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Anal Party Girl


I have known many men who took advantage of my submissive
anal cravings and did things to me that would seem unspeakably
cruel to most people. But the truth is that often those experiences
turned out to be the most wildly exciting and thrilling
moments of my young life…..

A few months ago this guy I once dated knocked on my door and
invited me to a party that evening, and then asked if I was
willing to go naked. Needless to say I was a little shocked.
“Is it a nudist party?” I asked.

“No, ” Jim replied. “You would be the only one who was naked..
But you are so fucking gorgeous. I told my friends about
you and how sexy and beautiful you are and I just thought
it would be so great if you showed up naked. You could wear
your high heels, but that’s all. That way everyone would
know what a gorgeous piece of ass I fucked. Besides, you
take pride in being a total slut for cock. Right? You seem
to want men to know that. Everyone there will know that sexually
you will do just about anything a man asks. I thought maybe
that would you turn you on.”

“No way, ” I said. “I would be too embarrassed. I don’t want
to be the only person there who’s naked! Besides, you and
I had sex once but we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, you
know.” I had thrilled to the size of his penis–he was really
gigantic!–but I was very disappointed when he wanted to
withdraw from my anus as soon as I started to cry. I was sobbing
so hard from the intense pain when his cock stretched out
my sphincter that he couldn’t go on. I wanted to feel that
monster inside me more than anything, but the sex ended
right there. I had not seen or talked to him again until that

“Didn’t you tell me you like to walk around naked all the
time?” he asked. “You even said that you’ve been known to
walk naked down a public street in broad daylight.”

“That’s when I’m really, really excited, sweetie, ” I
said. “Either before I have sex with a new man or afterwards,
when my rectum is…full…of….well, you know, cum. I’m sure
I explained that to you.”

“Of course I remember, ” Jim said. He paused for a moment
and looked at me, then glanced down at my breasts. We were
sitting on my sofa, less than a foot apart. I was wearing
a skimpy little dress that left my long legs bare and revealed
a lot of fleshy cleavage.

“Damn!” he exclaimed. “You are so fucking beautiful! I
can see your tits. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know. And thank you.”

Suddenly he reached inside my top and grabbed my breasts
with both hands and gave them a firm squeeze. It happened
so fast that I had to catch my breath.

“What do you think you’re doing, Jim?” I asked.

He grinned because he could tell from the look in my eyes
that I liked it. I let him play with my breasts for a minute.
My nipples were getting very swollen.

“What are you doing?” I repeated.

“I don’t know. I’m just feeling really horny. And I feel
like busting your cute little ass wide open right now. Tell
you what. Bend over that chair and lift up your dress.””

I was shocked by the severity of his tone. He sounded like
a drill sergeant with a foot long erection, and it really
turned me on. But I remembered my disappointment from our
prior encounter. “I don’t have time, sweetie, ” I said
with a sultry smile on my face. “I’m supposed to meet two
girlfriends for lunch in about half an hour and I have to
get ready.”

I looked in his eyes and suddenly felt very scared. I had
seen that look in a man’s eyes many times before. I sensed
what might be about to happen. I was terrified–and incredibly
excited! He stood up and unzipped his fly and pulled out
his huge, hard cock.

Good god he was well-hung! He was such a sweet man, I had almost
forgotten how big he was. Rarely have I ever seen a monster
cock to compare with this one! It was as if a menacing viper
had sprouted from his groin.

He took my soft feminine hand and made me stroke it. The fierce
rigidity of his erection alarmed me. It had a texture more
like varnished mahogany than flesh, though hot and throbbing.
The blue and red veins along the shaft pulsated with virile
strength. The way it swelled in response to my touch made
me catch my breath. My hand seemed so frail in contrast to
its potent, stalwart, masculine power. I could feel a surge
of passionate wanton sweeping over me even as its amazing
size scared me half to death.

The reddish-tan skin of his shaft was as taut as could be,
but two bulging, serpentine vessels along the top pulsed
with angry lust. Its awesome size literally dwarfed my
forearm! It was not only longer but much thicker--even
more so near the stout head. It had a sharp curvature that
arched upward from his low-hanging balls, rearing up like
a wild animal, almost as if it was reaching for me. And that
huge, purple head! Oh, my god! It was the shape of an acorn
but the size of a doorknob, the crown tapering to a sinister
point from a broad rim. The fissure at its tip was dripping
with precum. He spit on it and stroked it several times until
the head and shaft glistened like tempered steel.

“Take a good look at it, ” he said with a voice that gave me
chills. “You’re going to remember this cock for a long time.”
He was nothing like the man who had stopped at the first sign
of a woman’s tears. His impersonal tone made me shiver,
but I could not tear my eyes from his magnificent, terrifying

“Get on your knees, bitch!” he ordered. I did as I was told,
and he moved forward, lowering the crown of his proud, throbbing
weapon to my eager lips. I took as much stout cock as I could
into my mouth, lathering his weapon with my lips and tongue.
His swollen flesh was seething with the heat of fiery lust.
I knew what he was about to do with this raging, king-sized,
womanizing beast! My submissive cravings were stoking
the flames of feminine wanton within my soul. I started
to sob uncontrollably. Oh, my god! I wanted it with every
fiber of my being! I knew the violent, agonizing torture
that awaited my helpless rectum, and I had no power to resist.

I managed to pull my mouth away. “I need to call my girlfriends, ”
I said. “They’re expecting me.”

“No way. Forget the chair. We’re going to your bedroom.”

