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Back to future


Back to a Future
Crunnnchh! Suddenly I was jolted out of the thoughts buzzing
around in my head about sales targets, budgets and stock
problems. The car came to a grinding halt and a sickening
feeling grew in the pit of my stomach. The noise from the
motor had sounded very serious, and the way the engine died
seemed to spell a permanent stop.
"Fuck!" I declared loudly to the empty land
around me. This whole trip had been a nightmare from start
to finish, and now I was finally heading back to the city,
this had to happen. I popped the bonnet and looked at the
engine with the forlorn hope of someone who knew nothing
about mechanics. The last town had been a good three hours
back, and according to my map, the next outpost of civilization
was at least a hundred kilometres ahead.
"Fuck!" I shouted again, and kicked the driver’s
side front tyre hard. It didn’t fix anything, but it made
me feel a little better. I reached for my mobile phone, but
I knew before I even looked at it that there would be no signal
out here. Why had I agreed to do this godforsaken run through
the deserted plains of far western New South Wales? The
few pitiful sales I had managed would hardly cover the cost
of the trip and I was going to have hell to pay when I got back.
I conveniently forgot that I had volunteered to take this
trip, seeing it as a chance to get out of the city for a couple
of weeks. I looked back along the dirt road I had travelled,
then forward where it stretched before me, straight as
an arrow between low hills. Nothing. Empty. I hadn’t passed
another vehicle in either direction all day. "Fuck!"
In desperation, I looked about me. I don’t know what I thought
I was going to find, but there was nothing there. It dawned
on me that I was probably in a serious situation. It was hot
and getting hotter, and I had no shade and very little food
or drink. Resolving to do something other than just sitting
and waiting, I locked my work bags and paperwork in the boot
of the car, grabbed the three-quarter full bottle of mineral
water from the front seat, and started walking toward the
hills I could see about 5 km further ahead on the road. I was
reasonably fit, and okay to walk for the moment. After all,
I worked out three times a week in the gym at home, I was young
and healthy, and surely someone would come along eventually.
The hills I had spotted turned out to be closer to 10 km away,
and by the time I reached them I was covered in sweat, my clothes
dirty from the dust of the road, and most of the water I had
brought with me was gone. On top of that, my very expensive
dress shoes were rubbing against my ankles and starting
to develop noticeable soft spots on the sole. The hills
offered no sign of hope or assistance, and as I reached the
top, all I could see in front of me was the long straight road,
stretching kilometres to the horizon with not a sign of
movement anywhere. Resigned, I started downhill, but
before I had gone 100 metres my heart jumped. Off to the left
a set of wheel ruts headed across country, disappearing
over the side of the rise. It was hardly civilization, but
to my eyes those marks meant salvation. Hopefully a farmhouse
or cabin not too far away. I set off along the trail with renewed
determination and energy.
That determination faded as I trudged along the dirt path
of the tyre tracks. I was tired, thirsty. My feet were killing
me, my fancy shoes almost disintegrating under me. I had
lost track of how far I had gone, but had been walking for
hours in the searing heat, taking a break every now and then
under the occasional tree that grew not too far from the
path before setting out again. I began to wonder if the tracks
led anywhere at all, and my mind drifted back to the hassles
of work. All the problems I had with my job didn’t seem so
bad now, when I seriously started to wonder if I was going
to die out here, my body rotting away until someone found
the bare bones in months or even years from now.
As I stumbled along, my head down and lost in morbid thoughts,
I didn’t realise that the path I was following was climbing
toward a low ridge. As I reached the top and began back down
the other side, I tripped on the uneven ground and fell to
my knees. Covered in dirt and sweat, exhausted from my trek
through the fierce heat of the day, I began to sob in despair
and hopelessness. I wanted to just lay down and die there
in the heat and the dirt. Forcing myself up onto my hands
and knees, I lifted my head, and saw paradise. At least that
was how it seemed. Below me was a small valley between the
surrounding hills. A gentle stream flowed quietly along
the valley floor, and on a flat piece of land not far from
the water sat a small stone cottage, surrounded by a well-tilled
garden of vegetables and fruit trees. I looked at it in my
exhausted state, wondering if it was a mirage. I reached
out as if to touch the picture, and collapsed.
When I woke again I thought I must have dreamed the whole
thing. I was lying in a soft bed, the room was dark. I looked
around, and realised my feet were painful. It had been no
dream, more a nightmare. I struggled to get up and as I did
a huge bear of a man walked in. He was stunning, bare except
for a pair of loose skimpy shorts and singlet, with bulging
arms and massive, defined chest, a square jaw and twinkling
"I see you’re awake. How are you feeling?" he
asked, concern in his voice.
"Much better, now, " I answered, my eyes drinking
in the view of his powerful frame so close to me. I managed
a smile. "Thanks to you, I guess."
"Found you at the top of the rise a few hours ago. Your
feet were pretty bad - those bloody fancy shoes no good for
walking in." he said it as a statement but the dismissal
of my footwear was almost contempt.
"Yeah, I know. I didn’t intend to be walking in them.
My car broke down and I walked for hours and hours trying
to find help. I just need to use a phone, call for help."
"No phone here, " he said simply, "no
contact with ‘outside’ for over a week, when Jim comes past."
