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As an older couple we sometimes still talk about our "Wild Weekend"


My wife and I were put in an awkward predicament when a good
friend of ours asked us if Laura could go with him to his class
reunion. John had just gotten divorced and really wasn't
dating anyone he was serious enough to bring to an event
this important. And of course Laura and I trusted John since
he had been such a great friend for years but it was still
an odd favor to ask.

And as he put it, Laura was the best looking women he ever
knew so he asked my wife and I if we would consider helping
him. John added that he would pay for everything for the
weekend and assured my wife and I that he would get her a separate
hotel room. All she would have to do was go with him and pretend
they were dating.

Twenty five year reunions can be tough since many people
both women and men in their early forties, start showing
their age. Some men are losing their hair and their good
looks. And many of the woman look their age or older, while
Laura had never looked her age. Although she was turning
forty in a few months she still had the "It" men
look for in a lady.

"I don't know. What do you think?" My wife
said after being put on the spot. I was trying to read her
eyes but couldn't tell if she didn't want to go
at all or if she was merely worried about how I might react
if she said "yes." I guess we needed some time
to consider his rather odd request and told John that Laura
and I would get back to him in a few days.

Laura was packed on Thursday night shortly after dinner
and it looked like she had packed enough for a month instead
of a weekend. I teased my wife when I saw her two large suitcases
and a garment bag on the bed ready for me to carry down stairs.
"What the hell do you have in these?"I asked
her after picking up the first one and nearly falling over.

" Oh just stop it. I don't know how fancy this is
going to be and whether it will be warm during the days and
cool at night. So I packed something for every possibility, "
My wife said giggling as I struggled to get her bags down
the stairs. "You do want me to look nice, don't'
you?" Laura said as I brought her second huge suitcase

I made John carry my wife's bags to his car but warned
him ahead of time that they weighed a ton each. I guess he
must have found some super human strength since he was so
thrilled to be bringing a woman who looked like Laura to
his reunion.

Laura had on a cute skirt, just above the knee, a nice blouse
and matching flats as she walked down our stairs, finally
ready to go on her weekend date with John. Personally I was
ok with her going because I trusted them but when I actually
saw them leaving together it gave me a funny feeling in my
stomach for a few minutes.

But on the other hand our only child was away taking more
credits during the summer break since he had dropped too
any classes his freshman year of college and needed to make
them back up. So I would have the entire weekend to myself
and that wasn't such a bad thing either.

I had the chance to be the bachelor for two nights and almost
three full days before Laura would be back late Sunday afternoon.
According to John they had a five hour drive so after I kissed
Laura good bye and waved, they drove off. Other than cutting
the grass and going to the liquor store to stock up on beer,
I really didn't have much else I needed to do. I was a
free man at least for this weekend.

I got all that done by two and waited around for Laura to call
to tell me they arrived safely before I planned on going
out for dinner. My wife called around four to tell me they
had arrived and said her room was actually very nice. Apparently
John was so grateful he had upgraded Laura to a mini suite
as his way of thanking her.

"Are you unpacked?"I asked her. My wife explained
she was just starting that task and then said her and John
were going to meet in the bar/restaurant downstairs off
of the lobby for drinks and dinner at seven. Being the jokester
I was I told my wife it was their first dinner date in years
so she should wear something nice to impress John. "Don't
be a brat, " Laura said back before she said she would
call me later when she got back to her room.

It was odd for me knowing Laura was at a hotel with a friend
but she had her own room and I knew nothing would happen.
I went out to our favorite steak place and enjoyed a couple
of micro brews before my steak came. It was a good night,
sort of strange eating there alone but then I had been through
worst things in my life.

I was back home and waited by our phone for my wife to call
by a little after nine not really sure what time my wife would
get back to her room. All I knew was that Laura and John had
planned to meet at seven for cocktails and dinner but how
long that was going to take was a mystery to me. I was strangely
excited to hear how her evening went as I waited for our phone
to ring and half watched the early news at the same time.

When the phone rang right before ten I jumped up excited
to answer it. "Hi honey. How was your night?"
My wife asked. I told Laura it was a quiet night and then told
her I had gone to her favorite steak place for dinner. "I
bet it was delicious, " She said giggling into the
phone. I then asked her how her night went and Laura explained
it was odd but she had a good time.

