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Ariel the witch



Please note that this text contains one or more repetitions
of a specific BLUE WORD . It is
marked thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and
useage in an erotic environment. Enjoy........

Ariel the witch lived in a small but spacious cottage far
out in the green forests, far from civilisation, her only
companions the wild birds and other forest creatures and
her Familiar, Screech, an old black tom cat.

The winds were howling around the cottage one day, a summer
thunderstorm in progress. The shriek of the storm began
to arouse the witch, as the intensity of the weather began
to arouse her desires. She stood before her mirror, nude,
pulling her long blond hair back and admiring her sensual
grace. Her nipples were hard and she slowly ran her fingers
lazily across them, feeling her juices begin to flow.

She ran one hand down her body, slowly moving her legs apart
and darted a finger inside.

"That's it!" she sighed, and began looking
for her spell-book, intent on conjuring up a bed mate for
the afternoon.

The only spell she could find called for a male animal, which
would be turned into a virile man for her pleasure.

"Come here, Screech, " Ariel whispered, "That's
a good kitty!"

The old tomcat hopped upon the bed, purring loudly.

Ariel incanted the necessary words and in a swirl of multicoloured
mists the cat was transformed into a large, good-looking
man with piercing green eyes.

Ariel felt her desire increase as the man motioned for her
to join him on the bed. Quickly, she slipped out of her robes
and lay beside him. He kissed her deeply, his hands moving
over her body, teasing her, his tongue darting flames into
her mouth.

Ariel moaned, a low, throaty sound, and slid beneath him.
His mouth darted to her moistness and his tongue and lips
rapidly brought her to the brink...

"Now, NOW!" she screamed, clutching at him,
"Fuck me now!"

The man smiled, a lazy feline smile, as he watched the writhing
witch beneath him. Gently stroking her face, he asked;
"Now, aren't you sorry you had me fixed?"

He lay sleeping deeply, on his back, one hand across his
eyes, the other flung across the bed, oblivious to the silent
swirl of multicoloured mists in a dark corner of the bedroom,
unaware that a female form was taking shape.

Ariel quietly approached the bed, her eyes dark with desire
as she watched him sleep. His cock was hard, and it twitched
and quivered. She smiled, knowing what was in his dreams.

Silently, she slid onto the bed and began tracing low, slow
kisses across his stomach, feeling the muscles tense beneath
her lips. Slowly she sucked the head of his pulsing cock
into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. He moaned
softly. Inch by inch, she slowly took him into her hot, wet
mouth until her lips were wrapped around the root, and then
began feasting, long, slow, deep sucks, her tongue lavishing
his hot hard meat. She could feel his cock swell to completely
fill her mouth and she quickly moved away. Stripping off
her robes, she straddled him and slowly eased herself onto
him, until he was buried deep inside her.

Her inner muscles began to milk him, and she began to ride
his cock, her own desires now fully ignited.

Faster she moved, as his hips began to match her movements
in the ancient rhythms.

Suddenly, she threw her head back and moaned quietly, her
cunt convulsing around him, triggering his own orgasm,
and he filled her with spurt
after spurt .

Slowly she released him and sucked his cock clean of their
combined juices. Slowly she dressed, a warm smile on her
lips as again she watched him sleep. A gentle kiss on his

Once again, his room was empty, his sleep now filled with

I have come to your office looking for a job. Your secretary
has shown me to your private office and closed the door behind
her. You rise to shake my hand, and I try to be subtle as my
eyes move over you. You offer me a seat in a large chair opposite
your desk, and I sit, crossing my legs.

"So what are your qualifications?" you ask,
and I notice that you are staring at where my skirt has ridden
up, revealing a glimpse of creamy white thigh above my dark

I begin to tell you of my job experience, but you are not listening.
Your green eyes are roaming over my body.

"Are you wearing anything under that skirt?"
you ask.

I blush, and murmur "No, sir."

"Uncross your legs and spread your legs apart, "
you order me.

The authority in your rough voice starts my juices flowing.
As I slowly part my legs, my skirt rises up, allowing you
a full view of my moist pussy lips. I can feel the juices oozing
down the crack of my ass.

"Mmmmmmm, nice, " you say, moving in front
of me and kneeling.

You push my legs apart further, opening my hot wet cunt to
your inspection. You grab my hips, and pull me forward in
the chair, then use your fingers to part my cunt lips, revealing
my hard throbbing clit, slowly you suck it into your mouth,
flicking it with your tongue as your fingers creep towards
my cunt. My legs begin to tremble as you lick and suck at me.
You slide two long fingers into my pussy, slowly, as my cunt
tries to suck them in deeper. You slip your fingers into,
slowly, just up to the first knuckle, teasing, slipping
in and out. My thighs are trembling and you can feel my clit
pulsing beneath your slowly moving tongue.

My juices are flowing faster and we can hear the sucking
noises as my cunt grips your fingers. Suddenly, you dart
your stiffened tongue into my cunt and out again, giving
my clit a fast flick, then back into my cunt, a little deeper
this time, lapping at my juices. Your thumb begins to lightly
stroke my clit as you dart your tongue in and out of my cunt.

My moans are getting louder now, and I try to force my cunt
onto your probing tongue. You can tell that I am very close
to coming. "Not yet, " you say, rising and pulling
me to my feet.

My legs are trembling so that I can barely stand, and my juices
are dripping down my thighs. My clit is throbbing and swollen.
I move my hand down, wanting to stroke my clit, wanting to
come, needing to come, but your large hand stops mine.

