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Behind the Curtain


Looking over Francine’s shoulder, Annette spotted Toni
sitting at a
table with an older redhead. She couldn’t see the woman’s
face clearly
but she looked to be in her mid forties. Also from what she
could see of
her outline to see that she was even more endowed that the
“At least one of us is scoring tonight.” she mused as she
agreed with
some nonsense that Francine had just said.

Her supposition of her new friends success was in error
as a few
moments later she saw her get up and leave the table. Curious,
she watched
the woman she’d left behind as she finished her drink. Finally,
she got
up to leave and turned that for the first time, Annette could
see her
face. When she did, she almost dropped her own drink in shock.


“Omigod!” she blurted out, cutting off Francine in mid-word.


“What...?” a startled Francine said.

“I have to go.” Annette said as she dropped the half filled
glass on
the bar, her words rapid in their delivery. “Give me a call
and we’ll get
together.’’ she muttered to Francine.

Before the yellow and black clad woman could say that she
didn’t have
Annette’s number, the brunette was already lost in the
crowd, making her
way to the door in pursuit of the woman who had just exited.


Annette burst out onto the street at a full run. Unfortunately,
object of her chase hadn’t gone far. In fact, she had only
gone a few feet
outside the door when she had stopped to get something out
of her
purse. As a result, the collision was inevitable.

“I’m so sorry.” Annette said almost automatically as she
lifted herself
off the hard concrete ground. “I guess I should’ve been
more careful
and look ...”

Annette stopped in mid-breath when she saw that the woman
she had so
spectacularly crashed into had been the object of her chase.
At a
distance of only a few feet, the face she had thought she
recognized from
across the crowded room was unmistakable. A lump filled
her throat as she
managed to barely speak.

“Mrs. ....Mrs. Robinson.” she finally managed to finally

“Oh my.” Mrs. Robinson said, much more composed than Annette
had been.
“Annette dear, how nice to see you again. Although I’m sure
each of us
is a little surprised to see the other here.”

“Surprised.” Annette mentally repeated. “Surprised
doesn’t even begin
to cover it.”

If she had to pick the last five people she would’ve ever
expected to
run into at a lesbian bar, Sharon Robinson would have been
the second or
third name on the list. Her mother would’ve occupied the
first position
of course.

In no particular order, Sharon Robinson was the mother
of her oldest
friend, her own mother’s best friend, and the woman who
was more of an
Aunt to her growing up than any of her mother or father’s

“I guess we should have a little talk.” Sharon said as she
picked up
the purse she had dropped when Annette ran into her. “There’s
a rather
nice coffee shop about two blocks from here. I’m sure it
will be much
quieter and private.”

Still unable to form coherent sentences, Annette merely
nodded her
agreement. By the time they were sitting in an isolated
booth in the back
of the coffee shop five minutes later, she had again found
her voice.

“I’ll just have coffee, black.” Sharon said to the pretty
waitress who had walked back to get their order.

“Tea, milk and sugar.” Annette said a moment later.

Sharon waited a few moments until the waitress was out of
earshot and
then broke the silence they had shared since their collision
in front of
the club.

“I’m sure you must have a hundred questions.” she began.
“But let me
talk for a few minutes and I’m sure that I can answer most
of them
without much trouble.”

Annette’s silence signaled her assent.

“I guess the big question would be ... am I a lesbian?” the
said. “The simple answer is ... yes I am. I have been all of
my life.”

That single admission sent Annette into a tailspin. Mrs.
Robinson had
been both a wife and the mother of two. True the 44 year old
had been a
widow for almost fifteen years but to hear her say that she’d
been a
lesbian for even longer than that was still a shock.

“Seeing that you were also in the club, I take it that you
are at the
very least either bi-curious or something more.” she continued.


The expression on Annette’s face told her that the latter
was the case.
In a calm tone she asked Annette a direct question.


Annette nodded assent. Even that took a great deal of effort.


“I thought that might be the case listening to your mother
talk about
your lack of prospective suitors.” Sharon said. “You’re
much too pretty
a girl not to have guys trailing after you.”

