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Bedroom Olympics



Jack reached down and unsnapped his pajama pants. He opened
them wide and his dick popped out into the open, sticking
straight up toward his belly button. Quickly, he stripped
the pants down off of his feet and kicked them off onto the

"Wow, " breathed May, staring at his dick.

She could see the veins bulging in the shaft with the swollen
purplish-red knob on the end. Jack reached down and wrapped
his fingers around the shaft, slowly sliding his hand up
and down along the shaft.

Sally lay back on her back and slowly pushed her panties
down. When she had them all the way off, she spread her legs
and reached down and used her fingers to pull her pussy wide
open, revealing the pink folds inside. Jack's fist
was sliding up and down his dick with a regular rhythym,
stroking up and down as he looked at Sally's pussy.

May lay down on her back and reached down to take hold of her

"Let me do it, " Jack said.

He crawled over the prone Sally, his dick bobbling up and
down as he moved. He knelt on his knees beside May and took
hold of the waistband of her bikini panties. Slowly, he
began pulling them down. He gasped as her pussy came into
view. Then he pulled the panties all the way down and off
over her feet. He sat back on his heels, looking down at May's
pretty pussy.

"OK, " Sally agreed.

She flopped down on her back and spread her legs. The other
two raised up so they could see, and Sally began stroking
her pussy with her fingertip. She slowly began to let the
tip of her finger delve down into her crack, tickling her
hard clitoris. Then, she used her fingers to pull her pussy
wide open, showing the juicy pink interior. Then, using
the forefinger of one hand to rub her clit, she slid the other
hand down and began to slide the fingertip down into her
cunthole. Stroking and fingering, she began to get more
and more excited, playing with herself while the other
two watched. Then, suddenly, she became very red in the
face, and climaxed, arching her back and shoving her finger
all the way up into her pussy. Finally, she lay back, breathing

Jack slid off of the bed and stood at the foot of the bed facing
the girls. They lay on their stomachs and watched as his
hand began to slide up and down his hard dick. Faster and
faster his fist pumped on his dick, until he was jacking
himself into a frenzy. The girls watched with mounting
excitement, as they waited for the eruption. They didn't
have long to wait. Suddenly, Jack thrust forward, his dick
sticking out through his grasping fist. It was almost like
his dick had erupted, a huge glob of white stuff shooting
out the end and landing on the bed. Jack groaned as another
spurt shot out, landing just
short of where the first had hit. spurt [color
black]after spurt shot out,
flying through the air. Finally, the spurts
turned to a drible and stopped.

May lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Jack stood
at the end of the bed, looking right up between her legs while
Sally lay beside her, watching intently.

May slid her hands down between her legs and slowly pulled
her pussy open for them to see. She was feeling very excited,
and she knew that her pussy was already wet. Blushing, partly
from embarrassment, partly from excitement, she began
to rub her clitty. Slowly sliding her fingertip over the
protruding little nubbing, she began to slide the other
hand down farther into her slit, letting the tip of her finger
swirl around in the tight opening to her cunt hole. Slowly,
she began to slide her middle finger up into her hole. When
it was about half way in, she began to slide it in and out,
fingering herself while she continued to tickle and rub
her clit with the finger of the other hand. Looking down
the length of her body, she saw Jack stooping down and looking
directly up between her legs. He raised up and she realised
that his dick was rock hard again. Suddenly, he crawled
onto the bed between her legs.

Jack slowly slid his hands up the inside of May's thighs.
When he reached her pussy, he used his fingers to hold her
pussy lips wide open while he watched her fingers work on
her own pussy.

"Why don't you do it for her?"

Sally asked him. In response, Jack slid one finger down
to where May's finger was sliding in and out of her pussy.
She pulled her finger out and he gently and slowly slid his
own finger up into her hole. She gasped as she felt it slowly
going all the way up into her cunt. No one else had ever had
a finger in her, and having Jack doing this to her was much
better than doing it herself. Jack began to slowly slide
his finger in and out of her. He used the tip of the forefinger
of his other hand to rub her clit. He gently rolled the little
button back and forth as he fingered her. May began to feel
the rising excitement which she knew meant that she was
about to come. Suddenly, gasping for breath, she thrust
her hips upwards toward the thrusting finger and began
to jerk, gyrating her hips wildly on his thrusting finger.
She was coming!
Bigger and better than she had ever come before.

Finally, May lay still. Jack pulled his finger out of her
juicy pussy and looked down at her.

"May, you are beautiful, " he told her.

She smiled at him. Looking down, she saw that his dick was
still sticking up, hard as it could be.

"Well, let me finger you, " he said sliding
his hand up between her legs.

