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Another Lust


Things really became interesting on the 2-nd Friday of
October. Jason and his friend Mike had a party. Jason was
6'2, about 220, with a shaved head. Erin was there,
and told Randy that she was spending the night at Jackie's.
Erin was 55, 5'2, 125 pounds, shoulder length, dirty
blonde hair, blue eyes. She wore a short, loose, brown skirt
and a tight white T-shirt. This skirt was that short, it
showed off her entire legs.

She went over there early to help get the place ready. Seeing
her look so hot had Jason fucking her hard from behind right
there in the kitchen same soon as Mike left the house for
several minutes! She was a moaning ragdoll, her pants in
a heap on the floor as her lover slid his long, hard wang in
and out of her as she bent over the kitchen counter.

After blowing what was a enormous load inside her needy
vagina he wrapped his arms around her stomach and held her
tight as his wang grew soft inside her.

He grabbed her pants off the floor and stuffed them in his
pocket, thinking it would be fun to make her go the entire
party wearing nothing underneath her short skirt. Erin
was game and very turned on at the idea. Throughout the night,
Erin and Jason teased each other as the alcohol set in. There
were a couple dozen people at the party and every moment
she felt safe, she would open her legs while sitting in a
sofa or chair and flash her vagina to Jason from across the
room. Each time the met alone in the corridor they would
kiss and his hand would slip up her skirt and grab her bare
ass, or stroke her sex-addicted pussy. Two of them were
turned on to no extent and the alcohol certainly did not
help this!

One such time where Erin flashed Jason, his roommate Mike
caught it. She did not think anyone was looking and she raised
her bare foot and placed it at the edge of the sofa, opening
her sensuous legs. He caught a full view of her vagina and
he desired her badly from that point on.

Mike was a black man, about 6'1, 180 pounds, with short
hair and a muscular body. He was attractive, yet to this
point, Erin was also dazzled by the size of Jason's
dick to pay any attention to his roommate.

At the end of the night, the only people left in the messy
house were Erin and the two roommates. All 3 of them were
hammered and all 3 of them were sex-addicted.

A slow song came on the radio and since Jason was not in the
room at the time, Erin grabbed Mike and light heartedly
began to dance with him. She was giggling as he joked around
with her, yet the hard on she gave him was no joke. Their joking
died down and he simply held her close to him, pressing his
body against hers. From now on she noticed him. Or, at least,
noticed the bulge pressing against her stomach! Drunken
dance was blameless, though, yet Jason did not see it as
such when he walked in.

"Which the hell are you doing with my girl?"
he made his question seem casual, yet he was serious.

"Which?" Erin asked, bringing back from his
handsome black roommate. "I am not your girl!"
she pronounced.

"You're when you are in THIS house." he
answered. Shocked, drunk and temper starting, Erin rebelled.

"Oh, yeah?" she asked. With that, she turned
to Mike, stood on her toes and planted a kiss right on his
mouth. He was shocked when he felt her tongue slide into
his mouth eagerly. Her fantastic kiss nearly had his cock
bursting from his panties. Erin had been wet all night,
yet now she was very turned on and all of a sudden desired
Mike really bad. Jason, though turned on himself, was less
than amused. He grabbed Erin by the arm and pulled her towards
him, breaking their kiss.

"Which are you doing?" he asked.

"Proving that I am nobody's girl!" she
pronounced defiantly. He was caught by her pretty blue
eyes and couldn't respond. Still looking at him, her
tiny hand began to rub his obvious hard on thru his jeans.
Mike was not sure if he is supposed to leave, or what. He did
not want to, he desired to see what would happen, so he stayed.

"OH FUCK!" she exclaimed, "You are just
same hard as he's!" With that, she reached behind
her and rubbed Mike over his jeans. Feeling two bulges at
once sent bolts of pleasure and wish thru her vagina. Two
cocks have never been in her simultaneously and all of a
sudden she desired to change that. How might she try something
like that without Jason getting upset?

Which was she thinking? She is engaged to Randy, not Jason.
Jason is just a dick, nothing more. From now on the alcohol
completely clouded her better judgement.

"Ya, yet this is the only dick you'll ever need!"
Jason pronounced, pulling down his fly. He no longer cared
if Mike was around, he knew he had a larger dick. Vagina tingling,
Erin reached into his underwear and pulled out his almost
9 inches of manhood, solid as a rock.

"We'll see about that!" she pronounced,
one hand stroking Jason as the other hand deftly undid Mike's
button and pulled down his zipper. She turned to Mike, letting
go of Jason and pulled out a hard, black dick. Her vagina
moistened and a wave of wish rushed thru her as she felt this
2-nd wang behind her boybuddie's back. Mike was smaller
than Jason, yet much larger than Randy. 8 inches long and
average thickness, her tiny white hand stroked him slowly,
the engagement ring on her hand glinted in the light.