Mrs. Robinson’s mention of her mother brought another
even scarier
question into Annette’s mind. She was afraid to even ask
it because it
might bring an answer she couldn’t handle. It took all of
her courage to
finally put it into words.

“I talked to Dad earlier and he said Mom had gone out with
one of her
girlfriends and I was ....”

“And you were wondering if I was the girlfriend she had gone
out with?”
Sharon finished the question.

The answer had to wait a few very long moments as the waitress

reappeared at their table with their order.

“You can put that idea out of your head.” she answered as
soon as the
girl was gone. “I don’t know who your mother went out with,
but it
wasn’t me. I love your mother dearly, but we’re just friends
and that’s all
we’ve ever been. She doesn’t know about this aspect of my
life and
frankly, it’s none of her business.”

Annette exhaled a deep breath or relief and then took a sip
of her tea.

“In the same vein, I guess I should ask about you and Karen.
You were
after all roommates in college and such.” Mrs. Robinson

“It’s the same situation.” Annette said, “Karen is most

Annette thought it diplomatic not to mention that her daughter
was so
straight that she had screwed her way through half the male
of their dorm. That wasn’t something any mother wanted
to hear,
regardless of the situation.”

“I didn’t think so.” Sharon said. “Not that it would’ve
bothered me if
the two of you had. It just would’ve surprised me, that’s
all. I’ve
always suspected that Karen was somewhat homophobic.”


Annette could’ve confirmed that suspicion but chose not
to. Instead she
was more interested in hearing the rest of Sharon’s story.


“Where was I, oh yes.” Sharon went on. “Like I said, I’ve
interested in other women all of my life. I had my first experience
when I was
16. So I guess the question now on your mind is how did I wind
married to Jack Robinson?”

The look of curiosity on Annette’s face said that was the
question on
her mind.

“Well at 18, I was still unsure of the direction my life was
going to
take. It was 1970 and despite all those stories you might
have heard
about the swinging sixties, a lesbian lifestyle wasn’t
very socially
acceptable. At least not in my household. I was unable ...
unwilling ... to
make the choices that I would’ve had to make to follow that
road. To
make my parents happy, I tried to live a heterosexual lifestyle.
I met
Jack on my first job out of high school and two months after
that I was
pregnant. My knowledge of birth control left a lot to be

The image of Karen’s older brother Mike flashed through
Annette’s mind.
He was the baby, Sharon was referring to.

“The idea of being an unwed mother didn’t appeal to me either
so Jack
and I were married a month later. Seven months after Mike
was born, I
was pregnant again, this time with Karen. Jack was nothing
if not

The younger woman gently nodded her head. She could see
herself in
Sharon’s place.

By the third year of our marriage, long suppressed desires
could no
longer be denied and I had my first affair. It lasted six
months until
Jack came home unexpectedly from work. In hindsight, I
guess it was pretty
stupid having my lover over to my own home for a romp in the
hay. But
with two toddlers, I didn’t have that many options.”

“Yet you stayed married?” Annette asked.

“That came as a surprise to me as well.” Sharon replied.
“Jack never
said a word about it. He simply moved into the guest bedroom
and never
touched me again. Later, when he became ill, we made our
peace with each
other. I really cried when he died.”

Annette didn’t know what to say. Thankfully, Sharon didn’t
expect her
to say anything.

“Can I get the two of you anything else?” the waitress asked
as she
stepped back alongside the table.

“No thank you, ... Molly.” Sharon said as she read the girl’s
name off
a small plastic tag on her blouse and gave her a warm smile.
“Just the
check please.”

Returning Sharon’s smile, Molly ripped a small green check
from her pad
and carefully placed it on the table in front of Sharon.
No sooner had
she done so when the older woman dropped three singles on
top of it.

“You keep the rest.” she said as she did so.

“Thank you very much.” Molly beamed as she picked it all
up. The tip
was actually more than the cost of the two coffees.

Annette couldn’t help but notice that Sharon’s eyes followed
the sway
of the young blonde’s ass as she walked back up the aisle.
It was very
apparent to someone that was used to doing the same thing.


