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……. The first sexual scenarios
I often feel that I’ve known Astrid since before
she married that loser Noel Defarge. It seems like she’s
always been around in some capacity or other, yet I often
think she’s too good for me. She’s one of those
women who’s got it all and knows it. Even so I’ve
never found her anything but genuine. She’s never
made any big deal of being a looker. She tells it as it is and
doesn’t have any affectations. She’s never
expected to be treated any different to the rest, although
a glimpse of her has always made men turn and look. Yeah,
she’s always been able to make a man’s blood
boil but she’s never let the fact go to her head. In
fact she’s always come across as a well balanced,
astute girl, with a good sense of humour, who likes her fun.
No-one’s ever thought of her as easy but we’ve
all been aware that she’s had some complex and sophisticated
relationships. She’s certainly got a strong personality
and can talk about any topic under the sun. She has a wide
range of general interests. Is good on the dance floor and
once excelled at sport. Now in her late thirties she still
has a figure that bulges in all the right places and would
complement a woman half her age. Age has finessed her implacable
good looks and she oozes sex appeal. Her looks are indeed
magnetic, and so natural that it is obvious to everyone
that her beauty is genetically derived and has not come
out of a bottle or salon. Her bronzed complexion with its
hazy dark tints gives her a facial impact that is completely
absorbing. Her long ash blonde hair with its natural perm
hangs down to her waist, covering the protuberance of her
breasts. She certainly has a superb figure, with her more
than ample bust, slender waist and well formed hips. Her
legs are slim and apparently endless. Indeed many men have
become obsessed by the confident stare from her blue eyes,
the inviting smile from her lips, and their desire to explore
the extremities of those legs.
We developed our current relationship when we both independently
attended the wedding of a friend of a friend. My mate Claude
introduced us. The longer we spent together that day the
more we seemed to gel. Indeed it has been the same ever since
for our interdependence grows stronger with every passing
day, as does our love and respect for each other. Our relationship
started rapidly at the wedding and we’ve never looked
back. After a couple of hours in each other’s company
we reached a point at the reception where our strong physical
attraction took over. She leaned over the wall to look down
and as she did so she felt my hands on her rear.
“You do fancy it, don't you darling”,
I whispered in her ear. Astrid turned her head and looked
at me while I continued to caress her bum. There was no doubt
that we had a special sexual magnetism. She had also found
herself growing randy, as we had talked. She looked down
at me and couldn’t fail to see the outline of my swollen
cock thrusting brazenly forward from my crotch. I felt
sure she could even see the shape of my tight balls pushing
against my trousers. She let me take her hand and lead her
into an empty anteroom. She said she felt light-headed
and we sat down for a moment. She later told me that her knickers
were damp. It was then that she slid from her chair and knelt
before me. She unzipped my fly and eased down my bulging
jockey shorts as I pulled up her bra and started to rub her
swollen nipples. Then my beautiful cock was there before
her, erect, thick and black. She started to stroke it and
with her other hand squeezed my balls. She opened her lips
and guided the end of my pulsating prick into the warm saliva
of her hungry mouth, starting to suck me hard. She tongued
my knob end until my muscular prick was ready to explode
and then I suddenly pulled her to her feet and buried my tongue
in her mouth as I pulled her knickers down. As I sucked her
diamond hard nipples she must have felt my fingers parting
her wet pussy lips. Suddenly I had found her button and was
stroking and caressing it, almost bringing her to orgasm.
I stopped and pushed her onto a nearby table. Parting her
legs I guided my throbbing tool deep into her glistening
wetness. Her pussy lips closed tightly around my cock as
I rhythmically pumped till she was on the point of coming.
Then I withdrew my thick throbbing shaft and pulled her
to a leather couch where I made her kneel with her head buried
in the soft leather. I parted her legs again and, as the warm
tip of my cock found her wetness, I resumed my penetrating
strokes, my hands playing with her dangling tits. She reached
behind her and squeezed my tight balls as hard as she could
as I pounded her slit with my enormous erect weapon. Then
she was coming and she knew I was too. I was shagging her faster
and faster and we came together in an explosion of total
pleasure with her pussy lips tight around my thrusting
“Thank you Mam, you don't half screw well. I
could handle your case every morning.”
