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As hard as she tried, Carolyn just couldn't place where she'd seen that hunk before...whoever he was, he was making her very wet


The New Hire
By HornyIdAuthor

Carolyn and Jean were at the copier near the entrance to
the office when Tom and another guy walked in.
“Who’s that” Carolyn asked Jean,
watching the two men walk toward Tom’s office.
“I think that’s the new guy, ” Jean
answered, “Tom announced that we were hiring him
while you were in New Orleans. I think he’s here to
do Powerpoint and to plan meetings, to kinda take some of
the workload off of you.”
“Sounds like a good idea, I haven’t had a
weekend off in six weeks” Carolyn replied. “I
could have really used some help down in New Orleans.”
“Well, if that’s the guy, then it should
take some weight off of your shoulders, ” Jean said
as she walked back to her cubicle.
Carolyn stayed at the copier for a few more minutes, watching
the two men walk to Tom’s office. The new guy was wearing
a dark colored suit, almost black, but not quite, and had
short brown hair. He looked to be about six feet tall, nearly
a full twelve inches over Carolyn’s 5’1”.
Other than that, Carolyn couldn’t tell much, but
the cut of his suit indicated that the ‘New Guy’
was fairly heavy. “Hmm, another well stuffed shirt”,
Carolyn thought to herself as she gathered up the copies
and headed back to her desk. Nearing her desk, she heard
Tom call out for her to come to his office. Laying her papers
on her desk, Carolyn walked down the row of cubes to Tom’s
“Carolyn Lysander, I’d like you to meet
Steve Wilson, he’s going to be joining us, helping
you with meeting production and powerpoint, ”
Tom said as Steve rose to his feet. Looking up at Steve for
the first time, Carolyn thought that she was right in her
initial evaluation of Steve. He was about 6ft, his face
implied that he was in his late 20’s, but the twin
shocks of gray hair at his temples belied that, showing
him to be more into his mid to late thirties. His jacket was
unbuttoned and hung away from his body, but it was hard to
tell just how much because of the color of his shirt, almost
black itself, as was his tie. The tie was pure matte black,
with a design in silver on it, but she couldn’t make
it out. The whole effect was a little disconcerting; it
was like looking at a shadow topped with a man’s head.
“Nice to meet you, Steve, ” Carolyn said
as she extended her hand.
“Thank you, Carolyn, ” Steve replied taking
her small hand in his own. Looking down Carolyn noticed
a strange pattern on his hand, his fingertips were tanned
a dark brown, as was a patch at the top of his hand, and a small
bit of his wrist, otherwise his hand was a much lighter tone.
Releasing his hand, Carolyn could feel the hard surface
of his heavily callused hand. “Not what I would expect
from a computer geek.” Carolyn’s thoughts
were disturbed by the sound of a phone ringing a little ways
away. She recognized it as her cellular phone. “Oops,
that’s mine. I’ll be right back, ”
she said, scurrying off to her desk to answer her phone.
“She’s a trooper, and is pretty good at the
logistics of planning meetings, but like I said last week,
she just isn’t up to the technical and production
ends of what we do here.”
“Gotcha, ” Steve replied, “so I’ll
be working with her quite a bit then?”
“Yes, you and her will work together to produce
and plan the meetings for our clients. She’s a great
lady and I’m sure that you will get along great, ”
Tom said, motioning Steve to the door. “Now let’s
get you introduced to the rest of our staff. Steve spent
the next couple of days getting settled, doing paperwork,
and answering questions from the rest of the staff about
his history. Strangely, Carolyn didn’t talk to
him a whole lot, instead, spending her time on the phone
or going over paperwork. Steve did however notice Carolyn.
She was short, only 5’1” or so, and petite,
she always wore 2 or 3in heels to give her some extra height,
and was partial to suits. Steve personally hated wearing
a tie and only wore one on the first day, the rest of the time
he wore slacks and a dress shirt with a jacket, he almost
never took the jacket off either.
As the days past, Steve and Carolyn got to know one another
better. Steve was what Jean referred to as a softy, he never
really got angry or upset. Carolyn thought that it was because
Steve didn’t have a bone in his body, he always seemed
to go with the flow. Carolyn, meantime was something of
a perfectionist, everything had to be just right, and very
rarely did that happen. Their personalities though did
mesh pretty well and they began to loosen up around one another,
Carolyn especially felt more comfortable around him.

A few days later Carolyn forgot a file in her car and had
to go down after it, as she was walking back to the office,
she saw a man scream past her on a mountain bike. Startled,
she watched him as he dismounted and locked the bike to the
rack. He was tall, around six feet or so, and very fit. The
black biking shorts that he had showed off his massive legs,
one of his thighs was nearly as large as Carolyn’s
waist. His upper body wasn’t as muscular, but the
T-shirt that he had on made it clear that he didn’t
have a lot of body fat. He had a white helmet and dark black
sunglasses, around his waist was a large fanny pack and
he had a small flat backpack on as well. Carolyn just stood
there watching as the man locked up his bike, then removed
his helmet. She watched as the man shook the sweat from his
short black hair, a shock of gray visible at the temples.
Carolyn thought that he looked familiar, but couldn’t
quite put her finger on just why. As she walked up to the door,
Carolyn watched as the man took a soft briefcase from the
pack on his bike, one just like Steve used. “Nah,
couldn’t be, Steve just is too fat for it to be him.”
The man reached the door and held it open for her. “Good
morning Carolyn, ” the man said as she walked through.
“Oh, good morning, ” Carolyn replied,
somewhat flustered. “How did he know my name? I know
we’ve never met, I’d have remembered him
if we had!” Just then the man took off his glasses,
it was Steve! The hunk that Carolyn had been watching was
the man that she worked with every day.
