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At Long Last


He felt as though he was going to explode. The anticipation
was at once delicious and torturous. He knew full well that
time cannot slow down, but waiting for her to arrive made
him think that time may be running backwards. Every muscle
in his body was tensed as though he was poised for battle.
The battle he faced posed no danger, but he knew he must be
prepared. At last the knock came at the door. At that moment
he felt paralyzed, as though he wanted this moment to last
forever. Shaking himself free from his trance, he opened
the door to find her standing there looking more extraordinary
than the image he had floating though his mind. He reached
out his hand to her. She took his hand and literally floated
across the threshold. He slowly closed the door and stepped
back to drink in the vision of his lover. He turned and began
to walk away. She protested wanting to know where he was
going. He beckoned her to follow him into the living room.
He commanded he to stand in the middle of the room. She complied
while he placed a CD in the player and hit play. Seconds later,
the sultry sounds of a saxophone began to emanate from the
speakers. He sat down on the couch and she frowned at him
wondering what he had in mind. She had though that they would
be entwined in each other's arms by now. He stared at
her as she began to walk towards him, once again telling
her to stay where she was. The music was pulsing though her
as she began to feel the tingle of wetness between her legs.
That feeling inspired her as she realized exactly what
he had in mind. She began to slowly gyrate her hips and sway
to the music as she began the strip tease he had asked for
without uttering a word. He sat mesmerized as she began
to remove her clothes ever so slowly. Her eyes never left
his as her garments began to hit the floor one at a time. First
was her blouse, which revealed the lace bra she was wearing
- the kind that did little to support her pendulous breasts,
and begs to be ripped off. It was then that she got here first
inspiration to make things interesting. She reached into
he purse and pulled out the knife that she carried for protection.
She opened the blade and handed the weapon to him. He must
have been reading her mind because when she leaned forward
to tease him with her cleavage, he used the knife to deftly
cut both of the straps over her shoulders. This was enough
to let her rock hard nipples spill out over the top of their
lacy cage. As she began to reach around to undo the clasp
of her bra, he shook his head no and beckoned for her to come
closer. When she was within reach he made her close her eyes.
He then turned the knife blade so that is would not cut her
and dragged the tip of the blade from just above her pants
until is was just beneath the straining fabric that stood
between him and her now heaving tits. In one brutal motion
he spun the blade around and pulled it through the front
of the bra and finally freed her melons from their prison.
This made her gasp and step back. He reached out to pull her
closer, but she backed away - throwing her head back with
a wicked laugh. She was making sure that he knew that she
was in charge.
She made him stand up and turn around with his hands behind
his back. She grabbed what was left of her bra and used it
to tie his hands together. He turned and tried to kiss her,
but she pushed him back down on the couch. She was really
feeling inspired now, as she now had all the control. She
seized the moment and decided that a little teasing was
in order. She walked up so that her left nipple was just in
front of his mouth. His tongue leapt from between his lips
as he tried in vain to lick it. She pulled back just far enough
to be out of his reach. She repeated this a number of times,
alternating from side to side as she did so. Looking at his
crotch, she could see that his cock was straining at the
fabric of his pants trying to be free. Wanting to give him
a taste, she thrust her rock hard nipple between his lips
- ordering him to suck and bite it. He complied, hungrily
lapping at the nipple and tasting her for the very first
time. Before he could really begin to enjoy himself, she
pulled away, which was hard for her as she was enjoying it
at least as much as he was. She went to the stereo and really
cranked up the volume so the bass would shake them to their
very souls. She unbuttoned her jeans and ever so slowly
unzipped the zipper one tooth with each beat of the music.
