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And she Danced for him....


This is a story I wrote a very long time ago, but I hope you
all will enjoy it. It's rather long, but worth it or
so I have been told in the past. BTW, when I copied it over
some of the punctuatin went haywire, and there may be a few
typos, my apologies to one and all, but I think you won't
mind. See for yourself:

There was a gentleman who would come into the place where
Katie worked as a part-time waitress. It was a redneck joint
if there ever was one but it was also an extra income when
times were so hard. She always noticed him when he arrived,
he and his three small boys.
He was there every Friday evening, arriving at about 6:30
p.m., on crutches as he had only one leg, but always with
a smile hidden in his reddish brown beard and neatly trimmed
moustache. He wore gold rimmed glasses over sharp blue
eyes that always circumspectly roamed her body. He had
a deep voice, and stood erect although he wasn’t really
tall, he always appeared larger than life to her. He was
trim and neat, physically fit, and attractive in a way that
she found disturbing. After all, she had never been attracted
to someone before who was disabled. It wasn’t a prejudice,
the situation had just never come up before. No matter,
though, she wanted him, plain and simple.
Katie was small, in stature. In fact, most people thought
she was just a well developed child from a distance, and
often they weren’t sure of her age at all even when close
to her. She was perfectly proportioned, not huge but not
small perky breasts with large nipples that were, she thought,
embarrassingly prominent on a cold day! She proudly displayed
a petite waistline that tapered to fuller hips. Her jeans
invariably hugged her pear shaped ass, accentuating the
ripple of movement that could be seen when she walked.
And she walked a lot! She was, after all, a waitress!
She was confident in a way every seemed to noticed, self
assured and agile in her mannerisms. If she was aware of
the effect she had on the male population, she never displayed
any outward signs, friendly, but aloof all at once.
The truth was that the one thing Katie could say for certain,
once they had been with her, they never seemed to ever forget
her. Some sooner, some later, for a short period or long
one, in conjunction with another relationship or only
this individual for an unspecified amount of time. This
had never failed to be true, they always came back. Yet,
still she remained single. Knowing the reasons never changed
the longing in her heart. Love was easy. Trust was not.

The first time he saw her, he knew he had to have her. She was
designed for sexual pleasure. My God, he thought look at
her! Her body was created for the act of sex. Just the way
she moved enthralled him. Her backside had the perfect
sway when she moved and he sensed, totally natural. She
had a confident manner and an agility that bespoke of strong
physical exercise. The way her blue jeans hugged her small
frame only served to convince him further that he most definitely
liked what he saw.
Her face was an open and honest one with large dark brown
eyes, unadorned with all the usual female war paint. Her
lips were full, but again no lipstick, not even a gloss that
he could tell. No blush, either.
No jewelry that he could see, not even on her hands which
showed the signs hard work, but fortune was smiling on him
this day and he was able to determine the was no wedding band,
not even a faint tan line where one might be.
She didn't need any make up or jewelry to be stunning
to look at, but he found it unusual just the same. Every other
female in the place was plucked, painted, rolled, powdered
and perfumed! She seemed to blend right in, but upon closer
inspection he was beginning to notice she didn't really
belong here. She stood out like one of the now you see it now
you don't pictures. Surely this wasn't the very
first time he'd laid eyes on her, but when he asked around,
he had learned that she'd been working there for months
before he had even noticed. But, once he had noticed, he
couldn't stop watching her. Everywhere he looked
she was in the background, efficiently performing her
duties, never seeming to take seriously any of the other
men who were so obviously interested. He watched her from
the bar sometimes, never actually going into the restaurant
section of the club. From there he had a clear view of her,
and could observe almost completely undetected. He enjoyed
watching her swirl and float among the tables, a dancer
without music, he'd thought at the time.
He took a seat at a table near the edge of the restaurant section,
giving money to the kids to go play video games in the game
room nearby. He watched her move toward his table, an easy
smile played on her lips as she spoke to the two wanna be cowboys
at a booth nearby. Her voice, deep and sultry drifted over
to him above the noise of the restaurant. She had a slight
southern accent and he enjoyed watching the way her lips
moved when she spoke. With a quick flash of a smile that lit
up her entire face, she kept the cowboys at bay with a little
light bantering while she quickly took their order.
As she passed his table, she met his eyes, smiled and said
she'd be right back to take his order and did he need
a menu?
And then the kids bombarded him, and he flashed her a big
grin and said, "Take your time, we need to settle in
first. I'll let you know when we're ready"

She watched him with his children. He was having a hell of
a time getting them to settle down. It didn't take too
much to see that he was going to need some help with these
unruly little ones of his. After she got caught up with the
others and he still hadn't signaled, she had to stifle
a laugh. The kids had weaseled another ten dollars for video
games and still hadn't decided what they wanted to
Katie went to his table, smiled down at him. He was patiently
holding a wiggly form in his arms, trying to determine just
what was all the good stuff is that goes on a hot dog. She knelt
down to eye level with the boy, and said, AHey there, I've
got a question for you! See, I don't know what all the
good stuff is that goes on a hot dog, and if I have to guess
well, I'd probably put banana pudding and coconut
shells on it. Is that the good stuff you're talking
Big eyes squinted up tight and said, “Grossness!!!! No,
silly, that would be disss-gusstingggg!! You're
supposed to put ketchup and mustard and relish and cheese
on a hot dog."
“Oh! Well, I'm glad you told me. I could have really
goofed it up bad, hunh?”
She tossed the kid a quarter and away he went, faster than
a speeding bullet. Video world watch out!
"How in the hell did you do that? I've been trying
to get him to tell that for 5 minutes! I kept telling him,
that if he didn't tell me what he wanted on it that you
would give it to him plain, and I knew he'd have a fit
about that."
"Ya gotta trick'em. You've got to make them
think they're smarter than you or that they REALLY
helping you out big time. They eat it up and always become
you're bestest buddy in the whole world. It's
never failed me except with my own. Ben a single dad for very
He laughed at that, loud and hearty, and she noticed the
sparkle in his eyes, and the way his skin looked tan in spite
of the fact that he was a redhead and probably burned a bunch
before the tan set in. Her eyes fixed on the hollow of his
throat where a soft tuft of reddish fur poked above the collar
of his dark gray dress shirt. He noticed her looking at him
and smiled back at her.
“About two years, but still haven't quite figured
out how to keep them from being well so...hyper, I guess?"
“It just means they love spending time with you, enjoy it!
There may come a day when they not as happy a camper with you.
Puberty's a bitch!"
The other two curtain climbers came weaving through the
crowd, in search of...more money!
In a flash she had their order, what they all wanted to drink,
and Dad's order as well. She could feel his eyes on her,
and her cheeks colored slightly. She didn't want to
appear like she noticed, but it was like an electrical charge
sizzled through her body. She had a fleeting image of his
hand stroking her bottom in appreciation, and she could
feel the heat now in her crotch as well. It was almost unbearable.
What the hell is going on here? I don't even know this
man, and I want him to touch me right now so bad I could scream.
She wanted to touch him, wanted to ask him if he felt the heat?
She knew it wasn't her imagination, he wanted her,
but the question for the day was how bold was he. Would he
ask or just continue to devour her with his eyes?

