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An Evening with Sabrina


One of the many memorable events in my life was an intimate
evening my wife, Sabrina and I spent with a virtual stranger.
Hi, my name is Bruce, and for quite a few years now I have lived
with a most sensuous woman, that special kind of person
that you often daydream about. At 42 years of age, Sabrina
has experienced both the good and bad times in life, but
she is still young at heart, and full of energy. She is a warm
and caring lady, with an outgoing personality, and an extraordinary
zest to enjoy what life has to offer. I am a few years older,
but since I have known her, I have grown maturer in my thinking,
more open to accept the unexpected, and more contented
with my life. I hope you enjoy my story just as much as I enjoyed
the actual event, and the chance of putting it down into
words ...
It was late spring, just 2 years ago. The days were warm,
the skies were clear, and it was the ideal time for Sabrina
and I to work on our all-over tans for the coming summer.
Our favourite spot was a clothes-optional beach about
35 kilometres from our home near Newcastle (NSW Australia).
The beach was located within a state national park reserve,
and was frequented by couples and singles, both male and
Sabrina and I had been going there regularly for about two
months, since the end of winter. In spring, the sun is not
too hot, and with minimal skin protection you can spend
the entire day there without getting sunburnt. By finding
the appropriate sand dune, we could manage to lie at just
the right angle to catch the full strength of the sun, and
yet miss the cooler breezes that, occasionally blow off
the Tasman Sea at that time of year.
Sabrina inherits her olive complexion from her European
born parents, and with the sun's assistance each summer
she develops a rich golden brown tan all over, from the curve
of her neck, to the very tip of her toes. She is a natural brunette
with long wavy hair that reaches well down her back, and
with a tinge of rich burgundy colouring, she is truly a picture
to behold. Although she has 3 teenage children, her breasts
are still quite firm, with dark succulent nipples that
seemed to expand and darken under the sun's warmth.
A mere 158 cm tall, she has curves in all the right places.
Her pubic area is also golden tanned, shaved smooth, and
very pronounced. Sabrina is a very physical person. She
loves to dance both socially, and also privately for me,
and this really shows in her tight thighs and sinewy legs.
To me, she is a real woman, and as always, I was proud that
day to lie next to her naked on the beach.
Sabrina and I had our own little rituals that we indulged
in. On arrival at our spot, I would shed my clothes first,
but Sabrina always took her time. Without acknowledging
the presence of anyone around us, she would disrobe ever
so slowly, removing her clothes piece by piece, stretching
if she felt like it, until she was finally naked. Like a well-rehearsed
strip routine, she always seemed to achieve maximum attention
while getting naked on the beach.
When our bodies had warmed to the sun, I would apply a light
tanning-oil all over Sabrina's body, and then in return
she would then rub the oil all over me. On many-occasions
we could sense the interest of the surrounding male nudists
as I massaged Sabrina, rubbing the oil into her neck, back,
buttocks, legs and calves, before rolling her over to massage
her waist, breasts, and finally her pubic area. The oil
made her body glisten in the bright sunlight. I suppose
it was a bit of a tease for them, but we all enjoyed it. Sabrina
would then start on me. She kneeled beside me and started
on my back before rolling me over and massaging my chest,
with ever-closer approaches to my penis. Sometimes, I
lost control, and by the time her hands finally reached
my manhood, it was erect. Although I felt a bit embarrassed
the first few times, she took the task to hand, telling me
to relax and let her finish her duties, rubbing the oil up
and down my engorged shaft.
Occasionally as the sun’s rays brought us to perspiration
level, Sabrina would cool off in the fresh water stream
that ran along the back of the beach, just near where we lay.
She would wade around before finally immersing herself
in the cool tingling water. I liked to watch as she finally
took the plunge, wincing as the water tickled her sensitive
As you could probably guess, Sabrina has a very outgoing
personality, and she always seems to take an interest in
other people, young or old, male or female. Often she would
strike up a conversation, as they just happened to stroll
past our spot. On that particular afternoon whilst I was
down having a swim in the surf, a chap called Tony walked
by. She said hello to him and he came over to chat. We had both
seen him on the beach before, but he'd seemed a little
shy, just nodding a "good-day" as he passed
by. On my return, Sabrina introduced me to Tony, and I sat
down next to her on my towel whilst he remained standing.
