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Becky got sore & I got a new experience


So we got back to the hotel and stopped by Jenny and Ben’s
room to surprise them but they were not there. Becky wrote
a short note and slipped it under their door and we went to
our room. We got more comfortable and watched some TV for
a while and waited, but they didn’t get a hold of us, so we
started without them. Now we were kind of bummed that we
left so early, but it did give us some alone time and let us
do some fucking of our own with just us. We did our thing for
a while, but decided to cut it short and get some rest. The
next morning, Jenny and Ben called us and apologized for
not getting back with us last night and said they were bummed
that we couldn’t play around, but asked if we wanted to hang
out until it was time for our plans. So we hung out again and
flirted around in public with each other and they said we
HAD to get a hold of them later after we got done.

We agreed, not knowing what the night had in store for us,
but knowing we wanted to play with again for sure. They were
really fun to be around! So we hung out until it was time to
head out to meet those guys at the pool hall. We rushed back
and changed, Becky had to dress as sexy and provocatively
as possible, that’s just her thing and then when we got there,
they were already playing and waved us over eagerly. They
saved the table next to them and we chatted and played and
chatted more. Becky was giving them a show the whole time,
she didn’t have any panties on underneath her tiny skirt
and her arousal, knowing they were staring and getting
off on her, caused her ripe nipples to harden and poke out
through her tiny braless top. We chatted and joked and flirted
and played until they caught the hint and knew she was ripe
for the taking.

They couldn’t keep their eyes off her or her sweet shaven
pussy and the flirting got much heavier. Then the guy that
had chatted the most and invited us out asked if we wanted
to make partners and play games, switching from the winners
playing the previous losers and the odd team playing alone
at the other table. He was kind of the leader of the group,
he had the most guts and did most of the talking and advances
towards her. So we teamed up into three groups and two of
played against each other while the other played alone
and then the winning team stayed and the losing team traded
tables. We chatted more and more and they flirted more and
more and of course stared at her ass whenever she bent over
to make a shot. Then that guy said why don’t we change up the
teams and Becky and I got spit up and put on separate teams.
That’s when it all changed! The guys flirted with her more
and even started touching and fondling and stuff.

Then that guy said, so, you two are on your honeymoon? And
started asking questions about it and what we have been
doing and stuff. Becky said we have just been hanging out
and having fun and the guy said yea and I bet you have been
fucking like rabbits too!?! He said I know I would be, if
I were married to a girl like you. Becky smiled and said thanks
for the compliment and then said yea, we have, but not enough,
I want it all the time!!!! He smiled and said oh yea? Becky
said yea, why? He said oh I’m just curious. She said let me
guess, you guys want to show us more than just the sights,
don’t you? He said yea, if you guys are up for it? He said your
husband wouldn’t mind? Becky said no way, not as long as
he can watch! The guy said he wouldn’t be weirded out watching
us having our way with you? She said no, it turns him on, even
more if we had our camera or video recorder. She said he loves
to take pictures and videotape me doing stuff.

The guy said so you have done this before? Becky said yes,
maybe once or twice and gave a sexy smile. He said are you
serious or are you just playing around with us? She said
take us back to your place and find out! So they invited us
over to one of the guy’s apartments and it wasn’t but a minute
before they started flirting and kissing her and fondling
her and taking their clothes off. She kneeled down with
the four of them surrounding her and playing with their
cocks in front of her as she watched and decided which one
to suck first. She started sucking and stroking every cock!
They were going crazy, as was I. She sucked one cock while
stroking the others and waiting for then next one to be shoved
in her face. After about what seemed like 20 minutes or so,
they started touching her and fingering her and getting
out of the circle and going free for all on her.

I moved to the dining room table and they moved her to the
couch and all had their way with her in every way imaginable.
She had hard cocks everywhere she looked waiting to be played
with and getting their chance to fuck her silly. They fucked
her standing, sitting, sideways, lying down and they always
had a cock in her mouth and pussy at all times until they decided
to DP her. She doesn’t really love DP, but there were four
of them and they wanted her in every way and she couldn’t
really object. She sucked and fucked the four of them for
about two and a half hours straight and it was so hot watching
them having their way with her and her going right along
with it. I only wished that I had brought our video camera
L That would have been the icing on the cake. By the end of
the night, she was cover in cum!!!!! Back, front, face,
hair, every inch of her had cum on it. She took 5 or 6 loads
in her mouth, but there were too many of them and way too much
cum to deal with.