He watched her do that amazing trick with the kids again.
Not only was he grateful for that, but the gods must be smiling
on him this day, because it seemed that no matter how she
moved, how she turned, there wasn't a posture that
she could attain that wasn't erotic. Every single
move, every time she knelt down, or bent over he tried to
freeze frame the view in his mind for later when the kids
were in bed and he laid alone in his room. There in the dark
he would take off her clothes, turning her over in his mind,
examining her body and its perfection. He wondered what
her skin felt like, tasted like. He wondered if he could
make her body arch to reach the tip of his tongue.
His reverie was broken by her voice, “Here you go, "
she said leaning over the table slightly to pass the plates
around to the empty seats. “Seems you've lost the young'uns,
partner. Bet I can get them to the table easier than you can."
Christ, you idiot, she thought, why don't you just
insult him a little more, make him feel like you REALLY pity
him, too. But when she straightened up, up she brushed her
breast against him and nearly came in her jeans!
“You really know how to work a tip, go get'em. Lets just
see how good you are." The whole time he smiled mischievously
at her, “That sounded bad, didn't it?"
“A little, but don't panic. You might just get a chance
to find out how good I really am. Listen my name's Katie
and I'm gonna go get those kids for you because you look
like you deserve break right about now. Be right back."
He watched her go, firm ass swaying slightly, and then she
vanished into the land of small monsters and heathens,
children turned loose in a room where adults tread in fear
and with extreme caution. She returned triumphant a few
minutes later with three small sweaty, growling little
boys behind her.
“Swinging from the chandeliers. I tell you what, hanging
upside down like a bat over the back of the chair. Have you
guys ever thought of running away and joining the circus?
They always need kids to test out their great big swings.
You know the ones high up in the air, .."
“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know, the one that the guy in pantyhose
walks on while he's gots his biggest stick on the whole
world." His arms stretched as wide as he could, “It's
an infinity stick."
“Well, I have an infinity hotdog here for you, with infinity
French fries and infinity ketchup!!! And if you don't
hurry up and eat it all, I'm going to. I'm starving."
“Noooooo!! Mine!!! Mine!!!!" He shouted, gleefully.
She pretended to start reaching for a fry and he instantly
sat down and started to eat as fast as he could.
“Dad, you're own your own from here. I've got tables
to wait, but I'll be keeping an eye open for any leftover
French fries. Look's like I'm gonna have to sneak
them right out from under him."

The rest of the evening, she chided herself for being so
bold. It was the heat between her legs that drove her insane,
though. She couldn't get him out of her mind, she was
distracted, and almost gave away the wrong dinners to a
nearby table.
She felt a touch on her elbow. She knew without looking,
she could feel the heat begin to rush through her again.
A brand new flood filled her panties. She prayed it didn't
soak through. How would she explain that? At this rate a
trip to the bathroom might be necessary, and it wouldn't
take long to get some relief. A cold shower was what she needed!

“My name's David. You're a great waitress! The
kids are in love with you, go figure. Well, their mother's
waiting on them, but maybe we'll come back to say hey,
real soon."
“Friday evenings, 5-9, every week of the world, I'm
right here working the tip, so to speak."
Her tongued snaked out quickly, wetting her lips, totally
unaware that she'd even done it, he watched her lips
move. Suddenly, he realized there wasn't any way in
the world that he could get up just yet. His erection was
a dead give-away to the thoughts that were racing through
his mind. The Geiger counter of love, always there to point
the way. What would a woman like that want with a crip like
But he wasn't a stupid man, and he knew that he'd
felt the heat baking off her body. He smelled the flow of
her juices through her jeans when she was near enough. No
wonder all the men in the place followed her hungrily with
their eyes. Wolves all of them, animals and men alike, barely
restrained by the fact that this was a family-oriented
club -- no picking up the wait staff, please. Your wives
are probably watching from another table anyway, so put
you eyeballs back in head your head, assholes.
He wasn't at all surprised at the jealous turn of his
thoughts. He sat for a moment longer, gathered up his crutches,
and stood up. It was his turn to feel her eyes upon him, she
didn't look away when she glimpsed the bulge in his
jeans. Then her eyes traveled up to his, seeing the naked
lust, she finally lowered her eyes, but not before he saw
that his eyes echoed her own raw desire. As he turned to gather
the kids together, giving orders like a commander-in-chief,
he looked back and smiled. “I can say this much for certain,
we'll be back to see you."

