
me, and his body next to mine was turning me on so very, very
much! We each took a couple of sips of our drinks, and then
in a much softer, even somewhat gentle voice he said I'll
bet you're wondering if I'm hard. We both had no
doubt he was from the tent in his shorts, but I still answered
with a yes. He then took my hand and told me to see for mysef,
and he guided it over to the tent in his shorts. As soon as
he released my hand, I slid it up and down his hard length.
He let out a very soft moan, and followed it up by saying baby
that feels so good. Before I knew it I was being pushed back
into the couch, and his hand tightened on my shoulder. Then
his mouth was suddenly on mine, and his tougue was probing
through my lips!

Pure instinct made me open my mouth, and as soon as I did his
tongue was sliding inside. His tongue slide over my tongue,
and my tongue slid over his. I was as much into this passionate
kiss as he seemed to be, and it was a kiss that lasted a good
thirty seconds. As he pulled back away from me, I finally
released my grip on his hard cock. His voice was a whisper
as he said God sweetie you really are so fucking sexy, and
then he kissed me again. After that kiss he leaned back again,
and he took another sip of his scotch. He then said I'll
bet you'd like to see it, and we both knew that "it"
was his hard cock. I instantly whispered out a somewhat
husky yes, and he told me to help take his shorts off. I slid
them down as he lifted his ass, and then I sluid them off his
legs. As I sat back down all I could do was stare at it, and
in my own mind there was just one word, and that word was beautiful.

He let me look for a minute or so as he slipped the last of his
scotch. Brad's cock was bigger than his son's.
His cock was probably around seven inches, while Tommy's
was maybe five. Of course it was bigger around as well, and
it also had the most perfect looking, big, mushroom head.
As I'd removed his shorts I'd also gotten a pretty
good look at Brad's balls, and to me they look positively
huge compared to his son's. My trance was suddenly
broken, as Brad whisperd to me that he'd bet I'd
like to touch it. I once again instantly said yes, but this
time I didn't wait for his hand to guide mine. Instead
I simply reached over, and I wrapped my hand around his hard
shaft. As I slowly slid my hand up and down his stiff shaft,
he again moaned, called my baby, and told me it felt so good.
We sat there with me slowly masturbating him, and him ramming
his tongue into my mouth.

This went on for a good five minute or more, and when he stopped
me I was actually disappointed. As he sat back again and
continued to hold me in his arm, he reminded me I'd also
told him about how I loved wearing his wife's nighties
as well as her other clothes. By this time I was actually
comfortable admitting things, and confessing things
to him, and so I told him yes, and it really turned me on. He
then said well, lets go into the bedroom and get me in a sexy
little nightie. As we got up he grabbed his shorts, and then
slipped his arm back around me. As we walked the short distance
to his bedroom, his hand slipped down and he cupped my ass.
God it felt so good, and really from that moment on, and in
my own head, my only goal was to please him. In other words,
I was now his, and I defintiely knew it.

Once in the bedroom we went though his wife's drawer,
until he found a sexy baby-doll nightie that pleased him.
He then went into a drawer I hadn't checked out yet,
and he pulled out a dozen thong panties. He found one that
matched my nightie top, and he sat on the edge of the bed and
told me to undress. There was something both exciting and
sexy about having him watching me strip, and so I took my
time doing it. By the time I was down to just my panties he
stopped me. He then told me to turn around, and when I slipped
my panties down I was to bed over for him as I slid them off
my feet. I did as he asked and I did it slowly, and once again
I felt that rush of excitement. I felt it even more as I leaned
way over and slid them off of one leg, and then I spread my
legs open wide to slide them off the other leg. I even stayed
like that for a few seconds, feeling the rush of cooler air
on my open, and exposed asshole. As I stood back up I knew
my little cock was as hard as a rock, but for some unknown
reason I wasn't embarrassed by turning around and
showing him!

Once I was turned fully around, I could see his eyes traveling
up and down m y body again. My small cock even twitched with
excitement a time or two, and then again as he smiled and
told me it looked like a large clit, as opposed to a real cock.
After that I slipped on the thong panties, adjusted the
strap in my ass crack, and once again my small cock was hidden.
I then slipped on the nightie, and stood there waiting for
his next command. Brad slid back onto the bed, and then patted
the bed beside him. I knew that meant I was to join him on the
bed, and so I quickly slid down next to him. Almost immediately
he rolled half on top of me, and I felt his hard cock rubbing
against my thigh. Even as he was leaning over closer to me,
my mouth was already opening to receive his tongue. We kissed
for a long time as I reached down and held, and then stroked
his hard cock. I even let his cock go a couple of times, and
I held and caressed his big balls. Finally the kissing was
overwith, and as he rolled back onto his back he whispered
to me to suck his hard cock. God I was so eager to get down there,
and I immediately slid down his body!