Now Tony was in his mid forties, a tall man with light brown
hair, and dark-tanned skin, and with clearly the most impressive
set of equipment on the beach.
Whilst Sabrina and I lay back on our towels, Tony stood closely
in front of us with his cock utterly staring us in the face.
It was difficult not noticing his manhood. It was cut, like
mine, and in a relaxed state, it was about 14cm long. "Just
as long as mine", I dreamed privately to myself. "But
man, was it thick". I wondered what it would be like
when it was erect, and I wondered if Sabrina was thinking
that too. I felt a bit intimidated in his presence, but I
tried not to show it. I continued with my thoughts, "Don't
be silly. That's not what's important to Sabrina.
Its how you use the damn thing that counts", and anyway
I knew how Sabrina felt about me. We had become so close in
our lovemaking, exploring our sexuality to the fullest,
and we shared a special bond that allowed us to talk about
everything and anything. The openness we shared with each
other was what gave us the strength in our relationship,
and I knew I had no good reason to feel jealous.
As was our usual practice, we had brought along our faithful
Esky cooler packed with a dozen icy Carlton Cold stubbies.
It was my turn to drive home as usual, so Sabrina helped me
consume the bulk of our refreshments that day, and yes,
she was in a very happy and relaxed mood. "Come sit
with us Tony, and have a beer she said, gesturing with her
hand for him to sit down in front of her. He laid down his towel,
sat down, and took a stubby from me. We all said "Cheers",
and clicked our stubbies together before continuing the
Now Tony was clean-shaven down below, and he wore a gold
penile ring, which really accentuated his sun-tanned
assets. It soon came to Sabrina's attention. I knew
she couldn't resist asking about it. A discussion
soon followed when she asked about his adornment. To me
it seemed a little pretentious but then I wondered to myself
whether this had made all the difference for him. "I
just like it, and I feel comfortable with it he said".
Tony lived locally. He was separated from his wife in WA,
and although he had a few female friends, he lived alone
most of the time. He seemed to be reserved, quiet spoken,
but with a sense of dignity and respect for others, that
you often find in people from regional Australia.
"Why don't you come home to our place for a few
drinks this evening" Sabrina asked, "That's
all right isn't it Bruce", she said turning to
me. "Of course", I replied. I was a little put
off by her for not asking me privately first, but I kept that
to myself. Tony took his time before responding. He looked
at me, as if questioning my reaction, before replying.
"I'd like that, but I'm not sure, "
he replied, "its a fair distance for me to drive back
if I have a few beers, and you know what the booze bus (police
breathalyser patrol) is like around here". Sabrina
piped up almost immediately, "No worries Tony, you
can stay the night, and drive home in the morning".
"But there's no sex, mind you, nothing like that"
she added. Tony gulped before replying. "She doesn't
beat around the bush, does she" he said. "That's
my Sabrina for you, Tony" I remarked. We all chuckled
before Tony answered. "OK, I'll come"
he said, and with that it was all settled. I was feeling a
little more comfortable with Sabrina's last comment,
and so I lay back with them and soaked up the last rays of the
glorious day's sunlight. We finished our beers, before
dressing, and heading home in convoy.
About halfway home, Sabrina was clearly getting anxious
about something and I asked her what was on her mind. "Well
Bruce', she said nervously "I would like to try
a threesome tonight with you and Tony". "How
would you feel about that". I didn't expect her
to ask like this, and it came as somewhat of a shock. Sabrina
didn't fool around. She had been badly hurt by her ex
husband who had tried to force many things onto her, and
so I always let her feel her way when it came to things of a
sexual nature. As far as I was concerned she had bloomed,
and we both enjoyed a full and satisfying sex life together.
Normally when we had friends around, she would just dance
and flirt a lot, and maybe lie down next to someone, and even
cuddle, but that was about the sum of it. "Are you sure
this is what you want?" I said. "It’s
OK by me, but I don't want you getting hurt." Deep
inside me however, my heart clicked up a few beats, and strange
as it seemed, I was clearly excited by this prospect. I wasn't
sure why I felt this way, but the thought of watching her
be satisfied by another man was a real turn-on, especially
someone as big as Tony. We talked about this not setting
any precedence in our relationship, and that we had to remain
honest to each other, if we were to do this. I told her that
I would be there for her, and if she needed to back-out at
any time, I would take care of it for her.
