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An Early Bi Experience (M/M)


As hard as it might seem from looking at photographs of me
now, way back when I was just a teen, I was actually fairly
skinny, and in many ways even a bit feminine looking. (As
far as my body that is. Also as far back as I could remember
I'd always felt a bit different as well. I mean I knew
I liked girls (not that I'd actually done anything
with a girl yet) but at the same time there was this other
thing too. My dad had one of those old collections of really
hard-core X-Rated magazine hidden in the back of his closet
that he didn't even think my mother knew about, but
I'd accidentally discovered one day myself. I loved
looking at all the pictures of the naked woman, and there
magazine were very explicit, and so I even got to see "real"
closeup shots of "real" pussy's even!
At the same time however there were also shots of naked men
having sex with these women, and somewhere inside me ....
well there was this other, hidden turn on for me as well!

I'd look at those X-Rated photos, and as much as I did
love looking at the women, at the same time I just couldn't
help looking at, AND being turned on by the guys, and especially
their big hard cocks, and large often hairy balls! It was
a side of me that at times scared even me, and yet time and
again I'd look at those magazines and I really would
get as turned on looking at all the guys and their big hard
cocks, as I would the beautiful, naked women!

Now myself and my older sister Megan grew up in a fairly small
Midwestern town. One of those kinds of towns were there's
really only one school, and all twelve grades go to the same
school. One of those towns were every boy plays football
and baseball, and if you don't. well you'd better
have a damn good reason why not, otherwise it was very easy
to be branded a looser and even worse, a "queer"!
Fortunately when I was younger no one really wanted me on
their various sports teams anyway, because I was so small
and skinny, and so mostly the other kids (mainly other boys)
just pretty much left me alone and really didn't harass
me all that much! As I got older however, I eventually had
a protector of my own, and so any kid who even thought about
giving me a hard time, really knew not too!

My sister Megan was actually two years older than me, and
she was really quite beautiful, even for an older sister.
My protector of course was her long-time boyfriend, a guy
named Randy who really was what I called, the Mr. All-American
of the entire high school! Captain of the football team,
President of the student body, and a real "stud"
and one of those guys who could have any girl in school he
wanted, and he knew it! He was my sister Megan boyfriend
however, and I think it was because of that, that he eventually
became my sort of guardian and protector! I always thought
it was just to impress my sister, and show how big and strong
and manly he was, stuff like that. Honestly however I didn't
care why, as long as the other guys knew not to fuck with me,
or you'd have to deal with Randy!

OK, and so ... So far all of this had just been information
really, at least up till now that is. The point of telling
you all this however is both to set the background for my
story, as well as introduce the characters so to speak,
so you'd know ahead of time our different relationships
in my story, and they'd make some sense! SO with all
that in mind ....

It was the summer after my sophomore year in high school,
and of course both Randy and Megan would be Seniors the next
year, having each just finished their junior year! I guess
because of our ages now, mom and dad seemed to put a lot more
trust in both Megan and I, and for the first time in several
years, they'd actually planned a vacation alone,
just the two of them together. They were going on a two week
long cruise to the Caribbean islands, and leaving Megan
and I home alone, with her in charge of course! I was really
OK with that, because I knew my big sister well, and I already
knew 99% of her time would be spent with Randy anyway, and
so it would basically be like I was home all alone anyway!
I'd be home all alone to do my own thing, which at the
time was pretty much just string at those magazines, and
masturbating away!

Sure enough, the second night mom and dad were gone (a Saturday)
Megan informed me that she and Randy were going to this big
party, and that "after", Randy would probably
be coming over to spend the night! So by the time they did
get back home, I'd better be in my own room and out of
sight, and NO spying on them! Once again I was more than OK
with that, because as soon as Randy picked her up and they
were gone, I was into my parents liquor cabinet, and then
into my dad's porno magazines! With the house all to
myself and me not expecting them home until well after midnight,
I stripped down and got on mom and dad's bed, and kicked
back to enjoy my "drink" look at those magazines,
and slowly masturbate myself to my own orgasmic bliss!