Sally giggled and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs
so he could get to her. May raised up and looked over his body,
watching his finger slide in and out of Sally's pussy.

Looking down, May saw his dick sticking straight out in
front of him. She reached down and boldly grasped it in her
fist. Jack grunted as she began to slide her hand up and down
the length of the hard shaft.

Sally raised her head and looked down, seeing what was going

"Oh, yeah, you do him while he does me, " she
told May.

May continued to slowly jack on Jack's dick. She delighted
in the feel of it in her hand. She couldn't believe how
the outer skin slid up and down on the shaft as she pumped
it up and down. And when her hand went all the way out to the
end, she marvelled at the velvetty smoothness of the big
red knob. Juice was flowing out of the slit in the end and
running down over her hand, lubricating the shaft as it
slipped back and forth in her fist.

Looking over at Sally, May saw that she was getting red in
the face, huffing and puffing through her nostrils. Jack's
finger was sliding in and out of her pussy, pumping in a pool
of pussy juice. Jack was beginning to thrust his dick through
May's pumping fist, now. He was contributing as much
to the jacking off as she was.

Suddenly, Sally let out a little shreik and grabbed Jack's
hand. She shoved on it, driving his finger all the way up
in her pussy and holding it there. She was coming.

And Jack was right behind her. With a sudden thrust that
nearly jerked his dick out of May's hand, he began shooting
off. spurt after
spurt of white cum shot from his dick, splattering
against Sally's hip, as May continued to slide her
hand up and down the slippery shaft. Finally, it quit [color
blue] spurting. May looked down at the juice
running down all over her hand. She was amazed at how warm
and slippery it was.

She felt his hands close on her breasts, cupping them and
feeling them through her blouse. She wasn't wearing
a bra, and she knew that he could feel her nipples hardening
through the material of the blouse.

Finally, his lips left hers and he unbuttoned her blouse.
He pulled it wide open, exposing her beautiful breasts
to his view. She knew that he had seen them before, through
the knothole in the wall. She moaned as his hands closed
on her boobs, palming and rolling them on her chest. She
felt his hand slide down over her belly, straight down between
her legs. His finger slipped down into her crack, finding
her clit. She moaned as he rubbed her clit, then slid his
finger farther down and up into her cunt hole. Her pussy
was creaming around the invading finger.

Their lips began to work against each other, their tongues
twisting and licking at each other. May wrapped both arms
around Jack's neck as he kissed her. She felt his hand
sliding up her side and then around between them. He had
his hand on her tit through her blouse!
She purred in his mouth as he began to palm and feel her little

After a few moments of this, May felt his fingers fumbling
with the buttons of her blouse. She giggled and brought
her hands away from around his neck to help him unbutton
her blouse. He pulled it wide open and reached up and pulled
both bra straps down!
She gasped as his hands closed on both bare titties. He kissed
her lips again, then began to kiss his way down her neck and
down onto her front. Slowly, he kissed his way down to her
budding breasts. When he reached her right breast with
his lips, he kissed his way around the small tit and then
moved up to the swollen nipple. May gasped loudly when his
lips closed on her nipple and he began to suck on it. She cradled
his head in her arms as he nursed at her budding breast.

Moving back and forth from one breast to the other, Jack
was working May up into a real stew. He slid his hand down
over her hip to her leg. He slipped his hand between her knees,
and began to move his hand back up the inside of her thigh.

May felt the warm hand sliding up her leg and she knew he was
headed for her pussy. When he reached her crotch, she gasped
when he slid his hand over and palmed her pussy through her
shorts. He rubbed his hand up and down on her pussy through
her shorts for a few moments, then he began to try to get his
finger inside the tight leg of her shorts.

"Jack, wouldn't it be easier if you just took
them off?" she whispered in his ear.

Jack didn't waste any time complying with her suggestion.
He quickly unzipped them and pulled them down over her legs
and off as she raised up to help him. He then slid his hand
back up between her legs and felt her pussy through her bikini
panties. He could feel the heat through the thin material,
and the moisture seeping through them. He hooked a finger
under the leg and pulled the crotch to the side. He palmed
her bare pussy, then slipped a finger into the top of her
crack. She groaned as his finger found her clit.

Jack looked down at the beautiful sight. His finger was
slowly sliding deeper and deeper into the juicy little
slit. The thin blonde curls hid none of her slit from his
view. Slowly, he inched his finger deeper into her slit
until he was twirling his fingertip in the entrance to her
pussy. He was amazed at the juice!
Boy was she hot!