Once I was down between his legs, I stared at his beautiful
big cock a few seconds. The I sort of tenatively slid my tongue
onto the head, and I slowly began licking it. For the first
few minutes Brad did sort of instruct me as to what to do next,
but soon I was doing it all on my own. I loved licking up and
down his hard shaft, and I loved his moans, and his compliments
about how good it felt and how good I was doing. I eventually
worked my way to his huge balls, and again he instructed
me how to lick and suck them. Just like before howver soon
his instructions stopped, and I was doing things just fine
on my own. I even knew what to do as he lifted one leg a bit,
and with his hand on my head he pushed me lower. I first licked
under his balls, and then to that little area between his
balls ans his asshole. Once down there I began licking his
asshole, and at the same time I was still stroking his hard
cock with one hand. Soon however he was moaning for me to
suck him, and so I moved back up his ass crack, over his balls
with my tongue working, and then I was licking up his hard

As soon as I was at the head my lips parted, my mouth opened,
and I took him in my mouth. At first I only sucked down about
half way before sliding my mouth back up to the head. After
a few minutes of me doing this, his hand came down on my head,
and now each time I would suck down his shaft, his hand would
push me even lower. The entire time he was encouraging me.
Telling me how good I was doing. Telling me how good my mouth,
lips and tongue felt on his hard cock, and at times also adding
what a natural, sexy little cocksucker I really am. Every
thing he was saying was turning me on so much, and so as he
pushed my head down lower each time I didn't resist.
It took me several minutes of sucking, along with an occasional
gag here and there, but soon I was finally abel to take him
all the way down to the base of his hard shaft.

I actually loved the feeling of burying my nose in his soft
pubic hairs, and sucking hard at the base of his cock. He
very obviously loved it also, because each time I'd
do it, he moan even louder than before. Finally we were at
the point where he had both hands on my head, and the fingers
of both hands tangled in my hair. I was letting him set the
pace of my sucking at this point, as well as how far down I
sucked. His pace did get faster and faster, and as his hips
moved in unison to my sucking, he was basically fucking
me in my mouth. The came the words I wanted so badly to hear,
as he moaned out oh God Stephenie, you're gonna make
me cum. He then followed those words up by telling me to suck
harder, and only a short time after that he moaned out, oh
God babby I'm cumming!

I might have been a bit naive about a lot of things up until
this point, but I wasn't a bit naive about what was going
to happen next. So many times I'd watched my friend
Tommy and his cum as it shot out of his hard cock. So many times
I'd actually wanted to taste it, and even have it shooting
directly into my mouth. I'd tasted my own cum more times
than I could count. I already knew secretly that I really
did like the taste, and now for the first time I was about
to taste and swallow it, this time stright from the source!
I don't know if it was even one second after he moaned
out loudly he was cumming, that I felt hsi hard cock swell
and begin to jerk in my mouth. His hips thrust up and his hands
tried to push me down lower, but I was also gripping his hard
cock in one of my hands near the base. So, I was actually comfortable
and in just the right place for me, as the first hugre thick
blast of his cum shot out. I sucked hard and with each blast
of thick hot cum, I swallowed as quickly as I could. I counted
eight thick roped of hot cum shoot out, before there was
just a final lava flow of thick cum running out of the head.
For me that was the best part, because I really got to truly
enjoy the flavor and taste. I stayed down on his hard cock
gently sucking, until he finally eased me off of him and
pulled me up beside him.

His first words to me after giving me a nice deep kiss, were
that I'd just given him the best blow job of his life.
Those words made me feel so proud, and I knew I'd do it
again and again, any time he wanted me to. After that we kissed
again, but this time his hand slid down my body, and he began
to rub my hard little cock through my panties. I'd been
so turned on for so long that evening, that I knew I wasn't
going to last long. As my breathing got harder and faster,
he began whispering to me in between kisses. He was saying
things like cum for me babby, and cum for me Stephenie, and
I was soon right there on the verge! I barely managed to say
kiss me while I cum, before it was actually happening. He
did manage to clamp his mouth over mine as I began shooting,
and I just rammed my tongue into his mouth. I honestly had
the most intense orgasm I'd ever had in my life!