“When I was young and unmarried, ” Sharon said as they got
up to leave.
“I worked in a place a lot like this. Then, as now, the pay
sucked. The only good thing I can say about the job was that
Jack worked
around the corner from the diner and used to come in almost
every day for
lunch. That was how we met.”

Once outside, Annette felt a little awkward again. She
wanted to talk
to Sharon some more, ask more questions but also didn’t
want to intrude
into her personal life. Thankfully, Sharon asked her to
walk her home.

“That’s if you weren’t planning to go back to the club of
course.” the
older woman added.

“No, I wasn’t planning on going back there tonight.” Annette
automatically. “Maybe tomorrow night.” she added, again
without thinking.

“Bondage night?” Sharon asked inquisitively, her eyes
opening wide in

“Oh is that what tomorrow night is?” Annette asked, knowing
that her
ignorance was a lie. “A woman I met there tonight mentioned
that I might
find Thursday nights interesting, that’s all.”

“I see.” Sharon replied. “Well, I guess that some women
do find that
sort of thing interesting, or so I’ve been told as well.”


Sharon’s answer made Annette wonder if her friend’s mother
was a
frequent visitor on Thursday night as well.

“Well we’re here already.” Sharon said as they reached
the apartment
house where Annette’s parents and Sharon both lived.

“So we are.” Annette agreed, a little disappointed that
it had been
only three blocks away.

“It’s still early.” Sharon said. “Would you like to come
up for a

Annette thought about it for a moment. The chance that she
would run
into her parents was rather slim. They lived on the fourth
floor and
Sharon the twelfth. The only way their paths could cross
would be in the
lobby and that was a remote possibility. And if by some random
she did run into them, she could always say she had decided
to come by
and surprise them and had happened to run into Sharon outside.
She was
sure that if that unlikely eventuality occurred, the redhead

Even so, Annette waited nervously for the elevator and
breathed a sign
of relief as they stepped inside. Thankfully, they were
the only
occupants. That relief faded as the car stopped on the fourth
floor and a
young couple stepped in. The woman, Annette immediately
recognized as
being one of her parent’s neighbors. Her name was Adrianne.


“Oh shit, ” Annette thought. “What if she turns around
and sees me? What
if she mentions to Mom that she saw me here?”

By the time the elevator opened on the tenth floor, she realized
she needn’t have worried. All the while, Adrianne’s eyes
never left
those of her male companion. His name, Sharon later mentioned,
was Edmond
and he lived in 10C. He and Adrianne had recently begun seeing
other and were head over heels for each other. Since Adrianne
still lived
with her parents, they probably couldn’t wait to get up
to the privacy
of his apartment.

Moments later, the two women themselves exited onto twelve
and quickly
headed to 12B. Still a little nervous, Annette glanced
right and left
down the long hallway as Sharon undid the locks.

“There, safe and sound.” Sharon laughed as they stepped
inside and she
closed the door. “And away from prying eyes.” she added
in a even more
humorous tone.

Annette felt a little silly about the whole thing now that
they were
inside. After all, they weren’t doing anything wrong.
It wasn’t like they
were walking around the building naked -- it only had felt
that way.

“I’m going to make myself a little more comfortable.” Sharon
said as
she dropped her light jacket onto a chair. “You know where
the bar is,
why don’t you make us those drinks.” Without waiting for
a response, she
disappeared into the bedroom.

Of course Annette knew where the bar was. She’d spent almost
as much
time growing up in this apartment as her own. And once they
were in their
teens, she and Karen had snuck drinks from both their parent’s

Finishing the drinks, Annette picked up a large photo of
Karen that was
sitting on top of the television. Next to it had been an equally
one of her brother, Mike. In many ways, Karen was a younger
version of
her mother. The resemblance was unmistakable. Funny that
she had never
really noticed it before. In fact, when she compared Karen’s
photo with
the wedding picture on the bookcase, they looked like they
could be
sisters. They were both the same age in each picture, and
both had a
similar build. That was one of the thinks Karen used to joke
about, that her
mother’s one really great gift to her had been a big bust.