Extraordinarily jealous, Jason was now more in competition
with Mike than angry with him. He stepped up to Erin, practically
forcing his exposed dick into her other hand. She turned
to him drunkenly, heart pounding. She now had a wang in each
hand. She stroked both of them erotically as Jason put his
hand on her head and gently, yet aggressively, pushed her
down onto her knees.

She released Mike's dick and held Jason's up before
her. Her tongue snaked out and slowly licked from the base
of his cock up to the top. He moaned, smiling, happy to have
won that contest. She opened her mouth and slowly sucked
his fat dick inside. Jason placed his hand on the back of
her head and guided her as she slid 6 inches of his wang into
her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, slurping
loudly on his manhood. Tingling in her crotch was nearly
unbearable, she was so into her blowjob. 'slurp slurp
slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' she sucked sloppily
on Jason's manhood as Mike was left standing there,
stroking his.

Mike took in the view. Bottoms of Erin's tiny feet,
her smooth creamy legs, her skirt barely covering her ass,
her head bobbing back and forth. He ran his fingers gently
up her back, trying to remind her that he was there.

She pulled Jason's organ out of her mouth with an audible
sucking noise. She turned around, still on her knees and
was face to face with an 8 inch black dick. Without hesitation,
she grabbed it and slipped it right in her mouth. Mike moaned
as the warmth of her mouth enveloped almost all of his wang.
Only the base of his black wang might be seen protruding
from Erin's professional mouth same she took him as
far down her throat as she might. She began to bob her head
up and down on his cock, eagerly, the 2-nd cock in her mouth
in the last 20 seconds.

Jason, dick glistening with her saliva, no longer cared
about Mike's presence. He resigned himself to the
fact that Erin just desired dick, not one more boybuddie.

"Sit on the sofa, Mike." he suggested. 'slurp'
Mike pulled his wang out of Erin's mouth. He sat down
on the sofa, taking off his shirt and kicking off his jeans,
becoming naked. She knelt between his legs, eagerly wrapping
her little white fingers around his black dick and shoving
him back into her mouth.

Jason shed himself of all his clothes as his roommate received
head from his lover. He knelt behind her, between her legs
and slowly lifted her skirt up. Gradually, her striking
white ass cheeks became exposed to him as he flipped the
skirt up onto her back. Thru it all, she never lost her rythm,
giving surprising head to her 1-st black man. Jason reached
under her and began to rub her sopping wet pussy with his
hand, rubbing her entire slit. He placed a thumb at the entrance
to her asshole and a tingle of wish shot thru her tiny body.

She couldn't believe she was doing this! How bad and
how dirty this was had an arousing affect on her. He slipped
his thumb into her asshole as she continued to suck on the
black dick in her mouth. She moaned, mouth full. She quite
a lot let Jason fuck her up the ass once or twice a week, so
her asshole was getting used to that treatment . His distibute
continued to rub her vagina as his thumb slipped in and of
her ass. She was rubbing her crotch against his hand, so
sex-addicted she was going insane. To her disappointment,
he took his hand away.

He bent down and kissed her soft ass. Erin's vagina
tingled when she felt his lips on her bum, knowing he would
make his way to her pleasure spot. She raised her ass same
much as possible, opening her legs a little wider as she
slurped hungrily on Mike's dick.

Bending further and spreading her ass cheeks apart, Jason
kissed along the crack of her ass towards her swollen vagina
lips. He kissed the moist lips softly.

"Mmmmmmph..." she moaned around the dick in
her mouth. He slid his tongue into her treasure, tasting
her delicious nector. Her heart was pounding, his tongue
felt so good inside her.

Meanwhile, Mike had both hands on her head was in fact humping
his hips upwards somewhat, fucking her mouth. It was a good
thing, also, since Erin forgot to continue with his blowjob,
Jason's tongue felt so sweet on her vagina. Mike held
her hair out of her face so he might watch his dark dick slide
in and out of her mouth.

Jason buried his face in her ass, his tongue darting all
over her hard little clit. She squirmed before him, moaning,
an come already on the way. Teasing her, he licked up her
slit, licking the skin between her asshole and her vagina.
His tongue circled her anus, licking all around it. He slid
his tongue inside Erin's ass.

She pulled Mike's cock out of her mouth with a 'slurp'.
"Ohhhhhhh..." she sighed, before shoving
his dick back in.

Jason spread her pretty ass cheeks wide, sliding his tongue
in and out of her asshole as she tried desperately to continue
giving a blowjob.

All of a sudden, he withdrew his tongue and clamped his mouth
around her entire pussy, sucking her lips inside. "Mmmmmph!"
she moaned as his tongue lapped rapidly over her clit. She
held Mike's wang in her mouth, sucking hard, yet not
moving her mouth - she was also caught up in the coming to

Jason was relentless, his tongue licking extreamly over
the sensitive clitoris that he held in his mouth. "MMMMMPH!"
she moaned, cumming. She pressed her sensuous ass back
against his face, rubbing herself on his mouth as she came
hard. Her entire body was on fire and she almost sucked Mike's
dick right off his body! She was shaking, she couldn't
focus on anything else around her. Walls of her twat were
convulsing, her heart was pounding and she was gasping
for breath thru her nose.

