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Beginning of a lasting neighbor-Holidaying before its home


After the dinner at Brian’s place, three of us met on regular
basis at Brian’s place…we went out to night outs and dinners,
we found our selves fond of each other. In the meantime by
now I have introduced Brian and his wife Melani on the phone
to my wife, by now Melani and my wife text on mobile and talk
to each other. So far I’m glad wife is fond of meeting them
soon (as normal friends I suppose! lol), she is not aware
of our bonding as two couples yet… With my work extending my stay back here, I had longer time
to spend with Brian and Melani on separately too, I felt
their home a home to me, we would spend normal evenings watching
movies…especially love the moments I got to spend time
with Melani at her place when Brian had out of city sports
events to cover! Oh he would call very often to join us on
the phone or messenger when he in hotel room! Melani is very
energetic at her age of 51…specially sexually she is roused
very often and easily…hmmm I’m glad I’m use to regular sex
and odd times too with wife, Time I met my wife 5 years ago,
she was not very active, once our lives blend, we started
having very often and she opened up! Melani has similar color to my skin but even in brown, makes
her sexy when naked! Ahhh I love to watch her drop her clothing
for me…her nipples are as large as olives & my wife’s,
but fatter! Stands erected! Her breasts fill her chest
area and perks forward well. She has mild love tyres that
make her look a mid age mom. Looking at my picture, I would
call her slightly fleshy (which attracts her as a mature
woman). Wonderful large round ass, she has no hair around
her pussy, her clit erects and emerge out of her small looking
cunt! (A pussy lickers dream cunt! I enjoy licking her for
long periods). She enjoys talking about how she and Brian
enjoys sex, hearing more, find me and wife have similarities
minus having access anal sex… but wife loves when
I finger her while fucking & licking cunt…I’m glad
Melani revealed how Brian would engage in anal sex so often
and how he would get her to finger & rim his anal and even
use her slim ass dildo!!! She tells me how his cock and knob
enlarges when he’s inside her cunt! I believe her! Some
days we’d end up waking naked and living the whole time naked
around the house…We all have a liking to smoke cannabis…(I
guess that’s where the sexual power comes huh! lol) We have bonded so well, we would spend all the spare time
together. Over a period of months and months and months
passed by. Melani and Brian are so eager to meet up with my
wife, she was held with her work back at home, she was not
in a position to fly down here for a vacation. I and wife invited
our couple friends over to our place. During this time Brian’s
works was intensified and he was chosen to cover international
sports. Brian spent much of his time at new projects for
the next four months, by end of it he was promoted to international
sports editor, but he loved covering the events by him self.
This matter one day I and Brian went out to celebrate and
have a talk, we wanted to celebrate plus have private time
while at it, which helped us to talk long, so we booked a service
apartment and had the required supply to last our celebration,
this was one of the times I and Brian spent…actually this
was the first time I have spend a night with a male, knowing
the sexual activities’ nature subsequent to celebrations,
this period was stressful for both with work and business,
but since of we being open on our lifestyle I felt Brian was
comforting and integration was natural. Melani was told
we were spending the nigh out and she wanted to join us…she
was understanding to let the horny boys talk it out, this
night made the change in life for all of us including my wife.

We smoked some cannabis and had many cocktails and some
rock music to sooth minds, combination we all know how we’d
end up…but for my surprise Brian started opening his mouth
with words, when I heard I felt a gush of blood thru my body,
made my face flush! He informed me of;

Brian: Hey Shaik, I wanted you to know first of some decisions
I have decided, I have been invited to the board of directors

Shaik: (I got up from the sofa us sitting on and embraced
him to hug and congratulate) oh wow! Congratulations buddy!
Mmmmmmmm this mean your bill just got fatter for tonight!!!
Finally you got what you deserve and plenty time free!

Brian: (Embraces tightly while wishing him and continue
talking standing) Oh yeah buddy I have been waiting for
this for a while…that’s not all, I’m paid a bonus and few
things that add up to my perks, I’ve been thinking about
your suggestion to buy a place back near your home…what
do you say Shaik?

Shaik: I’m so thrilled Brian! You are exciting me! You’re
not kidding right?

Brian:  I really mean it…

Shaik: hmmm nothing much to think Brian, this means we have
a reason to go back, my wife will be shocked and over the moon?
By the way, Amy and your wife doing pretty well bonding aren’t

Brian: Mel has been talking to her and text too, spoke to
your wife the other day, she will be, her idea of we coming
over on holiday is granted…you seemed all flushed Shaik!

Shaik: Yeah buddy I can imagine where we’d end up eventually!

By this time we had few more cocktails Brian concocted and
lit a cigarette to digest the news Brian revealed…Brian
decided to take off his shirt and inner T shirt, while I did
the same, we took our conversation to the balcony of the
apartment, we overlooking a lake with an island in it well
lit the night…it has a aqua blue dome dazzle the area.

Shaik: Hey Brian, this is so coincidental…I & wife
have been thinking to sell our 5 room annexed house…we have
not lived in this house long, we stayed until our main house
was built when we bought the property, it’s no small annex
buddy, before I say too much would love to offer to sell if
you’ll going to live…both the houses within the compound
very private and outside passerby and distant neighbors
can’t see any activity, we had the problem of finding the
right people to live beside us…

Brian: (Brian interrupts) Say no more! We would love to
Shaik! Oh wow! This gets deeper today faster than how we
have been progressed in our friendship Shaik! I’m sure
Melani will be surprised in many ways…you know buddy how
much I would love to enjoy life as much as rest of you’ll,
So where is it about your home?

Shaik: Well it’s the city limits but highly residential,
believe me when I say that, for an emergency you will have
to drive to find a convenient store! Our property is the
last on the road, back part is also my property, well it’s
meant for the scenic beauty and security we bought, thickish
tall trees and shrubbery area, we call our nature hideout…we
even gone for walks naked buddy! The closest neighbor’s house is fair bit away, they got
a large lawn between us! Lol oh yeah… granite parapet walls
around both houses. I think it has all what you want in your home, master bedroom
is on ground floor with its own living area and mini pantry
with the works and spiral steps lead to bed area with a walk
in wardrobe full glass toilet with Jacuzzi out in the balcony…overlooking
the forestry…you’ll enjoy the view in the morning with
sunrise front of house and sun settles down in the master

Brian: (Listening so engrossed, lost in his own fantasy
of thoughts, stretches his arms to reach my shoulder, hold
firm and hugs while lets out a wide smile) Aren’t we lucky
we met…are you sure you’ll would like to have us as neighbors?
Hmmm are we talking thru our spirits here?

Shaik: No no Brian, I would love to have you and Melani as
neighbors…I will talk to wife too, she will be pleased!
Your wife will be very pleased! I love to have you and Melani
closer! Well buddy, how about you?

