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Angela and Matt's younger brother Luke


Luke was on top of the world. He graduated from high school
two weeks earlier. He had just turned 18. And, he was spending
most of the summer with his older brother Matt on the west
coast. Matt was 10 years older than Luke. Luke had always
looked up to Matt. In Luke's eyes, he could do no wrong.
Matt was a photographer. Judging by the house he was living
in, business must have been very good. Matt had converted
his den into a darkroom so he could develop his film at his
leisure. In his spare time, Matt would do photo shoots with
some of the models in town. They were always wanting to update
their portfolios. There were a lot of beautiful women coming
and going in the short time Luke had been staying there.
Angela, one of the models, acted like she owned the place
whenever she was there. She was a 26 year-old beauty. Angela
was stunning!! She was tall, about 5' 9", with
long slim legs. Her breasts were firm. She had a gorgeous
round ass. Her hips were wide, and her waist was small. She
kept her brown hair cut short. Angela always wore something
that showed off her great figure. Luke always stared at
Angela's sexy body whenever she was around. He later
found out that Matt and Angela use to be an item. They managed
to remain good friends after they broke up. Matt still fucked
Angela from time to time. I guess you could say they were
fuck buddies.

Angela dropped by the house one day. She wanted Matt to take
some photos of her. Angela disappeared into Matt's
bedroom to change while Matt and Luke chatted in the living
room. Five minutes later, she called out to Matt to let him
know she was ready. Luke could hear them talking and laughing
in the bedroom. It wasn't long before Luke's curiosity
got the best of him. He walked toward the bedroom and peeked
in. Damn!!", Luke thought to himself. Angela had
changed into a very skimpy bikini. The material barely
covered her breasts, ass, and pussy. He stood there staring
at her lovely body as Matt took his photos of Angela. Matt
didn't noticed him. But, Angela did. She looked directly
at Luke, but said nothing. She looked away and continued
to pose for the camera. Angela loved it when men look at her
with lust in their eyes the way Luke was doing. She loved
the attention. She was gorgeous, and she knew it. Luke's
hard dick pressed against his slacks. His eyes soaked in
the beauty of Angela's sexy body for a few more minutes.
Then, he slowly crept away. He was sitting on the sofa when
Matt entered the living room. A few minutes later, Angela
appeared. She had changed back into her tight jeans and
blouse. Luke sat there watching some show on TV. Matt and
Angela chatted about the photos for a brief time before
she left. "Did you get an eyeful, Luke?", Matt
teased. Matt had a big smile on his face. "What do you
mean?", Luke innocently asked. "Angela told
me that you watched while I took her photos. She has a nice
ass. Doesn't she, Luke?", Matt asked his brother.
"Yes. It's not bad." Luke admitted. Matt
laughed out loud as he disappeared into his dark room.

A week later, Matt was offered a big job in a city 200 miles
up the coast. He would be gone for the whole weekend. The
pay was too good to turn down. But, he was still hesitant
about taking it. Matt didn't want to leave Luke on his
own. His work had left Luke by himself for one night but never
for a whole weekend. Luke urged Matt to go. "I'm
not a baby. I can take care of myself, Matt." Luke proclaimed.
Matt smiled as he looked at his younger brother. It was true.
His brother was no longer a child. Although Matt was torn,
he decided to take the job. Friday afternoon, Matt gathered
up his equipment, packed a suitcase, and left on his trip.
Matt would return Sunday night. He would call and check
on Luke every day to make sure everything was alright. Luke
spent the rest of Friday around the house. He eventually
fell asleep while watching a movie on TV.