He grabbed me by the arm and gave me a gentle push. I started
to walk toward my bedroom, then stopped and turned around
“Wait a minute, Jim. You’re really scaring me!” He moved
toward me, his towering beanstalk of a dick swinging from
side to side like a valiant sword ready to slay a defenseless
damsel in frantic distress.

“Keep moving, ” he ordered. We walked into my bedroom.
“Get on the bed and bend over on your hands and knees, Cindy.”
I did exactly as he said, blubbering and whimpering like
a toddler. “Now lift that skirt up high.” I pulled my dress
up over my head and tossed it on the floor, then watched as
he casually removed his pants and shirt. The muscles of
his chest and arms looked more powerful than I had remembered.
Whatever might have stopped him before, there was no sign
of that now. He was like a different person. He was a horse-hung
sexual warrior with a raging hard-on and he was going to
slaughter my eager, delicate ass.

He had come prepared. He had a bottle of astro-glide and
I watched him spread the shiny lubricant over the long,
thick shaft of his saber-like manhood. It wavered in the
air as he moved around behind me, preparing for his assault
on my rectum. My hips squirmed like crazy from the unbearable
tension at what was in store for my tender little tushy.
I felt his strong hands part the cheeks of my ass, and I turned
back to look at him. He was grinning ear to ear. A long string
of sticky precum seeped from the little fissure at the tip
of his frightful penis. I watched him spit into my anus and
felt his strong fingers spread the warm saliva over my tiny
little sphincter. My thin shoulders quivered and my eyes
rained with tears. “Oh, my god!” I exclaimed. He laughed.
It was a wicked, heartless laugh.

“Damn you’ve got a perfect butt, little girl!” Jim said.
“Cry all you want to. You are not going to believe what I’m
about to do to your gorgeous ass. My cock is going to have
a wild party inside you, and I really don’t give a shit how
much you’re hurting.” The cruelty in his voice shook me
to the depths of my feminine core. I felt his strong grip
on my ass cheeks, and the swollen head of his cock began to
press against my anus.

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god!” I screamed. He thrust forward with
one brutal stroke, and I felt my anal ring give way almost
instantly. As my anus began to dilate, I screamed and squealed!
The virulent, stabbing pain from his forced violation
was unbearable! “That’s it, my little slut. Open up and
let the big cock come inside and play.” He laughed and pulled
back slightly, then drove forward with ruthless fury.
I felt the giant head of his dick pass into my rectum as my
vanquished sphincter closed tightly around his shaft.
He groaned with obvious pleasure as my legs started to thrash.

“Hold still, cutie!” he said. “You want my dick to have a
good time, don’t you? “ I was sobbing uncontrollably. I
could not believe he had forced that humongous knob inside
me so quickly. The nice guy had suddenly turned into a savage,
unfeeling, insensitive brute! “Damn, sweetie! That felt
really good!” he said. “I think I’ll do it again.” There
was a loud “plop” as he pulled his stout dickhead out and
waited for my tiny hole to close before he thrust back into
me again. I screeched at the top of my lungs and my legs started
kicking wildly. He held my ass steady and laughed. “Oh,
yeah! Your cute butt is so fucking tight! That feels really
good!” Then he did it again! My arms were flailing and my
head was tossing back and forth. The tears were streaming
down my cheeks. “I think I’ll do it a few more times ‘cause
it feels so fucking good! You want to make my big cock feel
good, don’t you?” he asked, laughing. “Well, don’t you?”

“It hurts!” I screamed. My voice was trembling and my wailing
did not stop. It felt like a scrap of lumber was wedged inside
my ringlet. He moved his manhood back and forth a few times
and all I could do was keep scream and squeal, over and over.

Then he paused for a second. “I can’t hear you, sweetie, ”
he said.

Somehow I managed to stop yelling long enough to get the
words out. “Yes! Oh my god! It really hurts but I want you
to do whatever feels good to your cock!”

“That’s what I thought, ” he said. And he pulled out again
and thrust back into me, driving deeper this time. The wrenching
pain conveyed just how much my insides were stretching
to accommodate his manly girth. He used one hand to push
my head down against the bed and pulled out again, then rammed
the head of his cock back through my tiny crevice. There
was no way I could hold still. My legs and arms were heaving
and jerking, but the strength of his grip on my buttocks
enabled his ruthless assault to continue unabated. “Love
those tears, baby, ” he said. “You are so sexy when you’re
bawling your pretty eyes out.”

He pulled out and drove back into me ten or twelve times,
his valiant, massive joist charging forth deeper and deeper
into the depths of my ass with every stroke. The gross plopping
and smacking from my ravaged rectal membranes made him
chuckle. My screams and tears merely bolstered his savagery.
I could feel my annular muscle begin to spasm, clenching
tightly around his stiff, unyielding shaft, and I heard
him groan with delight.

“Oh, sweetie!” he said. “You don’t know how good your ass
feels to my dick! Damn! Just keep clenching like that! I
love it!” I was going out of my mind, my bowels bludgeoned
into a grueling sensual combustion that defiled every
vestige of my female soul. The blustering, maddening ferment
from my ravaged viscera was plundering my senses, shattering
all limits of what a woman can endure. Yet his relentless
invasion of my receptive bowels was whipping me into a carnal
frenzy of perverse, frantic subjugation that was thrilling
beyond all description.

His cruel thrusting went on and on, and in my delirium I lost
all track of time. He paused for a moment, and I could feel
his crotch hair and his manly scrotum resting against the
soft flesh of my buttocks. Oh, my god! Oh, my god! The entire
length of that gargantuan cock was lodged balls deep inside
my ass!