"The postman. Brings me my supplies every two weeks.
You’re stuck here until then."
I looked him up and down again. Marooned miles from anywhere
with this man. Not so bad, I thought. I wondered whether
there was anyone else here, a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend?
I tried to stand, but fell forward, my feet aching. He caught
me as I dropped, his arms under mine, and lifted me bodily
back onto the bed.
"Your feet should be okay tomorrow, but you need a
good night’s rest to recover from the walking in the heat.
And some food." With that he walked from the room,
and I heard some movements from the next room, and smelled
meat being cooked. When he came back, he looked at me carefully
again. "Are you up to being carried to the table?"
"Uh Huh." I nodded. He bent and placed one massive
arm under my knees, the other around my back and lifted me
as if I were a baby, carefully negotiating the doorway and
setting me down at a table in the living area of the cottage,
where a plate loaded with food was waiting for me.
"Thanks, so much." I said gratefully. "What’s
your name?"
As we ate, we chatted. Or at least, I chatted. Dan ate slowly,
saying little but to answer my questions with simple one
word responses. He was very much the strong silent type.
I learnt that he lived alone, that he had moved here from
the city more than five years ago and was almost completely
self-sufficient. He grew his own fruit and vegetables,
kept a few pigs and sheep and chickens, and a cow for milking.
There was an array of solar power cells on the roof which
fed a bank of batteries under the house where he had a small
refrigerator and freezer in a tiny cellar. He used candles
and hurricane lamps for light when needed, and chopped
wood for heating and cooking. He had a news magazine delivered
every fortnight to keep up with the events of the world,
and lived quietly alone on this land.
As I ate and talked, gleaning snippets of information from
him, I took the chance to observe his body again. He was tanned
and fit, covered in a fine mat of dark hair, his large chest
and wide shoulders evidence of hard work and developed
strength. Back home, he would have been the kind of man I’d
chase, but without the re-assurance of familiar territory
such as the bars and clubs I frequented, I wasn’t sure how
he might react to any advances, so I just looked and dreamed
for now.
With the meal finished, he left me at the table to clean the
plates away, returning with a couple of glasses and a bottle
of whisky. "Drink this, " he commanded, "it’ll
help you sleep, speed up your recovery." With the
benefit of a full stomach, the exhaustion of the day was
coming back and I doubted I would need assistance with sleeping,
but I drank anyway, thanking him again, and toasting his
"To you, thank you for saving me." I said, holding
up my glass. He simply nodded and drained the tumbler. Within
minutes I was yawning, and Dan stood, picking me up easily
and carrying me back to the bed where he lay me on the soft
covers, before exiting the room again. I fell asleep quickly,
a sense of safety coming over me in this place. I dreamed
of him, holding me, carrying me, saving me from unknown
dangers. In my dreams he banished the unseen evils, coming
to me and hugging me tightly, then kissing me. First he was
naked, then suddenly he made love to me, hard and strong.
I woke in the dark, my cock throbbing and aroused from the
fantasy, but I was alone and the cottage was silent and black.
Hoping I hadn’t called out in my sleep, I turned over again
and went back to slumber, this time dreamless and deep,
and didn’t wake again until the light of morning was pushing
through the window behind my head.
I stretched my arms out, and the events of the day before
came to mind. I looked around, but could not see Dan through
the open bedroom door. Standing gingerly, I found that
my feet, whilst still tender, were much better, and I stood
slowly, cautiously. Padding into the adjoining living
area, I looked around. No sign of my rescuer, but the room
was tidy, the evidence of last night’s meal gone. The room
itself was large and spacious, and another closed door
suggested a third room in the house. The front door was open,
and the morning sun beckoned as I stepped onto the patio,
feeling surprisingly refreshed. My eyes were drawn to
the sparkle of the stream about 50 metres away, and as I looked,
Dan appeared from the water, and headed back the house.
I tried not to gape, tried to act nonchalant, but the man
who had appeared in my dreams last night was walking toward
me, stark naked and glistening with a myriad pinpoints
of light as the droplets of water fell from his magnificent
body. His hands were over his face as he wiped the water away,
but my stare was drawn elsewhere. His powerful shoulders
tapered to a narrow waist, before widening again to strong
muscled legs. A long thick cock dangled at his groin, nestling
in the same dark hair that covered the rest of his body. Beneath
the film of hair, his skin was tanned a deep colour, all over!
He was stunning, and despite my caution, I felt my dick beginning
to stir. Suddenly he looked up, spotted me there, looking
at him.
"Uh, sorry" he said, looking around for a towel
or cover that wasn’t there, suddenly self conscious. "I
thought you were still asleep."
I smiled for a second at his discomfort. "Just admiring
the view!" I declared, without thinking. He looked
quickly at me at that comment, and I tried to recover by adding
"the morning sun on the trees and the creek…"
"Oh, yeah" he agreed, uncertainly. "How
do you feel?"
"Much, much better, thanks." I turned slightly
pretending not to notice as he got closer, reaching for
a pair of shorts that had been discarded on the steps. "That
looks great, " I said, indicating the water on his
body, and the stream below, "is it okay if I take a dip
as well, clean up a bit?"
"Of course" he smiled, beginning to pull the
shorts on.