"Listen I have something I need to tell you , "
Laura said as I suddenly felt a bit on edge. "Ok"?
I said softly waiting to hear what she needed to tell me.
"I think it will be good news, " My wife said
before she explained that she had arranged with one of her
girlfriends to call me tomorrow and go to dinner with me
so I wouldn't have to spend my entire weekend alone.

"Which one?" I asked my wife as she told me Terri
a woman she worked with that I thought I might have met a couple
of times. I guess the idea seemed so strange at first I asked
my wife if she really wanted me to go out with Terri. "Well
I'm here with John, aren't I?" She said.
"If you don't want to go to dinner with her then
just tell her no, " Laura said as I sensed she didn't
think I appreciated her doing this for me.

"Thanks for thinking of me, " I told my wife
before I asked what her and John talked about at dinner.
Laura explained they talked about us and he talked about
his ex wife a lot before he ran into some old class mates and
then things sounded like they changed a little. "As
you know I left my wedding ring in my jewelry box since I was
supposed to be single and dating John. And when some old
friends of his showed up, I pretended a little bit, to be
his date, " My wife said softy.

"How did you pretend to be his date?"I asked
Laura imaging all sorts of things in my mind. She explained
she moved her chair closer to his to make room for his friends
and they held hands while he chatted with his friends. "How
did that feel?"I asked Laura. "Very odd, "
She said before she assured me she was back in her room in
her comfy pajamas ready to watch some TV and get some sleep.

"I'll call you in the morning, " My wife
said before we told each other we loved one another and hung
up. I sat in my chair thinking about her being away with a
friend and now another woman named Terri was going to be
calling me the next day too. I don't know why this strange
set of circumstances excited me but they did. I ended up
on our bed with an erection an hour later and slowly stroked
myself until my release gushed out.

I slept wonderfully good that night and awoke by six the
next morning with a new found energy. My mind wandered to
Laura first and I wondered if my wife was still sleeping
or was she already up and in the shower. And I wondered what
time Terri was going to be calling me to ask me out to dinner.
It was like my world was being temporarily turned upside
down, if you know what I mean. My wife was five hours away
at a hotel with a friend and I could possibly have a date with
another lady later that night. I can safely say nothing
like this had ever happened to me so far in my life.

I couldn't really settle myself all morning as I hung
around our house sort of restless. What was Laura doing
and when was her girlfriend going to call me. My phone finally
rang around ten as I quickly picked it up not sure which woman
was going to be on the other end. "Good morning honey, "
Laura said as my heart slowed down a little from the release
of some tension that had been building in me ever since my
eyes opened up.

" How did you sleep?"I asked my wife. My wife
explained that the bed was so comfortable she slept great.
"What are your plans today?" I asked Laura.
"Well John stopped by earlier and said he was going
to give me a tour of the town he grew up in. He is going to pick
me up at noon so we can have lunch first, " Laura explained.

"Did Terri call you yet?" she asked me so I told
her no and said I was going to run some errands so I might miss
her call. "She promised to call you back until she
talks to you, " Laura said before we told each other
we loved one another and hung up again with the promise to
talk before her big pretend date night at John's reunion.

I had already showered so I left shortly after her call to
get my oil changed and do a few other things on my "Weekend"
list. And I was suddenly feeling pretty good about this
weekend so far and secretly looking forward to hearing
from Terri. I know that makes me sound like a bad person and
a terrible husband.

If I was remembering the right woman, Terri was pretty good
looking and I sort of remember she was put together as well.
Maybe having a dinner date with her might not be so bad and
in fact could be fun. I remembered Terri had long brown hair
and big brown eyes but I couldn't get a clear image of
her face in my mind.

So when I got home from my errands I was excited to check for
messages on our phone. And sure enough the light was blinking
so I pushed the button and listened to Terri calling me and
giving me her phone number to call her back. "This
is going to be odd, calling another woman for a date, "I
thought to myself as I dialed her number and listened to
it ringing.

"Hello, " This sweet voice said as I told Terri
it was me and thanked her for calling me in the first place.
"Oh don't think anything of it. I had nothing
to do this weekend and when your wife asked me to do this favor,
I thought it might be fun, " Terri said sounding very
bubbly on the phone. Terri immediately asked me if I had
talked to my wife and I explained we had talked a couple of
times. "Oh good. I knew she was a little nervous about
going to this reunion with that friend of yours, "
Terri said which helped me relax a little more.

