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An evening in Bombay


This story is dedicated to all those souls you will find
huddled together, seeking warmth, love and
the dark niches along the Marine Drive, Bombay, India and
many similar places all around the world………….



"No Joyce, there isn't any harm going with him. After all
you have been dating him for over eight months now, you must
be a better judge than I am. You only say he has never ever
touched you so far or has even tried to be physical…… Well
I would say he is a real gentleman. Now stop being so suspicious
and give a little respect to his decency. How much does he
earn you say? Three thousand bucks a month? I wonder how
he manages all that expense that you have been heaping on
him every evening. Don't be so cruel, give him a break and
go with him to his house if he wants to spend the evenings
with you there. At least have some mercy on his pockets…………."


Joyce could not concentrate on her work the entire day at
office. The conversation that she had with, her room mate
and colleague, Tina, the previous evening, walking down
the Marine Drive, kept slamming into to her mind, again
and again like the turbulant waves tirelessly breaking
over the stones along the famous Bombay coast line. " Yes
perhaps she is right, I'll go with him today…….." Joyce
had already half made up her mind.

She did not know when she had dosed off. It was Dipika, who
woke her up as the Director, MSV. Rao, walked into the room.
His eyes were already devouring her beautiful body and
stripping her naked as it roved over the lovely curves that
many of her colleagues envied. Slightly disoriented from
her nap she didn't know how to react. A silly smile was all
that she could manage.

"Joyce have you chalked out the issues for seminar tomorrow?……
come with your notes to my cabin please, we have to finalize
this today….." It had been his dream to lay this girl ever
since he had employed her, but the maximum that he had progressed
so far was still to take form. "May be today is the day…."
He thought. "you must be slow, patient and steady to lay
a girl at her will…..' a mantra he had religiously followed
with immense success through out his professional career.


As she entered the director's cabin, Joyce had made up her
mind to spend the evening with Vicky at his place. She had
sensed the Director's intentions during her previous
meeting with him and she was determined not to treat the
old haggard a view of her sensual body a minute more than
it was necessary to finish the job. "no this just cant go
on, this guy is getting on to my nerves, I have to look for
a new job soon … have to talk this out with Vicky….", she thought.
She put up her files and efficiently took care of the issues
leaving the Director with no chances to make her sit late.


Relaxed and happy at the way she handled the situation,
she quickly vanished into the ladies toilet to prepare
herself in anticipation to a memorable evening. She couldn't
help admiring her attractive reflection on the full height
wall to wall float glass mirror that was clad on the long
wall of the toilet. And as she caressed her beautiful firm
breasts for as long as time would permit her, she complemented
the Architect for the thoughtful design. Mean while on
the other side of the mirror the Director was admiring her…
and her every action as she meticulously rehearsed every
motion that would make her look more attractive and seductive.
She even practiced her dialogues and body language that
she would use when Vicky would pick her up a few minutes later
from main parking. She had good reasons for doing so. Vicky
was the first boyfriend in her life and it was to be her first
visit to his home.

Vicky showed up punctually at 6.02 P.m. on his old beaten
down bike. He was late by a couple of minutes. Joyce never
had any time for these unimportant details. The sight of
Vicky was all she yearned for. And when he was before her
all that she wanted, was to be with him, 100%, not letting
any one of those moments go wasted. Quickly she made herself
comfortable behind him like she had done hundreds of time
before. Her stupor was cut short when Vicky stopped in front
of the "Texas Farms", their favorite fast-food joint.
"No Vicky, not here today, let's go home….." She stumped
Vicky. He wasn't expecting this so soon, at least not from
Joyce, judging from the type of girl she was. He was thoroughly
overjoyed at his error of judgement and of course at the
prospects of taking his girl home. Wasting no more time
he quickly set his course homeward with a brief stopover
at the local store.

After all, it was for the first time Joyce was coming home.
Joyce had also made up her mind to cook a good memorable dinner
for Vicky. She felt happy and flattered, when Vicky allowed
her to affectionately help him with the shopping. It was
for the first time they felt so close to each other. It infused
a tingling sense of belonging within Joyce and she made
a mental note to ring up Tina, the moment they reached home,
and say she wouldn't be back if she got late at Vicky's. By
the time they reached home, She had decided that she would
take things as easy as it could be and let the night overtake
them. So, she called up Tina, and told her that she wouldn't
be returning tonight.