With my heart in my mouth, I took a chance. "Don’t cover
up for my benefit." I said. "It looks like you
spend a bit of time in the sun, and I might join you."
I pointed to him generally, letting him know I had noticed
his all over tan.
"Thanks." He said, a hint of both relief, and
something else in his voice. "I figure that out here,
there’s no point in clothes unless they’re needed for warmth
or protection, so I usually go without."
"Sounds good to me." I stated, trying to sound
careless about it. "Time for my swim." I tried
to casually strip, like it was something I did every day,
and at the same time willed myself not to get excited and
embarrass myself with an erection. I carefully trod the
soft grassy path to the edge of the water, took a deep breath
and waded in. The water was cool, but not freezing, and I
happily sank into it, feeling the clean fresh stream wash
over my body. Dan had followed me back down to the water’s
edge, and sat on the grass, watching me as I splashed about.
"Are you coming back in?" I called to him.
"Nah, just keeping an eye out since you don’t know
the river, " he stated, reclining on the grass, obviously
comfortable in his nakedness.
"C’mon, " I called to him, jumping upright,
"show me how it’s done!" He was taken by surprise
at the swiftness of my movement, but quickly snapped out
of it, breaking into a grin and following me. As I surfaced
a huge splash greeted me as he plunged into the water close
by where I floated. I gasped and laughed in the waves he created,
waiting for him to come up for air before shooting another
armful of bubbling water toward him.
We laughed and played in the cool, lifesaving water, splashing
each other, and jumping about. I pushed him backwards and
he flailed around trying to keep his footing. When he stood
back up he reached over and jumped up, finding my head and
pushing me under the water. Trying to bring him with me,
I automatically threw my arms around him to drag him under
as well. As I did, I felt his body within my grasp, felt his
cock against my chest, and I trembled. I let go, and stood
up quickly, unsure of how to react. He also stood up, surprise
on his face at the sudden lack of fight from me. "Are
you okay?" he asked, concerned.
I nodded quietly, and smiled. "Just a little out of
breath I guess" I lied, and began to make my way to the
bank. The touch of him against me had sent thrills through
me and I trembled still at the memory of his strength, and
his touch. As I clambered from the water, I was horrified
to realise that I was sporting an erection, and that nothing
I could do or think would make it go away. Awkwardly, I stepped
up onto the grass, keeping my back to him. I heard the splashing
as he too made his way from the water. He seemed to be taking
his time. He called out to me, "Ian?"
Without looking, still trying to hide my raging horn, I
called back "Yeah?"
"Turn around!" he spoke in a quiet but commanding
tone. There was something in his voice I couldn’t place.
Trembling, uncertain, and feeling very exposed, I slowly
faced him. Only a step behind me, he stood there, droplets
falling from his powerful frame, his eyes seeking out my
own, his cock proud and thick, standing out from his body,
pointing toward me and throbbing. He looked at my face,
down to my raging hardon, and back up again. A smile appeared
at his mouth. "I thought so …" he grinned, and
I laughed, sheepishly then more confident as realisation
dawned. He stepped up to me, his arms going around me and
he drew my body against his, our poles mashing and rubbing
together as he hugged me. I looked up into his eyes, and leaned
upward, my lips touching his. As our mouths met, hidden
desire was unleashed, and his tongue was invading my teeth,
forcing my mouth open. I fought back with my own tongue,
exploring his lips, his gums, his teeth, tasting him as
my hands regained their life and my fingers clawed at his
back, digging into the firm muscled skin, gripping at the
orbs of his butt cheeks.
We were locked together, standing there, mauling each
other in the bright sunlight, beside the creek, and I was
aroused beyond measure. This huge man, his arms around
me as he kissed me, was so strong, so desirable, and there
was no-one for hundreds of kilometres in any direction
to disturb us. I ached with the urge to hold him, to kiss him
and please him. I pulled my mouth from his, and lowered my
face to his chest. Licking and sucking at the firm skin as
my hands wandered up and down his back, pressing and squeezing.
His head rolled back and murmurs of pleasure escaped his
lips as I nibbled at him. His hands were on my shoulders as
he massaged my skin and played with my neck, pulling me against
him and grinding his massive erection against me. I found
his nipple and began to suck at it, biting softly then releasing,
blowing on the hard brown skin and licking again. He gasped
quietly at the pleasure, whimpering like a child. Sinking
to my knees, my hands gripped his cheeks as I sought his manhood.
The trembling, throbbing pole of masculinity twitched
in front of my face. The first drops of precum appearing
at his slit as I stared at this monstrous love rod. I licked
out and scooped the sticky ooze from him, tasting his very
essence. Blowing a stream of warm breath over his cockhead,
I began to lick slowly along the length of his shaft, feeling
the veins full of blood under my tongue. I nibbled again
at him, pulling gently at the skin of his weapon with my teeth,
and finding his large rolling nuts in their wrinkled hairy
sack. Swallowing each in turn, I rolled them around in my
mouth, caressing them with my lips and massaging his jewels
with saliva. He shuddered at my attention, his hands coming
to the sides of my face as he lifted me away gently. There
was a look of urgent need in his eyes as he lowered me to the
soft ground, and scooted around so that his knees were beside
my head. Leaning over me, his huge cock dangled toward my
mouth again, and I slurped my tongue up, catching the tip
of his rod and suckling at it. He lowered his face toward
my groin, seeking and finding my aching cock, and sinking
his mouth down over me quickly, coating my prick in moisture
and swallowing it into his eager mouth.