Sometimes two or more guys came at the same time and she couldn’t
swallow them all at once so they just spurted their goo wherever
they could. I was so in love with her at that moment and so
fucking horny. Eventually they were all limp and drained
and exhausted, and Becky was sore and tired as hell. For
the first time since I had known her, she was actually happy
that a cock couldn’t get hard again. She asked to take a quick
shower and the guys chatted with me and said they would love
to hang out again and said if we were ever in Florida that
we should definitely call them. So Becky got cleaned up
and we left and my cock was raging hard. I drove back to the
hotel and she rubbed my cock, but said she was just to exhausted
to give me head.

We got to our room and I said so I guess you probably don’t
want to go over to Jenny and Ben’s room tonight? She said
fuck no, I’m sore as hell and I’m exhausted! All I want to
do is crash! She said you can go over there or tell them we
can’t make it or whatever you want, but I’m going to sleep.
She went to the room and got in bed and said you should at least
let them know one way or the other so they don’t think we are
blowing them off or anything. I said yea, I guess I’ll go
over there and let them know you are too tired tonight and
maybe tomorrow we can hang out again. She said ok, just don’t
wake me up when you get back, I’m really not in the mood to
do anything else tonight. I said ok and I went over to their
room and knocked on the door. Ben answered the door and said
where’s Becky? I said she not feeling very good, she told
me to come over and let you guys know she’s going to bed early

Jenny came to the door and said what’s going on? Where’s
Becky? Ben said Becky doesn’t’ feel good, she went to bed
early. Jenny said oh that’s too bad, so are you staying or
do you have to go too? I said I don’t know, I guess I could stay
for a while if you wanted me to. She looked at Ben and said,
honey? He said sure, you can stay, come on in. I went in and
Jenny said is this just a visit or are we going to do something?
I said that’s up to you, but I know I’m willing if you are!
I said I’m horny as hell, I didn’t get any today, so if you
want to, I’m game!!! She looked at Ben again and he said sure
you know I’m always up for some fun. My cock was already hard
and she said I guess you are horny! I said you have no idea,
I had to watch her strutting her stuff all night and I didn’t
get to do anything, I’m beyond horny!!!

She said so what do you want to do? I said I don’t care, I’m
just horny as hell, I’ll just about anything right now!
She grabbed my hand and said well let’s go the bedroom then.
She guided me to the bedroom and Ben followed and then she
said any requests? I said yea, I want to cum!!!! She smiled
and said let’s get more comfortable then and she started
taking my clothes off. She said do you want him to stay or
go? I said he can stay, I don’t care, I just need some release,
I don’t care how. Ben started getting naked too and said
oh I’m staying, you’re not getting all the fun. I said that’s
fine with me, the more the merrier. He said you’re horny,
is there anything you don’t want to do? I started taking
off Jenny’s clothes and said no, I’m up for anything. As
long as it’s sexual, I’m happy. Jenny kissed me and pushed
me down on the bed and said you want to start with a blowjob?

I said sure, that would be great. She kneeled down next to
me and started stroking my cock and said boy you are horny.
I smiled and said I told you. There was pre cum already oozing
out of the tip of my cock and she leaned down and licked it
off and said mmm, tastes sweet. She started sucking my cock
while Ben finished taking his clothes off and then she stopped
and said have you ever had a couple suck your dick at the same
time before? I said no, but I’m guessing I’m about to. She
smiled and said honey, you want to? Ben said sure and kneeled
down next to her and I leaned back and watched as they both
sucked and shared my hard cock. They sucked, kissed and
licked every inch of me from my cock to my balls to my ass,
switching back and forth between one sucking my cock and
the other one taking care of my balls and ass. Jenny did most
of the sucking, but Ben got his share in too. Ben was playing
my ass a little more, licking it and eventually fingering
it, but then they both started licking and sucking my cock
together, tongues entangling and lips meshing around
the tip.