“Oh, you gorgeous little anal slut!” he said. “Damn! That
feels so fucking good!” He reached around and started playing
with my tits as he moved his cock gently back and forth. My
entire being felt utterly and totally impaled. His every
movement sent waves of harrowing, rapturous torment roaring
through me. I could feel his swollen manhood throb and pulse
like an enraged demon. “You like it, don’t you?” he said,
mocking me. “You like having a huge, hard dick so deep inside
you that you’re nothing but a little fucktoy for my personal
enjoyment. You love being a helpless rag doll on the end
of my big dick!”

“Yes!” I said, my words garbled through my blubbering sobs.
“Yes! I love it!”

He laughed and withdrew just enough to shove over half the
length of his horsecock all the way through to the depths
of my ass. It was a cruel, vengeful stroke and I screamed
so loud the whole room seemed to shake. I could feel that
fat knob probing my entrails. “Oh, my god! Oh, my god!” I
yelled, over and over. My tears were flowing like water
as he plowed in and out of my ass with long, furious strokes
that obliterated all resistance from my ravished rectal
tissues. Then he pulled all the way out of me. I heard a lewd,
vulgar “PLOP!” as the huge head passed through my little

I was shaking and trembling all over, but I managed to look
back and see him grinning at the gaping chasm he had drilled.
“Damn!” he said. “Your little ass is wide open, little girl.”
He spit into my ass several times and I felt his saliva seep
into the gash his dick had left behind. He put his powerful
arms around me and carried me to a chair in my living room.
There was no way I could walk. The turmoil inside my battered
bowels was a churning storm of relentless, wretched anguish
and mind-numbing sensual bliss. He sat down with that thick,
rock-hard mast of glistening cock meat sticking up a foot
or more from his crotch. I marveled at the startling size
of him! How could something so gigantic get all the way inside
my ass? Oh, my god! It just wasn’t possible!

“Lick your insides off my dick, you pretty little slut!”
he said. I knelt in front of him and did as I was told, worshipping
his godlike weapon with my mouth and tongue. He grinned
down at me and used his fingers to wipe the tears from my cheeks.
“Good girl!” he said. “Now you’re gonna sit on it! We’re
just getting’ started!”

My thin shoulders quivered and once again I started to bawl.
“Oh, my god! Oh, my god!” He pulled me toward him and made
me lower my ass onto his cock. I felt that stout dickhead
lodge against my sore, distended anus. Then he grabbed
my hips and yanked my whole body downward. That fat dickhead
passed up into me again! I couldn’t stop screaming and screeching!
He put his hands on my shoulders and made me go all the way
down on it until I was sitting in his lap. My legs and arms
were going berserk! He just laughed and used his grip to
force me to piston up and down several times until his cock
had retaken full control of my submissive, quivering torso.

The rabid, smoldering turbulence from my ruptured rectal
viscera was driving me insane! Every movement I made just
impelled his cock deeper and deeper into the fiery inferno
of racking convulsions and frenzied passion he had created
inside my ravaged bowels!

“That’s it, girl!” he said. “Scream and cry all you want
while I have me a good time up in that ass!” Then he took hold
of my tits and used them as handles to make me dance up and
down on his powerful, rampaging battering ram of a mule-dick.
“Such beautiful hooters!” he said. “And I get to play with
them all I want because your cute little ass belongs to my
big, mean cock.”

The relentless, merciless assault on my bowels went on
for a good two hours. We moved from room to room with his rampaging
monster cock implanted balls deep inside my rectal cavern.
My butt was a torture chamber of insatiable feminine lust
and wanton submission. He picked me up and carried me with
my arms clinging to his neck while my ruptured, anguished
ass rode up and down on his merciless bludgeon of a horsecock.
He relished the sounds of my tears and screams. When he wanted
to make me sob and screech even louder, he just perched me
on a counter or the arm of a chair and plowed into me with all
the fury from his manly balls. He grinned with delight as
my head tossed from side to side and my legs and arms would
swing and kick with helpless abandon. When he finally decided
he had enjoyed my ass enough, he carried me back into the
bedroom and bent me over on the bed.

“I’ve got a little surprise for you, ” he said, stroking
his proud, upstanding member. He handed me some more tissue.
I was trembling so hard I could barely hold it. “You’re not
done crying yet, little lady. I’ve saved the best for last.”

“Oh, my god!” I said. I had to gurgle my words through my tears.
“Now w-w-what?”

He walked into the bathroom and came back with a mirror.
He held it next to my ass. He laughed at the look of shock on
my tear-streaked face. My little sphincter was a gaping
hole, distended more than an inch wide.

“Oh my god!” I squealed. “What have you done to me? Oh my god!”

“Do you have a butt plug?” he asked.


“You’re gonna need it, sweetie. Where is it?”

I pointed to the dresser next to the bed. “The top drawer.”

He got it and put it next to me on the bed. Then he moved behind
me and grabbed my ass cheeks. My screams started up again
as he plowed his cock into me, driving it all the way in and
out several times until I was screeching and sobbing and
thrashing just as I had been for the last two hours. Then
he fell on top of me with his cock fully inserted and held
me still. I felt his giant manhood swell and kick and erupt
inside me, shooting torrents of cum that I could not believe.
I squealed as the warm sperm splashed into my rectum like
he had turned on a spigot. There must have been ten or twelve
separate spurts.

My rectal wounds were so drenched with semen that it truly
seemed as if a flames were raging through my ass! My sopping
bottom pitched and lurched to cope with the harsh, scorching
pain. When he finally pulled out, I was squirming and shaking
and holding onto my ass cheeks for dear life. “Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!” My voice was a helpless whimper. He must have
pumped a quart of spunk into my ravaged bowels! The second
he pulled out, he quickly stuck the butt plug into my gaping

“I want all my sperm to stay in there, ” he said. “I know it
burns like hell after all the damage my cock did to your insides,
but I don’t give a shit. You’re my gorgeous little slut now
and you’re gonna keep that cum right where it is.”