As the bliss of his throat closing over me sent tingles through
my body, I lifted my head and took him into me. Relaxing as
best I could, I fought the urge to gag and with my hands on
his butt I pulled him down into me, felt his mighty cock sink
into my throat as I massaged him with my tongue and drew my
teeth along the edges of his shaft, scraping at his sensitive
skin and eliciting more moans of joy from him. He tensed
quickly, tried to lift himself off, but I held onto his arse
and pulled him down again. His cock was huge, and I could
feel my airway cut off as I did my best to take the full length
of him into me. In any other position it would have been impossible,
but lying there as I was, my head tilted backward, my throat
was as open as it could possibly be, and somehow I managed
to allow him to sink to his full length. As he did, I constricted
my muscles around that huge meat, gripping at him and sucking,
enveloping his entire manhood in the velvety warmth of
my throat.
Filled with him as I was, I could feel his mouth working at
my prong, slurping at me and coating me with saliva. I was
in heaven as my throbbing, aching prick was suckled into
his mouth and licked and kissed with fervour. Holding tightly
to him, we ‘sixty-nined’ on the grass, in the sun, lost in
the enjoyment of each other. Using the leverage he had,
being on his hands and knees above me as I lay flat on the ground,
Dan began to bob up and down on my trembling cock, and at the
same time he eased in and out of my mouth, building up a steady
fucking motion as he humped at me. I felt his urgency increase
as my hands roamed over his wonderful muscular body, felt
his need and guessed that it had been a long time since he
had enjoyed the delight of coupling with another. Faster
and faster he began to thrust into my throat. I grabbed at
his firm semicircular butt cheeks, kneading the flesh
as he thrust, and slurping up and down his long hot prong
as it slid in and out of my mouth.
Sensing his growing desire, I allowed my teeth to again
scrape at his skin, letting the hardness slide along him,
not to hurt but to excite. As I did, he let out a long strangled
moan, my cock vibrating within his throat as he did, then
he thrust forward suddenly, his already huge cock growing
even more. I felt the trembling, knew what was happening.
He tried to pull back, but I held firm and was rewarded with
a flood of salty manjuice as his nuts boiled over and emptied
themselves into me. I swallowed quickly again and again,
drinking his essence, determined to milk him dry. He twitched
and shuddered, but never let me slip from him as his orgasm
peaked. I gulped and swallowed and gulped again, the giant
load of built up juice within him threatening to drown my
efforts to take it all. The taste of him, the feeling of his
attentive lips on my cock, the powerful shaking of his climax
was so erotic, so exciting that I could not hold back much
longer. I felt the wave of passion flowing through me, and
humped upward suddenly, driving my cock into his gullet
urgently. He responded by diving down further onto me,
and I lost control, my cock exploding and emptying my load
of jism into his throat as he drank of me. I shuddered and
shot again and again as he sucked at me, the exquisite pleasure
rocking me to the core as his mighty cock remained lodged
within me, drained but still hard.
Finally I bucked again and collapsed, exhausted. Gently
he lifted himself from me, swinging around to lie beside
me, and we kissed again. The taste of my cum was on his tongue,
and his own ejaculate coated my mouth. We shared each other,
mixed ourselves and drank a cocktail of our very essence
from each other. Together, side by side, we lay there as
our pricks eased from turgidity, softening in time to our
sated needs as we recovered in the warm sun by the pool of
cool water.
Dan lay there beside me, both of us flat on our backs. "Ian, "
he said, quietly, "thank you!" There was a real
depth of emotion in his voice.
"Thank YOU!" I said earnestly. "That
was wonderful."
"It’s just that it’s been a long time …" his unfinished
sentence spoke volumes. I rolled onto my side, and let my
hand play across his chest, twirling in the hair on his pecs,
before sliding down to his groin, where I playfully squeezed
his long but now flaccid cock.
"How about another swim?" I asked. He smiled
at me, and together we dived into the pool, washing away
the remnants of our sex, and cooling down from the growing
heat of the day. After a few minutes in the refreshing stream,
we climbed out again, and this time he drew me to a shaded
spot under some trees.
"You need to be careful" he warned. "My
skin is used to the sun, but you’ll burn quickly and I don’t
have anything to help."
Sitting there still naked and completely unselfconscious,
we relaxed together. And a new Dan emerged. He seemed now
to be much more happy to talk, and I sat and listened as he
explained how he worked in the early morning and late afternoon,
relaxing during the heat of the day. He happily chatted
about his gardens and animals, how he managed to stay self
sufficient for most things anyone could possibly want,
how he enjoyed the relaxed life and peace of his little paradise
here in this secluded valley. I listened as he spoke, fascinated
and envious as I thought of my hurried, stressed lifestyle
back at home in the city.
"You must get lonely sometimes" I mused during
a break in his monologue.
"Yeah, " he stopped, his brow furrowing. "But
what will be will be." I wondered at that, wondered
at what past memories caused him to become so thoughtful.
