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Beach Day


It was a hot day that we had passed on the sand and in the water. The beach was full of friends and we enjoyed more than our share of drinks as we laughed and the sun made its way across the blue skies. It was near sunset and though there were still plenty of people spread about the beach many were leaving. Of our little group only she was left, her friends Sarah, Michelle and Tiffany and my friend Tom; six of us altogether.

We were all enjoying the beers when, at sunset, Tiffany whispered something in Michelle’s ear. They laughed and in an almost synchronized movement both removed their tops. The rest of us stood there in momentary shock. I looked at my girl and she was smiling as if she suddenly understood something I didn’t. While still looking at me she also removed her top. Before I could say much she leaned in and kissed me deeply while she undid my shorts and began to pull them down.

As I slipped out of my shorts she took me in her hand and began to stroke. I looked over towards Tom only to see Tiffany stroking his hard cock while Michelle licked his balls. What was going on?

“You boys are in a heap of trouble. I hope you are ready,” replied Sarah to my unspoken question. “They’ve been planning this for some time.”

My girl took me in her mouth and began to suck deep and slow. Her moans made me rock hard in moments. Once I was ready she called over Michelle and put me in her mouth. “You like that baby, don't you? Someone else sucking your dick. I know you’ve always wanted to give Michelle a taste and guess what? She’s always wanted it too. Lean back.”

I did as I was told. I lay down and leaned back. Michelle was stroking me as she sucked and my girlfriend stood above me. She took off her bikini bottom and rubbed her smooth pussy then sat on my face. She was grinding into my face and I was licking her. She was so wet!

I then heard her say, “go ahead Michelle. Go for a ride.”

I felt my cock slowly enter Michelle as she eased onto me. She also was very wet and tight! Slowly at first she bounced on me, but then rode me harder and faster. Someone else, couldn’t tell who, began to lick my balls as I fucked my girlfriend’s best friend. She then got up off my face and said “I’m going to go suck Tom now.”

And she did. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him deep as I continued to fuck. Sarah then came up behind her and began to lick her pussy as my girl sucked cock. Her moans were muffled but even so they propelled me to fuck Michelle even harder. This caused her to cum and she fell off in a panting, smiling heap. “Tiffany, ride him next. I’m going to fuck Tom.”

And so it was. Tiffany rode me next. Her cute red bush visible as I thrust deep and long into her wet pussy. My girl meanwhile was riding Tom and loving it. Sarah was kissing her passionately. Michelle was recovering. I’m not sure to this day if anyone else had been watching us. If they had, we sure did give them a great show. Since then, I absolutely love our “beach days.”

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Wish I was there to help out with all this going on.