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Being coached on a couch!!


I was with a woman (Jennifer) between 1995 and 2000. She
was very uninhibited and I have an active imagination..what
a combonation. She was my mid-life crisis. She was 24 years
old, Shoulder length blond hair full of ringlet curls,
bright blue eyes, 36c breast, small waist and a bubble butt.
Yes, I was a dog, Yes, that’s another story. Yes, she was
a "trophy girl."

I had just returned home from an 8 week stay on the North Slope
of Alaska.(where I worked) I had been home about 2 days when
an aquantance (Kirby) from work called and asked if I would
meet him at the Anchorage airport bar (Cheers) for a few
drinks, while waiting on his connecting flight to Houston
Tx. I lived in Wasilla Alaska, at the time, I told him I would
meet him there.

It was a Friday and we usually go "out" on friday
night, so Jennifer got dolled up and we headed to Anchorage.
Jennifer suggested we stay the night in town if were we're
going to be drinking late. Kirby's flight was to land
at 6:30ish and he was to leave for Tx approx mid-night. Jennifer
knew how to dress to tease and she knew Kirby had been on the
Slope for 8 weeks and he was headed home to a wife. She wore
a short black leather skirt, black "strappy"
shoes, a shier (could see right through) powder blue blouse
with a shinny silver bra. We arrived in Anchorage an hour
or so before Kirby’s plane was to arrive so we went ahead
and checked into the Lakeshore Inn on Lake Hood off Spinard,
we unloaded our bags out of the truck.

As Jennifer and I walked into cheers all Kirby saw was Jennifer,
untill we got to his table, then he realized she was with
me. I interduced them and Jennifer placed her left hand
on his forearm as they politly shook hands. We sat at the
table and had a few drinks, Jennifer showing Kirby as much
of her legs as possible, changing positions and crossing
and uncrossing her legs frequently. He was respectful,
but I knew he was "checking her out"
when I would look away. I suggested we relocate to another
bar, and Jennifer said she could call a girl friend to join
us. Kirby assured Jennifer he was on his way home to a
wife and she would "know" if he had "played
to hard" while on his way home........

After becoming board with the airport bar Jennifer suggested
we relocate to a bar on the far side of town. We left, I have
a Pickup Truck and we all sat in front, with Jennifer in the
middle, of course. We went to the “Whaler” on Muldune. There,
we had a few more drinks and Jennifer and I danced. Jennifer
convinced Kirby to get out on the dance floor with her, she
placed his hands on her hips at one point during their dance
but Kirby quickly removed them and looked toward me, but
I was “looking the other way”. Back at our table, during
our conversation, Jennifer couldn’t talk to Kirby with
out putting her hands on him, touching his shoulder, his
knee, even putting her hand on his chest at one point. Jennifer
suggested we move to a knew bar. We were heading to a bar on
Debar Street. On the way I made a sharp left hand turn at a
yellow light, this caught Jennifer off balance and she
ended up almost laying in Kirby’s lap. (She might have even
exagerated this movement just a bit.) After righting herself,
she looked a Kirby and said “Well, wasn’t that fun” Kirby
smiled. At the bar there was more drinking and dancing,
Kirby didn’t have to be persuaded to dance this time and
when she placed his hands on her hips, he didn’t remove them.
At one point he even rested a hand, low on her back / high on
her ass. It was dark outside as we left the bar.

The next bar we headed for was Chilcoot Charlie's,
so just to be cute, I made a sharp right hand turn out of the
parking lot of the bar and Jennifer threw herself onto me
and said it was only fair that I "enjoyed her company
too" as she put it. With her leaning onto me a little
farther than she really needed to, her short skirt was exposing
her lighty tanned ass cheeks and a powder blue thong. Kirby's
eyes went straight to her bare flesh and slowly drifted
up to meet my eyes. He thought he was "busted"
and seemed suprised when I just smiled, winked and looked
down toward Jennifers bottom. His eyes returned the see
what he could see also. As Jennifer sat back up, he once again
made eye contact with me. I again smiled. Before we arrived
at Coot's Jennifer noticed a stain on her blouse from
all the "thrashing around" she was doing. She
wanted to go to the room to change her blouse. With that bit
of information I couldn't resist just one more "sharp"
left hand turn as she was talking to Kirby. This caught her
off balance and again put her right back into Kirby’s lap.
But this time her right hand ended up on his shoulder and
her left hand in his lap. As he helped right her, she removed
her left hand from his lap but replaced it with her right
hand, and it remained there until we arrived at our hotel.
Her hand was on his left thigh but her ring and little fingers
were on his inner thigh....rather high. He just looked
out the window and gave no reaction, until we got to the motel
parking lot. Jennifer quietly pointed out to me, she could
see Kirby's hard-on through his pants. I pointed out
to her that mine was also visible!!

