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At only a couple of months short of nineteen Kerry was no
virgin, but she was only too aware that she couldn't
yet really class herself as sexually experienced either.
Her occasional contact with porn had told her that she still
had a lot to learn and a lot to experience, and although some
of the things she had come across she doubted that she would
ever want to try, there were also things that just thinking
about doing gave her a thrill.

Her difficulty was that Ben, her boyfriend and so far her
only lover, had yet to realise that there was more to sex
than just sticking it and moving it about until he shot his
load, and there was little hope of him wanting to try anything
even slightly different. His one concession to sexual
exploration was to let her go down and suck him off. Not that
it ever occurred to him to reciprocate. Why, she grumbled
to herself, were men so slow to mature in the bedroom? She
was rapidly coming to the conclusion that an older man would
be a better lover, and a much better tutor.

Someone like Nathan would do nicely, she told herself,
contemplating her next door neighbour, who was in his mid-thirties
and therefore nearly twice her age. Okay, he was tall and
skinny and his hair was already receding, but he had an air
of confidence about him that attracted her. She was sure
he wouldn't leave her bored and frustrated.

The silly thing was that he had hit on her several times in
a half-hearted kind of way without realising how tempted
she had been and how it had only been teenage insecurity
that had prevented her from responding. But how could he
know that if he pushed just that little bit more his flirting
would have paid off? She swore to herself that one day he
would make light-hearted advances once again and she would
surprise him by saying ‘yes'.

Then one afternoon, when these thoughts were still fresh
in her mind, he called to her over the dividing fence.

‘Joan's going out tonight, I wondered if you fancied
coming round and keeping me company?'

It wasn't the most imaginative of chat-up lines and
it caught her by surprise, and so at first she automatically
shrugged his approach off, giving him the usual disdainful
roll of her eyes and turning her back. But then, even as she
turned away, she was thinking that maybe, just maybe, this
was the day to do as she had promised herself and let him seduce
her. It wasn't as if she had anything else lined up,
and either it would give her an evening to remember or it
would have called his bluff and he'd leave her alone
in the future. Yes, she decided impulsively, she would
take him up on it and be damned with the consequences. She
turned back to accept his invitation, but having received
the expected rebuff he was already moving away. Never mind,
she could call around anyway and surprise him, knowing
that if he really wanted her, he wouldn't mind.

She dressed with care, a tee-shirt top with no bra, a short
white tennis skirt, and tiny white cotton panties - she'd
read somewhere that men liked the innocence of white cotton
panties. She let her hair loose into a honey blonde cascade
that tumbled over her shoulders, applied what she considered
to be just the right amount of make-up to make her seem sophisticated,
then gave herself a quick spray of her mother's perfume,
and she was ready.

She stood before his door, fighting the urge to turn around
and run. A deep breath and then she gathered her courage
and rang the bell, pausing only to give her nipples a quick
tweak to make them stand out. The door opened and it was too
late to chicken out.

Nathan's expression was one of total shock that quickly
faded into lustful delight. He opened the door wider and
bowed her in with a mock flourish.

‘Welcome. I'm glad you could make it.'

She didn't reply in case her voice squeaked, but instead
she just walked on through into his living room with her
heart pounding. All she had to do now was to make sure he knew
why she had changed her mind.

‘Coffee, or something else to drink perhaps?'

She shook her head and took another deep breath. ‘That's
not what I've come round for.'

She was surprised at herself for being able to state things
so brazenly, but at least it was out now.

‘Then what have you come round for?' His lowered
voice told her that he already knew the answer to that question;
he just wanted her to verify his belief.

Again she didn't answer with words, this time because
she didn't know what words to use. Instead she walked
boldly across and took his hand, placing it firmly on her
right breast, instinctively choosing the one that was
furthest from her thumping heart.

‘Does that answer your question?'

It was his turn not to answer verbally. There was a moment's
hesitation while he digested her words, and then one hand
went around her and pulled her to him while the other squeezed
firmly on her breast. She tilted her head back and smiled
nervously up at him, her arms going around his back in confirmation
of her meaning. He looked down, smiling in his turn before
lowering his mouth to hers in a long and passionate kiss,
his fingers playing with her rapidly swelling nipple.
She felt her body melt as natural arousal began to take over.

She wriggled herself against him, murmuring soft encouragement
while he squeezed and moulded her breast, playing with
her flesh through the thin top and pinching her nipple.
His kiss became more fervent and his tongue began to probe
her mouth, and her own tongue answered, each one probing
and exploring in a way she had not experienced before. She
was becoming more and more turned on and her feelings were
already getting out of control.

