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An innocent night at the friend's cabin


A sudden flash of lightning filled the small
cabin, causing the transistor radio to momentarily
crackle with static. A few seconds later, the June
night was filled with a resounding crash as the sound
of thunder caught up with the light. The storm had
been raging for a little over two hours, alternating
between violent clashes in the sky and the steady
patter of rain against the windows.
"That was a good one!" Exclaimed the dark
haired girl as she clapped in appreciation of the
sudden illumination.
"You wouldn't think so if we were out
there." Replied her companion as she pointed out
the large bay windows to the lake beyond.
"But we're not, are we?" The first girl
retorted in an exaggerated pout. "Sometimes you
be such a worrier."
"You're right." The first girl answered.
one of us has to have some sense. Otherwise you'd
have us out on the lake because you'd get a better
"Hey that's an idea." Robyn said in mock
seriousness. "We could take one of the boats down
by the dock and..."
"Don't even think it...." Valerie cut
off in a dead stop tone.
Both girls then broke into laughter.
All in all, watching the storm and snacking
on popcorn and the wine they had snuck out of the
liquor cabinet wasn't the worst way the two 17 year
olds could spend the night. Of course it wasn't what
they had thought it would be when they come up to
the lake two days before.
Robyn Grayson and Valerie Carter had been
friends for 12 of their 17 years, ever since they had
met on the first day of kindergarten. Back then, they
had both been pudgy little girls more interested in
games and dolls than anything else. With slight
variations, that had continued right up until they
began to hit puberty.
In Robyn's case, womanhood sprung upon
her with a vengeance. She lost all her baby fat and in
a single summer went through a growth spurt that
cause her to fill up and out at the same time. Instead
of the semi-plump tomboy, she found herself a
very attractive young lady with a figure that drew
boys like moths to a candle. It was during that
summer that she finally appreciated her mother's
insistenc that she let her hair grow. Robyn had
wanted to cu it short because it kept getting
in the way. It no stretched down to a few inches
below her waist.
Valerie also began to fill out that summer but
unlike Robyn, she lost none of her childhood fat. She
added more than a few inches to her height over the
last few years but with them came more pounds than
she liked to think about. Today she hit the scales at
160. Thankfully it was spread throughout her
body giving her a mature full figured look.
Both girls sometimes wished that they could
exchange bodies, at least long enough to see what it
would be like. Valerie wished she could be as
slender as Robyn. In turn, Robyn wondered what it
would be like to have a 38D bust like Valerie's
instead of her own small 34C.
Yet despite the physical changes, both girls
had remained steadfast friends. They had seen other
friendships fall apart when one friend became one of
the popular crowd and then no longer wanted to
associate with former friends. Robyn had become
part of the in crowd, a head cheerleader and the
girlfriend of the star quarterback. But she made it
clear to anyone who even suggested that it would
look better if she "dropped" Val, that the crowd,
cheerleaders and even the quarterback would go
before her friendship with Valerie did.
In fact, the hardest adjustment to their
friendship over the last few years hadn't been
Robyn's rise in stature but Valerie's. Between
of them, Valerie had always been the smarter of the
two. At least as far as the books were concerned. A
constant presence on the honor roll, the short
haired girl had finished the requirements for
graduation six months early. And since she had also
aced her SAT's, she'd been allowed to take courses
at State this last semester.
Valerie had been home only a few days when
her mother had announced that they were going up
to the cabin for a few days and wouldn't it be nice if
she invited her friend Robyn to come along. It would
give them a chance to catch up on the last six
The first days of the trip had been pretty
uneventful, just swimming in the lake, a little boating
and barbecuing with the neighbors. Then this
afternoon, Val's 14 year old brother, Bobby took a
fall and twisted his ankle while climbing a tree.
It had swollen up pretty good and her mother
though it a good idea to take him into town and
have it x-rayed, just to be sure.
Since Val's father couldn't make the trip,
heading into town would leave the girl's alone, but
Mae Carter said she would be back in a few hours. If
they had any problems in that short time, well the
closest neighbors were only a quarter mile away.