“I’ll see you upstairs, ” Steve
said to her, turning and walking toward the small weight
room the company provided for its employees.
“Yeah, sure, see you upstairs, ” was all
that Carolyn could manage. As she walked up to her office,
Carolyn couldn’t help but think about how good he
looked. Clark Kent and Superman, she thought, that’s
about how much they look alike. I would never have recognized
him if he hadn’t have said something to me. Superman,
she thought, I wonder if he’s a superman in bed! No,
her mind reminded her, that’s something that Jean
would say, and you have to work with the man. Keep it business
like! Yeah, but another part of her mind reminded her, just
look at that body! For the rest of the day, Carolyn tried
not to think of Steve, but by 5pm had made up her mind. She
was going to have him, soon!
Carolyn was not aware of it, but Steve had been watching
her as well. From day one, Steve had realized just how beautiful
Carolyn was. At only 5’1, she was very small and petite,
but her body was perfectly proportioned, without a reference
it was hard to tell just how small she was. She had shoulder
length blonde hair, and was very pale in complexion. She
was partial to wearing long skirts with a jacket, but sometimes,
especially after hours, she would take off the jacket and
Steve could see her lovely breasts, and nice butt. In the
several weeks that they had worked together so far, Steve
had never seen Carolyn’s legs, but if her behind
was any indication they were fantastic. All in all, Steve
realized, Carolyn was just about perfect. A wonderful
sense of humor, a easy and ready smile, and a way of looking
at you that made you thing that you were the only in the whole
world. “Damn, Steve thought one day, she could make
a fortune modeling, especially on the Internet.
The day after Carolyn realized just what Steve was hiding
under that loose jacket and pants she decided to jazz things
up a bit and slightly change the way she dressed. Still wearing
her usual long skirt, Carolyn put on a silk blouse with a
pretty white bra underneath. Under the skirt she wore a
pair of black silk stockings and a garter belt with a the
tiniest pair of panties she had. I really need to go to Victoria’s
Secret, she thought, looking at herself in the mirror.
These look good, but I need something that will really catch
Steve’s attention. That evening, as both of them
had to work late getting ready for a meeting in New Orleans
in a couple of weeks, Carolyn made a decision. She took off
her jacket and before heading to Steve’s cube to
talk about the upcoming meeting, she undid several of the
buttons on her skirt, showing leg halfway up her thigh.
Walking into his cube, Carolyn knocked on the metal door
frame and Steve turned around.
“Do you have the program for the Dreamnet meeting
Carolyn?” Steve asked, forcing his eyes to look
right at Carolyn’s.
“No, I’ll be right back with it, ”
she replied. Damn, he didn’t even notice, she thought.
But Steve did notice, just fought very hard not to show it.
I didn’t realize what a pair of legs she has on her!
And those breasts, damn! Why has she kept them hidden for
so long? At the end of the day, Carolyn decided that she’d
up the ante a little bit each day until Steve noticed her.
The next day was a knee length skirt, and sweater, Steve
didn’t seem to notice. Next week it was more of the
same, just a little bit higher, and a slit up the skirt just
a little bit higher. Steve still didn’t seem to notice.

A couple of days before the New Orleans trip Carolyn finally
had time to stop by Victoria’s Secret for some new
clothes for the trip. She purchased a gorgeous yellow halter
dress, a white linen shirtdress, a navy blue mini-skirt
and matching jacket, a white lace turtleneck, a very pretty
white bra and panty set that was all lace, and a black thong
that said ‘Sexy’ on it. Carolyn didn’t
know where she would wear the thong, but it was fun to buy,
and the sales lady did say that it would catch any guys attention
that happened to see it. She also purchased a sheer white
sweater, a short flirty little pleated skirt and a sheer
white lace camisole. After she purchase the items, Carolyn
thought of the short skirt, sweater and camisole as her
‘School girl outfit’, and thought that she
should wear it to work or on the plane one day, just see if
she could get a rise out of Steve, but she decided not to.
She did pack it for New Orleans, however, just to be on the
safe side.
When she flew down to New Orleans, Carolyn wore a business
suit because they were meeting with the client that afternoon.
Steve was in a pair of slacks, a dress shirt and jacket. After
several days of working long hours and not getting much
sleep, it was finally time to head for home. As Carolyn was
getting dressed for the trip home, she spilled some orange
juice from a room service breakfast all over her slacks
and blouse.
“Damn!” As she went through her bags, she
realized that the only two things she had left was the yellow
halter dress and the ‘school girl outfit.’
It looked as though fate had made her decision for her. Looking
out the window, Carolyn decided on the yellow halter dress,
she had a matching sweater to go with it, so it wouldn’t
look to bad. After putting it on, she realized that because
of the cut of the dress’ back, she couldn’t
wear a bra, there was just nowhere to hide the straps. So
she went without and wore the sweater, just to hide herself
and retain some modesty. Carrying her bag down the stairs
wasn’t going to be fun, and it wasn’t going
to do her back any good either, but because the elevator
was full she didn’t have much of a choice, she was
running late enough as it was. Hurrying to the cab, she made
it just in time to share a ride to the airport with Steve.
He helped her toss her bag into the trunk and then slid into
the seat next to her.
For the ride to the airport the two of them mostly went over
the meeting, what went wrong and what went right. Fortunately
nearly everything went right and very little went wrong.
They had a ver small wait in the airport itself, which was
fine for Carolyn because the ride in the cab hadn’t
helped her back at all, in fact it made it worse. After they
were settled in the plane the captain announced that because
of several thunderstorms in the area, they were going to
be delayed for awhile before they could depart, but they
would lift off as soon as possible.
