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As a quiet day turned into her wildest day


[image] The washing/drying machine has been playing up recently,
it has done constantly since we bought it a few years ago,
something to with the power board, (that was what the repairman
has told us previously), and the repairman was due up to
repair it again that day, as it was a very good looking guy
before I left home to go to work I told Maria giggling to wear
something revealing flirt with him a little while the repairman
was working.

Maria decided to go along with my suggestion but she didn’t
want to make it too obvious for him, so she decided to wear
a little white vest top that he could just see her nipples
through and some silky pyjama bottoms, then Maria sat on
the sofa waiting for him for what seemed like a lifetime
for her, it was just going onto 10 AM when the doorbell rang,
Maria got up and opened the door to the repairman.

He smiled as he noticed straight away what Maria was wearing,
his eyes were all over her tits and he wasn’t too surprised
as he noticed her nipples were rock solid, from the time
she was sitting there and waiting for him, Maria then asked
him to come in and he nervously looked away as she went on
to show him into the kitchen.

As they entered the kitchen he put his tool box down on the
floor while having again a quick glance at her tits on the
way down, and went on to get his tools out, Maria watched
over him and chatted to him while he took off the front panel
of the washing machine, and after 5 minutes of him messing
about with it he went on to try and shimmy the washing out
from under the kitchen worktop.

Maria was seeing him struggle so she decided to give him
a hand and as she leaned against the machine she purposely
brushed her breast against his fingers, her hard nipple
running across each of his fingers, it must have given him
a little fright as he quickly pulled his hand away and apologized,
but Maria could see by the throbbing lump in his trousers
that he had enjoying every minute of it.

Just as Maria was admiring his hard member through his trousers
he told me that he had to go down to his van to get a part for
the machine, so she walked him to the door and told him just
to let himself in when he returns, then as he walked out of
the door Maria rushed into the toilet to compose herself,
in a few minutes she could hear the repairman coming back
up the stairs, so she pulled her top down a little bit and
ran into the kitchen to wait for him.

Just as Maria got into the kitchen the front door opened
and the repairman walked in and came towards the kitchen,
his eyes were all over her tits again, even more so as she
had pulled her top down and a little hint of nipple was peeking
out from the top, and Maria smiled to him as she still could
notice how his cock was rock hard, the first thing he done
was apologize for touching her breast and as soon as he said
it Maria just reached down and grabbed his cock through
his trousers and said “it’s ok, you can touch me wherever
you want.”

And as soon as Maria said that he tugged on her top so that
her breasts fell out, then he grabbed and pinched on her
nipple while sucking and licking on her other nipple, flicking
and licking her nipple with his tongue he looked up at me
and asked if she wanted to go ahead with that, as an answer
Maria just told him that they have to go into the bathroom
as she had no curtains in the kitchen.

They rushed into the bathroom, with him still devouring
her tits and pulling down her pyjama bottoms, and as Maria
didn’t have any underwear on, he could see her glistening
wet pussy lips and his eyes lit up, he then pushed her right
into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him, he put
her hands on the sink, sat on the corner of her bath and buried
his face deep in her dripping wet pussy.

Maria’s pussy was already soaking wet from her previously
building up while she waited for him, he was licking up every
bit of her juices and he then moved onto her ass and started
pressing his tongue deep inside her asshole as he fingered
her already hot dripping pussy, one finger after other
until he four fingers inside Maria, slamming them in and
out of her pussy, right up to his knuckles.

Maria’s knees started to tremble and just then he buried
his face in her hot, quivering pussy hole and started to
eat her out again, and that time he stuck his thumb deep inside
her ass, moving his thumb in and out of her asshole in a circular
motion while his tongue was deep in her pussy hole, and it
wasn’t long before Maria was screaming in pleasure as
she came all over his face.

“You’re so nice and hot, ” he said as Maria licked
his face, lips, and chin cleaned, he removed his shirt and
placed his knees either side of her legs and undid his belt
just in front of her face and pulled his hard cock from his
pants, without wasting time Maria wrapped a hand around
his cock and took it into her mouth, she massaged his cock
head with her tongue while stroking his cock with her right
hand, and she could taste his precum leaking into her mouth
and mixed with her saliva, then spat it on his cock.