Brian: Yeah! I’m comfortable and most of all we are happy
to be your neighbors! So Shaik please talk to Amy tomorrow,
we’ll need to schedule the next few months, I have requested
for Sepang circuit championship coverage, this should
be a month project and we could attend to paper works while
at it.

Brian in the mean time walked back into hall and fixed both
of us more cocktails and left on the coffee table, while
he strode to washroom…by the time he got back he was walking
towards the sofa where we were seated in a men’s lingerie!
It was silk see thru fabric covering his cock and balls bulge
and ass crack only, it has thin strings crossing across
ass cheeks, leaving most ass part naked, his mood was very
sensual and excited after the bombshells at the beginning
of our celebration! He in fact handed me a gift…my own lingerie!
Sky blue sheer thin silks! It was the right time to take my turn visiting the washroom,
I returned wearing Brian’s gift only, I sense his happiness,
his face always lights up with his comforting smile, his
large bumpy nose tend to smile with it…very sexual part
in his wife’s opinion and true to that Brian is very active
sexually (Melani is in no doubt the most sexually active
I have come across! She loves to prolong enjoyment). I have
many times fantasized he using his nose sexually on my wife!
Moment I started wearing the thong, my cock responded fast
to fill the least fabric area, by the time I went and sat on
sofa, the bulge was twitching with freedom! Lol we started
on our cocktails with a brief silence around us…probably
the first time silence prevailed around us! By now the cocktails
started to work thru my body, cannabis buzzing…oh gosh
I’m throbbing in my lingerie!

Shaik: Wow Brian…you got me all excited and cocktails started
to get in faster I think!

Brian: Hehehe…today we are gulping! And night is still
young in our cases! I’m thinking how things worked in our
way buddy…mmmmmmmm very sexy cock inside thong…

Shaik: Thanks buddy always loved thongs, finally I got
my partner to wear with, I bet our wife’s will go nuts about!
Its soo comfy Brian!

Brian: mmmmmmmm mine too, I bought a few this time…plenty
to go around! Hehehe, would wild to tryout with our wife’s…ohhh
mmmmm I’m already feeling the wild sex we’d end up, wish
you had better pictures of your wife to show…lets talk about
your wife…I’m so excited Shaik! Has she had any boyfriends
before you? Any guys uncut like me?

Shaik: you got my cock all harden…yeah way before we met
she’d had a boyfriend and uncut like you too lol,

Brian: mmmmmmmm wow she loves to be open…

Shaik: he’s dark as you too, not good sex though, only thing
liked about was sucking his cock while he fingers her pussy
and anal, not been much into sex and was not able to open up
as it was a brief relationship

Brian: mmmmmmmm sucking we all love… (Noticing Brian fondling
his cock over thong, every second grows in size) does she
suck deep throat and swallow when Cumming? Oh I’m all horny

Shaik: (I my self couldn’t resist my cocks advance, reached
and fondling soft) She requested on our first time together…she
asked if she could suck my cock, I was so excited man! Her
lips know my cock well and take right in! Not in the 5 years
of marriage she has swallowed  but I feel that may
change in months to come lol

Brian: you mean two loads to double the pleasure? Hehehe
=8b \8b

Shaik: gosh you know to seduce a cock… (I pull out my rock
hard cock from the side with balls firmed up with hot cum
bubbling…pre cum leaking to shine the knob), I love to play
with my cock often and prolonged…

Brian: (he pulled out his cock in similar state as mine…but
his shiny black fore skin covering his blown cock knob)
Oh yes Shaik, nothing to beat a good long session of cock
play! I guess this is why we are meant to be friends and neighbor!

Shaik: Nice…I love to watch you pull and push fore skin on
cock shaft… (Slight smile) oh gosh mine throbbing…hold
mine and feel the throb Brian…

Brian: (arm leans forward while looking at my cock been
touched by his palms for the first time) mmmmmmmm your cock
so hard Shaik…smooth skin to stroke too, I love your young
cock… (He moves his entire body closer while his hard cock
swing sensually in the air…shifts his whole cock and balls
out of thong). Please hold mine…stroke how ever you enjoy…play
with my uncut cock…only we had a cam Shaik! We could make
our wife’s jealous Hehehe…

Shaik: Man I bet our wife’s will say that all the time when
they start connecting…ooooh Brian you cock throbbing
in my palms I feel your cock getting hard…mmmmmmmmmm wow
so horny feeling isn’t it? Hope we don’t make us cum now!!!
To early and too little talking between us! Lol

Brian: Hehehe oh no buddy I love the longer play…wish we
could take long as a Test cricket match for 5 days!!!

Shaik: oh man! We’ll have to go in wheel chair home!

Brian: (Hold my cock firm as he feel my cock reached full
hardness, strokes slow and soft rubbing my pre cum on upper
knob, drives a sensitive hard buzz thru my body… he reached
my cock knob with his centre thick lips of his mouth! Kisses
the tip) mmmmmmmm love the taste of your pre cum… mild salty,
(reaches even lower to take quarter of my cock into his mouth,
yet to touch by inner skin, but I start feeling his warm mouth

Shaik: OOOOHHH gosh Brian you sucking my cock!!! (I pears
my eye at Brian’s mouth slurping slowly deeper, I feel his
tongue moving around to feel my lower sensitive fore skin,
licking my pre cum around, I feel his hand move on my firm
shaved balls, his fingers and palms massage and feel thru…
spread your legs and let me fondle your uncut cock Brian!
Mmmmmmmm very sexy to watch you play my cock inside your

Brian: slurp hhhhmmmmmm slurp hhhhmmmmmm best cockcicle
I have sucked…glad to have as the only cock I would love to
suck… (Blushes all over both)

We were very horny celebrating many things happened and
many things takes place from now…until I met Brian, I have
not engaged bisexually, he made the occasion normal and
enjoyable as normal it could be, he controlled my cocks
behaviour and held long hours we got on the thick rug beside
the sofa and position to 69 with my cock straight up while
Brian’s cock hard and lowered to my mouth, moment we got
sucking we had it going for long time…never thought my cock
could hold hot cum that long!

We eventually wrapped up our male bonding into early morning,
ended sleeping on the bed luckily…lol After many weeks we had arranged Brian and Melani to fly
from a week and I took off home to arrange our house to be inspected
by Brian and his wife, well that is the excuse and final destination
for our lives in future! Back at home, I bought many sexy
lingerie & bikini wear for wife. She was very happy
we found Brian and wife as neighbor, she was eager to impress,
we went shopping, I tempted her to buy some evening dresses
and low cut tops. Mmmmmmmmmm that night was blown with sex!
Wife pleased all over the place! We even went over to annex
house naked, fucked and played where ever pleased us, we
like the steam room and around the indoor pool.