At first everything was going well, but then I had just a
little bit too much to drink, and honestly right in the middle
of jerking off, I actually fell asleep! Sorta passed out
is more like it really! The whole house was dark and quiet,
since I hadn't bothered turning on any lights downstairs
before coming up to my parents room, and the only light I'd
turned on in their room had been a small nightlight, right
by their bed so I could "read"! At some point
I'd rolled over onto my stomach in my sleep, and I had
no idea how long I'd been passed out, but then I suddenly
had a very strange feeling! At first I thought it was a dream
really. You know how it is when you're in that place,
somewhere just between being asleep, and yet not really
being awake just yet! It felt really nice, a hand on my bare
back, and then slowly gliding down and over my bare ass cheek,
and then back up once again!

It felt so nice that I could even feel myself getting an erection,
or maybe just beginning to feel the erection I'd already
fallen asleep with, but was now waking up with! The "hand"
and mainly the fingers really, glided all around the small
of my back, and then over my bare ass cheeks, one onto the
other, and then it even squeezed my ass, firmly and yet with
a certain gentleness to it as well! I even heard myself moan
softly in my sleep, and I think that's what actually
began to wake me up at that point, even more than the touching!
I stirred, and as I did I cocked my head sideways on the bed,
and that's when I suddenly noticed a very naked RANDY,
sitting right there next to me on that bed! I started to try
and move, to try and sit up even, but his hand quickly slid
off my ass and onto my shoulders, and he shoved me back down
onto the bed!

"No, stay just like that Steven". "You
look so "pretty" laying there like that all
stretched out, and I swear your ass is even cuter than Megan's
is if you look at it in the right way"!

At this point I was literally petrified, and I cold feel
his hand pressing me down into the bed as he spoke to me! His
voice was barely above a whisper at that point, and yet it
was definitely still very strong and commanding! His words
had been slightly slurred as he'd spoken to me, and
even with him just sitting there like that, I could still
smell the combination of beer, and who knows what other
alcohol on his breath right then! I once again tried to move,
and Randy once again pushed me right back down onto the bed!
He spoke again then, telling me that my sister had way too
much to drink, and she was already so passed out by the time
they got home, that he'd had to carry her in and the put
her down on the living room couch!

"The bitch got me all worked up and horny you know Steven,
and then she just passed right out on me like that"!

"Man, I swear you do have such a, well a girlish body
you know, and when I wandered up here and saw you laying there
on the bed like that, damn, you sure looked hot, even though
I know that sounds so weird huh"?

"I mean your ass just looked so small and cute and soft
and smooth, and damn I got such a hard-on just looking at
it, but I bet that's really what YOU wanted all along,
now isn't it Steven"?

"I've seen you looking at my crotch and at my cock
when me and Megan were out by your pool and I'm swearing
my swim trunks"!

"I've seen you looking at it, at ME, and I've
kinds felt all along there was something different about
you Steven, or maybe I should just call you Stephanie instead

Now by this point I really was WAY passed just being petrified,
and yet DAMN IT, my own cock was still as hard as a rock underneath
me, and I was thankful Randy couldn't see that right
at that moment! I was all set to at least make an attempt to
protest, even in spite of how scared I was at that moment!
I was all set to do it I SWEAR, when suddenly Randy's
hand slid back off my shoulders, down my back again, and
only my bare ass! His fingers slipped right into my ass crack,
so he could grip my butt cheek, and he squeezed! In spite
of myself I let out a soft moan, and that's when Randy's
hand squeezed my butt once again, and he starting speaking
again as well!

"See, see Stephanie, I told you that you liked it,
and I'll bet right now that your probably as good at
sucking cock as that slut sister of yours is too"!

"I'll bet you might even be better at it even,
and I'll bet that's what your really thinking
about right now; about how much you wanna suck my hard cock
for me, and how much you really WANT TO DO IT, right now"!

Oh God, Oh God NO, I'm thinking to myself right then,
and yet even as he SAID the words I felt my own hard cock twitch
and jerk underneath me, and once again "in spite of"
how terrified I was at that exact moment! This time as I tried
to move Randy didn't try and stop me, and in a way he even
helped me to roll over, if that's what you'd call
it! I was suddenly on my back now, and my own hard cock was
sticking straight up into the air, and the Randy's
hand was on my chest, and he was speaking, ONCE AGAIN!

"Oh man, look at how cute that little prick is! Hell
it's not much bigger than your sisters clit when it
gets all hard really"!

"Damn, I'll bet I can even play with it a little
and get you all turned on and excited like she does Steven,
and then you'll really be ready to suck my hard cock
for me, won't you baby"!