"So where are you going to take me tonight on our date?"
Terri said laughing into the phone. I asked her what she
liked to eat before Terri went on and said, "I dress
up all week at the office. So my weekends are kind of lay back.
Are you into Country music?"she asked. I explained
I listened to it once on a while but I didn't know a lot
of current songs.

"Well that's alright. I know you will love it.
So how about a burger and a few beers at my favorite Country
Music dance hall?" She added I should just wear jeans
and dress casual because that is what she was going to wear
too. When I hung up the phone it felt like a real date even
if it wasn't a real date. I also wondered if Laura was
feeling that same way being away with John for the entire

I decided it might help to talk with my wife again and get
back on the same page. This entire experience was suddenly
feeling very, very strange. When I dialed her number Laura
didn't answer so I left her a message to call me when
she got back from her tour with John. It was nearly five and
when she had not called me back I called Laura again.

"Sorry I got your message but jumped in the shower
first. We are running behind, " Laura said as she
was struggling to catch her breath. "Did you have
a good afternoon?"I asked her. My wife said it was
fun and then asked me if Terri had called me yet. I explained
that Terri and I had talked and were going to a Country Music
dance hall later that night. "You should have fun, ,"
My wife said pleased that I was not going to spend the night
at home all by myself.

"How are you and John getting along?"I asked
her. There was a long moment of silence before my wife said
to me, "Its really kind of strange, not bad, just strange.
" I explained to Laura that after I spoke with Terri
and we planned out our night, " I got the same strange
feeling too."

"I know what you mean. I felt that same way when John
and I got in his car and drove off leaving you on the porch, "
Laura said. There was another very long pause before we
said good bye again. But before we ended our call we did agree
to talk again at ten that night, just to touch base with each
other again.

I felt like I was back in high school as I drove around until
I found the address Terri had given me. I had just parked
my car in front of the house when the front door swung open
and there stood Terri although now her hair had a reddish
tint to it. "You must be Terri, " I said as I walked
around my car and couldn't help but notice her shapely
body. "And you must be my good looking date for the
night, " Terri said giggling in her doorway.

Her jeans were super tight and her low cut top was very sexy
although she had what appeared to have very small breasts.
But her ass made up for anything she lacked on top so I wasn't
complaining. Terri's pointed heels matched her top
so the whole package was quite impressive.

"Have you talked with your wife lately? How is her
weekend going? " Terri asked as she grabbed her purse
and locked her front door. I told Terri, Laura and I had talked
a couple times today and everything sounded like it was
going well for her. "Well good. So let's go have
some fun, " Terri said as she gave me directions to
the Country Dance hall.

It was both exciting and a little uncomfortable with her
although Terri appeared to be a real sweet woman who was
easy to look at as well as easy to talk to. It took me one burger
and two beers before Terri and I began to dance a little and
I began to finally relax. And when they played a slow song,
Terri and I were at the bar when she turned and asked me if
I wanted to dance again.

"Sure, that sounds great, " I said we held hands
and walked onto the dance floor just like a real couple.
I reached out to hold her but not too close so Terri whispered
to me, " I'm not going to break." So I pulled
her tight to me as she snuggled in just like my wife does when
we share a romantic slow dance together. "You're
a really good dancer, " She told me as we swayed at
the same time and really got into being in each other's

Her big brown eyes looked even brighter as we looked at each
other and were feeling it a little even if we shouldn't
have been. We kept holding on to one another making a connection
as our hormones were kicking in. She smiled and then closed
her eyes as our lips came together on the dance floor. And
it was definitely way more than a friendship kiss. Terri
and I regrouped quickly after our hot kiss and walked back
to the bar to settle ourselves and have another beer.

It was becoming so easy to forget my real life and my marriage
as Terri and I became very touchy after our kiss. We laughed
a lot and held hands constantly even though I knew this was
heading in the wrong direction. But I was having too much
fun to stop so I just told myself, "Just a little longer
and then I will take her home."

I was having a really good time after a few dances, a few more
beers and along the way I even learned to line dance although
not very well. I checked my watch and realized it was already
just past ten and told Terri I had to call Laura and would
be right back. She said ok and stayed on the dance floor continuing
to have fun without me.