He leaned forward straining to afford himself a better
view. What he saw made his cock ache ‒ it appeared as though
she was naked beneath her jeans. As she slowly inched them
down her hips, writhing to the music, she revealed that
she did not have any panties on. However, she was wearing
a garter belt that led down to silk stockings. At this point
she had to kick off her shoes to facilitate the complete
removal of her jeans. She turned around so he could have
a rear view as she finished the task. It was readily apparent
that she was cleanly shaven and her pussy lips glistened
with the magic honey that he longed to taste. She bent all
the way over and looked back at him between her legs, giving
him a wink and a smile. She stayed in that position as she
ran her hands from her ankles all the way up to her spectacular
ass. She reached around to the lower part of both ass cheeks
and pulled them apart. Working her magic to make him crazy,
she stuck 3 fingers into her now drenched pussy and slowly
began fingering herself as she took her index finger on
the other hand and began to rub her throbbing clit. Abruptly,
she pulled her fingers from her pussy and spun around sticking
those fingers just out of reach of his tongue. He could smell
her juices as he begged for the chance to lick her fingers
clean. She giggled as she seductively licked her fingers
clean one at a time as though she were sucking his cock. He
begged for a taste, so she leaned forward and let him suck
the pussy nectar off of her tongue. Again, she pulled away
before he got a chance to fully enjoy the moment. She moved
the coffee table in front of him so she could give him a show.
She sat on the table with he legs spread for apart so he could
see it all. She began tugging on her pussy lips and massaging
them between her fingertips, all the while teasing her
hole while he watched in stunned silence. She laid back
and began to rub her pussy lips and her clit with unbridled
abandon. With her head back and her eyes closed, she failed
to notice that he had managed to undo the cloth manacles
she had created. He encouraged her to play with her pussy
and think about his cock sliding deep inside her. Lost in
the recklessness of her pleasure, she was unable to see
that he had opened his zipper and freed his now aching cock
from its prison. The pre-cum was literally dripping from
the end of his engorged tool as he approached her. To give
himself a clear path to her moistened womanhood, he begged
he to rub her pussy juices on her nipples. She immediately
complied with his request by rubbing. As she moved her hands
to her generous breasts, her eyes still closed in ecstasy,
he made his move. He positioned himself over her and thrust
his member deep inside her in one fluid motion. He became
light headed from the passion of the moment as she gasped
loudly from this most pleasant surprise. He stayed still
with his cock shoved into the hilt so he could savor the feeling
of her inner muscles clenching around him. As reached up
to put her arms around his neck, he grabbed her wrists and
roughly pinned her arms at her sides. He admonished her
for teasing him and told her that he was now in control. She
begged for him to begin fucking her, but he said that she
was going to have to wait until he was good and ready. Undaunted,
she began to use the muscles inside her pussy to literally
milk and stroke his cock. The feeling was almost more than
he could take. Not wanting to let her get the upper hand,
he withdrew himself from her, teasing her hole with the
tip of his engorged tool. He put it in just to the point where
her lips were about to wrap around his mushroom before pulling
it back out again. She was writhing and begging to be fucked,
so he gave her just a little more. He knew that he could not
keep this up forever, but he was willing to let the crescendo
of passion to go to a place unlike anything either of them
had ever experienced. After what seemed like an hour of
teasing her, he felt his balls tighten as his load readied
for release. He pulled back and waited for just the right
moment. As he felt the impending load about to blow, he thrust
his member all the way inside her as his cum began to spurt
out in huge spasms of pleasure. He kept her arms pinned to
her sides as he collapsed upon her moaning loudly as the
release came. This was more than she could take. She wrestled
her arms free and grabbed his ass to pull him even deeper
inside her as she too was overcome with wave after wave of
orgasmic bliss.
They stayed that way for quite some time as they caught their
collective breath. She noticed that his cock had not gone
fully soft so she began once again to use her muscles ‒ this
time to bring his manhood back to life. He started to slowly
pull his cock out of her pussy as she was milking him with
her tunnel. She smiled and ordered him on to his back. He
willingly complied. Her first order of business was to
wrap her lips around his cock to suck out any of his leftover
cum that might have remained. She then squatted so her pussy
was above his package and pushed their combined juices
from her pussy so that it dripped on to his cock and balls.