We arrived home at last, and whilst I waited for Tony to park
his car, Sabrina rushed into the bathroom and commenced
her shower. Meanwhile I got Tony and myself a drink, and
showed him through the bottom of the house. The house was
built on three levels, and was supported on large round
wooden poles. The exposed poles had been sanded and stained,
and extended from the ground, through the lower level,
and upper bedroom level right to the roof. The floors were
polished timber, and with timber wall panelling, the place
was always cool, rugged, and ideal for entertaining. A
sunroom extended from the living area, and it opened the
place up to the surrounding bush setting. Located in the
top of a small valley, we had beautiful views down the valley
to the shores of Lake Macquarie.
Tony was impressed with our home, particularly the privacy
it offered. I explained to Tony that Sabrina and I had some
ideas about how the evening might progress, and that just
in case things developed, I had acquired some condoms for
him. I passed them to him, and suggested to him that it would
be up to Sabrina to call the tune. We had an understanding
between us, and no more needed to be said.
Sabrina came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a fresh white
towel, and proceeded to join in our conversation. The towel
barely covered her breasts, which were now quite radiant
from the warm shower. "Why don't you go and have
your shower Bruce, while I show Tony the rest of the house"
she said. It was a different feeling having been naked down
the beach before with them and I was feeling totally relaxed,
so I just naturally started removing my clothes in front
of them both, before walking off to the shower, leaving
the door open to pick up on the conversation. I was feeling
a bit aroused, and the water felt so soothing after a long
day on the beach. I turned off the taps, quickly dried myself,
and wrapped a folded towel around my waist before returning
to the living room.
Sabrina and Tony were seated next to each on our sofa, and
although I should have expected it, it was quite a shock
to see that they were both naked. She had invited him to take
of his clothes and sit next to her, and she had opened out
her towel, exposing her beautiful glistening body to him.
Tony was gently squeezing her nipples, and Sabrina's
hand was wrapped around his erect penis. Although I expected
it, the sight of his enormous tool in Sabrina’s hand
still took me by surprise. I regained my composure, laid
my towel down and joined them on the sofa, with Sabrina sitting
between us in all her glory, enjoying the attention. Tony
seemed a bit anxious at my approach, but I gestured my satisfaction
and approval, beckoning him to continue. In total silence,
I commenced playing with Sabrina's left nipple, and
in response she moved her free hand over to rub up my penis.
For minutes, we remained close together, the three of us
glancing back and forth, our eyes meeting, one with each
other. I placed my finger in my mouth to wet it before using
it to encircle the darkened ring of Sabrina's left
breast. Her nipple was already aroused but it seemed to
jump to an even more erect state. She gave out a small sigh,
and on noticing Sabrina respond, Tony repeated the same
to her right breast. Her eyes quickly flashed back and forth
between us both, her face grew pinker, and she made a slight
gurgling sound in satisfaction.
Meanwhile Sabrina's legs had remained firmly together
in a rather unrealistic but dignified position. It seemed
almost comical, but I guess she was maintaining her dignity
for just that right moment. Tony and I had both noticed her
posture, and so I decided to take the initiative. I looked
at Tony, and when he acknowledged my glance, I gestured
with my free hand, inviting him to sample my Sabrina's
delights. He accepted my invitation, and reached down
to her knee, placing his hand on its inner side. He slowly
pulled it outward spreading her right leg, and then slowly
moved his hand upward toward her glorious smooth mound.
I repeated the movement opening her left leg, but this time
I used the tips of my fingers to draw up her inner thigh, ever
so softly, tickling her as I went. I knew what her reaction
would be, and we both watched her wince in excitement. Tony's
hand met mine on her warm smooth mound. It seemed strange
touching another man's hand like this, and I sensed
the same reaction from him. I guessed he felt a bit uncomfortable
also, but we were there for Sabrina, and we were prepared
to make these sacrifices for her.
I used my fingers to spread her outer lips, exposing her
moist vaginal entrance, and Tony, leaned forward to admire
her warm pink pussy. He licked his fingers again before
proceeding to encircle her clit. Sabrina's cherry
swelled quickly, and she gave out another sigh. I inserted
a finger just slightly into her wet moist vagina to tease
her, before proceeding just that little way further. Although
unrehearsed, we worked together synchronised and in tune
with her every need. Sabrina was now blushing profusely,
and her pussy was now hot and dripping wet. I turned my finger
inside her and sought out her erogenous spot, just as I had
many times before. Within a few moments, I could feel her
body writhe in ecstasy, her breathing was laboured, and
I knew the time had come. She now had to choose one of us to
take her all the way. My brain was racing in excitement,
but then it occurred to me that the sofa on which we were seated
was still upright. By opening it out, we had a much more comfortable
platform to support the three of us as we satisfied her desires.
