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Barbara and her toys Chapter 2


The morning practice ride with Annette had been uneventful.
No, it had been boring. They only did six miles, because Annette's
husband had to leave early, some meeting or something.

Barbara did not listen as Annette had given her the details.
They had passed numerous youths on their way to school as they peddled
along. She thought many things to herself, but said nothing to Annette.
Once at home, she slipped into her swim suit and jumped into the pool.
That seemed to cleanse her of the lewd thoughts that had controlled her
mind during their entire ride.

Barbara Anderson squirmed langorously in the hot afternoon
sun as she tried to decide whether a dip in the pool or a cool drink would be
more refreshing. She was lying in her back yard, letting the sun's rays
bake her as she weighed the pros and cons of this decision. Her normally quick mind
felt sluggish in the heat, and she finally decided it would be too much effort
to do either.

"If it only weren't so damn hot, " she mused.
Really, this time of the year it was too hot to do anything except lie around. She sighed
and turned on her back, wincing as the glare hit her eyes, feeling the warmth
of the sun as an almost physical presence. Barbara ran her hands down her
body, flicking the sweat away in large droplets, testing to see if she were
sufficiently greased with suntan lotion. She decided she could use some more,
and rolled over to get the bottle, pouring some in her hand and beginning to
massage it into her body in quick strokes.

She was clothed in a very brief bikini, one which she hadn't
dared to wear to the beach - a mere two scraps of cloth around her generous
breasts and hips, scarcely containing their bounty. She ran her oiled
hand across the tops of her exposed breasts and shoulders, down the sleek
curve of her belly and over her firm-fleshed thighs. The touch of her own hand
made her sigh again, luxuriously, and she wished she could strip off
the two tiny pieces of cloth and offer herself nude to the sun, like some pagan
goddess. She laughed at the thought, wondering what her staid ex-husband or
her present boyfriend would think if they came upon her naked in the back yard.

"Of course, it is very private, " she mused,
playing with the thought and then rejecting it as too dangerous. "Still, I could
lower my straps." So thinking, she untied the suit at her neck and removed the
straps, baring her chest to the sun, her breasts swelling upward, only the
nipples covered. She ran her hand over her body again, admiringly, shivering
at the sensations her lazy hand evoked. She squinted around the yard. It was as
if she were completely alone in the world - the heat shimmered in the
air, and no sound broke the stillness of the afternoon. She smiled to herself
as her hand continued its journey over her body, spreading the oil
in a thin film and massaging it deeply into her skin. She lay back and relaxed,
emptying her mind of all but the sensations of her body. Her hand moved
with a will of its own now, caressing her breasts lightly, rubbing her belly
in rounded circles, touching her hips briefly in passing. One finger slipped
under the tiny bit of cloth circling her hips and teasingly touched her pubic
hair. Barbara gasped at the contact, but did not stop, only arching her
hips slightly to give her hand freer rein. She masturbated quite frequently,
trying to satisfy the urges of her healthy body, and had found that she could
please herself far better than her ex-husband ever had.

Or anyone else, Barbara mused, her mind jumping away from
the thought of her spouse and dwelling briefly on her present lover, who had
not so far gotten up the nerve to do more than kiss her good night. Except one,
her thoughts strayed unwillingly to the one perfect sexual encounter
in her life, an experience that had left her weak and shaking with release.
She tried to stop thinking about him, but the feelings evoked by her hand
were too strong and her mind stayed stubbornly fixed on the image of her one-time

Tanned, youthful, magnificent young Jim. Oh, why haven't
you at least phoned me, Jim? Am I just an old prune that you found interesting
for one lonely night? Is that all I meant to you? So you have your
college coeds, you told me about them, remember? But don't you see?
I love you, that's the difference. Those young girls can't be to you what
I can be to you! Remember what you said, cuddled in my arms? That you really didn't
know what you would do after you graduated? I can help you, Jim. Help you do anything
you want.

Anything you want. Oh, don't you remember what you
wanted to do to me that day? And did. I can never forget it.

She remembered how his strong body pumped in even strokes
to enter her roughly, making her writhe and heave under him as she soared
to the pinnacles of desire.