For a while we were both silent, just lying there, enjoying
the proximity of each other, my hand on his stomach, his
arm under my head. He brightened a little after a time, and
asked about my life. I told him, reluctantly, about my job,
my home, complained about the stress and the pressure,
whined about the lack of anyone special in my life. Still
he listened with interest, asking questions and making
comments as we chatted easily. The heat of the day grew,
and even though we were sheltered from the direct sun, the
heat still drained and tired us, until he stood again, lifting
me bodily and carrying me laughing and pretending to struggle,
into the stream to cool off again.
Another swim, another refreshing play in the water, and
we lay back on the grass under the trees, drying quickly
in the heat. Arms draped across each other, we dozed and
chatted and whiled away the afternoon happily together.
As the afternoon began to cool, Dan set about his basic chores,
tending to the animals and showing me where to find the ripened
fruit and vegetables we would use for our meal. We ate and
talked, enjoying the company. I felt so comfortable and
so at home with this huge man, and I knew he enjoyed the unusual
pleasure of another human’s company. After our meal I helped
him clean up, and then we walked in the late evening light,
hand in hand, still naked and free, as he showed me around
the property close by his home. It was a warm night and as
the stars came out I marvelled at the tranquility of the
place, and the incredible sense of freedom that came from
simply walking and talking under the stars, naked and together.
Dan turned to me, his arms going around me, and he hugged
me to him without a word. I nestled against this bear of a
man, felt his body against my own, enjoyed the strength
of him. Instinctively, my dick began to harden, pressing
against his leg. I felt the corresponding growth of his
organ, and pressed even harder against him, murmuring
quietly as I did, and sliding my arms around him, my head
resting against his neck.
Silently, he stopped and reached, scooping me up in his
powerful arms. I threw one arm around his neck, and let myself
be carried like a child into the cottage. He moved straight
to the large comfortable bed, and settled me on it carefully,
leaning over me as he did and kissing me. I returned the kiss,
holding him tightly and tasting him. His mouth was moist,
his passion urgent as we kissed, and I could feel his need
in the quiver of his body. With my arms around his neck I tried
to draw him down onto me, lifting my legs around his torso
and guiding him against me. His eyes locked on mine, a question
in them, and I answered it with a silent nod. Eagerly now,
he reached for a drawer beside the bed and scooped some cream
from a jar onto his cock, smearing a second glob of the gel
against my twitching hole.
Even as he continued to kiss me, he slid his body into position
and I assisted him by gripping his torso with my legs. As
the solid head of his cock pressed against my rectum, I pushed
back against him, relaxing and willing myself to open.
He was huge, his large thick prong steel hard and throbbing,
and I knew it would hurt, but I was determined to have him,
all of him. Slowly he moved against me, trying to be gentle.
My resisting muscles slowly gave way as his cockhead squeezed
between my sphincter. I winced at the pain, but held my breath
and kept pushing back against him. With a popping sensation
I felt the head of his meat breach my defences. I let out a
long breath as he stilled and waited for me to adjust. I felt
as though I were being split apart, but I breathed deeply
and quickly and held him tightly. Before long, amazingly
enough, my body began to accustom itself to the invasion
of his massive tool.
Almost as if a switch had been thrown, the pain receded,
replaced by the most incredible sensation of being filled.
The wonderful tingling of excitement and arousal swept
through me as I accepted him within me and my body began to
enjoy the sensational fulfillment from his pole. Reassuring
him with a kiss, and pulling him to me again, I relaxed around
him as he began to move forward, the long thickness of his
meat slipping between my muscles and slowly, sensuously
entering me, rubbing against my prostate as he filled my
cavern with his gigantic love rod. Gasping with delight,
I urged him on, whispering his name, hissing encouragement
as he entered me. In he slid, deeper and deeper. I marvelled
at the length of him, marvelled at my own ability to accept
this huge invader, and more, to enjoy it so much. My whole
body tingled as he pressed onward and inward, supporting
his weight on his arms and leaning into me. Finally, with
a long exhaled breath, he sank his full length into my body,
his large rolling nuts coming to rest against my butt cheeks.
"Holy Fuck!" he exclaimed, and I smiled at him.
"Fucken’ oath!" I responded. "You are
fucking hot, my man." I hissed at him as he steadied
himself within me, trembling and adjusting to the sensations
as his cock was wrapped in the wet heat of my gut.
"Fuck me Dan!" I whispered at him, our eyes locked
on each other. He nodded, and slowly began to pull back,
then pushed himself in again. As he did, I clenched my arsehole
around that mighty pole, gripped at him with all my might.
He moaned softly with pleasure, and pulled back again,
soon falling into a steady rhythm as he thrust and withdrew
to thrust again, sending waves of pleasure through me with
each motion. The friction of his cock against my hole ignited
the flames of passion and I humped against him as his tempo
gradually increased. With the growing speed he also intensified
the strength he expended on our fucking. Harder, stronger,
deeper he pumped, his movement growing until he was pounding
at me, and I begged him for more. I whimpered and called out
his name, gripping at him and he responded with harder deeper
shoving, forcing that massive rod of flesh into me, taking
control of my body as he sank himself into the hilt within
His entire body quivered, beads of sweat forming on his
chest and face as he ploughed his gigantic weapon into me.