He left me laying on the bed, writhing in such excruciating
agony that I nearly passed out. I kept thrashing and quivering
and squealing for half an hour. All I remember is that he
couldn’t stop laughing. When I finally recovered enough
to be aware of what was going on, he had left. I didn’t dare
try to walk. I just lay on the bed, clutching my ass cheeks,
relishing the scalding, torrid slush swirling inside
my little butt and wondering if I had ever felt so incredibly
excited after sex in my entire life!

More than an hour later, I got up and tried to walk. My legs
were so weak I had to cling to the furniture to keep from falling.
It was another hour before I was able to move around normally.
I was staggering, but at least I could walk. There was no
way I wanted to wear even a stitch of clothing. The glorious,
helpless feelings of abject subjugation that went with
all that pungent sperm sloshing around in my bottom made
me so horny that I would have gladly had sex with any man who
came to my door.

And then I remembered about the party. And that he had asked
that I come naked, wearing only my high heels. And I knew
instantly that I was going to do it.

I called Jim on his cell phone and asked him for the address
of the party. “I will be totally naked, ” I said.

He laughed just as he had laughed the whole time he was fucking
me. “Of course you’ll be naked, ” he said. “And I do mean
naked, Cindy. No clothes. No bikini, no bra, no panties,
no nothing but your high heels. I’ll pick you up at seven
sharp. Can you walk naked from your apartment to my car?”


“Do you still have that butt plug in your gorgeous little
ass?” he asked.

“Yes, you bastard. Oh my god! It feels like you left a gallon
of semen inside me. It’s driving me wild! It feels like your
mean dick is having its way with me every time I move. I’m
so fucking horny I can’t stand it! I won’t have anything
to eat between now and then, so all your cum will still be
inside me when I get to your party.”

“Good girl, ” he said.

I spent the rest of the afternoon washing and styling my
hair and trimming all the peach fuzz around my neglected
little pussy. Jim picked me up as promised. I had spent so
much time naked with my blinds open, I knew the neighbors
wouldn’t be too shocked when I walked nude with Jim to his
car. Of course there were some catcalls and blaring horns
from passing cars, but I would have been very disappointed
if there had not been. As we drove to his home, Jim told me
what to expect.

“There will be twenty-five or thirty people, ” he said.
“All fully clothed. You will be the center of attention.”

“This is all pretty scary, even as turned-on and excited
as I am, ” I said. “I hope it’s okay if I just make a brief appearance
and then lock myself in your bedroom for the rest of the evening.”

“Sure, ” he said. “No problem. As long as everyone gets
a good look at you. After they see that you’re naked as promised,
you can hide for the rest of the evening.”

“As promised? You mean you told everyone that I would be

“Yes, I did. I told them they that you’re one of the most gorgeous
women on the face of the earth, and that they would probably
never see a sexier naked female in their entire lives. And
that’s true. You are.”

“Oh, my god!” I said.

Jim’s place was in on the sixth floor of a high-rise in the
Wilshire District. We parked in a large garage and there
were five people waiting for the elevator. I asked Jim if
I could borrow his coat until we got inside his apartment.
“Sure, ” he said. “Get out and I’ll come around and cover
you up before anyone sees you.”

I got out of the car and a man walking past our car stopped
in his tracks.

“Goddamn!” he said. “Wow! Holy crap!” I heard the car doors
lock and looked inside to see Jim talking on his cell phone.
The stranger stood still and stared, his eyes captivated
by my tits and my clean-shaven pussy. I tossed my hair back
and smiled back at him. Moments later, Jim got out and started
walking toward the elevator..

“Let’s go, ” Jim said. He laughed out loud. He did not take
off his jacket.

“Wait a second! You said I could have your jacket!”

“I lied. Let’s go.”

There was no point in protesting. He took me by the hand and
led me to the elevator. My ass was making lewd sloshing noises
with every step I took in my high heels. Jim grinned at me
and I smiled back. He could tell how incredibly excited
I was. But for all the wild tingling and burning down there
where his cock had been, I could never have done what I was

“Stop worrying!” Jim said. “You look like a super-model!
Those sleek, sexy legs and fabulous knockers are a license
to thrill. Nobody will complain.”

The elevator seemed to take forever. The other people waiting
with us were dumbfounded. “Damn, Cindy. You have incredible
tits!” Jim laughed out loud. He looked at the people staring
at me. “Doesn’t she have nice tits?”

I smiled and made a modest effort to cover my shaven pussy.
“You bastard, ” I said. Jim just laughed. The men were grinning
with obvious delight. A couple of older women seemed slightly
less impressed. Inside the elevator, my naked breasts
were just inches away from a tall man I had never seen before.
His eyes were like saucers.

“Damn!” he said, with a broad grin “You are just about the
sexiest thing I have ever seen.” Hearing his words somehow
made me much less afraid.

The party was in full swing when we walked in the door. Everyone
was laughing and drinking and rock music was blaring on
the stereo. There were at least thirty people–all men!
There was not another female in sight. They all stopped
talking when we entered the room. There was a long moment
of dead silence, followed by loud cheering and a lot of applause,
and it was obviously meant for me.

