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Chapter 1
Anne sat in front of her computer typing away noisily. It
was one of those too-hot-to-go-outside kind of summer
days so she gave herself over to socializing in her favorite
chatroom. It was early yet and there weren't very many
people on, certainly none she knew well. But she found herself
settling in and was comfortable.
It had been a few months since her divorce was finallized.
For Anne, long lonely months. She had recently discovered
she had feelings for a woman she had met in one of the chatrooms
and was planning to meet her. She had thought her husband
would be agreeable to this but he wasn't and he had nearly
destroyed her computer when she had brought it up with him.
She filed for the divorce the next day. That was almost three
months ago.
Being freed from her homophobic husband Anne found herself
with a new level of freedom she hadn't previously known
existed. She met with the woman from the chatroom and they
became good friends. It was her, she was hoping to find online
right now but she wasn't on as of yet. Anne's thoughts
therefore were distracted and she wasn't paying much
attention to the chat. She was lost in a reverie about that
first meeting with Grace.
Anne had agreed to meet with Grace at a secluded cafe'
along the coast just north of San Francisco. They had planned
that if they hit it off they'd stay in a small town called
Guerrenville at a bed and breakfast over the weekend. During
the drive to the cafe' Anne felt extremely nervous.
Every time she stopped at a light or stopsign she had a paranoid
reaction everyone who saw her knew what she was about to
do. But at long last she arrived at her destination. After
sitting in the car for long moments getting up her courage
she walked into the cafe'.
The cafe' was nearly empty for which Anne was thankful.
She kept telling herself to relax but found she wasn't
very good at listening to herself. She picked a table far
from the large window in the front of the cafe' and sat
down. A menu was already on the table and she picked it up
with hands that shook with nerves. A waiter came and asked
if she'd like something to drink, his words startling
her and she jumped visibly in her seat. The young man apologised
and seemed to smile sypathetically. He had worked in the
cafe' a while now and had seen this before - she was waiting
for someone. And from how nervous she seemed to be he guessed
it was another woman.
Anne ordered water only for now. The California drought
had among other things meant that restaurants would only
provide water when it was asked for. The waiter seemed to
vanish but after a moment or two seemed to rematerialize
next to her table a tall glass of water in his hand. He set
it down on the table almost in the middle of it peculiarly
far from the customer. He didn't want her reaching
for it and knocking it over. He had seen that enough times
before too. Anne reached for the glass, happy for something
to do that didn't look so out of place as sitting alone
at a table constantly looking towards the entrance. The
glass was cold in her hand, almost painfully so and after
taking a sip and setting the glass back down she felt her
fingers stuck somewhat to the glass as they came away. Anne
licked her lips nervously and casually looked around the
cafe' feeling brave enough now to look at something
besides her menu.
The cafe' was small but had windows and a few mirrors
that gave the illusion it was bigger than it really was.
It wasn't lit very well Anne thought but she was thankful
for that. Some wooden partitions down the middle and across
the width of the cafe' gave some feeling of privacy.
She suddenly realized music was playing softly in the background.
She tried to tune in to it and listened closely but couldn't
quite make it out. It seemed almost subliminal. But even
if she couldn't make out what song it was it seemed to
have the desired effect and helped her to relax a bit. She
began to think about what she and Grace had talked about
online and began second guessing herself. Was she making
too much of this? Was this really going to be her first time
with another woman. Was Grace even remotely what Anne had
made her out to be in her fantasies? Realizing what she was
doing she made herself stop thinking this way screaming
inwardly at herself, a stronger persona coming to the forefront
of her mind and taking control if only for a moment.
Suddenly the waiter came back and asked Anne if she was ready
to order. Or if she wanted to wait for who she was meeting
with. Anne was struck by that not having mentioned she was
waiting for anyone. She looked up at the waiter and her eyes
flashed with a hint of anger that took the waiter aback.
Saying he'd come back in a few minutes he hurriedly
left the table and Anne watched him retreat into the kitchen.
Checking the time Anne saw that Grace would arrive any minute
and she began checking the entrance every few seconds as
her excitement grew. She suddenly grinned and almost laughed
wondering how to greet Grace. Should she shake hands with
her or try and hug her? A brief mental image of throwing Grace
over a table and tearing her clothes off right there in the
cafe' flew through Anne's mind and made her even
more excited. Catching a glimpse of movement Anne's
eyes looked towards the front door as it opened letting
the day's light pour into the entryway. For long tense
moments Anne couldn't see anyone coming inside the
bright glare making it difficult to see. After a few seconds
though she could and her excitement evaporated as it was
some man. Taking a long, slow, deep breath Anne calmed down.
She looked again at the time. Grace was now officially late
by Anne's punctual standards.
More self-doubt and uncertainty pervaded Anne's
mind but this time the stronger persona was no where to be
found and she began to despair. The waiter was at her table
again. Anne looked up at him feeling meek and helpless.
Looking into her eyes and then at a clock on the wall seeing
it was on the hour the waiter told Anne not to worry, the traffic
around here at this time of day could be bad - and that she'll
show up. Anne regarded him at first with surprise then saw
something she thought she recognized in his own eyes - fellowship.
Managing to smile at him Anne looked back towards the door
as the waiter went off to see if the man who had just come in
was ready to order.
Reaching for the glass of water again Anne felt it had begun
to condense as her hand felt wetness as it closed around
the cool glass. Lifting the glass to her lips and taking
a sip Anne realized she needed to use the restroom. Setting
the glass back onto the table Anne got up and set off towards
the ladie's room. The restroom door opened with a short
creaking sound and Anne walked inside letting loose of
the door handle as it closed behind her. What Anne saw inside
she couldn't begin to believe. Well drawn pictures
of beautiful women were all over the walls and toilet stall
partitions. But more than that the women weren't alone.
These were drawings of women making love with other women.
Women of all descriptions were represented here. Tall
women, short women, skinny women, full figured women,
those with long flowing hair and those with hardly any hair
at all were to be seen. Anne suddenly wasn't sure if
this was a bathroom or an art gallery.