I motioned to Sabrina with my eyes, but this sudden distraction
must have proved too much for her. Sabrina pulled her hands
back from our hard tools, and sat up, closing her legs. "Let's
put some music on and have a dance", she said. I looked
at Tony, and his stunned look said it all. The magic moment
was lost. She had changed the mood in just that instant.
Did she have second thoughts? Was she just stalling, or
was it all just a big tease after all?
I went to the kitchen somewhat bewildered, and got us all
another drink, and Tony took the time to have a quick shower.
Meanwhile Sabrina put on a CD, closed the curtains and turned
on a small table lamp. It created a more intimate mood for
the rest of the night, whatever that was going to be! She
then disappeared upstairs to our bedroom leaving me alone.
I opened up the sofa just in case things progressed, and
when Tony returned we started on our drinks. The music was
on its sixth track when Sabrina returned, coming down the
stairs to us in high heels. She was wrapped in a brilliant
dark blue semi-transparent silk-like scarf. I had seen
it many times before, but tonight it really seemed to make
her glow. It flowed tightly over her left breast, before
passing down over her pussy, and between her legs. It was
fastened somehow at the back, and it was pulled tight, highlighting
the fullness of her mound. Her lips, now ruby red glistened,
and with her eye makeup applied very strongly, she appeared
like a woman from those glossy magazines, dark, sensuous,
and dressed for a wild night. To the raunchy sound of Shania
Twains' "I Feel Like a Woman", Sabrina
strutted her stuff, making good use of the stairs as she
made her entrance. As she descended each step Sabrina outstretched
alternate legs, then after sliding her hand down her tanned
leg, drew her hand up her leg ever so slowly, all the way to
her pussy.
Sabrina had danced intimately for me many times, and I had
even performed for her, but tonight was really something
else. She had an intimate audience of two, dedicated to
her every move, and she was really turned on. I noticed Tony's
penis stiffen again, standing tall, thick and straight.
I could feel mine rising also. Sabrina approached us to
within a metre, before placing her leg up on the coffee table.
Using both hands she lifted her hair upward, drawing it
forward over her head, before letting it fall down over
her face. Her blue eyes, peering through her locks, were
like those of a wild woman. She flicked her head side to side
to straighten her hair, and then leaning backward with
her body arched, she placed her hand on her blue silk vagina
and proceeded to sensually rub it ever so slowly, up and
down using her middle finger. She raised her other hand
to her breast, and with her hand outstretched pushed in
the left blue nipple with her thumb and her naked right nipple
with her small finger. Just a few centimetres from us, and
right in our faces, she was now touching her three most erotic
spots, and I could almost sense her orgasmic energy flow
from one nipple to the other, and then down to her pussy.
The blue silk was getting darker from her wetness, and her
eyes were drifting to some other place. We sensed every
slow stroke of her finger and every grind of her pelvis,
and we yearned to join her.
Tony and I were transfixed as we continued to watch as her
movements became more pronounced. But yet again, in just
an instant, she turned away from us and paraded across to
the smooth pole near the corner of the room. Wrapping her
arms around it, and drawing herself into it, she grooved
like a pole dancer, her hair falling off her brown shoulder,
down over her curved back, and tight golden brown arse.
Her legs were locked around the pole, and we could almost
feel her near-naked breasts and pussy slide, ever so slowly,
down the cool smooth pole. She repeated this many times,
and we watched the expression on her face grow as the sexual
tension built higher and higher. Each time she straightened
up, the muscles of her dancing legs glistened in the golden
light of the lamp. I was awe-struck by her performance,
and I wondered who was this wild woman that I had lived with,
for so long, yet now appeared as a total stranger to me.
The music finally subsided, and we could hear her every
breath. Standing erect with her arms outstretched, she
lent back from the pole, turning her head in our direction.
With a wicked smile on her face, she searched for our eyes.