I rushed outside because it was too noisy in the bar and dialed
Laura's number. "Hi honey, " she said before
she told me to wait until she walked outside so she could
hear me better. Finally Laura and I were both in a quiet place
so I asked her how her night was going. "It's been
lots of fun so far. John has some really great friends from
high school, " Laura said.

"How are you and Terri doing?" She asked me next.
I told my wife Terri was a ball of energy and that I had enjoyed
our time together so far although I didn't mention
the kiss to my wife. The truth was, neither of us had ever
been apart, let alone out with other people and we didn't
know how to handle it.

"I just want you to know I love you , " I said to
her. Laura took a deep breath and told me she loved me too.
"Well ok. You should get back to John and reunion, "
I said to my wife after another long pause. "See you
tomorrow, " Laura said before we hung up.

Terri was waiting for me at the bar and asked how Laura was
doing before she leaned forward and kissed me again. "Are
you ready to leave?" she asked after the kiss. It was
only a little past ten and the woman was already asking if
I wanted to leave already. Either she was bored to death
or she had other plans. Either way I felt like I had to say
yes, so I told her I was ready to take her home anytime she
wanted to go.

I was tense as I drove Terri back to her house and parked the
car on the street. What was this and what was I supposed to
do now. She knew my wife and knew I was married so when she
didn't open her car door immediately I didn't
know why she was still sitting there. Did she really think
I was going to make a move?

"I just want to thank you for going out with me tonight, "
I finally said as Terri smiled and looked my way. "It
was a lot of fun, " She replied. I told her I had a great
time and thanked her for teaching me how to line dance. Terri
looked at me again and took a deep breath before she said,
"Do you want to come in for a minute?"

I knew I should say no but I said yes and followed her sexy
ass into her house. "I'll get us a couple of beer, "
Terri said as she left me standing in her living room. Being
alone with another woman in her house was awkward to say
the least. I knew I shouldn't be there yet part of me
didn't want to leave just yet. Terri and I sat on her
sofa and drank some of our beer as we chatted about her divorce
and her new life as a free woman.

And at one point Terri leaned over towards me as we kissed
yet again. But this kiss wasn't like the fun fast ones
we shared in the bar. This kiss was slow, lingering and tender
as if we both meant it. "We shouldn't, "
was all I said to her as she nodded her head again before she
pressed her lips back against mine. Between her soft lips
and perfume, Terri was a very desirable woman.

Our embrace turned real and she moved even closer until
she was completely in my arms. And once the match was light
the fire took off and Terri and I somehow made it to her bedroom
before we stripped each other. Her body was soft and my hands
savored her small but delightful breasts.

And when I helped slip her panties off and got my first look
at her shaven pussy, my heart sped up even more. I knew I shouldn't
be doing this but I wanted this woman so badly, I couldn't
stop myself. Terri laid on her bed next to me as we embraced
while our hands explored each other's bodies. I got
harder as she stroked me and she got wetter the longer I played
with her slit.

The first fuck was wild and insane but our second time was
more controlled as we stared into each other's eyes
as my hard cock worked it's magic inside of her wet slippery
pussy. Yet just like the first time once the pressure grew
too intense Terri picked up the pace under and literally
pulled the cum from my balls.

I paced back and forth the following afternoon checking
for John's car every ten minutes once mid afternoon
arrived. My heart was speeding up and it was hard to catch
my breath as I waited to see my wife again. I wasn't going
to tell Laura right away what I did because I just couldn't
risk it. It was wrong that I had slept with Terri and couldn't
take it back but somehow I had to pick the right moment to
confess. It was just after four when John and Laura finally
pulled into our driveway.

I rushed out of our front door and when my wife climbed out
of his car, she took my breath away like never before. I never
realized just how beautiful and how strikingly curvy and
sexy looking my wife really was until that moment. Her large
sensual breasts and the curve to her hips were unbelievably
sexy in every way possible. I realized I was the luckiest
man on this earth and may have just blown it, with one incredibly
stupid act.

John helped me carry my wife's bags back into our house
before he thanked us both again for letting Laura come to
his reunion. I remember I pulled Laura into my arms and squeezing
her so tight I never wanted to let her go. "You are so
beautiful, " I told her after a very heated kiss.
"You are very handsome too" she said we kissed
each other again and again.