Anne entered the first stall and after putting down some
toilet paper onto the seat more out of habit than actual
need sat down. Upon the door was a drawing of a bathroom stall
very much like this one. In fact, after a few moments of looking
at it Anne realized it was this one! It was like looking at
a mirror image of where she was now. There was a difference
however. That being the two women portrayed upon it. One
giving oral pleasure to the other. The woman being pleasured
was seated a top the toilet with her legs spread wide while
the other woman sat straddled on the seat facing her. It
was the most erotic image of women making love with other
women Anne had ever seen.
Anne heard the restroom door open and someone walked in
and past her stall to occupy the one next to her's. Glancing
down at the floor Anne saw the woman's feet. They were
wearing pink women's tennis shoes. The feet turned
around and blue jeans came down around the ankle's
and Anne heard the woman sit down and begin to pee. Anne was
startled when a woman's voice interupted her thoughts
asking how she liked the pictures all over the walls. Clearing
her throat Anne replied they were beautiful and she liked
them very much. The woman said thanks as she was apparently
the artist who drew them. She said they were inspired by
her own real life events here at this cafe' and Anne
realized with something of a shock there was a lesbian right
next to her.
The woman finished what she was doing and pulled her jeans
back up and stood opening the stall door and walking past
Anne's. She turned on the sink and presumedly washed
her hands. But instead of hearing her walk out of the restroom
the woman walked back to Anne's stall and tapped on
the door asking if she could come in! Anne swallowed nervously
not knowing what to do. Anne blurted out the only thing she
could think of that being she wasn't finished yet and
the stall was occupied. The woman outside the door laughed
and walked away leaving Anne alone in the restroom. Wiping
a few beads of sweat from her forehead Anne realized she
had wanted to let the woman in with her. Anne hurriedly used
the toilet and washed her hands wanting to get back out to
her table and resume her wait for Grace.
As Anne approached her table she saw someone sitting at
it. It was a woman in jeans with pink women's tennis
Chapter 2
Anne watched the comings and goings of people in the chatroom
detachedly. A few people she knew dropped in to say hi on
their way to work but none could stay on for very long. Anne
wanted to talk to them. To talk about her experience with
Grace. To brag about it. Checking the time Anne suddenly
felt very hungry so typed in a command to let others know
she was away from the keyboard but would be back shortly.

Getting up from the chair at the computer Anne stretched
cat like reaching for the ceiling flexing her back. Leaving
her office she headed for the kitchen. On the way there Anne
noticed she was paying attention to things she never gave
much thought to before. The feel of the carpet under her
bare feet. The sound of the air conditioning as she passed
by a vent on the wall. The sight of birds hopping from branch
to branch in her apple tree in the backyard. Anne realized
she'd been changed by her experience with Grace. She
felt more alive now. More in touch with the world around
her. She liked how she felt now and smiled.
Walking into the kitchen Anne opened the refridgerator
and went over possibilities for lunch. The cold air spilling
forth over her body felt good and she lingered a while there
enjoying the sensation. Picking a bottle of spring water
and a green apple from her own tree outside she walked to
the sliding glass door going out back and walked out onto
her redwood deck. Her ex-husband may not have been a very
compassionate man, but he knew how to build a deck.
Anne sat down on a lounger and opened her water and took a
bite out of her apple. The juices flowed forth into her mouth
and ran out between her lips and down her chin. Wiping the
sweet sticky juice off her chin Anne laughed. She felt positively
invigorated. She hadn't felt this good since she was
a little girl. Taking a sip of water she knew why. Her mind
flashed back to the cafe' where she had met Grace for
the first time.
Returning to her table and seeing the woman with pink women's
tennis shoes from the restroom Anne stopped short and regarded
her for a few moments. The woman smiled under Anne's
scrutiny and stood up offering her hand and introduced
herself. Anne was shocked to discover this was who she was
here to meet - this was Grace.
Accepting Grace's hand Anne felt self-conscious
as she could feel how sweaty her own palm was. Grace seemed
to read Anne's thoughts and spoke them aloud. "Don't
sweat it honey, I'm nervous too."It pleased
Anne to hear she wasn't the only nervous one and even
managed to laugh a bit at Grace's "Don't
sweat it" joke.
Grace was even more attractive than Anne had imagined.
She had very short hair and wore no makeup giving her a strong
masculine appearence. Her voice seemed out of place coming
from her lips and was very soft and gentle. The waiter swung
by their table and greeted Grace enthusiastically, "Heya
G, how ya doin'?" And gave her a friendly hug.
He then smiled a greeting at Anne along with a knowing look.
They were obviously well aquainted with one another Anne
thought. After taking their orders the waiter hurried
off towards the kitchen leaving them alone.
"Glad to see you were able to find this place Anne."
Grace said, suddenly breaking an awkward moment of silence.
"Ya it wasn't too hard to find." Anne replied.
She felt strange talking with a woman she already knew she
wanted to make love with. She wanted to say flattering things
to her, letting her know she was interested but felt uneasy
about talking like that to another woman.
"You look very sexy Anne." Grace said as if she
had ripped the line straight from Anne's own mind.
"Thanks. You look nice too." Anne replied.
She regretted saying it as soon as she realized she had.
She'd had a chance to say something meaningful and
flattering but didn't. She must think I'm a dork.
But Grace smiled as though she'd been paid the most
flattering compliment anyone had ever given her. This
made Anne feel a lot better.
"Are you hungry for anything Anne?" Grace asked
looking her right in the eyes.
Anne was speechless as a truthful answer formed on her lips
but could only bring herself to shake her head and say, "No,
not really." Anne wondered if she was fantasizing
this too much and Grace wasn't really trying to suggest
anything. She looked away from Grace and licked her lips
nervously then looked back to find Grace had never taken
her eyes off her.
"Maybe later then." Grace said as she reached
for Anne's glass of water taking a long deep pull.
Anne watched Grace as she drank from her glass. Setting
it back down on the table between them Grace licked her own
lips but was much more thourough than Anne licking back
and forth two or three times on each lip. She then smiled
at Anne whose mouth was slightly agape entranced watching
Grace. She came back to the cafe's table with a start
as she felt a light touch on her fingers from Grace's
own. She let her mouth fall open a little more indicating
her pleasure. She then looked down at the table and the sight
of Grace's fingers running seductively over Anne's
own. She watched them move back and forth for long moments
not wanting it to stop then looked up at Grace. "That
feels so good." She confessed to Grace.
"I'm glad you like it." Grace said as she
continued doing it. "I like to touch you Anne. I like
making you feel good."