At first she looked at me, but within moments moved on to
Tony. She opened her mouth and circled her tongue around
its periphery, wetting her cherry red lips as she motioned
to us the warmth of her succulent and inviting tongue. Then
in a dramatic swirl, she stood upright and turned about
to face us, with her back pressed hard against the pole.
Her eyes focussed yet again on Tony. She winked at him, outstretched
her arm and hand, and with her index finger, summoned him
to her.
Tony appeared to tremble in excitement as he stood, and
then slowly approached her, his eyes glued to hers. She
unfastened the blue silk scarf at the back, and holding
it from the front and rear with each hand, pulled it backward
and forward over her vagina, as if she was towelling herself
dry. She handed the front end of it to Tony, and they continued
to play tug-of-war. As she and Tony pulled tighter each
time, the scarf became taut across her pussy lips, and she
closed her eyes, to savour the feelings, each time he pulled.
She opened them again, looked into his eyes, and then in
a dramatic gesture, dropped her end of the scarf. It slipped
free from her, and when Tony let go of his end, it fell to the
floor. He tried to place his arms around her waist to draw
her naked body to him, but she resisted and grabbed both
his hands, enforcing in his mind that she was in charge.
Raising herself on her toes, she pushed his hands high over
his head, and placed them palm first onto the pole, so that
he now stood erect, just centimetres from her. His hands
remained there, as if tied with an invisible twine, which
only Sabrina could break.
She was enclosed between the pole and this tall dark, naked
man that she obviously desired, but would have only on her
terms. I watched as she raised her hands behind his, reaching
just to his wrists. And with her breasts touching his chest
ever so slightly, she started to lower herself, sliding
her straight back down the pole, by bending at the knees.
In so doing, she pulled the tips of her fingers slowly down
the back of his arms, down over his shoulders to his waist,
and then finally she placed a hand on each cheek of his buttocks,
before probing his tight muscular butt. In mesmerised
silence, I stepped to the side to watch. Sabrina was in a
squat position and her face was now aligned with Tony's
enormous cock. She pulled him a little closer to her, and
with a slow wipe of her wet tongue, licked the very tip of
his penis. Then with an ever-encircling motion, like a
vortex, her tongue seemed to draw his penis into her mouth.
Further and further she took him, and I held my breath. How
much more could she take before she choking. I knew by the
dimpling of her cheek and the stretched outline of her mouth
around his cock, she was straining to consume all of him.
Her lips finally reached to his gold ring before she pulled
back to begin working him back and forth along his engorged
shaft. I had enjoyed watching Sabrina take me orally in
the mirror before, but this was truly something else. She
took her time, sucking each of his smooth balls, summoning
them to give up their juices, before returning to his penis
to finish him off. Tony looked towards the ceiling, his
eyes transfixed somewhere above him before turning his
head down to look again at Sabrina's head below. He
watched the repetitious movement of her head, I guess in
time with the growing sensations he was feeling along his
rod. The muscles in the back of his legs started to tighten
as he raised his heels off the floor. With his arms outstretched
he was at her mercy. I heard his breathing get heavier, and
watched his face darken. His mouth tightened, his perspiration
showed, and his torso arched tight. Like a shot, I felt a
quiver through his body, and I realised she had brought
him to climax.
Sabrina was still crouching on her knees. She had been in
this position for some time, and she was sweating profusely,
with his flaccid penis still resting on the side of her cheek.
Perspiration dripped off their bodies, and I noticed a
stream of white cum, dripping off Sabrina's cheek,
dribbling ever so close to the corner of her mouth, and then
over her chin. It slowly dripped onto her left breast, rolled
down the valley of her cleavage, and finally onto the floor.
As a spectator to this event, I remained motionless until
their breathing returned towards normal. Tony finally
lowered his hands, as if released from Sabrina's spell.
Stepping back, he offered her his hands, and then pulled
her to her feet. He placed his arms around her before trying
to give her a passionate kiss. She responded with a light
peck. They both turned to me, and I handed a towel to each
of them, to wipe the excess perspiration from their bodies.
Sabrina looked nervously into my eyes, to read how I was
feeling. She could sense if this had been too much for me
to take, but I winked back, and a relieved expression came
over her. It was strange. I didn't have any feelings
of envy or jealousy, and I had felt very much a part what took
Many minutes passed as we lay in silence on the open sofa,
Tony and I again on each side of Sabrina, as she lay on her
back listening to the CD, Eventually Sabrina began talking.