The wait in the small hospital turned out to
be a lot longer than Mae had expected. By the time
they were finished the storm was just beginning to
hit. Since the old country roads had a tendency to
wash out rather easily, especially the small bridge
over Dobson's Creek, the safe bet was to stay in
town until morning. So she had called the girls and
told them that Bobby was fine and that they'd be
back in the morning and not to worry. They'd
assured her that they'd be fine.
"I bet you wished you'd stayed home this
weekend." Valerie said as she drained the last
of the wine from her glass.
"I don't know, this is kind of fun." Robyn
replied as she quickly refilled Val's glass.
"More fun than Sally Kellerman's Graduation
Bash?" Valerie countered as she looked at the now
empty wine bottle. It seemed like they'd just opened
it. "That was tonight wasn't it?"
"Yeh, I think so." Robyn said in a somewhat
unconvincing tone as she stepped over to the bar and
pulled out another bottle. "But I really wasn't
planning to go to that anyway."
"Oh sure, the biggest party of the year filled
with the most popular people in school and you
were just going to stay home and do your nails." Val
said as Robyn refilled her own glass. "If my mom
hadn't waited until we were up here before
mentioning it, I never would've asked you. It wasn't
fair to put you on the spot, not wanting to say no to
this trip. Its not like I'd be angry if you wanted to
to the party instead."
"I mean it, I really wasn't planning to go."
Robyn insisted as Valerie looked on unconvinced. "I
guess I'm finally beginning to realize what really
stupid assholes some of those people are."
"Well, what do you know?" Valerie called
out. "There is a brain in that pretty head after all.
Sometimes you can open your mouth and speak up."
"Go to hell!" Robyn shot back in mock
anger. "There are a lot of times I open my mouth."
"Yeh, but then it's usually to attach it to
some dumb jock!" Val returned.
"Oh how sharp the tongue of a friend."
Robyn laughed.
"Speaking of heads and sharp tongues,
maybe we should go a little easy on this stuff."
Valerie suggested as she indicated the glasses they
both held. "Wouldn't do to have mom come back
and find us sloshed."
"You worry too much." Robyn said. "By
time she gets back tomorrow we'll have had a good
nights sleep and be fine."
"Today you mean." Valerie corrected as she
looked at the large clock on the fireplace mantle and
noted that it was one in the morning.
"Whatever..." Robyn said, grabbing another
handful of popcorn.
"Does this new asshole category include
Brian?" Valerie asked, drawing up a mental image
of Robyn's on again off again quarterback boyfriend.
"Brian's both a prick and an asshole!"
long haired girl replied. "Turns out he was screwing
both Jenny Davis and Helen Williams."
"That would be on the nights you were
seeing someone else?" Valerie asked.
"Yes, I mean, that was different..." Robyn
"Of course." Val smiled.
"What about you?" Robyn quickly asked,
changing the subject. "You haven't said one
word about the guys at State. You can't tell me
you've been celibate all this time."
While Valerie hadn't Robyn's experience with
boys, she was far from a virgin. There had always
been guys who realized that she was cute in her own
way and would rather date a girl who's idea of an
intelligent conversation wasn't what new store was
opening in the mall. That and the desire to get a
really good look at those big boobs that filled out
whatever she wore. Jocks, Nerds or somewhere in
between, guys were still guys.
"Well I've been really busy these past few
months." Valerie said, looking more than just a little
uncomfortable. "College courses are a lot more
difficult than high school."
"Bullshit!" Robyn yelled back. "I can
when you're lying. You're seeing someone."
"Well......actually...." Valerie hesitated,
was finding it hard to say the words that floated
unbidden in her mind.
"Come on, we've never had secrets from each
other." Robyn insisted. "Didn't I even
tell you when
I screwed Mr. Peterson after he took me home from
baby-sitting that night."
Valerie remembered all to well how excited
Robyn had been when she called her up on Val's
private phone one night after midnight to tell her
she'd just been fucked by Robert Peterson. A
successful businessman in his late 30's, Valerie
still wondered what drew a man like that to
take such a chance with a 16 year old. She'd seen
his wife many times and she was a very attractive
woman. Some things she just would never understand.
"Yeh, I remember." She answered quietly,
staring into the glow that blazed in the fireplace.
"So you know you can trust me. Come on."
Robyn insisted.
Valerie turned her gaze from the fire to her
oldest friend. She could see in her hungry eyes that
Robyn was possessed by a need to know. Still, the
words wouldn't come.