Shaik: You think Brian and Melani will like this as their
home dear? (We lying naked beside the pool edge on stretch
chairs while enjoying cannabis to boost our fire! after
sex inside the steam room. I inhale a large glob of smoke
and pass over to wife, my cock in sensitive feeling moment
yet twitching from the sex we had, just softened to semi
hard) dear are you ok with them around us more often than
we have any people coming home…

Amy:  I would love some company and it would be nice
to be with comfortable people dear…with your business
running around I will have company too

Shaik: yes I think it would be best... (I move my hand over
her thigh to feel her soft skin, matter of seconds her nipples
react and contract to enlarge, her right nipple area forms
a thick line while left keeps a round shape…my favorite
part next to her pussy to suck! I turn side to face her and
enjoy her breasts…

Amy: mmmmmmmm baby you are getting excited again, (she
responds and moves to face me while her left breast rest
on her arm, I approach to feel her nipples and fondle her
breasts) Is Brian going to be working from here and how about
you baby…I wish you could work from home more often…we enjoy
our company too little, I miss you sexy cock around me too
baby…I need more sex all the time now…sometimes I wonder
if my hormones changed baby! Lol nah I don’t think us pregnant

Shaik: Oh really!!! Are you joking dear? You know how much
I love you being pregnant dear…mmmmmmmm does it mean more
milk? (My cock almost erect to full, mind running of sexual
encounters I had with Brian and Melani, the night with Brian
was indeed bonding, we love to text on mobile about sexual
activities we have, he’s been updated and we talk about
our erotic self pleasure, few times masturbated while
chatting on phone)

A week passed so slow, I guess the anticipation far higher…we
arranged a vehicle for our new neighbors to come, it was
early morning flight that took off ground last night, knowing
Brian, he hardly slept, he had been messaging until he sat
on flight, Melani running through last minute checks on
how much known and not know to my wife yet, actually was simple
equation…but the disparity so wide, she had a moment to
sit and think while sitting for three plus hours flight!
I felt Melani’s eager to spend wild times specially with
me…I loved the first moment I laid my eye on her…she feel
the same and very caringly…would it be bad to say she has
a motherly touch between us, I feel and ponder very much
sometimes…hmmmm too much of thoughts to think already,
too much ahead for a long time…

An hour later they landed, finally we greeted them at their
new home in future, we decided to move in to the same but to
master suite for the time being…for the last times as our
part of home . Amy finally greeted Brian and Melani
at entrance, wife was in white fairly low deep cut T-shirt
top and tight black ¾ cargo pant, she really looks much younger
than 45, her lower neck short black hair swings sides when
she talks…her neck dangles and glitter of necklace and
ear rings and bracelet to match, she embraced Melani in
tight hugs to welcome home, kisses flourish the moment,
Brian eagerly moves closer…smells her sweet fragrance
mixed with cinnamon, embraced her close and placed a warm
kiss on her lips and cheeks later, had quick laughs and we
settled at hall, Melani was wearing long shirt with red
and white stripes, and ¾ white linen pant with rope to tie
around hips. Brian also in linen but black pants and pastel
pale sky blue short sleeve shirt with his top two buttons
off to reveal fair bit of pumped chest, he hardly have hair
on his body naturally lol no hair at all around cock and balls
too, I maintain shaved all over cock and balls, for a change
wife is sporting a medium trim bush around her pussy and
no hair on her body.

The moment we settle at the hall, there maintained a constant
conversational audio that gave the place life it deserved,
all praises to maintaining of a beautiful place with ideal
layout…our duplex suite entrance faces the hall while
having private entrance to indoor pool and spa area, beside
hall is open deck mini bar table top while pantry extended
along with full open cooking kitchen for cooking hobby.
Beside and by the corridor is where our future neighbor’s
room located with a large bed, walk in wardrobe and full
glass toilet, bath and Jacuzzi. Two single sofa and a coffee
table alone with a cooler. Other three rooms located opposite
to Brian’s room along the first back garden entrance. The
whole property along with the main house is centered surrounding
lush tall trees and forestry atmosphere.

It is mutually happy moments we spent talking, this made
all of us very comfortable and welcomed warm enough to carry
on as usual…Brian made his break through to bring up a celebration
on this occasion, I welcome the idea and pretended so we
are doing something about it! Wife had prepared breakfast.
We moved to garden area and enjoyed more new moments, it
was hard not to notice Brian would praise the interior layout
to wife, she feels appreciated for her value addition to
home. The women makes the house a home and goes on…
We stayed longer enough to enjoy the morning view and rays
to relax lazy…with coffee and smokes as chasers to our conversations,
we found our selves engrossed about our future living beside,
excitement, holidays we would take places to visit and
things to know where to do dinner and night life and activities.
Timely Brian threw the first rope around Amy by asking how
he could get cannabis around and all related to cannabis!
Lol she laughed and admitted being a local she depends on

Amy: It so expensive here, unlike Sri Lanka, but the cannabis
here are fresh and plenty variety Brian…I'm sure we
would have smoke more than 10 varieties, we love the “Master
kush” (She feels embarrassed by knowing fair bit about
cannabis, her face blushes as she continues to talk along)
would be ideal time of the day to smoke now…

Brian: oh wow what did I do? Hehehe yes Amy it would be nice
to smoke some out here…

Shaik: well well business as usual then… (Wife walks towards
the hall and our suite to fetch our cannabis, I realize Brian’s
eyes focused on Amy’s figure and ass shakes, I found a moment
to warmly hold Melani’s hands)

Amy: Shall we share the stick in turn? (She lights the cannabis
while seating, her body leans forward to avoid hood striking,
this is the first time Brian noticed most her breasts) mmmmmmmm
(inhales few large puffs and pass it over to Melani)

Melani: Thanks love, I’ve been hearing good medical benefits
to stimulate life (she lets out a slight laugh)

Brian: (with high anticipation of getting to right mood
he watches Melani enjoy her share of cannabis, he reaches
out for his turn, Wife obliges mans’ eager) thank you Mel
dear am sure its’ good as I’ve been told (He inhales and puffs
several times) mmmmmmmm it has a sweet taste and fruity
flavor Shaik! I love it…good choice Amy…

Amy: Thank you  we like to smoke Kush early in the
day, lighten mood and body, oh dear we have begun celebrating
I suppose Brian…

Melani: that’s nice Amy dear let’s do what ever the mood
takes us, but as a woman I would love a tour of the house! Could
we smoke while we take the tour dear?