“Great, ” Carolyn remarked, “as
if the cab ride wasn’t bad enough, now we have to sit
her and swelter.” She was so caught up that she didn’t
realize that she had taken off her sweater, and had forgotten
she wasn’t wearing a bra. Steve did notice however,
but he sure wasn’t going to say anything. A couple
of minutes later the flight attendants brought the first
class passengers something to drink. Carolyn asked for
a glass of red wine, while Steve just got some water.
“What’s the matter, ” Steve asked,
watching Carolyn move her shoulders and try to get comfortable.
“Oh, my back is bothering me, I must have strained
it carrying my bags downstairs this morning.” Just
then the pilot announced that they were preparing for liftoff,
the flight attendants came through the cabin and collected
the remaining drinks. Carolyn drained the remainder of
her wine in one gulp, hoping it would help to quiet the nerves
in her back.
After being in the air for an hour, the pain in Carolyn’s
back returned. She fidgeted and squirmed, trying to find
a position that would ease the pain in her back and shoulder.
“Here, turn around and I’ll give you a back
rub, ” Steve said to her. “That should help
your back out some.” Reluctantly, Carolyn did as
he requested, knowing that her back was bare. She turned,
but only because he had the window seat and no-one would
be able to see her bare back, she forgot that she wasn’t
wearing a bra. Steve reached up and placed his hands on her
“Oh, your hands are cold, ” Carolyn said,
“Sorry about that, ” he replied, taking
his hands from her back. After rubbing them together briskly
for several seconds, he replaced them on her shoulders
and began to knead her sore muscles.
“Mmmmmm, ” Carolyn murmured as Steve rubbed
her back and shoulders. Slowly he worked the kinks out of
her shoulders, running his hands down her spine, kneading
and rubbing, massaging her back. Steve continued this
for several minutes, then took a break to work his hands
around. Steve reached forward and continued to massage
Carolyn, slowly working his hands up and down her back rubbing
her, massaging her, relieving the tension that had built
up in her shoulders.
“Feel better, ” Steve asked, leaning forward,
whispering in her ear.
“Mmmmm, ” was the only response that he received.
“What was that, ” Steve asked, leaning farther
“Yeah, it feels great, keep going, ” was
all that Carolyn said. Because he was leaning forward and
the way that Carolyn had leaned her head back, Steve was
able to see the white valley of her breasts. For a brief instant,
so brief as to be unnoticeable, Steve was sure that he saw
the small pink button of one of Carolyn’s nipples.
He wasn’t sure what he had seen, or if he had seen it
at all, but it was small, fitting to her body, and pink, and
it looked to be as hard as a rock. Continuing his massage
of Carolyn, Steve glanced over her shoulder and could easily
see her nipples straining against the fabric.
After a very long time of massaging, Steve’s hands
finally decided to call it quits. Carolyn had fallen asleep
several minutes earlier. Steve turned into his seat and
pulled Carolyn up against him, letting her snuggle up next
to his body, which she unknowingly did, sound asleep as
she was. For the next couple of hours the plane continued
on its northerly course and Carolyn continued to sleep.
Steve read, and watched the blonde beauty sound asleep,
cuddled up to him. Every once in awhile Steve would glance
down at her, and every time that he did so, his eyes were drawn
to Carolyn’s nipples, straining against the fabric.
A couple of hours later, Carolyn awoke and headed to the
bathroom, once there she realized that her nipples were
still hard after the massage. Carolyn also had caught Steve
looking at them when she awoke and decided to reward him
for such a great massage. Before leaving the bathroom,
Carolyn undid several of the buttons on her dress. One up
near the top, to give him an even better view of her breasts,
and several down around her legs. When she was finished,
it was clear to everyone that she wanted to know that she
wasn’t wearing a bra, and she had stockings on, and
not pantyhose.
After walking back to her seat, Carolyn settled in next
to Steve again, and crossed her legs. This time, she let
the dress fall open on his side, so that he could see her legs,
the lace top of her stockings was exposed, as was a couple
of inches of her shapely thighs. Steve, for his part, put
his arm around her and she snuggled in next to him, relishing
in the warmth and the feeling that came from being so close
to a man. God, it has been so long, she thought, why didn’t
I do something like this a long time ago? Because you didn’t
have anyone that you wanted to do anything like this with,
her brain raged at her. Steve, however, tried not to notice
just how much skin she was showing. If he tilted his head
just right, he could definitely, and without question,
see a naked breast and erect nipple through the gap in her
One more button, just one more button, he thought, and I
could see if she is wearing any panties! Try as he might,
though, Steve couldn’t manage to contort his head
to see what kind and if Carolyn was wearing any panties.
Carolyn was wearing a pair of panties, well sort of. Actually,
it was a v-string, a pretty pink v-string that a friend had
gotten several months earlier as a gag birthday present.
Carolyn hadn’t thought it was very funny, but she
thought now, if Steve got them for me, I’d model them
for him wearing nothing else! What a change from several
weeks ago, she thought, I would have never even considered
the idea of letting a man see me in just my panties, now the
idea seems totally natural.
Carolyn, was not totally asleep cuddled up next to Steve
however, just as he had a clear view of her breast, she had
a clear view of his crotch. And, as much as Steve was trying
to act cool and calm, his cock hard gotten very hard and very
erect, something that Carolyn could easily see. Seeing
how turned on he was, was making her even more turned on,
it was no small surprise as to why her nipples were staying
hard, even as exposed as she felt she was at the time.