When it was over my panties were literally soaked with my
cum, and Brad told me to go and get cleaned up, and put on another
pair. Now I knew why he'd left all those thong panties
out, and I smiled as I grabbed one, and then headed to his
bathrooom. It didn't take me long to clean up and put
on a fresh pair, and then jump back in bed with my new lover.
He kissed me and told me how cute and sexy I was, and then he
asked me to go and get him another scotch. This time as I walked
out of the bedroom I purposely swayed my nearly bare ass,
and it made me feel so good to know he was looking at it. I got
his scotch quickly, and pooured one for myself as well.
As he lay there in bed sipping his scotch, I slid down and
began licking and sucking his cock and balls. It took a little
time, but eventually I got him fully erect again. Now I really
started sucking him off, while hoping I'd be rewarded
with another load of his wonderful thick hot cum to swallow.

The thing was though, once I really got started sucking
him, and even managing to deep throat him all on my own, he
suddenly stopped me, and then pulled me back up beside him.
I was confused and asked hi if I'd done something wrong,
and he laughed and told me absolutely not. He then told me
he just wanted to do something else, and he was sure I was
going to love it. Once again I was confused, but all I wanted
to do was please him, and so I just said OK. After one last
sip of his scotch, he had me get a towel and put it on some pillows
that he layed lower down on the bed. After that he placed
me face down, with the pillows basically under mycock and
balls. That made my ass stick up in the air, and it actually
exposed my asshole also. Brad then reached into his nightstand
drawer, and pulled out something I didn't see. After
that he moved around behind me, and then he began slowly
and softly caressing my ass cheeks with his hands.

God that felt so good, and I didn't even bother trying
to hold back my moans. As I moaned he'd asked me if it
felt good, and all I could do was moan back a yes! Then things
got even better, as he spread my ass a little, and his fingers
began sliding up and down my ass crack. This time when he
asked if it felt good, my moaned out yes was even louder.
I moaned loudly as his fingers played with, and tickled
my asshole directly. God it all just felt so wonderful,
but then suddenly he stopped doing it. I immediately moaned
out, please don't stop, and he immediately told me
he wasn't. The almost as if he was talking more to himself
than to me, he whsipered something like how long he'd
been waiting to do this. The nxt thing I felt after that was
wet, and I knew right away he had his tongue in my ass crack.
I moaned really loudly then, and I think I even said something
like oh God yes!

Soon he was working directly o my asshole with his tongue,
and to me it was one of the most wonderful things I'd
ever felt in my entire young life. I wanted it to go on forever,
but just like before he eventually stopped, and just like
before I moaned out another please don't stop. Almost
as soon as I said that however, I felt something cool and
slick being poured into my ass crack, and then even directly
onto my asshole. Before I could ask his body was on top of
mine, and his hard cock was sliding slicky up and down my
ass crack. God even that felt so good too, and it made me shiver
with excitement as he leaned over, and whispered in my ear
he was going to make love to me. It's sort of funny but
it was also at that moment I realized why he'd chosen
the thong style panties for me to wear. My little cock was
securely covered in front, and yet they also meant easy
access to my ass!

I was a bit scared right then, because the moment he'd
whispered to me about making love to me, I knew what to expect
next. Now I was actually glad that most of the time when I
masturbated alone, I also had some object up my ass. Still,
I'd never put anything as big as Brad's cock in
my ass, but as I've said several times now, by this time
all I wanted to do was please him. At first all he did was slide
his hard cock up and down my slick crack, but that felt really,
really good too. Another of those I never wanted it to stop
kind of things. Of course it eventually did stop however,
and then the head of his hard cock was gently pushing at me
asshole. At that point he hesitated, and whispered to me
that this might hurt a little the first time, but he'd
go slow. He also told me to let him know if I was in pain, and
he'd stop and give me time for me ass to relax. After
I told him OK, I felt the pressure of his cock head increase
as he pushed against my hole. He did sit up just a bit and I
felt even more lubricant being poured over his cock head,
and then the pressure started again.

I soon felt my asshole begin to open, and then he head of his
hard cock beginning to slip inside me. Next thing I know
the head is in me, and at that point it actually felt good.
He stopped though, and it was to ask me if I was still OK. I
told him yes, and even admitted that so far it felt really
good, so he slowly began pushing more of his hard shaft inside
me. I'm guessing he actually had almost three-quarters
of his hard cock in my ass before the first pain hit me. At
that point he immediately stopped pushing, and he kept
whispering to me to just breath and relax. It took a couple
of minutes, but then I told him I was OK again. There was only
a couple of inches of his hard cock not inside me, and so he
gave it a push and suddenly he was all the way in. More pain,
and I let him know it, and so he just held still until it went
away, and I once again told him I was fine. He then began slowly
moving inside me, and there was a little pain when he did
it, but suddenly even that went away also.