Amy: Ah that’s my favorite part, shall we all start off from
master suite…

We all left our out door sitting with wife’s in our arms trolled
towards the entrance and walked in towards bedroom hall
area, large as the outer hall but with longer stretch sofa
in “L” shape cushioned with soft black leather, complimented
with white Persian rug spread the whole floor area covered,
beside passing is spiral wooden stairs leading up to bed
area and walk in wardrobe one side and a open toilet with
glass around bath shower and Jacuzzi, walk pass it is the
main balcony entrance which leads towards open forestry
view, rest chairs spread on white marble floor. Some hours
later we had come back to hall… then I noticed Brian’s pant
zip had not been zipped! Since his pants and skin color not
much in contrast it was hardly noticeable! I realized his
eyes dilated, due to cannabis and heat that created in his
body, knowing how seductive Brian could be I didn’t ponder
much as to why is it down…I was feeling horny after my revelation,
made me peek more and more, oh what a situation, wife’s chatting
about, Me and Brian catching up on usual work business,
he’s seated facing me and wife, Melani seated beside Amy,
my blood rushed with thoughts of if wife begins to notice
what I’m enjoying to my self so far…or has she noticed before
me!?! What a predicament! He’d draw some attention and
converse with Amy, as curiosity killed the cat I never gave
up trying to figure out what Brian was covering his horny
cock and balls with, thought of him in thongs made my bulge
active rapidly…did not take that long to notice he has not
failed to wear black thong, by this time his bulge do tend
to flash when he places his legs crossed, as time passes
by and reached into late afternoon, this was the time fatigue
and stone feeling setting into body. We excused the couple
to freshen up and enjoy some rest before we catch up for the
early evening.

By seven five in the evening Brian and Melani met with us
back in the hall, Brian finding home feeling, he decided
to wear beige linen cargo shorts and batik shirt while Melani
in shirt top and cabbage shorts to match, which was very
sexy on her while her shirt held her breasts firm…we had
coffee and muffins and nuts to keep us going, no sooner Brian
volunteered to prepare his cocktails and all agreed. Stroke
of roping again, he drew Amy’s attention to assist in preparing
them as she would know where utensils and ingredients,
Amy was happy to watch him prepare and learn as he prepares,
while wife approached the fruits drawer in the fridge,
I watch Brian enjoying Amy’s rear view, he’s been attending
to his bulge every time Amy turn away…I could see his cock
bulged well inside his shorts, to start off we smoked a few
more of other types of cannabis and sipping fresh brewed
coffee until cocktail concoction is prepared. Even though
this time Brian had his shirt out covering much of his bulge
area, when in motion it’s visible, he is indeed horny and
ready to break ice in the entire arctic! He had part of his
zip down, made to look slipping on its own…Brian and Amy
got busy on the bar top table gathering pace, according
to wife they preparing blackberry, blackcurrant and grape
juice with ginger and crushed ice mixed in Vodka for real
kicks! Boy he is turning screws and it is evident cohesiveness
already…once in a way me and Melani walk up to the couple
in action, last time we were mingling around I noticed wife’s
nipples emerging to show thru her top, I pretend not to notice…then
I looked for Brian’s short area…my body felt a flush of blood!
His zip hardly up and his bulge having peeks thru his thong,
I was very close to him while Melani had her eyes on Amy, I
reach my hand toward his bulge to feel his horny uncut cock…he
jerked closer for a split second, hidden cock enlarged
instantly and revealed more…I casually moved from him
and walked towards Amy and Melani… she was talking to Amy
while her breast brushing Amy’s arms, I made my way toward
the sitting and lit a cigarette, attracted Melani to join
me, Brian thanking for letting them get on with cocktails
(Actually he thanked for the moment and letting him flash
more of his manhood, if that was not visible for anyone to
see in the room! Wife had straight view of him while discussing
and much room for looking elsewhere) Brian as nothing is
matter of concern other than working with my wife, they
both side by side add on concoction, so wonderful to notice
wife’s nipples could be seen from here, Brian had attracted
attention unnoticed. While later Amy carries two cocktails
for us while Brian bringing two more and handing co host
one…we cheered and gulped in few shots and poured fresh
glasses…we decided to take it to lawn as the sun begins to
set and sky holing bright weather for night…

It was moments after moments with smiles and laughs, ups
and down of life keep us chattering into late evening, many
rounds of cocktails accompanied. I was enjoying how Brian
and Melani blended with us, by now we had enjoyed almost
half of the large jar of cocktails…all seemed to know each
other well enough now. I love secret peeks and secret flash,
I my self was wearing the thong Brian got me, I notice how
wife’s nipples perking thru her T-shirt, Brian had his
zip unattended all the while, my thoughts of how much of
Brain’s manhood been flashed! My cock start throbbing
and body heat hitting the roof! I reached toward wife’s
hand and kissed softly and presented his moment as the gift
of love and happiness, Yeah I know to rake my wife to sensual
kiss to accept, she thanked for finding Brian and Melani
to neighbor us for years to come.

Brian: hey ladies how about we take this celebration to
the waters!!! Huh? We still got half a jar to enjoy and more
to make when we run out right Amy? She’s my official co host
for tonight’s bash! What do you say Amy?

Amy: Thanks Brian, next time let me prepare with your assistance…wow
this is nice not that I have had many and often…dear how about
it? Shall we show our new neighbor the indoor pool and test
out if it’s right temperature to float! Hehehehehe

Melani: mmmmmmmm that would be nice boys…who knew we had
all the things we want to party with Shaik! I love this surprise
Shaik…love you Brian…( That moment of time I caught wife’s
peek at Brian’s bulge and this time I noticed his cock fully
blown and had visible thru his thong sheer fabric, Brian
noticing spontaneously, greeted with her smile in appreciation
and anticipation for more! I can imagine her nipples rock
hard after that sight, pearsing to rip thru her bra and T-shirt
to reveal! Taking no time I moved my attention towards Melani.
This gives much room required to flare up fires all over!
Melani decided to go in and change into her bikini)

Shaik: Oh yeah lets all get into our bikini and meet in the
pool, (Wife and me eagerly went up to our suite and hurried
back in our sexy bikini, she wore light orange thin soft
silk bra and thong & me in light blue cabbage bikini
short which had enough room to have my cock semi hard without
much notice)

We walked up to pool side with all refreshments wife and
Brian prepared along with cocktails and waiting our couple
to arrive, thru the glass door of main pool entrance we saw
Brian walked in front in his black cabbage bikini short
sporting a relatively large bulging cock! Melani wore
deep blue of wife’s bikini, her breasts sides pouring out
and her nipples very erected…Brian opened the door and
walked in first with a camera hanging over his neck! it was
a moment where it is noticed and enjoyed very much but yet
how smoothly not embarrassed nor made comments about,
I could see Brian’s eye gazing upon my wife’s breasts area,
noticing her erected excitement, it was a untold moment
but well appreciated in indirect compliments…Brian take
the camera off his neck and poses to take a picture of us seated
by the pool edge chairs, wife leans closer to pose with a
wide smile on her pumped up face…I put my hand over her shoulder
and around neck while hand hangs brushing against her left
breast…I purposefully had my palm cover her breast as to
pose…few flashes clicked and they approached closer,
Brian’s cock ever more noticing…mine erecting fast with
excitement! He leaned towards me to hand the camera, requesting
their picture been taken, they moved back few steps to fill
the camera screen of there full body, Brian crept his hand
between Melani’s ram and lowest part of breasts just to
brush and settle, I noted adjustments to waste few seconds
for him to position his hand around her breast and clicked
away few pictures for album. We all dipped into pool, water
covered us 2/3’s of body leaving the ladies tops well dry
yet…screaming hard nipples waiting to be sucked but yet
that ice remains to be broken and time will tell…I felt it
was time to continue taking pictures and hoping will easy
more towards our anticipating sexual bonding…