Remembering, her finger slipped inside her bikini and
dug at her pubes. She moaned and opened her legs, letting the finger slide into
her moist canal. Oblivious to anything but her own recollections of lust
and present need, she fingered herself brutally, hoping to giver herself the
release she needed. Her finger slipped easily into her cunt, sliding back and
forth, around and around, sending twinges of pleasure through her nerves.
Barbara closed her eyes against the sun, feeling it press against her. It was
almost like being fucked by the sun, she thought in a daze, as her body responded
to her finger and her hips began to buck up and down in the movements of
intercourse. Her lover's face swam before her eyes, behind closed eyelids.
She could see his youthful face, contorted with lust, as he had plunged into
her body, giving her joy that she hadn't known possible. She had left
the next morning and had never seen him again. Barbara Anderson mourned her lost
lover as she masturbated frantically in her back yard, her body quaking
with remembered lust. She could feel her orgasm coiling in the pit of her
stomach, ready to explode and flood her. She gritted her teeth and slid another
finger into her bikini, searching for the extended nub of her clitoris.
As she touched it, her body shivered and her cunt poured forth a quantity of
pussy juices, drenching her fucking hand.

"Oh ... fuck ... fuck me, Jim ... oh ... God! Fuck meee
..." She strummed her clitoris with her finger. Waves of heat engulfed her
as her hand sank deeper into her cunt, probing the walls, scraping her insides
and making her shudder with orgasm. She bucked against his hand, imagining
it to be her young lover's prick, wishing with all her heart that
it was. She needed a man inside her, a real man, not a drunken lout like her husband.
She groaned in dismay, feeling her orgasm subside and dissipate leaving
her strangely empty inside. She had cum, the physical motions had all been there,
but something was missing.

I need a man, she thought to herself, lying in her back yard,
her legs spread, her fingers still inserted in her cunt. She was
exhausted, drained. With a great effort, she opened her eyes and squinted around,
wondering dazedly what time it was. Her eyes passed over the husky
young man standing in the doorway, then returned. She stared at him a minute
in complete horror, a cold snake of fear hitting her vitals at the discovery.
She wondered feverishly who he was. For a minute, she thought it was Jim,
but it couldn't be, and he was staring at her so oddly.

God! she thought, he saw me jerking off, stood right there
and watched. Suddenly realizing that her hand was still inside her pants,
she jerked it out as if it burned her and hid it behind her, childishly.

"Who ... what are you doing here? Who are you?"
she managed to croak, wishing she could hide. It was bad enough to jerk off in your
own yard remembering the past without people coming in to stare
at you!

She looked at the man, trying to arrange her features in
a mask of severity as she demanded for him to explain his presence. She drew
herself up and tried to regain her dignity. Then she noticed that he wasn't
paying any attention to what she was saying, he was just staring at
her, a peculiar light in his eyes. Her mind flew back, he was looking at her in the
exact same way her lover at the motel had, his eyes glued to her body. He
started toward her.

"Hey! What are you doing?" she called out. She
looked at the man in alarm, comparing him inadvertently to her other lover. They were
both about the same age, but this one was larger, huskier, with broad shoulders
that were bronzed from the sun. He had longish blond hair that curled around
his face and blue eyes that were probably intelligent when not glazed with
lust. For that was what gave them their strange sheen, there was no mistaking

Barbara drew back as the man approached, feeling a stab
of excitement despite her fear. "I'll scream if you don't
leave, " she promised. The man didn't seem to notice. He walked over to her and stared
down at her, his body casting a shadow over her. She squinted at him, trying to
see his face against the sun. "What do you want?" she managed
to croak, her hand going to her throat. God, she thought. I'm all alone. He'll
probably me. She shifted her weight, trying to ignore the pang of lust that
coursed through her at the lewd thought. One part of her urged her to let him,
to open her thighs to this stranger, welcoming him to her recesses.

It'll be the last time ... I need it so bad ... no one will
ever know. No, it's evil, perverted. He's too young for me - once
was enough, her thoughts ran around and around. "Please, " she murmured,
looking up at him. He reached out his hand in answer and ran it over her breasts. "No,
don't, " she breathed. The man looked at her blankly and dropped his
hand lower, gliding over her oily belly and resting on her raised pubic mound.
Through a haze of confusion, Barbara felt his fingers squeeze her, tentatively
at first, then strongly.