“Oh my god! Jim! You didn’t tell me there would only be men

“Now come on, ” he said with a chuckle. “You know you wouldn’t
want it any other way.” He turned to face the room. All eyes
were on me. “Gentlemen, ” said Jim. “Meet Cynthia. As you
can see, Cynthia is completely naked.” There were more
cheers. “As a stranger in the elevator just told her, she
is without a doubt one of the sexiest, most beautiful women
you will ever see in your life. And let me tell you, she is
also the horniest woman you will ever meet in your life.
She cannot get enough hard cock!” That last remark was followed
by laughter and some wolf whistles. “Please come over and
introduce yourselves. She is eager to meet each and every
one of you.”

It was a fairly large living room, but not really large enough
for thirty guests. It seemed as if they were all just a few
feet away–and staring at me like I was the last woman on earth.

“Oh, my god! Oh my god! Did you have to tell them that?” I asked.
“Where is your bedroom, Jim?”

“Locked, sweetie. That’s where. And it’s gonna stay locked.
Now come on. You don’t want to be unsociable.”

So he had lied about that, too.

Jim paraded me around the room. I wondered if everyone could
here the “Slop! Slop!” of all the little spermies swimming
around inside my butt every time I took a step. The first
man to introduce himself seemed like a nice enough person.
He told me his name and that he owned his own company.

“You really are beautiful! Legs up to your eyebrows! Like
a showgirl. A perfect little ass. Nice big tits. And you’re
as pretty as you could be.” he said. “What size are your tits?”


“Your nipples are so swollen. Do they always stick out like
that? You must be excited being naked in front of all these

“Of course I am, ” I said. And that was true enough. But I
didn’t want to tell him what the real reason was.

“You have a lovely little pussy there, ” said another man.
“I guess you know there’s not a man in here who doesn’t have
a great big hard-on.” The man winked at me and grabbed his
crotch. I made myself look away. He had a huge bulge and I
didn’t want him to see the excitement in my eyes.

“Of course she knows, ” said Jim. Then he grabbed hold of
my breasts and started to play with them. He grinned at me.
“She knows damn well that we all want to fuck her!” Then he reached down and caressed my pussy. “Damn! She is
really wet, guys!”

“Jim!” I said, pulling away from him. “Are you trying to
get me gang- or something?” I chuckled to hide my embarrassment.

“Sorry, sweetie, ” he said. He licked the finger he had
used to test my pussy. “Guess I got a little carried away.”
Raucous laughter filled the room.

Someone turned up the music and another man approached
me. “Let’s dance!” he said. He started swinging his arms
in rhythm with the drumbeat.

I wanted to but I didn’t dare. The butt plug seemed secure
enough, but I was afraid that any sudden movement on my part
might change that. All that gooey cum could easily start
gushing all over the floor.

“Dance, Cindy, ” Jim demanded. “Make those huge jugs bounce
around for us.”

I had done everything Jim had asked up to that point. I decided
to take the risk. I started gently twisting my hips and my
breasts began to sway and heave. An outburst of applause
and wolf whistles brought a grin to my face and I picked up
the pace a little. Then Jim walked up behind me and grabbed
onto my hips and forced me to really swing my butt. The applause
got even louder, but as soon as it tapered off, everyone
must have heard the “Slop! Slop!” coming from inside of
me. But the sharp movements also enhanced the delicious
anguish in my bowels. The intense stimulation swept away
my fears and suddenly I was carried away with the music!
Before I knew it I was dancing wildly, tossing my long hair
and swinging my breasts and kicking out my long legs.

Several men joined in on the dancing, and I guess they could
tell that I was enjoying putting on a show. I had a wicked
smile on my face as I turned to dance with each different
man who joined the action. Each of my dance partners seemed
to get a little closer, and I really should have known what
would happen next. One of the men reached out and started
to play with my tits as we danced. I took his hands away and
grinned. “Naughty boy!” I said. “That’s a no-no!”

He grabbed my breasts again, and his grip was so firm that
I couldn’t pull his hands away. The truth is, his strong
grip excited me, and I guess he could tell. I kept on dancing,
and the man pulled me toward him and put his hand on my pussy.
I let him do it. I think I even wanted him to do it. I forgot
myself and began swinging my hips with total abandon. The
vulgar “SLOP! SLOP!” from inside my ass only deepened my
abandon. The man had his way with my tits, then took a step
back, and I turned to dance with another, much taller man.

He grabbed onto my tits the instant I turned to face him.
He caressed and squeezed them in a forceful way that gave
me thrills! I stopped dancing and stood still, letting
him enjoy my breasts. He sucked on each of my nipples, then
stared into my eyes. I’m not sure if man has ever looked at
me with more passion. I tossed my hair back and pursed my
lips into a naughty smile. Then he went for my pussy. I stood
still and let him sample my wetness. That brought a wide,
toothy grin to his face. He put two fingers inside my pussy,
then started to kiss me. He grabbed my ass with both hands
and held me steady, grinding his crotch against mine.

“You know we’re all going to fuck you, don’t you?” he said.

”What?” I said. I managed to push him away and stood facing
him, tossing my hair back defiantly. He was stroking a bulge
in his crotch. As I remember it was a pretty big bulge.

“We are all going to fuck you tonight, ” he said. “That’s
why Jim brought you here naked.”

I glanced over at Jim. “Not on your life!” I said.

Jim tried to laugh it off. “Now, C’mon, let’s all chill, ”
he said. “Somebody get Cindy a glass of wine.” He looked
straight at me. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t
want to do, sweetie, ” he said.

“I want you to take me home right now, ” I said.

“Not gonna happen, ” said Jim. “Of course you can walk out
of here right now if you want to, but I think you’re going
to be very naked if you do.”