All I knew at that point was that I wanted and needed my wife
so I held her hand and walked her upstairs into our bedroom.
"Should we talk about our weekend first?" Laura
asked rather nervously . I told her we should make love first
and then we could talk about our weekend. "I agree, "
Laura said as I began to unbutton her blouse as we stood at
the end of our bed.

Just seeing the way my wife's breasts in her lacy bra
was mind blowing. She was indeed a lot of woman with a very
full chest and all the other assets men desire. She turned
so I could unhook her bra between some very hot kissing and
as she lifted it off her shoulders, I couldn't take
my eyes off of her chest.

My wife has your classic tear drop breasts with two huge
mounds, oval shaped and her nipples that point slightly
upward. It was impossible for me not to reach out and hold
them as Laura and I continued to kiss. She unzipped her skirt
while we kissed and climbed onto our bed moments later wearing
only her panties. But I was so aroused before I even climbed
onto our bed I reached for her panties and yanked them down
her legs.

Did she show John her incredible body the night before like
she was showing me now? Probably not, knowing Laura like
I did but the thought of it was still very arousing in both
a good and a bad way.

My wife climaxed once and sucked me but only for a few seconds
because what we both really needed was to reconnect as husband
and wife. My hard cock slipped into her pussy with ease as
Laura glowed under me once I began to fuck her. I lasted only
a couple of wonderful, intense minutes before I exploded
in her and drained very drop I had in me. My wife and I then
showered and got dressed before we went back down stairs
to talk.

Here is some of how that conversation went.

"What was the best part of the weekend for you?"
I asked her first. She hesitated for a few seconds before
Laura said it was just doing something so very different
for a change. " It was just different, " Laura

When she asked me the same question I told my wife it was the
alone time I had and of course going out with Terri was also
fun. "She is quite a handful, "I explained to
my wife as she giggled and nodded her head agreeing with
me about Terri. We then asked each other what we would have
differently and we both agreed it was ok, just the way it

But what we both wanted to know was still too uncomfortable
to ask so we kept skirting the sex issue for a while longer.
I sat there feeling so bad inside about what I did with Terri
I nearly blurted out but didn't. I knew I was a cheat
but this was not the right time to tell my lovely wife the

I heard about her trip and all the different things John
had showed her. And she heard about Terri and how she taught
me to line dance although I wasn't very good at it. Generally
speaking it sounded like my wife and I both had a pretty good
weekend with other people for a change.

But then the subject made a turn when I asked Laura why she
had called Terri, in the first place, to go out with me. "Because
after John and I left to go to his reunion, I began to feel
like this was maybe a big mistake. And it was nothing he said
or did but an hour after we left it began to feel as if he and
I were a couple. I felt like I was actually with him, if you
know what I mean, " Laura said softly. My heart was
picking up steam as I nodded my head and told my wife I felt
the same way with Terri once we were on our date.

"I thought that might happen to you too so I called
her and asked her if she would go out with you. Terri asked
me if I was sure and when I told her yes, she got excited and
promised me she would call you, " Laura explained.
She went on to say Terri was the free spirit in the office
ever since her divorce.

And then my wife got very serious and asked me, "Did
you kiss her?" I told my wife when I dropped Terri off
I kissed her once in the car. I then asked Laura if she kissed
John. Suddenly it was my wife's turn to be put on the
spot as I waited for her answer. Her face changed expressions
and Laura began to ring her hands together as I waited for
her answer. Finally after a full minute of silence Laura
nodded her head yes and said, "Yes I kissed him too."

I was shocked of course but could hardly get mad since I had
fucked her girl friend and a kiss was not nearly as serious.
Laura's big brown eyes were huge as she stared at me
so I asked her, "What kind of kiss was it?" She
asked me what I meant so I explained that I wanted to know
if her and John kissed as friends or was it a sexual kind of

My wife took another deep breath and softly said, "It
was a real kiss." I looked at my wife and said, "More
than one kiss?" Laura looked even more tense when
she nodded her head and admitted her and John shared more
than one sexual kiss. I then admitted to Laura I had kissed
Terri more than once too.

"Should we really talk about this anymore?"
Laura asked after I sat back down. "Maybe it might
be best to just not know what we each did or didn't do, "
She said reaching out and holding my hand. I told my wife
we had never kept secrets from one another before and we
shouldn't start now. She agreed and asked me to tell
her everything Terri and I did on our date.