“Okay, I’m ready for that drink now.” Sharon said as she
exited the
bedroom. “I really think they water them down at the club,
figuring that
no one will ever notice.”

Annette almost dropped the drinks as she turned around
and look at
Sharon. She expected her to come out in a house dress or at
the very least,
a robe and slippers. Instead, the attractive redhead was
wearing a
loose fitting light green teddy that did little to conceal
the mammoth
mounds beneath it. The dark circles around her nipples
were very visible
through the light material.

“I hope you aren’t shocked.” she said as she took her drink.
“But I
think it’s rather silly to put on another change of street
clothes when
I’m not going to go back out.”

“No, not at all.” Annette lied. “A lot of times I just watch
TV at
night in my nightgown when it gets late.”

“Oh, I don’t wear this to bed.” Sharon mentioned casually
as she led
Annette to the coach. “I normally sleep in the buff.”

With that, Annette took a rather large swallow of her nightcap.


Alone with their privacy, Sharon asked a dozen questions
about Annette
and her life. In turn, Annette asked even more about Sharon’s.
In many
ways, she thought she was looking at herself in twenty years
time. As
the two of them went on, the questions were becoming both
much more
intimate and detailed.

“Have you ever had any fantasies about me?” Sharon asked
the younger
woman in response to an admission that she’d had more than
a few
fantasies involving her daughter Karen.

“Well, I can’t honestly say I’ve really thought about it
Annette said. “I guess that before, I always had an image
of you that didn’t
permit picturing you in any other context.”

“And now? ...” Sharon asked with a curious smile.

Annette hesitated a few long moments, thinking real hard
about her
answer. A lot of her long held perceptions had suddenly
turned around a
hundred and eighty degrees. She knew that relationships
that existed
between adults and children changed when those children
became adults in
their own right -- but never would she have imaged this situation.


“Mrs. Robinson...” Annette said quietly. “I think you’re
trying to
seduce me.”

Sharon laughed at hearing that. It was right out of an old
movie she
had once seen. And like the woman in that movie, she didn’t
seem upset by
the accusation.

“... And would that be such a bad thing?” she finally replied
after a
few moments of silence.

Annette hesitated even longer before replying this time.
Was this wrong
she asked herself. The woman sitting oh so very close to
her, producing
such a strange reaction in her own body had been like a second
to her.

Then again, a second mother didn’t really count. The rules
that existed
when you were 16 really didn’t apply when you where 22.

“No, I guess that it wouldn’t be.” she finally replied,
her face
lighting up in the broadest of smiles.

Sharon reached over and took Annette’s drink from her hand
and put in
down on the coffee table next to her own. Then she leaned
over and
kissed the younger woman on her lips. It was a kiss unlike
the hundreds
they’d shared over the years.

After a few very long seconds, Sharon broke the kiss and
moved her head
back a little. She’d been pretty sure of what Annette’s
reaction would
be but there was always the chance she could’ve been wrong.
It was
funny in a way, because they were both substitutes in a way
for women they
could never have. Sharon, in place of her daughter whom
Annette had
lusted after since her 16th birthday, and Annette, taking
the place of her
own mother who had fueled Sharon’s sapphic dreams twice
as long.

“That was nice.” Annette said.

“Yes it was.” Sharon agreed. “Are you sure you’re comfortable

In response, Annette leaned forward and initiated her
own kiss. This
time the kiss was longer and even more pleasant.

The two woman traded kisses for a few minutes, their tongues
making the
briefest of contacts. Sharon felt the soft touch of the
material of her
teddy as Annette’s hand brushed against her thinly covered
breast. Her
hand closed on the older woman’s large globe, tickling
the hard erect
nipple as it did.

“That feels even nicer.” Annette purred between kisses.


“It gets better.” was the whispered reply.

Sharon pulled the edges of Annette’s black T-shirt out
from her jeans.
Then taking an even tighter hold on the material, she pulled
it up and
over her head. A smile filled the older woman’s face as she
looked down
and saw the small perfectly rounded globes beneath, wrapped
in their
fine black lace.