Jason received up on his knees behind her, full 9 inches
standing tall. He ran that fat dick down the crack of her
creamy white ass till it reached her sopping wet, needy
slit. He placed it at the entrance to her treasure. Erin
finally came to her senses and began to bob her head up and
down on that black dick again eagerly, to Mike's delight.
He moaned as she hungrily went mad on his cock, sucking on
it like it was the tastiest meal she is ever had and she hasn't
eaten in a week.

Jason pushed forward, watching as her pink, swollen lips
stretched open and accepted his member slowly. She was
so wet he was able to push his entire rod inside her in one
stroke. He is really loosened her up these past few weeks!
"Mmmmmmmph..." she moaned as she felt herself
fill up. When again, she had 6 inches of Mike's 8 inch
wang in her mouth, holding it there as the 9 inches of dick
in her vagina made her forget what to do.

15 inches of dick inside her tiny body! Jason grabbed the
soft sides of her ass and began to slide himself in and out
of her quickly, slapping hard against her cheeks, causing
them to shake. "Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmmph! Ohhhh! Unh!"
Mike's dick slipped out of her mouth and her moans were
no longer muffled.

Jason was driving his enormous manhood in and out of her
eager snatch more and more. Her ass cheeks were shaking
with each impact and the slapping noises his groin made
against her ass were same loud as her cries. "Unh!
Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned. 'slap slap slap
slap slap slap' he pounded against her ass.

Mike, in the meantime, was left sitting there with a hard
dick. He rubbed the head of his dick over her face, trying
to get her to suck it again. Her face was clenched in ecstasy,
eyes closed. One day she felt a dick rubbing on her face she
obediently opened her mouth and he was able to slip it back
in. Her muggy mouth slid most of his cock inside and he was
losing control, completely caught up in the situation.

She might not believe that 2 cocks were going in and out of
her body simultaneously. She was in heaven and she felt
one more come rocket towards her.

All of a sudden, Jason pulled his dick out of her dripping
hole. He was will treat her like one, if she desired to act
like a slut! He was still a little miffed that she put him
in his place and his pride was a little hurt. He placed the
mushroom head of his wang at the entrance to her asshole.
He had always used lubrication when he fucked Erin up the
ass. This day, though, his cock was coated only in the juices
her vagina gave it. Would she be able to take it?

He pushed hard, roughly, forcing his dick to squeeze into
her tight anus. "MMMMPH!" she moaned around
the wang in her mouth as the 1-st two inches of Jason's
unlubricated dick slid into her ass. Jason slid himself
out of her ass and than pushed back inside, forcing half
of his organ into her asshole. "MMMMPH!" she
groaned again, sucking harder on Mike's dick.

Jason pulled back a bit and than rammed his entire 9 inch
wang all of the way into Erin's asshole. She came. It
happened just that fast. She came and it caught her off guard.
Her come took complete control of her body.

Jason might feel her ass convulse around his dick as he continued
to slide it in and out of her. She was sucking extraordinarily
hard on the organ in her mouth as she came and this sent Mike
on his way.

He was so excited about the situation, he might not believe
his roommate put his cock in her ass! So when Erin increased
the suction from her mouth, he lost it. His dick spasmed
in her mouth just as her come was dying off. . hick stream
of come fired into her mouth, catching her unexpectedly.
She almost choked as the hot, stout semen coated the back
of her throat.

She pulled it out of her mouth, gasping. She managed to swallow
the come in her mouth. Her tiny white hand stroked his long,
black dick, as one more dick, a white one, slid in and out
of her anus. More jism shot out of Mike's cock, getting
all over her arm, her hand and the edge of the sofa. "Unh!
Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned, still stroking
him as he shot sticky goo on her arm. Eventually, he stopped
ejaculating and he received up off the sofa, making his
way to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Jason did not miss a beat. He continued to jam 9 inches of
his manhood in and out of his lover's ass. Hard. Since
of his size, he was typically a lot more gentle with her.
Not now. His pride was hurt. He loved her. She was his goddess.
Yet he was only a fuck to her. 'slap slap slap slap slap
slap slap' he slapped hard against her pale ass as he
fucked it, pushing her towards one more come.

Mike emerged from the washroom with a towel for Erin. As
he came to, he watched Jason's enormous wang slide
in and out of this tiny lady's tight asshole using long,
hard strokes. He became excited again already. Jason loved
how she looked. She was at his mercy before him. Such a tiny
lady. Her ass was so tight around him, but she took his entire
dick and took it hard. Her ass was rippling with each impact,
she was a moaning ragdoll. Jason was losing it.