Even as he was saying all that Randy's hand and his fingers
were already sliding up and down my hard prick. He toyed
with it and even flicked it back and forth, and I squirmed,
and then I even moaned, and honestly, really and truly couldn't
help doing it! Of course all my squirming around and then
moaning did, was to turn him on even more and make him play
with my hard cock even more as well! Then he finally took
his hand off my cock, but only long enough to reach over and
take my hand, and guide it over to his hard cock! He held his
hand over mine, making sure I was holding his cock before
he moved his own hand back away, but when he finally did that,
I didn't let go! Oh my God, his cock just felt so amazing
in my hand, so wonderful even, and by then I honestly didn't
want to let go of it anyway!

Randy's cock felt warm, hot even, and the skin was so
smooth, and yet I could definitely FEEL how hard he was at
the same time! I could feel the veins in his thick, hard shaft,
and when I slid my hand up some, I could feel the large, swollen,
mushroom head! Randy's hard cock definitely a lot
bigger than mine too! It was longer of course, but it was
just so much bigger around as well! The more I held it in my
hand the more I wanted to touch it, to explore it, and to feel
it move as I caressed it, and I heard him moan this time even!

"See baby, I told you you'd like it, and I'll
bet you'll like it even better, when you put it in your
mouth for me Steven, oops, I mean Stephanie"!

At this point Randy actually got up off the bed for the very
first time, but it was only long enough to stand, then get
back on the bed on his knees, right in front of me! His hard
cock was literally only inches from my face at this point,
and even in the semi dark room, I could see a small drop of
fluid just glistening, right at the very tip of that large,
mushroom head! Randy was actually very patient at that
point, and I could feel him looking down at me, as I stared
at his beautiful hard cock in front of my face! Without even
thinking about it I slid my tongue across my own lips, and
as soon as I did that he sort of eased forward a bit, and the
head just grazed across my moist lips! The small drop of
fluid on the tip was somewhat sticky, and as the head trailed
across my lips, it left is steak of fluid that formed a line
in the air, as the pulled his hard cock away!

"It's OK baby, you can suck it, we both know you
want to, so don't be scared Stephanie, just open you
mouth and let me put it in for you"!

My lips were already parting as he said it, and then he did
it, he eased forward, and he slid the head of his hard cock,
into my mouth for me to suck! Oh God how I like the taste of
his hard cock, and I loved the feel of it being inside my mouth!
SO far all I had in my mouth was just the head, and so there
was room for me to "explore it" using my tongue!
I tasted the somewhat salty flavor of some of the fluid that
was still leaking out of it, and I quickly discovered that
as I slid my tongue all around that big swollen head, Randy
would jerk ever so slightly, and he would actually moan
quite loudly! I think THAT, was as big a turn on for me, as
just having the head of his hard cock inside my mouth! The
fact that "I" could make him moan like that turned
me on to no end, and the more he moaned, the more I like making
him do it!

I should have already known just from everything he'd
been saying so far, that Randy was also a "talker"
when it came to actually having sex too! Oh, and I also suddenly
realized right then that's what we were doing as well!
I was actually having sex with another person for the very
first time in my life, even though it was another guy, and
not some girl! It felt good damn it, it really did! It felt
good making another person moan and groan like that, and
it really, really DID feel good, sucking on his hard cock
for him! Suddenly Randy pulled his hard cock back out of
my mouth, taking me by surprise as he did it! I looked up at
him and he was looking back down at me, and then he actually
asked me if I liked it, and I nodded my head yes back up at him!

"Good baby, like I said I knew you would, and so now
let's do it the right way, and I show you just how I like

Randy moved then, and sort of eased me over on the bed at the
same time! He then got down on his own back and stretched
out on the bed, and as he spread his legs open, he told me to
get down in between them. At this point I honestly can't
tell you exactly WHEN it all happened, but at some point
I do know, I'd gone from being some scared little sissy
boy, and I'd now transformed into a very eager, "student"!
As I've already said before, Randy was definitely
a "talker" and so HE had no problem what so ever
instructing me, telling me how to position myself, where
to put my hands, and what to do with my mouth as I sucked his
hard cock! Just as he was a talker and a teacher now, I was
just as eager a listener AND a willing student! I listened
as he told me who to grip and hold his hard cock, and how so
slowly "stroke it" for him, as I started to suck