"Not until I say so, " you tell me and lead me
towards your desk.

You tell me to sit on the very edge and I do. You push my skirt
up and force me back down on the desk, my ass at the very edge.

"Make yourself come, " you say, "I want
to watch you."

As you watch me, you unzip your pants, and slip them off.
Your cock is hard, with a glistening pearl of pre-cum oozing
from the slit. It looks delicious and I lick my lips as I watch
you begin to slowly stroke it. My hand is moving faster now,
plunging in and out of my cunt, feeling the pressure building.

"Don't come yet!" you tell me, still stroking
your cock.

"Rub your clit, but very slowly..."

I slowly begin massaging my engorged clit, rubbing my juices
over it. My cunt is aching, I want to feel your cock in me now.

"Now slip one finger into your cunt, not all the way,
just a little..."

Your hand begins to move a little faster now, your cock seeming
to get even harder. You move closer so that your cock-head
is right in front of my mouth. I lick the slit, tasting you,
and start to slowly suck you into my hot wet mouth, my finger
moving in my cunt, slowly, churning up all the hot flowing
juices. Holding your cock, and still stroking it, you begin
to feed it to me, and I eagerly suck it in, inch by rock hard
inch, until my lips are wrapped around the root and the head
is deep in my throat. You begin to fuck my mouth, slowly at
first, and I caress your balls with my other hand, feeling
them begin to tense, feeling your cock begin to throb and
pulse in my mouth. My fingers are moving rapidly now, wanting
to come as you come in my mouth...

You slowly pull your glistening cock from my hungry mouth
and move my fingers from my pussy. You lock your elbows under
my knees, my legs across your shoulders and push your cock
towards my dripping cunt. Holding it with one hand, you
rub the head of it along my juicy slit up to my clit, teasing
me, then back down where you rub my juices around my puckered
asshole. Back up again and you slowly slip the head between
my cunt lips. I try to thrust my hips upward, wanting every
inch of you in me, but you have my legs pinned and I can't.
You feel my cunt trying to suck you in, grasping at you greedily,
but you don't move.

"Please fuck me!"

I moan, my hands rubbing at my clit.

"I want to come!"

You slap my hand away.

"No, not yet!" you tell me.

"I want you to beg me to fuck you, " you say, pushing
your cock in a little further.

Then you pull it back out so once again the head is nestled
between my cunt lips. I am writhing on the desk now, wanting
to feel your cock all the way in me, filling me to the hilt.

"Beg for it, or I'll stop!" you say, slamming
it in one long hard stroke and then pulling it almost all
the way out again.

"Oh yes!"

I scream, "Please, please fuck me now! I want all of
your cock in me! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Your hot mouth covers mine, drowning out my moans, as you
shove your cock all the way into my cunt and begin fucking
me hard. Your tongue is my mouth as your cock plunges
in and out of my cunt, filling it. My cunt grips your cock
even tighter as I start to come, my screams filling your
mouth. You feel my cunt pulsing around your cock as my juices
stream out. You withdraw your cock from my cunt and stand

"But YOU didn't come, " I protest.

"Oh, I will, I will, you'll see, " you smile
and I wonder what you are going to do to me now.

Your cock is slick with my juices and throbs as I watch you
walk to your coat closet. Reaching in, you pull a handful
of ties from the closet and return to your desk.

"Roll onto your stomach, " you tell me, and
I do so, my belly against the desk, feet on the floor.

You begin to bind my wrists to the desk and my ankles to the
desk legs, tightly, so that I can't move. I can feel
my come puddle beneath my belly and still some oozes from
my cunt.

"Do you want more?" you ask me, slipping one
finger into my cunt and stroking slowly.

"Yes..." I moan, pushing myself onto your plunging

You slip your finger from my cunt and began massaging my
asshole, smearing it with my juices and gently slipping
your finger inside. Your other hand is softly stroking
my clit, feeling it grow hard again. With your other hand,
you rub your lubricated cock-head against the tight ring
of my ass, forcing it inside, very slowly, stretching my
cherry asshole to allow full entry for your hard cock.

You push in another inch, then another, as my tight asshole
contracts around your dick. It feels so good!
Further in you slip, until your entire cock is buried deep.

"Do you like it?" you ask me, and I answer you
with a moan.

Your fingers are moving faster on my clit now, every now
and then sliding into my cunt to smear the juice over my clit.

"Beg me to fuck your ass, " you tell me.

"If you don't beg, I won't come, and neither
will you."

Your fingers are rubbing my clit harder and I know I am close
to the edge.

" my ass with your cock!"

I moan, "Fuck me deep with it!"

My moans seem to send you over the edge, for you begin fucking
my ass in hard deep strokes, spreading my cheeks to allow
you full entry, your balls slamming against my cunt.

Your breathing intensifies with your plunges.

"Rub your clit!" you say, "Rub it and come
with me!"

Your cock seems to grow even harder inside me and I begin
to finger my clit in time with your rapid plunges, deeper
and deeper you push, faster and faster, until I feel as if
you are going to rip me in two. Suddenly your cock swells
inside of me just as I start to come, and you shoot stream
after stream of hot pulsating come deep into my ass.

"Yes! Ahhhhhhhh YES!" you scream, your cock
buried deep inside me, and I explode at that instant also,
in a loud shriek of orgasmic pleasure.

I feel your come dripping from my ass, there is so much of
it, as you slowly withdraw your cock from me and untie me.
When I turn to face you, you are dressed again. You gently
pull my skirt down over my aching pussy and give me a long,
deep kiss.