"Is it a teacher, or a professor isn't that
what you call them?" Robyn asked. "Are you sleeping
with one of them?"
"No." Val simply replied.
"Is it someone that's married?" Robyn
quickly continued.
"No." Val repeated.
"Then why can't you tell me?" Robyn asked
once more.
Valerie stood up and walked over to the
fireplace, again loosing herself in the warm glow.
She ran her hand through her short black hair and
sighed. It'd been a real long day, and the need for
sleep and the wine was beginning to be felt.
"Why don't we just drop this and get some
sleep?" She said.
"Cause I want to know, that's why!" Robyn
said. "I want to know what it is that you can't
with someone you've been friends with since we
were five."
"Because you wouldn't understand, that's
why?" Valerie replied.
"What wouldn't I understand?" came Robyn's
reply. "A guys a guy. God knows I've slept with
few jerks. So what's the..........."
Robyn suddenly paused in mid-sentence. She
brought her hand up to her still opened mouth in
surprise. The reason Val didn't want to talk about
suddenly seemed crystal clear.
"Oh shit, " She exclaimed. "He's
black isn't
he. You're sleeping with a nigger! What's your
mother going to do if she finds out?"
Valerie just shook her head. It was bad
enough that Robyn couldn't let the matter drop
without her letting her narrow minded prejudices
create all kinds of wild fantasies.
"No, he's not black, or brown or yellow or
for that matter white." Val finally answered, no
longer caring how her friend would finally react. "If
you really, really have to know - he is a she!"
A pregnant silence filled the cabin as Valerie
caused Robyn to be speechless for the first time in
her life. She was certain she had just flushed a dozen
year friendship down the proverbial toilet. Staring
once more into the comforting flames of the fire,
Valerie found that she really didn't care. She was
tired of hiding it. If her friend couldn't handle the
truth, well then maybe their friendship was a mistake
in the first place.
"What's her name?" Robyn asked.
"What?" Val asked, not actually hearing
"I said, what's her name?" Robyn repeated.
"Your girlfriend, or am I supposed to call her your
"Whatever you're the most comfortable
with." Valerie finally responded, surprised at
friend's calm reaction. "Her name is Beth
The name brought a sudden image of a tall
dark eyed girl in Valerie's dorm. She had been
introduced to her when she had gone up to State
during spring break to take a look at the school.
"I remember her." Robyn said. "She's
"Thanks." Val answered, unsure what else
to say. "But it's already over between us. She
someone who can be out in the open about their
relationship. I'm not sure I'm ready for that."
"I'm sorry." Robyn offered. The emotion
her voice showing the sympathy was genuine. "You
want to talk about it?"
It had been a good long time since the two
women had really sat down and had such an intimate
conversation. It felt good to the both of them.
Surprisingly neither of them felt tired anymore.
"I should apologize for that nigger remark."
Robyn said. "I should know better than that, but
sometimes the prejudices you're surrounded with
hard to ignore."
"Actually I'm pretty surprised the way you've
taken this whole thing." Valerie said. "I almost
expected you to call me a dyke."
"I'm not that bad, am I?" asked Robyn.
"I guess not." Val smiled.
"True, lesbianism isn't really a subject that
comes up a lot in my circle of friends, but I'm not
totally ignorant." she went on. "I know there's
a lot
more to a woman's interest in other women than the
idea that she simply can't get herself a man."
Actually, that little tidbit was the core of
most of her friends thinking on the subject. Dykes,
as they preferred to call them, were ugly girls who
couldn't get a man and so turned to each other.
Inevitably, some of their late night chat
sessions would turn to sex. Robyn had always found
it laughable as to what was considered acceptable
and not. It was always ok to talk about how you
fucked your boyfriend or a new position you tried.
In fact, she could recall a night that Betty Lieberman
demonstrated on a banana the perfect blow-job. Yet
there was another night that Sally Keller asked one
of the other girls how best to masturbate and found
herself shut out of the group. Evidently, that was
too close to sexual contact between one girl and
"Was Beth a one time thing or are you
defiantly into women now? asked Robyn.
"I don't know." came Valerie's reply.