That was transformation number one, but then as I began
to grow more confident at what I was doing, Randy eventually
shut up some, and "I" eventually began to explore
on my own, and try different things even! I'd started
out just sucking him as I stroked him, but then I went to just
slowly licking up and down his hard shaft, all on my own!
When I both saw and felt how much he seemed to like me doing
that, then I decided it was time to lick lower, and begin
to explore his big, soft, cum-filled balls for him! I was
really surprised at how much he seemed to really like it
when I was licking his big balls for him! He even said something
about how he could hardly ever get Megan to do that for him,
and when she did do it, she never did it "the right way"
like I was, whatever that meant! Hell I was just doing what
came natural, and what I thought he like me to do anyway!

I was honestly having so much fun licking his big balls and
then back to his hard cock, and then BACK to his balls, that
I just sort of lost track of all time, until I heard him say
it! "Oh God baby, it feels so good, and your gonna make
me cum"! Now I might have been a virgin myself at the
time, and I might have even been a bit naive as well, but hearing
those words I knew exactly what he'd want me to do next,
and so I very quickly slid my mouth back up, and took his hard
cock back into my mouth! His hand went to the top of my head
then, and he pressed me down on his hard cock, and then wait
for me to move back up again! He pressed down again and I moved
back up, until he had me sucking him off in just the rhythm
that he wanted! My head was bobbing up and down over his body,
and at times his hand was forcing me down on his hard cock
just a little bit too low! AND SO, I reached up and griped
it in my hand, and ...



My hand was sliding rapidly up and down his hard shaft, and
at the same time my head was bobbing up and down over him even
faster! Up till then I'd also been using my tongue on
his as well, but now as he told me to suck him hard, that's
exactly what I did! Suddenly it was like Randy's whole
body just sort of went stiff, and at the same time his hips
shot up off that bed and right into the air! I was really glad
I had such a tight grip on his hard cock as he did it, because
he was also pushing down on my head REALLY HARD NOW, as it
all happened! It all happened in just a split second really
and then his hips were sort of bucking, almost like he was
trying to "fuck" his hard cock in and out of my
mouth! I just sort of relaxed then and let his cock slip through
my fingers at this point, and I let him fuck his hard cock
in and out of my still sucking mouth!


Randy almost screamed it out, and then I actually felt his
cock sort of swell and then jerk really hard in my mouth,
and then it was suddenly like a ton of his hot cum, came shooting
out, and into my mouth! I'm honestly not sure exactly
what I'd been "expecting" really, but
it certainly wasn't this! So much of his hot cum just
seemed to all shoot out at once, so that it really did take
me by complete surprise, and it really did cause me to gag
at first! About half that first huge spurt slipped out of
my mouth, but then I quickly recovered! I began to suck really
hard then, and at the same time Randy was "telling
me" to "swallow" I was already starting
to do it, and just from pure instinct! That first spurt or
tow just came out so fast, that I honestly didn't really
have time to even taste it before I swallowed it! it was really
weird to me after that however, and I'll explain why!

In spite of the fact the "amount" of cum he was
shooting out was now less, his hard cock just seemed to jerk
harder in my mouth, each time it squirted! At least now I
had time to actually "taste" his hot cum, and
although in a way it was almost embarrassing for me to think
this, I really, REALLY DID, love the taste of Randy's
hot, thick cum! SO much so, so that I knew right then, I wanted
more of it! Eventually Randy kind of pushed me off of his
still hard cock however, which actually brings up yet another
point! I'm willing to bet that anyone, male of female,
that's been with a young man Randy's age, will
agree 100%, with what I'm about to say next! IN SPITE
OF the fact Randy had just had one hell of an orgasm, not only
was his cock still had hard, still as erect as ever, but his
"recovery time" before HE was ready to go again,
was honestly like next to nothing!