He didn't show the following Friday night. She's
spent all week waiting for Friday, constantly wet. Her
sex was raw from the constant arousal. What the hell was
it? Pheromone? Pure unadulterated lust, more likely.
She masturbated dozens of times that week. Never really
satisfying herself as she was used too. The itch was for
the real thing and nothing else would do in its place.
The disappointment continued the following Friday, and
she felt like a fool, thinking that it must have all been
in her head, the heat seemed so one-sided suddenly.
On the third Friday night, when she'd finally gotten
the idea that it must have been her imagination, he made
his grand entrance with kids in tow, just as rowdy as before
and obviously very excited to see her.
Instantly, she was drenched. Her jeans rubbed her swollen
button, and she could barely stand still.

“WE'RE BACK!! As promised, or threatened, I should
say. They haven't stopped yapping about you since
the last time we were here. What did you do? Put some sort
of magic spell on them?"
“How else could I make sure you'd come back?"
“Oh, I would have been back a whole lot sooner, I can promise
you that."
“Promise or a threat?"
“Better watch out, I might have to put a spell on you, too.'
“I think you've already done that."
Raucous cries from small mouths began to intrude on the
moment. Finally breaking eye contact, she said, “Have
you noticed how much they sound like small birds squawking
at their mother for dinner?"
“Feed us, please!!!! We're starving!! Aaargh!!!!"
The middle child rolled into a heap on the floor and pretended
to die.
“Is it just me or do all kids drive their parents insane?"
“It's in that invisible manual they handed you at the
hospital, when they gave you the paperwork on your brand
handy-dandy, guaranteed to keep you up late at night, miniature
model of a human being. Yours for eternity. Read the fine
print: it says -- will drive you bonkers, but you gotta love'em."
There was that booming laugh, deep from within. She wondered
that it couldn't drown out the thud of her heartbeat.
But she liked the way he laughed! It was heartfelt and spoke
of a good nature. A man who laugh loud and unselfconsciously
showed a sign of confidence. Confidence in one area was
usually on display in the bedroom as well. A confident lover
was a good lover, in her experience. Although there was
something to be said for showing a lover a thing or two...
The things she wanted to show David!
“Listen, before we get all busy with the formalities, I've
got to tell you, the kids weren't the only ones who wanted
to come back and see you. I have to return them to their mother
at 9:00, will you wait for me. We could have a couple of drinks,
talk, with a lot less noise?"
“9 won't get here fast enough, but you've got a
date, so to speak."
She was right, the night drug on. Twice she had to go the restroom,
and do a little stress relief for herself. She tasted herself
once, just in case. Just to make sure that if things went
the way she thought they might, that she would taste fine.
Oh please, pretty please, I promise you'll never regret
it. As she slipped her finger into her slippery velvet hole,
she came again. How long has it been since she had wanted
a man this way. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she traced
it slowly across her chin, placing a small amount behind
her ears. To hell with perfumes, her scent would either
attract or revolt, and it's never failed to serve it's
A little after nine, he returned. Handsome, in a rugged
way. Leaning on his crutches comfortably, she admired
his frame again, visualizing him with both legs. Curiosity
made her try to imagine what his stump looked like, and she
discovered that it didn't matter. She wanted what
was between them!