I had been holding back all night and was so fucking horny
from watching Becky getting used by those four guys and
it wasn’t but maybe 5 minutes or so and I started exploding.
I came like a geyser, pumping huge streams of hot sticky
cum in their faces and they both swallowed my cum and sucked
me dry together. I said sorry, I said I was horny, and my cock
was still standing tall and hard even though I just came
like crazy. They said oh that’s ok, I understand, it had
to feel good. I said yes it did, it was great, I needed that
so bad. Jenny said are you done, or are you up for more? I looked
down at my throbbing cock and smiled and said what do you
think? Jenny said I think you want more, do you want to 69?
I said sure I’d love to and we got into a 69 with her on top and
I licked her pussy franticly and played with her ass as they
both sucked my cock again. We did it for about 10 minutes
and then she said let’s switch and she got off me and said
Ben lay down, I want to 69 you now.

So they got in the same position and started to 69 and Jenny
said would you lick my butt, I never had both licked before.
I said sure and I moved behind her and spread her ass and started
licking her while Ben was just below me licking her pussy.
She loved it and moaned like crazy and told us how good it
felt and how much she liked it. Then she said I can’t take
it, will you do me? I didn’t say a word, I just grabbed my cock
and got up behind her and shoved it deep inside her and started
pounding away. My balls were flopping over Ben’s face and
he didn’t even flinch a bit. In fact he grabbed my cock every
so often and pulled it out and sucked on it a little bit and
then pushed it back inside her. She had 2 orgasms and then
said come over here. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and
moved to the other side and noticed she had her finger in
his ass as she said it’s his turn now, do you want to put it
in him? I said ok and I grabbed my cock rubbed it over his ass
and then she said wait let me have it first.

So I lifted my cock up to her and she started sucking on it
and then sucked on his and switched back and forth between
sucking our cocks and rubbing then together, sort of playing
with them like they toys or something. She sucked both of
our cocks for a few more minutes and then got mine nice and
wet with saliva and said ok do it now. So I pushed the tip of
my cock against his ass and gently pushed forward making
just the head slide inside of him. She immediately started
sucking his cock again, but her eyes were wide open and staring
at my cock as I pushed it deeper and deeper in his ass. That
had to be one of the hottest things so far on our vacation.
I absolutely loved watching her sucking his cock as my cock
was sliding in and out of his ass just inches away. I slowly
fucked him, making sure not to disturb her or cause to much
movement and watched intently as she sucked him and stared
at my cock disappearing and reappearing in and out of his

About 5 or 6 minutes later he started moaning and tightening
his ass around my cock and then I saw her gag just a little
bit as cum came flowing out of the corners of her mouth in
a flash. I hardly realized he was cumming until I saw it rushing
out of her mouth. I must have been hitting his prostate perfectly
because he flooded her mouth in an instant and she tried
to swallow it, but it came out way to quickly. She finished
him off, sucking and swallowing the rest of his cum and then
she looked up at me and asked if I was close yet. I said not
even, the second time always lasts for a long time. She smiled
and said good because I want you now. I pulled my cock from
his ass and she said go wash it off, hurry up. So I went and
cleaned it off and returned to see them making out and him
rubbing her pussy. I walked over to them and my cock had softened
a little bit, but was still heavy and filled with blood.
She looked at me and said how do you want me? I said from behind,
that way you can suck his dick and try to get him hard again.
She got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me
and smiled and Ben got in front of her and let her start sucking
his limp cock. I looked back and forth between her ass and
her sucking his cock and I started rubbing my cock while
playing with her pussy.

She was very wet and I fingered her until my cock was good
and hard. Then I slid my finger up to her ass and slid it inside
her as I guided my big cock to her pussy and slid it inside.
I started fucking her and she moaned and bobbed up and down
his cock frantically. He was still sort of limp, but getting
harder as she devoured his cock down her throat all the way
to the base. I started fucking her faster and harder, making
her deep throat his cock with every thrust into her pussy.
I started plowing her pussy really hard and fast once I felt
my balls swirling and cum rising. I shoved two fingers in
her ass and started working them in and out of her forcefully
as my cum rose higher and higher. I didn’t know what to do,
normally Becky always swallows my cum but she wasn’t there,
so I just pounded away on her pussy until I couldn’t hold
back any more. Then I ripped my cock from her pussy and squeezed
it tightly and jerked hard on it as I started spewing long
thick streams of hot sticky cum all over her back and ass.