She hadn't allowed Vicky to do any thing in the kitchen.
The kitchen was not well ventilated. The tropical heat
and humidity bathed Joyce in perspiration. Her clothes
were wet and they clung to her body revealing the contours
etched by her bra on her beautiful firm body. To be comfortable,
she had removed her veil revealing the large cleavage between
her large and sensual breast, whose highlights and shadows
moved in tandem with her rhythmic breathing. Her designer
blouse that matched her beautiful saree, had a deep cut
design that hardly contained what it was supposed to conceal.
In the office she had cautiously refrained from stretching,
stooping too much to avoid her breasts from popping out.
But, here she was so engrossed in her thoughts and cooking
that she had not noticed when those lovely blobs of sensual
meat wrapped in the delicately designed bra had popped
out while reaching for a container of spices kept in the
overhead cupboard. She was faintly aware of Vicky silently
appreciating her endless beauty from the kitchen door.
It was hard for him to control the rush of blood to his malehood.
It stood erect, in his trousers, in full glory, like the
like tower Qutub-ud-din Aibak had built in Delhi. Unknowingly,
Joyce too was undergoing similar reactions. There was
no way to differentiate stains, due to the constant flow
of cum, from the stains of sweat in her panty. The cum and
sweat made her feel dirty, very very dirty…. and she longed
for a bath before they dined together.


It was close to 10.00 P.m. when Joyce finished with her cooking.
So engrossed were they in each others thoughts that they
hadn't noticed when the lock at the front door had been picked
to let some visitors in. Neither of them noticed while coming
that they were being watched and followed by menacing people
with sinister intentions. These people were veterans
and knew what to expect from an unwed couple in a late romantic
evening. They had done it hundreds of times before. The
dining room had slowly and quietly filled up with these
guests. Eight of them. They eagerly looked forward to an
enchanting evening with Joyce and Vicky at the center stage.
They were mean ruthless and strong people, who had strategically
positioned themselves to thwart any attempts of resistance
or escape.

When she looked up from her cooking calling Vicky to arrange
the table, she was shocked to find two burly mean looking
guys grinning at her from the kitchen door. Their lips parted
to reveal a mouthful of beetle leaf stained, filthy grime
coated teeth. Even before she could bat an eye lid they had
pounced upon her like hungry wolves. They swiftly gagged
her with their dirty hankies to prevent her from screaming.
They tied her hands behind her with a strap removed from
her bra. They used the other strap to tie her feet to prevent
her from kicking around. Since the saree that she was wearing
was hindering their activities, they stripped it off her.
Along with the saree also to come off was her two size small,
pink, delicate designer panty. Well to be more precise
it almost did. It would surely have come off had the safety
pins holding the saree to it not given way near her pussy.
They broke into peels of laughter when they realized Joyce
was not wearing a petticoat to hold her saree. Since the
blouse showed no obvious signs of any tangible necessity
they had torn it off her much earlier in the show, while they
were busy immobilizing her. They were pleased with their
work. At least she looked more sexy and available this way.

It had taken them less than five minutes to disrobe her.
Now Joyce was clad only in the left over bra and panty which
had more of nylon strings than any fabric on it. The only
other piece of clothing she had on her was the tight mini
arms torn from her blouse near the armpits. They pulled
and pushed her half on her feet and and half dragged by her
beautiful long hair, to where they had removed Vicky. They
took great pleasure in occasionally twisting her nipples
savagely and and tickling her below the ribs and other sensitive
spots, to make her move when ever she resisted.

They had gagged and tied Vicky to a chair. They tore his chlothes
and stripped him naked before Joyce to prevent him from
escaping. Both Vicky and Joyce tried to free themselves
from their bindings. But all that resulted was display
of highly sensual seductive invitations and movements
from Joyce's attractive body. Their captors, were audiences
to their performance, and simply enjoyed the unearthly
treat. A good half an hour later with most of her heavy breasts
already spilling out of her torn bra, Joyce realised it
was futile struggling. Once she was still, one of the men
caught hold of her hair and pulled her to her feet and in one
swift motion yanked the left over bra off her slender and
firm body. Her smooth fair skin revealed the red welts from
the undersized nylon designer bra.