"Please, don't! I'll give you money. Please
leave me alone, " she groaned, her body beginning to melt at his touch. So strong... if
only I could... God it would be good to be fucked... she thought crazily. "No..."
she murmured, willing herself to move, to jump up and run. But her body
refused to move, she felt like she was weighed down by a huge hand, forcing
her to remain motionless as the strange man caressed her. She looked
at his crotch, which was even with her eyes, and shivered as she saw the bulge
of his penis. She felt a wild urge to see his prick, to tear his pants off and
feast her eyes on him. She rolled her head aside, moaning weakly, knowing
that her body was betraying her. The man glanced at her face momentarily
and smiled, then plunged his finger into her pants. She groaned, her resistance
weakening as the man's finger slid into her pussy. It was still wet
from her self-induced orgasm, and his digit slipped in easily. "No, "
she said again, but the man only grinned at her and sank his finger in deeper. She knew
her protests sounded silly against the evidence of her sopping crotch,
which so eagerly sucked in his finger.

"Who ... who are you?" she gasped, her body beginning
to move his finger.

"Skip. I've seen you around a lot, " the
man muttered. He was staring at his hand, now immersed in her cunt. He could catch a glimpse
of his finger sliding in and out of her cuntlips, and he wanted to see more.
He pulled her pants down with his other hand and watched his fingers in
fascination, wondering how her cunt could take it so easily, wondering
how his cock would feel in there. He swallowed. He had been delivering a package,
and when there was no answer, had walked through the unlocked door.
He had thought he heard a voice in the back, and had followed the sound, and
had seen this beautiful woman jacking off in the open yard. After that,
things were a blur. His body had taken over, and here he was, one hand deep in
her cunt. And she was enjoying it, he had had just enough girls to know that!
Her cunt was sopping wet and was grasping at his finger like a clutching
hand, her face was flushed, and her breasts were heaving with her ragged breathing.
He gently pulled down the top of her suit and exposed her tits, never
ceasing his fingering of her pussy. He caught his breath as he saw her
breasts, they were big and sweetly formed, rising to a point tipped with coral
nipples that were erected in lust. He dropped to one knee and lowered his head
to her breasts, sucking her tit into his mouth, running his tongue over
the raised nipple, rolling it between his teeth.

"Oh, " Barbara gasped as the sensation of a
wet mouth on her tit engulfed her. "Suck it ..."

Skip complied. He pressed her breasts together, bobbing
his head from one to the other, laving both her nipples with his tongue. His
hand dug deeper into her crotch, her juices making entrance even easier.

Barbara wanted to see him. She wanted to see his cock. She
had to! She reached out and unzipped his jeans, freeing his erection.
She gasped at the size of it. She circled it with her hand lovingly, staring
at it, looking at his pulsing shaft topped with a rosy head. Blood pulsed
through the distended veins, making it jump in her hand. She stroked it cautiously,
running her fingers up and down the shaft, delicately under the sensitive
head, hearing the man groan as she excited him. "Take off your pants, "
she said hoarsely, scarcely recognizing her own voice. Gone were all scruples
- she was an animal now, wanting only to give her body to the male, wanting
him inside her. "Fuck me, " she commanded. "Please ...
oh please fuck me!"

Skip hurriedly shed his pants. He didn't want her to
change her mind, he thought looking at the lush body before him. This was like
a dream, a wonderful dream. He couldn't quite believe that he
was going to fuck her, but he certainly wasn't going to stop! Not now, not with
his dick hard as an iron bar, jerking with the need to bury itself in warm cunt.

"Sure, lady, I'll fuck you blind!" he promised,
kneeling between her widespread legs. He pulled her pants completely off and
stared at her cunt. The lips were red and swollen, and, as she spread her legs
even wider, he could see the entrance to her pink-lined canal. The hole
was pulsing slightly. "God, " he whispered. He sank his
finger into her again, then pulled it out.

"Fuck me! Your cock! Put it in! Stick me!" moaned
Barbara, aching with the need to be filled. She pushed her hips against his finger,
grinding them in a circular motion, drawing his finger in up to the knuckle.
"Put it in! Fuck me!" she said fiercely.