“Is that a promise?” she asked.
I consider myself to be a very lucky guy to be sharing my life
with such a fantastic female. I believe that Astrid is a
wonderful woman who is so full of wisdom and beauty. I also
believe that her story needs to be told. As I have already
said, Astrid’s beauty is natural. Her wisdom has
been gained through experience. This, then, is Astrid’s
story, a tale of how sexual experience can bring happiness,
sadness, self-searching and ultimately an increase in
personal knowledge and wisdom of the world.

Yes, my girlfriend Astrid’s the best fuck I’ve
known. True she’d screwed around a lot when met,
but I believe I shag her like she never imagined possible.
She’s the sexiest, most sensuous woman I’ve
had. Her pussy’s insatiable. She could fuck a rugby
team and then service the other dressing room before shagging
the officials. She loves having her pussy licked before
fucking. She wanks me while I lick her slit. When she’s
almost come I use my fingers until she creams. Once her juices
flow she wants me. Then I insert my rampant cock into her
lovely wet pussy and fuck her hard. That’s our usual
scenario, but sometimes she lets me fuck her arsehole.
Her bum’s fantastic with such shapely cheeks aside
the deep anal valley where her pink rosebud lies. She knows
my most pleasurable moment is when I’m slowly working
my cock inside her rosebud and up her arse. She loves it and
“I’m not supposed to like it this way, but
I really do, so give me all that big dick. Go on shove it right
Then she moans ecstatically. Whenever we talk about what
her ass does to me, and what I do to her ass, she insists she
doesn’t like it. Astrid’s beautiful bum’s
central to my fantasy. I fantasize about her fucking a complete
stranger and letting me watch them at it. During this fantasy
Astrid invites me to fill her bum with cock. She knows my
fantasy but says that only Mel Gibson and me could get into
her knickers now. So, I always thought my fantasy was a non-starter.
I was even more convinced of this in the early days when she
first told me about how when she was sexually abused she
became sexually emancipated. I’ll tell it to you
now exactly as she told it to me.
Astrid wiped the last table with vigour and then walked
to the cupboard by the counter to get the cutlery tray. With
expertise gained from years of experience she quickly
set places at all ten tables ready for the next day. She still
felt hot and uncomfortable and was looking forward to taking
a shower after work. She wished she could remove more clothing
but knew that she was now only wearing her knickers beneath
the loose fitting overall. It had been an extremely hot
and busy day. From the very start there had been an almost
continuous stream of customers through the door. She tried
to remember how many times she had cursed Roosje, for phoning
in sick, as she worked hard to cook the orders and wait on
the tables. The heat had been unbearable and so she had gradually
removed one item of clothing after another in an attempt
to cool down. She smiled to herself as she thought about
how she had had to take great care to ensure that she did not
give the tourists an eyeful of her 38D breasts when she was
serving up their meals. She knew that in certain positions
the fabric of her overall became taut and pressed hard against
her chest. It was then that her nipples became erect and
their shape became visible to an astute observer as they
pressed against the flimsy material of the overall. She
smiled again as she wondered what that great bear of a lorry
driver, who had made several unsavoury suggestions to
her, would have thought if he had only known how naked she
was underneath the overall. As she walked through to the
kitchen she took comfort in the fact that there were only
fifteen minutes to go. Surely there would be no more customers
tonight. She sat down on the stool by the desk in the corner,
undid the bottom three buttons of her overall, crossed
her legs, and listened momentarily to the continuous patter
of the rain on the tin roof. Then she picked up her magazine,
found the place where she had left off, and began to read.

The bell on the door rang as he entered the café. Astrid could
not believe her ears. Less than ten minutes to go before
home time and another bloody customer. She stood up, adjusted
the overall, and made her way through to the other room.
Before her stood a smart handsome middle-aged man. She
would have put his age at forty-three, although he could
have been slightly older. She admired his facial profile,
his dark black hair and his deep brown eyes. She noticed
the elegant cut of his suit, his smart plain blue shirt and
the complementary match of his patterned tie. Her initial
anger at the thought of a further extension to her already
hectic day subsided.