I came hard and strong and then smacked my cock against her
ass a few times and then I said I wanted to see them fuck. They
must not have cared about the bed getting messy because
as I moved to the side and started stroking my half limp cock,
I watched her lay down without cleaning up at all, and then
watched him get on top of her and start fucking her. I moved
around a little bit, looking at all the angles and then moved
to her head and pushed my thick, heavy, soft cock down to
her mouth and forced her to suck it. He watched her sucking
on my large flaccid cock as he rocked his cock in and out of
her pussy. Once my cock started growing harder and longer,
he leaned down and started sucking my cock with her as he
slid in and out of her pussy. Then once my cock was totally
raging hard, I moved again and straddled her face and made
her lick my ass and balls as he sucked my cock devilishly.

After a few more minutes of him ramming in and out of her pussy
and bobbing up and down on my throbbing cock, she said she
wanted me to fuck her again. Ben pulled out of her pussy and
I moved off from over her face and I went over and got on top
of her and slid my hard cock in her very wet pussy. I started
fucking her and Ben moved over to her side and put his dick
in her mouth. She sucked his dick while I fucked her slow,
but hard. I rammed inside her pussy hard, but pulled back
out and rammed back in. I watched her sucking his cock while
I fucked her roughly, but not rudely. Then after a few more
minutes she said she wanted to watch Ben suck my cock again
so I pulled out of her pussy and Ben came over and started
to suck my cock right out of her moist hole, tasting her juices
on my hard cock.

Jenny said ok, I want to suck your dick while you suck his,
so he moved so she could more easily suck his cock while he
sucked on mine. She moved from under me and started to suck
Ben’s cock while eyeing him sucking on mine. I grabbed his
head and kind of fucked his mouth while I watched her bobbing
up and down on his cock. It was nice, but I wanted more! After
a few minutes I said I wanted to eat her pussy and we got in
a sort of circle, lying between one’s legs to the others,
and the others. I was licking Jenny’s pussy while she sucked
Ben’s cock and he sucked mine. Every one had his or her mouths
on someone and it was way more interesting. After jenny
had two orgasm and Ben and I were getting closer, I suggested
we stop and try something else before it was too late.

We sat up and Jenny asked if I had ever been fucked or if I would
ever want to try. I said I had tried it a little and Becky used
a dildo on me a few times and I was up for anything. So she said
how about you let me watch him do you for a few minutes and
then you can do me while he finishes. I said sure, let’s try
it! So I laid on my back and Ben moved between my legs and started
to rub his cock on my ass before pushing the tip inside my
hole. The head of cock slid in my ass fairly easily and Jenny
moved down and started sucking my cock while he slowly slid
his cock in and out of my ass. It wasn’t very long at all and
I said ok we better try doing the other way before I get too
turned on and cum. So we changed and Jenny got on her hands
and knees and I slid my cock inside her from behind and then
Ben slid his cock back inside me from behind too.

We did this for a few minutes, Ben shoving his cock in my ass
and forcing mine inside of jenny with every thrust forward.
I hardly had to do anything, as Ben pushed his cock in and
out of my ass, it naturally made my cock move in and out of
jenny’s pussy from his movements. Then I started rocking
back and forth and as I shoved my cock in and out of Jenny’s
pussy, Ben didn’t really have to move. I sort of rocked back
and forth on his cock as I shoved mine in and out of Jenny.
Then Ben started shoving his cock in my ass again and we lost
our rhythm and just kind of went at it in no particular manner,
just fucking freely and driving us all crazy with arousal.
I could feel my cum rising very rapidly with my cock being
squeezed by Jenny’s pussy and bens cock rubbing back and
forth over my prostate. I said we had better stop before
I messed up and came inside Jenny.

So Ben slid his cock out from inside of me and I slid mine out
from inside of Jenny and she said how about you eat me out
while he finishes and then you can do whatever you want to
make you cum. I said ok and Jenny sat down in front of me and
I started eating her out while Ben moved behind me and slid
his cock back in my ass. I was pretty aroused and ate jenny
out like starving dog while Ben pumped his cock in and out
of my ass. Jenny had two orgasms before Ben started moaning
more and driving his cock ferociously in and out of me. I
had to stop eating Jenny’s pussy because of how hard and
fast Ben was plowing me and then he drove his cock deep in
my ass, hurting me just a little bit as he pumped his warm
cum deep inside me. He grinded his cock in my ass as he unloaded
in me and then he pulled out and finished up by jerking off
and spewing the remainder of his cum on my lower back.