Easing the smaller girl back on to the soft cushions, Sharon
reached up
with her large hands and cradled each of her mounds. Moving
in a
counter-clockwise motion, she began to massage them,
playing with the small
nipples with her outstretched thumbs.

Pleased with Annette's reaction, Sharon leaned over
and kissed each
cloth covered nipple. Continuing to play with her left
breast, the super
ran her tongue across the exposed flesh of the right, leaving
a thin
trail of wetness.

Never missing a stroke, Sharon undid the small clasp that
held the
fragile bra together, causing the thin strips to fall by
the wayside. Her
mouth now sought out the rest of her guest's breasts
and began to suck
on them. Her roving tongue now covering the entire surface
them with
wetness. Annette shivered at the touch of Sharon's
lips on her smooth
flesh as her tongue teased Annette's small nubs. Each
lick bringing them to
a new hardness. Then her lips closed on them and every bite
and nibble
sent waves through Annette, causing her to emit soft moans.
Moans which
brought great joy to Sharon, spurring her on.

The redhead nuzzled at each breast for a while longer, running
tongue in circles around the areola. Then she began a slow
downward. A light film of saliva marked the trail of her
tongue as it slowly
moved down Annette's stomach and across her belly
button. Lower she went,
nibbling her way to the precious prize below. Finally she
reached the
thick leather belt and jeans that barred her from her prize.


“Let’s get this off.” Sharon said as she undid the belt.


Belt, pants and boots soon covered the carpeted floor,
leaving Annette
clad only in her black lace panties. They didn’t last long
as Sharon’s
fingers griped the elastic of Annette’s panties and pulled
them down to
and off her ankles.

Sharon reached down between Annette's legs and traced
the outline of
her dark mound with her finger. Then it moved to the center
and rubbed
against it. As her finger became lubricated by the wetness
there, she
slowly slid it between the folds. A soft gasp escaped Annette's
lips as
Sharon slid the finger in and out, soon following it with
a second.

Sharon kissed one thigh, then the other. Finally she kissed
the center
of Annette's ecstasy.

"Oh yes....Annette said as she reached down and guided
Sharon's head.
"It feels so good...."

The smell of Annette's crotch made Sharon lightheaded.
It was like
perfume to her. She reached out and parted the wet lips with
her fingers,
moving her tongue between them, driving it deep inside.
She closed her
eyes as she savored the taste, a taste she never grew tired

"Oh God, Sharon, " Annette said as her body
jumped at the touch. “ It
feels so wonderful.”

Encouraged, Sharon moved her pulsating mouth closer and
sought out
Annette's clit. She alternated between her finger
and her tongue, driving
Annette wilder with each stroke. A rhythm quickly developed
as Annette
reached down and held the redhead between her legs, then
lurched forward
with each movement of her lover's tongue.

Unable to use her hands any longer, Sharon reached behind
and grabbed
Annette's ass cheeks. Taking a firm grip against the
soft flesh of her
buttocks, Sharon pulled Annette's lower body harder
against her face.
This caused her tongue to be pressed just a little deeper
into her lover.

Annette began to gyrate faster as she felt herself nearing
Sharon could taste the increase in sweet nectar that was
now beginning to
flow in a steady stream around her tongue. She opened her
mouth wider in
eager anticipation.

The older woman was soon rewarded with a gusher of honey,
so much that
her lower face was soon covered with it. She held Annette
tight as she
screamed out loud and thrashed about it ecstasy. She hadn’t
had a
sexual release this good since Vanessa had left her.

Sharon continued to lick Annette's pussy, stopping
only when the
smaller girl finally laid still. She lay there between
her legs, softly
lapping at the delicious residue that had trickled down
her thighs.

“Now its your turn.” Sharon said as she looked up from between

Annette’s legs.

That was all the younger woman needed to hear. She reached
out and
pulled the flimsy garment off Sharon, exposing her large
plentiful mounds.
No sooner were they exposed to the open air when her mouth
was on them.
With a savage hunger, she took Sharon’s equally large nipples
her teeth and lips. The thought that these were the same
breasts that
Karen had once suckled at brought a sinful thrill to her.
One which
caused her inferno to blaze even hotter.