Luke was suddenly awakened by a loud knock at the door. Startled,
he raised up from the sofa and tried to gather his thoughts.
The first knock on the door was soon followed by another.
Luke rubbed his eyes as he ambled toward the door. He looked
out the peep hole and recognized that it was Angela. When
he unlocked and opened the door, Angela came barreling
thru. "Where's Matt?", she asked. Luke
noticed the smell of alcohol on Angela has she walked past
him. "Matt is gone for the weekend. He will not be back
until Sunday.", he explained as he closed the door
and turned around to face her. Luke stared at Angela. She
looked fantastic!! Angela had on a short, tight skirt that
clung to her pretty thighs. The skirt did a wonderful job
of accenting her gorgeous ass and lovely wide hips. Her
blouse was sleeveless and tight enough to highlight her
breasts. The pair of high-heel shoes that she was wearing
almost elevated her up to Luke's 6' 2" height.
"Matt!!", Angela yelled out as she started
to search the house for him. Luke watched her ass wiggle
as she headed toward Matt's bedroom. The alcohol and
the high heels made it difficult for Angela to keep her balance.

Luke returned to the living room and sat on the sofa. A few
minutes later, Angela appeared. "Damn it!!",
she shouted out in disappointment. She knew that she had
one too many margaritas at the club. It was a struggle for
her to make it to Matt's place. She knew it would be a
very bad idea to try to make it home in her car. "I told
you he wasn't here, Angela.", Luke said while
his eyes feasted on Angela's sexy body. Angela then
removed her cell phone from her purse. During the next 15
minutes, she placed two calls. She paced the living room
floor while talking on her cell phone. Luke kept his eyes
on her body. He could feel his dick starting to get hard.
When Angela got off the phone, she flopped down in the chair
to Luke's right. Her skirt moved up her thighs and it
barely covered her ass when she crossed her legs. "Fuck!!",
she yelled out in frustration. "What's the problem,
Angela?", Luke asked as he moved his eyes away from
her thighs and up to her face. Angela did not answer him.
She just sat there with a frown on her face. For the next 10
minutes, they both sat there in silence. Angela stared
at the walls, and Luke stared at her pretty thighs. Then,
Angela stood up and headed toward the hallway leading to
the bedrooms. Angela struggled to keep from falling as
she walked. Luke kept his eyes on her ass and a hand over his
hard-on as she walked by him.

Twenty minutes had past since Angela disappeared. Luke
was wondering what she was up to. He didn't want her
messing around with any of Matt's things. He got up
and walked toward the bedrooms. When he got to the hallway,
he looked down toward Matt's room and noticed that
it was dark. When he looked toward the room he was sleeping
in, he noticed that the light was on and the door was opened.
"Angela? Are you alright?", he asked as he approached
the room. When Luke looked inside the bedroom, he couldn't
believe his eyes. Angela was lying on her back in the middle
of the bed sound asleep. Her body was uncovered. She was
completely naked!! Her clothes were scattered all over
the floor. He could see her lovely breasts. They were bigger
than he had imagined. He could see her pussy. It was the first
clean-shaven pussy that Luke had ever seen. Luke stood
there frozen in place staring at Angela's beautiful
body. Blood rushed to his brain and to his dick. He moved
to the edge of the bed. Luke stood there for what seemed like
an eternity to him. Then, he placed a hand was on one of Angela's
thighs. His heart raced and his dick throbbed as he started
to caress Angela's thighs. "What are you doing?",
he asked himself while he moved his hand up to her breasts.

Luke looked down at Angela as he squeezed one of her breasts.
There was no reaction from Angela. She continued to sleep
peacefully while the teenager continued to grope her tits.
Luke rested his other hand on one of Angela's knees.
Then he started to slide it between her thighs and up to her
pussy. His heart started to beat even faster. Luke knew
this was wrong, but he didn't stop. He took a few deep
breaths before placing his fingers against the soft flesh
of Angela's pussy. He kept his fingers there for a moment
as he looked at Angela again. Her eyes were still closed
and her breathing was still normal. Then, Luke inserted
his index finger inside Angela's pussy. No reaction
from Angela. He continued to caress her breasts with his
other hand, but he kept his finger motionless inside Angela's
pussy. I few seconds later, he started to move his finger
in and out of her naked pussy. "Um", Angela moaned
softly as she moved her head a bit against the pillow. Luke
realized the danger of his actions. He knew if Angela woke
up, all hell would break loose.