Once she had expelled the load, she eagerly lapped it all
up into her mouth. She then surprised him by bringing her
mouth to his and sharing their bounty with him. He was shocked
at first, but the passion of the moment took over and he welcomed
their combined flavors. She then slid her pussy down over
his cock, which had come to full attention. He was trying
to thrust up into her, but she had already positioned herself
so she had fully engulfed him and he had no room to move. She
ordered him to lie there as she was now in charge. She stayed
in that position and used her magic muscles to give him pleasure.
She performed her trick for over half an hour as he lay there
with his eyes closed moaning occasionally as he climbed
towards orgasm. She reached around behind herself to see
if his balls had begun to tighten up. While she was there,
she began to lightly scratch his scrotum with her crimson
fingernails. That must have been just what he needed. His
head began thrashing from side to side and his breath was
coming in gasps. She tensed he internal muscles ever quicker
as she felt him getting ready to blow. His back arched as
he shot his load deep inside her. Apparently that was all
she needed as well. As his jism filled her, she began to spasm
as her orgasm ripped through her body. She was no longer
able to remain upright, collapsing on to his chest as she
fought to breathe.
His cock was in no mood to stop at this point. He rolled her
over on her back and pulled out of her dripping pussy. He
felt obligated to return her favor from earlier as he dove
face first into her pussy to suck his semen out of her throbbing
hole. He brought his mouth to hers and spit the juice into
her mouth. She moaned and smiled as she relished the flavor
and texture of her snack. Without warning he picked her
up and threw her face first over the arm of the couch with
her ass in the air. He immediately spread her legs apart
and thrust his once again ready cock all the way into her
waiting pussy. There was no mercy shown as he pounded her
mercilessly from behind. Because of the angle of penetration,
the head of his cock was assaulting her G-spot with every
stroke as his balls slammed against her clit. She was cumming
over and over again. At one point she was so caught up in the
orgasms that she felt as though she was going to pass out.
She was unable to speak and barely able to breathe as he kept
up the attack. After what seemed like hours, he felt the
rush of the load rising from his balls. With one powerful
stoke he shot his wad deep inside her. Although he felt on
the verge of collapse, he continued his thrusting as she
was still experiencing waves of pleasure. Finally, he
could take no more and fell back into the chair that was behind
him. He asked how she was doing but she could not utter a word.
Like him, she was completely spent. He gently picked her
up and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed,
she was asleep before he climbed in to join her. As he lay
there, he reflected on what had just happened. He drifted
off to sleep as he was thinking of what the next day would
It was still dark outside when he awoke to the feeling of
her beautiful mouth enveloping his cock. He did not want
her know that he was awake, so he remained still. She was
taking him all the way into her mouth so that the head of his
tool was going down her throat. Each time her nose touched
his pubic bone he had to resist the urge to thrust his hips
upward to get even deeper. If he did that, she would surely
know that he was awake. His ruse was working. Because she
thought he was sleeping and wanted him to remain so, she
was moving her mouth very slowly up and down his turgid shaft.
She could feel the texture of his manhood as she applied
her skills. She paused each time she had him fully in her
mouth so that she could feel his pulse pounding in his man
flesh. It took all of her willpower not to speed up even though
she was anxious to taste his cum and feel it hitting her in
the back of the throat before she swallowed it. In her mind
she was thinking of the first time she had sucked his cock,
making him quiver and twitch as his load shot down her throat.