She pulled her legs up and spread them wide, propping her
heels on the edge of the sofa as she leaned back. Jack kissed
his way up the inside of her thighs. When he reached her pussy,
he flicked his tongue out and licked the end of her hard little
clittie. She gasped and jerked every time he licked it.
He ran his tongue up and down her slit, tasting her gushing
juices. He licked his way down to her brimming hole and thrust
his tongue as far up the entrance as he could get it. He opened
his mouth wide, covering her whole pussy with her mouth,
sucking and licking everything he could get to. He slid
his finger up to her hole and slowly pushed it all the way
in as he licked her clit. He began to pump his finger in and
out of her, licking her little bud of a clit. He fastened
his lips around the tiny morsel and began to suck it, licking
the end of it as his lips pulled on it.

May suddenly grabbed his head in both hands, pulling him
hard against her pussy, as she let out a little shriek. She
was coming!

"Stand up, " she told him, raising up to a sitting

Jack did as he was told, standing up in front of her. Her fingers
tugged his zipper down and opened his pants. Quickly she
pulled them down below his knees, then she stripped his
shorts down.

His dick was standing up proud and hard, pointing right
up at his belly button. She slid one hand up between his legs,
feeling his balls. The other hand clasped his dick and began
to slowly slide up and down along the shaft. She pumped it
several times, looking at the juice seeping out of the slit
in the end. Then she leaned forward and stuck out her tongue.
Tentatively, she touched the tip of her tongue to the end
of his prick. She liked the taste!
It was strong and kind of sour-sweet. She licked the end,
swiping her tongue all around the head. Jack groaned with
pure pleasure!

May pursed her lips and kissed it right on the end. Then,
slowly moving forward, she let her lips slowly enclose
the end of his dick, sliding down until she had the whole
knob in her mouth. She pressed forward, taking some of the
shaft in her mouth. Slowly, she took more and more until
the end of his prick was against the back of her throat. She
could see that she had a little more than half of it in her

May then slowly let it slide out of her mouth until only the
end was in. Then she reversed directions and repeated the
movement. She could tell from Jack's groaning that
he was really enjoying it. He began to contribute to the
movement, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. She was
using her tongue on the underside of it as it slid in and out.
She was also exerting as much suction as she could.

Suddenly, Jack groaned and gasped and May felt the dick
in her mouth begin to throb. She knew he was about to shoot
his load, so she withdrew her mouth until she had only the
knob in her mouth and began to suck hard. Bam!
Jack cut loose in her mouth. The first wad almost shot down
her throat without her swallowing, it spurted
out with such power. Swallowing rapidly,
May tried to keep up with the gushes of hot juice
spurting from the end of his dick. Finally,
the spurts slowed to a dribble
and then quit. She sucked the last of the juice out of the
piss slit and let his dick slide out of her mouth.

May lay down on the sofa and Jack stretched out beside her.
She wrapped her arms around his neck as his lips found hers
and they began kissing passionately.

May felt Jack's hands on her tits, squeezing and pressing
them. It felt so gooood!
Then he slid down and began to suck her tits, going from one
to the other to lick her nipples, then suck them.

As he continued to suck on her tits, Jack slid his hand down
over May's flat belly to the top of her bikini bottom.
Not hesitating, he slid his hand inside the waist band and
straight down between her legs. She jerked as his finger
found her clit, already hard and standing up proudly. He
rubbed his finger back and forth over it, causing little
groans of pleasure to come from her lips. Then he slid his
finger down into her wet, juicy slit and right up her pussy
hole. She groaned as his finger slid in and out of her wet
cunt hole.

May was really getting into this. Jack's finger up
her pussy was driving her wild and his mouth sucking her
tits wasn't exactly turning her off, either. She felt
him raise up and pull his finger out of her pussy. She raised
her hips to help him as he tugged her bikini bottom down over
her hips and off. He grasped his bathing suit and quickly
stripped it down and off, then he was lying beside her again,
kissing her lips and sliding his finger back up her pussy.
She just wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and kissed
back, licking his tongue as it flicked in and out of her mouth.

She felt Jack rolling on top of her. He was still kissing
her but his finger wasn't in her pussy now. Then she
felt his hard dick against her belly, then sliding down,
the end of it nestling in her thin pussy hair. She felt it
going down between her legs. She realised that she was about
to get fucked!

With a groan of passion, May pulled her legs up, bending
them at the knee and spread them wide. She felt Jack's
dick between her legs. It was sliding around all over the
place. Then she felt him raise up a little and reach down
between them. She felt the back of his hand against her mons
as he guided his dick to her wet slit. She could feel his shaft
sliding up and down in her slit. Then the end of it found her
He pushed gently and the end was actually in the mouth of
her pussy!
He pressed forward and it began to go in.

Dan's hands moved inside her gown to her titties as
he kissed her. She grunted into his mouth as he began to palm
and caress her tits. Then his lips travelled down her neck,
across her front, to her tits, opening her gown wide as he
did. May gasped again as his lips closed on a big soft nipple,
gently sucking it in between his lips.