It was as if she needed to release us all from the intensity
of the situation. She started talking about the many places
where we had made love together, and it brought back many
memories. She recalled the many times she and I had made
love down at the beach, and in a holiday apartment elevator
at Noosa Heads in Queensland, and on the bonnet of a hire
car we had hired for the weekend, and the many head jobs she
had given me in the car as we drove up the freeway, weaving
in and out of the traffic, past the ever-watchful truck
drivers. She was enticing Tony to open up, and before long,
he filled us in on some of his sexual exploits. Before long
we were all relaxed, enjoying the conversation. The stories
were catching up on me. I was still aroused. I had witnessed
a very erotic moment, and my desires were growing stronger.
Sabrina got out our box of photographs that we had taken
together, many of them at home, and others down by the secluded
waterfront near our home. She was quite photogenic, and
she could express her sensuality easily on film when she
was in the right mood. Some of the photos were a real turn-on,
and before long my hand had returned to Sabrina's pussy.
Tony was also aroused and he started to kiss her breast.
"We'll have to put these away boys" she
said in a teasing way.
At the right time, I find the taste of Sabrina's pussy
to be most sweet, and over the years we have been together,
I have grown quite fond of it. I knew from the past few days,
that she was ripe for tasting, and I sensed that now was the
time for my pleasure. I sat up, drawing my knees together
in a kneeling position beside her. Starting from behind
her ear I kissed and caressed her neck, and felt a shiver
of delight travel down through her body. Tony was still
lying next to her with his tongue on her nipple. Feeling
Sabrina react, he sat up pausing to watch events unfold.
I turned her head toward me before kissing her sensuously
on the lips. My tongue parted her lips and I entwined my tongue
with hers. Sabrina sensed that my tongue was seeking another
part of her body. Eventually, I withdrew it from her mouth
and worked the tip of my tongue ever so slowly down her neck,
across her breast to her belly. I kissed her lower hips,
before rubbing my cheek on her smooth pussy mound. With
my fingers, I then parted her lips and licked her ever so
gently. She shuddered again, and gave out a groan of pleasure.
I encircled her wet clit raising it to its swollen state
yet again, before concentrating on her inner lips. She
was ever so sweet, and my mouth and face grew wetter as I continued
to indulge myself. Finally I penetrated her opening, thrusting
my tongue as deep as I could inside her. I heard her call out
"give it to me Bruce". I didn't respond
to her request, but rather teased her more by taking my time.
Eventually I withdrew my head from her pussy, and re-positioned
myself between her inviting legs. I tongue kissed her yet
again to let her taste her own sweet juices, and my cock throbbed
in readiness for action.
Tony had sat up, and moving back took hold of Sabrina's
hands. I was now on top of her, supporting my weight on my
knees. I placed my hand under her buttocks, to lift her slightly
toward me. The tip of my hard penis found her wet slit, and
after exciting her by rubbing the tip of my knob up and down
her slit, My knob was lubricated from her wetness, and I
finally asked her "When". Just as she had done
many times before, I allowed her to choose the moment when
my hot throbbing cock would penetrate her. She slowly counted
"One ..." then "Two ...." and then
paused. It seemed like ages before she finally whispered
"Three". On hearing the magic count, I plunged
my cock deep into her vagina. With my balls hard up against
her mound, I withdrew and thrust again and again, and each
time she let out a groan. Moving my tool in a rhythmical motion,
I stirred her pussy, working all the extremities of her
love canal. With my cock still inside her, I lifted myself
back to a kneeling position, and lifting her legs straight,
placed one of them on each of my shoulders. I ran my fingers
up the soles of her feet, and I could feel her toes arch in
excitement. With the extra freedom of this position, I
strained to give her those last few millimetres of my cock.
Sabrina loved any extra penetration, and she locked her
feet around my neck to try and drag me further into her. With
my hands under her cheeks, I outstretched my fingers, and
I could feel the presence of my shaft moving inside her.
Slipping one leg over her, I was able to turn her on her side,
without withdrawing, and after another half turn, she
was lying face down on the sofa. Sabrina raised herself
onto her knees, and with her delightful brown arse in view,
I cupped her breasts from beneath, and continued in doggy
fashion. I repeatedly thrust deeper and faster into her
hot wet cunt, until I felt my semen at last blast free inside
her. In that instant, my energy was released, and I fell
back down against her, maintaining most of my weight on
my knees. Sabrina and I lay for a while as the remaining cum
drained from me. An involuntary reflex made my penis move
inside her, and it tickled us both. We both flinched, and
Sabrina let out a little giggle, before turning to look
at Tony still quietly holding one of her hands.