She had envisaged leading him on, keeping control of what
they did, but her body was betraying her, turning it around
and making her his plaything. It was so exciting it was scary.
She pulled her mouth free of his for a moment.

‘Yes.' She told him flatly. If she was going to surrender
to him, she would at least do that in her own way.

He stared at her in momentary confusion.

She giggled with confused embarrassment. ‘Anything
you want with me, it'll be yes.'

‘You mean that?' He asked, finally understanding
her capitulation but wondering how far it really went.

‘Yes.' She nodded resolutely. ‘Anything and

‘If you're sure.'

He pulled her back to him, closing his mouth over hers once
again, kissing her as fiercely as before, his fingers tweaking
her nipple once more through her top before his hand moved
down, looking for the bottom of her tee-shirt. She knew
immediately what he wanted to do and released her embrace,
stepping back and raising her arms over her head as a signal
for him to continue.

The material of her tee-shirt rubbed against her breasts
and the hem caught on her nipples as it passed, causing her
to jerk and gasp from pleasure and making him smile as he
carried on, pulling it over her head and tossing it carelessly
to one side before gripping her by the shoulders and gazing
down at her appreciatively.

‘Ben's a lucky young man.' He told her, his eyes
fixed on her pert little breasts.

‘So are you tonight.' She countered, seizing a chance
to exert control by reaching for the fastening of her skirt
and letting it fall to the floor.

‘I guess I am.' He agreed, grinning hugely and letting
his eyes roam down her body. ‘You look nice in white.'
He didn't add the word panties, it wasn't necessary.

For a few moments they just stood there, he just luxuriating
in the sight of the young body before him, and she feeling
both excited and embarrassed under his gaze.

‘Shall we go upstairs?'

She answered with an eager nod.

He followed her and she could feel him ogling her nearly
naked form as she ascended the stairs a couple of steps in
front of him. Far from feeling uncomfortable, now it gave
her a quiet thrill to be looked at and wanted, and she deliberately
moved slowly to give him time to stare.

She stood at the top of the stairs, unsure which way to turn
in this unfamiliar house and waiting for Nathan go ahead.
But instead of leading her he placed his hands on her shoulders
from behind and walked her through into the bedroom, guiding
her to stand facing a full length dressing mirror, seeing
herself with him gazing at her reflection over her shoulder.

For a few seconds they both just stood silently looking
into the mirror, Nathan with his hands on Kerry's shoulders
and she with hers hanging by her side, a tiny smile of satisfaction
on her face. It was really getting to be nice to be stared
at by a man with such need, such hunger, in his eyes. She felt
excitement and contentment in equal measure at knowing
that this older man wanted her.

Suddenly his hands moved, sliding from her shoulders down
her arms on their way around to the front to cup her breasts,
squeezing them gently but firmly before rolling her nipples
between fingers and thumbs. A tiny animal sound came from
the back of her throat and she leaned back against him, her
hands swinging back to hold on to his hips. In response he
bent his head forwards and kissed her exposed neck, adding
to her pleasure and increasing her arousal. Her hands explored
behind her as if of their own accord, instinctively moving
to find his crotch and stroke his erection through his jeans.

‘That's nice.' He whispered into her ear.

She smiled at the mirror and nodded, her fingers searching
for the toggle to his zip, listening to a sharp intake of
breath when she found it and pulled, sliding it down. It
was not straightforward, fumbling behind her and trying
to find the way into his fly, trying to burrow a way to the
rock hard cock she had been stroking, but she succeeded,
feeling the hot shaft on her palm and the tip against her
fingers. She eased it out, bending and pulling it through
the layers of clothing, hearing him gasp, maybe from pain,
maybe from pleasure, maybe a bit of both. But then she had
it out in the open behind her and she pushed herself back
on it, using the flat of her palm to press it against her bottom
over her panties. Nathan moaned softly and squeezed her
breasts harder, making her groan with pleasure. Then he
nipped at her neck with his teeth, gripping her nipples
hard between his fingertips and pulling them, extending
them until they slipped from his fingers making her wince
and gasp as they jumped back. It was something Ben had never
done and it turned her on even more.