Even as her mouth feasted on Sharon’s bountiful charms,
Annette slid
her hand between Sharon’s legs. Sharon wore no panties
and her fingers
pressed against the bushy mouth.

Now it was Sharon’s turn to moan as she felt the touch of a
new lover’s

“Oh yes...” Sharon said softly as she leaned back against
the couch and
enjoyed Annette’s dual ministrations.

The constant friction of Annette’s hand against her clit
sent ripples
of delight radiating out from Sharon’s pussy. Coupled
with the
delightful mixture of bites and gentle kisses on her breasts,
it was enough to
quickly bring her to the edge of ecstasy.

Annette might not have had Sharon’s years of experience
but she had
learned a great deal in a very short time.

As the volume of the moans in Annette’s ears grew in intensity,
so did
the frequency of her penetrations. A small series of mini-quakes
to rock the older woman’s body.

Suddenly, Sharon’s body stiffened as the cascading waves
of bliss broke
on the shoals of her sexuality. Her pulse raced and her breaths
shallow. A fine film of sweat covered her body.

“Oh God!” she panted as she collapsed exhausted. “I can’t
believe how
long its been since I felt so good.”

Both woman laughed and held each other close. They shared
a kiss they
both found intoxicating as they tasted their own juices
in each others
mouth. They continued to share soft kisses, licking droplets
of honeydew
from around their lips.

“That was really fun.” Annette said laughingly.

“Care for a little more fun?” Sharon asked, a mischievous
expression on
her face.

“What kind of fun?” Annette asked.

“Have you ever played with toys?” Sharon asked.

“What kind of toys?” Annette asked, remembering the earlier
mention of
the Thursday nights at the Scarlett’s Rose.

“Toys like this.” Sharon explained as she pulled open one
of then end
tables and pulled out a rather large rubber dildo.

“Oh my.” Annette gasped, her hand covering her mouth.

“I guess not then.” Sharon said as she began to put the strap-on
into the draw.

“Wait, please.” Annette said. “I was just a little surprised,
all. It’s not exactly the kind of thing you expect someone
to have in
their living room.

“Well, normally I’d keep it in the table by my bed.” the older
said. “But I was expecting company tonight and I kind of
like doing it
out here.”

“It does have a certain excitement.” Annette agreed, remembering
she liked to play around outside of the bedroom as well.


“So are you game?” she asked again.

Annette thought about it for a few more moments. She’d played
vibrators and dildo’s before, but had only been really
penetrated by
another person during her three attempts at male/female
sex. Of those, only
the time with Danny had been somewhat enjoyable.

“What the hell.” Annette said. “Might be fun at that.”


Behind the Curtain: Part 4


Sharon wasted no time in adjusting the strap on the strap-on
she had
shown Annette earlier. Hanging down between her legs,
it looked even
larger than before. Strapped tight, a small nub at the base
of the rubber
cock extended into her own pussy, rubbing against her clit.

"Now the real fun begins." Sharon smiled.

A sudden feeling of apprehension filled Annette at the
thought of being
penetrating by that monster. It was bigger than any of the
few men she
had known. She opened her mouth to say something but something
held her
back. Annette remained mute as Sharon reached out and pulled
her up off
the couch.

"Over the edge!" She ordered in an authoritative
tone as she bent
Annette over the arm of the couch.

From a small tube in her hand, Sharon smeared a large amount
of clear
lubricant over the cockhead of her dildo. Then she pushed
her slippery
fingers down between Annette's legs and up into her
already lubricated
pussy. She pushed all five fingers in, stretching the opening.


"Oooo" moaned Annette as she felt the initial

Sharon pressed her naked body up against the back of Annette's
own. She
lifted her hanging cock and positioned the head against
the now
saturated tunnel.

"Spread those beautiful legs, honey." Sharon
whispered into Annette's
ear as she nibbled at it. "Cause you're going
to love this." she added
with a kiss.

With that she began rubbing the round tip of her cock up and
down the
length of Annette's pussy before taking a firm grip
and pushing it
within her.

"Aaaaa!" Annette yelled as she felt herself
being penetrated .