“You really know how to suck a cock, ” the repairman
moaned as he grabbed her head and started to fuck deeply
into her throat while rubbing his hands through her hair,
Maria reached around and grabbed his ass with her hands
pulling his cock even deeper into her throat, just a couple
of minutes and she felt him ready to cum.

“I’m going to cum, ” he groaned and blasted rope
after rope of his hot sperm down the back of her throat, he
then pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked it hard,
spraying the last of his sperm onto her face, his spunk dripped
from her chin and landed on her tits as Maria sat there looking
up at him.

He stopped to catch his breath so Maria took his cock in her
hands and squeezed and lapped up the last drops of his sperm,
he looked down at her and moaned “Fuck, you’re the best,
what a great job.”

Maria stood up after that and sat him where she was sitting
before on the bath, and took back his semi hard cock inside
her mouth, Maria was stroking him off and playing with his
balls as she sucked and licked on his cock until she felt
it ready to live again, then she took it deeply into her mouth
and she could feel his hardness reaching the walls of her
throat under his thrusts.

It was only a few minutes into it when he started to moan again
and Maria could feel the base of his cock spasm, she gave
it one last lick and took it out of her mouth, while stroked
him off, hard and fast, and watched as his fresh, warm sperm
spurted all over her neck and tits.

He then thanked Maria and told her that it was amazing, Maria
kissed him and left to a well-deserved shower while she
let him finished his job.

Maria dressed to go out to the town, she was wearing a colorful
sun dress that fell a couple of centimeters above her knees,
and sat on sofa reading a magazine while waiting for him
to finish his job, as he finished they left the house together
and as he went to the town too, Maria decided to leave her
car in the garage and take a lift from him. [image2] He opened the door for Maria, and that was sweet, she thought,
and then climbed into the driver’s seat and drove to the
city, when driving he thanked Maria for the great blow jobs
he gave to him, and for her surprise he told her in confidence,
that he was married, he loved his wife, but she was too much
conservative about sex, only the traditional way on the
bed and with lights off, and no chance at all to any kind of

Maria was watching him amazing by his confidence and with
her hand on his leg as an incentive for him to kept talking,
what he did, and then he told her that she fulfilled two of
his most wished dreams, to lick a pussy and eat the juices
of a woman and get a blow job and cum inside a mouth of a woman,
two things absolutely forbidden for him on his marriage.

While talking the repairman gently guided Maria’s hand
from his leg to his crotch, and with his hand over hers and
over his cock, he gently squeezed and surprised Maria felt
his cock move slightly, growing again larger and firmer,
he squeezed again and she could feel his cock pulsing back
to life.

Maria didn’t need any more hints, she knew what he wanted,
so she reached up an unbuckled his belt, then popped the
button on his trousers and gave the zipper a tug, and reaching
under the elastic waistband of his boxers, it was easy to
find his swollen cock and guided it up and loose.

With a press of a few buttons on the side of the seat, the driver’s
side seat purred away from the steering wheel and it leaned
back slightly, he smiled, keeping his eyes on the motorway,
almost no traffic at that time and they were cruising in
a low speed, almost alone on the road, so shifting her hips
slightly, Maria bent over the console, careful not to bump
the gear shift, she extended her tongue and gave his cock
a few light flicks to get it wet and bring his nerves to life.

He moaned and shifted in the seat, raising his hips toward
her mouth, then Maria took its cock head into her mouth and
started sucking on it gently, he moaned again and his foot
involuntarily pressed down on the accelerator, he realized
what was happening, so he set the cruise control and took
his foot off the accelerator, resting it on the floorboard.

Maria stopped for a moment to give her jaws a rest, then she
licked her lips to keep them wet and started sucking his
cock in earnest, she could extend her neck and control her
gag reflex really well on that position, so it is easy for
Maria to take his entire cock into mouth and let it go as far
down her throat as his cock was long.