"You're hired, " you tell me.

"You can start tomorrow, and be prepared to take lots
of DICK-tation !"

Ariel was soaking in the hot tub in the Wizard's room,
relaxing after a long day of tormenting mortals in The Land.
She was tired, and bored with dropping zombies and rats
all over for mortals to stumble across. She was in need of
a new and amusing diversion. She began looking over the
mortals from her lofty vantage point above the forests
and mountains, wondering if there was some unwitting fool
she could hit with her potent Finger of Death, terminating
their existence. Suddenly, she heard someone singing...
she glanced around. How DARE a mortal sing in MY domain!"
she thought, looking for the doomed perpetrator.

There he was, in the main bedroom of the cottage!
Cloaked in invisibility, Ariel transported herself to
the main bedroom. Sprawled across the unmade bed lay a young
and handsome mortal, bearded and clad in the garments of
a wanderer.

Ariel studied him closely, walking around the bed, wondering
how any mortal could be so happy, and son unaware of her mighty
presence. She tapped her foot impatiently... was he blind?

Then she remembered her invisibility and incanted the
proper spell.

"Hello, oh wondrous witch!" the mortal smiled
at her, as she took form in front of him.

"Who might you be, mortal?" she asked, her voice
cold, her eyes glaring down at him.

He rose, towering over here, and enfolded her in a warm hug.

"I am Kalthanas, " he told her, "And you
must be the fair Ariel!"

Ariel disengaged herself from his embrace and gave him
a steely stare. "hmmm, " she thought, "The
mortal has spunk! Maybe he needs to be taught a lesson in

Ariel quickly transported herself to the Royal Bedroom
and explained her plans to the Dwarf Queen. The tiny lady
chortled with glee on hearing what Ariel had in mind and
gladly relinquished her chambers to the witch, closing
the door behind her. Ariel closed her eyes, and uttered
the spell of summoning.

In a flash, Kalthanas was before her, but to her astonishment,
showed no surprise or fear. He coolly looked around the
room, taking in the small but ornate furnishings. "Nice
place you have here, " he told her, "But a bit
small for a witch as magnificent as yourself."

Ariel stamped one foot in exasperation.

"Rise, mortal!" she exclaimed.

"I do believe you need to be taught a lesson!"

The young man smiled.

"A lesson? Hmmmm... you may find that I am quite a fast
learner.!" he told her.

Ariel stamped a foot in exasperation. THIS mortal was not
making it easy!
Kalthanas bowed low.

"What is your wish, M'Lady?"

"Undress me, mortal, and the lesson will begin."

Kalthanas approached her and slowly removed her robes,
laying them gently across the bed. Then he stepped back,
his eyes raking over her, taking in her lovely form. Ariel
felt a blush creep from her cheeks to her breasts.

"Do you like what you see, mortal?" she asked

She could feel herself becoming excited beneath his steady
green gaze.

Kalthanas smiled, a slow, lazy smile. "Indeed, I
do, M'Lady, " he told her. "Now what is
your desire?"

Ariel stretched across the bed and parted her legs slightly,
giving him a glimpse of her dark, moist tunnel.

"Pleasure me with your mouth, " she told him,
"That is, if you know HOW to pleasure a woman that way."

Still smiling, Kal slid onto the bed, and moved Ariel's
legs farther apart. He slid his hands beneath her buttocks
and lifted her cunt to his face. He breathed in the heady
aroma of her passion and lightly flicked her swollen clit
with the tip of his tongue, feeling her cheeks clench in
his hands.

Ariel moaned softly, her juices beginning to flow copiously
as his mouth moved over her. He slid his stiff tongue into
her juicy cunt, lapping at her, savouring the sweet honey
of her desire. He began licking her in low, slow licks, moving
his tongue from cunt to ass and back to her throbbing clit.
Ariel began to writhe beneath his touch. He started to lick
faster, sucking and nibbling on her clit as Ariel bucked
her hips, thrusting her cunt into his face. With a loud moan,
she let go a flood of juices, which he eagerly devoured,
lapping up every drop.

Kalthanas arose and quickly removed his own clothing.
His cock was erect, a glistening pearl on it's tip.
It bobbed and swayed as he approached the bed, moving it
within inches of her mouth.

"I am sure that a fair-minded witch such as yourself
wouldn't mind returning the favour just granted, "
he told her.

Ariel licked her lips. She had not seen such a magnificent
wand on a mortal in many a day. She took it by the thick base
and began feeding it into her hot wet mouth, pausing to lick
the pre- cum from the swollen head. Inch by inch she took
it, until it was wholly buried in her mouth, savouring the
taste of him, loving how his hot meat throbbed in her throat.
Grabbing his ass, she pulled him towards her, sucking deeper
and faster, wanting him to fill her mouth with his cream...

Kalthanas seemed to know what the witch wanted and he slid
from her mouth, his cock glistening from her efforts. He
moved between her legs, the tip of his cock at the entrance
to her pulsing cunt. He slowly moved the head inside her
cunt lips and held it there, feeling her cunt trying to suck
it inside her.

"Nay, M'Lady, " he told her.

"First you must tell me how much you want it."

Ariel twisted beneath him. This was NOT going as she had
planned. This mere mortal had HER begging HIM to fuck her!

"Fuck me, mortal, do it now! Plunge that magnificent
cock into my cunt!"