In the room I sat on the couch and Kirby sat in a chair as Jennifer
went to the bedroom to change only her shirt. (nice room....bed
room was separate from the livingroom.) Of course Jennifer
failed to close the door to the bedroom all the way and I pretended
not to see that Jennifer let Kirby think he was getting a
"free show". She came back to the living room
with a "shorty" tee shirt on. White and skin
tight. It was low cut and barely covered the bottom of her
breast. If she were to put her hands up over her head, her
breasts would be exposed at the bottom of the shirt. Kirby
excused himself and went to the bathroom. I took that time
to "readjust" myself. (Jeans get binding if
your "hard" for any length of time.) Jennifer
came over to me and, with me sitting on the couch, she straddled
my legs with one of her knees on the outside of my legs, and
sat on my lap, leaving us face to face. We kissed. My kisses
trailed down her throat and on down her uncovered cleavage,
until I came to the top of her tee shirt. Her nipples were
vary visible through the tight, thin cotton material.
We heard Kirby re-enter the room and sit in the chair, directly
behind Jennifer, but not more than a few feet away, while
we were in the middle of another kiss. Jennifer sat straight
up as we ended our kiss and Kirby said "you don't
have to stop because I'm here”. Jennifer said "stop
what". “Kissing” is all Kirby said. Jennifer leaned
her body forward to kiss me again. She was breathing harder
and our kiss was moist and long. I ran my hands down her back
to the top of her leather skirt. As we were kissing my hands
slid on down till I was to the lower edge of her skirt. I slid
my hand up and down slowly to expose her cheeks to Kirby.
To my surprise Jennifer leaned as far onto me as possible
almost laying flat on me and whispered in my ear. She told
me she knew in this position that Kirby could see her ass
cheeks and she suspected he could also see the little pouch
that formed in her thong, from cupping her vaginal lips.
I was rock hard a she rocked back and forth on me. As Jennifer
sat up again she asked, “what do we want to do now?” I think
she expected him to say, lets go to another bar, or, call
one of your girl friends. But when he said, “I’d like to see
you give him a blow-job.” I said “Yes, I would like to see
that myself.”

The way we were positioned I couldn’t see Kirby because
Jennifer was in front of me and she had her back to him this
entire time. But as she backed off of me onto her knees in
front of me I saw Kirby was on the edge of his chair. I unbuckled
my belt, unsnapped, and zipped down my pants. As I picked
my butt up off the couch she slid my jeans and my shorts down
to my ankles. As she moved her face toward my lap, she made
eye contact with me. She held my dick in her hand as she moved
her lips over the head. Slowly tracing the underside of
my shaft with her tongue, followed closely by her lips.
With her on he knees, her ass was on display toward Kirby.
I could see Kirby was rubbing his cock through the material
of his pants. And after a few minutes he could see I was liking
Jennifer’s effort too much. With a lot of “bass” in his voice,
Kirby told Jennifer to stop, stand up and remove her panties
and get back onto my lap as she was earlier. With out turning
around Jennifer did as he said, but when she went to remove
her panties she bent at the waist to slid them down her legs,
stepping out of them and kicking them to the side. Giving
Kirby, still yet, another view of her exposed ass. Jennifer
climbed up on me and we began to kiss. She leaned way over
again to whisper she wanted me inside of her, with a knee
on each side of my legs, and her bent over this far, this gave
Kirby the ultimate in and exposed view of her ass and pussy.
I started to reach down to help guide myself into her, until
Kirby said “STOP, she needs to guide you in.” She then took
my cock in her small hand and slid it back and forth in her
slit to remoisturise my dick. She then held my dick at the
opening of her pussy and I entered her as she slowly settled
her weight onto my lap. He said for her to start moving in
a slow easy rhythm, and she did. She felt so warm,
as she slid up and down on me, still wearing her skirt. It
made me so excited to think about the view that Kirby was
getting, with her skirt up around her waist. I’m sure he
could see her juices on my shaft as I slowly slipped in and
out of her wet pussy. I looked over her shoulder to see Kirby
was no more than two feet from us, it appeared he had moved
the chair he was sitting in closer to us. He was still rubbing
his dick through his pant. He was enjoying himself almost
as much as I was. And with Jennifer on top of me, she could
dictate the speed, angle and depth of our fucking. And I
know she was enjoying that. Her breath was quickening as
I started lightly flick her right nipple with my left thumb,
when Kirby told Jennifer to “get up, turn around an sit back
down” on my lap. Jennifer gave me a strange look, this evening
had started out with her in control but that had all seemed
to change now.