Maria was careful on that position especially about tucking
her lips over her teeth, so she could hold the base of his
cock with one hand while her mouth went up and down his rigid
cock, then she thought if they weren’t confined in the
car with a steering wheel in the way, she could use her other
hand to tickle his balls and prod his asshole with a wet finger,
or even two, anyway she needed to went back to the reality
and do only what she could do on that position, and forgot
what she could do better for him.

Just as the motorway exit came in view, Maria sucked his
cock so hard and so urgently that in seconds he exploded
once again into her mouth and remembering his dreams Maria
swallowed it all, not letting a single drop dripped out
from her mouth and sucking until she could feel his last
drop inside her mouth, then she took it out and with her tongue
she licked all over his cock until cleaned it all.

Maria looked at him and she saw the absolutely delight on
his face, in a couple of hours he had gotten his most hidden
dreams fulfilled, she thought smiling to herself, they
were getting into traffic and Maria sat up and leaned against
the door, watching him pull himself together and pay attention
to his driving.

They pulled into the parking lot of a neighborhood shopping
center, he said a thank you for what she had done, Maria kissed
him a good luck and headed for the center she needed something
sweet to drink and wash her throat, and, well, the day was
still young, and she had sucked the same guy for three times
but she wasn’t fucked yet, and she was urging for it. [image3] After taking a drink Maria went store to store watching
what they had new, the time was running, she was feeling
a little frustrated, nothing was catching her attention
and the shopping center is very near to its closing time,
Maria was thinking that it would be better to go to an Adult
Theater and get some fun inside as nothing was caching her
attention there, then she stopped at a shoe store with a
very well looking shop assistant, and she felt a tingling
run all over her body while thinking it would be her chance.

Maria entered the store and asked the shop assistant to
see some shoes that a man would like to see on her, he said
certainly and disappeared into the rear of the store, Maria
sat down and as she sat down and crossed her legs her dress
rose up to mid-thigh.

Soon the shop assistant was back with two boxes of shoes,
he took out a black strap-on pair and asked if this was what
she had in mind, Maria responded by asking to try them on,
so he sat on the stool and placed his hand behind her calf
and placed her foot on the stool then he slipped off her shoe
and started to strap on the new shoe, when he was done with
the first shoe he moved her foot to the floor and moved her
other foot to the stool, so Maria's legs were spread
and her luscious thighs were on display.

Maria was laughing to herself watching as the shop assistant
was trying to avert his gaze from looking under her dress,
then after the second shoe was in place, Maria got up and
posed at the mirror asking if the shoes made her legs look
sexy, the shop assistant replied that she looked stunning,
but Maria then asked to try on the other pair and sat back
down and the shop assistant placed her foot on the stool
and started to unlace the shoe.

With that Maria's knees were fully spread and the shop
assistant was no longer averting his gaze of her thighs,
he also probably was also able to get a shot of her thin silk
panties, and when he went to buckle the second shoe her knees
moved a little further apart, to there was no doubt that
he could see completely under her dress.

Maria held her thighs apart and let the shop assistant examine
her thighs and panties, after a couple of minutes, which
the shop assistant never moved his eyes from her crotch,
she closed her thighs and asked to try on some more shoes,
the shop assistant said gladly a no problem but as it was
closing time, he had to lock up the store first.

Maria almost roared with laugh as he heard that, and as he
got up his hard-on was clearly seen by her, then when he returned
he had a pair of shoes that he said she would surely love,
so he sat down and grabbed her by the back of the calf and putting
her foot on the stool, that she spread her legs again and
again she gave him a complete view under her skirt.

When he was finished strapping on the first shoe instead
of placing her foot on the floor he put her foot onto another
stool that he had moved into place and grabbed her other
foot and placed it on the first stool, the result was that
her knees were fully spread and her legs set up high exposing
her charms to his view, he then pushed her dress up to her
waist and slowly moved his hands up her inner thighs and
began to massage her clit over her panties, Maria moaned
that she was close to cumming and then she asked if he had
that shoes but in red.