She felt his hand move down over her stomach and slide between
her legs, gently palming her pussy through her gown. He
slid his hand down her leg, then back up the inside of her
leg, pulling her gown up. When he reached her pussy, she
opened her legs, feeling his finger dip down into her slit.

Dan was amazed at how wet she was. Her pussy was already flowing
with juice. He slid his finger down over her clit, massaging
and rubbing the little button. He heard her gasps of pleasure
as he stroked her clit, then slid his finger down to the entrance
to her pussy itself. Gently, he inserted a finger tip, then
slowly slid his finger up into her hot wet tunnel. He was
amazed at how tight she felt, even around his finger. Boy,
she was really going to feel tight when he got his big dick
in her!

May lay back, feeling the finger sliding in and out of her
pussy. She reached down and found his dick, huge and hard
in his pajamas. She slipped her hand inside the opening
and wrapped her hand around the huge prick. She couldn't
believe how big it felt in her hand. She wondered for a moment
if it would fit in her, but she was determined that she was
going to try it. Slowly, she slid her hand up and down along
the length of the monster rod.

Dan suddenly raised up and pulled his pajama pants off completely,
leaving him naked. He then lay back down beside her, kissing
her again. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he raised
up and moved over her. She pulled her legs up and spread them
wide and she felt his huge prick slide down between her legs.
She felt the end of it move into her slit, then begin to slide
up and down in her wet juices. It felt so good!

Dan could feel the heat from the mouth of her pussy every
time his dick slid down between her legs. He was just sliding
it up and down in her slit, enjoying the exquisite sensation
it produced on him and observing that it seemed to be affecting
her the same way.

On one of the downward movements, the end of his dick dipped
into the mouth of her pussy. He felt the hot wet heat from
her cunt on the end of his dick. Pushing a little farther,
he felt the end move up just inside her cunt hole. She gasped
as he pushed it a little farther in, getting the knob and
about an inch of shaft into her tight channel. Withdrawing
a little, her slid forward again, sinking about half of
the shaft into her tight yielding tunnel. Withdrawing
and sliding forward, her gradually fucked his way up into
her tight little cunt until he had the whole thing up inside
her. She had her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, her
breathing and gasps of pleasure


May couldn't believe how good it felt. When Dan's
dick had started going in, she had felt her tight little
pussy stretch around the end of his dick. She had thought
for a minute that it wasn't going to fit, then it had
started sliding in deeper and deeper, her pussy stretching
to accommodate it. It had felt absolutely fantastic as
it began to go deeper and deeper on every stoke. Now it was
going all the way in and all the way out. And the huge dick
was rubbing the underside of her sensitive little clit
on every stroke. It was driving her wild. It felt like it
was hitting her backbone every time it went all the way in!

She felt stuffed and stretched, but it was wonderful!

Suddenly, May Let out a little shriek, and she was coming.
Dan was right with her, his dick shooting powerful [color
blue] spurts of hot cum deep into her pussy.
He couldn't believe how intense his orgasm was. And
she seemed to be having one just as intense. Her face was
screwed into an expression of pure physical pleasure,
her eyes tightly closed.

Sarah was a tall, well-built woman. Her tits were large
and firm, jutting out proudly from her chest. Her stomach
was slightly rounded, and the juncture of her legs was covered
with a thick bush of jet black curls.

Sally was tall, with firm tits standing up proudly, accented
by her flat youthful stomach. Sally was a redhead, her auburn
curls were matched by a thin covering of rust coloured curls
between her legs.

May, being a year younger than Sally, was not as well endowed.
Her titties were much smaller, being about the size of oranges,
but her nipples were very large and puffy, about like silver
dollars, almost covering her still developing titties.
Her cunthair below her flat stomach, was almost non-existent,
being a thin growth of short blonde curls.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he flexed his hips,
suddenly driving his dick up to the balls in her pussy. She
pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his waist as he
fucked her pussy, banging in and out so hard that her big
tits were sliding up and down on her chest. Suddenly, she
let out a scream as she began to climax and she felt Dan's
dick spurting up her cunt,

Dan stood right there in front of Betty, with his hard dick
sticking straight up out of the top of his bathing suit.
Dan's hard-on was all the more impressive because
his bathers were drawn down over his hips and helped to support
and raise his balls. Betty smiled at him, reaching for his
dick. Dan moved up in front of her so that she could get hold
of it. She slid her hand up and down the length of it, then
leaned back on the chair and spread her legs.

"I've got a hot juicy hole down here that should
just about fit that big thing, " she told him, reaching
down and pulling her pussy lips wide open.

