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An Awesome Girlfriend


I had met Jennifer at a convention I attended. She was an
administrative assistant in the local office of one of
the suppliers that was showing their products on the convention
floor. She was working in the display booth during the day
and helping out in the hospitality suite in the evenings.
She was a very beautiful lady, about 35, slim figure with
nice curves, divorced, 5’10, very long legs, a mass of long
dark hair falling over her shoulders, and beautiful, expressive
eyes with long natural lashes. She had a very outgoing personality,
always smiling, and flirty with customers and prospects.
She wore attractive but very conservative dresses with
a high neckline but just tight enough to show off her bust.
If any one at work made a pass she became the “ice lady”, not
wanting to get involved with a fellow employee. The company
I worked for was involved with the one she was with, so I spent
some time in the booth helping and got to know her. She was
always getting asked out, but always politely refused.
The second day I asked her about her boyfriend, and she did
not have one, why did I ask? I told her I thought she had a regular
boy friend as she was so pretty, yet did not seem to be interested
in any of the men hitting on her. She laughed softly and explained
that she had had one marriage with a jealous, controlling
man, and had no intention of making the same mistake twice,
as she was always accused of doing things she never did.
She had no intention of ever being someone’s “property”
again! I told her that I did not believe that any one should
be anyone else’s property and I had never been jealous of
anyone. She said, “You mean it would not upset you if your
lady flirted with another man”? “No, not at all, I take it
as a complement when another man wants my lady”. “Suppose
he tried to take her away”? “I don’t own her, I can’t prevent
her from leaving if she decides she wants someone else,
so I just want to keep her happy and not worry about another
man”. “Wow, you sound too good to be true, your girl friend
is very lucky”! “I don’t have one right now as I travel a lot
and just date casually, I know some ladies that I can go out
with when ever I am at home, as well as a couple I see once in
awhile in my travels”. “That sounds great”!
The next day Jen was much more outgoing and friendly with
me, and I eventually asked her out to the dinner party and
show that was put on for the people that were involved in
putting on the convention, it included a show staring Crystal
Gail after a very nice feast. She had a ticket but was happy
to go with me and be my date. She gave me her home address and
I arrived at 6 PM to pick her up, dinner started at 7. She had
a beautiful dress, expensive, black, thin material, low
cut and no bra, she certainly did not need one, as she had
medium sized firm breasts. It hugged her figure and ended
about halfway down her thighs, showing of her incredible
legs in black hose and 3” black heels. I said, “Wow you look
great, every man who sees you will want you”! She smiled
nicely and said, “I hope so, I don’t dare dress like this
unless I have someone with me who can accept it”.
As soon as we arrived she was a center of attention with many
men and she was flirty with them but always held my arm as
if to say, “You can look but I’m taken”! I loved it! After
the entertainment we danced some, she snuggled quite close,
running her fingers up and down my neck, her hips swaying
against mine or almost straddling my leg as she rubbed against
me, as we kissed. She said, “ I am so hot, it has been so long
since I have been out on a date with anyone”. I nibbled her
ear, “We can leave any time you want”. “Let’s go now”. And
we headed back to the car. I opened the door for her, then
went around to my side and got in. She had moved to the center
of the seat next to me and her skirt was about up to her stocking
tops, and she made no move to pull it down! I started the car,
drove out and headed for her apartment and put my arm around
her shoulder. She snuggled closer and put her hand on mine
caressing it and moving my hand gently over her breast,
the other lightly on my leg. She only lived about 15 minutes
away but I had time to gently caress and squeeze her breast
as she laid her head on my shoulder, and nibbled my ear.
Once we arrived at her apartment she showed me where to park
and I walked her to her door, took her key and unlocked it.
She entered taking my hand and pulling me in, then turned
and locked the door behind us. I pulled her into my arms and
kissed her a very long wet, passionate kiss. Our tongues
were exploring each other’s mouths and she was pressed
hard against the now very big bulge in my trousers! My arms
were around her lower back gently squeezing her bottom
and her arms were around my neck, caressing up and down.
After a couple of minutes she pulled back, took my hand and
led me into the bedroom. There was a night-light that gave
us enough to see by, and she turned her back to me, “Please
unzip my dress”. I then put my hands on her shoulders and
eased her dress over them and down to her waist while I nibbled
and sucked on her neck. She was moaning softly as my hands
came up, cupped her breasts and gently pinched her nipples.
She turned to me and undid my shirt as I undid my belt and my
fly pushing them down, and stepped out of my pants, jockeys
and shoes. Her dress had slipped to the floor, leaving her
in her tiny, lace bikini panties and hose, her shoes having
been left in the living room. I gently pushed her back onto
her bed, lay down beside her and kissed and nibbled her ears,
neck and finally her breasts. She gasped as my mouth closed
over a nipple and I began to suck and nurse it as I caressed
and squeezed her other one. A moan, a sob, “Yes baby, oh yes,
suck harder, please suck and bite my nipple”. I continued
to suck bite and gently chew and pull on her nipples, 5 minutes
on one, 5 min on the other, back and forth as she cried out
and held my head to her. I began to suck, lick and nibble down
her belly, back and forth, lower and lower, my hands caressing
her soft skin as I went down.