With one swift lunge, Kalthanas buried his cock deep inside
her. He placed her legs over his shoulders and pushed deeper,
getting every hot hard inch inside her steaming pussy.
He began to fuck her in long steady strokes, pulling his
cock almost all the way out each time then plunging it all
the way in. He could feel her cunt gripping him tightly,
trying to milk him and knew that he was close to cumming.
Ariel met his every thrust with one off her own. He could
feel his orgasm nearing and he began to move faster, harder...
he felt the contractions of her cunt around him and the sudden
rush of juices from her as he began to spurt
hot streams of cum into her eager cunt.

"Oh yes, oh yes, she screamed. "I'm cumming,
I'm cumming!"

Her hips thrashed beneath him, her cunt sucking his cock
of every drop of cum. He fell across her, his cock still throbbing
inside her. Slowly he withdrew it and offered it to her lips.

"Clean it, M'lady, " he ordered her, and
Ariel sucked their combined juices from his flaccid but
still large cock.

Kalthanas began to dress, and Ariel watched him.

"I had intended to make you my slave, " she told
him, "But instead I am your slave for life."

"I know, " he smiled gently.

"You may look forward to many more of these encounters."

He kissed her hand and slipped from the chambers.

Ariel lay back and closed her eyes, already dreaming of
the next time.

Kalthanas smelled the acrid fumes in the air and hurried
his pace, all the while trying to stay silent, else he was
dragon chow.

He saw a large shadow behind him. It was too late!
The dragoon had found him and was even now bearing down on
him for the kill...

Waking with a start in a sweat-drenched bed, Kalthanas
sat up, his heart pounding and his forehead throbbing.
The usually unmade bed was even more unmade because of his
somnambulistic struggles. A nightmare, he told himself,
only a nightmare. He w as about to settle himself back in
when he heard an intake of breath. Squinting into the shadows,
he caught the outline of a witch in a red robe with day-glo
astrological signs sewn into the fabric. Sighing, he sat
back and said "I thought I smelled sulphur, Ariel."

She giggled and approached his bed. Grinning, she said,
"You would do well not to taunt me, mortal."
and stepped out of her robe.

His pulse quickened as her bare form was revealed in the
moonlight in all its splendour.

"Come to me, wench." he said with a smile.

"I'll teach you to call me by my proper title,
mortal." she was saying as she crawled across the
bed towards him.

Pulling aside the sheets from his still-sweaty form, she
saw the stiffening rod she so longed for. Purring, she said
softly, "Some day..."

"...but not tonight, " he finished for her,
flashing another mischievous grin.

She crawled over his body, pausing here to caress a thigh,
there to lick his belly. At last she stopped, on all fours,
suspended above him. They kissed, deeply, his tongue and
hers caught in a fiery embrace. His agile fingers stroked
her breasts twirling around the distended nipples.

They broke, breathless.

Turning, she reversed her position above him and wiggled
her hips invitingly, offering her dripping snatch to his

"Come, Master, " she said with a sarcastic
tinge to the word 'master', "Tame your horny
witch yet again, else she will slip from under your power."

"My slave you are, " he said lovingly, "and
slave you shall remain.

But, " with a tone of reluctance in his voice, "I
am also your slave."

With that, he plunged his expert tongue deep into her, causing
her to gasp. His tongue danced and whirled within her, doing
things no other being could approach. Slowly, then quickly,
he caressed her swollen clitoris, her juices falling on
his face in a comparative torrent.

Moaning, Ariel started to occupy herself with the wand
that had so enchanted her. Licking its entire length, she
stroked his balls and ran her fingers through his pubic
hair. Long, slow licks that made his cock bob in anticipation.
Slowly, she took him into her mouth. First, the head, which
she swirled with her tongue, and pressed its opening at
the tip. Engulfing his penis inch by slow inch, Ariel showed
her expertise, if not mercy.

Kalthanas paused in his meal, mmmming in response to Ariel's
ministrations, then plunged back in with a will, sucking
up her juices like a starving man.

Finally, she reached the end of his towering member. Her
mouth full, she started in on the long strokes that started
Kalthanas aquiver. He laid flat, feeling her moist mouth
caressing his long shaft. When he started moaning softly,
she stopped, and licked off the single drop of cum that she
had brought up. He again licked her dripping cunt, teasing
her clitoris. He stopped and got to his knees on the bed.
He stroked her back and thighs, cupping her ass in his hands
and slipping a finger in her pussy. "Mmmmmm, "
she said, or something close to that.

Cupping one breast in one hand and guiding his cock into
her from behind with the other, Kalthanas fucked her, plunging
the long shaft deep into her dripping cunt. Ariel arched
her head back and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, a noise
half way between a grunt and a moan escaping her lips.

She increased the movement of her hips in response to his,
her hands clenching the satin sheets tightly.

"Yes, " she gasped, "oh, Kal, yes!"
and she came, bucking her hips wildly, her head and long
blond hair thrown back almost viciously in her orgasm.

They slowed, and she disengaged from Kalthanas, pushing
him back on the pillowcase. Again, she started on his rock-hard
shaft. Slowly licking it of her juices, she took her time
kissing it and running her hands up and down his hairy chest.

She looked him deep in his half-closed green eyes and then
plunged down on him, taking him fully in her mouth. Shaking,
he was on the edge of coming after a couple of minutes of this,
and she stopped. She pulled herself up to the bed and straddled
him, her hand holding his cock at the entrance to her sopping
slit, slowly running its head back and forth along her pussy
lips. She centred the head of his penis in her cunt. Kissing
him deeply, she descended on him, feeling him fill her yet
again . Moving slowly, she started a rhythm he was quick
to pick up, his hands cupping her breasts. They still kissed,
passionately, as the rhythm quickened.