She eased up off of me and turned around, as Kirby had told
her to. This was the first time her and Kirby were face to
face since we had been on the couch. With my knees together,
she stood there with her legs spread on either side of my
knees. I lifted her skirt out of the way as she sat back down
on me. She reached between her legs and took my extremely
erect dick in her hand and looked down to guide me in but Kirby
gruffly said “STOP, don’t look down, look at me.” (For the
remainder of the story some of these details were supplied
to me by Jennifer) My shaft was still slick with her juices
as she eased back down on me. Jennifer and Kirby were only
a foot apart and looking eye to eye. As I started entering
her she started to close her eyes. Kirby said quietly but
firmly “hey, hey, right here, look into my eyes girl.” And
they made total eye contact as she slid down the length of
my cock, and they continued eye contact as she moved up and
down on my dick. She leaned forward slightly to put her hands
on my knees to help support her weight. That’s when Kirby
said something I couldn’t hear, then Jennifer said “If
your going to rub your dick, do it right and get some “Slippery
Stuff” out of our bag”. Kirby retrieved our overnight bag
and removed the lubricant from the bag as he placed the bag
by the chair. He then stepped out of his docker and shorts
with his back to us. As he turned to sit down I heard Jennifer
say “WOW” and she just sat down on my full length and stop.
I looked around her to see......Wow. I am not small by any
means, but this guy was a “full grown man”. He was just slightly
thicker than me, but I was definitely envious of his, at
least and inch and a half, more length than me. With my hands
on Jennifer’s hips, she started her rhythm again. I was
now experiencing the view Kirby had enjoyed just moments
before. Kirby slowly poured some of the lube into his hand,
constantly keeping eye contact with Jennifer. As he started
to stroke himself he looked down at himself, that’s when
Jennifer’s eyes fixated on his meat. I could fell her pussy
muscles squeeze my dick as she moved up and down on me and
I know she got wetter. He watched her admire the length of
his shaft. He watched her breasts heave with each motion
she made and each breath she took as I was inside her.

Jennifer’s skirt was obstructing my view, so I unzipped
it and removed it from around her waist, tossing it into
the floor. This left her with her “shorty” tee shirt and
her “strappy” shoes on. I reached around Jennifer to feel
her breasts through her shirt. Both of her nipples were
hard as erasers as I grazes over them, with my thumbs. First
one nipple, than the other one, alternating back and forth
so that neither would get accustom to the sensations too
soon. I got Kirby’s attention and asked him for the lubricant.
As he leaned forward to hand me the small bottle his chest
was close enough to Jennifer so she could smell his scent.
He sat back down he had not missed a stroke of his rather large
I told Jennifer to lean farther for while continuing to
ride up an down on me. As she leaned forward this put her face
inches away from the tip of his massive shaft. She looked
up at him with her “fawn” like eyes and he kept stroking himself.
With her in that position, I had access to her ass, where
I liberally coated the thumb of my right hand an her totally
vulnerable tight bud of and anal opening. I pressed my thumb
to her opening and just lightly pushed. I rocked my thumb
side to side, not even entering her, just starting to open
and relax her sphincter muscle. I was making small circles
with my thumb and starting to push a little farther into
he when I felt a series of squezes from her pussy. She must
have started to close her eyes because I herd Kirby scold
her and tell her to keep eye contact with him. I braced the
back of my right hand on my pubic bone with my thumb pointing
toward her ass. It would dip inside of her as she would push
down on my dick. I didn’t even have to move my hand. At the
bottom of each stroke my thumb would dip deeper and deeper,
until she was making only small movements with my dick and
thumb buried in her openings. I could feel her ass and pussy
both contracting on me at the same time. She was making a
short rocking action with her hips when she came. “Oooo
god” came from her lips as Kirby stopped stroking his manhood
to watch, as Jennifer had an orgasm. Her eyes rolled back
in her head and she moaned through her orgasm and made short
jerking movements with her pelvis, until her orgasm subsided.