Then Jenny said how do you want to finish? I said I want you
to watch me doing Ben now. She smiled and said sound like
fun and said Ben, why don’t you try to ride him. So I laid down
and Ben straddled me, and grabbed his limp cock and balls
and held them up to his stomach and then lowered himself
on my cock. He dropped down on my cock fairly easily and started
lifting and lowering himself up and down on my hard cock.
I was watching as my cock disappeared and reappeared, in
and out of his ass while he rode up and down on it slowly. Then
he released his cock and balls and let them flop around as
he picked up the pace and bounced up and down on my cock faster.
Jenny was watching and rubbing her pussy as Ben rode my cock
and I said can I eat you out some more while we finish? She
just smiled and moved over and straddled my face and reached
down and spread her pussy open and looked down at me and watched
as I started to lick all around as well as inside her juicy

I had both of them straddling me, one on my face and one on
my cock, grinding their crotches on both ends of me. Jenny
had another orgasm and then lifted her pussy up and moved
off of me and watched as Ben’s cock flopped around as he bounced
up and down on my cock. Then I said stop, let me do you from
behind and finish up that way. So Ben lifted of my cock and
got on his hands and knees and I moved behind him and pushed
my cock in his ass and started pumping in and out of him hard
and fast, knowing it wouldn’t take very long. I rammed my
cock in and out of his ass faster and harder until I couldn’t
hold back anymore and erupted deep inside him. I held his
hips and shoved my cock as far and deep inside him as I could
while I pumped strong thick loads inside him. I started
to jerk and convulse a little bit as I spewed my load inside
him and filled his ass with my cum.

Then we decided to go get cleaned up and we all took a quick
shower together and washed one another off and then returned
to their bed, thinking we were going to get dressed and I
was going to leave. We started talking a little and we never
put our clothes back on and after a little while, Jenny couldn’t
stop looking at us and getting more and more turned on and
then she said I didn’t get that much attention, you guys
think you could go a little more? We shrugged our shoulders
and said sure, what do you have in mind? She said how about
a DP? I would love to have you guys both inside me one more
time!!!!!!! She smiled and winked at us and we said let’s
do it, and I said but you will have to get us hard first and
I smiled and winked back at her. She smiled even more seductively
and said ohh, that won’t be a problem!!

Both of our cock’s were very swollen and thick, but still
flaccid. Jenny told us to sit next to each other and she got
on her knees next to the bed and started sucking and stroking
our cocks at the same time. After a few minutes, our cocks
were hardening pretty well and I put my hand on Ben’s head
and pushed it down towards my cock and said suck mine while
she sucks yours. Jenny stopped just as Ben took my cock in
his mouth and she said I suck his dick anytime I want, I want
to suck yours. She said you haven’t sucked Bens dick once
yet, how about you suck his dick while I suck on yours? I am
not very into sucking dicks, but she looked at me with those
eyes and said do it for me, please. I figured what the hell,
they have done so much for me, I guess I could do something
for them. So Jenny moved up on the bed and we got into a better
position and I started to stroke Ben’s dick while Jenny
eagerly took mine back into her mouth and started sucking
me hard. Jenny looked over to me and said go ahead, do it,
it’s not as bad as you think. I leaned down closer to Ben’s
dick and started sucking it and she was right, it wasn’t
that bad, I was just a little uncomfortable at first.

I felt a little embarrassed sucking a dick, I was always
more of a manly man and felt weird doing it even though it
wasn’t bad. It was just my ego I guess, but I got over it pretty
quickly. Having a female there enticing me to do it, helped
a lot and made me feel less uncomfortable about it. Then
Jenny said ok, let’s get started, I want you inside me, but
I’m not ready for both of you yet. So I mounted her and started
to slowly fuck her and Ben moved over to our heads and put
his dick in my face and I started to suck his dick while I fucked
his wife. After a few minutes I said do you want some to Ben
and he said of course, so we switched positions and he started
to fuck her while he sucked my dick. Jenny was getting very
wet and loosed up and then she said ok, I’m ready, let’s do
it now. She said who wants what spot?