“Are you still serving?” he asked her in a
voice with a slight European drawl. Then before she could
reply he continued,
“I was suddenly feeling very peckish so I moved down
the gears to second and then thrust down on the throttle.
The Citroen surged forward, responding instantly to my
touch. I’m sure that in all its thirty thousand miles
it had never before been driven so skilfully, so adeptly,
so subtly. The engine roared and the car climbed like a bird.
I manipulated the wandering bends and held the machine
to the blacktop. The road was more like a river, awash with
a film of running water. The cloudburst was so sudden and
unexpected. My vision was impaired for a long time by the
film of water streaming across the windscreen. Then the
rainwater descended at a slower rate and the thunder cracks
were less intense. The early evening air was sharp and through
the clouds of spray, thrown up each time the wheels encountered
the puddles in the road, I could see a building amidst a clearing
in the distance. The sky was grey and overcast as I pulled
into the parking space. The painted sign told me that I had
arrived here at the Café Vert. I lit up a Gaullois and looked
at my watch. It was ten to six and time to eat. I switched off,
opened the door and stepped out into the rain. So I am here
now, wet and hungry. I would be most grateful if you could
serve me something.”
She smiled at him, almost laughingly, and said,
"Take a seat sir and I'll bring you the menu."
Taking a menu from the counter she walked to his table, handed
it to him, and then waited for his order.
"I'll just have a coffee and something quick.
I expect you're nearly finished so I don't want
to keep you. Yes, I'll have the croque madame please."
"Thank you sir. I'll get your coffee now",
she replied.
He watched as she walked towards the kitchen. His knowing
eyes could detect the shape of her full figure even under
the loose fitting overall. He noted the contours of her
bottom as she moved away from him. Shortly, when she returned
with the coffee, he also noticed each erect nipple apparently
intent on bursting through the thin covering provided
by the overall. When she brought the croque madame he asked
her what time she closed.
"Just about now", she replied, "but don't
worry, take your time, I can wait".
She crossed to the outside door and locked it, turning the
sign to 'closed'.
"There you are", she said to him, "you're
definitely my last today. I'll be in the back so give
me a shout when you've finished".
Then she went through again into the kitchen, sat on the
stool and continued reading her magazine. As she read she
found that her concentration was continuously interrupted
by thoughts of her final customer. She knew she fancied
him. She found him extremely physically appealing. The
lust she felt for him didn’t make sense after such
a brief meeting. She knew that it was an almost animalistic
attraction. She tried to dismiss her thoughts and focus
on her reading. She'd nearly finished the article
when she noticed the page darken. Looking up she saw him
approaching her. Then his left hand was at her throat and
in his right he held a flick knife. In the same instant the
blade was unleashed and its point was touching her neck.
"Don't scream, don't say a word, don't
even think about it, or you're dead meat".
Astrid dropped the magazine and sat mortified on the stool,
conscious that her immediate response to this terrifying
situation could determine her very existence.
"Right, stand up and take off the overall, and no funny
business", he told her.
She made eye contact with him and then heard her voice saying,
“You can put the knife away for I want this as much
as you. Do what you want with me but don’t hurt me please”.
She slowly undid six buttons starting from the top. Then
she allowed the garment to fall to the floor. Now she stood
before her attacker in only her panties.
"My God, what superb tits you've got",
he said, taking hold of her right one with his left hand,
squeezing it and tweaking the nipple. While he groped her,
the blade was pressed firmly on her neck just below her Adam's
apple. Then he stood back, took a noose from his pocket,
and indicated that she should put her hands through it.
When her wrists were tightly bound together he forced her
arms over her head, and going round the desk, tied the cord
to one of its legs.
Astrid laid back, her body arched over the desk, breasts
pointing up to the heavens, and with its front edge furrowing
into the flesh of her jowls. She was hurting, she was uncomfortable,
but most of all she was terrified. Then she felt the flat
side of the blade resting in her hairy bush as her tormentor
pressed it down against her pubic bone. In one swift motion
her aggressor cut through her panties and, as the torn garment
slithered to her feet, he was on her. His mouth was covering
her sex and his tongue was delving. She shuddered as it slid
between her labia and probed inside her tunnel of love.