She felt a sudden urge to return the pleasure, but she only
knew one way for sure. She twisted from his grip, turning
sideways and dropping to her knees to take the head of his
cock between her lips, her tongue instantly at work on its

She could see Nathan's reflection from the side of
her eye and saw how his body language betrayed that she had
caught him by surprise again. She also saw how quickly he
recovered, turning to face her squarely again, then placing
his feet apart and his hands on her head, moaning softly
in appreciation and allowing her to lap and suck on him.

Although she didn't know why it should, Kerry had expected
an older man's cock to feel different in her mouth,
but the only variations she noticed were that he was bigger
than her boyfriend and that his hands rested more lightly
on her head than Ben's, who was always trying to push
her harder onto his shaft. She was glad of the easier approach,
because now she found that she could do it how she always
wanted to, gently licking his tip, swirling her tongue
around the head of his cock, taking him deeper and then pulling
back, doing all the things that were not possible with Ben,
who simply wanted to fuck her mouth.

As she worked she watched the mirror and listened to Nathan's
reactions, noting in her head what she was doing that caused
the most intense reaction and the loudest and heaviest
moans, and learned what was liked and what did very little
for him. He liked her fingers around the base of his cock,
stroking him in opposite time to her mouth, he loved her
tongue sweeping gently around the head, and he liked everything
slow and amorous rather than hard and rapid. She didn't
mind, it made a change to have a man who didn't just want
her to make him cum as quickly as possible.

Soon she had him groaning deeply, his fingers entwining
themselves in her hair and his hips moving just a little
in answer to her mouth. She smiled inside, happy that she
was learning how to do things properly, how to really pleasure
a man. This was one reason why she had wanted a more mature
partner, and it was working, helped by the fact that she
could see in the mirror what she was doing.

It was working very well too, for it wasn't long before
his head was tilted back, his fingers were entwining themselves
in her hair, his hips were twitching and he began to make
tight little gasping noises. She thought she recognised
the signs, feeling proud knowing that he was going to come
soon and she was the reason.

She wasn't mistaken, for it seemed that within seconds
he had jerked forward with quick little gasp and the first
spurt of his cum flooded into her mouth. Even though she
was anticipating it, the sudden gush of fluid caught her
unexpectedly and her head jerked to a stop until her lips
closed around the head of his cock and she began to swallow.
The thought went through her mind that he would think her
young and naïve if she couldn't keep him coming and
so, even as she fought to swallow the first load, her fingers
closed around his shaft and rubbed frantically, wanking
him into her mouth as if that was what she had intended all

She'd never done that with Ben; but then she'd
never needed to. He'd simply fucked her mouth and unloaded
without thinking about how she was taking it. But Nathan
was different, she realised that he couldn't stop
himself coming even if he wanted to, but at least he made
no attempt to ram himself down her throat. Instead, she
noticed gratefully, he relaxed his grip on her head so that
she could draw back if she needed to. In the event she didn't
need to and she welcomed every last drop into her mouth,
swallowing it all, smiling inside with pride and pleasure
all the time at was she saw as her success. Even when his spurts
had died away and his cock began to soften in her mouth she
still licked and sucked at it, enjoying her task and hoping
that he was too.

‘Fuck, that was good.' He gasped finally, gently
withdrawing from her mouth and looking down with a worn
out smile.

She smiled back. ‘It was for me too. I like doing that.'
It was true; she did like doing it - with him.

She climbed to her feet and stood back, looking at him uncertainly,
wondering what to do now. Nathan looked her up and down,
making her feel vaguely embarrassed even after what they
had just done, and then nodded coming to a decision.

‘Take them off.' He instructed, pointing at her
panties. ‘It's your turn.'

She did as she was told, kicking them away and speculating
how it was going to be her turn when she was certain that he
wouldn't be hard enough to fuck her for a while yet.
But he was also undressing, casting his clothes onto the
floor behind him, so he obviously intended something.

‘Sit on the edge of the bed.'

Again she did as he asked.

‘Lie back.'

She obeyed, still wondering. His cock, now that he was also
naked, hung limply in front of him, little use for anything
as yet. He knelt between her knees, pushing her legs open.
She gazed self-consciously at the ceiling, knowing without
looking that he was staring at her pussy and feeling an embarrassed
pride that he would want to. He shuffled closer, pushing
her legs even wider. She expected to feel his fingers seeking
her entrance, looking for a way into her, but instead in
her peripheral vision she saw his head move forward and
she felt his warm breath on her pussy before his mouth closed
over her clitoris.