Once again I have to give HIM credit however, as in spite
of his somewhat drunken state, he still realized just who
and what he was dealing with at the time! In spite of the fact
he was "ready to go" quite quickly, he also knew
that what HE wanted to do next, "I" was probably
totally unprepared for myself! AND I WAS! Now I can tell
you that Randy was probably one of those "closet bi's"
at the time, and maybe he still is even today? Of course I
was myself as well, but honestly in a different way, even
back then! At least I could admit to myself that I was "different",
and that somewhere deep down inside, I liked guys almost
as much as I did girls. Randy on the other hand just seemed
like one of those guys who would NEVER admit he might be bisexual,
in spite of any pleasure he took, from being with another
man! (Or boy in our cases at the time)

The reason I said all that was because in spite of anything
sexually he might be willing to do with another guy, he'd
probably never be the type to actually "KISS"
another guy, and he might not ever even be the type who would
do anything more, than possibly give another guy a hand
job himself! No way HE'D stick another guy's hard
cock in his mouth much less another guy's tongue or
anything else, and yet he knew he had to do SOME seduction,
if he wanted to get, what he wanted to get next! Hopefully
some or all of that actually makes sense?

Randy sort of pulled me back up beside him at that point,
and although he didn't actually "snuggle"
with me, he did let me sort of curl up next to him, and lay my
head on his chest. It's also funny tom e now of course,
because even though I'd had a hard on of my own through
all of this, up until then I'd actually sort of forgotten
about my own pleasure, and concentrated on nothing but
his! Now however, laying there next to him with my head on
his heaving chest, and still holding onto his still hard
cock, I could feel my own hard cock rubbing up against his
thigh, and it felt good! Randy let us both lay there like
that for another minute or two, and then he suddenly shoved
me away from him. By then I was starting to get used to his
somewhat firm, even at times rough behavior, and in a weird
way it was even turning ME on more! I waited, knowing he'd
take control again!

Randy didn't really hesitate much either, as he quickly
told me to roll back over on my stomach again. At least this
way I could press my own hard cock into the bed while I was
doing it, and I knew that felt really good. Almost as soon
as I was on my stomach Randy began playing with my bare ass
again too, and I already KNEW that felt really good, and
so I just lay there letting him do it! This time he didn't
bother much with my back either, but instead his hand was
all over my bare ass, and then he was sliding his fingers
down directly into my ass crack itself, and then sliding
them up and down, and that felt really VERY GOOD! I was already
moaning softly as he was doing it, and then he slid up even
closer to me and I could also feel the head of his hard cock
against my thigh. He then reached up and began using his
other hand on me as well, and what he did next really, really
felt incredible to me!

Randy was using both hands on my ass cheeks now. Caressing
them, ans squeezing them, and even pulling them apart!
Each time he'd pull my butt cheeks open I could feel
the cool rush of the air, and I could feel it sort of tickle
my asshole, and it felt really nice, really good! Randy
played with my ass for several long minutes, and all the
while he was doing it, my hard cock was rubbing against the
cool bed sheets, underneath me! I could already feel the
tingling in my balls, indicating I was getting very close
to cumming, even though I was sure Randy didn't know
that himself! Then, OH MY GOD, THEN, he leaned over and sort
of spit down into my ass crack, he then took his own saliva
and spread it up and down my crack with his fingers, and then
I felt him poking and probing at my asshole directly! I'm
honestly not even sure myself just how, but as he suddenly
pressed his finger into my ass, it just happened!

The tip of Randy's finger had barely penetrated my
asshole, when suddenly my balls just tightened up under
me, and I felt my cock start to throb really hard, and I shoved
my ass up in the air, and I started cumming!

"Oh yeah baby that's it"!

"Cum for me Stephanie, that's it baby, CUM FOR

It's not like I needed his words by then to make it happen,
because right then my own little cock was jerking like mad,
and I was literally soaking the bed sheets underneath me!
Randy had about half his finger up my ass by then, and I could
feel him rubbing his hard cock against my thigh as I climaxed,
and then I heard him saying something like "Damn your
so fucking hot", but then he was pulling back away
from me! "Oh man wait, wait a minute"! I had no
idea what I was waiting for, and beside I was barely DONE
with my own orgasm, and right then I was just sort of struggling
to breath again anyway! Randy started to fumble around
in the drawer of nightstand on one side of the bed. Apparently
not finding what he was looking for there, he sort of climbed
over me and half lay on top of me, as he searched through the
other nightstand drawer!