Astonished with her reaction, he said a “yes mam” and
while he was gone Maria stood up and slipped her panties
down her legs and kept it in her handbag, she then sat down
with her legs tightly together, and as the shop assistant
returned with the red shoes, he quickly removed the shoe
and put on the new red shoe, while Maria kept her legs together
but pressed her foot into the shop assistant's crotch
massaging his hard-on while he strapped on the red shoe.

When he had the first shoe on he again placed it on the stool
and grabbed her other calf and placed it on the second stool
exposing her now naked pussy to his enlarged eyes, he was
speechless and astonished with the sight of Maria with
her legs spread wide and her glistened wet slippery pussy
opened and ready, Maria always was the type of woman who
cums very easily and becomes extremely wet when she was

Then the shop assistant recovered his composure and gladly
pushed her dress up and remarked that the shoes went great
with her pretty pink pussy, Maria giggled but she was going
crazy with excitement, the shop assistant wasted no time
in sliding his hands up her thighs and quickly entered her
with two fingers into her pussy, and Maria started cumming
immediately, the shop assistant worked his fingers in
and out of her until her climax was complete.

He then slid down onto the floor and moved his mouth to her
clit and began flicking it with his tongue while he continued
to finger fuck her, he was not neglecting himself having
removed his hard cock from his pants with his free hand while
Maria was coming again from the stimulation of his tongue
on her clit, the shop assistant then moved between her legs
and in one stroke buried the full length of his cock deep
into her pussy, his ass snapped back repeatedly giving
her a couple of long strokes, and Maria was moaning and cumming
and cumming.

He then pulled her down to the floor and started to pound
into her with long strokes, so Maria was with her dress bunched
around her waist, and being masterfully fucked by a complete
stranger on the carpet of a shoe store, and that was driving
her absolutely crazy.

Soon the shop assistant could not hold back his orgasm anymore
and with a final deep thrust he buried his cock even deeper
and started to squirt his sperm deep into her puss, they
both just lay there on the carpet in a glow from their fucking
with the shop assistants cock still inside of Maria, but
instead of pulling out he started a slow grind and tugged
at the top of her sundress pulling it down to reveal her tits
and he started playing with her nipples twisting and pulling
on them and as he moved his tongue to her nipples, Maria let
out a soft moan as she noticed happily that he was starting
to get hard again.

The shop assistant was ready to fuck Maria again, his hips
moved in a steady rhythm slowing raising her excitement,
he was hitting her high keeping maximum contact with her
clit, he continued to squeeze and suck on her teats, since
he had previously cum he was going to last much longer, Maria
thought, but she was in for a long ride, she was laying with
her eyes closed with her feet wrapped around his ass urging
him on and she was cumming continuously.

It was an unbelievable situation and she was enjoying it
to her limits, his cock was repeatedly thrusting in and
out her pussy, it had already become coated with the white
froth from his previous cum, and for almost 15 minutes he
was fucking Maria, slamming into her with long deep strokes
as hard as he could, and as Maria just loves to be fucked hard
she was going totally wild, then she shoved her finger into
his asshole, and almost immediately his ass muscles tighten
and he once again shot his sperm deep into her willing pussy.

Maria had completely lost control from the fierce fucking
that she had received, the shop assistant got up and left
Maria on the rug with her dress around her waist, her legs
spread wide and her pussy gapping open and cum dripping
down from her twitching pussy to her asshole, he then thanked
Maria and told her that it was amazing, Maria kissed him
and composed herself while he opened the door for her leave
the store, as he needed to stay there to finalize his work
and make the cash out of the day. [image4] As Maria left the shoes shopping to the main door the shopping
was already closed, so she went directly to the security
cabinet to call the night clerk, he was so focus on watching
the screen from one of the security cams that he didn’t
even realized her approach, then Maria stopped speechless
as she noticed him sitting there with his eyes wide and his
mouth open, she also noticed that he had a big bulge at the
crotch of his pants and was looking to a screen that shows
a full vision of the shoes shopping.