She almost jerked away, and perhaps would have done if his
hands hadn't hooked themselves around her thighs,
keeping her open and holding her still. Nobody, absolutely
nobody, had ever kissed her down there before and she wasn't
sure what to make of it. It wasn't that she didn't
want it, she did, desperately, but it was so unexpected,
so new to her, and so far out of her comfort zone, that she
felt herself tense involuntarily. He lifted his face and
looked up at her.

‘Don't you want me to do that?' He asked.

‘Yes.' She gasped. ‘Yes please. I just didn't
know you were going to do it.'

‘You did say yes to anything.' He reminded her.

‘And I mean it. Really I do.' She assured him. ‘Ignore
me; I'm just not used to things like that.'

He looked at her for a moment and smiled, nodding, and then
he put his palms under her thighs to push them up and back,
folding her legs and exposing her to him completely.

This time she was expecting to feel his mouth on her pussy,
and this time, even though her heart was trying to hammer
its way out of her chest, she was able to let go and enjoy the
new experience

It was wonderful. His lips were placed directly over her
clit, sucking at it gently, drawing it from its hood so that
the tip of his tongue could flick across it and set off a quick
surge of pleasure. She let out a gasp and her hips jerked,
but then it happened again, and again, and again, and she
couldn't keep up, the separate sensations merged
into one continuous moan and a lift of her pelvis. She wanted
more and more, and she looked at him plaintively when he
finally pulled his mouth away.

He looked up and gave her a little reassuring smile before
turning his attention back to her pussy, but now instead
of kissing her there he used his thumbs to brush back her
curly brown hair from the sides of her slit and then to hold
her labia open, leaving her to hold her own legs wide. Left
unsupported her legs wanted to drop into a more natural
position, but she hooked her hands under her own thighs,
pulling them right back, holding them wide apart to give
him free access to her cleft, knowing that he was now seeing
more of her than anyone else ever had, including Ben. It
was an exhilarating thought that had her heart pounding

This time, when he lowered his mouth to her once more, he
didn't concentrate on her clit, but instead he used
the flat of his tongue to sweep all along her slit, up and
down, from her vagina to her clitoris and back, making her
squirm with pleasure. At first the movements were long
and deliberate, his tongue pressed firmly against her
all the way along her held open pussy, but slowly they changed
so that he was licking her more quickly, more lightly, the
tip of his tongue coming into play, probing her vagina and
then brushing lightly between her labia to flick at her
clit when he reached the upper end. She had never thought
that oral sex could be so beautiful, so exciting, and she
could soon feel an orgasm developing, a long intense build
up that she could already tell would make her climax protracted
and powerful.

Now, instead of wriggling, she found herself jerking forward
in answer to the jolts of sensation that his tongue was giving
her, her motion pushing her up against his tongue, intensifying
the feeling even more.

She lay back, trembling with pleasure, so aroused she was
almost out of control, just waiting for her orgasm to detonate
inside her. Then his tongue tip caught her clitoris perfectly,
making her cry out in ecstasy and thrust up with her pelvis.
His tongue, already going down to explore her vagina when
she moved, overshot and went skating over her perineum
to find itself in the little hollow of her anus.

Her eyes shot wide open in surprise and she tried to pull
herself away, not because she didn't like the feeling,
because she did - very much, but for the reason that she was
sure Nathan would find it distasteful and unpleasant.
But to her astonishment, instead of recoiling in shock
and horror, Nathan gripped her hips and held her tight while
his tongue deliberately circled her rear entrance, leaving
her the option of accepting his attention there or actively
forcing him away. There was little she could do, and besides,
she wanted this new pleasure, this new and in her young eyes
rather kinky pleasure, to continue. She lay there, groaning
and gasping, wild-eyed and with her fingers digging deeply
into the back of her thighs as she pulled her legs right back
as far as they would go, and just let it happen.

His tongue now started to travel the full length of her slit,
probing and licking each hole in turn and then brushing
across her clit before returning to her anus to begin again.
Her orgasm, delayed by what had happened, grew again, just
as strongly as before if not more so, and it was becoming
imminent. Nathan seemed to realise, for he licked her harder,
faster, probing more deeply into her two holes. She gave
little cries of alarm and excitement as his tongue pushed
against her sphincter as if to enter, wanting him to succeed
but worried that he might. But then she felt her sphincter
giving way just a little and she involuntarily jerked away
with fright.