"I still
find guys attractive, but I'm also attracted to girls
too. To be honest, I've been attracted to girls for
couple of years. This was just the first time I had the
opportunity to do anything about it. If Beth hadn't
been so open in her sexuality, I'd still be thinking
about it."
Robyn studied the face of her friend. The
revelation that she had been attracted to girls for
years sent her mind racing along a new track. It was
almost a minute before she asked the question that
repeated over and over in her head.
"Were you ever attracted to me?"
Valerie waited almost twice as long before
answering. Just saying the words seemed to take a
great load off of her.
"I've been in love with you since I was
14." Valerie said
"Why didn't you ever say anything?" Robyn
"What was I going to say?" Valerie asked.
"Do you think you could've handled it?"
"Probably not." the long haired girl said
after a moments reflection. "I'm not really
sure how
I'm handling it right now." "Do you want to let this drop and turn in?"
Valerie asked as she looked at the clock. "It's
one - thirty."
"No, I'm not tired." was Robyn's
Robyn took a long hard look at her long time
friend. Most of their life, they had been closer than
sisters. Had one of them been born a man, they
would've undoubtedly been lovers. Now that little
hinge of fate seemed to have been removed. If that
was what they both wanted.
"What's it like?" Robyn asked. "Making
to another woman?"
"I could say it was softer, gentler than being
with a guy." Valerie began. "But I don't
think that
would really describe it. I really can't put it into
"I didn't think so." Robyn smiled. "Then
guess you'll just have to show me."
"What...?" Valerie responded in disbelief.
"Do you know what your saying?"
"Maybe, maybe not...." Robyn grinned. "But
I do know I love you too. This is about the only
thing we haven't done together. I've always had
certain curiosity about it. That much I'm sure of."
Valerie was taken a little aback, unsure what
to make of what she was saying or what to do next.
"Besides, I've gone to bed with guys for a lot
less reasons." She laughed.
Valerie knew that much was certainly true.
Robyn leaned over and kissed Valerie. It
wasn't the first kiss they had ever shared. There had
always been the hello and good-bye as well as the
holiday kisses. In addition, they had once practiced
kissing one night back when they were 15 and
they were just beginning to date guys. Robyn's first
french kiss had been with Valerie. But all of those
had been mechanical. Technically correct but
lacking the feeling that you put into kissing a lover.
This kiss had that feeling.
A second kiss followed and this time Valerie
opened her mouth as she felt the soft pressure of her
friend's tongue against it. Many nights over the years
she had dreamed of this moment. More than a few
times she had been in bed with Beth and she had
imagined it had been Robyn instead. Now the
unexpected reality of it all as their tongues met was
enough for a sudden moisture to appear between her
legs, and any sense of caution to be tossed to the
The night sky suddenly erupted with the
most violent thunderflash yet, one so close that the
boom of its fury followed before the light faded. The
windows shook as the sky opened up once more.
"Wow, that was some kiss!" Robyn
exclaimed. "I can't wait to see what the rest
is like."
Valerie merely grinned back, feeling a
pleasing warmth filling her soul.

Now it was Valerie's turn to initiate a kiss.
As she pressed against the softness of her friend's
lips, she reached up and caressed her breasts through
the blue nightshirt. Her hand closed and cupped one
breast, sending a soft sigh from Robyn's lips.
"Let me take this off." Robyn said as she
grabbed the bottoms of her shirt and pulled it over
her head.
Gazing with admiration as Robyn's pert
breasts bounced free, Valerie found it funny that
even though she was the one with all the experience
in this sort of thing, it was her neophyte lover who
seemed the more aggressive. It was like the old
saying that there was no one more passionate than a
virgin who had decided to give up her virginity.
"Now your turn." Robyn said as she tossed
her nightshirt aside and gave a little tug on Valerie's.
Robyn's eyes widened as the red shirt lifted
and she looked down at Val's much more ample
bust. She couldn't even begin to imagine how many
times she had seen her girlfriend naked over
the years, between sleepovers, school showers and
such. This time it was different. It was the first time
she looked at her body with a sexual lust. The girl
wondered if the warm flush she felt was the same
thing a guy felt when he first saw those melon sized
Unable to restrain herself any longer, Robyn
immediately reached out and ran her hands across
Val's breasts, rubbing her fingers against her wide
dark aureoles. It sent an even more powerful rush
through her body. She couldn't believe how warm
her skin felt to the touch. It was as if she were
running a fever.