"I enjoy being touched by you. I wanna touch you too"
Anne said, almost out of breath.
A long moment passed then Grace asked, "Would you
like me to kiss you Anne?" Grace smiled seductively
across the table.
Anne replied immediately, just above a whisper, "Yes!"
and began leaning across the table towards Grace.
Grace leaned in as well turning her head slightly. Close
enough for their lips to touch, Grace let her's brush
across Anne's lightly, barely making contact. Reaching
across the table Grace took hold of Anne's hands gently
and moved her lips back across her's in the opposite
Anne squeezed Grace's hands tightly digging her nails
into Grace's palms being overwhelmed with passion
and desire. Feeling her enthusiasm, Grace pressed her
lips hard against Anne's for a moment then opening
her mouth slightly let her warm wet tongue touch Anne's
lips parting them enough to slip inside her mouth in search
of her's. Finding it, the two women proceeded to kiss
each other deeply.
After what seemed like several minutes, and may well have
been, the kiss ended. The two women sat back in their seats
opposite each other and regarded one another. Then in unison
they both broke into wide grins.
Chapter 3

Finishing off her apple, Anne set the core onto the table
next to the lounger and reached for her water. Taking a few
sips to wash the apple down her throat Anne finished her
lunch and lay back in her cushioned recliner to enjoy the
sunlight of midday. Closing her eyes against the brilliant
glare of the sun directly overhead, Anne felt her body relax
focusing on every muscle as it did so. She then realized
her clothes were heating up and felt restricted and constrained.
Opening her eyes and sitting up, Anne lifted up her t-shirt
and took it off. Tossing it in front of the sliding door so
she wouldn't forget it, she lay back down and resumed
her enjoyment of the sun.
"This feels so good." Anne thought as the sun
warmed her breasts. She sighed contentedly and stretched
breaking into a yawn. As her legs tensed and flexed she once
again felt the heat of her restrictive clothing and decided
if she was going to sit here basking under the sun she may
as well do so completely free. Getting up yet again she stood
and unbuttoned her pants, slid down the zipper and shimmied
out of her jeans. Placing her hands onto her hips she then
slid off her underwear enjoying a moment of fantasy as she
imagined Grace sliding her thong slowly down her thighs
and kneeling in front of her. Standing naked now in her backyard
Anne looked around and a sudden thought brought a smile
to her lips. She walked towards her apple tree and plucked
one from a branch and then took a bite.
Returning to her lounger, Anne lay back down and ate her
apple not caring that she was making a mess as the juices
and little bits of apple rained down all over her. The juices
splattered onto her neck and felt cool if a bit sticky. Flicking
a chunk of apple that fell onto her chest and then rolled
onto her neck Anne thought about taking a nap out here. Setting
the unfinished apple down onto the glass table next to her
Anne lay her arms limply at her side and tried to do just that.

A few moments after closing her eyes though they shot back
open as she realized she wasn't drowsy enough to sleep
and actually had an even better idea than taking a nap. Slowly
Anne brought her hands up onto her thighs and ran her fingertips
lightly up over her legs and up along her naked body. As her
slender fingers passed over her mons she let them explore
through her little forest of pubic hair and sighed as a tingle
passed through her entire body. Bringing her hands together
she spread her fingers wide and proceeded to caress her
belly on her way up to her now heaving chest. Looking down
at what she was doing she saw her nipples were full and erect
raising the dark areole.
Lightly Anne ran the pads of her fingers across the arroused
nipples bending them over like blades of grass in the wind.
Then taking them between her thumb and forefinger she began
to squeeze them harder and harder while rolling them slowly
back and forth. Thin streams of pleasure shot through her
body as she raised herself up off the lounger in ecstasy.
Coming back down hard onto the cushions Anne pressed her
breasts together firmly while keeping a firm grip on her
thick elongated nipples. She felt her feet start to slip
off the cushion as they began to sweat and had to steady herself.
Her attention focused thus she realized she was soaked
with sweat and burning up.
Letting go of her inflamed body she raised herself on to
her elbows and reached for the bottle of water. She lifted
it to her lips and took a long drink then poured the rest of
the bottle over her heated skin. Cooling herself down she
swung her legs over the edge of the recliner and sat up placing
her feet in a puddle on the ground. Spying the partially
eaten apple on the table Anne reached out for it but decided
against taking a bite as it had already turned brown. She
wondered what time it was. She didn't think she'd
been out for so long. Musing over this she got up and headed
inside picking up her clothes and carrying them with her.
Opening the sliding glass door and stepping inside Anne
was quickly cooled off as the air conditioning hit her all
over her body at once. Feeling suddenly chilled, and becomming
acutely aware of her nakedness she turned her steps hurriedly
to her bedroom.
Donning a thick soft purple robe Anne felt herself warm
up a bit and headed for her bathroom to start a shower. Opening
the door to the large shower stall she reached for the knob
to turn on the water. Just then her doorbell rang. Muttering
to herself annoyed she left the bathroom and headed for
the door closing the robe and tying it as she walked.
On the way to the door, Anne imagined it was Grace on the other
side. Opening the door and seeing her she let go of the door
handle letting it slam against the entryway wall with a
thud. Silently the two stood eyeing each other hungrily.
Grace's eyes ran over Anne's robed body and she
took a step inside taking a hold of the drawstring around
her waist. Wrapping her finger around the thin cord she
twisted it and pulled pulling Anne along with it towards
her. Anne took a step towards Grace steadying herself by
placing her hands onto the open doorframe.
Standing there in the open doorway arms outstretched above
her Anne looked at Grace's lips as they came closer
towards her own. Her mouth parted slightly in expectation
and she closed her eyes as she felt Grace's warm breath
on her face. As their lips met she felt Grace's hands
let loose of the drawstring around her waist and place themselves
on her hips pulling her close. As she bumped into Grace's
body with her own she began to rub and grind her pelvis into
her. Anne thrust her tongue into Grace's mouth swirling
it around as her passion for this woman took over.
Anne's body surged with electricity as she pressed
into Grace. Grace stood firm not yielding an inch and even
pushed Anne back slightly pushing back against her. Feeling
herself loosing her balance Anne let go of the doorframe
and threw her arms around Grace's neck for support.