I said I don’t care, I just want to do it and Ben said ok I’ll
take the back then. So we got into position and Jenny mounted
me and started ridding up and down on my cock while Ben moved
behind us and watched a little bit before joining in. He
moved closer and leaned down and spread her ass cheeks open
and licked her puckered hole before sliding a finger in
and loosening her up. She grinded her pussy on my cock while
he prepared her ass for his dick and then he leaned back up
and pushed his dick to her tiny hole and gently inserted
it inside her. I could feel his dick pushing against mine
from inside her and we sat like that for a few seconds before
he started to slide his dick in and out of her slowly, getting
her nice and used to it before we went all out on her. As she
moaned and rocked back and forth on my cock, she leaned down
and kissed me deeply and then I started thrusting my hips
up driving my cock deep and hard inside her dripping wet

We started going faster and harder until we were at a steady
pace and she loved it, moaning loudly and rocking back and
forth on our cocks more and more. After a few minutes she
said do you guys want to switch positions and try the other
way? I said no, I want to stay here, I want someone to swallow
my load when I’m ready to cum. She said you know what, we just
showered and I feel clean enough, you can do me in the butt,
one of us will still swallow it for you. I said ok, if you’re
sure. They both said yea, why not, it will be ok. So Ben pulled
out of jenny’s ass and Jenny lifted her wet pussy off my cock
and we traded up positions and she mounted Ben this time
as I moved behind them and watched a little bit before joining
back in. I absolutely love watching people fuck while I
am behind them getting the perfect view.

After watching and having my cock throbbing badly, I moved
up closer and gently inserted my cock into her tight ass.
It felt so good and incredibly tight and again I could feel
Ben’s cock rubbing up against mine from inside her as we
started to fuck her. I loved it and it was such a huge turn
on. After about 10 more minutes I said I wanted to switch
again and we traded one more time. I was back in her pussy
and Ben was behind her again and we were fucking her harder
and faster and she bucking against our cocks even more.
She was moaning like a mad woman and had two orgasms as she
kissed us and squealed with pleasure. Then I could feel
Ben thrusting deeper and deeper and deeper inside her holding
it there and he pushed hard and I knew he was about to cum.
He moaned loud and said I’m gonna cum I thought he was going
to pull out, but Jenny pushed her ass back against him hard
and I could feel her muscles tighten up strongly, clenching
on both of our cocks and holding him inside her as he started
to convulse and pump his cum in her ass.

He started shoving his cock deeper and harder inside her
ass as he finished dumping his load in her. Then he stopped
and twitched a little bit before pulling his limp cock out
of her and saying go for it, go to town. I started slamming
my cock up inside her hard and fast, making her moan and grunt
and say things like… oh god, that’s so good, do it faster,
and oh yes. I was all out fucking her as she held herself up
above me and then I started to grunt and moan and say I was
gonna cum soon. I shoved my cock as deep and hard inside her
pussy as I could, and jerked a little bit as held it there
firmly, but she said no, you can’t cum inside me and she quickly
lifted herself off my cock and dropped down to my waist and
grabbed my cock firmly in her hands and started to jerk on
it. Ben moved down closer, but I quickly put my hands down
next to me and pushed myself up and hopped on my knees and
grabbed my cock and started to jerk it off myself as I told
them to both come closer.

They both got right in front of my cock and watched eagerly
as I jerked on it and moaned and told them to get ready and
that I was going to cum. I grabbed Ben’s head and held it tightly
with one hand as I aimed my cock towards his mouth with my
other hand. I said here it cums, I’m cumming, get ready!
I blasted a huge, powerful stream of cum across his face,
making him jerk a little bit, startled and not expecting
it like that. Then I moved it towards Jenny and shot another
huge stream across her face before she even knew what hit
her. They both opened their mouths as I moved back and forth
between them and squirted a total of 7 giant spurts in their
mouths. As I finished squirting warm gooey jets of cum at
their faces and in their mouths, I pulled Ben’s head closer
and shoved my cock down his throat and made him suck and swallow
the rest of cum.