After a few more hours of flying, their flight landed at
home in Toronto and they departed the plane together. Carolyn
pulled her sweater around her and tried to walk with as small
as steps as she could, to prevent her dress from opening
too widely and showing more skin than she wanted. Right
after passing through Customs, Carolyn spotted a bathroom,
and dashed into it. Steve did likewise. After they came
out, Steve was looking his regular self, and so was Carolyn.
She had buttoned her dress back up, and now had the sweater
back on; she looked very much the business savvy lady that
she was. As they reached the curbside taxi stand, Steve
helped Carolyn get her bags into the cab. Just before Carolyn
stepped into the cab, Steve leaned forward.
“Carolyn, I didn’t tell you this earlier,
but you look incredible. I really enjoyed the trip, especially
the flight back. If you don’t mind me saying so, you
are really beautiful and sexy. I’ll see you tomorrow
morning, ” with that, Steve closed the cab, shutting
off any comment from Carolyn. Carolyn however was too shocked
to say a thing, she didn’t expect an overt compliment
from him, let alone one like that. Recovering from her shock,
Carolyn gave the cabbie her address and directions home.
The next morning, Carolyn was looking in her closet, trying
to decide what to wear when Steve’s comments came
back to her. Making up her mind, she pulled the clothes she
wanted out of the closet and the drawer and headed for the
bathroom to take a shower. After her shower, Carolyn dressed
and walked down to her car. The sun was shining, and it was
a warm summer day, so she decided to put the top down on her
red convertible. Sliding into the seat, she was more than
a little bit self conscious about the clothes that she had
decided to wear, but a few minutes later she felt she had
made the right decision. For the past several minutes she
had been wondering whether she had made the right choice.
A passenger in the 18-wheeler next to her answered the question
for her when he leaned his head out the window and whistled
at her. Carolyn looked up at the man and waved before hitting
the gas and leaving the man watching her as she sped away,
her long legs working the pedals as she drove into work.
Steve got to the office shortly after she did, and was stunned
when she walked into his cube. Carolyn looked incredible!
She had pulled her hair back, and had on a pair of navy blue
glasses. That wasn’t what made her look so good though,
the outfit that she had one was stunning. It was a long jacket
that reached halfway to her knees, but it covered a short
micro-mini skirt in matching navy blue. The jacket was
open, and underneath was a white lace turtleneck. Underneath
the skirt were a pair of black silk stockings, their lace
tops just barely peeking out when she sat down. For the rest
of the day, Steve could not keep his mind on his work. Every
time that he thought about New Orleans, the thought of Carolyn
in that halter dress popped into his mind, and when he wasn’t
thinking of New Orleans, he couldn’t get the sight
of Carolyn in her blue suit out of his head. It was as if his
other head had taken control and was forcing him to think
of nothing but the gorgeous blonde, with the lovely legs
and perfect breasts. It was almost difficult for Steve
to even get up and walk to the copier, let alone the bathroom
down the hall.
By the time that 5pm rolled around, both of them still had
a couple of hours of work to do, so Carolyn ordered a pizza
and invited Steve to join her. When the pizza arrived Carolyn
was on the phone and quickly asked Steve to go downstairs
and get it. While he was gone, Carolyn took off her jacket
and hung it across the back of her chair. The lace turtleneck
that she had on was just barely see-through, just enough
that you knew what you saw, but not enough that it was blatant.
When Steve got back up to the office, all he could do for a
few moments was to stare, he could see Carolyn’s
nipples through the lace of her top as plain as day. Carolyn
seemed oblivious to it, and try as hard as he could, Steve
couldn’t hide his erect cock in his pants.
Working together, the two of them made good progress in
the file. A half-hour into the project, while Carolyn was
standing next to him talking about the billing, Steve’s
pen rolled off of the table and onto the floor. .
“I’ll get it, ” she said. Steve turned
to see what she was talking about just in time to get a prime
shot of Carolyn bent over at the waist, her knees locked
and the short, micro mini flared up over her waist. Steve
could tell that Carolyn was wearing a black thong something,
that she had bruised her left cheek down in New Orleans when
she slipped, and that the bruise was turning color. All
in all, Steve wished he had a camera with him, here was the
sexiest woman he had ever seen, and she was bent over at the
waist giving him an unrestricted view of her tight ass and
the cleft between her lipps was very apprarent. Steve even
imagined that he could see the cleft between her pussy lipps,
but he wasn’t sure. Carolyn was sure though, she
could see his reflection in the window, and knew that as
aroused as she was, she definitely had a cleft between her
lipps. It was just a matter of time before the pressure became
too great and she would have to take the lead and do something
about it. After a couple more hours of work they were finished,
Carolyn walked to Steve’s cube to say good night.
“Hold on, give me a couple and I’ll walk you
to your car, ” Steve said to her as she leaned up against
the wall of his cube. She had her jacket off and it was draped
over her arm, her nipples visible through the white lace
of her top.
“Thanks, ” she replied, “I’d
like that a lot.” While Steve was downstairs changing
into his bicycling clothes, Carolyn made a quick alteration
to her own outfit. Loosening her belt, she hiked her skirt
up another inch, hoping the difference wouldn’t
be really noticeable at first; she did want him to notice
the change later, though. When Steve walked back up the
stairs, Carolyn realized that this was the first time that
she had seen him in his cycling gear since that day so many
weeks ago. The sight left her a little light headed and she
could feel herself getting more and more aroused by the
sight of him in those shorts and T-shirt. They chatted as
the two of them walked to her car, Steve keeping an eye out
in the dim lighting of the parking lot at sunset. As Carolyn
slid into her seat, she made sure that the hem of her skirt
caught slightly on the seat and hiked her skirt even higher.