There she was, waiting. He wondered how he could possibly
convince her to make love to him tonight. He didn't
think he could stand another moment of torment. He joined
her at the table she was sitting at, noticing her drink,
he silently cheered. There is a God! He ordered himself
a beer and two shots.
“Hi there, stranger."
“Hi there yourself. Thought my shift would never end."
“Rough one?'
“Only because of you!"
“My fault?! Surely not."
“Oh no, you're not innocent here, if I may be so bold.
And as I am currently indulging in a little liquid courage,
I think I just might become quite bold. Do you mind?"
”Oh not at all, my dear, not at all. I like a woman who says
what's on her mind.'
“Well, let's just see where the night takes us, a few
more shots of courage and who knows what might come up?"
“A woman after mine own heart. I think I'm going to a
have a wonderful night."
You bet you sweet ass, she thought, I'm going to do everything
I can to make certain that you have a experience you'll
never forget.
They sat and drank, laughed, and tormented each other with
words, neither one wanting to move, they were having too
much fun. Trying to resist that urge to find somewhere,
anywhere, to satisfy that thirst for each other. Dying
to give in the animal urge that had caused them so much pleasurable
agony in the last few weeks, she could stand it no more.
“Would you like to come home with me?" she suddenly
“Are we there yet?"
Twenty minutes later they pulled into her driveway, after
a quick stop at a package liquor store. Whiskey for him,
cokes, and cinnamon schnapps for her. Giggling like school
children they climbed the steps to her home. He stopped
her before she turned the key to open the door.
“Kiss me, please. Now, before we go in."
She arched her head back towards him, tilting her face towards
his lips, pausing, she looked into his eyes, then closing
her eyes, she parted her mouth, full lips pulling back to
reveal the pink tip of her tongue. He watch in fascination
as it darted out searching for him, his lips, finding them
with a flicker, teasing them apart. He could stand it no
more, he raised his hand to the back of her head, winding
fingers into her hair, he kissed hard upon her lips, forcing
her mouth open a little wider. And she gasped, as he would
her do again before the night was over. He felt her body quiver
and wondered at how tiny she really was, how frail and vulnerable
she suddenly seemed to him and he wanted to ravish her. Right
now, right here, in front of the world.
He heard the door open and she pulled away from him, welcoming
him into her warm wood home. It was a comfortable room with
a white fireplace set and already laid with wood. She looked
at him and said, “I was kind of hoping that some night I would
have you here, I hope you like wood fires. Make yourself
comfortable, but first, if you would be so kind, fix us a
drink and I'll light the fire. Kitchen's that
way, " pointing into another darkened room. Walking
over to get the switch, he tried to clear his head. It was
still reeling from the kiss on the front steps. He found
his way to the kitchen and he could her humming in the living
room. Rummaging through her cabinets he found a couple
of glasses. Pouring the drinks, he tried to slow down his
He heard music, now. Strains of a guitar, tambourines,
something Mexican, dark and sultry and then he heard her
singing. Her voice arrested his movements, he stopped
thinking and just listened to the rich texture of her singing,
telling the tale of a woman who wants only the comfort of
another underneath the Mexican moonlight.
He's aware that she's joined him in the kitchen,
still singing, she takes the drinks from him, and with a
sway of her hips she began to dance back into the other room.
She lead him to an easy chair, turning out all the lights,
leaving the room light only by the fireplace. He took a seat
and still she sang, Her voice blending with that coming
out of the stereo, still swaying gently to the rhythm, she
set his drink down, placing an arm to either side of his chair,
she leaned over and kissed him. He started to raise up and
she stopped him, gently keeping him in his chair. “Would
you like to see me dance? Just for you."
“Yes. Yes, please, dance for me."
She closed her eyes, and began rocking back and forth to
the rhythm of the music, her arms raised up, slender, fingers
straight up and spread slightly, her left arm slowly tracing
a line down her right, then her right followed the same path
on her left arm.
Now her arms flowed out and away from her body, her hips still
swinging just so. Her legs were slightly spread, allowing
him to see the outline of her entire form as it was backlit
by the light of the fire. He watched as her jeans strained
against her movements, giving hint to the shapely legs
hidden inside. Her hands had come back to her hips, resting
on either side, never losing the beat, he watched as she
pressed gently, fingers spread wide on her flat stomach.
She brought her thumbs around now so that the flat of her
palm was pressed firmly against her undulating body. Her
hands began to slither up her torso, skirting the shape
of her small breasts. No longer straight but arched and
limp with elbows raised, displaying herself for his inspection.
“Do you like what you see?"
"Do I look foolish?"
“Would you like to see more?"
“You seem to be enjoying this, dance for me as long as you'd
Her fingers began tracing the outline again of her nipples,
hardening them instantly. They, too, began to strain against
her movements. She began to roll them gently between her
finger and thumb. Teasing them over the edge of her bra line
but still underneath her shirt, they jutted out begging
for a touch. And still her hips moved. Her back began to arch,
her head leaned back exposing the delicate curve of her
Slowly she rotated her body until her backside was facing
him, legs spread apart he watched her lean over slithering
her hands along the inside of her thighs until her hands
reached her ankles, and there she paused, allowing him
the view of her fine ass jutting up in the air, her head was
visible between her legs, head arched up, drawing taut
her breasts, nipples achingly evident through the clothing
she still wore. What a thing of passion she was, it radiated
off of her in waves, he could smell her sex from where he sat.
Mixed with the sweet scent of her sweat, he suddenly found
that more erotic than any perfume he had ever encountered.
Never in his life had he witnessed such raw sensuality.
How could it be that she lived alone? All thoughts were lost
when he saw her hands begin to move again.
Slowly, fingers still splayed, they slide around to the
outside of her body, and began to slip upwards, but sensously
exploring her curves. Her torso leaned to the left slightly,
and she slid her perfect backside toward the floor. Her
hands rested now on her knees, and still both legs were spread,
fire lit the seams of her jeans which accentuated the slit
hidden again from view. Never losing her balance she threw
her head back, again her back arched backwards. He saw that
her eyes were still closed but her lips were parted, as if
ready to receive an offering. Her hair hung loosely against
her back, a ragged dark downward point clearly visible
against the white glow of her shirt. Her hands, now grasped
her bottom, fingers wide and firm, as if to display her curves
further. Now she rose, slowly, beginning again to undulate
to the hypnotic beat of the music, her hands still clinging
to her buttocks, clinching with the beat. When she stood
erect, she brought her head up and then forward, her hands
released their steady hold and traveled to her hips, down
low, fingers toward the front now, gently massaging the
tender flesh beneath her jeans, the valley where thigh
joined torso. Entranced, his eyes traveled the indicated