He fucked her up the ass several more quick strokes before
he lost it. He had never come inside her ass before, yet he
desired her to be same dirty as he might make her. He jammed
his dick all of the way up Erin's anus, holding it there.

As Mike looked on, Jason moaned, dick spasming. . hick,
hot stream of come shot out of his wang and into her asshole
as his hands held her sides tightly, not letting her get
away. He grunted again as more of his seed flowed into her
anus. He held it in her till every drop of his semen trickled
into her ass. Eventually, Jason withdrew his semi hard
wang and it slipped out of her ass. "Ohhhh..."
Erin sighed, a little relieved that she received a break.
She crawled up onto the sofa and lay on her back, exhausted.
One small foot rested on the floor, the other was flat on
the sofa, knee bent. Furry triangle of her vagina was exposed
just above her pretty thigh.

Her leg was bent erotically and Mike's gaze trailed
from her small foot, up her smooth calve, over her knee,
down her thigh again till it rested at her wonderful treasure.
Erin was not paying attention to him, her eyes were shut,
gasping for breath. Jason went to the washroom to get cleaned
up and the kitchen to grab some water. Nobody noticed that
Mike was rock hard again.

He knelt except the sofa and began to kiss her cheek except
her ear, sliding his hand over her belly over her shirt.
One day she felt his lips on her cheek, she turned her head,
opening her eyes. His lips were on hers and she opened her
mouth, allowing his tongue inside. . ingle began in her
crotch again. She was insatiable! She sent her tongue into
his mouth as he caressed up her body over her shirt. His hand
cupped her boob, squeezing it gently as they made out.

Her fiance, Randy, was the last thing on her mind. She also
never considered what Jason would think when he returned
into the room to find his roommate fucking her. All she thought
about was that her ass received far also much attention
that night, yet her vagina did not get enough! She sighed
into Mike's mouth as he kneaded her boobs. He moved
his hand back down her body as their tongues explored each
other's mouths.

He undid the button of her skirt and began to push it down
her legs. Erin helped him, and not break the kiss, she was
able to kick her skirt off and onto the floor. She was all
of a sudden conscious of Jason's come leaking out of
her ass and onto the sofa. Feeling was sort of erotic and
did nothing to ease the tingling in her vagina. From now
on Mike began to rub her slit, his fingers focusing on her
sensitive clitoris. "Nyyaam..." she sighed
into his mouth as his black hand teased her white vagina.
Her slit was sopping wet and he was dying to get inside it.
He began to push her shirt up her belly, up over her white
bra. They broke the kiss and Erin allowed him to pull her
shirt right off. She reached behind her and unsnapped her
bra, pulling the straps off her arms and dropping that on
the floor as well.

Her boobs became exposed to him, she was completely naked
before Mike for the 1-st time. His hands grabbed her naked
boobs as he began to kiss down her neck, massaging them.
His tongue began to lick all around her pink areola as he
lifted a leg up onto the sofa, squeezing it between hers.
His tongue teased over her sensitive teat, sending thrills
thru her body. He sucked her erect teat into his mouth, lightly
licking it.

She was breathing laboriously again as he trailed kisses
down her stomach. He kissed her perfectly trimmed pubic
hair, creeping ever closer to her treasure. Scent of sex
was strong in his nostrils as he kissed the top part of her
inner thigh. He was now in between her legs, kissing her
just except her womanhood as her chest heaved above him.
He kissed her moist vagina lips and she gasped, tingles
firing up her body at the soft touch of his lips. He slowly
licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, tasting
her. He tickled her clitoris with his tongue and she began
to writhe her hips up into his face.

Mike slid his black hands under Erin's white ass and
slid his tongue far inside her vagina. "Ohhhhh..."
she sighed, running her feet up the sides of his dark body.
She ran her hands thru his dark hair, holding his head between
her thighs, forcing him to continue pleasuring her. He
squeezed her soft ass cheeks, holding right in his face
as his tongue licked up her swollen lips to her clit. He began
to lap at her clit using light, rapid flecks of his tongue.

"Oh!" she gasped and she began writhing her
hips into his face more urgently. She might feel the umpteenth
come of the night begin to build among her, this time one
more guy was will give it to her! "Ohhhhhhhh..."
she cried, cumming. She raised her ass up off the sofa and
rubbed it in his face. Her body was flushed, her pussy was
pulsating, she was on cloud 9. He licked her twat till her
come died down.

Mike began to kiss up her belly, shortly stopping to give
attention to her hooters, before kissing on up her chest
and neck. He raised up his body and aimed his black dick at
the pink lips of her pussy. He pushed forward and her lips
easily allowed him inside. He slid all of the way into her
warmth in one stroke. "Ohhhhh..." Erin sighed,
closing her eyes. . lack man was inside her!