“Steve, ” she said, “thank you for
walking me to my car. You are a real sweetheart.”
“Um sure, your, um welcome, ” he stammered,
trying to get his mind off of the sight of her panties. They
were black, tiny and had the word, ‘SEXY’
embroidered on them! “I’ll see you Monday,
then, ” Steve said, closing the door to Carolyn’s
car, his eyes fighting themselves free of the sight of her
“Okay, I’ll see you Monday, ” Carolyn
said, grinning in her mind. As Carolyn drove off, she waved
to Steve, his mind still stuck on her panties.
The next day was Saturday, so the office was pretty empty.
Carolyn knew that she still had some paperwork to do, and
so decided to head into the office. She dressed in her new
white linen shirtdress and pretty lace bra and thong, then
looked in the mirror. She was shocked at the sight, even
as pale as her skin was, the bra and thong contrasted enough
that you could see just what she had on underneath. She enjoyed
the way that her underthings felt so much though, that she
decided to leave them on and to just put a slip on underneath
of the dress. So that’s what she did, pulling a nude
colored slip out of her drawer, she took off the dress and
pulled the satin slip over her head, she then put the dress
back on and headed out the door. Walking out the door, she
noticed that the clouds looked like rain, so instead of
taking the convertible, she left it in the garage and took
her Explorer instead. The four-wheel drive and larger
size made her feel more comfortable anyways.
Arriving at the office a few minutes later, she noticed
a familiar mountain bike locked in the rack. Unlocking
the door and locking it behind her, Carolyn headed up the
stairs to the office. As she opened the door, she could see
Steve sitting at the conference table working on a large
“Steve, are you the only other one here” Carolyn
called out.
“Yeah, I don’t think anyone else is going
to be here today because of the holiday, so yeah, it’s
just you and I today.”
“Okay, I’ll be back in just a minute and maybe
we can get a jump on the meeting in Vegas next month.”
Carolyn turned and headed for the nearest restroom. Now
she was glad that she left her pretty bra and thong on. Slipping
into the nearest stall, she pulled the linen dress over
her head and then the slip. After putting the dress back
on, Carolyn rolled the slip up and placed it into her purse.
Looking in the mirror, Carolyn realized that the effect
could be a little bit more dramatic. Bending over, she unbuttoned
the three top buttons on her dress, now the strap between
her breasts was clearly visible, then she undid three more
buttons on the bottom of her dress. If she wasn’t
careful when she sat down, her panties would be clearly
visible, it didn’t really make much of a difference,
the contrast of her skin tone and the white of the bra and
thong left nothing to the imagination.
Gathering up her courage, Carolyn walked out of the bathroom
to the office. She walked into the conference room and said
“Um, yeah, um good morning, ” Steve stammered.
His eyes drawn to Carolyn’s gorgeous body. Because
he had the lights turned down low in the conference room,
Carolyn was just a silhouette in the doorway. She might
as well been nude, because the light shown through her dress
and highlighted her lovely body.
Carolyn walked into the conference room and leaned over
the blueprint, letting Steve seen down her dress, letting
him see her bra, and as she bent over even lower, her thong.
For the next couple of hours, Carolyn tormented him mercilessly,
bending over in such a way that the dress slid off her shoulder
and exposed her bra, crossing her legs so that he could see
her crotch which was getting wetter with each passing hour,
bending over with her knees locked to give him full view
of her cheeks, the white of the thong disappearing between
them. Carolyn watched as Steve’s cock became a tent
pole in his shorts, try as he might, there was no way for him
avoid it, his cock was engorged and fighting to gain release
from it’s prison.
A couple of hours later, Carolyn walked around the corner
and straight into Steve. Their bodies touching for the
very first time, Steve almost bowled Carolyn over, but
his fast reflexes caught her and kept her from falling.
Instinctively, Carolyn wrapped her arms around his neck,
and she felt her knees grow weak. As Steve looked at Carolyn,
his arms around her waist, hers wrapped around his neck,
he was drawn to her lips. Red, full, inviting, he was struck
with a compulsion to kiss her that was irresistible. So
he did.
Bending to her, Steve kissed Carolyn fully on the lips.
He could feel the softness of her embrace, the way that her
hands felt on the back of his neck. Carolyn could feel the
strength in his arms, she knew he wouldn’t release
her to fall, and so enjoyed the feeling of his lips as he kissed
her. When she felt his tongue slide across her lips, she
opened them slightly and slid hers forward to meet his.
Together, their lips a tangle, expressing the passion
that each of them felt, but neither wanted to admit, they
kissed. For how long? Who know, but finally they had to break
for air, both of them were breathing heavily. Carolyn’s
nipples were hard and taut, straining to be free from the
white lace that imprisoned them. Steve’s cock was
even harder, throbbing to be released, wanting to bury
itself in Carolyn, wanting to feel her buck and quiver with
“No, this isn’t right, ” Steve said,
standing Carolyn up and releasing her. “We work
together, we shouldn’t be doing this.”
“I agree, ” Carolyn’s mind said,
her heart and body fighting, wanting to be embraced by Steve
again, wanting to feel his touch, to feel the passion that
she sensed in him and she knew he sensed in her.
“I need to go, ” Steve said, turning and gathering
his riding equipment, helmet and gloves. “I’ll
see you Monday.”
“Okay, I’ll see you Monday, ” Carolyn
agreed. A minute later a thunderclap roared across the
landscape and the wind began to pick up. Carolyn realized
what was happening, the storm that she had seen earlier
was here, and Steve shouldn’t be riding in it. She
flew down the stairs and reached the door just in time to
see Steve putting on his helmet.