I squeezed my cock firmly and held his head tightly as I pulled
on his head and fucked his mouth, making him finish me off.
Then I let go of his head and grabbed Jenny’s and pulled her
mouth to my cock and made her suck it deep and hard until I
went limp in her mouth. I held her head with both hands and
pulled it all the way to my stomach as I shoved it forward
at the same time, making her take my whole entire cock down
her throat. I let loose and leaned back as I watched her start
to suck it vigorously as it slowly softened and shrunk in
her mouth. Once it was totally soft and shrunken, she let
it fall from her moist lips and she said ok I feel better,
now I’m satisfied! I was totally drained and had no energy
left. None of us did, we were exhausted. I said well I better
get going before I pass out and Becky wakes up and wonders
where I am.

So I gathered my clothes and got dressed and the got up and
walked me to the door and said are we gonna see you two again
before you leave? I said I hope so, I don’t what our plans
are, but I sure enjoy hanging out with you two. I went back
to my room and immediately crashed out on the bed next to
Becky. The next morning Becky woke up way before me and she
got ready and messed around a little bit and then she tried
to come back into the room and wake me up. She pulled the sheets
off me and went to suck my cock to wake me up and when I started
to wake up with a huge smile, she looked at me and said you
smell like sex!! I just smiled and said don’t stop now, that
feels good. She started sucking my cock again and I just
laid back and relaxed and enjoyed it as I woke up and got my
bearings better. I put my hand on her head and made her suck
my cock deeper into her mouth and I lifted my hips up and down

She must have sucked my cock for at least 40 minutes until
I was ready to cum and of course she swallowed every drop
as usual. Then she said so were they mad I was too tired to
hang out last night? I said no, not at all, they understood.
She said did you stay or did you just tell them and leave?
I said what do you think? You said I smelled like sex. She
smiled and said good, you deserved it. She asked if I had
fun and I said oh yea, it was one of the best nights I had. She
said oh yea, what happened? I said what didn’t happen? She
asked what we did and I told her everything that happened
and she was excited, but a little upset that I sucked a dick
and she wasn’t there to see it. Unfortunately it was our
last day before leaving and Jenny and Ben wanted to hang
out with us and so did my mom and Gary.

We decided to hang out with my mom and Gary, but Jenny and
Ben called us too so we just spent the early afternoon with
my mom and Gary and then the late afternoon with Jenny and
Ben. My mom and Gary were a little bummed, I think they thought
something might happen again, but we wanted to make sure
we could hang out with Jenny and Ben and hopefully swap numbers
and see if we might want to visit each other every once in
a while. So we met up with Jenny and Ben later that afternoon
and chatted and ate dinner with them and exchanged numbers
and addresses and stuff, but we didn’t have much more time
for anything else. We still wanted to meet up with that cop
on our way home and had to leave at a certain time. They did
convince us to stop by their room for some quick BJ’s before
we left though. Becky sucked Ben’s cock and Jenny sucked
mine. We really wanted to do more, but we had to get going
before it was too late.

So we headed out and the whole way, Becky kept talking about
the cop and what she hoped would happen and stuff. My cock
was so fucking hard listening to her, but although she tried
to suck it, I restrained from letting her, not wanting to
loose my energy before we met up with the cop again. Unfortunately
we got near the area that we were supposed to meet him at,
but we waited and waited and waited and he never showed up.
We were a little bummed, but couldn’t be all that upset,
we did have one hell of a honeymoon and couldn’t really complain
too much. So we started to head out again, but this time I
let her suck my cock while I drove because I had nothing to
loose now. We made it to Ohio before we stopped and had to
get out for a quickie. Then we headed out again and made it
home and unpacked and stuff and of course Becky had to call
her friends right away and tell them she was home and tell
them some of the details , leaving out the sexy parts of course.
She didn’t want them to think we were perverts or sex maniacs
or anything J

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HOT HOT HOT *********** YES, not 5, but 10 stars! Great story
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Thanks I wish more people would leave responses when
they read articles. I have a few more still to cum! I hope
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It got me hard. Keep them cummin.


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mmmmmmm yummmmmmm

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Excellent story. What a lucky couple to find each other
and to be able to share such wonderful experiences. If you
are ever in our area, feel free to look us up.

Hugs and kisses on all of your pink parts.