She was having such a great night! His lips were on hers and
they kissed passionately as he began to slide his member
in and out of her slowly. Their lips were smacking loudly
as they kissed sloppily and she was moaning with every gentle

Jason came out of the kitchen and couldn't believe
his eyes. Little slut was getting laid by his roommate!
He had no idea why he was angry. After all, Erin cheated on
Randy with him! Why not cheat on him with Mike? Still, he
couldn't help but get hard again.

Two were going at it on the sofa, oblivious to his presence.
Erin's sensuous legs were spread wide in the air, bent
at the knees. Her pretty, small feet were flailing behind
Mike's black, thrusting ass. Their lips were locked
in a kiss and her moans were muffled by his mouth. Still being
naked, Jason came to them, 9 inch wang at full hardness.
"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Erin's
moans were loud and high pitched as she received fucked
harder. Her eyes were closed, her white hands were caressing
Mike's black back.

She felt something touch her cheek and she opened her eyes.
. uge dick was right before her. Pleasurable sensation
in her vagina all of a sudden increased tenfold at the sight
of Jason's dick and at the thought of what she was doing
behind her fiance's back. She grabbed it with her left
hand, her engagement ring in plain view as she wrapped her
fingers around his stout shaft. She shoved part of his dick
in her mouth as Mike plowed at her vagina with his own dick.

She began to slurp hungrily on a white wang while a black
wang rammed in and out of her sex-addicted pussy. "Mmmmph!
Mmmmh! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!" she moaned, muffled by the
fat member in her mouth. Jason put his hands on the back of
her tiny head and began to fuck her mouth. He slid 6 inches
of his rod in and out of her professional mouth.

Mike was up on his arms pistoning in and out of the sex-addicted
girl. His eyes kept moving from her white hooters bouncing
up and down with each of his thrusts up to her mouth where
she was giving his roommate head. Both men were feeling
surprising, Erin was such a pro at this. Eventually, Jason
pulled his cock out of her mouth with an audible slurp.

"Here, " he pronounced, "let me fuck
her now." Not wanting to argue, since Jason received
her 1-st, Mike pulled his member out of her loosened hole,
much to her disappointment.

"Get up." Jason ordered. Erin sat up and watched
Jason lie down on his back. She scrambled to get on top of
him, straddling him. He watched her tiny hand lift his enormous
dick up into the air, pressing her vagina on it. He sunk inside
her easily and they both moaned as his entire wang slid into
her pussy. Mike watched as she raised her surprising ass
and dropped it, sliding Jason's dick in and out of her
eagerly. Erin was bent right over, her lips finding Jason's
and they kissed hungrily as she rode him.

Mike might not take his eyes off her ass, though. that excellent.
He thought her tattoo of the sun was a great addition, really
bringing out the creamy whiteness of her skin. He might
clearly see the pink lips of her pussy pull outward every
time she raised her ass, sliding Jason's dick part
way out of it. He might see her asshole and it glistened in
the light of the livingroom, still coated with the come
that Jason shot in there earlier. He received an idea.

"Wait!" he pronounced. Erin stopped, pressing
her vagina down hard on her lover's lap, holding his
entire wang inside her. She felt that full!

"Erin, raise your ass up a little." Confused,
she did as she was told, raising her ass up, sliding half
of Jason's dick out of her. Mike squeezed a foot at the
side of the sofa, getting up behind her. Understanding
dawned on her and she felt herself get instantly wetter.
This was definitely uncharted territory!

Mike ran the head of his dark dick down between her white
ass cheeks, stopping when it reached the entrance to her
asshole, coated with Jason's come. Her heart was pounding
as she had one wang part way inside her, while one more was
pressed against her asshole.

Mike pushed forward. Erin's anus, being loosened
by Jason's dick earlier and lubricated by his come,
opened easily for Mike. He slid his black wang midway into
her asshole in one stroke.

"Unnnnh!" she groaned, head arched back. Jason
was incredibly sex-addicted as he figured out what was
going on. He jammed his 9 inches inside her, holding his
ass up off the sofa, holding himself in her all of the way.
Mike slid back a little before sliding his entire 8 inch
wang into her.

"Holy shit!" she moaned. She now had 17 inches
of dick inside her body. She might not believe that one guy
was in her ass while one more was in her vagina. Simultaneously.

An come surged among her, this one she knew would be very
powerful one ever. She felt like it would kill her! She couldn't
move, the feelings among her were far althat strong. Jason
began to hump his hips upwards quickly, his hard manhood
pistoning in and out of her vagina. Mike tried to slide his
dick in and out of her tight ass and he succeeded, albeit
much slower.

"OH GOD!" she whined. All she might do was squeek
out cries of pain and pleasure as two men moved in and out
of her two holes at different speeds.

An come washed over her. She came hard, her entire body was
burning up. Her heart was pounding and she thought she was
hyperventilating. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she
squeeled, quivering. Her intense come did nothing to slow
Jason down from ramming his hips upwards, driving his manhood
far into her treasure same fast as he might.