She loved to think of that moment, and did so often. In fact,
each time she thought of that moment, her panties became
soaked with her juices. She knew she would really be in trouble
after this. At least she would have plenty of masturbation
fantasies to get her through until the next time the two
of them could get together. She was bound a determined to
continue to make sure this was something that neither of
them would ever forget. Remembering the effect that she
had just hours before, she began to lightly scratch his
balls with he fingernails. The result was immediate as
she sensed his sack beginning to tighten signaling what
was to "come". His ploy was working - she still
did not know that he was awake. He was going crazy trying
to remain motionless as she brought him closer to yet another
tumultuous climax. As he approached to point of no return,
she began to speed up her ministrations. He felt his balls
tighten as he stood on the precipice of release. He was holding
back with all of his might as she moved once again to take
his cock all of the way in. He could wait no more and it was
time to let her know that he was indeed awake. Just as his
tool touched the back of her throat he grabbed her hair and
pushed her face hard against his groin and pumped his man
mustard down her throat in huge spurts. This took her by
surprise, but she voraciously took every drop without
choking. He flipped her on to her back and lifted her legs
so that her ankles were flanking his head. He plunged his
cock into her sodden slit. As with before, her gorgeous
breasts began heaving as she built towards another explosion
of passion. He was pounding her without mercy. He wanted
to fill her once again with his spunk. He stopped suddenly
and left the room. As he pulled out of her she gasped and asked
why he had stopped. He told her that she would have to wait
and see. He returned with 4 neckties and a bandana. She coyly
looked at him and asked if he was going to tie her up. He smiled
and ordered her on to flip over on to her belly. She did as
she was told as she anxiously welcomed whatever her adventurous
lover might subject her to next. At first he was going to
tie her spread eagle on the bed, but decided that he would
instead put her in a more accessible position. He started
by blindfolding her with the bandana. The he pulled her
arms straight back at her sides and tied a necktie around
each wrist. He took the other end of each tie and tied them
to her ankles. This way her face was against the bed, her
ass was in the air, and she could not do anything to switch
out of the position he put her in. She was completely at his
mercy. His first order of business was to leave the room
and get more supplies for what he had planned. All she could
do was wait, not knowing what he had in mind. He returned,
but remained silent, not giving her any clues. She heard
what she thought was a match lighting. Her suspicions were
confirmed when she smelled the pungent aroma of sulfur
in the air. The next sensation she experienced was hot candle
wax dripping on her back. Apparently he had paid attention
when she had shared her fantasies with him. He dripped a
line of wax down her back until he reached the top of her ass
crack ‒ then he stopped and made her beg for more. Beg she
did - she loves the feeling of the hot wax dripping on her
body. He relented and stated to drip the wax at the top of
her crack allowing gravity to carry it down past her brown
star, stopping just short of her pussy opening. She was
arching her back to try to get the wax to reach the opening
of her pussy, but since she was tied up, she could not quite
make it happen. He knew what she wanted, but he would make
her wait. In fact, at this point he left the room to get a drink
of water. He simply left her bound and waiting for more.
After what seemed like an eternity, he returned. He started
dripping the wax midway down the crack of her ass, but the
already hardened wax prevented it from reaching the ultimate
destination it was planned for. In order to rectify the
situation, he grabbed the end of the wax that was closest
to her pussy and ripped upwards, peeling it off in one violent
pull. This made her gasp, and then moan as she drank in the
pleasure and pain mixed together. He went back to dripping
the wax closer to her pussy to assure that it would reach
her waiting hole. As the molten wax reached her pussy, she
once again arched her back to drink in the moment. He continued
to drip until the wax was building up and beginning to drop
on to the bed. He set the candle aside and once again ripped
the wax away, this time she let out a little scream as her
tender flesh was pulled without mercy. Although it hurt,
she came with a shudder as the juice from her orgasm seeped
out of her hole. He roughly shoved his thumb into her pussy
without warning. He had his hand positioned so that his
palm and fingers could rub against her clit as his thumb
bludgeoned her G-spot. His magic touch was obviously working
as she was grinding against his hand. He could feel her inner
walls convulsing in waves as she was having what seemed
to be one long orgasm. He was far from finished with her.
She heard the jingle of ice in a glass after he pulled his
hand away. She figured he must be thirsty, but she was wrong.
He positioned himself on his knees behind her and pressed
the tip of his cock against her opening. She gasped because
his cock felt like it was a thousand degrees. As he slowly
inched it into her, she realized that it was not heat she
was feeling - it was cold. He had plunged his tool in a glass
of ice water and left it there until it began to hurt ‒ a little
trick he likes to call the dick-sicle. The beauty of this
is that it is beneficial to both lovers involved. His cock
feels hot to her, and the inside of her pussy feels like a
furnace to him. He kept up his thrusting until his cock warmed
up. Then he pulled out and re-cooled his joint before putting
it back in her pleasure cave. He continued this cycle, lessening
the time between until the inside of her pussy was ice cold.