Tightening her grip on her lover, Grace held on and didn't
let her fall. But Anne fell anyway. She felt herself falling
an impossible height but wasn't afraid. She knew when
ever she reached the bottom Grace would be there to catch
Arriving at the door, Anne looked through the peephole
to see who it was. A man stood there with what appeared to
be flowers in his hand. Curious Anne opened the door and
greeted the man, "Hello."
"Hi there! These are for you." The man said as
he gave Anne the bouqet. "There's a card in there
somewhere too. If you could just sign here please."
The man passed an electronic slate to Anne who scribbled
her signature onto it and gave it back to him.
"Thank you." Anne said as the man spun around
on his heel and left.
Closing the door Anne smelled the pink and red flowers noticing
they were roses. Walking back to her bedroom she set the
roses down on her nightstand coming as they did in their
own little vase. Anne then looked for and found the card.
Removing it and opening it Anne felt tears of joy fill her
eyes and dim her vision.
"Roses are red, but sometimes pink. Come to the cafe',
let's meet for a drink." The card said and it was
signed "Grace."
Anne opened her nightstand and put the card carefully inside
and then arranged the roses until she was satisfied. Stepping
back a few feet she admired them for a few moments, stepped
closer to make a minute adjustment, then stepped back again
thinking that outta do it. Taking a deep satisfying breath
she turned around and went back into the bathroom to take
her shower.
Chapter 4
Grace raised her eyebrows and motioned to Anne to follow
her. The two got up from their table and walked towards the
counter where the waiter stood chatting with the man who
came in earlier. "We're going back to my place."
Grace told the waiter pointedly.
The young man glanced up from his engrossing conversation
with the man and smiled at Grace. "Ok G', will
see ya later then." Anne noticed he hardly took his eyes off the man he was talking
to. They were both good looking she thought and seemed to
be enjoying their conversation. Taking a hold of Grace's
hand as they left the cafe' Anne glanced back at the
waiter in time to see him kissing the other man. Anne's
eyes widened betraying some surprise and Grace feeling
her turn around glanced back as well. She then looked at
Anne and answered her thoughts, "Yes, he is."
Anne being caught red handed felt her cheeks warm up a little
and she smiled embarassingly. "I've never seen
two men kiss each other like that before." She admitted.

Grace opened the door of the cafe' pulling Anne ahead
of her and through the door first then followed along behind
her. Grace then asked as they walked down the sidewalk hand
in hand, "Really? Haven't you ever watched a
gay video?"
Anne forced a giggle, "No! ...Have you?"
Grace replied without shame or apology, "Of course.
I love watching guys together."
Anne thought about this as the two women walked together.
She'd watched pornographic videos before with her
husband, but never a gay one. She'd always enjoyed
the scenes with two women together. She found herself arroused
at the thought of watching two men together. She suddenly
came out of her reverie' with a start as she saw they
were passing the parking lot where her car was. "My
car's right there." She said.
"We wont need it. My place is just up the street."
Grace said smiling at Anne.
"Oh ok." Anne said acceptingly.
Walking down the street together holding hands Anne suddenly
felt self-conscious. Grace was afterall exactly what
Anne imagined a dyke looked like. And she felt as though
everyone who saw them holding hands would know she was too.

Grace could feel Anne's palm getting sweaty and gave
it a gentle squeeze of reassurance while beaming a smile
at her.
Anne tried to smile back but it was forced and Grace knew
it - and why.
"How much farther is it?" Anne asked a slight
tremble in her voice.
"Not much farther. See the house with the flag on the
porch? That's me." Grace said nodding a little
ways down the street.
Looking where Grace indicated, Anne could see the street
ended and became dirt with tall redwoods everywhere and
small houses nestled comfortably in between them. The
sun was low enough to be obscured by the trees and the light
that managed to make it through the canopy cast an ethereal
green hue over everything giving the setting an otherworldly
quality about it. Seeing the house Grace nodded towards,
Anne could see is was quite small and surrounded by a low
wooden fence in bad repair. Other houses were near seemingly
placed where ever the large trees would allow them. Nearing
Grace's home, Anne was startled to hear a dog's
bark and was a bit unnerved as a very large rottweiler emerged
from out of no where in Grace's yard.
"That's my bitch." Grace said tongue in
cheek. "Her name's Duchess."
"Does she bite?" Anne asked nervously.
"Only those I tell her to." Grace replied.
Anne looked at her to see if she was serious. Judging by her
emotionless expression she was deadly serious.
"Don't worry hon', she only eats those who
would give me grief." Grace said trying to comfort
Opening the rickety gate Grace squatted down and greeted
Duchess enthusiastically, hugging and rough housing
with her. She motioned for Anne to squat down as well while
giving soothing and reassuring words of comfort to her
companion and protector.
Anne struggled to control her fear, never having been around
larger breeds of dog and finding this one positively frightful.

Duchess sniffed curiously at Anne getting right in her
face while doing so, nearly knocking her over backwards.
The large dog then seemed to regard her for a moment then
looked at Grace who was starting to stand up. Barking suddenly
and jumping after Grace, Duchess lept and pranced around
eagerly as if in expectation.
Grace walked inside her home surprising Anne by not having
to unlock a door leaving Duchess outside with Anne. Duchess
wagged what little tail she had rapidly while waiting for
Grace to return. For Anne it seemed like days, but eventually
she did carrying a large stainless steel bowl and set it
down for Duchess.
"Dinner." Grace said looking at Anne. "Raw
hamburger and some steak."
"Isn't that expensive?" Anne asked watching
the dog eat hungrily.
"She's worth it." Grace replied also watching
her eat. "C'mon inside." Grace said inviting
Anne in first.
Entering the tiny house Anne was surprised by how Spartan
it was. There was a couch against the wall to her right with
a small tv on the floor in front of it. To her left was a narrow
hallway leading to what she presumed was the kitchen. Apparently
the bathroom was down that was as well because it certainly
wasn't to be found here in the living room. Strangely
a shiny, polished wooden ladder was also in the livingroom
and led up to another level though by where the ceiling was
there couldn't have been much room up there.
"The bedroom." Grace said following Anne's
gaze. "Wanna see it?" Grace asked grinning.
"Just kidding Anne. Relax, have a seat." Grace
motioned towards the couch.
