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Beautiful Rose


Beautiful Rose
by Lacie Paige

He comes home to a dark house where inside she is waiting patiently. She is wearing a long red silk dress with her hair done up so it is not on her bare
shoulders. The dinning room is barely lit by candles and and the table is set elegantly with a great bottle of wine chilling in the ice bucket.
She takes his coat at the door and hangs it for him. When she returns he pulls her close to him and holds her tightly and kisses her tenderly. He lowers her to her chair still kissing her as he reaches for the bottle of wine to uncork it. He opens the bottle and serves her a glass and then serves himself.
While they eat it is very quiet until she asks if everything is OK. He tells her everything is great and that she is a real turn on in that dress. She knows how the bare shoulders really get him going. "How did you know that I was in need of a nice relaxing evening like this? Her response, "I just wanted to show you how much I love you." As they finished their dinner then a great dessert that she made just for him, conversation was light and seductive. They both rose from the table and took their wine to the living room to relax and talk. The living room again was lit by candles and soft music playing. He moved the coffee table to one side and set his glass on the table and reached for her hand. Pulling her closer to him he removed her glass and set it on the table.
Still holding her hand he pulled her in nice and tight to his chest as he began to hug her, first very gently then a little firmer as he swayed back and forth to the beat of the music. After holding her and dancing for a while he finds that there is a zipper on the back of the dress, slowly he unzips it as he kisses her tenderly, first the neck then the shoulders. As the dress falls slowly to the floor, he leans in more and softly bites her shoulder. She shuttered with excitement and he can sense that she is ready and needing a long night of passionate loving.
He lifts her and carries her over to the sofa where he finds it covered in a silk sheet covered with soft rose pedals. The aroma from her perfume and the pedals help to set their romantic mood that he is feeling from her. He holds her tightly as if she were going to slip from his arms. He tells her "I want to show you just how much I love you my Beautiful Rose." In the background the music is very soft and romantic and he sings a little to her and stares deep into her eyes. She runs her fingers around his face and around his lips. He stops singing, he kisses her so very softly on the lips (the kind of kiss that could melt an iceberg). Still holding her as if to never let her go, then kisses his way down to her bare shoulders, the shoulders that he cannot resist. Again a gentle bite and she shutters again, he knows he is now getting her honey to flow.
He slips his hand down to the lace panties she is wearing to find that they are soaking wet with her Honey. At this point she spreads her legs inviting him to sample her honey. Still standing he removes his tie and shirt while he watches her writhe with joy at his strip show. As he he feels and massages his way down her almost completely naked body, he plants to of the most soft kisses on each of her erect nipples and all the way down till he is on his knees. Using his teeth he removes her wet panties all the way to the floor, and slowly kisses his way up the inside of her legs. He gathers some saliva on the tip of his tongue, and slowly lets it drip onto her clit. Blowing softly on her clit she purrs with delight. To heighten her pleasure he lubricates a finger and slides it into her tight ass. She spreads more so that he can penetrate her with his tongue and rub her clit with his fingers. As he opens the her further for deep penetration, she offers no resistance. He can sense it will not be long before she will cum for him. He too is finding it hard to hold back the raging seed within himself.
He unbuckles his pants and starts to slide them off ans she offers help "Can I help you out of those restricting pants?" Obliging her wish to assist he lets her up to help get him out of his pants. In the process she slips her hand into his jockey shorts ans comments "I want to have you in my mouth." She helps him by gliding his pants and jockeys to the floor. As he sits, she kneels on a pillow on the floor before him. She starts by kissing her way up one leg from his knee and cups his balls with one hand. Slowly kissing and massaging them. With the other hand she guides the head of his massive hard on into her mouth, all the while she is foundling his balls in the other hand she. With it in her mouth she lets her tongue dance around the tip. Not sucking to hard she plays with it in her mouth, all the while fond;ling his balls. Playing with the tip and making it disappear into her mouth a little at a time until the whole thing is in her mouth. In slow upwardly movements and fast downward strokes she makes him start to moan. She repeats and repeats this over and over and listened for his deep moans. She worships his cock as if it were a gift send from the gods, sucking and caressing it until it almost explodes. Just before he releases his seed into her hungry awaiting mouth she removes it and kisses his balls sucking each one into her mouth and letting her tongue dance around it driving him crazy. With one of her hands on his rock hard cock and the other caressing his balls, she sucks his cock back into her mouth and takes it into her throat. Using her tongue to massage his massiveness, she accepts his seed and slowly swallows it as she savors the flavor of his sweetness.
She notices that it is still rock hard, she slowly snakes her way up into his lap where she straddles his cock and again makes it disappear this time into her honey pot, that is already very wet. She sits here for a few minutes just flexing her muscles around the still very hard member. After feeling it growing again inside her she slowly withdraws herself up and down the long rigid shaft, careful not to go to fast because she wants to enjoy every inch. She rides him slowly and in a circular motion, she knows how this drives him crazy. Soon he meets her every stroke and soon they are pumping in unison.
He lifts her and stands with her still slowly riding his rock hard member. As he places her back on the sofa he pulls her legs up over his shoulders so he can have full access to her lovely honey pot. His strokes quicken and she is writhing wildly below him. Faster and faster his strokes meet hers ans soon they are both ready to explode. Her whole body goes rigid as he pumps her faster and she explodes. This sets off a trigger and in a loud grunt he explodes planting his seed deep inside her.
Both are completely exhausted and collapse on the sofa in a warm embrace. Still caressing and massaging she slithers kissing her way down his chest to his flaccid cock and kisses it. He whispers to her "If you bring it back to life you will get a big surprise!" Not paying attention to his warning she begins to suck and play with the head again. Again it starts to rise. As soon as it is hard and rigid again he withdraws it from her mouth and turns her over to her stomach.
Here she will get her surprise as he inserts it into her honey pot to lube it up. Just as she thinks he is going to ride her to exhaustion, he pulls it out and inserts it into her ass. He pushes in slowly and can feel the tight grip of her sphincter muscle on his hard cock. She starts to moan deeply as he glides it in further and further until he is completely inside her ass. With a rhythmic pump he moves in and out slowly at first. As she gets more comfortable with it she pushes against him and meets his every thrust. He knows how she loves to be fucked in the ass, the enjoyment of the tightness in her ass. He speeds up the action just a little and she goes wild. She moves her ass faster to meet his pumps and as she tightens her ass check she can hear his moans getting deeper. His speed hastens and she starts to cum and her moans change to screams of extacy and her juices are flowing. With a hard thrust he buries his cock deep into her ass and explodes giving her all the seed he has left.
When he finishes exploding he collapses onto the sofa and pulls her on to him. He kisses her so softly, they drift off to sleep in the glow of the moment.

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The glow of the moment....that special time....

My cup runneth over
Like blood from a stone
These stand for me
Name your god and bleed the freak
I like to see
How you all would bleed for me


Members can vote on this response! the slow buildup! Very erotic writing