“Steve, don’t leave, I’ll give you
a ride home. You shouldn’t be riding in this storm,
it’s going to be too bad. Hold on, and I’ll
get my keys.”
Okay, ” Steve replied, rolling the bike under the
overhang of the building. Carolyn raced back upstairs
and got her keys. When she got downstairs it had started
to rain, not just a drizzle, but a full blown downpour. Together
the two of them raced for her SUV, Steve reached it first
and waited for Carolyn to unlock the back so he could toss
his bike inside. After unlocking the rear hatch Carolyn
dashed around to the driver’s side door and unlocked
it, hitting the power doors, she unlocked the passenger
side just in time for Steve to yank the door open and jump
inside. Carolyn drove to Steve’s house, the both
of them soaked to the bone after their dash through the rain.
Steve’s shirt was plastered to his shoulders, Carolyn’s
dress was even worse off, it was nearly transparent, as
was her bra, her nipples showing through the white lace.
Together the two of them went up the stairs to his apartment,
laughing the whole way. Once they got inside Steve got Carolyn
a towel out of the hall closet and showed her where the bathroom
was. Steve got himself one and headed to the bedroom to change
“Steve, where’s your dryer, ” Carolyn
called out.
“I don’t have one, ” came the reply.
“The store hasn’t delivered it yet.”
Carolyn followed the voice to his room and walked through
the door. The bed was large, done in a southwestern design,
with a large headboard and posts at the head and foot. Steve
was standing next to it clad only in wet briefs, his erection
visible against the fabric. Carolyn was standing in the
doorway wearing her bra and thong, nothing else.
“I can take that to the dry cleaners if you wish, ”
Steve said. “Or I can blindfold you, or you can leave.”
“I don’t want to leave, ” Carolyn
replied as Steve approached here with the white satin blindfold.
“Don’t be scared, ” Steve said as
he tied the blindfold around Carolyn’s head. Leaning
forward, he kissed the nape of her neck, the lobe of her ear,
and planted kisses down her spine. When he came to the clasp
of her bra, he stopped.
“I changed my mind, ” he said, “I
do want to do this.” Steve unsnapped the clasp of
her bra, Carolyn’ hands flew to her breasts, to instinctively
cover herself. Steve pushed the straps down off of her shoulders
and led her to the bed. He laid her flat on her back and moved
her wrists to the headboard. Carolyn could feel him rise
off of the bed, and then return. When he got back, she felt
satin being tied to her wrist, not tight, but definitely
tied, then she felt him tie her hands to the headboard. “If
you don’t like this, all you have to do is say ‘No’
or ‘Stop’ and I will. Okay, I promise, I’ll
stop if you don’t like this at all.”
“No, it’s okay. I like it, ” she replied.
“Go on.”
“Okay, ” Steve said, as he caressed her belly
with his fingertip, working slowly, ever so slowly up to
her nipples. He watched as her face tautened when his fingers
brushed across her nipples, her back arching, trying lifting
her breasts to his hand. He continued to play with her nipples
and breasts, teasing, caressing, rubbing them occasionally.
Steve bent down and blew, ever so softly on Carolyn’s
breast, his breath kissing her nipples, softly, slowly;
he worked his way to her mouth. He bent down and lightly kissed
her neck, then a little higher, Carolyn turned her head
to him, her mouth searching for his lips. Her mouth found
his lips and they kissed. Steve trying to kiss her soft and
sweet, but Carolyn’s passion wouldn’t allow
it, she strained to reach his mouth, wanting him to kiss
her deeply, passionately. Steve bent forward, giving
in to her, pressing his lips to hers they kissed, their tongues
dancing, caressing each other, their passion building.
Too soon they had to break the kiss off, both of them were
out of breath, he could see her breasts rising and falling
as Carolyn tried to catch her breath. Laying down on the
bed next to her, Steve supported himself on one elbow and
ran the other hand very lightly across her body, caressing
her softly. He worked his way down her flat stomach to tease
her navel, running his hand around the rim. Shifting, he
leaned forward and kissed her nipples, first one, then
the other, sucking on it, running his tongue around her
taught flesh. Carolyn sucked in a breath at the sensation,
and arched her back, straining to lift her breasts to his
mouth. Steve sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking
on it, nibbling on it, and running his tongue over it, Carolyn
moaned in reply. Kissing his way down her body, Steven lightly
kissed her stomach, then her navel, then the skin just above
her panties.
Carolyn could feel his weight move on the bed, but could
not tell just what he was up to. She could feel his breath
on her thigh an instant before he gently kissed her. He continued
the kisses, working his way up her thigh, she could feel
his hands as they ran up the outside of her thighs, and pulled
in a breath as she felt his fingers slide under the strap
of her thong. Steve bent forward and kissed the very visible
cleft in her thong where her lipps were swollen and straining
against the fabric. Carolyn lifted her hips, pushing herself
toward him, oh how she wanted her hands free, to pull his
face into her, to feel his lips on her pussy, to feel his tongue
explore her mound. Slowly Steve pulled her thong down,
easing the lacy white garment off of her body, she kept her
hips off of the bed then lifted her legs for him to pull the
garment off. Steve carried her thong over to the dresser
and laid it on top.
Carolyn heard a drawer slide open, then closed again. She
felt Steve join her on the bed, then something like very
soft fur slid across her stomach.
“Acchhh” she exclaimed, “what was
“It’s just a mink glove, ” he replied.
“Here, feel this.” Carolyn then felt his
weight shift on the bed once more and something very soft
and furry was placed into her left hand.
“What is it again, ” she asked.