Luke watched Angela's face as he continued to stroke
her pussy with his finger. The more he massaged her puss,
the more restless Angela became. She started to wiggle
her ass. Her mouth was open, and she moaned more often. Luke
noticed that his finger was getting wetter. He decided
to insert another finger inside Angela. "Oh!",
Angela purred after Luke stuck his middle finger inside
her. He slowly worked his two fingers in and out of Angela.
His other hand had deserted Angela's breasts. He was
now rubbing his hard dick thru his pants with it. His fingers
had awaken Angela's body. She moaned as she moved her
ass around and pressing her pussy against his fingers.
Luke had never been this turned on. He wanted to fuck Angela.
Sanity and decency had abandoned him. The sight of Angela's
gorgeous body made him think with his dick and not his brain.

Luke removed his fingers from Angela's wet pussy and
left the room. He checked the doors to make sure they were
all locked. He turned off the TV. Then, he started turning
off all the lights as he made his way thru the house. The only
light on in the house was in the bedroom where Angela was.
Luke could feel his heart pounding against his chest as
he re-entered the bedroom. Angela was still lying on her
back. Her legs were still spread wide apart. He could see
how moist her pussy lips were. Luke stood there trying to
make sense of what he was about to do. The sight of Angela's
gorgeous naked body fucked with his thinking process.
Would his decision come back to haunt him? Luke reached
over and turned the light switch off. The room was pitch
black now. He stood in place long enough for his eyes to adjust
to the darkness that surrounded them. He could now see Angela's
ivory skin. His excitement grew as he slowly crept toward
the bed and Angela. He could hear her breathing as he drew
closer to her. He could feel his dick growing even larger
as he placed a hand on Angela's firm thighs.

"Umm", Angela moaned as Luke inserted the same
two fingers back inside her pussy. Luke seemed to act with
more determination. He immediately started to fuck Angela
with his fingers. In and out. In and out. The more he stroked
her pussy, the more Angela moved her body. She was moving
her ass around. She was now opening and closing her thighs
against his hand. She was becoming more vocal. "Ooh!!
Ooh!!" she moaned when Luke poked his fingers deeper
inside her. Her pussy juices soaked his fingers. Luke couldn't
take too much more of this. He had never been this excited
before. It's a miracle that he hadn't already
shot his wad in his pants. He wanted to fuck Angela so bad
that his body ached. Luke removed his fingers from Angela's
pussy again. He then stood by the bed looking down at Angela
as he removed his clothing. It wasn't long before Luke
was naked. His dick was so hard that it barely moved when
he climbed into the bed beside Angela.

Luke could hear Angela moan softly as he spread her thighs
even wider. Her breathing caused her breasts to rise and
fall. Both of her arms were at her side. He moved around the
bed on his knees as he positioned himself between her legs.
Luke had reached the point of no return. He did not ponder
the consequences of his action. All he could think about
was fucking Angela. He leaned down and placed one hand on
the bed. He grabbed his dick with the other hand. His breathing
quickened. Luke pressed the head of his dick against Angela's
well-lubricated pussy. Slowly, he started to push his
dick inside her. Ten thrusts later, the head of Luke's
dick disappeared inside Angela. "Aaah!!",
Angela moaned. Her body started to move. Her head shifted
from side to side. Luke stopped moving and waited for Angela
to calm down a bit. It also gave him a chance to try and control
his excitement. He knew he had to be gentle. He had to take
it slow with the handful of teenage girls he had fucked.
He had come to realize that he was blessed with a big dick.
He knew he was well hung. But, he was still not aware that
his dick was also exceptionally thick.