I responded to him like an animal, hissing and gripping,
humping back. He pounded up and down, a pile driver as he
plunged his turgid pole into my yielding flesh. We gasped
and moaned together, locked in our embrace, rutting in
pure animal lust as we surrendered to the base instincts
of our masculinity and joined each other in raging growling
passion, fucked each other and became one in our fuck, coupled
and shuddering, roaring and heaving. We formed a single
trembling howling beast as we locked together and fought
against the rising tide of all encompassing sex.
As Dan’s mighty weapon impaled me the spears of pleasure
shot through my nerves like so much electricity. I shuddered
and gasped with the pure joy of his assault, my ravaged arse
gripping at the invading monster and thrilling to the power
of his thrusts. Moaning and aching, I felt the inevitable
approach of climax as my balls roiled and contracted, but
was unprepared for the sudden avalanche of passion when
it hit me. Without time to call out a warning to the man who
mated with me, my body convulsed in ecstatic pleasure and
my cock erupted, sending a stream of jizz shooting up and
over my gut, spraying creamy globules of man-cum over me
and over Dan as he continued to hump and pound at me. The ferocity
of my orgasm amazed me, and delighted my lover. As I twitched
and shook, my arse clamped tight around Dan’s invading
spear, but it only served to encourage him. He watched as
I came, not letting up in his pumping thrusting fuck, calling
out "yeah, fuck, yeah" as I blew my load over
us both.
My peak had passed and my load was spent, and still he fucked
at me. I lay back in total bliss as the huge man took possession
of my body, and I became the owner of his cock, clenching
and gripping at him as he pounded. Lost in extended ecstasy,
I reached up to him, and my fingers found his large erect
nipples. Taking them between my fingers I pinched and twisted
each together, pulling at the hard brown flesh. Dan’s eyes
shot open wide at the pleasurable pain in his chest. He let
out a bellow to wake the dead and crashed his entire body
hard against my ravaged arse, his entire throbbing swollen
love pole buried deeper than ever into my waiting cavern.
A second yell escaped him, and with that he exploded. Waves
of searing white hot manjuice slaked from his rampant cock,
propelled forward by the huge rolling nuts scrunched tightly
against my arse cheeks. A river of his essence poured into
me as he bucked and gasped against me, his eyes glazing and
his breath short. Again and again he snorted and twitched
as he came, emptying his seed into me, spending his strength
and depositing himself deep within my bowels.
Eventually, even the most incredible experiences must
end, and as Dan’s peak passed, he looked down at me, seeing
me again as if for the first time. He withdrew from my body,
the slurping wet sounds as his cock exited my hole a final
joy. Collapsing beside me on the large comfortable bed,
his hand went to my chest, holding me possessively. "Fuckin’
hell, thank you!" he gasped out.
"Thank you stud!" I said with feeling.
We lay there for ages, recovering in post coital bliss,
sated and spent, sharing the lingering joy of ultimate
intimacy. Eventually, sleep came upon me, a deep, restful
sleep that comes from being totally content and at ease
with the world.
The next day, we woke together, and I jumped up with him,
following him around as he set to the neglected chores that
needed doing in order to keep his world running smoothly.
With the animals fed, and the garden tended, he checked
on supplies and wood, declaring that we would need to get
out and chop some more that afternoon. Soon enough, the
heat of the day began to rise again, and together we headed
for the creek, to swim and bathe and rest. It occurred to
me that I had been completely naked for the last 24 hours,
as had he, yet I felt it to be completely natural and comfortable,
and not at all self conscious.
After a swim and a rest in the shade, we made love again. This
time he was tender, almost gentle in his attentions, but
before long we were humping and bucking together with unashamed
masculine pleasure as we achieved climax simultaneously,
each of us yelling and screaming with joy as pleasure crashed
upon us. My arse was surprisingly resilient, his huge cock
leaving me not so much sore as aching for more. The cream
he used for lubricant was a type of revitalising vitamin
cream that helped my ravaged hole recover quickly.
Over the next days, we did everything together. We chopped
wood and carted it back to the cottage. We picked vegetables
and fruits, we tended the animals and collected eggs from
the chickens. We walked for hours in the cool evenings as
he showed me the extent of his land, we swam in the wonderful
creek. And we made love. Over and over again. In the middle
of the day by the creek. In the early evening on a hill overlooking
the house. At night in a grassy field under the stars. In
his gigantic bed he held me and fucked me and made love to
me, and I ached with happiness, my life in the city forgotten.
I quickly found that he produced copious amounts of pre-cum,
and within a few days, my body was becoming accustomed to
his size to the extent that we were able to fuck easily without
the need for artificial lubrication, his very juice enough
to slick my entrance and allow him passage.
The days passed quickly. Too quickly. I was fascinated
by this place, by this man. But at the back of my mind was the
nagging knowledge that ‘rescue’ would come soon enough,
and that I would have to return to the real world as I knew
it. About a week after I had stumbled onto this hidden paradise,
Dan and I were together again, on a hill on the other side
of the creek from his cottage. Below us the stream sparkled
in the fading light of the day as we made love yet again. I
was sitting atop him, my legs straddling his sides as I bobbed
up and down, his massive prong buried deep inside me. I made
him lie there while I controlled our exertions, using my
position as leverage to lift off his cock slightly before
using my body as a hammer to impale myself on the mighty manhood
filling me. As he approached his crescendo I recognised
the now familiar signs, his eyes closing half way and glazing
over with ecstasy, his cock swelling to impossible proportions.