When he lapped at her clit she began to feel the fire of ecstasy.
As he continued, the sensation grew more and more intense.
Noel, her husband of five years, had never fellated her;
in fact no one had ever created such a burning desire in her
pussy. In a sense she was so grateful to this dark haired
stranger for liberating her sensual desires that her fear
began to diminish as her enjoyment increased. Now she wanted
him to fuck her. She knew that he was going to, and she couldn’t
wait. In her mind she began to anticipate the moment when
he would enter her. As a result her desire intensified.
She thought again about Noel. She thought about his clumsy
attempts at intimacy. She remembered the one or two nights
each month when he would demand his conjugal rights. It
usually happened after one of his numerous visits to the
local bar when he had decided that he was feeling randy.
The truth of the matter was that he didn’t have a clue
about feeling randy. He didn’t have a clue about
lovemaking, or about satisfying her. Each time it was the
same performance. He would jump on top of her, push his flabby
member towards her, she was then expected to help him inside,
and then lie there while, with a few quick jabs, he emptied
his rod. Quite often he never managed to ejaculate and sometimes
he even did her the discourtesy of falling asleep on the
job. Her thought pattern was broken as the action around
her loins changed. It was no longer a tongue that she could
feel between her cunt lips; no, now she could feel the tip
of his knob. She waited for the moment when it would thrust
forwards and fill her up. She wanted to relish the moment,
but she waited in vain, at least for a while. This cock head
was only lapping at the entry to her love hole. She waited
and waited as her seducer serviced her at the entrance.
The sensation through her entire body was becoming tumultuous
and her mind begged for release. Never before had sexual
anticipation created such a burning desire in her. Then
she felt him. She felt his rigid cock penetrate deep inside
her pussy, and she began to move her hips, as his thrusts
grew stronger and faster.
“Yes, more, yes, deeper, oh fuck me harder, yes please
fuck me.”
She couldn’t believe her ears. Was that her voice
demanding satisfaction? She knew that she had never ever
even murmured before while she was being shagged. She felt
out of her skin. She felt like a goddess as this man worshipped
at her altar. All these years and she had never known how
good it could actually feel. Then she felt him manhandling
her body around until she was facing the desk. She hadn’t
even noticed him extract his cock, but she could feel its
stiffness as it glanced against the skin on her hips and
arse while he was repositioning her.
“Now kneel up on the desk”, he said.
He took hold of each leg and helped her to adjust and suddenly
she was gripping one edge with her hands while her knees
perched on the other. She knew that he would be in full view
of her arse and cunt. The thought excited her even more.
“I don’t suppose you’ve ever been
buggered before have you, well I’ll just get some
butter to help, and you’ll like it, you’ll
He said it more as a statement rather than a question. Then
he gently rubbed some butter around her arse-hole and inserted
a finger up her anus.
“You’re nice and tight”; he told her,
“and in a moment you’re going to get the biggest
thrill you’ve ever had”.
Astrid believed him absolutely. She was in such a state
of unbridled passion that she would have believed anything
he told her. She couldn’t wait to feel that big prick
again, and she knew that she didn’t care which orifice
he shoved it in. Then she became aware that his hands were
on her hips, and she could feel his knob resting on her anus.
She twinged with the initial pain and then it was all right
as he slowly forced his length deeper and deeper into her
rectum. Then he was at her and she, almost involuntarily,
found herself party to the momentum. Her bum was full and
she was fired with desire as he relentlessly drilled her
arse with his cock. As he increased his speed her bum began
to numb. It was a glorious feeling but she wanted more.
“Now fuck me again. Yes, please fuck my pussy now.”
Alex withdrew from her arse hole and quickly shoved his
rod up her cunt. Then he fucked her like no one had ever fucked
her before. It was long, it was smooth, and it was mind blowing.
Finally, she felt him come as their juices mixed together.
Then his cock subsided and slid from her dripping hole.
As she gathered her senses she could hear him dressing.
“Thanks and goodbye”, he said as he cut the
cord from the desk, “I’ve enjoyed it. I hope
I’ve not hurt you too much.”