Walking over to the couch and sitting down slowly Anne looked
over to Grace as she walked off to the kitchen. Calling out
to Anne Grace asked, "Would you like something to
drink? I got bottled water, Sprite, and Coke."
"Water please." Anne replied, raising her
voice enough so it would carry. She suddenly felt a lot more
comfortable being alone for a moment. Even raising her
voice made her feel better. She settled back into the couch
noticing it was a very comfortable couch as she sank a bit
into it.
Grace returned from the kitchen quickly carrying two bottles
of water with her. She called out to Anne "Catch!"
and tossed one to her smiling approvingly as Anne caught
it easily. "Nice reflexes." Grace said.
"Thanks." Anne said as she opened the bottle
of water and took a sip. "This is a great couch."
She said getting the oligatory "Your home is beautiful"
thing over with.
"Ya it is." Grace agreed.
To Anne's surprise Grace sat down on the floor in between
the couch and tv facing her just out of arm's reach.
She realized Grace was being extremely polite and not crowding
her. She relaxed even more. Noticing a pause in the conversation
Anne wondered what to say next. Interupting her thoughts
Grace helped out.
"So you liked my artwork in the restroom back at the
cafe'?" Grace asked genuinely interested in
the answer.
"I loved it! It was the beautiful thing I've ever
seen!" Anne answered truthfully.
"Glad you liked it. I have some other work if you'd
like to see it?" Grace said.
"I'd love to!" Anne replied eagerly.
Getting up from the floor Grace climbed up the ladder to
the loft. Anne could hear papers being shuffled around.

"Wanna show you the better ones." Grace said
from above.
Getting up from the couch Anne went to the ladder and climbed
up a ways until she could see Grace. "I want to see all
of it." She said.
Turning her head around on all fours Grace smiled as she
saw Anne had come up. "C'mon up then." She
Ascending the last few steps Anne likewise on all fours
crawled nearer to Grace. The loft had a large queen sized
mattress on the floor and a medium sized window along the
floor as well with curtains drawn open. Anne could see stacks
and rows of books arranged in front of the window and piles
of what she assumed were Grace's art collection at
the head of the bed. It was at these Grace was busily looking
through. Anne took a few moments to examine the titles of
the books "The Joy of Lesbian Sex" leaping out
at her first. She felt herself getting warm and wished she
had brought the water up with her though she didn't
see any secure spot to place it if she had.
Apparently triumphant, Grace lay down on the mattress
raised up on her elbow and opened a folder filled with drawings
and sketches motioning Anne to lie opposite her. Doing
so, Anne moistened her lips and looked at the artwork Grace
had gotten for her. There were very well drawn, professional
quality Anne thought, drawings of women in various poses
both clothed and unclothed. Some of the pictures seemed
pornographic to Anne they were drawn so well - and with so
much detail.
"This is one of my favorites." Grace said hurrying
Anne through a few pages to the one she liked. Grace looked
intently at Anne's face waiting for a reaction.
The drawing showed an outdoor scene. A pond with a broad
grassy bank around it was the scene of what Anne could only
describe as the biggest all girl orgy she had ever imagined.
Naked, and nearly naked women in various acts of lovemaking
surrounded the pond.
"It's only a drawing for now, but I want to make
it a painting eventually." Grace said. "What
do you think?"
Anne examined the erotic feast before her eyes for a moment
longer then looking up at Grace whispered, "You're
beautiful." and leaned in closer to kiss her.
Chapter 5
Entering her bathroom, Anne walked to the shower stall
and opened the clear glass door. The metal handle felt cold
in her hand and she looked foward to a long shower. Reaching
out and grasping the plastic knob she turned on the water.
Quickly withdrawing her hand, she managed to avoid the
sputtering stream of water as the shower came to life. Watching
the intense jet of water as it created a swirling pool on
the stall floor Anne began to think of Grace. Turning away
from the stall, Anne walked over to the sink and looked at
herself in the large mirror recessed upon it. She had a few
minutes while the water heated up she knew.
Placing her hands upon her chest, fingers slipping inside
her robe, Anne began running them down over her naked body
underneath. As the tips of her fingers passed over her breasts
Anne closed her eyes and sighed softly. Her nipples felt
soft beneath her robe as she touched them. Running the pads
of her fingers back and forth across them she looked at what
she was doing in the mirror. Her robe had opened a little
down the front and she could see a narrow slit of exposed
skin with her hands moving in and out within it. Imagining
herself with Grace, Anne slid her hands down from her breasts
opening her robe even more...
...As Anne lie sunning herself in her backyard, she started
as she realized she was no longer alone. Opening her eyes
and propping herself up onto her elbows she saw Grace standing
at the foot of her lounger.
Grace was wearing a pair of tight blue denim jeans with superfluous
red suspenders over a white men's t-shirt. Turning
slightly to show off her body, Grace modeled for Anne. Covering
her short, close cropped hair she also wore a red beret.
The tee was several sizes too small judging by how it only
emphasized the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra and
her pierced nipples were erect. Grace's eyes ran up
and down Anne's naked body and made no effort to hide
that they were doing so. The afternoon sun was directly
behind Grace and cast a shadow of her head just below Anne's
navel. Anne smiled at her girlfriend admirering her body
as well.
Kneeling down at Anne's feet, Grace got on all fours
and ran her tongue across the tips of her toes. Anne gasped
and giggled with pleasure. Taking the largest one between
her warm lips, Grace began to suck upon it letting her teeth
slide lightly against it as it left her mouth, then swirling
her tongue around it on the way back in. Lying back down Anne
relaxed and let herself be pleasured.
Moving to the other foot, Grace first ran her very wet tongue
up over Anne's bare sole. Anne sucked in a deep breath
and held it until the tickling sensation passed. Exhaling
into a moan, Anne twitched as Grace licked between each
of her toes tickling her even more. Breaking into uncontrolled
laughter Anne begged her to stop. But she didn't mean
it and Grace knew it. Finishing off with her big toe Grace
wiggled her tongue back and forth rapidly in a very familar
Bringing her tongue and lips away from Anne's now moistened
toes, Grace crawled seductively around the lounger coming
up beside her. Turning her head slightly to watch her, Anne's
mouth parted with a soft moan and her eyes widened as she
felt Grace's hand running up her leg from her knee to
the inside of her thigh. Leaning down over her, Grace ran
her tongue up the side of Anne's breast ending at her
nipple which she gently sucked between her lips. Inside
her mouth, Grace used her tongue to slowly move the elongated
nipple around and around. Bringing her lips away with a
sucking pop, Grace left Anne's nipple covered in a
thin layer of warm spittle. Grace then ran her tongue down
Anne's side and over her ribs sending shivers through
her body. Anne squeezed the side of the lounger gripping
it tightly and moaned with pleasure.