“Fuck! He'd seen what I had been doing. Now I was going
to get in troubles”. Maria thought, but she didn't
have to wait long to find out what his intentions were as
he walked over to the counter opened the door to her and with
a wild grin he invited Maria to go in.

Maria’s thoughts were running like crazy all over her
mind then she stopped with a light laugh as she thought to
herself. “Oh fuck, why not? A little extra fun is always

As Maria went in the security cabinet he holds her over the
counter desk, he then pushed her dress up to her waist and
reached down to take down her panties, he then looked into
her and she lifted her feet off the floor so that he removed
them completely, so there Maria was sitting over a desk
into the security cabinet of a shopping center, with her
panties in the clerk hand as he looked from up to down at her,
he had to be at least 60 years old, he was tall and somewhat
thin and his hair was gray.

Maria then almost stopped breathing when he stepped closer
and bent down, then shoved his face between her legs and
she watched mesmerized as he started to lick her pussy,
and fuck her with his tongue, and thoughts were running
through her head while the clerk kept up his tongue action
on her and before he stopped and looked up to say he wanted
to fuck her for real.

Maria had already decided to screw him if she could, she
nodded as she smiled to him and he stood up and so did Maria,
tugging at his belt as he quickly untied his tie and stripped
in front of her, and she watched as he shoved his slacks down
and was amazed at his size when his underwear when next.

For 60’s, he looked every bit as good as the shopping assistant
who was half his age, then he reached into her dress and started
fondling her breast, she reciprocated by grabbing his
already hard cock and squeezed it at that time Maria just
wanted this old man to stick it in and show her a good time
as she had already made up her mind that she wanted to fuck
him, Maria felt very perverted to let an old guy like him
fuck her over a desk.

At least that's the way she felt and that was a big turn
on to her being fucked by an old man in a dirty old security
cabinet of a shopping center, anyway she noticed also that
he hadn't even been prepared for any rejections from
her, he had assumed that Maria just would let him take her
without problems, and she smiled under that thought, well
it looked like Maria was going to let him go ahead, so she
might as well enjoy it, she thought to herself.

Excited by those thoughts Maria bent down and without telling
him her intentions she started licking the head of his cock,
Maria knew that old guys always enjoy watching girl's
giving head so she made a real slutty show of it looking up
for his approval from time to time, Maria could see that
he was really enjoying her oral efforts as he was standing
there, his legs trembling, groaning his pleasure out loudly,
so loudly that if anyone walked into the shopping center
they'd think someone was in pain and dying out here.

Maria felt so in control of the situation with that older
man completely in her power, it was a new feeling and she
liked it, she liked it a lot, Maria squatted down in front
of his big cock and started to take him in earnest, she knew
very well how to give a pretty good head if she wanted to,
and Maria was trying to impress that older man with her talents,
she guessed as she started taking him down her throat, gagging
from time to time when he'd get a little too rambunctious,
and shove it back when she was on the down thrust herself.

Maria could imagine what he must think of her, being fucked
into a shoes shopping first, then squatting down in front
of him almost naked, sucking on his big cock. Maria really
didn't care with his thoughts as the sensation of her
tongue on his cock was making her crazy, and she sucked wildly
on his cock as her hand was massaging harder his big heavy

Maria was so horny that she was positively dripping, she
wanted nothing more than for the old man to push her down
onto the dirty concrete floor and fuck her brains out, she
could imagine that huge old cock of his all slick from his
pre-cum and her pussy juices all mixed up together, pumping
away in her, thrusting deep, spurting even deeper, Damn
Maria needed him to do it, and to do it right there and then.

That's when he started grunting, almost like in a slow-motion
film they began to fall back to the floor, he held her head
and gently laid her down with his cock still planted firmly
into her sucking mouth, and Maria almost couldn't
believe that she was letting him fuck her mouth like that,
and that was what he was doing, fucking her into the mouth
like it was a woman's pussy.

Then Maria felt it, he was coming into her mouth, she started
to choke as his hot sperm hit the back of her throat, but he
held her head so that she couldn't stop swallowing
his sperm, and Maria loved the feeling of give to that old
man a so powerful pleasure, he was so much older than her
but he had almost lost control of himself, and she was being
fucked by his old clerk like a demon possessed on the security
cabinet floor.