Joyce always preferred wearing an undersized bra and panty
that fitted her snuggly. It not only gave her all the confidence
during her workouts at the gym but also helped highlight
a few spots of interest on her athletic yet fragile and delicate
looking body. In short, It also helped enhance her sex appeal.
Her heavy breasts now sprang out of their rein bouncing
up and down. The pink nipples jutted out hard and straining.
There were noises of awe and excitement among the men who
were looking at her. She was being forced to reveal all that
she had so carefully concealed groomed all these years
for her love and soul mate. Even the Sun and the Moon hadn't
had the honor of viewing her beautiful naked form. She was
shaking, like a leaf, from sheer shame and embarrassment.
Even Vicky was aroused, his penis was erect and cumming
in no time. This brought peels of laughter, jeering and
cat calls from their audience.

All this had happened so suddenly and so quickly, that she
felt thoroughly more disoriented and confused than fear
stricken. Inspite of all the lights burning bright in the
room, the night was already starting to seem very black
and endless for Joyce. The man hadn't let go her hair. Joyce
was crying bitterly. Not due to the pains and abuses being
inflicted on her body but at the way she was being shamelessly
made to behave like a whore. She was trying desperately
to avoid looking at her tormentors. The more she tried to
avoid the more tighter grew the mans hold on her hair. Just
when Joyce thought her head would burst in pain, suddenly
one of the men sprang in front of her and twisted both her
nipples savagely. A muffled scream of pain escaped her
throat. Her whole body twisted in pain and she was no way
position to sooth her tits. A guy lifted her chin and asked
asked her to look straight as they kept playing with her
breasts and organs of sex. They boxed her boobs, pinched
them or pressed her here or tickled her there or pinched
her vulva till she relented to each and every order they
barked….. " sit down on him…. Cover his cock with your boobs…
come on, rub your tits against our bodies…… push your shoulders
back…., shake your boobs….., push your ars up……, move your
hips, yes keep dancing and look into our eyes. Joyce was
not used to doing this but they proved Joyce that she could
do them all and do them real well too.

Every time Vicky closed his eyes in shame or disgust they
didn't hesitate to maul and mangle Joyce even more brutally.
Before long there wasn't an inch of Joyce left unexplored.
They complemented the creator for choosing the right place
on her left boob for a mole that made her look even more sexy.
When thoroughly satisfied, they finally told her that
all that they wanted from her was some good time till they
were in there. "We aren't interested in having sex with
you. Neither do you fit into our type, nor you will not be
able to take us all. So just perform, with your young asshole,
the way we tell you, and we will go…. Of course, you may call
up a slut to help you if you want it from us instead…. The choice
is yours babe!!!" .

Both Joyce and Vicky took the offer seriously. At least
Joyce would not have to copulate whith these brutes they
both thought. Joyce thought it wise to accept the offer.
So Vicky was relieved when, Joyce reluctantly agreed to
play it out with Vicky the way these thugs wanted. She had
no other choice. They removed her bindings and the gag on
the condition that she will behave not try to scream or escape
lest they would slit her lover's throat, who was still bound
to the chair. She made one last attempt to save herself and
Vicky from the impeding shame. Between muffled sobs she
pleaded on her knees " please listen to me, it seems there
is a mistake…..I'm not a whore….. please don't do this to
me……ooohhh, ouchh, stop, please stop, please stop…..
You are hurting me, please let me go…, please leave us alone…….".
Her pleadings were cut short by loud jeers and a severe molestation
by the group of eight. One of the tormentors said. " Shut
up bitch…. If you aren't a whore, be one from today… you will
do a fine job better than playing a lover girl, whore…….!!!.".


Joyce had sexy looking long legs that added to her sex appeal,
so she was made to catwalk slowly back to the kitchen in only
her panties. They made her repeat the entire parade every
time any one of them fancied that she had faltered in her
steps. Her heavy and firm breasts now unleashed made beautiful
inviting motions with every step that she took. She didn't
dare try to disguise or conceal their little bounces. It
was too early for her to forget how the eight men had just
mauled her, how arms from all around had mangled her breasts
and pinched and bitten her nipples…...