Shaik: come on buddy let me take some pictures us in the pool,
(While Brian moved to position him self between Melani
and my wife! It was the moment he waited for in his expressions,
in his innocent way of offering to make a good picture, moved
the ladies turned towards his sides. Wife and Melani making
fun of the situation having a laugh around, my thoughts,
reactions where making me blush, my cock throbbing hard
under, part jutting out camera still on my hand positioning
to fill all three perfectly, Brian moves his hands around
Melani and my wife, very comfortably on their shoulders.
I click few shots)

Brian: did you get that Shaik? Ok take a few more! Let me sit
on the edge and ladies stay in the water in front of me…Shaik
can you see all of us?

Shaik: ok almost…ladies need to get closer…

Brian: let me spread my legs, and then ladies cuddle each
other and rest on either thigh… (It’s wild and fun taking
pictures of us, wife and Melani was pressed against their
bosoms, Brian felt his body in ecstasy he reached to their
shoulders and dragged further towards him, making them
lean cozy inside his thigh area and if he risks hugging them
closer…would have them rub on his horny bulge! But who will
have the pleasure having most part against him?! I can see
in the camera screen, long with Melani, Amy cuddled in Brian’s
thigh well in, wife’s nipples popping thru her bikini Melani’s
half breast each jutting out! I clicked many as possible)
Oh wow I’m in the company of my most beautiful women in my
life! Come on Shaik I want nice poses from you with our wife’s…let
me click some pictures…

Amy: Come on dear let Brian take some pictures…we want to
sit on the edge while you stand between the ladies… (I moved
closer holding on to each other thighs while wives with
their chests shiny with water seated, clicks flash and
we changed positioned to take many as we can!)

Brian: Mel dear your turn to make the boys look hot with Amy!
The two men closer to home lol Hehehe he found some comfort
in each other. (We let my wife climb the edge and we stood
beside in the pool, Brian wrapped his rams around my waist
and eventually sliding lower to feel my ass and likewise
my hands head to his side of his cock to feel how hard it was…Brian
kept backing until we reached wife’s spread legs to welcome
both in by her as how Brian held the ladies…her inner thighs
rubbed against our sides of rib cage, her soft smooth skin
was sensual)

After many wild photo pose session we had some cocktails
while floating about and that caught up an hour or so, water
and sex seems to be a good combination, we spent long time
sipping cocktails beside each other, Brian was eager to
reach opposite end of the pool with the company of Amy…
he asked is she would like to swim with him (They knew they
both enjoy swimming often and as Brian swims everyday after
work and over the time Amy and Brian talked, he knew she will
oblige…they reached the edge of this end of pool and strolled
slow strokes to take them over the other end and back to this
end in no time, they both synchronized to reach at the same
time, was a lovely site to watch my wife’s sexy ass maneuver
the cutting water, they worked their way back to other end
and gasped for breath)

Melani: What did I tell you about my Brian, baby…she is a
very attractive and much younger looking for her age…I
bet your’ll have wild sex all the time, she so sexy baby…I
love to have her on my own too soon…lol

Shaik: I can see that Melani moma! His nose is talking when
he’s in heat!! lol have you noticed?

Melani: I notice every night in him baby…your wife will
say the same… let’s finish the cocktails so we can get our
horny couple to prepare some and give us ample room to frolic
alone baby…baby I missed you so much, we hardly had sex as
often as we use to have while with you…come here and give
moma a hug… (My cock throbbed and let out the whole shaft…while
Melani hugged to embrace she felt my cock and squeezed hard
to indicate how much she missed) Look at the lovebird’s
baby! They are on teaching finer art of swimming…is it Shaik?

Shaik: Knowing Brian, indeed it is the lessons of seduction
and arousal of sexual glands in full bloom!!! (Noticing
Brian and my wife look upon us in the hugging position, with
courteous smiles on their lit up faces)

We have been on either corners of the pool with each others
wives, engrossed in our own thoughts and talks…never seem
to be any distress on wife…I imagine the excitement and
cocktails with sexy cannabis in the system has helped most
of what’s going on, what is good about it, we all not lost
our senses nor have been intoxicated in lust nor alcohol,
sheer honest feels of comfort beside each other and mutual
understanding driving and feeding sexual hunger

Brian: Wow Amy you a good swimmer, I’m glad we could swim
everyday and found the right partner…how long you been
swimming? Do you like the back stroke and breast stroke…

Amy: (   blushes on her face)
few years before I met Shaik…sadly I learnt in my late thirties,
I wanted to reduce my fat around belly Brian, mmmmmmmm love
your smooth swimming, I bet you been swimming since a kid…I
love all styles of swimming and when I want to relax my senses
I use breast stroke first for few laps and then back stroke.
(By now Brian positioned him self few feet away from Amy,
giving just room to look at each other in full length of body,
my cock throbbing under my bikini and straightened out
revealing thru the water…it is indeed a entangled moment
between Brian and Amy, his cock is certainly very much jutting
by now, but hard to say if his foreskin still covered cock
knob, both leaning over the pool edge, Brian getting flesh
in the view right in front of him, her nipples pointed in
front of Brian’s face is enough breaking of ice…he seems
to melt her away from me and his wife over this corner)

Brian: Oh yes Amy, back in school every day after school
me and few friends use the pool, since the hot weather we
tend to have the pool to our selves, can you believe we had
a swimming competition among the friend naked! Hehehe…well
so nice to have a private pool huh… (Brian glances at Amy’s
face and fish her beautiful smile, her eyes twinkles… he
leans towards her face and kisses with thanking her…she
giggles and turns her face towards us…

Melani: (In approval Melani smile at her and winks back,
in the meantime Melani rubs her hand on my rib cage area and
upper chest until she feel my erected nipples) Amy dear
we are running low on cocktails…co hosts should keep the
fountain flowing… and she giggles and winks at Brian (in
confirmation of animal instinct mating territory restriction
for individual private indulgence to explore ones sexual
vitality and strength of stamina, all of us wanting to enjoy
others wife alone, Melani first to feel the urge and she
voice her hint)

In the mean time on the other end…

Brian: lets get out of water for a while and prepare the cocktails
Amy…let them enjoy them self while we are at it…would love
to talk more with you while I guide you to concoct and potion
to buzz all our senses…would you like that Amy darling…a
shy smile let out…begging her to respond in favor for private

Amy: (Giggles and blushes hearing Brian’s flattering
remarks) mmmmmmmm sounds like our better halves need to
listen to different sound waves Brian…I want to hear our
channel hum and buzz around us Brian… Dear… we are going to refill cocktail jar and refreshments,
will join your’ll back here or once we done we could settle
at our suite hall in front of movie?