Grace's hand moved from Anne's inner thigh up
over her pelvis and across to her mons pressing firmly against
it as her fingers explored through her well groomed forest
of hair. Reaching out, wanting to touch her, Anne felt around
Grace's t-shirt until she felt her breast. Squeezing
it firmly through the thin cotton she heard Grace moan approvingly.
Opening her eyes to watch her, Anne licked across her lips
slowly meeting Grace's eyes with her own. Grace leaned
over and brought her lips down gently onto Anne's kissing
Anne raised herself up pressing herself into Grace's
hand as she felt their lips join. Bringing her lips away
slowly Anne then took Grace's lips one at a time between
her own. She then opened her mouth and let her tongue venture
forth into Grace's mouth seeking out her's. Finding
it, she rubbed them together slowly enjoying the blending
of her lover's juices with her own.
Grace slid her fingers down from Anne's mound until
she felt her warm wetness beneath her fingers. Sliding
a single finger down, she felt Anne open wide as her finger
sank deep inside. Using a circling motion inside her, Grace
kissed Anne hard. Anne's breathing was coming in short
shallow gasps now as she began building up. Adding another
finger, Grace spread Anne even more. Lowering her thumb,
Grace then added to Anne's pleasure by massaging her
clittoris. Kissing her again and not breaking it, Grace
thrust her tongue and fingers in and out of Anne as she felt
her beginning to come.
Anne gasped into Grace's mouth as she came and continued
their kiss for long moments as if afraid ending the kiss
would end the orgasm. Finally though, Anne felt she could
safely collapse back into the recliner and rest satisfied
for a few moments.
Grace lay her head onto Anne's chest, her cheek to her
breast and put her arm around her waist. Anne ran her hand
over Grace's head flicking off the beret and lovingly
running her fingers through her short spiky hair. Gazing
up into the blue and white fluffy clouded sky Anne closed
her eyes for a few moments.
Opening them again, Anne let the thick purple robe slide
off her shoulders and onto the floor at her feet. She then
stepped into the shower and got ready to go meet Grace.
Chapter 6
Anne and Grace woke early the next day and starting packing
up Anne's Jeep with their luggage. Hefting the last
duffle bag onto her shoulder, Grace raised her eyebrows
twice in succession as Anne watched her feat of strength.
Turning and heading out the door trying not to trip over
Duchess who bounded around her feet eagerly, Grace tossed
the heavy bag into the back of the Jeep causing it to rock
on it's suspension.
The day was starting out beautifully. It was a bit chilly
out, and their breath was visible in the air. The sky was
mostly clear with only a few clouds here and there. The sun
had only just come up and the early morning light made everything
seem muted and peaceful.
"Is that everything?" Grace asked Anne. She
wiped her hand across her forehead blowing her breath out
quickly between pursed lips.
Anne glanced around on the ground then back towards the
house thinking, "Ya I think so. Amanda's gonna
feed Duchess while you're gone?"
"Ya. She's taken care of her before. Duchess
loves her so she'll be fine." Grace replied.
"Well since we'll be stuck driving a long time
- c'mere you." Anne spread her arms wide beckoning
for Grace.
Smiling, Grace walked to Anne and hugged her like a wife
saying goodbye to her Navy husband before he boarded a ship
and sailed off. Then they both kissed. A simple kiss became
an expression of love and passion that threatened to have
them naked and on the ground making love if it continued
for too long. Their tongues swirled within each other's
mouths and their hands explored each other's bodies
frantically. They were afterall going to be couped up side
by side for an hour or two.
As their kiss ended, still holding each around the waist
and neck Grace said in a conspiratorial undertone, "Ya
know, it's not like no one's ever made love in a
moving vehicle before." She then winked and went
to close up the house. Anne watch her go and found herself
looking intenty at her denim covered bottom. She felt her
face grow flush and licked her lips to moisten them. Seeing
Grace finish up, say goodbye to Duchess and head back towards
the Jeep Anne said, "That'd be some moving violation."
Anne smiled seductively at Grace who's eyes lit up
Anne drove the Jeep slowly along the main drag passing the
establishments she now knew to be safe havens for people
like her and Grace. She looked at their windows with a whole
new appreciation of their beauty just as she now looked
at women. Grace fumbled around with some cds she had brought
looking for one to listen to during the trip. Finding one,
she stuck it into the cd player then adjusted the volumn
and bass as club music boomed from the speakers. It was loud
Anne thought, unesscessarily so. Anne looked over at Grace
who had put on some dark round sunglasses that were just
large enough to conceal her eyes and smiled at her while
swinging her shoulders and dancing in her seat. Anne then
resumed her attention on the road thinking Grace was such
a showoff. She realized she wanted people to turn and see
them driving together. She idly wondered if she was planning
to take her top off as well. Anne wasn't one to call attention
to herself like that but found she liked that Grace was.
Raising her eyebrows acceptingly she smiled thinking,
"Let them look. Let them watch too if they wish."
Driving through town Anne got the impression they were
the only ones up. Or even the ones who existed. She regretted
that in a way - the music and the scene deserved to be shared.
As if a genie had granted her wish someone walked from an
apartments and glanced at them as they passed. He looked
angry and shouted something that was drowned out by the
music. Reaching for the volumn Anne turned it down a little.
Let them share at a more reasonable hour she thought.
Passing the onramp to the highway, Anne proceeded onto
a country road Grace said would get them at least some of
the way to where they were going. And she promised it would
be a beautiful drive if nothing else. On their right were
farmer's fields. Anne wasn't much of a country
girl and couldn't tell what crops they were, but there
was a pleasant smell that she couldn't place. She saw
a house centered in the middle of the fields with a few large
trees around it and wondered what the inhabitants were
doing right now. To their left was a steep hill going almost
vertically above the road with red powdery dirt. She could
see where the rains had caused a slide and shivered at the
thought of it all coming down upon them as they drove by and
she sped up the Jeep a little.