Kirby asked if we were done, and I said no. He then told Jennifer
to stand up and move forward “just a little, and then sit
back down”. He was watching for an expression on her face,
saying he might have gone too far. But in Jennifers current
state of mind, (in the after glow of and orgasm and knowing
there was another to cum.) nothing was going too far. I knew
where this was headed, so I picked up the container of slippery
stuff and applied a generous amount to my dick, paying close
attention to cover every inch of my shaft, down to the base,
at the hair line. Jennifer’s eyes were locked onto Kirby’s
eyes again as she placed her hands on my knees, to steady
her as she lowered her ass down on my lap. I helped support
her weight by placing an open palm, on each of her ass cheeks,
easing her down untill the head of my very erect cock, came
into contact with her anal opening...she shuttered. Her
legs were a little wobblie and started shaking when I released
her left ass cheek, in order to guide myself into her ass.
I held my dick tightly as her opening began to spread to allow
my entery. I watched intently, as the head of my dick dissappeared
inside of her, down to the “ring” around the head. I could
hear Jennifer hold her breath, as she continued her journy
down the slippery length of my shaft. Catching her breath
as she would stop every inch or so to get acustomed to the
intrusion of my thick shaft, as it streached her rectal
opening and straightened and invaded her inter folds.
As she settled her weight down onto my lap, Kirby resumed
stroking himself. With Kirby sitting on the edge of his
chair and leaning forward, his face was only inches away
from Jennifer’s face. She could feel the warmth of his breath
on her lips as she wet them with her toung. I’m sure he could
feel the heat of her breath and smell her perfume, as he continued
to stroke his dick in a slow leisurly rhytem. As I watched
my dick slide in and out of her ass, her opening clung to my
shaft as she would move away from me, and she would inhale
deeply as she would push back down on me.