I held back as best I could fighting against the rising urge
in my boiling nuts until I felt the shuddering twitch of
his explosion below me, and at that moment I let go myself.
As he rocketed shot after shot of himself into me, a geyser
of white cream leapt from my prick and washed over his firm
tanned gut and powerful chest. I swore that his cum was being
sucked into my body and then spewed back out again through
my aching tingling cock.
As we subsided from our frenzied fucking, I stayed where
I was, not moving, not allowing him to withdraw. I clenched
my weakened sphincter tightly around that gigantic pole
of flesh and leaned forward, kissing him fervently while
I gripped his very masculinity within me. As I sat upright
again, with him still encased in my hot wet chute, I smiled
softly at his brawny features. "Thank you, Dan, for
"I enjoyed it just as much as you, " he started,
"probably more."
"No, I don’t just mean the sex, I mean for the whole
week. For sharing your life with me, for letting me know
just how wonderful life can be." I said quietly, fighting
back a moisture in my eyes. He began to try to move, but despite
his size I was on top of him, and still had his manhood trapped
within me. I squirmed a little which brought moans of enjoyment
from both of us, and refused to let him move.
"You know, " he began thoughtfully, quietly,
"Jim will be here tomorrow, so you can get out with
him, get back to the city."
"Yeah" I replied, reluctantly. "Still,
it will mean you can get back to your normal life, without
me hanging around to bug you."
He seemed about to protest, then bit his lip. "Back
to being alone again. I guess that’s what fate had lined
up for me when I came here." He said, wistfully.
"Didn’t you realise when you moved here that it would
be a lonely life?" I asked, wondering at his change
of mood.
"No." he stopped. Thought for a while, silently.
I wriggled again on top of him. Amazingly, despite our combined
ejaculation, his cock was still quite hard, and buried
within me. I loved the feeling of it there even as we relaxed,
our fucking spent for the moment. I wondered what it would
be like to have him lodged within my body forever and smiled
at the folly of such a thought. "Come on, stud, "
I urged him, as I clenched my sphincter around his cock yet
again, "in this position, I can expect anything from
you. What’s on your mind?"
He grinned at my words, shifted himself below me so that
he could make a half-hearted thrust inwards again.
"I didn’t come here to be alone." He said, taking
a deep breath. "I moved here to get away from it all,
but I had someone special in my life then, and wanted us to
have this place together. I thought that because I loved
it he would too. But when he got here, he hated it. No television,
no bars, no nightlife as he knew it. He tried, but after about
a month, he couldn’t take it anymore and left." There
were tears in his eyes, and my hand reached for his face,
wiping his cheek, as I encouraged him with silent sympathy.
"I went back to the city with him, " Dan continued,
"but it wasn’t the same. He treated me differently,
always wanting to go out, to be around other people. He wasn’t
interested in being alone with me, even in town. Three weeks
after we got back, he told me he wanted to break off our relationship,
that it was obvious we had differing dreams. He couldn’t
bring himself to imagine us being together long term. So,
I packed up what little I still had, and came back here, and
haven’t left since. That was five years ago, and until this
week I hadn’t really noticed just how lonely it is!"
My heart ached for this man. Here I was, under the open sky,
his very manliness clenched within my body, and he had opened
his soul to me. I leaned forward over him and kissed him softly
on the lips. Looking into his eyes, I began, "Dan,
I …"
He cut me off quickly. "Don’t!" he said. "This
week has been wonderful. Let’s enjoy what we have, and then
tomorrow you’ll go back to the city, and I’ll go back to what
I’ve known for years."
We made love again later that night, before I fell into a
restless sleep, the first time since my arrival that I hadn’t
slept deeply and well. The next morning, Dan forgot his
chores as he held me tight and made love to me again on his
large comfortable bed, a long drawn out lovemaking that
kept us both at a peak of enjoyment for hours before we finally
surrendered to our natural urges and exploded with a ferocious
intensity together.
We bathed in the creek together, and then Dan dug out a pair
of shorts and a T-shirt for himself. "Jim usually
gets here late morning." He said simply. As I pulled
on the clothes I had abandonned so long ago, I felt quite
strange. It was almost foreign, wearing material against
my skin after having been completely naked for over a week.
I scratched involuntarily against the unfamiliar fabric
on my flesh.
Jim’s arrival was heralded by the puttering of his ancient
truck as it topped the rise behind the house. When he pulled
to a stop and began to unload some bags of feed and mail and
other supplies Dan had ordered on his last visit, I stepped
out to meet him. His face showed real surprise at finding
someone else there. Dan told him how I had shown up almost
dead after walking in when my car broke down.
"You own the brown Ford left on the side of the road?"
Jim asked. When I nodded he whistled. "You’re lucky
you made it here at all if you were walking during the middle
of the day. I passed that car this morning, was going to report
it to the police when I got back to town. Must be a good 30 kilometres
from here." Dan looked at me in surprise that I had
come so far.
Soon enough, the business was done, and Jim was ready to
head out again. "Come on my boy, " he said, "we’ll
have you in town by this evening, and back in the city tomorrow
no doubt." Suddenly, I felt sick. This was the moment,
and I had to leave.