When Maria felt the last pulse of his gush into her mouth
she gently pulled him from between her lips and smiled wickedly
as she licked her lips and swallowed, he watched her depraved
act and she watched his cock in surprise, it was still hard
and standing proudly out ready for some more action, Maria
was really surprised for how an old man like him could keep
his erection after emptied his balls a couple of minutes
ago, and then Maria realized that she wanted him more than
anything right then, she needed him fucking her hard and

Maria rolled over pulling him to the floor and climbed atop
his body, he still had his shirt on but the buttons had been
pulled off in our lust and now Maria could see his chest and
stomach, he obviously worked out because despite of his
age she could see his muscles tense as she lowered her pussy
down over his big cock.

What a fuck, Maria thought as she felt wonderful to mount
that older man's hot cock like that, she could feel
it expanding her interior pussy walls as it slid into her,
and she enjoyed the feeling of that hard rock cock impaling
her, Maria wiggled around on it rubbing him against her
clit and immediately experiencing a twinge of intense
excitement, then as she set up a fucking rhythm for a few
moments she exploded almost immediately under an orgasm,
but she kept up the rhythm looking for another, as she wanted
to enjoy those wonderful feelings for as long as possible.

Allowing Maria no more than a minute to catch her breath
after her orgasm, he made her stand up and he hold her at the
waist while shoved his still hard cock into her from behind,
there she was standing in the security cabinet getting
it from the night clerk from behind, as he pumped in and out
of her wet slippery pussy, faster and faster until Maria
felt him exploded into her and spurts over spurts of sperm
filling her pussy.

For a moment Maria felt like in the heaven standing there
with an old man sticking his cock into her pussy from behind,
he was shivering and grunting as he released his sperm into
her, Maria knew he was enjoying all of it and for some reason
that made her intensely aroused, she reached down between
her legs and began to run her clit as fast as she could.

Maria could feel his cock jammed between her pussy lips
with her exploring fingers, she grabbed his cock head and
began to run it against her clit as fast as she could and that
brought Maria over the top, instinctively he began his
fucking motions against her again to provide some friction
to increase her coming orgasm and Maria couldn't breathe
for a moment, the rush of physical and emotional satisfaction
was just too much for her and Maria almost blacked out while
she screamed in orgasmic ecstasy as another powerful orgasm
racked her body.

Then they both stopped as someone knocked the window, they
both turned their heads at the same time just to see the astonished
but delighted face of the shopping assistant looking at
them, with their urge to fuck, both forgot that he was still
inside and he too, want to leave.

They all laughed, they composed themselves, and then the
night clerk opened the door and they left the shopping center,
the shopping assistant invited her to take a drink at a pub,
but Maria smiled and said “No, thanks, it was enough for
today, it was a hard but funny day from morning to now, but
at this moment I just want to take a cab and went home, my husband
probably is already there and I want to finish my day with

He looked at her in astonishment and mumbled “Your husband?
Are you married?”

Maria laughed watching the disbelief on his face and replied
while calling a passing cab “Of course I’m married,
but that don’t means I don’t like to have fun and enjoy
a good fuck session, bye.” [image5] And saying that she entered the taxi leaving the speechless
shopping assistant like a statue on the street, as she gave
the address to the driver Maria immediately reached the
telephone and called me asking me if I was already at home,
unfortunately I had bad news to her as I must stay overtime
with my team at the office preparing an important meeting
for the day after, and even not sure if I would go home that
night, or if we just need to stay there sleeping a couple
of hours before our meeting.

Maria was really upset with me and yelled at the telephone,
“Oh fuck you, not today, I’m in fire and I want you to
fuck me wildly right now!”

She didn’t heard as I apologized her saying it will be
impossible, as she blushed as she realized that she was
in a taxi and the driver was looking at her through the rear
view mirror with a wild smile, then Maria sat back and closed
eyes until she felt the taxi slow down, she was at home, she
paid the ride and the driver with the same wild smile asked
her if she didn’t need anything else.