Then he grabbed the candle and started dripping the hot
wax onto his shaft as he thrust it in and out of her love canal.
At this point, she could not tell what temperature she was
feeling - all she knew was that is felt amazing. The combination
of his cold cock and the hot wax sent her once again into fits
of orgasmic waves. Her wrists pulled against her restraints
as she fought against them. As she tugged, the ties pulled
her legs further apart until she collapsed on the bed. The
down side of the collapse was that his cock pulled out of
her. She begged him to fuck her some more. He untied her ankles
and flipped her over, taking the free ends of her bonds and
tying them to the posts at the head of the bed. She could not
see what he was doing, as she was still blindfolded. He took
the other two ties and bound her ankles to the posts at the
foot of the bed. He was not pleased with the position of her
pussy, so he placed a pillow under her ass to better his angle
of attack. He grabbed the candle and began dripping wax
on to her nipples, causing her to arch her back and moan softly.
In order to maximize her pleasure, he lit another candle
so he could drip the wax more creatively. He dripped wax
on to both of her breasts at the same time, building up mountains
as he did so. He then took the ice water and poured it on to
the wax to make it fully harden ‒ along with her nipples.
He set the candles aside and got one finger on each hand under
the wax caps he had created. As he had done with the wax on
her pussy, he ripped it off in one vicious pull. She squealed
with delight as he did this. Then he grabbed the water and
poured it on her nipples to cool them down. Not content with
this he took an ice cube in each hand and began to run her magnificent
breasts with them. He worked his way around them in ever-smaller
circles as he spiraled towards he rock hard nipples. When
he reached them, he held the ice there causing her areola
to pucker from the cold. He looked at her face and she was
grinning like the cat that ate the mouse. He trailed the
cubes slowly down her stomach as he made his way to her pleasure
center. When he reached her clit, he gently held the shrinking
cubes on either side of it. He left the cubes sitting there
as he grabbed two fresh ones from the glass and popped them
into her pussy. He reached for his next surprise, which
was waiting on the nightstand. She could not see what he
had, but the buzzing sound told her exactly what he had in
his hand. The next thing she felt was the hard plastic tip
of the vibrator brushing against her clit. She raised her
hips to push against the toy, but he was in charge, so she
relaxed and lowered herself back down on to the pillow.
He rewarded her by rubbing the vibrator between her lips,
focusing on the base of her clit as he flicked his tongue
across its tip. Once again she bucked as the orgasm overtook
her and she reverted to her animal instincts. He put the
curved tip of the vibrator into her drenched opening and
worked it against her G-spot as he sucked hungrily on her
clit. She was straining so wildly against her restraints
that she managed to free her left hand. She immediately
reached down and took the vibrator from him and thrust it
madly in and out of her pussy while he continued to suck on
her button. While she normally was a quiet partner, she
could not hold back as hoarse moans emanated from her throat
as she came for what felt like an hour. She could no longer
hang on to the toy as her orgasm had made her lose he grip.
She let go of it as it hung from her and continued to give her
pleasure. He jumped up and re-secured her restraint to
the bedpost. He grabbed the candles and dripped the hot
wax on to her clit. He did so from far away so the hot wax slammed
into her flesh before it began to harden. The wax built up
and started running down he slit. He untied her legs so that
she could put them together and let the wax pool in the crevasse
formed where her upper thighs came together. The wax was
hardening around the vibrator entombing it. He jumped
up and moved near her head and pressed the tip of his cock
against her lips. She eagerly began pumping her mouth up
and down his rock-hard shaft. He suddenly pulled away and
straddled her belly after removing the pillow under her
ass. She felt something squirt between her breasts, realizing
that he was lubricating her for the next phase of his operation.