Erin was just a helpless ragdoll as Jason gave it to her in
one hole and Mike gave it to her in the other. Mike loved how
tight her ass was and he loved how it felt when she came, squeezing
and releasing his driving organ. He began to fuck her up
the ass harder, slapping against her sensuous bum. "UNH!
UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!" she was screaming as her
come would not let up, she had never felt so good in her living,
the unbelievable pain in her ass was forgotten as the pleasure
from this massive come completely took over her being.

Look on her face, the look of complete ecstasy, along with
her beauty, along with thoughts of what was being done to
her and Jason lost it. He grunted, slapping up inside the
girl several more times. He jammed his dick far inside her
and held it there. As Mike continued fucking her up the ass,
Jason's wang spasmed inside Erin's pussy, letting
loose a river of his seed. His moans, though, were drowned
out by her cries. Her come would not let up!

Her fiance, Randy, had no idea at that very moment that one
guy was blowing his load in the vagina of the lady he loved,
while a black guy fucked her pretty ass simultaneously.
How might he know? Who would even fathom such slutiness
from their future wife?

Erin's heart was ready to explode, her pussy would
not stop pulsating and Mike would not stop ramming his wang
up her ass. Jason, though, was spent. This striking, insatiable
lady had worn him out. As his wang grew soft in her vagina,
it slipped out. He was trapped beneath them, however, as
they continued to have anal sex.

"Get off." he pronounced to them. Reluctantly,
Mike pulled his cock out of her sensuous ass slowly. He watched
every micro 2-nd of his black wang popping out of her white

They received off the sofa and Jason stood up. It took Erin
half a 2-nd to lie on her back on the sofa, legs spread wide
invitingly. It took Mike even less time to get on top of her.
Her small feet were up in the air around him as he aimed his
dark dick at her hungry pussy.

He slid inside her sloppy vagina in one stroke and he began
to immediately fuck her hard. She felt that surprising,
her ass felt satisfied, her vagina felt satisfied, her
entire body was winding down from very intense come she
is ever experienced. Mike thrusted in and out of her same
hard as he might, not taking very long to reach the edge.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned.
God she loved sex! Black man gave her vagina several more
rapid thrusts. He slammed himself down into her and held
it there. He moaned, letting loose a stout wad of semen.
Hot fluid jetted out the end of his spasming black wang and
into Erin's womb. She wrapped her short, white legs
around his dark waist, holding him inside her.

Jason looked on jealously as his roommate came inside his
lover. Last of Mike's come trickled into her pussy
and he collapsed on her breathlessly. After a minute or
so, he slid his soft wang out of her with an audible slurping

Erin's pussy was full of Mike's come and Jason's
come. In addition to that, her ass was full of more of Jason's
seed and her stomach sampled some of Mike's!

Next morning, she made enjoy to Jason same soon as they woke
up in his bed. After he came inside her, they talked while
his wang stayed in her. He made her promise that the night
before was a one time thing and that the only man she would
cheat on Randy with was him. She agreed. They made enjoy
again. Zoom In Zoom Out Several days went by and things were back the way they were
before Erin took on the two men at once. She visited Jason
Monday for lunch and again between school and work. Tuesday
he worked at the time of the day but she was able to see him
after work while telling Randy that she worked till 10.
Wednesday she skipped morning class and had Jason's
dick in her all morning long. That's quite a lot how
September and the 1-st half of October went for Erin.

Next day, Thursday, was different. She was done class at
3 but worked at 5 so she went to Jason's, who she knew
was off at 2.

She received to the house and Mike replied the door, letting
her in. She wore tight black spandex shorts and a white T-shirt,
really dressing down that day. Why put on something sweet
when it was just coming off of her?

She took off her black sandals, bending over before Mike.
Her ass was so incredibly sensuous and he couldn't
help but think about the past weekend when he was in fact
IN that ass.

"Jason, which is named to say he was working till 4
now." he stated, wrestling with the boner trying
to grow.

"Oh, " she answered, disappointed. "I'll
just do some studying till he gets home than." She
was addicted to that dick and was not leaving and not gett
it. She grabbed her books and walked over to the sofa, Mike's
eyes on her ass as she walked away. She lay on the sofa and
pulled a book out of her bag, opening it up and she began reading.

She can't say that getting Mike's dick back inside
her didn't cross her mind, yet it only flashed shortly.
She remembered her promise to Jason. It was a one time thing
and she would only cheat on Randy with Jason. No one else.

Mike had three things going for him, however, as he tried
to decide if he is supposed to put the moves on him. One was
that he had Erin alone in the house with him for an hour. Two,
Erin did not come to the house for a cup of coffee, or to read
a book. She came to get fucked, so he knew she was sex-addicted.
Three and primarily, Erin was a slut. She was easy, "no"
wasn't in her vocabulary.