Luke propped himself up on both hands. He started to slowly
thrust forward, trying to push his dick deeper into Angela's
pussy. "Oooh!", was Angela's reaction
as Luke's dick inched a bit deeper inside her. Slowly
but surely, Luke's dick worked itself deeper inside
her. "Aaaaah!!", Angela moaned louder. Angela
moved her head from side to side and pressed her thighs against
Luke. But, she never opened her eyes. Luke's heart
was thumping against his chest as he continued to slowly
force his dick deeper into Angela's tight pussy. The
deeper he drove his dick into Angela, the louder her moans
became. He could now feel her hands against his waist. It
was as if she was trying to prevent him from plunging deeper
into her. But, Luke did not waver. He continued his descent
into her pussy and into his wicked ways. "Ooooh!!",
Angela cried out as her hands clawed and scratched Luke's
waist. Luke only managed to buried half of his dick inside
Angela before his excitement got the best of him. "Ooooh!!
Ooooh!!", Angela cried out as Luke suddenly started
to ram his dick into her. He grunted and let out a deep moan
while he filled Angela's pussy with his cum.

Luke laid next to Angela as he thought about what he had just
done. He had taken advantage of her. He felt guilty. He was
disgusted with himself. He looked over at Angela. She was
still lying on her back and asleep. Luke felt ashamed. Luke
felt his dick starting to get hard again. Even though Luke
felt guilty, he positioned his body between Angela's
legs again. Even though he knew that it was wrong, Luke mounted
Angela again. Her pussy was much wetter. "Aaah!!",
Angela cried out when Luke's dick entered her again.
Luke was more forceful. He fucked Angela harder this time.
He laid on top of Angela. He grabbed her around the waist
and the middle of her back. "Oooh!!", Angela
screamed while Luke drove half of his dick into her tight
pussy. Angela now had Luke in her clutches. Her arms held
him close to her and her legs were wrapped around his body.
"Oooh Yess!!" she yelled into his ears as Luke
rammed his dick deeper into her.

"Oooh!! Oooh Yess!! Yes Matt!! Oooh Matt!! Yess!!",
Angela screamed. She had experienced the first orgasm
caused by Luke's big thick dick. It was a powerful one.
Angela kissed and bit Luke on his shoulders as she continued
to say Matt's name. But, it didn't seem to bother
Luke. He just kept on fucking her hard. The wetness of her
pussy enabled Luke to plow deeper inside her. Three fourths
of his dick had now penetrated her pussy. Angela screamed
even louder. "Yess!! Yess!! Oooh Matt!!",
she cried as she came again. Her arms and legs clamped down
on Luke. He couldn't get up if he wanted to. Luke last
five minutes longer before he squirted his cum inside Angela.
She cried out in ecstasy as she felt his cum splash against
the walls of her pussy. "Yess!! Yess Matt!!"
Yess!!", she yelled into Luke's ear.

Angela kept her arms around Luke long after he had cum inside
her. His dick was soft and resting against her wet pussy.
Her eyes were still closed, and she was still asleep. Finally,
Luke slowly removed her arms from his body and placed them
at her side. Then, he moved beside her on the bed. Angela
softly moaned and rolled over on her side. Her wide ass was
now facing Luke. Luke didn't know what to think about
Angela calling him Matt. But, he didn't linger on the
thought for long. All he could think about was how great
it felt to be inside Angela's tight pussy. For some
reason, he didn't feel the same remorse and guilt that
he had before. Luke started to caress Angela's pretty
ass and firm thighs. He pressed his wet dick against her
rear end. Then, he ran a hand between her thighs. He started
to caress her pussy. Angela began to moan. She moved her
body against his hand. Luke was surprised by the wetness
of her pussy. The cum that he deposited inside her pussy
started to drip out. He had pumped so much of it inside her.
Angela moaned and "sighed" while Luke fingered
her soaked pussy.