He grabbed her tits and pushed them together as he began
to fuck her cleavage. He moved up far enough to tease her
with the tip of his tool. She timed it so that she could reach
her tongue out just far enough to lick the tip as it came up
between her mounds. She loved the feeling of his cock sliding
between her tits as his balls rubbed her soft skin. He could
feel his orgasm growing near, so it was time to change positions.
He turned around to get into a 69 position. He reached down
and tore off the wax covering her pussy, which also ripped
the vibrator out of her opening. In one motion, he shoved
his cock into her waiting moth as he shoved his tongue into
her pussy. He was fucking her mouth and throat as he licked
her pussy and clit. She was powerless to stop him, and she
would not have stopped him even if she could. She bucked
wildly as the waves of pleasure tore through her body. His
cock was mercilessly sliding down her throat as his balls
began to tighten and she could feel that he was close. When
he pulled back, she closed her teeth together slightly
to prevent his manhood from going all the way in. He held
back his thrust as she began to suck his engorged head with
fervor. It was only a matter of seconds before her sucking
caused him to release, shooting his load across her tongue.
At that moment, she opened her teeth and he slid his cock
all the way into her throat once again as he continued to
spurt. He rolled off of her and untied her restraints. He
removed the blindfold and gently kissed her as he turned
her on her side. He cuddled up behind her and kissed her neck
as he pulled the comforter over them. He put his arm around
her and they drifted off to sleep before either had a chance
to speak.
When she woke up to the morning sun streaming in through
the bedroom window. She rolled over and found that he was
not in bed with her. She noticed that he had left a robe on
the bed for her. She put on the robe and headed out into the
hall. She could hear running water, so she knew that he must
be in the shower. She quietly crept into the bathroom and
peeled off her robe. She gently pulled back the shower curtain
to find him standing there with his eyes closed, enjoying
the feeling of the water cascading over him. She reached
out and grabbed his cock. He jumped as his eyes flew open
to see her standing there with an impish grin on her face.
He took her other hand and pulled her in the shower. He pulled
her to him as he kissed her with great passion. The large
shower was built for two, so he reached behind her and turned
the other showerhead on. She was directly in the path of
the ice-cold water as it streamed forth, so she tried to
push him back to get out of the way, but he stood his ground.
The cold water made her already erect nipples pucker. He
saw this and bent to take one into his mouth to warm it up for
her. The feeling of the cold water from one head, and the
hot water from the other was exquisite. But, she did not
want to get chilled, so she turned her side up to hot. She
dropped to her knees and took his hardening tool into her
mouth once again. She was working it slowly as the water
from both showerheads poured over her. He leaned back against
the tiled wall and relaxed as she pleasured him. She reached
up and grabbed the bar of soap from the holder and began to
rub is over his ass, legs and balls. Before long, his balls
began to tighten up as his load prepared for release. She
took the soap between her hands and worked up a frothing
lather. She then pulled her mouth away and stroked his member
feverishly with her well-lubricated hands. As she did
this, his hips began to grind because he could no longer
remain still. As he threw his head back and began to moan,
she let the water rinse the soap from his groin. She positioned
her open mouth so that the initial spurt of his juice would
land on her tongue. He moaned loudly signaling the beginning
of his climax. As planned the first bit of his spunk landed
squarely on her tongue. She then took him fully into her
mouth sucked voraciously at his joint, making sure to get
every drop of his precious juice. By this point, he was having
trouble standing, so his grabbed the back of her head and
shoved his meat in to the hilt while she sucked him dry. After
she finished her snack and pulled her mouth away, he pushed
her onto her ass with her back against the wall of the shower.
He pushed her legs apart and stood up. He grabbed the showerhead
and aimed the water at her pussy as he turned up the temperature
to just shy of scalding. She closed her eyes and began gyrating
her hips to let the water go to work on her swollen lips and
clit. As he was about to recommend that she play with herself,
she read his mind and began to do exactly that. He was entranced
as he watched her pleasuring herself. She was shoving 3
fingers on one hand in and out of her hole as she used the middle
finger on her other hand to circle around her pleasure button.