Skip poised his cock at the entrance to her womb, rubbing
his cockhead over her slit, teasingly. She moaned as the head hit her clit,
sending waves of pleasure through her.

"Now! Fuck me now!" she cried in anguish, her
whole body tensed with desire. If he doesn't put it in soon, I'll die!
she thought, her hips rising, trying to force him to enter her.

Skip grinned and lowered himself carefully, the head of
his cock sliding between her hot, wet cuntlips, probing for her canal. He
thrust forward and slid into her completely, filling her, his balls squishing
against her ass.

"Ohhhhh..." groaned Barbara. She could feel
his prick opening her insides, pushing aside her quivering membranes, feeling like a
red hot poker as it burned its way into her snatch. "It's sooo bigggg...
I can feel it in my stomach! Oh, baby... fuck me, " she moaned, twisting
lewdly beneath him, seeking to draw him even farther into her cunt.

Skip smiled down into the flushed face of the older woman,
then covered her mouth with his, sucking her tongue into the warm cavity.
As she groaned and writhed beneath him, he pounded steadily into her, twisting
his hips on each stroke to hit the walls of her cunt. She was sucking back
on his tongue now, frantically gurgling into his mouth. He dropped his head
suddenly and captured one of her tits, fastening his lips on the nipples
and sucking.

Barbara shivered violently as the man's tongue touched
her tit. It hardened and thrust into his mouth like a tiny penis, begging to be
sucked. Fire shot through her veins and she bucked up against the boy. "More!
Harder!" she cried, wrapping her long legs around him and straining
against him. "Deeper, fuck me deeper!"

Skip thought he was about as deep as he could go, he felt like
he was in a bottomless burning pit. His balls slapped against her
ass with each stroke. He loved the way she was using her cunt, muscles clamped
on his cock like tiny fingers, milking him, making him want to shoot his load.
But he held back, gaining even more pleasure the longer he waited, watching
her flop beneath him, hearing her hoarse voice exhort him to more. He felt
wildly triumphant, he had conquered this beautiful woman without a word, with
only his cock! He could feel her hot juices bathing his plunging dick, showing
plainly her answering lust.

"Beautiful, " he muttered against her breast.
"Beautiful, lady."

Barbara's hips ground even more furiously, rising
and falling with his strokes, twisting and churning against him. With each
stroke she gasped in delight, feeling her body bounce with the force. Sweat
poured from her as thrill after thrill coursed through her. She felt faint
with the force of her lust, and spots of light danced behind her closed eyelids.
She was riding the crest of her orgasm, every jab of his cock bringing her nearer
to full- fillment. She raised her hips and presented her pussy to
him, offering herself to his plunging dick. She was swimming in a sea of
lubrication, pussy juice flowing from her recesses and turning her cunt into
a river of lust. There was a little pain with each stroke of his large penis,
but this served to heighten her pleasure. She wanted to be pounded into
the patio floor, smashed under his body.

"Give it to me, fuck me! Oh... God, I can... fuck me
with your hot dick, " she babbled. "Oh, uh, please... harder..."
She never wanted it to end. She wanted to fuck forever, coming under his pounding prick.
She felt the wave of orgasm break around her, drawing her with it until her body
felt like it was in a whirlpool. Her hips shook, her pussy gushed again and
again, her whole body trembled in the wind of lust.

Feeling her body shake beneath his, feeling her cunt grab
his cock and squeeze it in convulsive tremors, he cried, "I'm
gonna cum, too. I'm gonna CUM!" He raised slightly and began pumping in and
out jerkily, his sperm boiling in his balls. He felt the violent urge to cum, to
let his balls burst forth their sticky fluid to run through his cock and spurt
into her waiting vagina. In and out he pounded frantically into her, feeling
her legs squeeze him, holding him firmly in place. "I'm gonna
cum - uh - uh - uh - fuck me lady! Here it comes, feel it! FEEL IT!" He yelled as
he felt his semen gush from the buried head of his prick, spurting out in thick
gobs, rope after rope of jism splattering the walls of her cunt.

Barbara felt his cock swell and spurt in her hole as the last
spasms of her own orgasm hit her, her cunt drenching his prick in juices.