Shaik: mmmmmmmm sounds good dear, night is so young, we
already finish half a bottle of vodka on cocktails, make
plenty to last the night and morning! Lol (Laugh short &
continue) how about the dates and roasted almonds to go
with… (Brian climbs out of pool with his cock hanging semi
hard, he reaches to my wife’s hand, she move forward and
holds his firm hand and climb out with ease, she been quickly
been held by both hands of Brian… her breasts seemed adjusted
to jut out more after so much swimming, her nipples strikingly
hard and was almost on Brian’s face while he pulled her out,
as final step forward he cuddles her to stop her lose her
balance, wow my cock chilled at that moment! did not expect
so quick blending nor any liking towards intimate couples
relationship with wife! Her breasts intensely pushed
hard against Brian’s lower chest as he is much taller, he
had both his arms wrapped around her waist to assure safety
and comfort by him… her hands responded spontaneously
by grabbing both sides of his hips just above bikini line
and a split second moment sparked each others senses thru
their facial expressions, Amy had a rousing frown on her
eye lines, commanding her Alfa male to acknowledge their
desire to engage in courtship elsewhere in solitude)

Brian: We are heading to the bar and fix us some drinks, we
would join your’ll after we play apprentice and mentor
(Jokingly indicating jubilation and vital senses awakening)

Melani & Shaik: See your’ll soon in the master suite
Hehehe (Melani cuddled my waist below, rubbing her breasts
openly on my shoulder blades, hand sliding to squeeze my
bulge over bikini) we indicated we would need the cocktails
later in the night as we had few too many and needed to acclimatize
body and senses to absorb more elongated wild sensual behaviour…

Moment after Brian accompanied Amy to pantry and bar to
prepare the second session of the night, me and Melani was
out of water too and headed to the shower room and stripped
each other naked and enjoyed the view standing under shower
spray later we headed to steam room, I told her about how
we had sex here on the steam bed last night and ended lying
naked on the pool edge smoking a cannabis. She was speaking
her imagination loud, thereby stroking my cock to firm
hardness, she had set upon Brian enticing and luring Amy
for sole couple pleasure…she made me even more roused made
my cock gush the first glob of pre cum, smooth clear love
juice dripped down my cock shaft and over Melani’s fingers…she
made me gasp for fresh breath! My knob feeling so sensitive
she had me under her sexual spell…I watched her orally pleasured
me all over my cock, balls and anal area…she sucked all pre
cum she could and reached my lips to kiss wet with my pre cum
still shiny on her tongue and lips, she moans in sexual thoughts
calling me her baby…She was so eager to peek out thru glass
door what her husband and my wife up to so far, we felt their
engagement in bodily desires, we talked about to rouse
each other, I would counter her how Brian will be revealing
his Alfa male cock in heat, I have particular likeness towards
uncut and I believe it is a spice, wife longed and loved to
have…Brian’s extra fore skin that covers his cock knob
even after fully erected, only the time of reaching towards
pinnacle of a orgasm his fore skin stretch further and move
just below his dog like cock swelling knob! The sites of
his dark muscular body squirm and show his full force of
might thru his thigh and ass muscle contraction drives
our women wildly horny! Wife enjoys watching black and
dark skin men with uncut cocks fucking in movies, she always
takes less than ten minutes to respond to sexual activity
while watching porn, it’s another thing we all have in common.
Brian has a large collection of porn and lately he had been
adding few good dozens of porn movies with stories that
rouse. We always have a part where we end up watching porn
and complimenting each others physical appearance, never
fail to compare in all ways we could! Hehehe…

In the meantime Brian and Amy took off towards the living
area of the house which they have a task to perform, but their
sexual arousal seems to be stronger and sexual fragrant
of each other lingering and weakening and taking control
of mind set…Both brush off their wetness off the bodies
using the towel they dragged in…Amy wiping her hair with
one end and Brian using to dry up around his bikini…often
brushing over his cock bulge and make them motion, Brian
watching my wife’s breasts smoothly swing either sides
while her hands hold towel, her erected nipples even more
visible and sexy cleavage more than half the breasts jutting

Brian: Thank you for swimming with me Amy…I enjoyed well,
I must say you kept the same pace all the time, you are really
fit and strong my dear… (Blushes at her face while she gaze
his look back) Ah I would love slim cannabis stick to warm
our blood…

Amy: Your welcome Brian, I enjoy swimming with the right
partner, I will have to do extra laps before joining you
next time Brian, your very strong and you tend to pull away
and I have to swim few strokes faster!!!

Brian: Oh dear! So sorry I didn’t realize…(He moves closer
to feel the firmness of her arm and fore arm muscles, he smiles
at her and feel her smooth sandy tan skin over his palms,
a gentle massage to both arms while her hands are all stretched
towards his tummy, she watches his hand and palm rub her
arms, Brian lowers her arms so she will catch the glimpse
of his cock semi hard jutting thru bikini short, he makes
his cock swing mildly up and down, he notices her eyes more
on his cock, her hands tremble in shock and sexual flush, )
how is your arms feeling Amy dear…Let’s fix our selves a
stiffer drink and relax for a while by the hall, that’ll
help the muscle burn to ease…I do have lot of experience
about arm burn after swimming long…

Amy: Yes Brian…let’s have the drink and relax in hall, (Amy
turns while Brian has a grip on her arm…brushing her front
against his side body, he spontaneously turned towards
her to face and approached her lower bending himself to
place a gentle wet kiss on lips, eyes stare into each other…Brian
moans “oh Amy darling!!!” He holds her neck line and moved
his head facing hers leaning his sexy middle thick lips
to be greeted by Amy’s lips, their kiss stays intact on the
surface of their lips…Amy moans to her Alfa male to respond
to her kiss harder and tighter ”Kiss me hard” they hug with
their full length of arms cuddled tight, her breasts rubbing
against his chest, her nipples felt by Brian, he hold her
by waist line pulling harder and closer to make her feel
Alfa male have been in heat for her since he laid eyes at arrival
and beyond in his fantasy world!) Amy looks into Brian’s
eyes and asks him to feel her heart pound like meat cleavers
pounding meat rapidly, she takes hand and places on her
left breast over bikini hanging barely…he leans and kisses
her vigorously! His lips trap her single lips and sucks
and licks in turn, she moans “mmmmmmmm Brian smooch smooch
smooch” she kisses his horny nose and uses her tongue to
feel his entire nose in her mouth, all the while Brian has
been feeling her left breast over bikini