She collapsed onto the floor of the shower as the waves of
pleasure pulsed though her body. When she was finished,
he took her hand and helped her to her feet. He pulled her
close and kissed her once again as his hard cock pressed
into her belly. He began to gently kiss her eyelids and then
moved down to her neck licking and sucking her skin as he
moved down. He continued to work his way down to her tits
as he alternately took her nipples into his mouth and sucked
them hard and long. As he worked his way down her stomach,
he dropped to his knees to better access his ultimate destination.
He took her clit between hiss lips and sucked it in and out
as though it were a tiny cock. Apparently, he had found his
mark as she grabbed his head to prod him into moving faster.
He continued this until she began to quiver with orgasmic
delight. He picked her leg up over his shoulder to open her
gash for better access. As he licked her slit, he grabbed
the soap and began to rub it over her tits and ass, making
her just as slippery as her pussy. She threw her other leg
over his shoulder so that she could push herself against
his probing tongue. At that point, he was no longer comfortable
kneeling on the hard tile floor of the shower. He put his
hands beneath her ass cheeks and stood up, sliding her soapy
back up the wall until he was in a fully standing position.
He kept lapping at her pussy sending her once again into
a heart-pounding orgasm. Without missing a beat she slid
her legs from over his shoulder and began to lower herself
from her perch. As she dropped her down, he switched his
grip to the backs of her thighs and pulled her legs apart.
He dropped her dripping hole over the tip of his cock as his
weapon found its mark. Once he had her lowered to the point
that his tool was just inside her cave, he stopped her downward
progress and pinned her in that position as he hungrily
kissed her melons and neck. She was trying desperately
to wriggle her way down to take in the entire length of his
cock, but she could not overpower his grip as she was pinned
against the wall. He looked her in the eyes and asked her
what she wanted. She responded by telling him that she wanted
to feel him all the way inside of her ‒ and she wanted it now.
He complied, partially, by allowing her to slide down jut
a bit more. She protested as she encouraged him to let her
take it all the way in. He wanted the tease to last a little
longer as he chewed and teased her nipples. Finally, he
decided to give her what she wanted. He released his grip
and she dropped down until their pubic bones pounded together.
She was taken by surprise as the rush of yet another quivering
orgasm overtook her body. In an animal-like response,
she bit into the flesh of his shoulder as she shuddered and
softly moaned. Inspired by her response, he began to bite
her neck and shoulder. The animal passion took over and
he slid her down the wall until he was once again on top of
her. He grabbed her ankles and placed them on either side
of his head so he could fully penetrate her. As the water
continued to cascade over them, he began to slide himself
in and out of her quivering box ever so slowly. Since he recalled
his earlier success with teasing her, he decided that he
would use that strategy once again. He pulled out so that
his cock was just touching the lips and then put it in until
his mushroom was just past the entrance. He repeated that
motion over and over as he watched he face contorting with
pleasure. As she began to relax a bit, he shoved himself
into her in one quick motion, holding his member deep inside
her. He stayed in that position as he felt her inner walls
still convulsing from her last orgasm. As she had done before,
she began to milk his manhood with her muscles, not letting
him pull back. When she asked if he liked how it felt, all
he could do was moan and grunt as he approached climax. She
dug her crimson nails into the flesh of his as and brazenly
told him that she needed to feel him pump his cum inside her.
That was all the encouragement he needed as he collapsed
on top of her once again as he lost control of his muscles
from the intensity of the feeling. Once he regained his
senses, he suggested that they finish their shower and
move the festivities back to the bedroom. She agreed with
him since she was more than a little chilly from the cold
water in the shower. In the throes of their passion they
had not realized that they had stayed in the shower long
enough to use up all of the hot water.
When they got to the bed, he gently rolled he over on her
stomach and grabbed a bottle of lotion of the nightstand
and began to gently rub it on her back. She moaned softly
as he rubbed her sore muscles. He told her that in order to
do a thorough job, he would need to moisturize every inch
of her skin. She agreed that it was necessary as well. He
began to massage the lotion into her lower back and the top
of her ass. Since he was standing next to the bed, he swung
her legs round so that her ankles we flanking his thighs.