"More, " she whispered, grinding against
him, forcing herself over the edge into another cum. As his semen splattered into her wet canal,
she convulsed again, her mind blacking out as she fell over into the throes
of her orgasm, letting herself be carried away on the wings of lust. "I
love it, I'm cumming again, cum in me, give me your cum!" she mumbled, pulling
him against her, her hips still twitching under his. He fell against her, panting
with exertion, his penis buried deep in her still jerking weakly as it spurted
the last big drop of jism.

"Wow! What a fuck, " he muttered, feeling the
frantic need leave his body as his prick softened inside her.

Barbara lay still, clasping the boy to her. She could still
feel his cock inside her, soaking in her. She didn't want to move.
She wanted to lie here forever, the glow of being well fucked pervading her body,
the boy's prick still in her. She sighed gently as reality invaded her mind,
she looked around and gasped. Here she was, in the back yard in broad
daylight, stark naked, clasping an equally naked body in her arms. Anybody
could see her, could come in like he had!

"Oh!" she cried sharply. "Get up! Get
off me!" She squirmed under him, trying to push his heavy body from her.

"Hey, what's wrong?" the man asked, holding
her down and looking at her. "What's the matter?"

"You've got to go! Hurry up! Now, " Barbara
said frantically.

"Why? You sure didn't want me to leave a minute
ago!" Skip lowered his head and licked lazily at her sweat-covered breasts, making
her gasp and move against him.

No, Barbara thought. It isn't possible. Stop it! Her
body still wanted more! She pushed at the boy again. "Go away, please,
somebody might come and see us, " she pleaded.

"Expecting anybody?" Skip asked, his head
gliding lower.

"No, but, please don't! This is all wrong!"
Barbara moaned. She didn't know what to do. Her body, so long deprived of sex, was responding
again to his touch.

"What the hell? Don't worry about it. No one's
gonna come in, and we're just getting started! I'm still hot for you, lady,
and I betcha you are, too. Just lie back and enjoy it!"

Barbara relaxed. There was nothing else to do. She was too
weak with longing to move except feebly, and all her instincts were
to draw the man to her, not push him away! She sighed languorously as his tongue
licked her belly in swirling circles, and a hot flutter of desire made
her legs open in anticipation. He was going to lick her, he was going to lick
her cunt! Barbara moaned in lust as his raspy tongue dipped lower.
She had only had her cunt eaten once or twice, and only after begging her husband.
And this boy was going to do it now. He didn't need any urging. In
fact, he was forcing her to lie still so that he could administer the tongue lashing!
He paused between her widespread legs and she could feel his cool
breath on the hot lips of her cunt.

"Don't stop! Please, don't stop, "
she moaned, raising her hips so that the mound of her pussy came up to his face, trying to urge him
to hurry.

"Oh, I won't, " promised Skip, gently
opening the lips with his fingers and letting his breath play over her. "This is gonna be
great, eating... I won't stop!" He held her twat open wide, staring into the
red-lined interior, watching the tiny entrance to her vagina open and close.
"Wow!" he said. He had never seen a cunt like this one, so fully developed.
The pussies of his young girl friends were just slick little pink slits, nothing
like this! He feasted his eyes on the luxuriant growth of pubic hair,
curling in reddish swirls over her snatch and down between her legs, almost
concealing the fat lips of her cunt, which were dark red with lust. As he watched,
the whole cunt moved and a drop of moisture oozed from the pulsing
hole. He dropped his head and covered the whole vulva with his mouth, sucking
in like a vacuum cleaner, trying to draw out more the fluid.

"Oh God!" Barbara muttered through clenched
teeth. The waiting had been almost unendurable, she had thought he would never start.
"Suck it. Stick your tongue in, honey, " she sobbed, feeling the
familiar darts of lust tear at her vitals. "I need it, stick your tongue in there.
I want it!"

Skip was in no real hurry. He was thoroughly enjoying this.
His cock began to throb and lengthen against his leg as he tasted the pungent
juices. He felt a great surge of power as he excited this older woman
with his tongue, making her beg for it. He wanted her screaming and moaning
under his mouth, then he would give his throbbing cock some release. He was
going to shove it in her throat and make her suck him, too! He groaned at the
thought of sliding into her wet mouth and redoubled his efforts at
her crotch. He nipped gently with his teeth at the engorged nub of her clitoris
and ran his tongue up and down the length of her slit.