"Ah Ha"! I suddenly heard him exclaim, and then
he was back on the other side of me. He only stayed there for
a second or two however, and then he again climbed over the
top of me, only this time he sort of straddled me and sat on
me at the same time! I could feel his hard cock sort of poking
at the bottom of my ass crack, and then he leaned over me and
mostly lay on top of me all together! His hot breath was in
my ear then, as he whispered to me, and he asked me if I really
wanted to make us both feel good? Of course I moaned out a
yes, and then he just sat right back up! "Trust me baby,
and I promise you'll like this, and I KNOW I'll
like it even better"! Once again his hard cock now
rubbing against the inside of my thigh distracted my thoughts
anyway, and then I felt him reach down and spread my ass cheeks
wide open and then something cool and slick, being poured
in my ass crack!

I knew it wasn't his spit, because there was a LOT more
of it, and it was both cool, and it was a lot thicker feeling,
and a whole lot thicker at the same time! Whatever it was,
Randy poured a lot of it into my crack, and then once again
his fingers began their magic touch! He was sliding them
up and down my now really slick crack, and then even purposely
tickling my asshole directly, causing me to squirm around
underneath him, and moan loudly! "Oh yeah you want
it badly baby, I can tell you do"! His words thrilled
me and turned me on so much, and without me really even knowing
what the hell he meant! Suddenly however he stopped, and
then I felt his hand on either side of me as he lifted himself
up a bit, and then sift around on top of me, and then the next
thing I felt, was his hard cock, in my ass crack!

It startled me at first and I guess I sort of tensed up a bit!
Randy sat up more then and I felt the hard smack of his hand,
as he slapped my ass cheek! "Relax bitch!",
I heard him hiss at me, and so I relaxed again, as he then whispered,
"Not that's more like it"! Slowly at first
he began moving, his hard cock pressing down into my slick
crack, and sliding up and down it's length! Suddenly
it felt very, very good to me, and I even began to wiggle my
ass a little under him, every time he slowed down! "Tell
me you want it bitch, tel me you want me to FUCK YOU"!
He spat the words out at me literally, as I even felt a small
bit of his spit hit my back, as it said it! "Yes, Oh God
Yes Randy, I want you to fuck me please"! I said the
words because I knew that's what he wanted to hear,
even though I swear I honestly wasn't exactly sure
what it all really meant! At least not yet!

As soon as I said it he stopped moving, he stopped sliding
his big hard cock up and down my ass crack! At first I thought
I'd done something wrong, until I heard him his out
the word "YES"! His hard cock slid forward again
as he said it, but this time it stopped part way up my ass crack,
He held it there and I could feel the large, swollen head,
as he pressed it firmly, against my asshole! Now I suddenly
knew exactly what he wanted to do to me, and I tensed up in
spite of knowing what might happen next! Sure enough, a
hard smack on my ass with his hand, and I tensed up quickly
but then through sheer reflex I relaxed! As soon as I relaxed
he pressed forward, and then quite suddenly my asshole
just opened up, and he slipped the head of his hard cock inside

I groaned loudly and he did too! My groan however was a mixture
of BOTH pain AND pleasure, and then suddenly something
very, very strange happened to me! It was suddenly like
my ass just seemed to relax inside, and accept the penetration
of his big hard cock! He still only had the head inside me,
but it was suddenly like a million nerve ending all came
alive, and all at once! I groaned again, only this time it
really was out of pure pleasure! "I knew it, I knew
it you fucking slut, just like your big sister, your both
fucking sluts"! "Say it, say the words you fucking
horny little bitch"! And once again I knew exactly
what he wanted to hear me say, but this time I wanted to say
it, because I meant it! Oh God Randy Please, Please baby
please fuck me with your big hard cock baby PLEASE"!

Oh yeah, all of that came out of my mouth then, and I can promise
you I'm not just prettying it up for this story! I wanted
it and I suddenly wanted it badly, and maybe more than I'd
ever wanted anything, in my entire life up until then! It's
just the truth, and whether or not I should be ashamed to
admit it now, or even feel that way back then I don't
know, but suddenly I WANTED his hard cock up my ass, and so
I very clearly told him so! It felt good damn it, and so NO,
I'm not ashamed to admit it now, just as I wasn't
ashamed to beg for it back then! Randy heard me alright,
and as soon as I was finished saying it, he began to ease forward,
and slide even more of that big, beautiful hard cock, up
my tight, hot little ass! Once again I do have to give him
credit, for not just ramming it up my ass, but for taking
his time!