Then he turned and was gone. As she raised her tired body
upright on the desk she heard the outside door close. Seconds
later she heard a car engine as he drove out of her life.
It was over as quickly as it had begun. Astrid slowly put
her feet to the floor and staggered towards the chair in
the corner. She sat down and removed the cord from her wrists.
They were chaffed but she didn’t care. She felt so
good and her arse and cunt were still burning from the attentions
of the past hour. She knew that she was supposed to feel revulsion
at her experience, but she couldn’t. She just felt
gloriously satisfied. In a perverse way she felt happier
than ever before. She knew she had been violated and that
she should want to wash away the sense of dirtiness, but
she felt as though she’d been in contact with a film
star, and didn’t ever want to wash again. She knew
she had just been party to a life-changing experience.
That fateful day was the start of a learning curve for Astrid.
Afterwards as she considered the pain and pleasure that
she’d been subjected to. She assured herself that
the pleasure far outweighed the pain, and then made her
decision. She would leave Noel and make a new life for herself
in another place. She realised that the stranger had given
her a chance to start again, and she intended to take full
advantage of the opportunity.
So it was that whenever I mentioned how I fantasised about
her bum to her, Astrid would refer me to her experience with
the stranger. In a way, I suppose, she was setting a standard
by inference. I knew that if she ever gave me the chance,
I would have to perform at least as well as he had done. Eventually
she did give me the chance. Until then, however, her bum
was impenetrable.
That’s how it was until we visited London for two
nights in a hotel, to see the sights and a show. The second
evening we visited Soho, where you can’t fail to
notice the Sex Shops, Peep Shows, Strip Shows and offers
for tuition in ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels.
Astrid was as interested in these diversions as me. We’d
visited some Sex Shops with their array of vibrators; blow
up dolls, videos, magazines and sexy clothes before we
went for a drink. In the Pub she said,
“Do you fancy a show?”
“Oh come on”, I replied, “ ‘Les
Miserables’ yesterday, was enough”.
“ I mean a Strip Show”, said Astrid.
My pecker instantly paid attention, as did my head. I immediately
agreed to Astrid’s suggestion. Soon we’d
found one, paid and entered the theatre, which had three
tiers of seats around an oval stage. We sat in the second
row as the next stripper began. When she was down to her bra
and pants she approached different punters sitting at
the front. When a guy put £10 in her garter she removed her
bra and played with her tits for him. When someone-else
put a note in her garter she dropped her panties to show an
eyeful of pussy. Then she made absolutely sure everyone
saw her naked cunt. Similar acts followed with pussy everywhere.
Each girl flaunted tits, pussy and bum. Astrid couldn’t
believe how much the punters were paying. She talked about
the strippers as they performed. I said her nude figure
looked better than theirs. She smiled, unzipped me and
stroked my cock. She was wanking me when a guy sat beside
me. Astrid didn’t stop. Either she didn’t
notice him or didn’t care. Soon he asked Astrid to
wank him. She rebuked him saying,
“You watch the girls and get your money’s
He laughed good-humouredly. Soon he moved to the front
row, and was sticking notes in garters and seeing pussy
“He really loves cunt, ” said Astrid, “that’s
four he’s paid to see”.
As we left the Club Astrid whispered,
“I’m very wet so I’ll need some good
fucking tonight”.
Then she walked into a Sex Shop and we bought an open bra and
panties, suspender belt, stockings, garter, short PVC
mini skirt and a vibrator.
Back at the Hotel were having drinks when the guy from the
Strip Club came in, bought a drink, approached us, and introduced
himself as Frank.
“Did you enjoy it?” he asked.
“Yeah”, we both replied.
“It was good value”, I said.
“Yes”, Frank replied, “there was
lots of pussy”.
“You like pussy”, said Astrid, smiling.
“What matters”, he said, “Is that
moment when a girl first reveals hers”.
“Whatever turns you on”, said Astrid.
“Not every woman’s got the self-confidence
to appear naked before strangers. It takes a lot of bottle”,
he told her.
“Oh, I don’t know”, said Astrid, “It’s
no big deal really”.
“You couldn’t do it, could you? Be honest”,
he said, looking straight at her.