Valerie was indeed consumed with a fever, a
heat that had simmered over the years. She reached
over and cupped Robyn's breasts, lowering her head
at the same time. Passionately, she began to cover
them with kisses before taking one of the nipples
into her mouth. Her tongue played with the hard
little tip, sending little shivers of delight through
the smaller girl.
"Oh that feels nice." Robyn gushed as Val
moved to her other breast, at the same time still
caressing the first breast with her hand.
Valerie's touch was so unlike that of Brian,
her most recent lover. In fact she couldn't compare
to any of the men she'd been with. She only knew that
it felt great.
Valerie continued to suckle at Robyn's
breasts as she reached down and rubbed her fingers
against the long haired girl's wet panties. Robyn
responded by pushing down her panties, giving
her friend greater access to her pussy.
Her response to the invitation was first one
finger, then a second, deep inside Robyn's love
canal. It wasn't long before her ministrations
brought forth a wet, sweet response that covered
her fingers.
Robyn now tried to duplicate Valerie's skill
with her tongue as she lifted one large breast to her
lips. Of course she didn't have Val's skill, but
had tried this on a boy or two. At least those who
didn't freak at the idea. For some reason, guys
seemed to associate having their nipples licked
or someone playing with their ass with homosexual
acts, even if it was done by a girl.
Still, she put everything she had into it as
Valerie gave her a reassuring moan. Valerie's
fingers continued to slide in and out of her as she
moved to Val's left breast.
After giving Robyn the time she needed to
satisfy her mammary urges, Valerie guided her to the
floor in front of the fire and spread her legs. Robyn
knew what was coming next and smiled at her new
lover in anticipation.
The skillful tongue that had so caressed her
breasts now began it's work on her sexuality. Robyn
let out a loud cry of pleasure as she felt the slick
appendage slide in and out of her. She reached down
and put her hands on the back of Valerie's head,
guiding her to her most sensitive spots.
The clock on the wall ticked away as wave
upon wave of delight spread out across her body.
She closed her eyes and let herself become lost in the
ecstasy. The soft cries that escaped her lips every
now and then brought an increased desire to Valerie.
Tonight was a hundred nights dreams become
reality. The honey dew that covered her tongue was
like nectar of the gods. She scooped it into her
mouth eagerly.
"I've got to try this!" Robyn exclaimed
she shifted her body until Valerie and her were in a
sixty-nine position.
The scent of Valerie's womanhood filled
Robyn nostrils, making her slightly lightheaded. She
parted her friend's lips with her fingers and reached
out for her first taste of another woman.
It was, she decided, tantalizingly tangy.
Closing her eyes, she relished the sensation, even as
she reached out for more. More that Valerie was all
too willing to give.
The larger girl pressed her now pulsating
mound deeper into her lover's face, even as she
mashed her own mouth into Robyn's virgin pussy.
She was driven by the idea that this would be her
friend's first orgasm by another woman. A woman
who had loved her for so long and had dreamed of
this night.
It soon became a game of dueling tongues as
each tried to outdo the other. Valerie obviously had
the experience, but Robyn was driven by an
enthusiasm that just wouldn't quit.
They rolled back and forth, their heads
buried between each others legs. Nothing else
mattered except the climax that each was driving the
other to.
A thin film of sweat covered both girls as
their hearts began to race. Never had either of them
had ever felt so excited. Valerie felt that she should
be crying out how much she loved Robyn, but she
couldn't bear to tear herself away from the
luscious banquet she was feasting on, even for a
Robyn, on the other hand, couldn't help but
let out moan after moan as her lover's skillful tongue
reached up and into the core of her sexuality. No
guy had ever brought her to such an ecstatic state.
Fast as the waves of passion were now ripping
through her supple form, she knew she was on the
verge of a memorable climax.
So powerful were the ripples causing her
flesh to quiver and quake, she was having a hard
time trying to keep up with Valerie. She just
couldn't concentrate on what she was doing.
Finally, she just gave up and surrendered to the fire
of Val's desire.