He pushed forward, finding her anus once more and stabbing
at her with his rolled tongue, trying to enter. But her orgasm
chose just that moment to arrive and she was swept away on
waves of pleasure, unable to control the jolting and shuddering
of her body, unable to stay still so that he could find his
target again. He gave up, contenting himself for the moment
with returning to lick her slit from top to bottom, intensifying
and prolonging her orgasm by doing so.

By the time it was over she was lying back, trembling from
head to foot, her chest heaving and her mouth hanging open
in wonder. He pulled back a little and stared up her body,
grinning at her as she let her legs drop back and pursed her
lips to blow a silent whistle of amazement. She looked at
him with an expression of both guilt and happiness.

‘I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen....'
Her voice trailed away as she tried to explain.

‘I know.' He assured her. ‘But you liked it anyway,
didn't you?'

She nodded mutely, unable to admit it out loud.

‘And so did I.'

With those few words he dismissed her qualms, and as he spoke
he climbed to his feet and wheeled the dressing mirror around
to the side of the bed, climbing on and gazing into it to check
its position.

‘C'mon. Let's lie together.' He patted
the bed between himself and the mirror.

She knew they would be able to see themselves in the mirror,
that's why he had moved it, and what would have previously
been a cause of embarrassment now seemed positively exciting.
He would be looking at her twice, once in reality and once
in the reflection he would see beyond her.

She scooted backwards up the bed to lie level with him, still
not sure if she could believe his enjoyment of what they
had just done. But she noticed that his cock was erect again,
so at least it hadn't put him off, and maybe he really
had liked doing it.

He held out his arms to her and pulled her close, pressing
their naked bodies together and running his hands slowly
along the length of her back. She tilted her head up for a
kiss, forgetting until their tongues were dancing together
exactly where that tongue had recently been. But she couldn't
taste anything not nice and so she just shrugged mentally
and enjoyed their embrace. If he didn't mind, why should

After a few minutes he brushed her hair from her face and
then, kissing her lightly, he gently pushed her onto her
back, glancing into the mirror as his hand went to her breast,
cupping and squeezing her soft flesh before moving on,
skittering over her belly and making her skin flutter until
he found her pubic mound and his fingertips began to explore
her slit. She moaned and wriggled deeper into his embrace,
letting him do it, wanting him to touch her. He turned slightly
to play more easily in her slit and at the same time to take
her nipple between his lips, licking and sucking it and
flicking at it with his tongue. She groaned at the sensation
and parted her legs wider, encouraging him to do as he wished,
hoping that he would fuck her, although she realised it
might still be a little while before he was able.

Even though full sex seemed to be a vain hope for the moment,
he was more than content to kiss and nibble her breasts and
play gently with her clit, and she was more than content
to let him. The way he stroked and rubbed her little button
was sending wonderful surges of pleasure ripping out in
concentric rings like waves on a pond. It seemed as if he
was intent on demonstrating to her that a man could do far
more for a woman without actually fucking her than she ever

She spread herself wider still, raising her knees to make
her pussy more available, urging him to play with her more
intensively, needing his fingers to find and explore her
wet and slippery vagina. She didn't have the nerve
to ask him directly, but a finger or two inside her would
keep her going until he was hard enough again to fuck her
properly. She looked towards the mirror, seeing her reflection
as if a strange girl lay there with her legs wide apart, waiting
to be fucked. My god, she thought to herself, surprised
at how brazen she was capable of feeling with Nathan.

Perhaps he understood, at least in part, because his abruptly
fingertips left her clit and began to explore the rest of
her pussy, running along the inside of her labia, touching
her so lightly that it seemed all the more exciting because
she could hardly feel him. Up and down he went, stroking
and caressing her, until, without any warning, his first
two fingers found her entrance and plunged deep into her
vagina. She clutched him hard and cried out with surprised
delight, her own fingers digging into his shoulder, her
hips automatically pushing up to meet him and envelop his
fingers as he finger fucked her. She pressed his head firmly
against her breast with one hand while she clung to his shoulder
the other, trying as hard as she could to convey her approval
of what he was doing. At first he had the other two fingers
bent over to glide up along her pussy every time he pushed
into her, but then he moved and, without taking his mouth
from her breast, he shuffled just a little further down
the bed and uncurled his fingers so that they pointed downwards.
She caught her breath, because now they were passing over
her perineum, getting dangerously close to where his tongue
had been before.