"Relax." Sharon said as she eased the dildo
out a little, before
pushing it back in twice the depth of her first attempt.


Sharon reach around and rubbed her fingers against Annette's
Doggy style was her favorite position, it gave her such
a feeling of
superiority. Her frantic motions against the small nub
at the top of
Annette's cunt helped distract her from the pain as
Sharon began to thrust
deeper within her with an ever increased frequency.

Gradually, the pain lessened and gave way to an increasing
Even through the artificial cock, Sharon could feel the
walls of
Annette's cunt grabbing hold of her as she thrusted
inside her one more time.

"You love this, don't you?" Sharon asked
between thrusts as she grabbed
both of the taller woman's hips and pulled her ass hard
against her.

"Oh yes, " Annette panted as she began to match
Sharon's rhythm and draw
the dildo deeper inside her.

Sharon slid her hands up and down Annette's body as
she continued to
fuck her with ever increasing ferocity. Her fingers closed
tight against
her breasts as she used them to pull Annette against her
time after
time. .

Sharon pushed Annette's head and shoulders down across
the arm of the
couch, giving her greater access to the depths of her pussy.
constant rubbing against her own love button was sending
her into pre-orgasmic
fits as well. Hot sweat covered each of their bodies as both
shook with
the energy and passion of unrestricted sex.

Words between them were no longer possible, the best they
could manage
were animalistic grunts. Yet even those were being constantly

interrupted by frantic gasps for breath.

Totally lost in the fury of her passion, Sharon grabbed
Annette's dark
hair and pulled her head back. With a fierce fire in her dark
Sharon pressed her lips hard against the helpless girl
beneath her. The
taste of their tongues as they intertwined was enough to
push her to
within an inch of the abyss.

"Deeper." Annette gasped as Sharon's
tongue slid out of her mouth.

Try as she could, it would've been physically impossible
for Sharon to
get any more inside Annette. At least in the position they
were in.

"On the floor!" Sharon commanded as she pulled
the dildo all the way
out. "On your back!"

Not even giving Annette time to comply, the older woman
pushed her onto
her back. She followed her a moment later and rammed the
large rubber
cock between her outstretched legs.

Annette screamed in ecstasy as Sharon drove the dildo it's
full length
within her. Sharon's massive mounds pressed hard
against Annette's
smaller globes, causing an electric tingling as their
nipples touched.

Burying her temporary manhood deep inside her new lover,
Sharon's body
quaked in anticipation of the explosion she knew was imminent.
her, Annette was lost in a similar state.

Continuing to pump away with all of her strength, Sharon
was taken by
surprise when Annette reached up with her legs and wrapped
them around
her buttocks, allowing her to penetrate to an even greater
depth. Her
arms also wrapped around her, binding them together in
an unbreakable

"Fuck me!" Annette screamed at the top of her
lungs. A cry so loud that
for a moment Sharon wondered it she could be heard out on
the street.

One final thrust was enough to unleash the explosion that
had been
building within the two of them. Both bodies jerked violently
as they were
consumed by the bodyquake that ripped through each of them.


Annette drove her nails deep into Sharon's back as
an orgasmic
paralysis gripped her. Sharon continued to plummel the
captive pussy that was
pressed so tightly against her own. Until she too was gripped
by that
same loss of control.

Their journey through the endless ether of sexual bliss
was both
instantaneous and timeless. Fireworks filled the sky
and rivers of joy
caressed their quivering forms. Soft, quiet moans filled
the air as hearts
raced uncontrolled.

As has been written many times, all good things must end
and eventually
the fire that had claimed both women cooled and their sweat
bodies began to collapse.

Sharon was simply too exhausted to even pull her strap on
from within
Annette. Instead she simply stoked her now cool skin and
planted a
gentle kiss on her lips. The fires of aggression had cooled
within her, and
now all she wanted to do was rest.


The morning sun filtering in from the windows found the
two of them
still intertwined. Sharon had awakened first but had been
reluctant to
wake her guest. Instead she had just laid there and enjoyed
the warmth of
her body pressed tightly against her own.

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