They promptly violated her sweet sensual lips and mouth
with their filthy grime filled ones and tossed her like
a football among themselves when she had tried to cover
herself with her saree inside the kitchen. They had torn
her saree to shreds and had threatened to get her rid of her
panties too if she were to pull another trick.

But as luck would have it a small roach flew from a kitchen
crevice and made its self comfortable in the cleavage of
her breasts. As her hand went up in reflex, another four
pair grabbed her. Quickly pieces of ropes were found along
with an umbrella. She was forced face down on the floor.
The umbrella was placed along her longer axis with its handle
inserted deep into her anus. Her hands were twisted as much
as they could be and firmly tied to the umbrella behind her.
So were her legs. Any movement she made were painfully transmitted
to her innards via the umbrella handle. Her panty was torn
to pieces and thrown away. The umbrella handle was savagely
pushed full length in and out of her anus repeatedly. Her
cries for mercy fell on deaf ears. Her mouth was taped so
that she could not make another sound. They kept tormenting
her anus, and other beauty spots in wild frenzy. The ritual
went on for over an hour accompanied by tugs on her tightly
matted her pubic hair and wild pinches on her vulva. One
of the men had untied Vicky and asked him to serve them dinner
on her now fully naked body. Already scared by their savageness
Vicky timidly agreed to whatever they ordered him to do.
When over they again tied him back to the chair.

A grand dinner followed on Joyce's lovely firm body. Needless
to say, her breasts, nipples and private parts got mauled,
mangled and tickled over and over again till they were over
with the dinner that she had so lovingly cooked for Vicky.
Tears that flowed down her cheeks were quickly licked clean
by her tormentors. The Ice creme that she had bought specially
for Vicky was applied as a dressing all over her entire body
and her vulva was stuffed by the ripe black grapes that Vicky
had bought for her. Only the juiciest and the largest ones
were inserted, only one at a time. Each one of these men took
turns to lick each grape out of the vagina before eating
them. In the process many bit into Joyce's vulva making
her cum from repeated orgasm. This eventually became a
grape eating competition among the eight. It was unanimously
decided that the one with the largest score would take over
as the leader for the day. Since her pussy had acquired a
odor from not being washed for a long time that day, they
then meticulously shaved it clean. They didn't hesitate
to play with her clitoris or savagely tug at her pubic hair
during the process. The twitching and vibrations of her
firmly bound body from the orgasms, that occurred to Joyce
in the process, amused the eightsome to no limits.

It was well past midnight before they had licked her body
clean and were over with their dinner games. They pulled
Joyce up to her feet and brought her in front of Vicky. They
had already untied him but Joyce was still bound stark naked
with the umbrella inside her. Only the couple of fabric
that ringed around her armpits, remnants from her now nonexistent
designer blouse were her only protection from shame. They
had removed the umbrella and tape from her mouth. Of course
now Joyce will not make any more mistakes or any sound other
than moans of sexual satisfactions whether she liked it
or not. " Now perform sweetheart………" was the command from
the leader for the day. They force Vicky to lie down and caught
Joyce by her hair forced Vicky's penis into her mouth. "Suck
and gyrate your tongue around his penis it till it cums,
now come on whore don't let one bit of it fall or else…..".
Joyce had to kneel and stoop down to Vicky's penis. Her shapely
buttocks was so tempting that one of the brute could not
refrain from forcing the candle that vicky had bought for
a candle light dinner into her anus. Joyce let out a muffled
scream to be thoroughly punished. She was asked to continue
with her job she while others caught her firmly as they dropped
molten wax from the candle into her anus. It was so agonising,
that Joyce begged Vicky to cum fast. He did it and spared
her from the torture. This was to be her appetizer.

Later they made Vicky tie her up again and throw her on his
bed and asked him to play on his fragile and delicate
looking lover girl. He was forced to violate her lips and
mouth and mangle her boobs and bite her tits as viciously
and as cruelly as he could muster. They wanted him to fuck
her but fuck her anus before doing it in the vagina. Joyce
pleaded for mercy and cried in pain as he had to use force
to move his swollen unusually long penis in the dry and tight
passage inside her. He was beginning to enjoy fucking Joyce,
but, her heart rendering sobs and pleadings made him stop
within her. He was torn off her and bound again. They kept
kicking and boxing him around….. "shit! This guy don't
know how to fuck….. I'm sorry baby, you wont like it, but
this guy is still a kid does'nt know how to move inside a woman….."
someone jeered at them as they switched off the lights and
left. " Just leave us alone, …. we like each other the way
we are….Leave us alone please…." was all that Joyce contemplated
uttering before the memories of her torture came back and
silenced her.