Was he thinking of doing with his finger what he had done
with his tongue? She wasn't sure, but he was certainly
getting closer and closer and if he was she wouldn't
stop him. She was nervous, frightened even, of the prospect
him playing with her there, but she'd promised herself
to try new things and what he had done before had been far
nicer than she would have expected. Now, every time his
fingertips slid over her perineum, her grip on his shoulder
tightened in anxious anticipation. Would this time be
it she wondered each time, but each time it wasn't.

But then, just as she had come to the conclusion that he wasn't
thinking of doing anything remotely that kinky and realised
that she was strangely disappointed, his fingertip found
her anus and, without halting his regular thrusts into
her vagina, he began to circle, very gently but deliberately
stroking around her entrance. She gripped him harder again,
holding herself almost rigidly tense, wondering what
he intended to do next, aware that wetness from her pussy
had trickled down and made all things possible. She wanted
him to go further, she knew she did, but at the same time she
was scared of it being unpleasant and so she just conveyed
her unease with her vice like grip and silently let him continue.

He was beginning to press against her and she murmured unintelligibly
in expectation, keen now that he should do it, wanting to
try having his fingers in both holes. She felt his finger
wriggle at her entrance, seeking a way in, and she pushed
back onto it just a little bit, just enough for his finger,
lubricated by her pussy juices, to enter. Not far in, just
as far as the first knuckle, but a definite penetration.
She gasped as he went in, both of then suddenly freezing,
holding still until each was sure the other was happy with
what was happening.

‘Yes.' She told him, voicing a certainty she hadn't
felt only a few moments before.

‘Yes?' He queried, lifting his head from her breast
and looking at her for confirmation.

‘I said "yes to anything" before, remember?'

‘So you did.' His finger slid right in, pushed in
slow stages in time with his finger thrusts into her vagina.
‘All right?'

‘It's good.' She told him truthfully, a look
of wonderment lighting up her face and her anxious grip
relaxing again. She surprised herself by finding that
she genuinely wanted his finger in her rectum and liked
the feeling of it inside her as deeply as it would go.

With his little finger curled out of the way, Nathan soon
set up a steady stroke, thrusting into both holes, filling
them with two fingers in one and one in the other so that she
could actually feel them pressing together through the
thin dividing walls. She had never felt anything quite
so erotic, so thrilling and so daring, and so damn arousing.
She looked at him, wild-eyed and beaming with excitement,
holding onto him as his rhythm increased until his fingers
were going into her hard and fast and right up to the hilt.
It didn't take long before she felt the effect he was
having on her.

‘Oh god, I think I'm going to cum again.' She
told him, surprised at the possibility of two orgasms so
close together.

Nathan didn't answer; he simply increased his pace
once more, slamming into her with all the speed he could
muster, maintaining the tempo until her back arched and
lifted from the bed and her muscles spasmed, a series of
guttural groans her only sound as a short but violent climax
ripped through her.

As he sensed her orgasm fading and her grip on his shoulder
began to relax, Nathan slowed his rhythm, letting his fingers
move more slowly and less forcefully until they finally
came to a halt and he slipped them from inside her. She gazed
up at him now in awe, her face red and sweating and her mouth
hanging open as she gasped for breath. He smiled silently
down at her until she finally licked her lips, closed her
mouth and swallowed and then smiled back at him.

‘Was that nice.' He asked, semi-rhetorically.

‘Was it ever?' She answered breathlessly.

‘Can you go again?'

‘I don't think I could stand that again for a while.'

‘Want to try something better?'

She looked at him curiously, not understanding what he
might mean. She shrugged and shook her head to show her bewilderment.

‘Have you ever been fucked there?' His eyes flicked
down to indicate where he meant.

She felt herself shiver as understanding hit her. ‘No,

‘Want to try?'

She glanced down, seeing that his hard on had returned,
as big and as shiny as ever.

‘Will it hurt?'

By using "will" instead of "would"
she had already unwittingly told him what she wanted, and
Nathan picked up on it.

‘Not if we're careful.'

The size scared her even though she knew in her heart that
there could only really be one answer to his suggestion.
Still she prevaricated with herself, lying there silently
fighting to come up with the honest reply. Eventually she
said the word that she knew she had to, even though it frightened
her to death.


‘Go on your hands and knees then.' He told her.

He waited until she had done as he had asked before leaning
over and opening a drawer in the bedside cabinet. She peered
sideways to try and make out what he was after, seeing what
looked like a number of adult toys of various kinds. She
wasn't familiar with such things and she just hoped
he wasn't thinking of using any of them on her. He removed
what looked like a relatively harmless tube of medication
and slid the drawer closed, turning back to smile at her
anxious face.