At first he'd only slide and inche or two of his hard
cock out of me, before slowly and gently pushing it all the
way back inside me. Soo however I was asking him to pull more
out, and even to push it in faster. All of a sudden there was
no pain, and no discomfort at all. Instead all that was suddenly
replaced by good, and pleasurable feelings, and then I
was finally begging him to fuck me! Once he had the go-ahead
he really started fucking me. I loved it, and it felt good,
and of course I loved when he moan and tell me how tight, slick,
and hot my ass felt, and how good it made his hard cock feel
also! Plus, it was like he had to be rubbing again something
every time he thrust inside me. I say that because every
time he'd do it, I'd feel my balls tingle, and my
own hard cock would suddenly jerk with pleasure. Now I was
really begging him to fuck me, as he was telling me what a
hot fuck I am. I could feel the pressure building in my own
balls, and I suddenly knew I was going to cum!

I moaned out loudly that he was going to make me cum, and that
made him only fuck harder. I could feel it and I knew I was
right on the edge, and then all of a sudden it happened! It
was truly an explosive orgasm, and I could feel my cock shooting,
as my ass contracted around his still thrusting cock. I
was moaning out oh God yes, and and the same time he was moaning
out cum for me Stephenie! The I was barely done cumming,
when he suddenly started ramming his cock into me even harder
still. The he gave it a couple more hard thrust, and then
buried his cock as deep in my ass as he could get it. I felt
his entire body tense up on top of me, and I heard him letting
out a loud long groan. I immediately started begging him
to cum in me, and then I felt his cock swell, and after I could
feel it jerking inside me. I felt each hard spurt of cum,
as he fill me ass and moaned loudly. I was under him flexing
my ass musscles, and trying to milk his cum from his hard
throbbing cock. At the same time I was moaning yes cum in
me Brad, and God only knows what else I was saying. It took
him a couple of minutes cumming in me, and the not moving,
before he finally collapsed down on top of me.

A short time later I felt his cock shrinking, and then slowly
slipping out of my ass. A minute later he was out of me, and
as my hole began to slowly close back up again, I fel some
of his cum running out of me. Brad thenfell to the bed beside
me, and still breathing hard he told me I was incredible,
and how much he loved fucking my ass. Once again the feelings
I had were ones of both pride, as well as satisfaction we'd
both gotten so much pleasure from our act of love-making.

Over that weekend, and the week that followed until his
family got back home, I'd estimate I sucked Brad off
and swallowed his cum more than fifteen times, and he'd
probably fucked me at least ten times or more. Although
as the summer ended that year, and both Tommy and I went back
to school slowly drifting apart, I still continued to service
Brad and his beautiful hard cock. I was always Stephenie
when I was with him, and we had a stash of sexy clothes I would
wear. We do it a hotels and motels. WE'd do it at his work
after hours. We'd do it in his car, and sometimes we'd
even do it in his own bed when possible.

I continued to be Stephenie with Brad, over the next three
years, until I graduated high school. I was his secret girlfriend,
his lover and his cute, clutty, little bitch as he like to
call me, and I loved every minute of it. By my senior year
I also had a sudden growth spurt, and by the summer I graduated
I was now five-eleven. I put on some weight and muscle too,
but I still had no hair on m y legs, none on my ams or chest,
and according to Brad, I still had my sexy little ass. I guess
the girls thought my ass was sexy also, because soon I was
actually going out on real dates with real girls! By the
end of school, graduation, and the summer, I'd made
out with girls, sucked their tits, fingered their pussy's,
even licked my first pussy, and gotten hand jobs and a few
blow jobs also. The right at the end of summer, I had my hard
cock in my first hot wet pussy. It was only then I was sure
in my mind I wasn't gay, and I knew I was a true bisexual.

I knew I loved the pleasure of sucking a hard cock and swallowing
a thick hot load of cum. I knew I loved the feeling of a hard
cock in my ass, and the feeling of it cumming inside me. I
still liked women's clothes, and even though it was
now harder to fit me, I loved dressing up for Brad. At the
same time however I also knew beyond a doubt that women also
turned me on very much. Oh, and by graduation, and past my
eighteenth birthday, even my small cock had grown some.
I was now almost six inches when erect. Not big, but at least

My story continues through college, and even marraige,
and swinging, but I think this has been long enough already
.......... so maybe the story will .....

------------------- To Be Continued -------------------

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