Jennifer ask Kirby to get her “toy” from our bag. Kirby retrieved
a slinder white viberater with a mediam sized egg shaped
head. This was her favorite toy. It was curved as to provide
better access to her G-spot. (Yes, those do exist) As Jennifer
put a small bit of lub on the viberator Kirby held his hand
out for the bottle of lub, reapplying some to his engourged
cock. As she was moving up and down on me she began to rub her
clit with the toy. As she moved the toy down to her vaginal
opening she fumbled the viberator and it tumbled to the
floor, out of her reach. Kirby stood up to pick the toy up
from the cheaply carpeted floor and wiped it off with his
under ware that were close at hand. Standing directly in
front of Jennifer and my left knee, he glanced back and forth
from my eyes to Jennifer’s eyes, he held his cock firmly
at the base, and moved his hand to the tip of the head, removing
what lubricant he could from his shaft. He then coated the
toy with “his” lub. He resumed “jacking” with his right
hand and handed Jennifer’s toy to her, with his left hand.
She reached for the toy, but instead she took Kirby by the
wrist and pulled his hand toward her pussy, that was spread
wide open. He didn’t resist, he just moved closer. With
Kirby standing, but slightly bending over to reach her
pussy, he was in an awkward position attempting to keep
his balance, as he continued to stroke his dick. I leaned
up to her back and said in her ear “You should take over doing
that”, referring to the toy in Kirby’s hand, I assumed he
was having a hard time with it, due to it’s unusual curve
at the egg shaped end, in order to “tap the G-spot.” I’m not
sure if she mis-understood me or if she just took advantage
of the way I worded it, but she reached out and pushed Kirby’s
hand away from his cock and replaced it with her’s. When
I asked her later, she claimed she thought I wanted her to
“take over” his stroking action, not the manipulation
of her toy. (This was the first time a “coach” had touched,
or was touched by either of us, and I was not sure how I felt
about it) And as perverse as it may seem, I know I got harder
seeing her hand wrapped around his cock. (Many things happened
in a short period of time, so I will attempt to write them
in order but then again you might have to reread this part
a few times to piece together how this all worked) As I said
earlier, he had to slightly bend over to move the toy, with
his left hand, that was now “up to his knuckle’s deep” within
her warm moist pussy. With his right hand free, he steadied
himself by placing it on her left shoulder. She put her left
leg on top of my left leg, so the back of her thigh was directly
on top of my left thigh. This limited some of her ability
to move herself up and down on my cock. So with a little pelvic
rocking, on my part, I kept a movement going opposite her
rhythm, to give more movement to the “in and out” motion
my prick was enjoying. With Kirby standing directly in
front of Jennifer’s left knee, she pulled him directly
toward her, causing him to walk about a half step forward,
placing his penis directly over her leg, with it pointing
at her. Their foreheads were almost touching and they were
almost breathing each others breath. I could tell they
were both looking in each other’s eyes, by the way their
heads were positioned. She turned loose of his prick to
apply some more slippery stuff to his shaft. She placed
his large shaft on her thigh. This made the length of it look
incredible. His balls were hanging down in front of her
knee. With lube on her hand she again picked up his dick,
that’s when I saw that her hand would not fit all the way around
his shaft. After coating his shaft with lube, she laid it
back down on her thigh. She reached forward, cupping her
hand under his balls, and lifted them. She lightly pulling
him forward, he took another short step. He was now so close
to her, he was straddling her leg. She reached up with her
right hand and held it out until it contacted the left side
of his chest, to help support him, and to just touch his body.
As she set his nuts down, they rested on her thigh and his
dick head now almost touched her torso. With his balls and
dick resting on her left leg, she started to rub his dick,
the entire length. Slow at first. With my dick inside her
ass, I could feel the toy he was moving in and out, of her pussy.
It was such a strange sensation. I never realized how thin
the skin is between the two inner passageways. The rhythm
that he was moving her toy in and out of her was slower than
the in and out motion of my cock. And the way she was stroking
his dick, was faster than the other rhythms taking place.
God.....I was soon excited. The thought of her hand giving
pleasure to him, and him giving pleasure to her was almost
too intense. Jennifer looked over her shoulder at me and
I leaned up, and we kissed.....a hot, hard, wet, kiss.....not
loving, not sensual.......lustful, hard, consuming
kisses. As we broke away from out kiss, she said, loud enough
for Kirby to hear, “I want him inside me”. I was so consumed
with lust and erotic emotion I said “Yes, use the condom
from the bag.... yes.” Knowing that with both of us inside
of her, it would overwhelm her senses and push her into “sensory
overload.” With that said he reached for the condom in the
bag as Jennifer continued to stroke his slippery dick.
She took the condom from him and unwrapped it. As she did
this, the motion of us fucking, stopped. I was still, as
she placed her right leg up on top of my right leg. Spreading
my legs, made her legs spread, giving Kirby access to her
open slit. Kirby stepped, between our legs, directly in
front of Jennifer. She unrolled the condom down the length
of his shaft, with another short movement forward, the
head of Kirby’s dick was at the opening to Jennifer’s pussy.
He put his hand on her shoulders as they both looked down.
She took his sheath covered cock in her left hand and spread
her outer vaginal lips with her right hand. Kirby and Jennifer
continued to look down, their heads were cheek to cheek,
almost resting on each others shoulders, as they viewed
her rub the head of his dick up and down the entire length
of her slit, starting above her clit and not stopping until
he came into contact with my shaft that was buried deep in
her ass. Kirby took over now and moved his mushroom shaped
head back up to her clit. With a side to side movement of his
dick, Jennifer shuttered. He pushed his erect cock back
down, and circled the opening of her vagina with the head
of his dick. Making a series of “figure eights” he tempted
and teased both of them.