Luke's dick started to firm up again. His fucking technique
definitely needed improvement. His staying power was
nothing to brag about. But, he made up for his inexperience
with frequency. His dick was hard again. The advantage
of being young and full of cum. He removed his fingers from
Angela's pussy and slowly rolled her onto her back.
He spread her legs wide enough to get in between her thighs.
This time, Luke placed her legs over his arms. He looked
down at Angela as he took his young dick in his hand. She was
still asleep. He pushed the head of his dick inside Angela's
soaked pussy again. It wasn't long before he started
to slam his big dick inside her. "Oooh shitt!!!", Angela cried as she felt his
dick stretch her little pussy. Luke was forceful and rough.
Angela clung to his arms. Luke was able to buried his dick
even deeper into Angela. "Ooh Fuck!!", she
screamed when the head of his dick slammed against the back
of her pussy. "Ooh!! Ooh!! Ooh!!" she repeatedly
yelled as she came.

Luke continued to try to force more of his dick into Angela.
But, there was no room for it. He had already stretched her
pussy more than any man ever had before. Luke dropped Angela's
legs and fell on top of her. She quickly wrapped her arms
around his neck. Her legs were now locked around Luke's
waist. "Oooh Yess!!", she screamed as she approached
another orgasm. Luke continued to fucked her hard. Then,
he unloaded his cum inside her again. "Oooh Yess!!
Yess Matt!! Ooh Matt!!", Angela cried out as her body
shook beneath Luke. "Oooh!! Ooh!! Ooh!!",
She moaned as Luke coated her pussy again with his cum. Luke
was using Angela like she was his cum slut. Luke eased his
dick out of Angela and laid next to her again. He was finding
it hard to find a place to lay on the bed that didn't have
a wet spot on it. It wasn't long before Luke dozed off.
But, he would soon be awaken by Angela's angry voice.

"You sorry bastard!!", Angela yelled as she
raised up in the bed. Angela's loud scream had awaken
Luke from his nap. "Who in the hell do you think you
are?", Angela asked angrily as she attacked Luke.
Luke raised his arms to cover his face. He was being hit on
the chest, shoulders, and all around his head. He was finally
able to grab both of Angela's arms. He then pinned her
to the bed. "Let me go!! Get off of me, you ass!!",
she demanded as she tried to kick him. "You took advantage
of me, you fucking prick!! Do you make a habit of fucking
women who are passed out!!? Is that the only way you can get
laid!!?" Angela's words made Luke feel small.
"I thought you knew what was happening. I thought
you knew it was me.", he lied. "I would never
let you fuck me!! You are nothing!!", she yelled while
still trying to free herself from Luke. The rising sun was
now shining thru the window. Luke could see the anger on
Angela's face. "I'm going to tell Matt what
you did. Get off of me NOW, you ass!!", she demanded
again. Angela's words hit a nerve. What would his big
brother think if he found out? "I'll get off of
you. But, don't hit me again.", Luke told her
before letting her up. As soon as Luke released Angela,
she slapped him hard across the face. "You fucking
pervert!!", she yelled as she started to hit him again.

Luke managed to block her blow. He grabbed Angela and forced
her down onto her stomach. He was furious!! He didn't
know what hurt the worse. The slap across the face or the
word "pervert". He wanted to hit her back. "Let
me go, you pervert!!", Angela screamed. She said
it again. Something inside Luke snapped. Luke smacked
Angela across the ass. "Stop it!! No!! Ouch!! Stop
it!!", Angela screamed. But, Luke kept on spanking
her. Angela's ass started to turn red. "No!!
It hurts!! Stop!! Please!!", Angela yelled as she
started to cry. "Stop!!", she pleaded again.
Finally, Luke stopped spanking her. He could hear Angela
crying into the pillow. "You bastard!", she
yelled between her sobs. Somewhere along the way, Luke's
dick had become hard again. Whether it was due to his anger
or not, Luke was about to stoop even lower. An act much worse.
An act more degrading. He moved behind Angela. Then, he
grabbed her around the waist and raised her ass up into the
air. She was now on her knees. Sensing what was about to happen
to her, Angela yelled at the top of her lungs. "No!!!"