When about an hour had passed by, Vicky thought they were
all gone. He had started making efforts to free himself
when all of a sudden lights came on. They were back and now
had bottles of beer and whiskey with them. They picked up
Joyce from the bed. " Come lover boy we will show you how to
fuck your girl…..". They forced liquor into Joyce. One
of them made a naughty comment, then tugged teasingly at
the remnant of the blouse that clung to her armpit. They
untied her and made her undress the whole group one by one
without any urgency. They tossed her around like a rag doll,
mauled and fondled, by strong rough hands, in turns over
and over again till they were all naked with eight grime
covered towers of Pisa leaning towards her. They played
with her brazen nakedness and inserted spiced potato fingers,
food stuff, ice-lollies, her bottle of nail polish remover,
cigarettes, her bristled comb, and what ever they could
find around into her vagina. It was a strange experience
mixed with pain and eagerness for Joyce. She was a virgin
till now. She was so ruthlessly being deflowered. When
she cummed and bled, they dragged Vicky to lick her cunt
clean. Her body betrayed her time and again as she cummed
more and wished if what Vicky was doing lasted till eternity.
Her pink nipples hardened and jutted out once more making
them look very very desirable.

They had brought along an old telephone current generating
apparatus with long. They connected the two wires that
came from it to her nipples with the help of two soft crocodile
clips. They would pass a small burst of electric current
every time they thought Joyce was disobeying them or had
become sluggish in performing. The pain from the clips
was excruciating but nothing as compared to the electric
shocks. Her breasts hardened inside and were already aching
and her nipples were starting get numb with pain. Soon they
caught her by her long hair and asked her to clean each penis
with her delicate tongue. A small burst of electric current
swiftly brought her back in action. One by one she licked
all the muck clean. Soon after she licked their anus too.
While she was on the job they tickled her private parts and
sensitive points to make her laugh at the same time while
inflicting other forms of torture on her. To the untrained
eyes it would seem she was enjoying the game. But actually
it was pain in disguise. Even Vicky couldn't judge this.
He envied her, and was boiling in rage when ever Joyce laughed
as she took on them one by one in whatever way they fancied.
Pubic hair mixed with white pubic grime and the stench of
stale sweat and urine was revolting but then that was dinner
for her. It was almost 4am in the next morning but Joyce had
lost count of time. This one day was going to be pretty long
for her.

Suddenly one of the brutes shoved the entire neck of a whiskey
bottle and emptied whatever was left in it into her anus.
Her anus was hot as if in fire and Joyce cried out in pain.
The bottle was immediately replace by the swollen penis
of the man. A burst of electric shock and a sharp command
brought her face down on the bed. One of the men then grabbed
her by the boobs and brought her on all fours like a dog. The
crocodile clips were removed and were replaced by strong
sharp biting teeth. While her nipples cracked, shooting
excruciating pain all through her boobs, another one had
caught her by her hair and was pulling her head back, almost
snapping it in the process, he forced his cock right into
her throat cutting short her plea not to have sex with her.
" This is not fair…" she kept repeating in her mind, they
had promised not to have sex with her but now they had gone
back on their words.

A couple of them were busy masturbating in her beautiful
hair and face. One of them , the leader for the day had in the
meanwhile positioned his cock strategically below her
vagina and at the signal of a finger he ordered one of the
men to pull her legs and push her down. Joyce, with the load
of the man who was fucking her anus, lost her balance fell
hard with her vagina taking on the entire length of the penis
of the man below. The pain was excruciating, but with another
penis lodged deep in her throat, she could hardly make any