path as she turned slowly towards him now, her hips now thrusting
forward and back again, in a measured time. Her fingers
now began to search again, they too, drifted downward,
now visibly with the barest sliver of light to show that
she still had not made contact with the valley nested between
her legs. At first then, one finger, her middle one, pulled
forward and she laid on her clothed sex. Her thrusts quickened
once, twice and then her hand moved up. Trailing up the seams,
searching for something more. It found her belt, a medium
black plain leather belt that encircled her waist, held
with a silver all purpose buckle. Her hands began the work
of removing the belt, and when freedom was finally obtained,
her fingers paused in the search to touch the belt, stroke
it slightly.
His cock was hard, painfully full. He'd thought he'd
almost lost it when she'd squatted on the floor in front
of him. He'd wanted so badly to be there next to her and
offer himself to her questing lips, but he couldn't
move, dared not move. It was like watching a exotic wild
creature in its natural habitat. To move would surely break
the spell she was weaving. If he only knew the truth.
Her fingers now wrestled with the button at the top of her
jeans, hungrily his eyes focused there. That task deftly
accomplished, her finger searched for the zipper, grasping
the small silver tab, she began the descent, seeming to
crawl. He wanted her naked now, oh God in heaven, he understood
how a man could lose himself here, in her world, never wanting
this treasure to be discovered, greedily keeping her to
Her zipper had found its end and she spread back the flaps
of her jeans, folding them outward, again her fingers searched
the creased edged, the black leather belt now pointed outward.
Her fingers finding it stiff and unyielding to the fold,
slowly withdrew it from it's denim loops. Once free,
she drew the belt to her chin, by the plain buckle, flattening
it against her body. A visual divider again, this time lengthwise,
in the middle of her chest, one pointed nipple displayed
to either side of the divide. Her eyes saw her hips still
thrusting, forward and back, now causing the belt to resemble
an writhing snake. For an instance, his mind's eye
thought he truly did see a snake, a huge rippling muscle
seeking purchase on one lovely thigh. Stroking it, her
hands pressed it to her, forcing contact with the black
muscled thing and her hands, oh her hands loved the feel
of it. Just the way they moved showed that, tender, firm,
massaging, exploring....
The belt lowered to the floor, one hand now gently cupped
a covered breast as the other lay the belt to the side. Now
both hands offered her bosom up for his inspection. How
wonderfully full they were and yet still small. A handful
each, a perfect handful.
He saw her smile at him, her eyes open for the moment, studying
him, gauging his reaction perhaps to her performance.
The music had silenced for the moment between songs. Softly,
she spoke to him, “Are you enjoying yourself, sir? Does
my body please you? Do you ache with desire for me yet? May
I dance for you some more?"
“Yes, yes to all and do as you will. You're so beautiful...."
And the music resumed and his words faltered, and ceased,
as the music took hold of her body again. Her fingers had
managed to unfasten four of the seven buttons on her shirt,
leaving her exposed to nearly mid riff. A simple white laced
edge bra contained her perky little mounds. It was cut low
enough that with only the slightest adjustment her nipples
could peek over the lace edging. Hard and round, they stood
erect, rusty rose color against her tanned flesh. The shirt
fell open and closed as her body swayed, her legs still spread,
she started to squat again, this time facing him. Her jeans
still clinging to her hips, flaps still pressed back, and
the white shirt a bright contrast in the dim light. The triangular
point writhing in time to the music, her hands began to work
the material loose from the confines of her jeans. White
material still blocked her view. But the shirt was now completely
unbuttoned, her hands reached for the ceiling, causing
it to fall open to show a tanned midriff, flat and hard against
the white backdrop of her shirt. The white straps of her
bra cut into the soft flesh on her shoulders, the nipples
now pointed upward to heaven, and hips still swaying, never
losing the their motion, slowing only as the music slowed,
faster as the sounds intensified. She began to turn, back
to him, arms still high, but drifting down, grey wings that
began to slide off her shoulder. When the shirt had fallen
to her mid back, her head fell backward again, the hair once
more point southward. Go there, it said to him, whispering
against her skin.
Her arms folded inward, wrapping the shirt around her as
if in protection, but instead of covering herself, she
only succeeded in pushing her breasts forward and upward.
Looking vulnerable and sexy, her eyes locked with his.
Saying nothing, letting only her eyes speak for her, she
glided toward him. The music washed over him, caressing
him with it dark lyrics. He felt her heat, almost a fire approaching
him. Still he felt paralyzed. Aching to see what she would
do next, his hands gripped the arms of the chair he was sitting
in. She leaned forward, hovering over him, her bra clad
breasts at eye level. He felt her tongue, just the tip, lightly
wet, touch his forehead. Barely touching him, it traced
a thin damp line down the bridge of his nose and stopped.
His eyes were closed now and he felt her hot breath flutter
his eyelashes, the briefest touch of her lips said that
she had kissed first one closed eye, then the other. She
drew back and blew a cooling breath on his face, his forehead
and eyes tingled where the damp trail was, he shivered at
the cool sensation as opposed the ebb and flow of heat coming
off her body.
That wet sensation began on his lips, and he heard her whisper,
“Sometimes it's not how hard you can touch someone
but how softly."
Her tongue traced the outline of his lips, then slide along
the inner edge as they parted. Her mouth finally covered
his, tongue sinking deeper into his, exploring his taste
of alcohol and cigarettes. Deeply and passionately, she
stole his breath away. Breaking off, sensing his need for
air, she withdrew her lips from his as is was his turn to gasp.
His head fell back and her tongue began to trace it's
thin trail down his chin to the hollow at the base of his throat.
Her tongue danced and twirled causing shivers to erupt
through his body.
She backed up, giggling impishly. “Take a drink, relax
a little. Are you afraid I'll bite?" Her teeth
flashed white in the dim light.
“No, afraid you'll stop. Who are you, where have you
“Hush, we have time later for questions, if you still want
answers, that is."
Before he could respond to that cryptic remark, the music
began again. As if it had never paused, the rich dark melody
altering somehow. He sipped his drink, how dry his throat
was. How long had he been mesmerized by her movements? Did
it matter, No. Time somehow had stood still, and forever
was now and here all at once. All that mattered, was her,
and his need for her.
A chair had appeared in the center of the room. Strait backed
and wooden with slats. Fire flickered through them. She
sat upon this chair for the briefest of moments and removed
her shoes and stockings. The tempo of the music picked up
its rhythm a little and her eyes closed again in response,
her resumed that sensual and perfect beat. Now a throb in
his groin matched her thrusting hips.
She stood and turned her backside again to her, the music
paused and she bent over the chair, legs spread wide. Pause.
Picture captured for life, and as if sensing that, she now
brought her legs together and laid lengthwise on the waxed
surface of the golden hard floor, in front of the chair.