Dan quickly knelt in front of her, pushing his bathing suit
down to his knees as he did. Betty slid forward, propping
her plump ass on the forward part of the chair.

Dan quickly moved up close between her legs. Taking his
dick in his hand, he rubbed the big head up and down in her
hot juicy slot then he slid the end straight down to her cunt
hole. She grunted as he slid it smooothly home in her, sliding
in all the way to the balls. He reached around her and unfastened
her bikini top, pulling it off and dropping it on the floor.

Betty giggled, "I think this is the first time a guy
ever put his dick up my pussy before he got his hands on my

She knelt in front of him and gently washed his dick. She
giggled when it began to get hard again. She leaned forward
and suddenly took it into her mouth. She sucked as much of
it into her mouth as she could get. It hardened in her mouth,
then she let her lips slide slowly off of it and looked at

As they sat watching TV, May began to play with Jack's
dick through his bathing suit. He moved so that she could
get to it easily, stretching his legs out in front of him.
His prick was standing straight up in his bathing suit,
reaching almost to the waist band. May was rubbing her hand
up and down along the length of the shaft, squeezing and
playing with it. Suddenly, she pulled the waist band of
his trunks out and down over the front of his dick, letting
it stick out of the top of the trunks.

She slid down beside him and suddenly took as much of it as
she could into her mouth. He groaned as her hot mouth engulfed
his prick. She began to slide her mouth up and down on it,
sucking as she fucked his dick with her mouth. He sat and
watched hier lips sliding up and down the shaft. It occurred
to him that the others could come through the door at any
minute, but he didn't have the will power to stop her
suctioning lips.

May was also very aware that they could be discovered at
any moment. The danger made it all the more exciting to her.
She was determined to bring him off before they got caught.

May was sucking hard, her head bobbing up and down as she
worked Jack's dick over. Suddenly, he gave a groan
and came in her mouth, spurting his
juice down her swallowing throat. Finally, she raised
up and gave the end of his dick a kiss and let the waist band
of his trunks back up. His dick was still clearly outlined
in the front of his trunks and she was wiping her mouth with
the back of her hand when the door opened and Sarah came in,
followed by Sally and Dan.

When he was sure they were all asleep, he snuggled up against
Sally. He was surprised to find that she was also awake.
He slid his hand up under her gown to her pussy, finding that
it was nice and juicy. Suddenly, Sally reached down and
pulled his hand away from her cunt and whispered in his ear,
"Come on."

She slipped quietly out of bed and Jack followed her.

Sally eased the door open and led the way outside. Jack followed
her as she led the way to the hammock. She sat down in the hammock
and reached out and pulled Jack up against her, spreading
her legs and letting him hunch right up against her pussy.
His dick instantly sprang to full attention.

She could feel his balls hitting the cheeks of her ass every
time he thrust it into her. Her legs were pulled up high,
wrapped around Jack's waist. Her pussy was wide open
to his hard thrusts, taking every inch he could get in.

Jack was wild with excitement. He had wanted to fuck Sally
for so long, and now he was actually doing it!
He was driving his dick into her with wild abandon and she
was taking it all and loving it. Her firm tits were rolling
up and down on her chest from the force of his humping. He
looked down and watched his dick appear and disappear in
the red curles between her legs. In the moonlight, he could
see his dick glistening with the juice which coated it.

Suddenly, Sally grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against
her, moaning as she came!
Jack threw his head back and snorted through his nose as
his dick spewed spurt after
spurt of his cum deep into Sally's
tight climaxing virgin pussy.

Sarah had on a short gown and Dan had on pajamas. Now as she
watched, she saw Dan sliding his hands all over Sarah's
big tits, and then she saw him pull the strap of her gown down
and take hold of her bare tit. As she watched, she saw him
lower his head to her breast. With his head in the way, she
couldn't be too sure, but she had the impression that
he was kissing her tits. Dan slid down on the bed a little,
and, as he moved, his crotch came into May's view. She
almost gasped aloud at what she saw.

His pajama pants were bulging!
From the way his pants were sticking out, she knew he had
an "erection" as the books on sex called it.

Then she saw him slide his hand up between Sarah's legs,
pulling her gown up as he did so. When he reached her crotch,
she opened her legs and May saw him slide his finger right
up inside of her pussy!
From the angle she had, she could actually see his finger
disappear through the black hair and go up her slit. She
saw Sarah reach down and slide her hand inside the waist
of Dan's pajama pants. From the way Sarah's hand
was moving back and forth, May knew that Sarah was stroking
Dan's penis. She held her breath as she watched.