She raised her head and tried to turn around. Luke pushed
her face back into the pillow. Then he started to smack her
ass again. He spanked Angela hard. "No!! Stop!!",
she cried and begged. Luke smacked her ass at least twenty
more times before he finally stopped. Angela's ass
was red and sore. She could feel the sting from his blows.
Angela continued to cry. She knew what was about to happen,
and there was nothing she could do to stop Luke. She felt
the head of Luke's dick against her pussy. "I'll
see that you go to jail for this, you pervert." Angela
sobbed. But, the threat did not stop Luke. "Oh Fuck!!
No!!", Angela screamed when Luke rammed his dick
inside her. Luke started off fucking Angela hard and never
let up. "Stop!! No!! Stop!!", she cried time
and again. But, Luke kept on going. Luke had forced most
of his dick inside Angela's tight pussy. He could hear
his thighs smack against Angela's ass. He could smell
her ripe pussy. Angela continued to sob and plead.

Angela's ass was sore. The pressure she felt inside
her pussy was tremendous. Luke's dick felt like it
was splitting her in half. Luke filled her completely.
He was stretching and spreading her pussy like no other
man had before. Her pussy had never felt a dick this long
and thick before. The pain she felt suddenly turned to pleasure.
Her screams were now sounds of ecstasy. "Oooh Shitt!!!!",
Angela screamed as waves of something ran all thru her body.
Her spine tingled. Her ass ached. Her pussy became soaked
with her juices. "Ooh Shitt!!", she screamed
again as she came. Luke kept on driving his dick into Angela.
He was learning to control his excitement. Angela continued
to scream. Oddly enough, she had fantasized about this.
She had wondered how it would feel to be forcible taken.
She had even asked Matt to play out a scene with her.
In fact she pleaded with him. But, Matt refused to do it.
It was too kinky for him. And now, his younger brother was
doing what she had asked of him. How ironic. She loved it!!
But, she loved the feel of Luke's big thick dick a whole
lot more. "Ooh Fuck!!", Angela cried out as
she came again. "Who was the real pervert in the bed?",
she asked herself.

Angela's cries were continuous. She moaned, groaned,
yelled, screamed, and sobbed while Luke continued to fuck
her. She came three more times before Luke pumped more of
his cum into her pussy. When he finished, he pushed Angela
onto the bed and fell on top of her. His dick remained inside
of Angela's pussy. They stayed in that position long
enough for his dick to soften and slip out of her. Angela
ordered him to get up, but Luke refused to. When she tried
to move, Luke smacked her across the ass a few times. "Stop!!
Stop!!", Angela cried. But, she got the message.
She stopped trying to escape from him and just laid there.
Luke was dominating her, and she knew it. She was a prisoner
to his desires. He was treating her like she was a cheap whore.
"You are gong to jail, you asshole. I'll make
sure of it.", she threatened him again. Her words
didn't seem to frighten Luke. He laid there kissing
her on the neck and shoulders. Luke's dick was pressed
against Angela's lovely wide ass. Angela could feel
it start to grow again. It aroused her. Angela felt ashamed.
She ached for him. She had to admit to herself that she wanted
Luke to fuck her again. She wanted to feel his thick dick
inside her again. She wanted him to take what he wanted.
She soon got her wish.

Luke moved to the side of Angela and grabbed her around the
knees. He roughly turned Angela over onto her back. Although
she was longing for Luke to fuck her again, she did her best
to remain defiant. "Do you get off by forcing yourself
on women? Does it make you feel like a man, you prick?",
she scowled. Luke paid her no mind. He pulled her body to
him and placed her legs over his shoulders. Angela got her
first look at the dick that was driving her crazy. "Holy
shitt!!!", she thought as she started to pant in anticipation.
She knew it was big and thick, but not that big. Luke pressed
his dick against the opening to Angela's pussy. "You
sorry bastard.", Angela said to him before closing
her eyes. Luke started to guide his dick back into Angela.
Then, Luke thrust his dick forward with purpose. Over half
of it disappeared inside Angela. "Oh fuckk!!",
she cried out as she dug her fingers into his arms. Like before,
Luke fucked her hard. He just kept ramming his dick into
Angela. Angela moaned loudly and screamed while enjoying
her orgasm. She opened her eyes to find Luke's eyes
closed. He grunted and sometimes moaned while he drove
Angela up the wall.