Not long after, we heard a knock on the door, and realising
our pizza had arrived, I quickly cleaned myself up, put
on some shorts, and took delivery of our tasty meal. It was
Sabrina's favourite, a deep pan-fried meat-lover’s
pizza, with extra meat. We joked about her appropriate
choice, and after wrapping ourselves in our towels, sat
back to enjoy the meal. Tony sat opposite Sabrina during
the meal wrapped in his towel, whilst Sabrina wrapped the
blue silk scarf around her waist. I watched the glances
back and forth between them. He seemed overawed by the passion
and energy she had shown so far, and I could see he was keener
than ever to have my lady before the night was over. From
my experience, I knew that given some time Sabrina still
had much more to give, and take. She loved to party, and tonight
was proving to be a real feast for her!
While I cleared away the remnants of our meal, Sabrina coaxed
Tony to dance with her. He seemed awkward and shy at first,
but she persisted, and before long he was obviously enjoying
it. She loved to dance a latino style, and she had a flair
for dancing provocatively. We both took turns dancing
with her, but it was clearly Tony she was focussing her attention
on. As she spun in a turn with Tony, she ripped her scarf free,
and continued dancing naked in front of him. She was in a
world of her own, moving ever so closely to him, before twisting
away as he went to touch her. Her hands moved seductively
over her body, and again she was just dancing for him. She
approached and loosened his towel from his loins, and ripped
it from him. As she danced ever so close to him, she slid herself
down his body. With her right leg between his, and with her
arms outstretched above her head, she lent way back, while
Tony held her around the waist. Her hair had fallen back
and it was now touching the floor behind her, He was gazing
down at the outline of her firm breasts, as her torso arched
backward. Her mound was resting on his upper thigh, just
below his now erect penis, and as he pulled her back toward
him she moved up onto her toes so that she was now pressing
her fanny hard against his throbbing penis. This proved
too much for the both of them, as they wrapped there arms
around each other and headed for the couch.
I had been sitting up watching events unfold, and I reached
over to hand Tony the condom pack, but Sabrina seized it
from me. She removed one from the pack, and then removed
the condom wrapper with her teeth before trying to roll
it onto Tony's huge erection. The first one split under
the tension and her excited anticipation, but she was successful
the second time around. She lay down on the couch, opened
her legs and summoned him to come mount her. "Fuck
me Tony" she said, lifting her legs into the air in
front of him. Tony's member seemed enormous as he climbed
on top of her, and with little more to do, plunged it deep
into her chasm. Sabrina let out a piercing squeel of excitement,
but she then placed both her hands on his buttocks, and tried
to pull him further into her. I watched in total silence
as this virtual stranger had his way with my Sabrina. With
every pelvic thrust from Tony they both grunted, and each
motion was repeated faster and faster. The muscles in his
legs flexed each time, and both their bodies glowed. Perspiration
trickled down his back, and they were both oblivious to
anything but this moment. Tony heaved just that one more
time before collapsing on top of her. He withdrew soon after,
and rolling to one side, kissed her.
For about twenty minutes, Sabrina and Tony lay in each other's
arms exhausted and silent. Meanwhile I lay next to her,
with her back to me, and my hand on her thigh. Eventually
Sabrina stirred. Exhilarated with her night, and obviously
contented, she stood up and walked over to her dancing pole.
In her typical dramatic style, she turned to face us, and
beckoned us both to come to her. She knelt in front of us,
and with an arm around our butts, pulled Tony and I to her.
She kissed each of us in turn on the penis, and after turning
us ever so slightly towards each other, took both of us into
her mouth at the one time. She stood up, placed her arms around
both of us, and kissed us good night. Within minutes she
was asleep on the lounge between us.
In the early hours of the morning Tony got up, dressed, and
bid me farewell. He said he had an early appointment to keep.
I sat up and watched the awakening day, and contemplated
what had happened during the previous evening. We have
never invited Tony back again, even though we have seen
him down at the beach. I guess it would never quite be the
same as the first time. We have gone on to explore other sexual
activities, and trust that more are yet to come.

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