“It would depend how much the stranger paid”,
replied Astrid laughing.
“You still wouldn’t have the balls to do it,
and neither would most of your sex”, said Frank.
“I’ll show you whether I’ve got balls”,
replied Astrid, “finish your drinks and then come
up and see me”.
She walked to the lift. Later, Frank and I followed her.
Frank was convinced Astrid wouldn’t strip. Knowing
her, I told him he was probably in for a pleasant surprise.
Astrid wore a black silk blouse, mini skirt, stockings
and high heels.
“Right, Sir”, she said to Frank, “Have
you got your money ready?”
She climbed onto the table and started to strip. Soon her
blouse and skirt were off. Caressing her breasts, with
their erect nipples protruding from her open bra, she moved
towards Frank, pushing her thigh into his face. He placed
a £10 note in her garter and she removed her bra. Kneeling
down she massaged her tits, rubbing her nipples in his face.
For another £10, off came her panties. She sat down and with
her legs open showed him her pussy. Then kneeling in the
doggy position, she gave him a good look at her bum and pussy.
Then she said,
“There’s more on offer here Sir, if you’re
still interested”.
Another £10 and she sat before him, legs apart, cunt wide
open, fingering herself. For £10 more she inserted a toy
into her pussy and offered to let Frank to use it on her. As
I watched the vibrator move up and down her cunt I realized
that I didn’t expect her to go so far. I wasn’t
sure about Astrid doing all this for a stranger, but watching
made me so hard that I thought my balls were bursting.
Astrid stood up and bowed,
“Thank you Sir”, she said to Frank, “You
didn’t think I’d got the balls, but I’ve
shown you all I’ve got and I hope you’ve liked
what you’ve seen. You can have even more if you want,
by playing double or quit. If you double I’ll give
you the wank you asked for earlier. If I like the look of your
cock, and you double again, you can fuck me. If I don’t
wank you and then don’t let you shag me you get all
your money back”.
Frank needed no second invite. Taking out his wallet he
produced £200.
“You’ve got yourself a deal Darling”,
he said.
She unzipped him and pulled his erect dick out. Frank’s
tackle was enormous. She cupped his balls before taking
his knob into her mouth. I knew, by her eyes, that she wasn’t
going to miss out on fucking him. I watched as she sucked
and stroked him. One minute she was licking the length of
his shaft, the next she had his balls in her mouth. All the
while she teased him with her sensuous fingers. I sat mesmerized
with the biggest hard on I’d ever known. I began to
play with my cock. They didn’t even notice me. They
were totally absorbed in their sexual antics. They moved
towards the bed. She bent over and told him to fuck her. I
watched as Frank’s long hard rod slowly entered
my girl’s cunt. Within seconds he was deep inside
her and his balls were slapping on her bum as he gave her a
right old seeing to. Astrid moaned and groaned as he shafted
her. Then she beckoned me over. She took my erect cock in
her mouth and sucked on it while Frank continued to fuck
her. Removing her lips from my dick she said to me,
“I want you to fuck my ass”.
Pulling away from Frank, she straddled him and slid her
pussy down his prick. I moved round behind her and entered
her arsehole. Very quickly her bum embraced my entire cock
while her cunt was filled with Frank’s dick. Astrid
soon whined with pleasurable ecstasy. Then together Frank
filled her cunt with spunk and I shot my load up her arse.
My fantasy was reality. Astrid had nearly £250 of Frank’s
money and was in Wonderland. She thanked us both and said
that she had never dreamed that sex could be so good. Frank
dressed and left us alone. The next morning Astrid and I
went home to France. We never saw Frank, the man with the
mega dick, again after that night but I owe him a real debt
for making my fantasy come true. Sometimes now when we fuck
I put a toy up Astrid’s cunt and then fuck her up the
bum. She really loves it and tells me that it’s the
next best thing to our one-night stand with Frank. Astrid
says now that for her two cocks are better than one. So if
any of your readers frequent the Soho strip scene you’d
better keep an eye out for Astrid and me. I’ll be the
one being wanked while the show goes on, and if you’re
lucky, later, you might even get a private show of your own
from Astrid.

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