The sun had come up some more and was now shining on her right.
The rush of the wind felt good on her face and she felt invigorated.
This was her first roadtrip in a long time. And, looking
at Grace beside her, her first romantic getaway ever. Except
for her honeymoon with her ex-husband, she had never done
anything like this before. She wondered what he was doing
right now. Getting ready for work probably as she glanced
at the time. The clock in her dash read 6:29. Looking once
again at Grace, Anne banished thoughts of an unhappy relationship
from her mind and filled it up instead with a promising new
one. She reached out and squeezed Grace's knee as if
to confirm this was really happening and not just a pleasant
dream. Feeling Grace's warm hand close around her's,
Anne smiled feeling reassured. It was real all right. This
was really happening.
Grace leaned over as best she could with their seats being
seperated by about a foot and a gearstick but managed anyway
to place her head against Anne's shoulder for a snuggle
then stretching up kissed her on the neck before returning
to her own seat.
Slipping off her flipflops Grace then leaned back against
her seat raising herself up and undid her jeans and slid
them down quickly below her knees and yanked them off. Anne
looked over with surprise and speaking over the music asked,
"What are you doing?!" "I wanted to put on my shorts." Grace smiled.
But first she turned around in her seat to face the startled
Anne and placing one leg against the back of the seat and
the other out beside her sat back against the passenger
side door and spread her legs wide. Running her hands up
over her thighs to her pelvic bone she let her fingers come
teasingly close to her freshly waxed pubic mound. Lowering
her head submissively she took one hand away from her smooth
skin and tapped her glasses down revealing her almond shaped
eyes and raised her eyelids to look at Anne. Pointing to
her right, to the front of the speeding vehicle, she reminded
Anne of who was driving. Following the pointed finger with
eyes hungry with lust Anne started and jerked the steering
wheel sending them rocking unnervingly from side to side
as she recovered full control of the vehicle.
"Fuck!" Anne screamed as she struggled with
the wheel. Breathing through her mouth she placed both
hands back on the wheel in the 10 and 2 position, checked
her rear view mirror and both the side mirrors like a good
driver is supposed to do. She then turned angrily at Grace
who was laughing.
"It's not funny! We could have been killed!"
Anne said exasperated and quite embarrassed.
"It is funny. And you know it." Grace said defiantly
still bottomless and spread eagle leaning back against
the door. "You just need to think about it some more.
Still, if I'd known you were such a lousy driver..."
She finished with a smirk.
Glancing over sharply at her, then back at the road, then
back at Grace, Anne's mouth gaped open and close like
a landed fish. She began to speak but cut herself off and
stared straight ahead at the road fuming. Grace watched
her for a few moments then turned around fully in her seat
getting up on her knees and dug through a bag in the backseat
looking for her shorts.
Seeing her move out of the corner of her eye Anne looked over
for a brief moment to spy Grace's magnificent body
kneeling in her seat and leaning over into the backseat.
Wearing only a neon pink tank top she was truely beautiful
to behold. Glancing back to the road for a moment she made
sure they weren't heading off a cliff before looking
back to admire her some more.
Happening to look over at her, Grace caught Anne looking
and flexed her glutious maximus tightening it then relaxing
it and swaying her bare bottom back and forth seductively.
Anne looked back and into Grace's eyes and smiled apologetically
then resumed navigating the vehicle.
Finding her shorts, Grace turned back around and sat down
in her black vinyl seat and held the shorts up showing them
to Anne. "You like?"
Looking over, Anne saw the shorts and asked, "Where's
the rest of them?" The shorts were indeed that, and couldn't have done
anything for modesty. They were little more than a lime
green loincloth and were open up along the sides. They were
thin too Anne noticed as she could see Grace silhouetted
behind them.
"They're summer shorts. You were them when it's
really hot." Grace said explaining.
"I think you could wear those at the north pole and
it'd get hot enough." Anne complimented smiling
over at Grace.
Grace smiled back. She then raised her arms up and removed
her tank top tossing it over her shoulder, hoping it landed
in the backseat and didn't just blow completely out
of the open top Jeep. Sitting completely naked in the passenger
seat Grace tossed the shorts onto the floor in front of her
and placed her arm out to hold onto Anne's seat and the
other onto the door at her side. She grinned mischievously
and waited for Anne to scream or say something. After a few
too many moments had passed without a word though she looked
over at Anne.
Anne had noticed Grace remove her top of course, she wasn't
blind. But knew she was doing it to tease her so decided to
tease her back and pretend she hadn't noticed. Sitting
there looking only at the road and occasionally glancing
off to her left pretending to be interested in something
that caught her eye she ignored Grace completely.
Reaching out and turning the cd player off with a sharp click
Grace suddenly said, "So what's a woman gotta
do to get laid around here?"
Glancing over at her now, Anne raised her eyebrows in amazement
and regarded the nude, beautiful, and apparently very
horny Grace with an almost wild gleem in her eyes. Looking
around quickly as she drove Anne found a spot where she could
pull over and did so bringing the vehicle to a halt with a
screach. The spot was nothing more than a wide expanse of
dirt along the side of the road. It was hardly private or
sheltered. But it would suit Anne's purpose, she did
have presence of mind however to hope a cop didn't happen
Turning off the ignition, hands fumbling for the keys and
rattling them noisily, Anne turned towards Grace who was
glancing around at Anne's choice of rest stop with
interest. "Stand up!" Anne ordered.
Looking over quickly at Anne hearing a hint of steel in her
voice, her eyes widened with amazement. "All right."
She replied, happy to obey and feeling her excitement build.

Standing up on the passenger seat quite nude, Grace looked
around some more feeling both arrousal and fear. She couldn't
see anyone or anything to indicate they weren't alone
and looked back down at Anne who was getting up and moving
over towards her. Turning to face her, Grace placed one
foot onto the dashboard keeping the other placed just under
the back cushion of her seat. Now on her hands and knees Anne
was on the passenger seat and coming up underneath Grace.
She let her left leg slide from the seat planting her foot
onto the passenger side floor staying on her knee with her
Running her hands up over Grace's smooth legs she brought
her lips to the inside of her thighs kissing then licking
them as she moved higher and higher. Grace lowered a hand
to caress Anne's head running her fingers through
her thick dark hair. Sliding her hands around Grace's
thighs Anne ran her hands up over Grace's butt placing
her fingers between her cheeks then squeezing them hard.