"Just a second, " I said, then to Dan: "Can
you help me grab some stuff inside?" My eyes pleaded
with him to understand, and he did. Inside the cabin, out
of Jim’s sight, I threw my arms around the big bear who had
saved my life. Hugging him tightly. He hugged me back, fighting
his emotions. I looked up into his eyes and saw the tears
starting. Brushing it away with my finger, I whispered
"Thank you so much, for EVERYTHING!" The emphasis
was sincere and intense. He smiled, and a look of resignation
came over him.
"Get going." He said quietly, giving me a light-hearted
slap on my butt, squeezing as he did.
The trip with Jim back to town was quiet, as my mind raced
with the different thoughts of what had happened over the
last week or so. He must have sensed something because he
said little, until we were almost at our destination. Breaking
his silence, he took a breath, and said, almost casually,
"You know, he’s a damn good man, that Dan. Someone
broke his heart a long while ago, but I figure it’s about
time he deserved to have some real happiness again."
I looked suddenly at this wizened old man, not sure if I had
understood correctly what he was implying. He faced me
squarely and went on. "We ain’t as backward out here
as you city folks seem to think. Plenty of times when dogs
n horses n whatever mate male to male. Seems to me if nature
made someone that way, there’s no reason to try to change
it, and if two men find themselves together, and they’re
both happy, then everyone else should be happy for them.
I just don’t want to see Dan destroyed a second time. He’s
a good man."
I smiled slowly at the man driving this ancient truck. "It
seems to me there’s a few good men in these parts. Thanks."
Finally we reached ‘town’ - a tiny village of a few houses
and a general store. And a telephone! I called my boss, then
got onto the local mechanic. Apparently my company had
been getting very concerned and was about to report me to
the police as a missing person. The mechanic declared my
car a lost cause, so I told him he could have it for scrap or
whatever he wanted to do with it. I bummed a ride to the nearest
large town, then a train back to the city. At work I was hailed
a hero almost, people babbling with concern and pretended
sympathy, nodding wisely about the dangers of travelling
in the remote western plains, and praising the safety of
city life. The attention and sympathy lasted all of a day
and a half before more pressing matters took over, like
missed sales targets, falling prices and unmet budgets.
My flat was unchanged. Despite my having been away for almost
a month, nothing was different. A few friends complaining
that I hadn’t returned calls, but that was all. No one had
even missed me to any real extent. Three weeks after I had
returned, it was if I hadn’t been away at all, except for
one thing - every night I dreamed of a huge hairy man, naked
under the sun, who loved me and protected me and made me happier
than I had ever been.
On a particularly miserable morning at work, my boss confronted
me, anger all over his face.
"These figures are shit!" he declared, throwing
a spreadsheet of projected sales onto my desk. "If
you can’t come up with something better than this, then
I wonder whether you have much of a future here."
I looked at him, barely able to hold my contempt. As he stormed
away, I calmly packed up my personal belongings and walked
out without a word to anyone in the place. At home, a note
was pushed under my door from the landlady reminding me
that the rent was due again at the end of the week. The old
bat constantly complained, and yet I had never been late
once, and never bitched about her failure to make the repairs
that she should have done around the place. I smiled to myself
as I read her note, my resolve now complete. I bundled some
personal mementos into a suitcase, emptied my meager bank
account and thrust the cash into my pocket.
At the railway station, I made two phone calls. One to my
landlady. "Mrs Hamden? It’s Ian Mitchell from 6A.
The place is all yours again, and I hope you find the tenant
from hell, goodbye." I hung up before she could even
speak. The second was to my boss. "Hi there, it’s Ian
Mitchell. I’ve thought about what you said about my future.
You’re right. My future’s not with your company. I’m going
back to a future. My future. Shove your sales targets up
your bum so they can match the shit that comes out of your
face." I could hear the roar of his exploding anger
as I slammed the receiver down in his ear.
It took me two days and a lot of begging rides with mail contractors
to get back to Jim’s little general store. As I walked through
his door, he looked up calmly. "Took your time, didn’t
you?" I laughed at him, with him, as my heart lifted
again, and I felt close now to my dream. "I’m not due
at Dan’s place for a couple of days, but I figure he could
use a surprise, " smiled Jim.
On the long drive out, I could barely keep the widening grin
from my face. Jim said little, but I could tell he approved
of my being here. As we topped the rise and the cottage came
into view below, I suddenly thought. "You’d better
give that horn a blast, let him know we’re here." I
said, remembering Dan would probably be naked, not expecting
anyone for days. Jim smiled knowingly. "I reckon
you’re right, " he said as he leaned on the horn. I
spotted a scurrying figure, tanned and large, duck from
the direction of the creek into the house, and then we were
there. Dan re-appeared, clad in shorts again, a look of
surprise on his face. Uncertainty crashed over me. Had
I done the right thing? As I jumped from the truck, Dan’s
look changed from surprise to joy.
"I was wondering if you could use some company … for
a decade or two?" I tried to joke as my eyes searched
his face.
He ran to me, sweeping me off my feet as he threw his arms around
me, and kissed me long and hard. I heard Jim shuffling behind
us, coughing to make us realise he was still here. Finally
tearing himself from me, Dan said simply "Welcome

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