The music came back as if on cue, and her back upward, eyes
closed, her arms underneath her on the small of back, again
an offering the an invisible hungry mouth. Gently her feet
began to slide open and outward and her back slowly lowered
toward the floor as well, but her hands had become to roam
again, downward and he saw that first one the another finger
had found its way into her waistband. Slow at first, the
waist line crept downward, finally revealing the smooth
curve of her hips and buttocks. Her legs came up, no longer
pointing outward, she brought them together even closer
together. The right leg bent slightly, curling them now,
down again, the jeans slid further off until they fell to
the floor of the own weight.
He saw an impossibly thin panty line that appeared to hold
nothing. Her ass curved beautifully, round and firm. Her
legs had returned to their upright position, toes pointed
to heaven, again the right leg slid down, dainty little
feet gently caressed her left inner calve. Her torso rose
off the ground, her head still resting on the floor, but
her back was one smooth curve, her shirt falling open and
spread upon the ground around her. Her hands had now found
her breasts, pulling the bra down, transforming it into
a thin line that now encircled rather than covered them.
Her dark nipples poked skyward. His tongue ached to touch
them. But some unseen force held him to his chair, he felt
paralyzed with a painful pleasure. Perhaps it was a spell
she was weaving, but damned if he wanted to stop her.
She brought her tiny feet down again, crossing her legs
and hugging them to her body, she began to rise, hips now
free to resume their unending movement, she spun slowly,
rising up, arms stretched high. The white shirt flaring
around her subtly revealing glimpses. Only brief flashes
of tanned skin beneath, tantalizing in contrast to the
billowing shirt.
She landed upon the chair, facing him her shirt fell loosely
over the back, the wood wedged between her skin and fabric
and she began to slid off of the chair to the floor again,
this time leaving the shirt behind. Her finely muscled
arms now free and exposed reached behind her, freeing upper
body of it last constraints.
She stood still.
Her eyes watched him, judging him, seizing him up even.
He felt exposed and naked, clothing was no protection against
that steady gaze. The tiny white triangular patch was all
that was left on her. A white lace g-string, dainty and pretty
against that dark skin, her eyes darker still, her arms
akimbo on her perfectly curved thighs. Her breasts pouted
outward, inviting his touch. As if to say that she was pleased
after her scrutiny had been completed she held a hand out,
a headwaiter showing him to his place. A small smile played
upon her lips, “Would you do me the honors, kind sir, of joining
me in my dance?"
Any constraints he had felt upon his movements were removed,
but still he sat, dazed and confused.
“Dance with you? How?"
“I require no more than the movement of your hips and your
arms? I'm quite certain your hips work fine, or am I
It was his turn to smile. Gathering up his crutches, he came
over to her. Now he was within inches of her, the perfume
of her sweat washed over him, clouding his senses with intoxicating
thoughts of what he wanted to do to her. What he wanted her
to do to him as well. The thoughts raced through his mind,
while his hands did what they could no longer help, touching
her tiny waist. She took his hand into both of hers, raising
his fingers to her lips, bringing his finger to her lips,
she brushed her lips against the tip. Her tongue flicked
out, wetting his finger, and delicately, so faintly he
wasn't actually certain he was touching her, she traced
a path down her chin, her head slowly falling backward,
offering up that slender neck, arched and smooth. Further
their hands traveled, hers guiding his down the slope of
her breast to the hardened nipple. A sharp intake of breath
was all he heard before her mouth covered his. Her hands
were in his hair, pulling him to her, urging his mouth open
wider, tasting him.
His hand opened, gripping her hard. Again her heard a gasp.
He felt her hand on the small of his back pushing his body
to her, now they were searching him, restless they roamed
lower. Finding his buttocks She slid her nearly nude body
down his clothed one, pausing at intervals, to kiss this
nipple teasing it through his shirt, to unbutton, to undo
and unfasten. Finally she was kneeling in front of him,
submissive and compliant in appearance. But dear, sweet
Jesus, he was learning that appearances were so deceiving.
Looking up at him, she smiled a small soft smile, and licking
her lips, she leaned forward, closed her eyes and she kissed
him there. There where his member was throbbing so hard.
It reached out to meet her lips, straining through the cloth
of his plain white boxers.
A tease. Oh god a tease. He knew that she would not torment
him forever, but never had he wanted a woman as badly as he
wanted her right now.
“Be seated, please, I have pleasures for you yet to endure,
if you can stand it."
He sat upon the chair she had used. The shirt was gone from
its back, and its wood was warm against his back. A small
dark cushion was under his ass and it must have been tied
to the slats, for it stayed in place even when he squirmed.
His balls ached.
Had the music stopped? Suddenly he was aware of the silence.
She stood in front of him again, her back to him. The white
stripe disappearing into the line of her muscular backside.
The perfect symmetry of her figure, a vixen of physical
Sound filled the room, making his head spin with it's
sudden intrusion in the silence. Her thighs began to undulate,
her hands flowed from her body, the way a belly dancer would.
She movements became more seductive, if that were possible.
She danced her way around to face him now moving toward him.
Skin glowing in the firelight, burnished copper. How he
wanted to touch her again so badly.
She moved around behind him. He closed his eyes, wondering
how much more he could possibly stand, when he felt her hands
his chest. One arm on either side, coming from behind him,
he laid his head back upon her bosom, never minding the burning
heat coming off of her. His nestled against her chest, a
pillow for his convenience, his eyes still closed, she
leaned over to kiss him, the tickle of her tongue telling
his mouth to open. And quickly she took advantage of the
invitation, tasting him, drinking him in.
His thoughts were no longer coherent, images flashed through
his mind. Of this woman bent over him in a large bed, silken
sheer drapes hanging from the canopy. His back arched off
the bed, his sex in her mouth. Now her body straddled him,
again through the filmy veil. Thoughts of things to come,
things that may never happen. Dreams of desire.
She was the essence of all forbidden dreams, the stuff of
his fantasies from his youth. The nymph who seduced him
in the darkest of nights, when he could hear his parents
moaning in the room next to his. Never had he seen her face
until now, but the body could never be forgotten. Here and
now, there and then, he was lost in her.
Her arms softly traveled up his chest, caressing the side
of his neck. Finding his thick auburn hair, running her
fingers through it, his body shivered in anticipation.
She was moving around him again, stopping at the side. Bringing
one leg up and forcing his thighs apart, she rested her small
foot on the seat.
“I see you like the way I dance, " she said looking
directly at the taut fabric of his pants, at the pronounced
bulge in the crotch.
His hands, no longer thinking of constraint, tentatively
touched her well rounded calf, daring to explore the inner
side of her thighs, he heard her sigh, so softly. This time
it was her body that trembled. The small white patch covering