‘Lube.' He explained, showing her the tube more
clearly. ‘Joan uses it.'

He didn't say what it was used for and Kerry was left
with her own ideas. Nevertheless, she thought, it was kind
of reassuring that he was considering her comfort. She
never thought that he might equally be considering his

He moved to kneel behind her and she turned her head to watch
his cock nodding and waving in the mirror as he moved into
place, looking to have taken on a life of its own. She shivered
again, nervous and excited in equal measure.

‘Fold your arms so that your bum sticks up.' He instructed.

She felt very, very vulnerable positioned like that, her
bottom raised high and exposed, but she wanted it to happen
and if this is what she had to do, then she would. She buried
her face in the duvet to hide from the indignity of it and


The sudden cold made her jump with surprise before she realised
it was just the first touch of lube coated fingers on her

‘Sorry.' She gasped. ‘I wasn't expecting
it, that's all.'

She heard him chuckle softly as his fingertips circled
her anus.

The gel felt cool now rather than cold, slippery in a lovely,
silky smooth way. He was spreading it gently around her
entrance, making it possible for her to be penetrated without
discomfort, fingertips dipping into her briefly as he
prepared her for what was to come. The sensations were quietly
enjoyable and she felt reassured, even if she could feel
herself still trembling slightly, although she thought
that maybe that was just pure arousal now.

She sensed him move more closely into place, edging nearer
her, ready to do it. This was the moment. She hadn't
expected this to happen when she had accepted his indifferent
invitation to call round, and she wondered for a moment
if she should back away. Did she really want kinky sex with
an older man, her neighbour, her married neighbour? She
knelt ready, knowing that the answer was yes, she did. She
was prepared to experiment, to try new things, kinky things,
and that meant finding a partner who knew what to do and was
willing to do it, and in the context of her having the usual
youthful and inexperienced circle of friends, that meant

His fingers pulled at her cheeks, separating them, pulling
the open, and she felt the cold tip of his lubricated cock
touch her bottom just above her entrance.

‘Sure?' He asked.

‘Yes.' She turned her head to the side where she could
see his rigid cock, shiny with lube, lined up to enter her,
and then she closed her eyes and rested her cheek on her folded
arms, waiting submissively for him to begin.

The end of his cock nudged against her and she stiffened

‘Relax, sweetheart.' He told her softly.

The unexpected use of an endearment helped her to let go,
reassuring her and allowing her to do as he asked. Then he
pushed gently but firmly against her, not forcing his way
in but just persuading her slippery sphincter to admit
him. She felt it happen, she felt herself stretch open and
the head of his cock slide into her. It was a strange and not
altogether comfortable feeling, but it didn't hurt,
not in the slightest. He paused to let her get used to it and
she opened her eyes and smiled a little smile of triumph
into her arms, happy at her adventure and counting it as
an achievement.

He waited for what seemed like ages and then, just as she
was about to tell him to go on, he pushed further in, his cock
sliding deeper into her rectum. The feeling of his cock
inside her tight rectal passage was wonderful. She hadn't
expected the sensation of being stretched to feel so nice,
so exciting. She wondered what she had been worried about,
this was fabulous.

‘Oh yes, that's good. Do it. Push it right in, all
the way. Fuck me there.'

She muttered the words into her arms, startled by what she
wanted to say and too shy to say it out loud. But he acted just
as if he had heard her, pushing forward until his front was
pressed up against her bottom, his cock buried full length
inside her. She pressed herself back against him, wanting
even more. The toe she had wanted to dip had turned into a
need to dive headlong in the deep end.

‘Is that okay?' He asked, anxious not to hurt her.

‘Oh god, yes.' This time she lifted her head and spoke
clearly, voicing her increasing need. ‘Don't stop,
whatever you do, don't stop.'

He responded by slowly thrusting in and out, not yet fucking
her hard but still setting up an insistent rhythm.

‘Harder, Nathan, do it harder.'

She was shocking herself. It was as if doing something different
had released some kind of slut in her. Now he could thrust
deep into her, harder and faster, fucking her without worrying
if she was enjoying it, because he knew by her words that
she was. She felt him adjust his grip on her hips, letting
him pull her hard against him with every thrust. Her body
was reacting with the tiny beginnings of an orgasm, the
kind that she knew would be slow to arrive but that would
leave her wrecked in its wake. God, but she was glad she'd
risked calling round when she did. She parted her knees
a little, setting herself more firmly so that he could do
it harder still.