I could feel Jennifer tense her muscles and draw in a deep
breath of air as his cock began to enter her for the first
time. I felt the passageway of her ass tighten as he began
to fill her pussy, as he started to inch his way into her warm
waiting body. She let out an “Uuuuuua” as his cock pushed
even deeper. They were watching Jennifer’s fingers lightly
touch his shaft at the exact point were it was slowly disappearing
inside of her. The fingers of her right hand kept her folds
from interfering with the view but the little finger of
that hand also touched his shaft as if in disbelief, that
it was actually happening, or to just savor the moment for
future memories. None the less, it was such an erotic site.
Kirby could not get full access to her, with her leaning
up watching, as she reclined back on my chest, he drove his
massive cock in her until the base of his dick was pressed
into the lips of her pussy. She turned her head and we began
kissing again. His hands still were placed on her shoulders
to support his weight, penning her tight against my body.
This made it impossible for me to move my pelvis. As my dick
was stationary in Jennifer’s ass, I could feel the length
of Kirby’s shaft press in to her pussy. She could hardly
continue our kisses because of the moans coming from her
lips. It was as if she could not remember we were kissing,
as our tongues danced together. I could feel the rim of his
dick head slide past my rim. The skin between our shafts
was tight, stretched to a shier membrane that let every
ridge or vein be felt by me. I can only assume Kirby would
feel my form once I would start moving if I could move.

As Kirby pushed himself into Jennifer, it would move her
whole body up toward my chest and as Kirby would withdraw
his cock, her weight would settle her back down onto my lap.
This, set up an erotic rhythm. As he would drive deeper,
it would pull me out of her and as he would withdraw, my shaft
would be plunged back into her body. All I had to do was lay
there and enjoy all the sights, sounds and feelings. Our
kisses totally stopped as she moaned at every movement,
whether it was me or Kirby, whether it was a thrust in, or
a movement out. To make the experience even hotter I reached
around Jennifer and pushed her tee-shirt up to expose her
breast with my left hand and I placed my right hand on her
belly. I could feel perspiration on her stomach. As my hand
went lower I swear I could feel Kirby’s dick bulge Jennifer’s
lower tummy and he would push into her. Their lower bellies
came together as he would push into her, pressing my hand
even harder onto her stomach. Then I knew for a fact I could
feel his dick inside he, pressing up into her belly. As I
passed my left hand fingers over her left nipple (her most
sensitive) I could feel a small contraction in her ass.
I then held that breast in my hand. Making a circle with my
thumb and forefinger around the base of her breast. I squeezed
the base of her breast making it protrude upward, as if offering
the nipple to Kirby. He saw what I was doing and followed
my lead. Kirby bent his head down, sucking Jennifer’s nipple
in his mouth. He held her nipple between his teeth and lightly
gave it a quick series of bites, putting a little more pressure
with each bite. This is the action it took to totally push
Jennifer over the edge. Her entire pelvis, started repeated
contractions, her anal opening, her pussy, the opening
to her pussy, her anal canal, and all the muscles contracted
and released over and over again. She tried to tell us she
was beginning to cum as a massive orgasm ripped through
her. But she couldn’t speak, only “Uuuuu” and “Mmmyyyyyy”
came from her clenched teeth. As her orgasm began, I released
the hold I had on her tit and moved both of my hands to the top
of her shoulders to force her body down onto my dick. This
changed the rhythm of the entire action of our double penetration
of Jennifer’s body. This caused both Kirby and I to be on
an “IN” stroke at the same time and both on an “OUT” stroke
together. This filled her lower body cavity to the maximum.
She lost it!! She started shaking and using language that
was definable. That’s when I came. I could feel the sperm
travel through my shaft and out the head. I came so hard I
could feel my ass convulsing. The semen flowing though
my cock was so intense, I could count six contractions and
six times my balls pumped a stream of fluid deep into Jennifer’s
bowels. I thought I was going to pass out from all the sensations.
Jennifer and I both stopped moving but Kirby continued
long, deep, lingering, strokes in and out, in and out. I
continued to feel the tingle of my orgasm from the movement
of Kirby’s dick. It was so... total!! As Jennifer’s cum
concluded she was saying “I.....I....I....don’t.....don’t......don’t.....can’t.....can’t......”
That’s when Kirby’s movement and my becoming flaccid,
dick, caused me to pull out of Jennifer’s, now totally full
of cum, ass. With them resting on top of me, Kirby made a few
more thrusts before he started to withdraw from inside
Jennifer. Jennifer was out of breath and still couldn’t
speak as she reached down and held the base of Kirby’s shaft.
As Kirby pulled out, she held the condom, so not to spill
any fluids. As Kirby retracted the condom came off, into
Jennifer’s hand. His dick was still hard and glistening.
She looked at the condom and it was empty, only a little “pre-cum”
and some lubricant from earlier. The condom collapsed,
flat. From the way I was positioned, I saw none of this take
place. All I heard was Jennifer say “you didn’t cum?” Kirby
said “No, but I NEED to, I want to.” She looked back at me and
said “I have got to have him back in me so he can finish.” I
said “get it” And I reached down with one hand on each side
of her legs and lifted her knees toward her chest, because
it was so damn kinky offering her to Kirby and helping him
get good access to her. I didn’t know he was attempting to
put the unrolled, used condom back on.