She closed her eyes again and yelled out loud during her
next climax. Luke drove his dick deeper into Angela. His
dick was rubbing up against her G-spot. It caused Angela
to make funny voices that she had never made before. "Does
he realize what he is doing to me? Does he care?", She
asked herself. She opened her eyes again. She had to look
at him. "Why did he have to be the one who rocked her
world? Why couldn't it have been Matt? Why couldn't
it have been any other man? Why did it have to be this teenager?"
She noticed that Luke was looking between their bodies.
He was watching his dick move in and out of her. He was looking
at her pussy. She felt exposed. She felt nasty. She felt
another eruption stirring inside her. Then, their eyes
met. His blue eyes were mesmerizing to her. Luke continued
to fuck her hard. Angela continued to make funny noises.
This time, she came with her eyes open. She couldn't
take her eyes off of his handsome face. She could no longer
hide her pleasure from him. "Ooh Fuck!! Yess!! Oh
Yess!!", she roared as she came again.

Luke let Angela's legs fall to the bed and pressed his
body against her. Angela's arms encircled him. Her
legs interlocked with his. "Yess!! Oh Godd!! Yess!!',
Angela cried as the teenager fucked her hard. Although
Luke was learning how to control his own excitement, he
was about to explode inside her again. Luke stopped thrusting
his dick into Angela's wet pussy. Instead, he pushed
his dick as far inside Angela's pussy as it would go.
He kept trying to push it into her even farther. "Ooh!!!
Ooh fuck!! Aah!! Aah!! Oh Shitt!! Oh Shitt!!", she
screamed while she came. She scratched Luke's back
and pinched his ass. She bit him on the neck. Luke let out
a loud moan as his overworked balls started to pump his cum
into Angela's pussy. Angela yelled when she felt his
cum gushed deep inside her. "Ooh Shitt!!",
Angela screamed. The sheer pleasure that she felt made
her cry. She moaned and kissed Luke on the neck while her
legs and arms held him hostage. They stayed that way for
who knows how long. Angela's arms and Luke's dick
finally went limp. Luke laid on his back next to Angela again.
Angela moaned softly as she rubbed her soaked thighs together.

Eventually, Angela got up from the bed and headed to the
bathroom to take a shower. Luke did nothing to stop her.
He continued to lay on his back looking at the ceiling. Angela
couldn't help but look at his dick as she left the room.
The warm water was soothing. Her ass was still tender. Her
pussy lips were red and swollen. There was a tingling sensation
deep inside her pussy. Luke and his big dick had made quite
an impression on her body. It took her a while to wash all
of Luke's cum out of her pussy. "Why did this have
to happen?" she wondered as she rinsed the soap off
of her body. When Angela finished her shower, she toweled
herself off and re-entered the bedroom. Luke was still
lying in the same position.

"I am going to report you to the police, you bastard",
Angela told him. She continued to threaten Luke as she started
to put on her clothing. Luke remained silent as he watched
her. Her lovely wide ass was still red. Angela took a few
peeks at his dick while she put on her blouse. "I'm
coming back. And, I wont be alone. The police will be with
me.", she declared after she finished dressing.
As Angela was leaving the bedroom, she took another look
at Luke's dick. Luke heard Angela open and shut the
front door. Luke was more worried about Matt than he was
the police. What would Matt think if he ever found out what
he had done? But, there would be more to find out about. Luke
and Angela were not done yet. More would happen between
them before the weekend was over.

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