He finally came, the swiftness of the rhythm almost a blur,
and they both collapsed exhausted on the poor bed, its unmade
covers made even more in disarray by their actions.

They lay next to each other, the setting moon casting shadows
on the wall as their pulses slowed and blood cooled. She
ran her fingers through his hair and whispered, "Master..."

He smiled at her and whispered back, "My master."


Please note that this text contains one or more repetitions
of a specific BLUE WORD . It is
marked thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and
useage in an erotic environment. Enjoy........

The Lady Ariel was growing impatient. The sun had risen
high in the sky and still her maidservant, Winifred, had
not yet appeared to draw the bath. Ariel stamped one foot
in exasperation. Damn!
Where WAS that girl?
Didn't she know that today was Fair e Day?
It would not do for a Lady to arrive late!
Aerial pulled her dressing gown around her and continued
to pace the floor.

There was a timid knock at the door.

"Oh, do come in!"

Ariel cried.

"You are so late! Hurry and fill the bath!"

Her back to the door, Lady Ariel dropped her gown to the floor
and looked out the window to where tradesmen were busily
setting up the stands to display their wares. She heard
a loud intake of breath behind her and whirled around to
find a tall, handsome youth staring at her nakedness, red-faced.

"And who might you be?" she asked him.

"I am William, Winifred's brother. She is ill
and sent me in her stead."

"And are you skilled in the arts of ministering to
a Lady?"

Ariel asked him. The youth was clad in thin home-spun trousers
and tunic, his feet bare and dusty from the road.

"Nay, M'Lady, but Winifred gave me instruction
'ere I left the house."

"Very well, then, you may draw the bath."

Ariel returned to the window. As she watched the Faire grounds
being transformed, she could heard the splash of water
filling the iron tub behind her.

"The bath is ready, M'Lady, " William

Gracefully, Ariel moved to the tub, and slowly slid into
the warm water, submersing her body completely, her head
back against the rim of the tub, eyes closed.

"Well done, William, " she said.

"You may wash me now."

When there was no response, she opened her eyes. William
stood by the tub, his face again red, hands at his sides.

"What is the matter? Have you never washed a woman

"Nay, M'Lady..." he whispered, eyes down.

"I have never seen a woman undressed before."

"Come, how old are you?"

"Nineteen, M'Lady."

"Nineteen and never seen a naked woman? I cannot believe

"'Tis true. I spend my time learning the art of
swordsmanship. I have little time for anything else."

Ariel had noticed the large bulge in the young man's
trousers as he spoke.

"I see, " she replied.

"And it looks to me as though you have quite a fine sword,

She reached out one wet hand and softly placed it against
the youth's erect cock, feeling the heat of his manhood
through the thin material covering it. She could feel the
tremor that passed through William's body as she touched
him, causing a similar shiver to course through her. Could
it be possible?
A virgin in the kingdom?
The thought of having this delightful young man with the
huge cock al l to herself started her juices flowing. She
licked her lips as she smiled at him.

"Today, William, you will learn all there is to the
art of pleasing a woman. Would you like that?"

"If it pleases M'Lady, " he murmured.

Ariel gently squeezed his throbbing cock.

"I think THIS will please me very well indeed!"

Ariel rose from the bath, the beads of water on her skin making
her alabaster flesh shimmer in the sunlight. A drop of water
perched upon one of her erect rosy nipples. She motioned
for Willaim to move closer, and when he was next to the tub,
she quickly tugged his tunic over his head, revealing his
muscular and almost hairless chest. Her hands moved to
the drawstring of his breeches, and slowly undid the knot
there, loosening the tie and letting the trousers fall
to the floor.

Her eyes widened at the sight of his huge cock, sprouting
from a nest of thick dark curly hair, and the heavy sacs beneath

"Come into the tub with me, " she invited him,
"And let us wash each other."

William slowly slid into the water, and Ariel sat facing
him, the water covering both to mid-chest. His eyes were
fastened to her firm breasts and the hard pink buds that
tipped them. She saw his gaze and smiled.

"Would you like to touch them?" she asked.

William nodded.

"Oh yes, M'Lady, very much!"

Ariel took his hands and gently placed one on each breast.
He remained motionless for a moment, feeling the heat of
her skin against his wet palms. He began to softly knead
her breasts, and his thumbs instinctively moved to gently
circle the nipples. A low moan escaped from Ariel's
mouth. "Oh yes, William, that feels wonderful!"

As his hands moved over her sensitive mounds, her hands
moved to his cock and she began to wash him in soft strokes,
her fingers tracing the length of his throbbing hardness.
She could feel him trembling.

"Are you going to come so soon?" she asked him.

"I think soo, M'Lady, " he moaned.

Ariel darted her head beneath the water and took his cock-head
into her mouth as her hands continued to pump his prick.
In a moment he began spurting
his thick cum between her avid lips and she swallowed hungrily
until he was dry.

She came up from the water and looked at William, whose eyes
were half- slitted with passion.

"Did you like that?" she asked him.

"I have never felt anything like it before, "
he confessed.

"It was wonderful."

"Come, let us wash each other and we can retire to my
bed chambers, where I will teach you how to repay that favour.
And then later on, you can slide that magnificent sword
into my sheath."

It was a cloudless night. The full moon lit the trees surrounding
the highway. My thoughts were not on the road before me,
but on the man I had just left. Did I love Bob enough to marry
Sorting out my feelings had never been easy for me, so my
concentration was not on driving.