After several minutes, she saw Dan raise up and slide over
on top of Sarah. She saw Sarah pushing his pajamas down,
and she almost gasped when his butt came into view. She had
never seen a man's butt, and she was very excited at
getting to view Dan's. She realised that she was "sexually
aroused" as the books called it.

She knew her virgin thirteen year old pussy was wet with
juice. She had played with her pussy enough to know the excited

She saw Sarah pull her legs up, her knees sticking up on each
side of Dan's thighs. She knew that they were about
to have sex, or "fuck" as some of her more experienced
friends at school called it.

May saw Dan's buttocks tighten as he pushed against
Sarah, and she realised that he must have just put his penis
inside of her vagina. May almost giggled out loud. She was
thinking in the terms which she had seen in the books. Her
friend, Jill, would have said that he just stuck his dick
in her pussy. As she watched, she saw Dan's buttocks
tighten and relax as he thrust into his wife and then withdrew.
May lay very still and watched his butt, looking at the way
the muscles tightened and relaxed as he repeatedly thrust
and withdrew, thrust and withdrew. Dan was doing it faster
now. His buttocks were clenching and relaxing at a much
faster rate. She could hear Sarah sort of moaning and groaning
in time with Dan's thrusts. It sounded like Sarah was
really enjoying what she was getting. May saw Sarah's
hands slide down over Dan's ass. Sarah had hold of his
butt checks, pulling and pushing, encouraging him in his
thrusts. Suddenly, she saw Sarah's legs jerk upward
and heard her begin to kind of moan and cry. She say Dan shove
forward hard and hold tight up against her. His buttocks
were clenched tightly and she could hear him gasping and
groaning. She realised that they must be "climaxing"
and that his organ must be shooting his stuff up inside of

After a few moments, they lay still. May was hoping that
Dan would raise up and that she would see his dick when he
pulled it out of Sarah, but they just lay there. May drifted
off to sleep before the couple moved, so she didn't
get to see Dan raise up and slide off of Sarah and pull his
pajamas up.

She spread her legs and released her bladder, causing the
water in the pot to sing with the stream of piss she cut loose
in it.

She wrapped her fingers around the huge dick standing straight
up in front of his belly. Slowly, she slid her hand up and
down along the length of it, naturally timing her strokes
with the strokes of his finger in her pussy.

He gently turned her around so that she had her back to him.
She stepped out of her shorts and panties and leaned over,
bracing her hands on the tree. He moved in close behind her,
taking hold of her hips. Sarah spread her legs and reached
back between them and took hold of the mighty weapon pointing
at her. She guided it straight to it's target and gasped
in pleasure as he sank the full length up in her pussy with
one thrust.

May suddenly raised up and grasped the top of her panties.
Lifting her ass, she quickly peeled them down and off. Jack
immediately slid his finger back up into her pussy when
she spread her legs for him to get to her. Slowly, he pumped
his finger in and out of her.

Sally was leaning back against the side of the bath house
with her blouse wide open. Jack was sucking her tits while
May watched. After a few moments, Jack knelt down and stripped
Sally's shorts and panties down and off. Wasting no
time, he used his fingers to open Sally's pussy and
went to work on it with his tongue.

Up against the wall, Jack was really working Sally over.
His head was bobbing and working from side to side as he worked
on her pussy with his mouth and tongue and lips. Suddenly,
she let out a little squeal and grabbed his head, shoving
it hard up against her pussy as she climaxed.

Suddenly, he raised up a little and tugged Sarah's
shorts and panties down. She was on her knees, so this was
easy to accomplish. She looked back at him and smiled as
he dropped his pants to his knees and knelt behind her. She
reached down and stripped her shorts and panties completely
off so she could get her legs apart. As soon as she spread
her legs, she felt the end of his huge dick nudge it's
way up into her gash and felt the end slip back and forth in
her slit. Dan pulled it back up against her pussy hole and
then pressed forward, lodging the end in her cunt. He took
hold of her hips with both hands and slowly pushed forward,
sinking the full length of his cock in her juicy pussy.

Dan suddenly realised that she was really juicy.

Dan's hand dropped to his now hard dick and he began
to slide it up and down jacking on it. He asked her to tell
him about it, and she did, giving him all the details as she
watched him jack off while she told him. As she related the
story, she began to play with her pussy, fingering herself
in time with Dan's fist strokes on his dick.

May couldn't believe it. He was screwing her!
She could feel his big dick sliding in and out of her pussy!

It would pull way out, almost coming out of her hole, then
slide back in again, all the way in. It was the most wonderful
thing she had ever felt. It was even better than getting
her pussy sucked.