This allowed him to be a bit more creative in the application
of the lotion. He moved lower down cheeks as he vigorously
applied the lotion. He moved his hands down to the sides
of her hips and then down to the sides and back of her thighs.
As he moved to the insides of her thighs, he deftly spread
her legs farther apart. When his hands worked all the way
to the area where her legs gave way to her pussy, he roughly
pulled at the skin and watched the juice escaping from her
hole, which caused her puffy lips to glisten. He put his
hands under her hips and lifted her up so that her as was in
the air and her face remained on the bed. This gave him full
access to her exposed bottom. He placed his index finger
into her and began a rhythmic tapping on her G-spot. He used
his other hand to part the cheeks of her ass and then began
to tease her brown star with his tongue. She responded by
pressing back against his tongue. As she relaxed further
he was able to stick the tip of his tongue in and out of her
ass as she pushed against his face. She arched her back to
afford him full access to her back door. He pulled his face
away and put his thumb against her puckering hole and began
to gently massage it. She moaned softly as he began to put
his thumb inside her. Taking it slowly, he decided he would
need some lubrication. Since the bottle of lube and he lotion
were both out of reach, he simple spit on her hole as he worked
his thumb in and out until he could put it in all the way. She
began to moan more enthusiastically as he stimulated both
of her holes. She turned and smiled as asked him if he would
please stick his cock in her ass. This was a first for him,
but he was willing to do anything to satisfy his lusty partner.
He retrieved the lube and climbed up behind her on the bed.
He put a generous coat of the lube on both his cock and her
ass and worked his thumb in and out of her. He positioned
himself so that his member was just pushing against her
and then told her to control the initial penetration. She
gladly complied as she slid back onto he raging boner. He
could not believe how tight her ass felt as this was his maiden
voyage in backdoor love. She rocked forward and back slowly
at first and then began to speed up as she felt herself building
once again to the ultimate pleasure. He was really enjoying
this new sensation, but decided he knew of a way to really
spice things up. He pulled out in spite of her protest and
requested that she turn over on her back. Once again, he
lifter her legs so that her ankles were on either side of
his head. He reinserted himself into her ass and began to
tug at her nipples with one hand while he used the thumb on
the other to massage her clit. Her head was rolling from
side to side and her eyes were tightly closed as she concentrated
on the multiple stimulations. Not yet satisfied that she
was getting all she could handle, he retrieved the trusty
vibrator turning it on to its highest setting and plunged
it into her drenched pussy. She began to buck from the overwhelming
fullness of the double penetration. As he thrust into her
ass, he could feel the vibrations on his cock and also the
vibrator’s mass as they competed for space inside her.
She begged him to thrust harder, but he was afraid he would
hurt her. She ordered him to pull out and lay on his back.
As he did, she stood by the bed working the vibrator in and
out of her pussy. Still holding the vibrator inside herself,
she straddled him as she once again guided his missile into
her ass. She immediately began to slide up and down his shaft
pounding her ass against his hips as she achieved maximum
penetration. All the while, she was sliding the vibrator
into her pussy with the same fervor. As she began to come,
she dropped all the way onto him and held herself there.
Since the vibrator was now held captive, he decided to provide
additional stimulation by reaching down and taking her
clit between his thumb and index finger and rolling the
button between them. She began to buck like a rodeo horse
as the orgasm threatened to tear her apart. It was then that
he realized that he was about to blow his load. He asked if
she minded if he shot his juice in her ass. All she could do
was nod and he released inside of her, his hips pushing her
up on the air as he too was overcome by the sensation. She
reached the point where she could no longer stay on top of
him as she literally collapsed onto the bed. The smile on
her face and the sweat covering her skin told him all he needed
to know. She could not even speak, as she was unable to catch
her breath. He pulled the blanket over them and snuggled
up behind her as they both drifted off, getting some much-needed

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