“Surely one of you guys will lend me a coat to wear, ” I said.
The room erupted with laughter. I looked around and every
man there was shaking his head.

“No fucking way!” a man shouted from across the room. An
older man handed me a glass of chilled wine and I thanked
him. It tasted like a vintage Reisling, and I took a long

“That’s not gonna happen either, ” said Jim. “But tell
you what. Nobody else is gonna touch you, okay? Got that,
gentlemen?” Several men yelled their assent.

“I’ll give her a coat, ” said a large, dark-haired man at
the far end of the room. He grabbed a sports jacket that was
draped across the sofa and started walking toward me.

“Hey! Wait a minute!” yelled another man. “That’s my best
sports coat! What the hell are you doing?” He stood in the
other man’s way and attempted to stop him. He was older and
rather slight of build, and the big man shoved him aside.

“The lady wants to go, gentlemen, ” he said. “Let her go.
You can get your damn coat back later. She needs it right

He handed me the coat. I smiled at him and quickly put it on.

“There’s always one asshole who has to spoil everyone else’s
fun, ” said Jim. “Thanks a lot, Bob. I should have known
you’d play Sir Galahad.”

“Fuck you, Jim!” said Bob. He reached in his wallet and handed
me a twenty. “Go ahead, Miss Cindy. You can leave now. Get
yourself a cab. No one’s going to stop you.”

“Thank you, sweetie, ” I said. I started making my way toward
the door. The slopping and sloshing inside my rectum was
louder than ever. I was thankful that nobody was eager to
challenge my Prince Valliant. The other men cleared a path
for me. I walked out of the apartment and headed for the elevator.
I made it halfway down the corridor. That’s when it happened.

The abundance of cum soaking my rectal wounds abruptly
flared into a bracing tumult, making my legs so wobbly that
I could not take another step. The intense sensual turbulence
had been building inside me, and suddenly the stimulation
was so overwhelming that I literally froze and had to use
the wall to prevent myself from falling. The sensations
rippled through my torso and I closed my eyes, swept away
in total orgasmic delirium. The wild, exquisite sensations
consumed my entire being like a vortex of frantic, breathtaking
arousal. I collapsed on the floor as my anus went into spasm
and I reached for the butt-plug to stop it from popping out
of my ass.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” I repeated the words in a passionate
whisper as waves of violent, piercing ecstasy washed over
and through me and did not subside for several minutes.
I looked down at my exposed breasts. My nipples were hard
and distended, nerve-rich ganglia sticking out from me
like antenna yearning for masculine embrace. I felt as though Jim’s cruel, rigid horsecock was still
ramming brutally into my viscera, staking its claim on
my feminine charms, rendering me his beautiful, sobbing
fuck-toy–a helpless victim hoping desperately that the
excruciating intensity of his relentless thrusting would
never stop.

Several minutes had passed before I somehow found the strength
to get to my feet. Across the hallway, a door opened and a
man came out and started to walk toward the elevator. He
saw me propped up against the wall and stopped.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you, ” I said. “I’m fine.”

He gawked nervously at my bare legs. “Wow! Your legs are
amazing!” he said.

“Thank you.”

He turned and continued on his way. When the elevator doors
closed behind him, I slipped out of the sports coat and started
to walk back toward Jim’s apartment. I can say without hesitation
that I have never felt more unbelievably horny in my entire
life than I did as I knocked on his door.

When the door opened, I handed Jim the coat and stood defiantly,
my hands on my hips, tossing back my hair and smiling.

“Can I please come in?” I asked.

Jim’s face broke into a wide grin. He didn’t say a word, but
ushered me in with a sweeping gesture of his arm. You could
have heard a pin drop. The men were all speechless. The “Slop!
Slop!” from inside my rectum was louder than ever as I took
long, slinky strides to the middle of the living room. My
gait was a still a little shaky, but I managed to swing my
hips with each stamp of my high heels.

“Somebody turn up the music, ” I said.

I started to dance, tossing my hair gracefully as my breasts
swayed and dangled, my nipples swollen like hard nails,
my hips undulating in cadence with the beat. I raised my
arms and placed my hands behind my neck, thrusting my breasts
outward in a brazen display of my sluttish cravings . I twirled
my legs and hips in winsome, slavish gyrations, spinning
around to give every man present the best possible view
of my soft feminine assets. I moved from guest to guest,
flaunting my naked breasts, beckoning their hands to savor
my flesh.

I smiled as the first man reached out with both hands, then
held still while he caressed my breasts, gently at first,
then squeezing them with enough ardor to made me squeal.
“Damn girl!” he said. “You want my hard cock inside you?”

I laughed with delight as he continued to grapple with my
flesh. “That depends, ” I said. “How big are you?” I didn’t
give him a chance to answer. I moved on to the next man, and
he didn’t hesitate to grab onto my bouncing tits. I danced
gracefully from man to man, letting each of them sample
my delicate charms.

Several men clapped and whistled, but others chose to express
themselves rather more boldly. One man seated on the couch
unzipped his fly and took out his hard cock. Within seconds,
several other men did the same.

The first man to start stroking his cock made me gasp. It
looked like an enormous, fearsome dagger, with a long,
thick, ribbed shaft and a bulky, jagged arrowhead at its
tip. The stout, upright staff was straight but had a pronounced
hook near the fiendish, purple crown. It had bulging veins
and a protruding conduit tracing the underside of its length.
It stood straight up from his crotch with a sturdy, unyielding

The man to his side had a beastly cock shaped like a boomerang.
It had the ferocity of a coiled reptile. The lengthy shaft
was dark-hewn with a stiff, glistening texture. The base
of his crooked joist had the awesome girth of a beer can but
tapered toward the broad, mushroom head. The crown was
scary thick, but wedge-shaped to snare its prey and pry
her open for his pleasure. He stroked the length of his angry,
oversized demon and grinned at me.