One moment, the road ahead was clear, the next a man was standing
about a hundred yards before me. He flung his arm up in front
of his face as if to shield his eyes from my headlights. My
foot move towards the brake, but it was too late. I felt the
impact as the car hit him and the double shudder of the wheels
running over his body. I didn't stop until I reached
the safety of my apartment.

I barely made it to the bathroom before I was violently ill.
I stripped off my clothing, praying that a hot shower would
wash the accident from my mind. It didn't, and I spent
a fitful, sleepless night.

The next day I called in sick to work, saying I had the flu.
I scanned the morning papers but there was no mention of
the accident. I chain-smoked and drank pots of hot, black

I found the article on page three of the evening paper. It
read: "Harold Evans, 23, was struck by an unidentified
hit-and-run driver late last night on Highway 9. Police
are seeking possible witnesses who may be able to identify
the vehicle involved."

Was he dead?
The article didn't say and I wasn't about to call
the police and ask.

I returned to work the following day and was trying to catch
up on unprocessed claims when someone approached my desk.
I looked up to find a good-looking young man standing before

"May I help you?"

I asked pleasantly, although I was annoyed at having my
concentration broken.

"I certainly hope so, Susan, " the man said.

"Who are you?"

I asked, wondering how he knew my name.

"I should think you'd recognise someone you'd
struck with your car."

"You're alive!"

I yelped.

"No. Actually, I'm dead. Quite dead."

He paused, and glanced around the office where some of my
co-workers had stopped to stare at my outburst. "please
be aware that no one else can see me, only you, since you caused
my all too early demise."

"What do you want?"

"That should be obvious, Susan. I want you to turn
yourself in. It seems that I can't properly rest in
the afterlife until someone confesses to my death."

"I can't do that!"

I hissed.

"Is there a problem, Susan?"

Mr. Armstrong, the office manager, was bending over my

"Are you still not feeling well?"

"I'm fine, " I answered.

"I felt dizzy for a moment, but I'm all right now."

"Then I suggest you return to your work since you're
already a day behind!"

Harold stood there, smiling, apparently pleased by my

"Turn yourself in, Susan. Until you do, you'll
never be free of me. I'll be everywhere. Sometimes
you'll see me, sometimes you won't, but I'll
be there, nevertheless."

My mouth hung open with my reply, but before I could manage
a word, he was gone.

"Everywhere, Susan...e v e r y w h e r e..." his
icy whisper chilled my soul.

That evening I stopped at the market to pick up a few things
for dinner.

"Not THAT tomato, Susan, it's not quite ripe."

I froze at the sound of that voice. I turned but there was
no one nearby.

"Sometimes you'll see me, sometimes you won't..."

Harold shared breakfast with me the next morning, although
he, of course, did not eat. I saw him again at lunch time in
the mall across the street from my office. That evening
he appeared in my living room, remarking on how comfortable
my apartment was.

Bob had called several times since his proposal and I had
been brusque each time. The phone rang then and I grabbed
it, glaring at Harold. It was Bob and I invited him over.

"He won't see me, " Harold grinned, "
But YOU will. It should be amusing to watch you try to ignore
me. Or perhaps I won't let you see me and I'll just
watch the two of you make love."

I called Bob back, saying I felt a headache coming on and
wasn't up to company.

The next few days were hell. True to his word, Harold was
with me everywhere I went, day and night. I called in sick
to work so often that I was finally fired. I was behind in
my rent and my car was repossessed. All I had left was my sanity
and I could feel my grip on it slowly loosening.


I screamed.

"Where are you?"

"Right here, Susan, " the icy voice purred
in my ear.

"You win, Harold. I can't take it anymore. I'm
going to turn myself in."

"Very good, Susan. As soon as you give your statement
to the police, I'll leave you forever."

At the police station door he said "I'll miss
you, Susan. I've really grown quite fond of you. But
now you'll go to your just punishment and I'll
go to my eternal rest. Goodbye, Susan."

The desk sergeant took my statement and I was held pending
a trial. The jury found me guilty of manslaughter and I was
sentenced to five years in prison.

From the first day alone in my cell, my sense of freedom has
been complete. I am beginning to relax now and no longer
jump at the slightest sound, or wait to hear his horrid,
icy whisper.

"Hello, Susan...Susan...I lied."

Deep in the Golden Forest, hidden from the eyes of those
unfamiliar with the woods, near the edge of the clearing
known as the Fairy Ring, stood a massive, gnarled Oak tree,
its widely spread branches shading the entire glade, its
twisted roots making the ground surrounding it almost
unwalkable. The many birds of the forest chose to nest nearby
in the delicate Ruby Trees or the graceful Willows, forsaking
the leafy arms of the Oak for the beauty of the other trees.

Seated in a circle in the clearing, the Fairy children listened
as Queen Mab told them the oft-repeated story of how the
mighty Oak came into being...

"Many, many years ago, a brash young woodsman angered
the Witch of the Woods, Leira, by destroying some of her
oldest and most treasured trees, " she told them.

"And the Witch cast a powerful spell, thereby turning
the woodsman into an ugly old Oak tree. She pointed to where
the Oak stood, taller than the surrounding foliage, its
trunk twisted, knotty and somehow, menacing. "There
it stands, to this day, a reminder of the Witch's anger
and vengeance. See how all the birds shun its branches?
See how no grass nor flowers grown around its twisted roots?
Its anger at being immobile can be felt in the very vibrations
of the air around it."