Barbara squealed as his tongue hit her clit, sending waves
of pleasure through her. She bucked her hips against his face, trying
to engulf his whole mouth, trying to force his tongue into her. She could hardly
believe the feelings that shot through her. She was on fire, her whole
body churning and quaking with lust.

"Eat me, harder, stick it in there!" she moaned,
her head thrashing from side to side, her hips undulating under his face. She smashed
her pussy into his mouth, her juices filling his mouth and running down
his chin. He slurped and gulped noisily, draining her dry as fast as she could
secrete. He reached up with both hands and grasped her tits, squeezing the mounds
of flesh between his fingers, rolling the nipples between his thumb and
forefinger. At the touch, Barbara shook all over, threads of fire radiating
from her nipples throughout her body.

"I'm going crazy. I can't stand it. Eat me,
honey, stick your tongue in there, make me cum!" Barbara screamed, no longer
caring if anyone could hear or not. Her whole being was concentrated in the patch between
her legs. Her vagina was a hungry demanding hole, aching for release.
Suddenly she felt a wild urge to take him in her mouth, to suck him as he was sucking
her, to feel his hard dick filling her throat. "Cock, gimme cock, "
she mumbled. "Stick it in my mouth, I want your hot dick in my mouth!"

Skip grinned as the lewd words burst from the woman's
mouth. He had her now. She would do anything he asked, anything at all to keep
his tongue in her hot box, whipping her to orgasm. "Sure, lady, "
he mumbled through a mouthful of cunt. "Anything you say." He swung
his body lithely on top of her, positioning his rampant cock over her mouth. "Go
to it, gimme some head, " he commanded, lifting his mouth for a minute,
then plunging again into the swampy marsh of her pussy.

Barbara eagerly grasped the shaft of the pulsing cock,
bringing it to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and ran it over the head,
collecting the drop of pre-cum that oozed from the slit, then sliding it under
the lip of the cap, hitting the most sensitive nerves. She felt his legs tremble
as she licked the sensitive head, swirling her tongue around and around,
and smiled to herself. The feel of his dick in her mouth intensified her
pleasure. She could feel his mouth gnawing at her cunt with even more intensity.
She was being filled at both ends, fucked in the mouth and cunt,
and her body quivered with pre-orgasmic shivers. As she let the head of his penis
slip between her lips, she felt his tongue finally enter her vaginal canal.
It lashed at the walls, boring into her like a drill, opening her insides,
licking up every drop of fluid. She fucked her hips against it. She wished
she had a thousand openings, and they were all filled with cock or tongue!

She sucked in more of his dick, relaxing her throat muscles
to let him probe more deeply. As her lips inched greedily on his shaft, swallowing
more and more of the turgid length. Skip tried to hold back. He tried
not shove forward. He wanted her to take it in herself, but finally
it was too much, and, with a strangled cry, he buried himself to the hilt
in her throat.

Barbara gagged as his cock hit the tender muscles of her
throat, then relaxed and sucked greedily on the stick. She was in a dream
of lust now, her body pinioned beneath his, her secret places invaded by
his lashing tongue.

As his penis slid in and out of her throat, she reached up
and caught his balls in her hands, squeezing gently, rubbing the base
of his root with her thumb. She could feel the cum in his balls, making them hard
as marbles inside their wrinkled sac. She held them gently, stirring
them. Her slobber wet his cock and ran over her chin and down her neck. She swallowed
and gulped, trying not to choke as his cock battered into her
throat. She could feel orgasm bubbling in her. She rubbed her cunt into his
face, mutely urging him to suck harder, to bring her cum.

Skip did. His face was buried in her cunt. He could hardly
breathe through the overwhelming odor of excited pussy, and he loved it!
He loved the way her cunt grabbed at his tongue, trying to pull it in deeper.
He loved the smell, the taste of pussy cum, and he sucked even harder, drawing
it all in his mouth. His teeth clamped on her clitoris and he began strumming
the excited organ with his tongue, clasping it firmly when it tried
to retreat into its sheath. Barbara churned against him.