‘Okay?' He asked her again as he plunged into her,
misunderstanding her movement, his voice breathless
with effort and arousal.

‘Yes.' She gasped. ‘Stop asking, keep going.
I'll tell you if it isn't.'

The feeling of his long hard cock sliding in and out of her
rectum was divine, an awareness of a sexy fullness coupled
with the sensation of her sphincter being pulled back and
forth as his shaft slid through it. She looked sideways
into the mirror, seeing her kneeling form, bottom high
and head low, and watching his cock sink into her body, wet
and shiny, and very, very solid. She'd never experienced
anything like it and all she wanted now was for it to last
long enough for her to climax and then, and only then, to
watch him empty his balls deep into her bowels.

Her only concern was that he might come before she did and,
although she wanted desperately to feel him come inside
her, she didn't want to be left high and dry if he beat
her to it, not while she was being fucked in this gloriously
kinky way. He was putting all he had into fucking her now,
ramming himself hard forward and dragging her back and
forth by the hips in time to his thrusts. She gasped at the
force of his fucking, watching them both in the mirror and
loving every moment of the sexiest thing she had ever done.
Inside her the budding orgasm was growing, a tiny point
of heat that was becoming broader and hotter, growing perhaps
more slowly than if it had been normal sex, but growing steadily
all the time. It was just a case of who would get there first.

Then suddenly, as if it had crept up on her unawares, her
orgasm arrived, the intense and hot feeling blossoming
out and tearing through her body, flooding her nerves with
incredible sensations. She came like the proverbial train,
screwing her eyes shut and uttering sharp little gasps
each time his cock plunged into her, trying her hardest
to hold herself still for him, but with her hooked fingers
scrabbling at the duvet and her mouth contorted in passion.
It was the strongest, most overwhelming climax she had
ever had, wave after wave of pleasure rushing through her
as if it would never end.

It did end of course, the surges of pleasure gradually dwindling
until she was spent, trembling and sweaty, but with Nathan
holding her up by the hips and still into pounding her. Part
of her wanted him to stop, to give up and let her subside into
a post-orgasmic heap, but the rest wanted to feel him come
inside her and bathe her bowels with his cum, and that was
the strongest part. She knelt before him, head down, her
cheek rubbing on the duvet where she had gathered in into
her hands, and just let him have her, trying to recover from
her climax and get her breath back while he still fucked
her. She knew he wouldn't last long and she so wanted
him to come inside her that it was worth it.

‘I'm coming.'

She wasn't sure if she felt relief or disappointment.
She still wanted to feel him inside that forbidden hole,
the naughtiness of it still exciting her, but she was beginning
to feel a little sore there now that she had climaxed.

Suddenly he gripped her hips and slammed himself forward,
burying his cock as far into her rectum as he could go, and
then groaned loudly as it twitched and jerked, the first
spurt of his cum bursting into her. She looked into the mirror,
wanting to see him shooting into her, but he was holding
her so tight against him that she could no longer see anything
of his shaft, just his sinewy body pressed tight against
her, his back arching and his head thrown back, his eyes
squeezed shut this time and his teeth bared in a rictus grin.
As she watched he rammed himself at her several times, trying
to penetrate even deeper as each time he shot another spurt
way up inside her.

Eventually it was over for him too and he collapsed back
onto his haunches, releasing her hips so abruptly that
she fell forwards onto the bed. She rolled onto her side,
and looked at him, kneeling there, his head hanging, mouth
open, his chest heaving and his legs trembling.

He licked his lips and swallowed, looking up at her and smiling.
‘Christ that was good.'

Then it was as if he suddenly remembered that she had been
an anal virgin and his face took on a look of concern. ‘Are
you all right? I mean, was it okay for you? I didn't hurt
you, did I? Did you enjoy it?'

The disjointed questions spilled from his lips in such
a torrent that she couldn't help but smile as she replied.
‘It was lovely.' She assured him. ‘You made me
come, didn't you?'

He nodded slowly. ‘Yes I did, didn't I?'

‘And you didn't even fuck me properly.' She
giggled as she alluded to their kinky intercourse.

‘I will next time.' He told her. ‘Next time, I promise.'

She felt her heart leap. There was to be a next time. So she
had been good enough for him to want her again. She had found
herself a teacher, an older man who could tutor her in bed,
to show her how to enjoy sex properly, and how to enjoy it
adventurously. She couldn't wait.

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