her last defense, taunted him. Called out to him. He touched
her there, feeling the flattened pubic hair beneath, trailing
his finger downward, just an inch, he felt the heat of her
skin, with nothing more than the cloth, no fur here. He felt
her button pushing against the filmy fabric. Rubbing against
it, hearing her gasp now, knowing suddenly that she was
nearing her own quite climax, he stopped abruptly. Cupping
her sex now in the palm of his hand. He felt how wet she was.
She moved to sit on him, straddling him. She moved his hands
now to her backside, and then began her rhythmic rocking
again. He looked down seeing a diamond shape space between
them. He watched the flat of her belly rippling down to that
coveted area. She worked her body closer to him, shrinking
the gap.
He smelled her, pungently aromatic. Never had he smelled
anything so exotic, would she taste the way he thought,
deliciously sweet?
Slowly she leaned forward, laying her body against his.
He felt her entire length rub against his, a wave rolling
downward, until he realized that she had accomplished
her goal, and her mound rubbed against his bulge. The touch,
electric and intense. A gasp of pleasure coming from both
mouths. Her mouth covered his, her hands now rapidly caressing,
grasping intently at him, his hair, his neck, exposing
the tender flesh where neck joined shoulder. When had she
unbuttoned him? He didn't know and didn't care,
he was just grateful. She was sliding his shirt off his shoulders,
pausing occasionally to grip a muscular upper arm, kneading
it with her fingers. He felt her nipples, so hard, touch
the fur mat on his chest. He arched his broad chest forward,
raising his shoulders from the back of his chair and felt
the shirt he was wearing fall farther down his arms, her
hands urgently pulling it down. It fell to the floor on either
side of the chair, she drew it out from behind him and at the
same time, his belt came away as well. Both items were gently
flung across the room, falling into the pool of flickering
shadows on the floor. He glimpsed his shirt billowing out,
a huge dark butterfly in shape. He shuttered for a moment,
wondering at his reaction.
Her breasts pressed firmly against his chest now, flesh
to flesh, bronzed skin against reddish brown fur, her arms
stretched lengthwise along his, her palms pressed against
his, arms out and he felt her strength then. First wondering
at it, then accepting the truth of it. A large cat when it
walks has a rippling sensuous strength in its stride; she
was a panther in heat, primal and naked in her desire.
She used his fingertips as the pressure points, levering
her body off of his, it felt like nothing he had ever felt
before, the loss of her heat against his flesh, feeling
the cooler air wash over him, he literally trembled now,
the motion causing his hard member to press in tiny movements
against her cloth covered mound. Her back arched, head
back, two achingly beautiful points thrust up to him. An
offering again, this time to him, for his pleasure.
His tongue came out, wetting the hardened buds, and she
responded instantly. Moaning softly, she pressed her
splayed crotch harder against him, rocking more rapidly,
the quickening friction building in intensity. Suddenly,
as if sensing how near he was, her body rocked to him one last
time, holding there for a moment, letting her wetness now
stain his pants, soaking his clothing. He knew she was going
to pull away again, his mouth desperately closed upon her
nipples, suckling them, trying not to let her go, harder
now, feeling the inevitable withdrawal. Nearly crying
out in frustration, he let his head fall back. His offering
to her, an invitation that she took readily.
Feeling her lips on his neck, a nibble at just below the ear
lobe, that soft hollow place, her breath warming his ear,
his body shivered in the extreme pleasure. His member now
leaking it's own juices, mingling his scent with hers.
He felt the prick of her teeth, sharp but slight, testing
the flesh.
A tiny stab of fear raced through him. He ignored it, all
thoughts crushed by the feel of her warm breath on his neck.
Nothing mattered save that he must possess her, in the most
physical sense of the word. Every inch of her he wanted!
Craved it, as an addict craved his drug.
He heard her heartbeat, never wondering how, he could possibly
hear such a thing, the beat first out of sync, gradually
nearing his beat, matching the pulse perfectly, becoming
one roaring sound in his ears. He felt her mouth on his neck,
a hickey, he thought in his delirium.
Releasing him, she placed her hands on his hips, raising
her weight off of his body. Her mouth never leaving his skin,
traveling, downward now. In his nether regions, she pulled
at the elastic band of his white boxers with her teeth. He
raised his hips and slid his pants down, exposing his throbbing
member and the beginnings of the ace bandage that covered
his amputated leg. Her lips fluttered against the tender
flesh of his inner thigh, first one leg and then the other,
her palm lay flat on his aching penis, covering it completely.
He was smaller than most men, and he cursed God for this fact
regularly. Such passion he had in him and yet the necessary
tools he possessed was an unfailing disappointment to
most women. Praying to the same God he had cursed so often
in the past, he fervently hoped that she would not turn away
or laugh.
She did neither.
She looked up at him, seeing naked desire in her eyes, he
breathed a sigh of relief.
Light headed, he tried to focus on her face. Her lips seemed
fuller, her cheeks flushed, and her eyes, liquid pools
of dark desire.
He felt something wet land on the tip of his turgid member.
Not fully comprehending what he saw, he watched the reddish
brown liquid slither down his shaft, disappearing into
the nether regions of his bronze colored fur. Her tongue
licked out, re-tracing the trail from base to tip. He groaned
in agonized pleasure. Toying with him, her hands resumed
their infinite quest. On hand cupped his testicles while
the other kneaded him, gently. Her tongue never ceasing
its swirling wet motion. Feeling him drawing near his peak,
she began to slow the rhythm down.
Ignoring the trickling sensation creeping down his neck,
his thoughts raced, heedless of all save her. She leaned
back on her heels, licking at the tender flesh between her
thumb and forefinger. She paused, leaned over and blew
gently on his penis. Exquisite, sweet and intense, a delicious
shiver coursed through his body. Her mouth, suddenly engulfed
him, his size in his favor now, heat replaced the cool dryness.
Again he nearly exploded, again she knew, slowing, she
suckled him, caressing him with her mouth. She withdrew
him slowly from her mouth, dragging her sharp little teeth
across the tip. She slid up his body again, licking the stain
on his chest, removing any evidence that the liquid had
been other than something clear.
Again she straddled him, somewhere her panties had finally
disappeared. Vanished without a trace, he thought deliriously.
Whispers in the air around him, someone speaking to him,
who? He did not care. He heard the words, but they meant nothing
to him: succubus, nymph, immortal, human, blood. Words.
He wished them gone, silent.
I'm drunk, she got me really drunk! That's fine,
it meant he could stay the night with her. More time in her
world, more time with her.
She was there, speaking to him, but her lips not moving now.
He heard her plainly though, Would like a taste of me? Of
your own free will? Would you touch me there, please, and
taste me if you will?
His hand, a mind of its own, came around from her ass to the
area between them still, her pouting lips played apart,
her clitoris peaking out from the delicate reddened folds
of flesh. Her odor, pungently sweet wafted up to him, leaving
him giddy. His finger tentatively touched her, she quivered.