“I like the way you shake those gorgeous tits, girl, ” he
said with a scornful tone. “Come here and have a seat.”

I took a step toward them, my swollen breasts swinging like
baubles for their amusement. I was aware of being surrounded
by men with their upright, foreboding manhoods on swaggering
display, too aroused by my nakedness to care what anyone
thought. The formidable size of their proud fuck-tools
made my legs weak with passion and sheer, abject fright.

I paused and brushed the hair back from my eyes. I smiled
in spite of myself. “I’m really scared, guys, ” I said,
trembling. “Can we just talk?”

“Sure. No problem, ” said the man with the boomerang cock.

I sat down between the two of them and put a sultry smile on
my face. “Wow!” I said. “Both you guys are really big!” My
eyes were darting back and forth to each of their huge, hard,
venous dicks, their stout shafts glistening with spittle.

“And you are very, very naked, little girl, ” said the other
man. “And those tits look so fucking luscious!” He reached
out and started to squeeze one of my breasts.

“No, no!” I yelped. “I’m really frightened. Please don’t!”
He just laughed. A moment later, the other man’s hand was
mauling my other breast. I glanced at their faces and knew
my protests would be to no avail. The man with the boomerang
dick took my hand and placed it on his cock. I thrilled to
the strength of his powerful erection. He grabbed my head
and pulled my face down until my lips were an inch away from
the throbbing crown of his massive fuck-pole.

“Suck it, girl!” he said. “Put it in your mouth and suck!”

I put up a struggle, but his grip was overpowering. I let
his cock into my mouth and began to lick the crown of his lordly
member. I lathered his dick with the shameless effusion
of my feminine lust until I heard the man groan with delight.

“Hold on, Harry!” It was Jim’s voice, and it commanded attention.
“That wasn’t our deal and you know it!”

I pulled my lips from the man’s rabid, pulsating mule-dick
and looked up at Jim. I’m certain he saw the tears welling
up in my eyes.

“Deal?” I said. “What deal?”

“I promised them a chance to fuck you, ” he said. “I told
them how horny you get when you’re naked and that we would
let you make the choice. George here is taking advantage
of the situation and that’s not fair to the other guys.”

“Oh my god!” I yelped. “Oh my god!” Tears began streaming
down my face.

Jim yelled out to everyone in the room. “Like I said, gentlemen,
its lady’s choice. Cindy gets to do the picking. Stand up, Cindy. Come over

I walked over to Jim, glancing around the room at all the
rigid, rampant cock meat standing at attention. “You mean
it’s my choice?” I asked, whimpering.

“That’s right, ” said Jim.

I stood next to him, trembling as I whispered in his ear.
“I’m really scared, sweetie. Oh, my god! My rectum is like
a fucking furnace right now. After what you put my ass through
this morning, please don’t tell them about my anal cravings.
I’m terrified to think what might happen to me. Okay?”

“No problem, babe, ” he said.

“Oh, thank you, sweetie!” I said, relieved. “I admit I’m
really horny, but I’m also really, really scared to think
what might happen if they knew.”

Jim laughed. “Yeah! Believe me, I know.” Then he yelled
out to the room. “Before Cindy makes her choice, she has
something she wants you all to know, ” he said.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Turn around, sweetie, ” he ordered. He put his hands on
my shoulders and spun me around, then forced me to bend over
with my ass in the air. “Watch this, gentlemen!” I squirmed as I felt his hand move between my ass cheeks.
With one swift gesture, he pulled out the butt plug and I
squealed and screamed as a river of warm cum poured out of
my asshole and onto the floor. My ass squirmed like crazy
and opened up like a fountain of frothy white spunk.

“Oh my god!” I screamed. “Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“Now then, ” he said. “How many of you guys have ever fucked
a beautiful young girl in the ass?” The room erupted with
loud cheers and catcalls.

“Jim!” I pleaded. “Jim! Oh, no! Please! Please!”

“Take a look at that cherry asshole, ” said Jim. “Guess
where this cute little girl craves to have a big, mean, hard

Jim released his grip and I stood up and faced the room. “Oh,
my god! Jim! No!” I shook my head and started to cry. I hit
Jim on the shoulder with my fist.

“You crave it in your ass, don’t you, Cindy? You cry and scream
bloody murder, but you crave it. Don’t you? Tell them.”

I was sobbing. My chest was heaving as the tears ran down
my cheeks and landed between my naked breasts, now swollen
and glistening.

“Tell them, ” he ordered.

I glanced around the room, my eyes riveted to pole after
stout, rigid pole of proud, ruthless cock. There was no
use denying it now. “It’s true. I love it in my ass.” My voice
was breaking with every word. “Jim is right. That’s where
I crave to be fucked. I’m a….Well, I’m a total anal whore.”

You could have heard a pin drop.

Jim laughed. “Okay. Lady’s choice, ” he said. “Choose
at least five of them. That was our deal.”

“Five!” I screamed. “Oh, no! Jim! Oh my god!”

“That’s right. One hour each. Alone in my bedroom. The rest
get to watch on the bedroom monitor. You will love it, sweetie.
You will thank me later.”

I put my face in my hands and sobbed. “Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“Choose your cocks, Cindy. They will draw straws to see
who goes first.”