Maria smiled back and said “I don’t think so, I’m
already home and the light of my terrace is already on, but
anyway thank you for asking.”

Saying that Maria run home, as she entered she moved slowly
on the darkness to the window door and she smiled, yes, the
taxi driver was still there standing against the taxi and
smoking while watching intently the terrace she told him
before, Maria stepped back and turned all lights on while
turning off the exterior lights so whatever would happen
inside her house would be much more visible from the exterior.

After that Maria sat down on the chair in front of her vanity,
in the mirror she studied herself as she brushed her long
hair, as she looked at herself she noticed that her eyes
seemed brighter that day and she finished brushing her
hair she slowly rose and tugged at the top of her sundress
pulling it down to reveal her tits, she pulled it down slowly
and she started playing with her nipples twisting and pulling
on them.

Maria was always really good at these little strip teases
and she enjoyed doing them, and the fact that she knew the
taxi driver was watching her made it even better.

Still watching the mirror she began to rub the outer edge
of her nipples making them hard and erect, rolling her nipples
between her fingers making them even harder she let out
a faint cry of pleasure, she glanced back at the bed to see
if he really was watching, and as she stared into the dark
outside she could see he was definitely watching her, he
was not near the taxi anymore but instead he was standing
outside her terrace and the bulge in his pants showed that
he was really enjoying her show.

Turning back to her mirror Maria viewed her tits, she loved
the way they looked when her nipples were hard, then she
began to take her dress off, first slowly and down her ass
just to make him want it more, then she took her dress completely
off and tossed it aside, glanced at him she noticed that
as she pulled of her pants his bulge grew even harder, Maria
then opened the glass window door to the terrace and stood
there with her back to him, her ass glistened under the moonlight
like calling for him.

As Maria had slid her dress down over her ass and opened the
window door he could no longer wait, her teasing was driving
him crazy and he wouldn’t be tortured no more, before
Maria could turn around she heard him jump into the terrace
and when his hands grabbed her ass checks she screamed with
delight, he grabbed her hard and spun her around quickly
he pulled her head back using her hair and began to lick her
hard erect nipples.

Maria cried out as he gently nibbled on each of them, he sucked
for a long time enjoying her breast before he moved down
to taste her, and before she knew what was happening she
was thrown onto the edge of her bed and his mouth was all over
her wet pussy, his tongue danced on her clit loving every
minute of it as he licked and licked till Maria started to
scream in ecstasy, he thrust two fingers into her slippery
pussy and harder and harder he fucked her with his fingers
till she was shaking and about to cum but then he pulled his
fingers out her pussy and stopped licking her clit, Maria
screamed “No, please no, don’t stop!”

But he just stood up and began to remove his clothes, then
he tugged his large erect cock from his pants and flipping
her over like nothing, he ran his hand from her clit through
her soaking wet pussy, around her asshole and to his hard
cock, he touched her back entrance with his cock head and
slowly began its way in, once in a while he was pulling his
cock head out, just to hear her moans and how much she really
wanted it, and just when he thought she couldn't take
much more of his cock teasing her ass hole, with a single
hard thrust he shoved the full length of his cock inside
her asshole.

Maria screamed with pleasure and he started thrust harder
and harder into her asshole, as deep as she would allow him,
he could feel as Maria was close to her orgasm but it was not
over yet, he thrust a few more times into her asshole and
then he erupted in waves over waves of sperm into her ass
as her own orgasm was making her body shivered and twisted
wildly around his cock, then they finished and as he took
his cock out of her ass a few drops of cum were dripping all
over her round ass.

As Maria lay there relaxing and feeling the sperm drip out
of her and onto the bed she heard the door open, startled
she jumped up looking through the window just on time to
see the taxi lights and the engine turned on, then as slowly
he drove out the parking and to the highway.

Her day was finished, so Maria went to well-deserved shower
and then went asleep until the morning after.

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Great story, thanks for sharing with the community, and
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