May was so excited she was panting. Jack was raised up on
his elbows now, his hips working as he piston'd his
dick in and out of her frothy, tight little pussy. May's
hands slid down Jack's back to his hips, urging him

Jack was in a sensual whirlwind. He was trying desperately
not to let it get away from him. His dick felt like it was caught
in a vice, but a hot oily vice. He couldn't believe how
good it felt.

Through her delirium, May could feel Jack's dick jerking
in her pussy. She felt the hot jets of come shooting deep
into her.

"I want to do it too, Jack, " she told him, unsnapping
his pajama pants and letting them slide down to his ankles.

She took hold of his hard dick, sliding her hand up and down
along the shaft.

"Oh, wow, " Jack exclaimed, slipping his hand
up between his sister's legs and pushing his finger
straight up her juicy pussy.

Sally was on her back on the shower floor. Dan was on top of
her, sliding his dick into position to enter her. She gasped
when his dick started making it's way up into her tight
pussy. She groaned as his next thrust buried it up to the
balls in her.

Suddenly, she let out a little scream.

"Ohh, yes, Jack, I'm coming."

That did it. Jack grunted and jammed his dick up to the balls
in Sarah's spasming cunt. His dick erupted, shooting
gobs of spunk upwards into her womb.

"Ohh, yes, Jack, I feel you coming in my pussy, "
Sarah groaned.

Finally, she lowered her legs to the floor and Jack released
her, letting his still halfhard dick slip out of her juicy
pussy. She reached down and encircled it with her hand,
sliding her hand up and down it, watching it grow straight
up again. She smiled.

Dan left the curtain open and eased himself onto the bed
between Ruth and Sarah. The others saw Sarah raise her head
and give Dan a quick kiss, then lie quietly. Ruth appeared
to be asleep.

Ruth had gone to sleep almost as soon as she lay down. She
didn't know when Dan got into bed, so she had no idea
what time it was when she was awakened by a hand sliding over
her from behind and cupping her breast. She lay very still,
realising that the hand had to belong to Dan. She thought
at first that he was reaching out in his sleep and thought
he had hold of Sarah's tit.

She just lay there, feeling the hand gently squeezing her
breast, and enjoying it. It had been a long time since a man
had felt her tits. Suddenly, she realised that Dan knew
exactly what he was doing, because she felt his body ease
up against her from behind. She felt his hard dick up against
her back!
She didn't quite know what to do. She really didn't
want him to quit, but she was afraid Sarah would wake up.
She felt the hand on her tit slide down over her stomach to
her crotch. It probed at her pussy, but since her legs were
together, it couldn't get to her. The hand then went
on down and began to pull her gown up!
She lay very still. The hand had her gown up to her waist,
now. Then, she felt a bare dick up against her ass!
Dan had opened his pajamas. She felt the dick move down and
probe between her legs. In spite of herself, she parted
her legs a little and let the dick slip between her legs,
nestling right up against her pussy. She felt a hand on her
leg, lifting it, then the dick was probing her slit.

She couldn't believe this!
Dan's prick felt huge, sliding back and forth in her
slit. Then, she felt him put the end against her hole and
press forward. It was going in!
Inch by inch, the big thing was moving up into her rapidly
creaming pussy!
If Sarah woke up now, she and Dan were both in deep trouble!

Dan began to move his dick back and forth in her, slowly sliding
it in and out of her pussy.

The girls saw another girl coming down the road. The new
girl was a cute looking blond, a little on the chubby side.
The thing which had attracted Jack was her figure. She had
large bouncy tits which were threatening to fall out of
the skimpy halter top which she was wearing. Her shorts
were so tight that it looked like she had been poured into

She looked to be about fifteen years old, and was quite pretty
in spite of being just a little heavy.

"Now, show me your tits, " he said.

"Sally has got to show hers, too, " May said.

"Sure, " Sally said taking hold of her pajama
top and pulling it off over her head with one smoothe movement.

"Now, your turn."

May got up on her knees and took the bottom of her gown in her
hands. Slowly, she pulled it up and pulled it off over her

She quickly stepped out of the shorts and then knelt in front
of Jack. She unfastened his pants and tugged them down to
his knees. She immediately pulled his shorts down as well
and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing dick. She
slid her hand up and down the length of it a couple of times,
then stuck out her tongue and licked it right on the end!

May and Sally gasped when they saw Bunny lick Jack's
prick and then take the end of it in her mouth and start sucking
on it. Jack looked like he was in heaven. He was leaning back
against the side of the bath house thrusting his hips at
Bunny's mouth.

Jack knew he couldn't last long with Bunny's mouth
sucking hungrily at his prick. Suddenly, he knew he couldn't
last at all. He let out a gutteral grunt as his cock suddenly
exploded in her mouth.