He slipped one hand under her bucking ass and searched for
her asshole. She tensed as she realized what he was going to do, then relaxed
as feeling swept her. She didn't care, she had never had her asshole
violated, but she didn't care! She wanted his finger in there! She took a deep breath
around his penis and began probing for his asshole, too. At the same
time both fingers found their marks. As his digit invaded her tiny shithole,
hers shot up his ass! She gasped as the new sensation hit her, it felt like
a tiny red hot poker was reaming her out, stabbing into her vitals!

She groaned and rammed her finger up him to the knuckle,
turning it from side to side, screwing his ass! She gobbled his prick, feeling
it harden between her lips, swelling as his cum threatened to burst.
She drew her lips over her teeth, making a ridge, and jacked up and down the
length of his shaft, twirling her tongue over the head on each stroke.
She knew he was very near orgasm now. She gulped eagerly, wanting to feel the
hot flood of his sperm in her throat.

Skip pounded into her mouth, his mind a blur of intense feeling.
Her finger in his shithole massaged his prostate, sending sharp twinges
of desire through him. He could feel her other hand cupping his balls, squeezing
them gently, urging his cum. He stuck his tongue full length up her vaginal
canal, wanting to bring her off at the same time. He could feel her legs clamped
around his neck in a stranglehold, and he knew by the way they were shaking
that her orgasm was near. He caught her jumping clitoris between
his teeth and bit down fairly hard. Ordinarily this would cause pain, but
at this point it merely added to her lust, hastening her cum.

Come on, baby, he thought. Cum in my fucking face, I can't
hold off much longer. Come on, let me taste you cum! He stabbed his finger
in and out of her ass.

Barbara felt herself cumming. The waves of orgasm swept
over her, making her shake and shudder. Her pussy convulsed, sending forth
a thick stream of cunt juice, filling the boy's mouth with her cum. She
bucked against him, her body gone berserk with passion. Her mouth clamped on his
prick, and she sucked with all her might. She needed his semen flooding
her mouth. She knew she would spasm even harder when his jism hit her throat.

Skip suddenly began fucking her mouth with short quick
jabs. His balls were bursting, his prick was on fire and ready to explode. Desperately,
he fucked her mouth, using it like a cunt, pounding into it, forcing
her throat to open and take him in. And then the man came. He spurted wildly
into her open mouth, his pecker jumping with the force of the orgasm that
ripped through him. He came and came, gob after gob of thick, gooey sperm
gushed from the head of his prick, splattering into her mouth, hitting
the walls of her throat.

Barbara gulped wildly, swallowing the creamy sperm her
own final cum convulsing her. She sucked and sucked, drawing every drop
of jism from his dick, swallowing it all and wanting more. She wanted to
drink endlessly from this fountain of cum, the taste and texture of the thick
drink excited her to a new plateau of lust. Frantically she drained the softening
penis. She gulped down the last mouthful and lay back. Her body still
twitched with the last of her orgasm. Skip cleaned her out with his tongue,
tenderly licking the still engorged pussy, cleaning off the last traces
of cum. Finally he raised his head and slid his body off hers. His limp penis
slipped from her mouth, and she reached after it, wanting to keep it in her
mouth. He swung around so he faced her and smiled at her. His lips and chin
were smeared with pussy cum, and she raised her head to kiss him, wanting to
taste her juices.

"Wow, you give some fantastic head, " he said
approvingly. "And your pussy, well, that tastes great!" He smacked his lips happily.
"I could taste my cum in there from when I screwed you before, something, huh?"
He grinned at her. This had sure turned out to be some afternoon. He had seen
the sexy woman around town and had fantasized over her, but he had never
dreamed he would actually fuck her and then eat her out and have her blow him.
He smiled at her, feeling all the power of his young manhood at conquering
her. "You've got a great body, too. I mean, you're really something
special! You're beautiful!" He looked at her, visions of fucking
her in every conceivable position running through his mind. He could come here every
day. He wanted to do things to her he had never even thought of before - fuck
her in the ass, between the breasts, the list was endless!

Maybe he could get it up again, he'd sure love to put
it in her once more. He shivered, remembering how tight and hot it had been around
his finger. He could almost feel it around his dick. That'd really
be something, he thought avidly, picturing himself pounding into her creamy ass.

Barbara was just lying there. She was covered with sweat
and exhausted, but her body was satisfied. She purred like a kitten sunning

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