“You fucking bastard!” I screamed. My swollen breasts
were surging forth with shameless, wayward passion, my
nipples like tattletale spikes, betraying the lust burning
inside my rectum.

Jim walked over to the sofa and grabbed the sports jacket
I had worn minutes before. He held it out to me. I pretended
not to notice. There was no turning back now.

I looked over to where I had been sitting. I pointed to the
man with the frightfully sinister dagger dick and the man
next to him with the wicked boomerang cock. “There’s two, ”
I said. I turned around and bent over, showing them my little
butt. “I want each of you all the way inside me, ” I said,
tears rolling down my cheeks. “Don’t worry how much you’re
hurting me. My ass is for your pleasure. The more brutal
you are with my ass, the more I will feel you, and that’s what
excites me the most. That’s the kind of slut I am.”

The room erupted with cheers.

I walked around the room and chose three more of the biggest,
cruel-looking, jackhammer fuck-tools I had ever seen.
I stopped to ask one of them how long he was.

“Eleven and a half, ” he said. Then I realized it was Bob,
the man who had given me the coat. I smiled and knelt in front
of him and used my tongue to lick the length of his taut, gnarly
shaft. It had a giant knob the size of a lightbulb. “Oh my
god!” I said, admiring his manhood’s ungodly strength.
I took the thick, purple crown into my mouth, worshipping
my chivalrous assailant with no effort to restrain my tears.
“I ain’t holdin’ back, ” he said, squeezing my breasts.
“You are asking for it, now. And I intend to make your ass
pay, big time!”

I stood up and tossed back my long, flaxen hair. “Thank you,
sir, ” I said. I gazed at his demon-like cock and did my best
to smile, but then started sobbing like the helpless slut
I am.

There were at least two more dicks that were so humongous
I could not resist. I pointed them out and asked Jim to add
them to the list. Then I went around the room and kissed every
hard cock on display, dancing as I moved from cock to cock,
smiling at each proud master, swinging my breasts and my
ass with all the feminine allure I could summon to my command.
Several of them grabbed onto my chest and stroked their
proud cocks between my tits.

Then I started to walk toward the bedroom. “We will be able
to see and hear everything, Cindy, ” Jim shouted. “There’s
a $500 prize for the stud who can make you cry and scream the
loudest.” I turned to see him waving the money in the air.
The room erupted with applause and cheers and wild, mocking
laughter. I was trembling like a leaf in the wind. I started
to bawl with my face in my hands.

“Go ahead and cry your pretty little head off, ” said the
man stroking his boomerang dick. “You are such a fucking
gorgeous sacrificial lamb. The louder you cry, the harder
your little ass is going to get fucked.” He said it like he
meant it. There was another round of derisive laughter.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” It was all I could say. I tried to steady
my wobbly legs as I walked to the bedroom. The whistles and
catcalls did not stop until I closed the door behind me.
I saw three cameras attached to the walls and the ceiling.
I smiled and waved and then crawled beneath the silk sheets
of Jim’s king-sized bed and waited. I did not have to wait
very long.

Bob was the first man to come in. He unbuckled his trousers
and tossed them aside, striding toward the bed with that
incredible fuck-tool sticking up like a hungry raptor.
The enormous purple head was streaming precum all over
the floor. His magnificent weapon swung back and forth
as he walked. As he approached the bed, I could see the pulsing
veins along the thick shaft throbbing with rapacious urge.

He threw back the sheets from the bed and bent his cock down
until the crown was next to my lips. I took him into my mouth
and lavished him with my tongue. “Get that gorgeous butt
in the air, Cindy, ” he ordered. He used his strong hands
to position my ass, then moved behind me, spitting into
my anus. He acted like some savage beast who couldn’t wait
to devour his prey. I started to cry as I felt him press the
head of his dick against my little sphincter. “That’s it,
girl, ” he said. “Get those tears flowing. You know what’s
gonna happen next!” I felt my tight sphincter begin to give
way, and I started to sob and squeal. Within a matter of moments,
he had forced that huge bulb into my helpless bottom.

“YOWEEEEEE!” I was screaming bloody murder.

“That’s my girl!” he said, laughing. “Such a beautiful
ass!” He pulled the crown all the way out and forced it back
into me again.

“YOWEEEEEE!” I was going out of my mind.

“Your tight little hole feels so good to my dick, Cindy, ”
he said. “Let’s do that some more. Okay?”

“Okay!” I blubbered. I was whimpering and my legs were kicking
out of control.

I felt the head move through my anus again and just as quickly
enter me still again.

“YOWEEEEEE! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” My whole body was quivering
and my fingernails were digging frantically into the sheets.

“Count for me, Cindy, ” he said.

“W-w-what?” My voice was trembling. My ass was squirming
and jerking but his strong grip kept my anus just where he
wanted it. .

“Say ninety nine!” he said, his voice reeking with mockery.
He pulled out of me and pushed that dickhead through my ravaged
anus once more.


“Say ninety nine, Cindy.”

“Ninety-nine, ” I sobbed. He did it again.


“Now say ninety-eight, ” he demanded.


“Say it, Cindy!”

“NINETY-EIGHT!” I yelled the words at the top of my lungs.
I felt his thick shaft push deep into me, then pull all the
way out again. “YOWEEEEE! YOWEEEEE!”

“That’s a good little anal whore, ” he said. “Keep counting
and when you get to zero I’m gonna be scraping the bottom
of your ass.”

“Say ninety-seven, ” he ordered.


His ruthless assault on my bowels was only beginning. My
screams got louder and louder and would not stop for hours
to come.

It was an endless night of cruel, excruciating, unbearable
passion and lust I will never ever forget as long as I live.

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