“Mink, it was a bachelor party prize I won a coupla
years ago, never had the opportunity to use it though.”
Carolyn could not believe this, thinking of the way that
he looked in the doorway.
“What do you do with it, ” she asked, running
the soft fur through her fingers.
“This, ” Steven replied, taking the glove
from her hand and placing it on is own. Steven ran his gloved
hand down the side of her face, very softly rubbing her skin
with the fur. He traced the glove down her neck, up and over
her shoulder and down the skin between her breasts. He ran
the glove around her breasts, working his way up to her nipples
in a circular motion. He continued to rub the glove over
her nipples, teasing just the tops of them with the fur.
Carolyn arched and twisted her body, trying to touch the
glove with her body. Steve continued running his hand over
her breasts, very lightly touching her nipples, only letting
the fur touch her body very lightly. He traced his movements
down her body, running his gloved hand over her skin, tracing
it in circles around her navel, writing her name with his
finger on the flat pale skin of her stomach.
“Mmmmmm, ” she moaned. “God, that
feels good.”
Steve continued the motions, this time working his hand
down her body even further. When the reached her pussy,
Steve lightly brushed over it, just barely touching her
pubic hair, then just lightly, ever so lightly running
the glove over Carolyn’s pussy. Carolyn arched
her back, straining to increase the pressure of his hand
on her lipps. Steve slowly ran the glove up her inner thigh,
and just before he reached her lipps, he bent down and began
to kiss and suck on one of her nipples. He continued to work
her nipple over as he ran his hand over her pussy, lightly
touching petting mound as she pushed it toward his hand.
“Ooohhhhh, ” she moaned, even louder this
time, then her whole body started to shake, starting with
her toes as they shook and curled, then it moved up her body
as the orgasm rocked her to the core. “Oh my god, ”
she said as her body slumped back down on to the bed. “That
was incredible, I’ve never had anyone do that to
me before.”
“Honey, that was just the beginning, ” he
replied as he began to kiss her stomach and work his way down
to her wet pussy. Stopping for just a minute, he switched
the glove from one hand to another and then continued to
kiss down to her wet mound.
“Mmmm, you smell good, ” he said, reaching
her lipps. “Wonder if you taste any better?”
Steve then began to kiss her inner thigh, alternating from
one to the other, slowly working his way to her lipps, meantime,
his hand was caressing her breasts, rubbing and teasing
them. He kept up kissing her thighs, the skin around her
pussy, and her nicely shorn pubic hair as his hand kept up
the torture on her breasts.
“Mmmmm, ” she moaned again as Steve kissed
her pussy lipps, his lips gently tugging on them. Then he
flicked his tongue out and ran it up her lipps, pausing at
her hood to tease it by flicking his tongue back and forth
over it.
“Yum, ” he said, taking a break. “You
do taste good, I’m gonna enjoy this.”
“Just don’t stop. I haven’t had anyone
do this to me in a very long time, ” she replied.
“Mmmmm, ” was his only response, as Steve
had began to suck on her lipps again. On his knees, Steve
kept this up for several minutes, licking at her pussy,
sucking on her lipps and flicking his tongue over her hood
and clit. While his hand kept up the pressure on her breasts,
the pressure in his groin was growing. Her sweet juices
on his lips, the way that her pussy quivered as he worked
it was driving him wild with desire as well, his own cock
was throbbing, waiting, wanting to slide into her. Carolyn,
enjoying the sensations, began to moan, and raised her
hips up off of the bed, gyrating them, moving them up and
down. Her hands were straining against the ties, trying
to reach down and pull Steve further into her pussy, to increase
the pleasure that he was giving her. He kept up the pressure,
varying the frequency and length of his licks and sucks,
occasionally stopping to kiss the inside of her thighs
and to suck on her clit. Steve could hear her breath changing,
speeding up, and the gyrations of her hip changed as well,
more up and down, and faster, more frequent. As this began
to happen, he threw off the glove and began to massage her
breasts with his bare hand. He could feel the soft skin of
her breast, the soft texture of her nipples and even her
pulse as her nipples throbbed in time with her heart.
“Gaahhhhh, ” Carolyn screamed, as her body
went rigid with pleasure. Her body shook as she fought to
breath, as the orgasm coursed its way through her body.
For over a minute Steve kept up the action, prolonging her
pleasure as he fought to keep his mouth against her. Finally,
she slumped back to the bed, her breath short and ragged
as she tried to catch it.
“Untie me, ” she asked, “untie me.”
“You’re sure, ” Steve asked. “Do
you really want me to do that?”
“Yes, untie me right now! And take this blindfold
“Okay, just a second.” Carolyn could feel
his body move across the bed as he reached up to undo her binds.
After untying her left hand, he reached down and undid the
blindfold. As he leaned over her to untie her right hand,
his hard cock was just a foot or so from her head. Giving herself
over to her wicked thoughts, Carolyn reached forward with
her left hand and wrapped her lips around his hard cock.
It was all that Steve could do to untie her as she sucked on
him, her tongue sliding up and down and around the tip.
“Mmmmm, ” she said, her mouth full of cock
and her tongue very occupied. I had forgotten how much I
enjoyed doing this Carolyn thought to herself, the taste
of Steve permeating her mouth. Steve, on his knees, was
holding himself up with one had against the headboard of
the bed, and his other was on the back of her head as it bobbed
up and down on his hard cock. She could feel every vein on
his shaft, the smooth skin of the tip, the hole at the center
that was open and ready, and his pulse as his blood flowed
through his veins and his cock throbbed with every beat
of his heart. All he could feel was the rough texture of her
tongue as it scraped across the tip of his cock, the smoothness
of her lips as they moved up and down the shaft, occasionally
caressing the tip, and the smooth skin of her hand as she
moved up and down in time with her head. After what seemed
like hours of this pleasing torture Carolyn started planting
kisses down the shaft and began to suck on his balls. The
she began to suck on his cock again, giving herself over
totally to the feeling of his cock gliding in and out of her
“Honey, ” Steve said, after several minutes.