With that in mind, he decided on a course of action. He would
not put any moves on her. He would not ask. He would tell.
He walked up to the sofa she lay in and stood before her wearing
jeans and a T-shirt, the bulge in his panties was apparent.

"Put the book down." he ordered sofly. Confused,
Erin put the book on the floor. Her eyes fell upon the obvious
bulge in his jeans and her already moist vagina grew even
wetter. She began to have an idea of where this was going,
yet couldn't be sure.

"Take off your shorts." he pronounced. She
looked at him, shocked. She couldn't speak for a 2-nd.

"Which?" she asked, finding her voice.

"I pronounced take your shorts off." the black
man repeated. Her heart pounded and her face flushed a little.
She couldn't decide if she was angry or turned on. She
had a temper!

"Why would I do that?" she pronounced, temper
rearing it is ugly head a little. She watched, speechless,
as Mike undid the button and fly on his jeans. He reached
in his panties and pulled out 8 inches of a rock solid, black
cock. Her pussy flooded. She couldn't help it.

"Since I know you want this and you are not gonna get
it unless you take your shorts off." he answered,
"From now on take them off!" Her eyes couldn't
tear themselves away from that pretty black dick.

"Which makes you think I would want that?" she
pronounced, tiny hands undoing the button and zipper in
her shorts. He remained silent, watching as she raised
her ass up off the sofa and pushed her shorts down her smooth
white legs. Skimpy, black pants were revealed as she pulled
each foot out of her shorts and dropped them on the floor.
She watched him, awaiting further orders. She glanced
at his dick again, hungrily, wanting to put it in her mouth
and taste him.

"From now on take your pants off, slowly." he
breathed. Erin complied. Her hands slowly slid her small
underwear down her sensuous legs, revealing the furry
triangle of her bush. She pulled each foot out of them and
dropped them on the floor. And much for her promise to Jason.
That promise lasted about 5 days!

Mike stared at her vagina. Her pink lips were swollen and
quivering as she lay half naked on his sofa. He tore off his
shirt and a surge of wish shot thru her as he revealed his
toned black chest. He pushed his jeans and underwear down,
becoming naked before her.

"You want this?" he asked, stroking his 8 inch

"Yes." she breathed. She hated giving in to
this guy. He was that arrogant! However, she desired that

"Touch yourself 1-st." he pronounced. He watched
Erin's tiny, manicured left hand slid down her body
slowly. Engagement ring that her fiance, Randy, gave her
grabbed Mike's attention shortly as her hand reached
between her thighs. Her fingers went straight for her clit
and she breathed inward slightly when she touched it. He
almost shot into the air as he watched her beautiful fingers
diddle her clitoris. Her breathing grew laboured as bolts
of pleasure shot up thru her body. He required to see more.

"Put a finger inside." he commanded, breathlessly.
She was his now, to do with as he pleased. She knew this now.

It was at this point that she understood that she was a very
loyal lady. She was not loyal to Randy. She was not loyal
to Jason. She was loyal to dick.

She required and would do anything for, dick. No one man
might keep her, if one more man showed her his dick.

He watched her finger glide slowly down her wet slit till
it reached the entrance to her treasure. Her pink lips opened
up slightly and it disappeared inside her slowly. "Ohhhhh..."
she breathed quietly as her finger slid past the 2-nd knuckle
into her vagina. She began to slide it in and out of her slowly.
Her hips began to subtly hump up into the air as she fucked
her finger. He couldn't hold out any longer.

He knelt on the floor except her head on the sofa. Erin turned
her face towards him and grabbed his long dick with her other
hand. Without any teasing, she simply stuffed his black
wang into her mouth. He moaned, softly, as he watched her
lips slide most of the way down his member. Still fingering
her vagina, she began to bob her head back and forth on his
rod, slurping eagerly. He held her tiny head as she sucked
his cock and he couldn't help but fuck her face a bit.

As Erin gave him a blowjob, Mike grabbed her left wrist and
raised her hand up. Her finger slipped out of her sopping
wet hole and he raised it to his lips. He sucked her wet finger,
tasting her vagina as she gave him fantastic head. 'slurp,
slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp' she slobbered
hungrily on his dark meat, her pussy was tingling uncontrollably.
She required it badly.

Without taking his cock out of her mouth, he lifted his leg
up over her head and set his knee down on the sofa on the other
side. He slid his black hands under her white ass and buried
his face between her sensuous thighs.

"Mmmmph!" she cried out, mouth full. His dick
was bent straight down and he was fucking her mouth as he
ate her vagina. His balls were hanging down, hitting her
forhead at times as she gave him an professional blowjob.
His tongue licked all over her slit, sliding inside her,
tasting her wonderful juices. He sucked her vagina lips
into his mouth, running his tongue all over them as he did
so. "Mmmmmph..." she moaned again, almost
choking on his member.