As she spoke, the branches of the Oak, heavy with masses
of leaves, seemed to quiver in frustration. Wide-eyed,
the Fairy children moved closer together, shivering.

With a gay laugh, the Witch of the Woods came into the clearing,
her arms wide.

"Ariel! Ariel!" the children cried, running
to the Witch and hugging at her legs.

"Children! You'll make me fall!" she laughed,
patting heads and chucking chins.

"And you, Mab, " she teasingly scolded, "Are
still passing on that story woven by my great-grandmother."

The Fairy Queen smiled, bent towards the Witch and whispered,
" 'Tis a grand tale and keeps the wee ones in line,
else I'd be chasing them hither and you through these

"I've always wondered why the forest creatures
shun the Oak, " Ariel remarked.

" 'Tis not an ugly tree. Surely its thick branches
are sturdier and offer better protection from the weather
than those of the Willow or the Ruby Tree."

"Next to the other trees, the Oak IS ugly. Beasts are
no different from humans in preferring beauty to utility."

Mab clapped her hands together.

"All right, children, time to gather mushrooms!

Follow me and let's try and stay together, shall we?

She winked at Ariel, and with the children forming a scraggly
line behind her, marched off into the surrounding forest.

Ariel stood alone in the clearing, gazing at the Oak.

"I don't believe that story for one moment, "
she said aloud, though she often wondered why there was
only one Oak in the entire forest.

Impulsively she went to the tree and encircled the huge
trunk with her slender arms, pressing her cheek against
the rough bark. She looked up, unable to see even the faintest
glimpse of sunlight through the thick, leafy branches.
She placed a gentle kiss against the wood, then turned and
made her way back the way she had come.

The weather was unseasonably warm for Fall and the Witch
took advantage of it to swim daily in the Grassy Pond. The
deep green lake grasses on the bottom tickled her feet and
ankles as she swam. Several otters joined her in play and
Ariel laughed at their frolicking. She became so absorbed
in their antics that she did not notice the darkening sky
until a bright bolt of lightning streaked across the black

She scrambled from the water, hurriedly donning her gown.
Too far from her cottage to attempt to seek shelter there,
she made her way towards the Oak, but not before the raging
thunderstorm broke with full force. Another lightning
bolt split the heavens and Ariel shuddered, clutching
the thick trunk of the Oak. Her eyes clenched tightly shut,
she did not see the huge branches of the tree come down to
gently encircle her trembling body, sheltering her completely
from the vicious elements.

As quickly as it had begun, the storm ended. The air assumed
the wet promise of Springtime. Ariel slowly opened her
eyes. The sun was shining once again and she felt its warmth
upon her shoulders. She looked up into a clear azure sky.

She HAD been underneath the branches of the Oak!
She looked about in confusion. There were the Ruby Trees...there,
the Willows...where was the Oak?
As she looked about the clearing, she felt a gentle hand
on her arm. Startled, she turned to find a woodsman standing
by her side. He was tall and handsome, his green eyes the
colour of Grassy Pond, his arms muscular and tanned, his
body hard wit h strength.

"Thank you, M'Lady, "he said, bowing low
and kissing her hand.

"What did I do?" asked the bewildered Witch.

"You were frightened and put your trust in the Oak.
You sought shelter beneath his strong branches instead
of those of the Willow or the Ruby Tree, " "What
has that to do with you?"

He cupped her chin gently, so that she was forced to look
into his eyes.

"I was the Oak. I am Kalthanas, the woodsman your great-grandmother
bewitched so many years ago. Your trust in me released me
from her spell."

"I don't understand, " Ariel said, "How
did that break the spell?"

"You saw the inner strength the Oak had to offer instead
of looking for outer beauty. You saw inside the Oak for hidden
beauty...and found me."

As he pressed his lips tenderly to hers, Ariel felt her heart
begin to race as she realised the truth of the woodsman's

They were married on the first day of Spring, at the site
of where the Oak once stood. To this day, those who happen
across the secluded clearing marvel not only at the beauty
of the trees but at the large rock bearing the following

"Be not afraid to look inside Nor fear what ye may find...
For Beauty on the inside Is the most valued kind."

Terry was every woman's daydream, the perfect mate.
He was charming, smart and successful. He always sent flowers
or cards, and showered me with gifts. After only six months
of dating he proposed and like the smart girl I am, I said

My only disappointment in him was that he wouldn't
make love to me. As soon as a situation would heat up he would
apologise and back off or leave. I was beginning to get an
inferiority complex until I questioned him about it and
he explained that his Aunt had raised him that way and he
couldn't go against her wishes, even though he wanted
to. So for over six months the only relief I had was from my
little friend in my night-stand and that was getting boring,
but I had resigned myself to waiting until we were married.
As soon as I said I would marry him Terry wanted me to meet
his aunt, who had raised him since he was eight, after a tragic
accident took the lives of his parents. I too was anxious
to meet this woman who had such a strong influence on my future

The first thing I noticed when Aunt Cary opened the door
was how attractive she was. She was about 38 and the same
height as me, 5'8". She had short cropped dark
brown hair and lovely green eyes. Her breasts were much
larger than my 36" B"'s and she had a narrow
waist and mature flaring hips.

She was the picture of beauty and I was surprised at how taken
I was of her. When she grabbed me and hugged me, planting
a kiss squarely on my mouth, I felt myself flush, even though
I had greeted my girlfriends that way for years.

" I am so glad to meet you." Cary said cheerfully."