My wife sat quietly listening to me describe my night with
her girl friend although I left some of the details. But
I confessed to my wife that I fucked Terri twice in her bedroom
although I know regretted having done it.

I then stopped telling my story and turned to my wife and
asked her "Did you invite John into your room?".
My wife replied, "No I didn't invite him into
my room." Laura took a deep breath and then added,
"When he walked me to my room after the reunion, he
asked me if he could come in." I felt the veins on the
sides of my neck bulging as I stared at her and asked her how
she answered John.

John had been a good friend of ours for years and knowing
if she let him into my wife's hotel room that alone would
tell me a lot about what else they might have done. . "So
did you let him come in your hotel room?"I asked my
wife. If she was truthful and admitted that she let him in,
then John would now know my wife in the most intimate way
any friend could know another friend.

Laura grew tense across from me before she finally admitted
she let John into her hotel room. "And then what did
you two do?" I asked and felt like I had to pull every
single word out of my wife. When she remained silent again,
I told her I wasn't mad and that she should be as honest
as I was and tell me everything.

"Ok let's see. Well he kissed me first and then
I told him that maybe he should leave. But John pulled me
back into his arms and after our seconds kiss, I told him
again he should probably leave, " she explained.
"I knew it was wrong just like you did but it was hard
to stop , "Laura said tearing up a little bit.

By then my nerves were wound up tighter, but I still asked
Laura what happened next. "Golly I don't know.
We kissed and he unbuttoned my blouse. So I unbuttoned his
shirt and we kissed some more. It wasn't fast and he
took his time undressing me, " Laura said hoping I
would not explode. "How did he like it when he saw her
naked?" I asked.

"Oh my goodness, his eyes got so big once he saw me naked, "
Laura said as her face was turning redder by the second.
I asked her if he liked playing with her big tits and Laura
giggled and said he wouldn't take his hands off of them
for a second. I was hearing her account of her night and it
was making me hard all over again.

My sexy beautiful wife was painting a picture for me of her
and John together on the bed that read like a best seller.
"Did you climax with him?" I asked her and she
admitted she had one orgasm before they went all the way
on her bed. "What was he like, ?" I asked my wife.
"Oh John was very romantic and very tender, "
Laura said as she tried to offer me sort of a smile. "I
was on the bottom the whole time and let John set the pace, "
Laura said softly.

By then my cock was rock hard all over again, as I looked at
Laura and asked her . "Did he use a condom?" My
wife wrinkled her eyebrows at me and said, " Did you
use one with Terri?" I then knew our friend had also
cum inside my wife. We should have both been hurt and angry
but we weren't. We also agreed we were not proud of what
happened and promised to never let it happen again.

But that turned out be wishful thinking on our part. A month
or so later Laura and I met Terri at the country music dance
hall before we ended up in a threesome at Terri's house.
I had never been with two women and it was out of this world.
And a month after that, we invited John over and ended up
putting Laura between us on our bed and showed her the time
of her life.

Laura and I found ourselves at a crossroads after those
meeting and had to decide what kind of marriage we really
wanted. And it wasn't a difficult decision for us when
we both agreed we should stop adding other people into our
relationship. Of course it had been fun but it was simply
too risky to continue down the path.

We are now an older couple and every once in a while we will
still talk about our weekend apart and relive some of that
excitement of our youth.

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Some things are best left unsaid and undone


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temptation can get you into trouble very easily some times
for fun or for real it sounds every had fun but had some regrets


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Fantastic tale, great ending and you never had regrets


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It is strange to think that growth experiences keep turning
up if we are open to them.


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Great story again! Keep telling them. I get a kick out of
people responding thinking they are each real. Shows how
real and well they are written. Thanks, do some more.


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Great story. My wife and I went down this path. And we still
talk about it sometimes and relive it. WOW. I still get excited.
My wife is not so much in to it. I wish for more but she had her
own mind made up.


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Nice, tender, albeit sexy story. I think you both new the
potential of what might happen, but felt secure enough
in your marriage to follow through with it. You both sowed
some wild oats and it seems your love withstood your dalliances.
And you added icing on the cake with a couple of 3somes. Well
done, you rascals you!