All of a sudden, his mouth clamped on her clit. His tongue
lapped lightening quick at it. She moaned, taking his dick
out of her mouth as she began to hump up into his face. He squeezed
her ass cheeks hard, licking her sensitive button same
fast as he might. "Ohh... Ohhhh... ... ... ... OHHHHHHH!"
she moaned, cumming. She rubbed her vagina hard against
his face as her entire body grew incredibly hot.

All she felt was pleasure as she cumd violently. Mike continued
to hold her clitoris in his mouth, sucking it, licking it,
as the tiny girl came in his face. Eventually, mercifully,
he released her. He received off of her and received on her
again, this time missionary style.

Heart pounding, Erin opened her legs wide, placing a small
foot on the edge of the coffee table. Her pink pussy lips
were quivering as she watched him place the fat head of his
black dick against them. Her chest was heaving, she was
having problem breathing she desired him that bad! Her
vagina was hot and he might feel that heat against the top
of his cock as he held himself at her entrance.

He pushed forward and they both watched as his stout, black
wang squeezed in between the pink lips of her pussy. She
was so wet that he received most of the way inside her in one
stroke. "Ohhhhhhh..." she sighed, eyes closing
as she felt herself fill up. He slid back midway before entering
her completely. 8 inches of his black wang was sheathed
in her warmth.

He held himself deep inside her and she opened her eyes and
looked at him with wish. He pushed her shirt up her stomach
and Erin helped him take it off of her, revealing her black
bra. Chest heaving, vagina bursting with dick, she reached
between her boobs and unsnapped her bra.

Two pretty, creamy white boobs emerged as she arched her
back and slid her bra out from underneath her. Pink areolas
surrounded very erect teats. Still holding himself inside
her, he grabbed a boob in one black hand and bent to lick it.
His tongue licked all around her areola and he might hear
her sigh above him. Dick still buried inside her, he wrapped
his lips around her teat, sucking it into his mouth. Erin
began to rub her crotch up against him, needing him to fuck
her. Mike took the hint and released her teat, holding himself
up on his arms.

He began to slide in and out of her steadily, using long,
deep strokes. Her breathing deepened and she closed her
eyes as she concentrated on her vagina and the intense feelings
among it. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!"
she began moaning, louder and louder with each deep thrust.
She might feel the tingles among her build up and she knew
it would explode into an come soon. Her moans grew higher
in pitch and her feet were now up in the air flailing helplessly
behind him. He thrusted harder, his black ass clenching
between her white legs.

He was watching her hooters bounce with each hard thrust
and listening to her loud, sensuous cries. "Unh!
Unh! OHHH! OHHH! Unh! Unh! .... .... .... OHHHHHHHH!"
she cried, cumming again. Her pussy pulsated around his
driving dick, her body temperature went up about 10 degrees
as she tried to regain control of herself.

He began to fuck her with all his may, beginning to lose it
himself. His long, black dick pistoned in and out of her
needy vagina with long, hard strokes. Her ass bounced hard
off the sofa, more and more and she met each of his thrusts
with just as much velocity. She had finally recovered from
her come, yet remained in a state of ecstasy, moaing loudly.
Her hands were scratching at his back and he was pounding
into her like a hammer.

Mike was losing it and he knew it would be big. He had a lot
stored up over the past few days! He rammed himself in and
out of the helpless girl several more times as he decided
where he desired to shoot it. He decided to just pull it out
and let it go wherever.

He slid his dark wang out of Erin's hungry pussy, on
the verge. His dick jerked in his hand, a stout wad of white
jism shot out the end and into the air. He might not believe
it when it flew across her torso and landed on her chin. Erin
was caught off guard as well when she felt his hot liquid
just miss her mouth. 2 more stout loads of his come shot forth,
landing on the inside of her left boob. He moaned as more
come fired out with less power, landing nearly perfectly
in her belly button.

He honestly had never before ejaculated same much as he
was doing right now as a river of his semen trickled out and
formed a puddle in the curls of her bush. He knelt there,
dick in hand as they gasped for breath.

"Wow!" was all she might say. He watched her
tongue collect the come on her chin and pull it into her mouth.
Her tiny hands grabbed her hooters and rubbed his come all
over them, purposefully putting on a sensuous show. Mike's
come received all over her engagement ring as she coated
her hooters with his sticky come. He stumbled over to her
end of the sofa, offering her his dick. She opened her mouth
and accepted it, cleaning the remaining come off his cock
and sucking what little remained inside him.

Later, she gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom,
cleaning the come off her bush and out of her bellybutton.
To be naughty, she let the dried come remain on her hooters.
Jason came home 15 minutes later and he took all of 3 minutes
to slide his dick into Erin's sex-addicted vagina.
He had no idea that the hooters bouncing before him were
covered in one more man's come.

Man who had even less of a clue as to how much of a slut Erin
was being: Randy. One day she came home that night, he had
no idea that 2 other dicks were pounding away at her that
afternoon. Regardless, she would be single before the
month was over...

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