Yes, she said, inside his head. There, yes, you want me,
so shall you always want me of your own free will.
He heard her, not comprehending, not caring, only agreeing.
His finger continued it's journey into the previously
forbidden territory. Save for a neatly trimmed path of
dark brown hair, she was smooth, silky soft to the touch,
no fur here to impede his progress. Her moistened slit parted
further, the tangible heat emanating from her served only
to encourage him.
Gently her traced around the opening, watching her squirm
in pleasure, but slowly as well not wanting to startle her,
wild animal, creature, feline
he slid his finger in her burning hole.
Pain, quick and sharp, a sting. Crying out, he jerked his
finger back out, instinctively placing it in his mouth,
tasting her for the first time.
Resembling a small child, she watched him through her slit
eyes. Had he been looking he would have seen how the pupils
had changed, might have noticed the gray green tint, it
might have bothered him that she now more than ever resembled
a large cat, but he noticed none of those things.
His face was frozen for a moment, an almost comic look of
surprise, then he features softened as the sweet venom
filled his body. Not deadly, no, addicting yes, but not
in the normal sense of the term, an all natural drug of desire
so to speak, with a twist; it caused an undying desire for
its maker, a sirens song in liquid form.
She was always fascinated by this part of her seduction.
The glazed look, that eventually would clear. They never
remembered feeling the small bite of the milk teeth in her
vagina. A vampires gift to a human descendant that could
be found long ago in her family heritage, if one had the time
or energy to look. Her history was littered from time immemorial
of liaisons with creatures most believed never existed
except in horror stories and fairy tales. She was a product
of the things created in both the seen and unseen world,
and yet, for all the world, no one knew. She passed through
this world, unnoticed for the most part. Never ill, never
needing to sleep, but she needed to feed her hunger. Always
with permission. Though blood is involved in the act of
seduction, only a small quantity was required to complete
the transmission of her essence to her chosen lover. The
thought of blood always bothered her. A part of her past
she wished she could change, but DNA dictated her life for
her, take it or leave it. She drank as little as she could,
thanks to the powers that be, that was a small enough amount
that only arose at the time of the full moon. She never killed,
never needing, save once in her life. A friend lay dying
in agony an she could bear it no longer. She was still half
human, an elegant combination of flesh and fantasy.
A lover was how her true hunger was fed.
He was coming back to her now, eyes clearing, he touched
her again, his never leaving her, looking everywhere,
studying her now, memorizing her details. Edging herself
onto his lap, closing the distance between them. She slid
his sex inside of her, the friction painfully intense now,
drawing the heels of her small feet to rest firmly on the
wooden edge of the seat behind him. Calves grazing his back,
her left hand held the broad back of the chair, her right
wrapped around his neck. Pulling herself to him, she kissed
him again, leisurely now, she had all the time in the world
to play with this one. Rocking gently on him, he held one
supple cheek in each hand helping to steady her, knowing
that it was only an excuse now. She could do anything to him
and would be anything for him. He knew she could see into
his heart and it lay as naked and bare as they were. Nothing
was hidden from her.
With his acceptance of her gift, he had gained something
some of the others hadn't. A glimpse, no more, but enough
to tell him that what she was, is, would always be is a gift.
Her time with him would always be at her discretion, but
the rewards were worth the submission to her nature. He
knew that as well, that she could not always control the
way she was. Her very being was somehow not of this world.
His mind had already created a name for her, far from accurate,
nearer than he knew: a sexual chameleon, a mistress without
the whore part, she was the creature he craved, and her pleasure
was his desire.
She rocked watching him slip in and out of her, sweet, sweet
friction. She knew he would not last much longer, but that
was fine. There would many other times. He was a creative
soul, with a perverted twist, or so he thought. She saw all
of this and drank it in. The thoughts flowing faster, she
picked up speed. She felt him, growing larger inside, delighted
at this surprise, her silken lips tightened their hold
on him. She pulled his head to her breast, he suckling them,
nipping and nibbling, one hand jealousy kneading it's
neglected twin. Her pace increased, the music keeping
beat with her, flowing through him, her thoughts, the dark
melody and then he could stand no more. He arched his hips
upward, slamming into her, and she for once still, met his
thrust, and took him into her depths. All thought became
white noise and his body shook hard. A groan of pleasure
escaped his clenched teeth, his head thrown back, displaying
for all the world to see, those two tiny little holes, tearing
apart again. Droplets of blood forming, ready to fall.
She suckled his neck until he passed out, absorbing his
orgasm. The energy it had created was electrifying, the
blood, a dark sweet treat afterward.
Life was good. Suddenly very, very good.

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WOW - That was great!!!


tinyhippyhoney replies on 10/21/2006 1:31 pm:
Thank you!! I wasn't certain anyone would even take the time to read the entire thing. Katie's been one of my sexual alter egos for awhile. If you check our profile, my husband has helped bring the her side out in a major way. Think I should write some more? tinyhippyhoney

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Absolutely fantastic.


tinyhippyhoney replies on 10/21/2006 1:33 pm:
Very glad you enjoyed it!! I wasn't certain anyone would even take the time to read the entire thing. Katie's been one of my sexual alter egos for awhile. If you check our profile, you'll see my husband has helped bring the her side of me out in the open in a major way. Think I should write some more? tinyhippyhoney tinyhippyhoney

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you paint a wonderful picture. Very nice


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OMG Jim and I read this together and we were both sooooo turned
on by it. We rocked for hours afterward. You have a very special
way with words. Please write some more. Is it possible that
your as hot as Katie, I bet so LOL