Brian: You look so young darling for your age, I’m happy
you love to maintain your body well…keeps you healthy end
of the day…mmmmmmmm having Shaik as your husband, has blessed
you healthy sex life too…we love him very much, my wife loves
to call him baby! Lol (Amy smiles with assurance and attention
to be given to her sexual needs and desires to fulfill right
now)  (Brian reaches her bikini bra strings behind
and undo with one jerk and both watching him take away to
reveal her naked breasts for the first time!) she moans
his first touch over nipples…fondling circling to make
them rouse to full size… her right nipples barging Brian’s
chest, he lowers his mouth over the closest nipple and tongue
over erectness…

Amy: oooooHHHH Brian you tickling my nipple….suck her
hard and rough as you please!!! Oh gosh, would we in trouble
if my husband and your wife walks in on us darling…I want
you to suck me hard (She squeeze her nipple hard and fast…
she moans harder when her nipple spray first bit of milk
on Brian’s eyes and sexy nose, she quickly start licking
his eyes and nose of her own milk)

Brian: mmmmmmmm Dear your milk is so warm and sweet smell

Amy: I’m so horny Brian, my milk is always hot and very sweet
baby…suck mommy’s milk hard!

Brian: sssslurrp smooch sssssoooop mmmmmmmm baby you
taste sweet darling!!! Gosh you have roused my sexual mood
wildly, Amy dear, I’m so happy we are going to be neighbors,
smooch smooch smooch, I love to kiss your lips darling…go
on have a seat in the hall I’ll fix our drink…

Amy: Come to me quick Brian dear…

Brian: (He releases her body and moved his hand towards
bikini thong…he slips his fingers on either sides, while
his face looking towards her sexually flushed face he brings
her thong below knee…then she wiggles to drop out of her
legs totally, he looks on at her medium trim bushy cunt,
her hair around the pussy wet and silky with her love juice,
she quickly grabs his arms to prevent touching her beauty
love tube…

Amy: Come and join me on the sofa with our drinks Darling…she
approached his bikini short…looks at his face while she
removes his shorts, not allowing him to wiggle out, she
slowly reveals his randy dark black uncut cock covered
with silky fore skin over cock knob, his penis jumps and
shakes up and down in freedom and excitement! She makes
him take off short and stand naked in front of each other…before
she makes her way to the hall, they hug tightly and release

Brian: (Shouts so Amy could hear) you know Amy moment your
husband showed your pictures to me, my heart warmed and
loved you on sight! (Brian walks around naked with his cock
contracting small bit of hard cock she felt before she sat
with her legs parted enough to tempt him to enter her earnestly!
She watched his naked body walk up to her)

Amy: Thank you Brian…here’s to long lasting relationship
for all of us… (Brian handed her drink and sat beside after
the first sip, they held hands and engaged in sexual courtship)

Brian: Oh sweet dear only you knew how I wondered to break

Amy: mmmmmmmmmm I was wondering the same! But had jumped
the gun when you left you fly unzipped twice…I was soo flushed
and was embarrassed to bring up at the first meeting it self….(She
cuddles his hands and embrace closer to her chest… I want
to rest my head on your thighs love…I love the feeling of
your black skin…

Brian: you will have your Alfa male’s sex tool roused and
disturb your face….

Amy: (With heavy blushes after much thought, she rest her
silk hair on Brian’s both thighs… mmmmmmmmmm very comfy,
I feel your cock throbbing between your thighs. (She turns
towards where his cock held tightly but reveals his hardness
growing larger) I love to suck your uncut Cock Brian…(Was
the last words she mumbled before she slipped her right
hand to release his throbbing cock…she pushed his extra
fore skin lower, he gushed sigh of breath when he felt his
sensitive part of cock opened…she toyed his cock, stroked
with full fore skin and watched how smoothly slides up and
down…she moved her head on to one thigh making room to move
and swing his throbbing cock in her palms, she had short
breaks of moans followed, to Brian’s amazement she was
fingering her erect and wet pussy, she has one leg thrown
in the air, wide open love juice spraying pussy been rubbed
by her for Brian’s pleasure, he tries to move his arm to reach
her cunt for the first time…she pushed his hand back, letting
him only to watch and enjoy… she moved her head ever closer
to his steamy pre cum dripping cock, she start rubbing Brian’s
cock on her face…feeling the heat generating his balls,
and firmed so rounded full of hot cum bubbling to be heated
enough to release where Amy wishes to! Brian shifts his
head up ward in ecstasy when she finally feed into her mouth,
yet her walls of mouth not touching, she forces the lower
stub bit into mouth and closes her mouth…makes her every
bit of mouth wrap around his hard cock!)

Brian: Aaaaaaahhhhhh darling you sucking me smooth…he
brings his fingers to hold his fore skin back…she pushes
his fingers and she takes the task to maneuver his cock shaft
and fore skin, she pulled his fore skin to cover his throbbing
knob and sucked and kissed the little part of knob that opens,
Oh darling you have so wonderful sucking experience Amy…I
could class as good as I swim! Gushes a sigh…ooooh honey
taste my balls!

Amy: ooooooooohhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm my cunt
is so wet darling, (She moves her position to face her cunt
on Brain’s face…he lowers and greets her nectar of love
dripping down her erected clit and her love tube spraying
juices while Brian attends to her wet cunt with his tongue)
Oh my love baby….lick my cunt till I cum…

Brian: Please cum when I suck your cunt darling!

Amy: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! So good darling (Holding Brian’s
head, guiding his tongue in and out, ) oh sooo horny darling
you drive my horny buds wild…Fuck my cunt with your horny
nose…keep rubbing with your nose ooooh you so sexy when
you fuck me with your nose, mmmmmmmm it feels so much like
a cock! (She gets up from her position of sleeping while
a leg out spread out, she brings her face close to his wet
shiny nose, starts licking and kissing until dry, she moves
his head again into her large open cunt with clits hard erected,
feel Brian’s nose rub against…she throws sexual fit when
he rubs them hard) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh suck my clit
darling! Bite them with your teeth! Mmmmmmmm you making
me so wild…lick my clits! I’m going to cum ohhh my cunt is
so dripping and sensitive wet Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh SUCK my clit
ohhh Brian darling I’m Cumming!!! (Amy throws her free
leg in fit and shiver her thrusting clit spraying love juice
directly into Brains mouth and tongue, he keeps mouth opened
while she release her Devine love making juices into his
mouth in full throttle) aaahh aaahh my body is so full of
sexual ecstasy!