She was again kissing me as she let out a “Uuuugghh” when
he entered her. He must have went all the way in, in one thrust.
I could tell she wanted him to cum, by the way she had her hands
on his chest. Her hands were palm open, on his chest, just
below his nipples. Her fingers almost on the sides of his
body and her thumbs were positioned so she could flick his
nipples with her thumbs. She started the nipple action
on him and he rode her even harder. She was making noise on
each “down stroke” that sounded like he was knocking the
breath out of her. But we continued madly passionate kisses
. His hands back on her shoulders to support his weight and
to keep him from laying on her. I knew that she had already
cum twice and all she wanted was to have him get his rocks
off and be satisfied also. I felt a little useless because
he had her legs on top of his forearms, and I didn’t need to
hold them up any more. I’m sure he was burying his dick to
the limit with each stroke. I again reached around her with
my left hand and found her nipple, I squeezed her nipple
rather hard with my thumb and middle finger. I started rubbing
and tapping on her squeezed nipple with my forefinger.
She loves this. With her legs up in the air like they were
I knew I could possibly get access to her clit with my right
hand. I reached around and found her pubic hair-line. I
eased my fingers down farther until I was at the top of her
slit. I pressed he lower tummy lightly, but I couldn’t really
feel him inside her. ( I guess having me in her ass made a difference)
I found her clit and started a light pressure and an up and
down wiggling action on it. I got an immediate reaction
when I mixed this with the nipple rubbing. Kirby’s stomach
came into contact with the back of my hand some, but not much.
As I massaged Jennifer’s clit, I let my little finger travel
on down to her opening were Kirby was entering her. I was
at the top of the entrance to Jennifer’s vagina, but there
was no Kirby?? She stopped kissing me long enough to say,
“ He’s in my ASS”
My god that was soo exciting to me, Knowing Kirby was using
my cum as a lubricant for
the ass fucking he was giving Jennifer. I started getting
hard again. In between breaths
and hard thrusts from Kirby, Jennifer said “his condom
came off” as she motioned to the
edge of the couch, to where the used condom laid. I was confused
as to just how or when the removal of his condom took placeIn
just a few more
trusts of Kirby’’s cock in her ass, and my assault on her
nipples and clit, Jennifer
announced she was cumming again, This news, and her strumming
his nipples, sent Kirby
into an orgasm. By now I was fully erect again. Kirby would
almost withdraw all the way
out of Jennifer before thrusting all the way into her as
he started to cum. "Uuu....Uuu...Uuu." He
made these noises as he would plunge back into her as if punishing
her ass.

As we all laid there motionless, Jennifer could feel his
dick "twitching" inside of her, and as his erect
penis began to grow flaccid she could feel him start to slip
from her anal opening one last time. We were all wet with
sweat, slippery stuff, and cum. Cum leaked from her as he
withdrew from her, running down her ass cheek to my lap.
Kirby got up, his dick almost soft now. He didn't hesitate
to grab the phone and check to see when the last "airport
shuttle" left the motel. He only had time to barely
wipe himself off, and through on his shoes before he left,
it was 11:25 pm. Kirby not really knowing what to say, just
said "Wow......I gotta go" and he walked out
the door. I wanted to be inside Jennifer one more time, I
laid her on the couch, climbed between her legs and entered
her. She was very accepting and wet. She rubbed my nipples
and told me how "good it hurt.” to have both of us, in
her at the same time. She described how the stretching feeling
from both of our cocks made her openings hurt. But it wasn't
until she started telling me how it felt to have Kirby's
naked dick inside of her. How she could actually feel his
cum as it exited out the end of his shaft, how she could feel
the extra lubricant his cum added to her ass passage, that
I came my second and final time of the evening. We went and
laid down on the clean sheets of the bed, we didn't bathe
until the next morning. Kirby must have smelled like SEX
as he got on the plane. Kirby did talk about our evening,
at a later date, but all he said was, that was the first "sexual
experience" he had had outside his marriage.

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