Her legs were spread wide as I reached her mound and her trim
patch of hair, then to the side concentrating on her thighs,
back around her pussy to the other thigh, all of the time
inhaling her sweet fragrance. She was so wet! Then I ran
my tongue across her clit, she jerked and cried out, but
I moved down to her swollen cunt and labia. She had wonderful
hanging labia lips about an inch long. I ran my tongue deep
into her cunt slit, savoring the taste, then back to sucking
on her labia, then her clit back and forth, as she cried out,
thrusting and bucking her hips into my face and mouth as
I gripped her hips. I stayed between her legs pleasuring
her cunt with my mouth for about 20 minutes, when she screamed
out, “I’m cumming, oh my god, I’m cumming, suck my cunt my
darling, don’t stop, I’m cumming again”! She was so wet
and I was sucking as much of her sweet juices as possible
into my mouth as she pulled my head harder to her and squeezed
me with her beautiful legs. I finally slowed down then stopped
as she came down from her moments of ecstasy. She was shaking
and breathing hard as I moved up, kissing her belly and kept
moving up till I could put the head of my hard swollen cock
at the entrance to her wet hole, rubbing slowly up and down,
teasing a bit, then slowly pushed my cock into her body.
She suddenly thrust hard towards me and I had all of my thick
seven inches buried to my balls in her cunt. She gripped
me with her legs as I lay on her kissing her mouth, sucking
her tongue and nibbling her lips. Her arms were around me,
holding me tight, her legs were wrapped around my waist
and I could feel her strong vaginal muscles pulsing and
squeezing my cock. I had never felt anything like this before!
“Oh my love, it feels so good! It has been so long since I’ve
had a big hard cock in me, Fuck me, darling, fuck my cunt”!
I slowly pulled almost out then eased back in, then sat up,
held her hips, looked into her sexy eyes and began to pick
up speed, fucking her deeper and harder with each stroke!
She climaxed, then again, her cunt muscles gripping my
cock as it pulled out, then her hips pushing against me,
meeting my inward thrust. This lady could Fuck! She was
awesome! She loved to talk too, “ Fuck me, fuck me with your
big cock, I want you to fill my hot cunt, cumm deep inside
of my body, fill my cunt with your hot sperm, fill me, oh yes
fill me”! “I’m fucking your hot cunt, my big cock is fucking
you hard. Your cunt is so wet and slippery, yet so tight,
Oh my darling you are so great to fuck”! It was all I could
do to pace myself and hold off as long as I did, sex talk is
such a turn on for me and was for Jen too. After almost 15 minutes
I cried out, “ I’m going to cumm, I’m going to fill your hot
cunt with my sperm, Yes, Yes”. Jen had had at least 6 climaxes,
and now I came hard pumping several shots of my sperm deep
into her cunt, then I collapsed on top of her, kissed her
and we held each other for several minutes. I could feel
her vaginal muscles squeezing and massaging my softening
cock and keeping it trapped inside of her body. My cock finally
slipped out but we held each other and continued kissing
as we came down from our ecstasy. After about 10 minutes
I slipped down and began to lick and suck her sloppy cunt
clean as she moaned and cried out. I then moved up held her
and kissed her some more. We rested and snuggled a bit, then
she started kissing and nibbling her way down my chest to
finally reach my still limp cock. Jen took it into her mouth
and used her lips, tongue and mouth to bring me back to life.
Once I was hard again she used her hand, mouth and tongue
on me. She pulled away and said, “I love to take a limp cock
into my mouth and feel it grow and harden”. I was gently caressing
her hair and face with my hand and fingers. She was looking
at me with her expressive eyes as she sucked, took me into
her mouth and throat, then back to teasing the head and its’
rim. She did it slowly, stopping when I got to close, then
working on my cock some more. I finally just could not take
any more, “ Oh baby, I can’t keep going, I ‘m going to cumm
sweetheart, I’m cumming!!” She took my cock deep, I came
and she swallowed every drop! She moved up, we kissed some
more, then she asked, “You will stay all night won’t you?”
“Of course” We slipped under the covers and went to sleep
in each other’s arms. In the morning we woke up, made love
again, very slowly and gently, then we got up and showered
together. She soaped and washed me, laughing as she was
getting my cock hard again as she soaped it. I washed her
pussy and breasts along with the rest of her body.