It hurt a little at some points, but each time I'd flinch
Randy would actually stop, and sometimes he even asked
me, if I was OK? Each time he'd ask I'd tell him I
was fine, and then even wiggle my ass a little, and push back
up at him! I'm not exactly sure how long it took us, but
then suddenly I felt his pubic hairs tickling my ass cheeks,
and then the next thing I know, he's pushing his crotch
tightly up against me! "Oh God baby, I've never
had my cock THIS FAR, up your sister's ass before"!
"Oh fuck it feels so fucking good, and I don't
think I can, oh fuck no, I'm gonna cum right NOW"!
Randy groaned really, really loud then, and just smashed
his crotch even tighter into my ass cheeks! I pushed back
up at him with my ass hard, and I even felt that extra quarter
inch of his hard cock slide inside me!

It was incredible, and that's the only way I can describe
it even today! I really, really COULD feel his hard cock
just seem to swell up even bigger inside my ass right then,
and then I felt it, I mean I REALLY felt it jerk inside me,
and then a sudden, HUGE rush of slick hot fluid, shoot inside
me! Oh my God it just felt, well incredible, as much as I hate
to repeat myself, and it wasn't so much I could actually
FEEL him shooting his hot cum in me right then, as I could
feel a sudden feeling of being filled up and all slick and
gooey inside all at the same time! Randy was kind of doing
mini-thrust on top of me each time his hard cock spurted
out more of his hot cum! Each time I felt him sort of thrust
into me, I thrust my ass back up at him, as he moaned and groaned
so loudly, I was honestly afraid he was going to wake Megan
up, no matter how "passed out" she was!

Eventually he stopped thrusting all together, and eventually
he even "relaxed" on top of me all together!
He still kept his cock as far up my ass as he could however,
and it was still just as hard, as before he'd climaxed!
We both lay still like that for several long minutes, and
then with his still hard cock buried up my ass, I began to
sort of rotate it underneath him, until he finally got the
idea, I wanted him to fuck me! The fact his cock was still
hard after two orgasms is nothing more than a testament
to his age at the time really, but right then I could have
cared less what the reason was, because all I wanted to do,
was to get fucked!

Randy groaned, and called me a hot little bitch again, and
then he started to move too. At first his moves were slow,
and he barely pulled a third of his hard cock out of my ass
before shoving it back in! Little by little he began to regain
his strength however, and then he even braced his body up
using his hands on either side of me, and THEN, he really
began fucking me hard! Randy was really thrusting down
hard into me! Yanking most of his hard cock back out of my
ass, and then just ramming it back inside me! His crotch
was mashing down into my ass SO HARD, and each time he did
it, it thrust my own body forward on that bed, causing y own
hard cock to just rub back and forth, through the "wet
spot" I'd created early when I'd cum too!
We were really going at it hard then, both of us, and we were
both really moaning loudly as we fucked! At that point I
could have cared less, I was SO CLOSE to cumming!

My eyes were shut tightly through most of this, but then
suddenly and actually just before I climaxed, I opened
them and I looked over, across the room! There stood my older
sister Megan, and she was watching us going at it, as she
was masturbating! Megan was leaning back against the wall,
and she had the top of her dress pulled down, both tits hanging
out, and she was tugging and twisting one hard nipple! Her
dress was hiked up, her panties around her angles, and her
other hand was busy rubbing her pussy like made, as she just
leaned there, with this glazed look in her eyes and started
at us fucking!

I climaxed right then, once again shutting my eyes tightly
closed, but now with the image of Megan masturbating filling
my head! My orgasm was so, SO intense, and I could feel my
ass muscles tightening and releasing, as Randy continued
fucking me!

"Oh God you fucking little bitch your cumming, and
your gonna make my cum again too you hot little slut"!

Randy thrust into me several more times, and then he just
rammed his hard cock up my ass as deep as possible, and held
it like that as he screamed out loudly, and he came again,
deep inside my hot tight ass! We were both grunting and groaning
loudly, and jerking around on that bed together! Right
then I heard another loud moan as well, and I knew it was Megan
cumming right along with us!

Of course my story really doesn't end here, but I'm
not exactly sure that what really happens next, is, well
is appropriate to print here, and the last thing I want to
do, it to get in trouble for something that really happened
in my life, but .....

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