Valerie felt the absence of her lover's tongue
but she didn't mind it a bit. She was overjoyed to
have had her try as hard as she did, it was more than
she could've imagined. She slid a free hand down
between her own legs and began massaging her
saturated mound, taking up where Robyn left off.
She was determined that they climax together, even
if she had to bring the both of them off herself.
It didn't take long at all. It was almost
impossible to tell which of them exploded first.
Valerie felt Robyn's body stiffen in her arms, then
loud gasp filled her lips. A second later, she felt her
own body erupt as well.
At that moment, as if a sign from the heavens
that they had fulfilled their destiny, the night sky
erupted in a final flash of luminance, followed
seconds later by a roaring thunderclap. A detonation
so powerful it caused the walls of the cabin to shake
as well. It was the last burst of a tempest which had
finally blown itself out.
Like the storm, both girls had expended the
last of their energy in that final explosive moment.
Robyn collapsed against Valerie, resting against her
rapidly cooling flesh. Exhausted as well, Valerie
gently stroked Robyn's hair. In a soft, weak,
voice she spoke.
"I love you, Robyn."
Still catching her breath, Robyn couldn't
summon up the strength to answer. Instead she
leaned over and kissed Valerie's breast. The meaning
of the non-verbal message was all too clear.
It was impossible for either girl to tell how
long they just laid there. Neither was aware of
anything but the beating of their own hearts and the
cloud of euphoria they found themselves floating in.
Occasionally, one would stroke or gently kiss the
Gently, the excitement of the night, coupled
with the cool breeze that had come up in the wake
of the storm, lured both of them into a dream filled
slumber. There, the image of their love was replayed
again and again.
Sunlight had long filled the cabin as the two
girls slept on. Still naked, they had become entwined
during the night. It was only when the sound of a car
coming up the driveway filled the room that Robyn's
eyes slowly opened.
She smiled as she felt the warmth of Valerie's
skin against her cheek. Her lover's breasts had
served as her pillow. The new sound of a car door
slamming and voices outside caused her eyes to now
rapidly open and she jerked her head upward.
"Easy, Bobby, " said the woman's voice
outside the window. "The doctor said you have to
take it easy on that ankle."
"Oh shit!" Robyn reacted to Mrs. Carter's
voice as she began to shake her friend awake.
"Just five more minutes." Valerie said in
response to her girlfriend's shaking.
"Val, your mothers back." Robyn said
softly. "And we're naked."
"Oh shit!" Valerie said as she repeated
Robyn's reaction.
Both girls scrambled for their nightshirts and
quickly pulled them on. There was no time for
anything else as they heard the front door opening.
"Honey, we're home." Mae Carter called
as she stepped inside.
The tall woman paused as she saw the two
nightshirt clad girls. She was surprised to find them
still not dressed at ten thirty.
"Hi mom." Valerie said.
"Hi indeed." Mae said. "I would've
the two of you would've been up hours ago."
"Well we kind of stayed up pretty late last
night." Valerie explained. "The storm and
"And we got to talking, " Robyn cut in.
"Catching up a little."
"I see." Mae commented.
"Hey mom, " Bobby called out from behind
Mae turned around and saw what Bobby had
found. There, spread out on the floor, were three
empty bottles of wine. As well as two glasses still
half full.
"The storm huh." Mae said as she gave the
girls a hard stare.
"Well...." Valerie replied, the ambiguity
her voice telling Mae that she knew they had been
"It's my fault, Mrs. Carter." Robyn
interjected. "I opened the wine. I was a little scared
of the storm." Mae though about it for a minute. Her
expression remained stern. Then, it slowly began to
"Well it was a bad storm." She began. "And
as long as you both understand that alcohol should
never be used as a crutch."
"Yes, mother." Valerie quickly said.
"You don't have to worry about that, Mrs.
Carter." added Robyn. "I'm positive that
we'll never
need alcohol again to get us through the night. Not
as long as we have each other to depend on."
"Good, now get some clothes on." Mae
smiled. "I've got a car full of groceries out
I'll start breakfast while you unload them."
Her attention already on the kitchen and the
mess she would probably find there as well, Mae
missed the smiles and meaningful looks the two girls
silently exchanged. Yet even had she noticed them,
there wasn't a chance in the world she would ever
guess the meaning behind them. Or ever understand
how their relationship had changed - on a dark and
stormy night.

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