Hearing Grace gasp, Anne then shoved her face between her
Running her tongue up between Grace's creamy lips,
Anne licked hard. Feeling Anne's wet tongue passing
roughly over her clit Grace sucked in a breath as a jolt of
pain shot through her body. Feeling the tongue, and the
pain pass quickly she looked down at Anne. More gently on
the downstroke, Anne ran her tongue back over Grace's
sensitive areas and thrust her tongue inside her. Feeling
Grace grab a handful of her hair, Anne let out a moan of pleasure.
Withdrawing her tongue from Grace's vagina, Anne
moved it in a large cirlce tasting all of her before bringing
it to rest against her clit.
Raising her left arm, Anne grabbed Grace's breast
and squeezed hard as her other hand came up between her legs.
Extending her fingers on her right hand Anne felt around
quickly then finding her mark slid two fingers into Grace.
Raising herself up onto her toes, Grace tried in vain to
escape the sudden penetration but quickly lowered herself
back down relaxing pleasurably. With a sigh that turned
into a moan, Grace closed her eyes as Anne's fingers
began roating around inside her.
Feeling Grace loosening up, Anne brought her ring finger
up against her anus. Rubbing it, she felt Grace pull her
hair excitedly and heard her whispering, "Yes!"
Pushing her bare finger inside her asshole, Anne began
a rapid side to side motion with her tongue rubbing just
below Grace's clittoris while beginning a come hither
motion with her fingers inside her cunt and a pressing motion
within her ass.
Grace began to hump against Anne's tongue while swirling
her hips around as her pleasure grew. Managing to speak,
if only a single word, she begged of Anne, "Deeper!"
Obliging her, Anne thrust her fingers fully inside Grace's
cunt and ass and even added her pinky to her anal pleasuring.
Altering her tongue's motion, Anne forced her saliva
out to add lubrication to Grace's hot pussy. Withdrawing
her fingers from her ass, she moved those two fingers up
over her perineum collecting some of their juices there
then reinserted them into her.
Pumping her fingers in and out of Grace, Anne licked harder
and harder as Grace neared her orgasm.
In a short amount of time, Anne could feel Grace's orgasmic
juices running over her lips and down her chin. Moving her
tongue from top to bottom she lapped up Grace's sweet
nectar and withdrew her fingers slowly from within her
body looking up wondering why she was so quiet.
Grace seemed unable to breath and was shaking mouth agape
as if in a terrified scream. Throwing her head back suddenly
just as Anne's fingers left her she startled Anne as
she shouted out, "Aaaggghhhh! God!" And then
nearly collapsed as her knees buckled nearly crashing
into the top of Anne's head. Thus able to breathe again
Grace leaned back against the passenger side window and
shook a few more times before looking down at a smiling Anne.
"Oh fuck me baby!" She exclaimed.
Anne grinned and asked, "Now? Well...All right."
Grace lowered herself into a squatting position quickly
as Anne began running her hands back up over her sweaty thighs
and kissed her sticky lips tasting herself upon them. "No,
not now. Christ! I wouldn't survive!"
Anne smiled with a sudden thought, "Ok. We've
got a ways to go anyway." And she looked over at Grace
who grinned understandingly back at her.
Leaning foward and reaching down, Grace grabbed her shorts
and stood back up putting them on. Grabbing Grace's
tank top from the headrest of the backseat, Anne handed
it to her though she admitted to herself she'd just
as soon she kept it off. Watching Grace dress, Anne realized
she herself wanted to come. But, she thought, sometimes
it's better to give than to receive. And like she told
her, they had a ways to go yet. Anne then climbed back onto
the driver's seat, sat down, and started the ignition.
As soon as Grace sat down beside her Anne checked her mirrors,
looked over her shoulder and proceeded carefully back
onto the road like a good driver does.
Chapter 7
Pulling into the same parking lot as on her first visit,
Anne felt the same tingle of fear as she did before. She was
about to walk into what she now knew was a gay operated cafe'
to meet with her queer girlfriend and lover. This time however
she felt emboldened. The fear wasn't as paralyzing
as it was previously and after only a moment of sitting in
the car after shutting off the ignition, Anne opened the
door and walked to the cafe'.
Walking down the sidewalk Anne paid more attention to the
little shops and businesses that lined the street. She
even met stranger's looks in the eye and gave them friendly
hellos. Reaching the cafe', Anne walked inside. Seeing
the same waiter she had met briefly during her last visit,
Anne walked towards the counter where he was cleaning up
after someone had had something to eat.
"Hi there." Anne greeted. She beamed a smile
at him as she approached.
"Hey! Welcome back. Anne isn't it?" He
smiled, turning fully towards her.
Anne nodded, "Ya, I'm Anne." She extended
her hand to shake his.
Extending his own hand eagerly, the waiter shook Anne's
fondly. His hands were very soft but his grip strong. Anne
noticed with some surprise his palms were sweaty.
"Is Grace here?" Anne asked sitting on a stool
at the counter and settling in.
Setting a bottle of water in front of her and turning to his
other duties he gestured towards the restrooms with a hand,
"She's in the ladie's creating another
masterpiece." He turned back towards Anne and smiled.
Raising her eyebrows enthusiastically at the waiter,
Anne slid off the stool and walked towards the ladie's
restroom. She remembered the way well, it having become
a theme in so many of her fantasies. Her heartrate quickened
as she pushed slowly on the rickity wooden door opening
it with a creack. Seeing Grace busy drawing on the wall Anne's
breath caught in her throat. She was about to say something
then had a better idea and lifted her shirt up over head and
let it fall to the floor. Grace kept drawing, but surely
she heard the door open?
Approaching her from behind, Anne reached around and ran
her hands over her breasts. "Oh Jenn!" Grace
Anne started, "Who the hell is Jenn?!" Grace turned around a huge grin on her face. "This
is Jenn." She jerked her thumb back at what she was
Examining the picture realizing Grace was teasing her
yet again Anne moaned, "Oh Jenn!" as well.
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or so years ago. started short, evolved into this. if you
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mediums, websites, etc. - public domain as far as i'm

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