I felt my face redden again as she took my hand and led me inside
her luxurious home. That afternoon was spent with Cary
probing me about me and me answering her questions. Terry
rarely spoke unless she asked him something or he commented
or supported what I was saying. When we were ready to leave
she hugged me again, so tight I was fully aware of the nipples
pressing into mine, and the warm kiss she left on my lips.
Again I felt that strange feeling as she pulled away.

" You must come back so we can get aquatinted."

She said to me. I smiled.

"Yes, I would like that."

I answered honestly.

"Oh good!" she squealed.

" Then plan on coming next Saturday."

She had caught me off guard, and not able to think of an excuse
I said yes.

" I can come around noon."

I told her.

" Be here by ten!"

She replied matter of factly. I felt her strength and didn't
feel I could say no so I agreed. Terry seemed pleased that
we were getting together so I was pleased also. That Saturday
morning I got ready early as I wanted to make sure I wouldn't
be late. I showered and did my makeup and hair, and decided
on a simple summer cotton dress as it felt like another hot
summer day coming on. I chose to wear only a cotton bra and
matching panties under the dress knowing that without
a slip you would be able to see my body if the lighting was
right. I didn't care as it was just too hot for a slip,
I only hoped Cary wouldn't notice. When she opened
the door the first thing I saw was the deep cleavage revealed
by the low cut red dress she was wearing. I suddenly felt
underdressed but she only smiled and told me how cute I looked.
She put her arms out and I merged with her as she kissed me
again on the mouth and hugged me tightly against her firm
body. And as before, I felt flushed by her actions, but tried
to act natural. We went inside and after morning tea, she
insisted that we go shopping. The rest of the day was spent
telling her about myself and my relationship with Terry,
and she told me about raising him, as we flitted from store
to store. We finished the day with Nachos and Margarita's
at her favourite restaurant and then back to her place.
We had downed several strong drinks at the restaurant and
when we returned to her house we had another. I told her that
I had to go but she insisted that I couldn't leave.

" Your in no condition to drive now! You've had
too much to drink so you are going to stay here tonight."

She told me. I started to protest about not having any clothes
or toiletries but she cut me off.


She told me.

" I have everything you need right here. Whatever
I have is yours, and besides it will be fun, just the two of

I agreed to stay as I knew she wasn't taking no for an
answer. " Good, let's get comfortable."

She giggled kicking of her shoes and going to the bar for
another round of drinks. We sat on the couch together as
we drank and again she caught me off guard.

" Be honest now."

She said, " Have you and Terry been having sex?"

I felt my face turn red as I shook my head.

" No!"

I answered, " He told me that you insisted we wait until
we are married and I agree." I lied.

" Well Terry is very naive for a grown man, but your
not. I can tell that you have experience. I can see it in the
way you carry yourself. I find it hard to believe that a sensuous
woman like you could keep him away for very long."

She replied.

" Honestly, we haven't been together!"

I countered. " I can see that your a woman who enjoys
sex and aren't afraid to show it. You didn't have
any problem going around today in a dress that you knew men
would be able to see through, and I just can't see you
going for so long without sex."

I knew I was blushing bright red and I was trembling.

" Please believe me!"

I begged.

"You've been with someone else then."

She stated flatly.

"No!, I haven't been with anyone, I'm being

I told her again. She sat for several minutes just looking
at me before she spoke again.

" Okay, get up!"

She ordered, " I will be able to tell."

I defiantly stood up in front of her and waited. She leaned
forward and looked up into my face as her hand slipped under
the hem of my dress. I felt her hands pulling at my knees.


She demanded. I looked at the wall as I let my legs separate
slightly. I froze as I felt her hand close over the crotch
of my panties.

" You feel rather pliant for someone who has resisted
all sex."

She told me. My legs were trembling and all could do was shake
my head no.

" Take off your dress."

She insisted. I felt powerless as I reached down and unbuttoned
the dress and let it slip to the floor, waiting motionless
for her next move.

" My isn't that sweet." She said sarcastically."
It must have been hard for you to wear such prim and proper
undies, when your so hot and horny inside. were these for
my benefit? Did you think for some reason that I might be
seeing your panties tonight?"

I couldn't answer as I stood with my chest heaving against
the confines of my bra. I felt her pull on the waistband of
my panties and they slowly slid down my legs. They were around
my ankles now and she said nothing but I chose to step out
of them. I had always been proud of my 36-24-38 body but right
now I was very self conscious. My knees began to quiver as
I felt her fingers separating my vaginal lips, and I felt
as if I would collapse when she pushed them inside. They
slid effortlessly deep inside as I sucked in my breath.
" Your so wet already."

She said in a husky voice as I felt her fingers pressing against
the top of my vagina as she withdrew them. I whimpered and
bit my lip as she pushed them inside again.

"This little pussy isn't tight enough to have
been neglected for too long." She teased."

I caught my breath for a moment trying to think clearly and
realise what was happening to me. I hadn't been touched
by another girl since my high school prom night when my best
friend stayed at my house and we relieved our emotions on
each other. Right now I was wondering why I had waited so
long to relive that experience as it felt wonderful. I wanted
Cary to make me come in the worse way but I said nothing about
that as I answered her.

" Vibrator."

I managed to mumble.

" What did you say?"

She asked still fingering me. " Vibrator."

I said again, louder. My knee's buckled and I grabbed
her shoulders as I felt the spasms of my first orgasm. Cary
looked up and smiled at me as I leaned over her, dangling
my breasts in

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