Vicky who was till now witnessing the entire show, all bound
up, was fully aroused and began to cum on his own again. The
man below Joyce, was not satisfied. Joyce's vagina was
wet with her own cum making its passage smooth and silky.
He wanted her tight and rough. So rags and old newspaper
were inserted in her vagina till it was dry enough, before
the entire process was repeated again. All eight of these
men took their own time devouring Joyce by turns. They did
not hesitate to repeat the process over and over again every
time Joyce protested, pleaded for mercy or cried out in
pain. She never understood that these were the only thing
they were expecting from her. They tightly blindfolded
Joyce and buffetted her all around the house holding on
to any of her organs that offered a proper hold, be it the
boobs, legs, arms, tits, hair. They fucked her whenever,
wherever and in whatever way they would fancy. By next morning
Joyce was thoroughly . Every inch of her abused body
screamed in pain. She was covered from top to bottom with
grime and cum. It was Joyce's misfortune that she had a good
stamina. her endurance failed her miserably by not blacking
out even once through out the ordeal. She went through all
of it in full sense , torture, humiliation, abuse…..
all of it.


Joyce's performance was so well that the guys wanted to
take her along as a memento. Vicky begged them to spare her.
They reluctantly only after Joyce promised to perform
for them once again, in whatever manner they chose to. They
left not before tying Joyce with Vicky together in such
a way that she had her mouth full of Vickys cock. They then
attached the two wires to her breasts and on Vickys nipples
and put the machine in auto mode so that her boobs received
constant stimulation of electricity through out the day.
The electric stimulation made Vicky retain his erection
while keeping Joyce's breasts firm and hard when they returned.


They returned a little while later with a rented video camera.
It was only Joyce who did not know of the couple of canine
companions they had brought along. They went on to brutally
violate Joyce, who was still blindfolded, through out
day extending to the night, systematically and in a well
planned manner with a mixture of both canine and human sex.
They laid Joyce on Vickys bed and had spreadgled her arms
and legs before tying them to the bedposts. She was tickled
her sensitive points with the bristles of their unshaved
beard. Joyce giggled and laughed uncontrollably. They
weren't sadists. After all Joyce had served them well and
they didn't fancy leaving the girl, who had performed so
well, crying. For reasons best known to them, they meticulously
stripped the entire place of every inch of material that
could cover Vicky and his girlfriend from shame. The man,
who had wanted to take Joyce with them, in the mean while
stripped Joyce of the blouse remnants from her armpit as
a memento before leaving. No one noticed when the stronger
of the two dogs pissed on Joyce's face to earmark her as his.


"Vicky… are you there, honey? Love please untie me….."
Joyce kept calling Vicky. The strong knots that bound her
arms and legs were beginning to hurt. There was no answer.
Over come by anxiety and excitement he had dosed off almost
as soon as the brutes had left . Joyce and Vicky remained
in their individual states of immobility till the lock
clicked open the next morning. It was only Joyce who heard
the sound. Vicky was still in deep slumber. The camera owner
had come over to collect his camera and rent. He couldn't
tear her eyes off Joyce and restrain himself when he saw
her immobilized on the bed. " I wish I knew where they get
these girls from……..Never mind that, ,, ,, ,, take a
dip as long as the river flows….." he told himself as he undressed
himself and prepared to work on Joyce below her navel. Before
long he was contemplating at the thought of waiving off
the rental for the camera. He left the house an hour later
to return with a friend a litter later. They filmed each
others performance with her till late in the night. However
he was kind enough to untie Joyce and remove her blindfold
before locking the door behind them, as they left immensly
The way Vicky slept through, it looked as if he was in a coma.
Slowly after what seemed eternity, Joyce with an aching
body and a swollen cum saturated vulva bathed in pain and
sweat, crawled over to Vicky and untied his knots. Vicky
woke up in pain. The brutes had bashed Vicky badly when he
tried to stop them from performing canine sex on Joyce.
They kissed each other at the places the brutes had hurt
them before engulfing each other in their arms. Tears flowed
down their cheek. They for a long long time like they had
cried when they were children, before making love to each
other. Only this time the experience was real and not .
Sometime later that night they both passed out from sleep
and exhaustion.

With not even a single shred of clothing to cover their shame,
all that Vicky and Joyce could do was to remain indoors.
Fortunately the rations Vicky had stored saw them through
the next few days. Joyce now cooked with even more warmth
and affection and they shared their food looking for a way

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