May and Sally could tell that Jack was coming in Bunny's
mouth. They could even see her throat working as she swallowed
the powerful spurts which he
was shooting in her mouth. When he finished coming, she
licked his dick clean and stood up.

She whispered something to him and leaned back against
the side of the bath house. Jack knelt between her legs,
his jeans and shorts down around his ankles now. He used
his fingers to open her pussy wide and then began to lick
up and down in her slit.

"The little rascal is going to eat her, " Sarah
thought to herself.

Sure enough, Jack was doing exactly that. Sarah could see
his head working as he tongued and licked the juicy pussy
in front of him. Bunny must have been pretty hot, because
he didn't have long to work on her before she grabbed
his head and shoved it hard up between her legs. She almost
suffocated him, holding him prisoner there between her
legs while she came.

When she finally released him, he reached up and pulled
her down beside him. His dick was pointing straight up again.
Jack pushed Bunny down on her back and crawled over her.
From her hiding place, Sarah could look straight up between
their legs. She saw Bunny pull her legs up and spread them
wide. She saw Bunny's hand come down and grab the hard
dick and guide it to the juicy hole between her legs. She
saw Jack lunge forward and sink the full length of his prick
straight up her cunt hole. He held it there for a moment and
then began to fuck her.

Sarah could feel the climax coming. Then suddenly, she
was there!
And so was he!
She could feel him spurting in
her as he grunted in her ear.

Jack was fucking May's cunt with long steady strokes
now. He could feel his balls tightening. He knew he was getting

Dan was watching the teenager's mouth slide up and
down on his dick as Jack's thrusts into her wanton cunt
moved her body back and forth. It was almost more that Dan
could stand. He knew that he was about to fill May's

Suddenly, May began to quiver all over. She had beaten both
of them. She was coming!
And right at the height of her climax, she felt Jack's
dick beginning to spurt inside
her, closely followed by Dan's dick spurting
into her eager mouth.

When they got inside, they realised that they could hear
a shower running. It seemed to be coming from the men's
side. Sally held her finger up to her lips, indicating to
May to be quiet. May wondered what Sally was up to. She followed
as Sally moved silently into the shower area. She seemed
to be looking at the wall separating the men's and women's
areas, then she grinned and motioned to May to follow her.
She moved right up to the wall and pointed to two holes in
the wall. She bent down and peered through one of the holes.
May bent over and looked through the other hole.

What she saw made her blood boil up!
There was a naked man on the other side, standing under the
shower with his back to the girls. May could see his butt,
all hairy and hard looking. As they watched, he turned around
and faced directly towards the girls!
They could see his prick, hanging down between his legs.

To May, it seemed huge. The man, who looked to be about the
same age as Dan, was soaping his stomach. He slid his hand
down to his crotch and began to soap his large hairy balls.
Then his hand came up and encircled his large organ, sliding
up and down along the length of it, covering it with soap.

As the girls watched, they saw his prick beginning to stiffen
as his hand slid up and down it. It got stiffer and stiffer,
rising up until it extended straight out from his crotch.
May couldn't see as well as she would have liked to,
because of the soap covering it and his hand sliding up and
down on it. However, she could see the large purple knob,
coming into view each time the man's hand moved down
towards the base of the huge shaft.

After several moments, the man turned back towards the
shower head and began to wash the soap off of his body. When
he turned back around again, the girls saw that his dick
had softened, and was now pointing out and down, rather
than standing up as it had been. The man turned back toward
the shower head again, and let the water run over him a few
more moments, then he turned the water off.

Betty was sitting dorectly opposite from Dan, and she was
leaning back with her chubby legs apart, giving him a good
view right up between her legs at the skimpy crotch of her
bikini bottom. It was so tight that her crack was clearly
outlined by the cloth. Sarah wasn't sure how much of
Dan's hard-on was due to Betty's display

Dan began to fuck her, sliding his dick slowly in and out
of the tight hot hole of pleasure between her legs. He raised
up on his elbows and used his hips to thrust and withdraw,
thrust and withdraw. May was obviously enjoying everything
he was giving her. Her face was flushed, her eyes shining,
her breath coming in ragged gasps timed with his thrusts
which buried his tool deep into her on every inward stroke.

Dan began to pick up speed, fucking her harder and faster
now. She was tossing her head back and forth, seeming to
be almost out of control with pleasure. Suddenly, she pulled
her legs up, pressing her feet against his ass, urging him
on. He began to really pound into her in earnest now, slamming
his dick in and out of the tight slick channel.

This word was chosen for it’s unusually high frequency
in erotic texts. It is marked to draw attention to when,
why and where it is used. To some, it may stimulate, to others
it’s a bore. What does your brain say?

This text contains one or more repetitions of specific
BLUE WORD(S) . Each is marked
thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and useage
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