Brian: mmmmmmmm I love your cum darling they taste so sweet
and smells wonderful! (He reaches her to meet her face and
stares to watch her still passes her final bits of orgasm…smiles
at her while embracing her cuddling his arms around her
hips, gently stroking her body to feel sensual massage
to easy her tension over her body, she finally kisses on
his lips, tasting thickly layered love juice he had collected
to swallow, she kisses his lips hard and lets him share their
love making spoils, he squeezes her from hips…lowering
her to embrace their naked bodies to bond)

Amy: Oh darling I love the way you make my body drive on sex
full throttle! Thank you darling…I’m glad we had time alone
to enjoy between us Brian…you certainly blew me away on
the first impression… and she thanked him again with a sign
of satisfaction,

Both of them got off the sofa which couched them for the past
hour or more on some love making courtship, they decided
to stay hugged naked on the soft Persian rug that spreads
around the hall, hers’ and his thin quoting of sweat glitter
and fell a sensational feel when then hug to rub off on either
naked skins. She assured Brian that she was in no way done
with their courtship! In fact she demanded that they remain
alone for a while and let the other love birds enjoy their
long awaited courtship…she realized back over there we
had been engaging courtships and was eager to begin hers!

While Amy grasp for fresh air and continue to spend time
catching up many things she needed to be updated…she was
thrilled when she found Brian will be covering Sepang circuit
championships and requested to take her to the races, her
ideas and things looking to do with Brian gets more and more
intense, he satisfies her without using his most prized
sexual tool and yet to find how his cock sings inside her

Amy: Brian I want to suck your cock…

Brian: mmmmmmmm darling your making my cock rise to your
wishes…(Feels his cock getting hard against back of her
ass cheek, he positioned further to make her feel the full
cock hardening for her) he reached her still erected nipples
and fondle until he feels safe to squeeze hard and let her
cry in lust, her cry was more of a women who have never got
her pussy felt by a man! she turn her head to face him…prowess
her superiority and mans respect for her womanly desires
to be fulfilled without any question, he bends his head
to reach her hard milky nipples, tastes her milk…

Brian: feed me your milk darling, oh how much of alone time
we’d need to spend and nights and days yet we’ll feel not
courtship enough! Your genetic as my wife darling, while
Brian strokes his cock to full erection,

Amy: I want to suck your cock for hours…hopefully you can
hold you hot cum in your balls long as I want…I love your uncut

Brian: lol mmmmmmmm yeah darling I love my cock too and love
to fondle and masturbate thinking of only you and me frolicking
and fondling our sexual parts all over the place!

Amy: reaches out to hold Brian’s hard tool… she turns her
front and faces her Alfa male cock patiently awaits her
courtship. Mmmmmmmm I’m glad your cock is identical in
all ways to my husbands…but you hold extra fore skin to please
your woman with her desires, desires that I have not had
before and desires not wanted to try before Brian…

Brian: What do you mean Amy…

Amy: I love sucking cock so much but never swallowed mans
cum nor let any cock cum in my mouth…I want to suck you now
until you cum in my mouth and swallow your horny juices….
Brian: mmmmmmmmmm my cock is in full throttle darling let
me feed you my cock…please suck him hard…ooooh darling
my balls aching to gush cum in your mouth…I want to watch
me shoot inside your mouth baby…

Amy: mmmmmmmmmm your cock is boiling…sssssssluuuurp
ssssllllurrrrrp smooch mmmmmmmmmm you pre cum so good
darling (Brian stands in front of Amy…while she on her knees
needing to her Alfa male cock as she watches his cock blow
into full erection, his balls so smooth and soft, firmed
right under his cock shaft, gentle massage of balls releases
her more and more even hotter pre cum last bit shot out with
a start of early cum) mmmmmmmm wow darling your cum is salty
too and rich…she gets up, Brian hold her in his arms and they
kiss to share his pre cum and early cum…

Brian: Do you like my cum taste baby…mmmmmmmm my cum taste
good from your mouth darling…mmmmmmmm I can imagine honey
sucking both our cocks while rubbing each others cocks

Amy: mmmmmmmm I want to watch my men bisexually perform
for me…even cum exchange too dear…

Brian: mmmmmmmm my cock wants your mouth darling…he is
waiting to gush cum into your mouth, face, belly button,
cunt, anal, ass crack, on your palms, mmmmmmmm breasts,
nipples! And list goes on darling…

Brian push his Alfa female to oblige and satisfy his sexual
organs in non penetrative pleasure…she quickly swallow
his hard cock with fore skin disappearing below his large
cock knob, it glitters with his cum and Amy’s saliva that
keeps his cock smooth motion in and out of her mouth, she
adjust her mouth larger she feels his cock enlarged so big
and she need her hand to support his trust…which gathers
momentum, Brian virtually holding Amy’s head firm while
she hangs on to his muscular legs for support and easy sliding….
Brian: Aaaaaaahhhhhh Amy my darling (Brian moans) oooooHHHH
suck my cock hard! Look at your Alfa males cock how big it
gets in your mouth! Mmmmmmmm gosh your mouth is so right
size… (Brian keep sliding in and out of Amy’s mouth, some
pre cum) Born to suck me love, no wonder Shaik talks so much of cock

Amy: mmmmmmmmmm baby you’re so horny and hard, I’m so wet
again darling…I’m fingering my cunt for you!

Brian: Suck me faster! Faster!

Amy: fuck my mouth dear… shoot your hot cum in my mouth, pull
your fore skin back I want to suck your horny dog like cock

Brain: AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh Amy my cock reaching heat!!!
My balls feeling your heat! Mmmmmmmmmm (Brian uses bit
more force on Amy’s head to make sure she doesn’t choke on
his cum, he makes her use her fingers to crease his anal crack
and rim his anal…she cry in ecstasy while pushing with all
her might into his anal edge while picks up speed of sliding
cock in and out of her mouth, she wide open her mouth sensing
brains cock swell un imaginably at sight, she started giving
his sensitive fore skin the sensual vacuum suck) OOOOHHHHH
darling I’m Cumming hot cum for you!!!!

Amy: she opened her mouth full and slurped her tongue even
faster on his very hard and throbbing cock, cum in my mouth
baby…mmmmmmmm fuck my mouth!

Brian: aaaaaaahhhhhh I’m shooting1 HHHHHHHHHaaaaaaa
HHHHHHHHHaaaaaaa HHHHHHHHHaaaaaaa darling look at my
cock milk darling, mmmmmmmm oh so much of cum and shoot very
deep in too baby!!! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm HHHHHHHHHaaaaaaa!
Suck the last bit of milk and dry my cock!!!! (Brian takes
charge holding his cock and strokes until the last bit of
orgasm and cum is drained into her sexy mouth!)

Finally Brian succumbed to his sexual engagement with
Amy in every success in satisfying her sexual desires and
adding great deal of extra spice of pleasure she would have
fathomed to get from Brian…Both in sexual trance, hugging
and cuddling each other rolling around on the soft rug beneath
the skins, they lay their cherishing what they enjoyed!

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