“You had better stop before I explode, ”
his words coming in spurts in between strained breaths.
Carolyn looked up at him and slid her mouth back off of his
cock, he heard her cheeks pop as the tip slid out from between
her lips.
“Are you sure you want me do that? It seemed like
you were really enjoying it, besides, I wanted to pay you
back for what you did for me.” Carolyn replied, trying
to catch her own breath.
“Thank you, though, ” Steve said. “That
was excellent, ” he said as he bent down and kissed
her on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and
head and pulled him down on top of her. They continued to
kiss, their tongues a tangle as he ran one of his hands up
her leg to her hip. Breaking the kiss, Steve looked down
at Carolyn.
“Do you really want to do this, ” he asked.
“Hell yes, ” was her reply, as Carolyn rolled
over on top of him and guided him into her waiting pussy.
Her eyes rolled back as all eight inches of Steve’s
hard cock slid easily into her wet pussy. Carolyn just sat
there for several seconds, luxuriating in the feeling
that came when two people where this intimate, when it felt
as though their very souls were open to one another. He could
feel her heart beat in as the blood coursed through her body,
the could feel his own heart beat in time with the pulsing
that was coursing through his own hard cock. After sitting
this way for a couple of minutes, he could swear that all
he could feel was one pulse, that Carolyn’s and his
heart were beating as one. Steve looked up at her, at the
look of pleasure on her face as she became used to having
someone inside of her again.
Carolyn now took the lead, rolling her hips forward to drive
him into ever deeper. Steve reached forward and ran his
hands up her thighs, over her flat stomach and up to her breasts.
He cradled them in his hands, lifting them slightly, rubbing
her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Carolyn
reached down and pressed her hands against his, squeezing
her own breasts so hard that they almost hurt. After several
minutes of this, Carolyn began a more conventional motion
of her hips, she began to raise up and down, driving his cock
deeper into her. Steve began to match her rhythm, thrusting
upwards with his hips as she ground down on him. Steve could
feel every cell in his body as they came together, he could
feel the way that her lipps tightened around him and the
slick, tight wetness of her as he thrusted up into her.
Carolyn’s up and down motion began so slow to almost
stop, but Steve grabbed her waist and began to thrust upwards
even harder and faster.
“Oh, Oh, Ohh, ” she began to cry out, matching
her cries to the furious pace that he was setting. A minute
later Carolyn cried out as the orgasm racked her body. Less
than a second later, Steve did as well, shooting his seed
deep within her. After several minutes of pure paradise
and heaven, Carolyn collapsed against Steve, their breath
ragged as they both tried to catch it.
“Oh, my god, “ she said, in between breaths.
“Is is always that way for you?”
“What do you mean, ” he asked.
“Well, it was like getting hit by lightning, but
a whole lot longer.”
“Yeah, it is sometime, honey, but this is just the
first.” Carolyn looked at him strangely and realized
that he was still hard inside of her.
“What, ” she asked, as Steve grabbed the
lobes of her ass and bodily picked her up as he rose to his
knees. Rolling over on top of her, Steve began to slide in
and out of her again, very slowly this time. Carolyn wrapped
her legs around his waist and pulled him into her. He began
to slide into her slowly, inch by inch. She tightened her
legs around him and thrust her hips up to his, trying to drive
him even deeper into her. After slowly sliding all of the
way in, Steve slowly slid out, and teased her clit with the
tip of his cock. Carolyn’s hand shot down between
the two of them and pulled him into her again. Steve kept
this up for several minutes, getting faster with every
stroke, but still going slowly. Suddenly, he drove forward,
pushing hard, eliciting a yelp from Carolyn.
“I didn’t hurt you did I, ” he asked,
concern showing on his voice.
“No, don’t stop, please don’t stop, ”
Carolyn said. Steve kept up the slow pace, forcing himself
to hold back. He could feel the way his hair caught in her
pubic hair, the way that his veins rubbed against her pussy,
and the way that she breathed every time that he thrust into
her again. Propped up on his arms so he wouldn’t crush
her, Steve could look into her eyes and get lost in them,
to focus on nothing but the sensation coming from his groin
as he pushed ever deeper into her. She could feel every thing,
the veins on his cock, the muscles in his cheeks as he thrust
into her, the way that his pubic hair teased at her clit,
the strength in her arms as the held him above her, it was
an incredible experience. Slowly he began to increase
the tempo, driving faster and faster into her, her breath
became more ragged, more primal as the sensations affecting
her began to take over. He got faster, harder, more determined.
She could feel him holding back, waiting for her, letting
her enjoy what was happening.
The thought of him waiting was the catalyst, suddenly her
own body began to shake and quiver, the only thing she could
think of was how good it felt. Her body reached the point
of now return and, like a dam bursting, she could feel the
climax rack her body. Steve’s body suddenly went
rigid, his seed shooting up into her, pouring his own orgasm
into her. They bucked and rocked together for what seemed
like hours, the pleasures taking each one to new heights
as the feeling flooded through each of them. Finally it
was over, the feeling stopped and Steve withdrew himself
from her. Carolyn just lay there; her body still twitching
occasionally as the orgasm worked it’s way free
from her. Steve rolled onto his side and pulled Carolyn
to him they snuggled together, then fell asleep in each
other arms.

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