We both had the day off, so after breakfast we went back to
bed lay in each other’s arms and talked. We had learned a
lot about each other during our night of lovemaking, but
she told me how she had a friend in college who worked as a
call girl and had taught her many of her methods of pleasing
a man. It was a mixed blessing as men would get very possessive
and jealous with her, and she had about given up on anything
more than an occasional one-night stand. She loved sex,
needed sex, but she was so good at it no one trusted her! I
traveled a lot, managing my companies field operations
and was in her city a couple of times a month. She asked if
I would like to stay with her instead of at a hotel when in
town. I loved that idea! We both loved sex and had needs most
partners couldn’t handle. We were both bi as well. We played
off and on all day as I had to leave the next morning and she
had to return to work also.
I called Jennifer at least once a week and when in town we
would fuck our brains out all night long! We did everything
two people could do to pleasure each other. I was always
amazed at how tight her cunt and ass were, no mater how much
we fucked. She just had superb muscle control and exercised
regularly to keep it that way.
We also talked about bringing in another man or two for some
group sex to satisfy her more, but had not done it yet. She
loved to dress in sexy outfits that showed off her body,
but had not been doing it with out me there to be her support
and protector..
We had been going together for several months when we were
driving back from dinner one evening, “One of the girls
at work was talking about how she and her husband had been
to an adult theater last week end” “We have gotten some videos
we’ve shown at home, and have always enjoyed them, especially
the group fucks, just have not had a need to go out”. “She
said this was different, there were booths and they could
fuck while other men watched through holes in the wall”.
“You have always wanted to show off haven’t you?” “I guess
so”. She generally wore sexy outfits whenever we went anywhere,
even just shopping. It took her awhile to realize that I
loved showing her off, as much of her as she could handle
showing! Jennifer loved short skirts, low cut and tight
blouses, thin material and no bra. I finally talked her
into not wearing any panties either. She was very subtle
in giving men a glace at her naked cunt, and it really turned
her on! “Would you like to go to an adult bookstore or theater”.
“I think so, yes I would”. “You want other men to watch as
you suck my cock and as I eat you out and then fuck you” “Oh
Yes, I’m sure”! “There is a place near here, let me turn around
and we will go find it”. We found a bookstore, a bar nearby
and a theater on the other side of the bar. I parked and we
went inside. The counter man really looked at her, she was
not only sexy but also very classy! Jennifer had never been
in an adult toy store before and was quite fascinated by
the dildos, the plastic pussies and other toys. She found
an isle of magazines, some were swingers and some full of
color photos of every sex act you can imagine, and these
really fascinated her. She thought that we should buy some
of the swinger magazines to look at, so we picked out several
and went next door to the bar to look at them. We sat at a small
table near a light and once we had our drinks, we opened up
the magazines and started reading the ads. Jennifer leaned
over to me after reading several very descriptive ads by
single men and looking at their cock pictures and naked
bodies, “Wow, these are making me hot and wet!” “You like
that huh”? “Oh, defiantly”! There were several other men
in the bar and they were enjoying looking at Jennifer and
trying to look up her skirt. There was some music playing,
and a small dance floor so when I went to the restroom one
of the younger men, about 26 or so, came over and asked her
to dance. When I came back out, they were dancing close,
her arms around his neck, his hands feeling her ass as they
kissed. She saw me and winked! He was slowly pulling up her
skirt until her naked ass and pussy were shown to the other
men. Her partner finally let her skirt go and moved one hand
up to her breast, then the music stopped and she returned
to our table and thanked her dance partner who had quite
a large bulge in the front of his trousers! “Oh baby, Billy
got me so hot and horney now, we need to go somewhere and fuck”!
“Would you like to fuck your dance partner too”? She gave
me a startled look and after a minute said, “Maybe, he certainly
had a big bulge while we were dancing”! Jennifer had sat
down in such a way that her skirt was most of the way up her
long legs; which were slightly parted.
Before we could get up to leave an older man, about 40, named
Gene, came over to the table, and asked if we wanted to move
into the party room in the back, where there was privacy,
and dance some more. Jen smiled at me so I said, “Hey, why
not”? We took our drinks and moved through the door to the
party room and her dance partner the older man and 2 others
went with us. I noticed one of them lock the door. It was a
nicer room and had a different sound system, with its own
jukebox. Jen sat down while I went over and picked about
a dozen pieces of slow music for dancing. I danced close
for the first dance, kissing her and playing with her right
breast as I undid her blouse and exposed both of her breasts.
She was rubbing against my leg as we danced, getting hotter
and hotter. As the music changed I motioned Gene over to
dance with her. He was soon kissing her and I noticed he had
one hand down the front of her skirt and Jen was squirming
against him as he was fingering her soaked cunt. As the music
changed again I moved over and led her over to a big heavy
table. I took her in my arms gave her a big deep kiss and said;
“ Now the fun begins my love” “You are sure”? “ Oh YES”! I dropped
my hands down to her shoulders and slid her blouse off, then
on down to push her skit down where it dropped to the floor.
She stepped out of her skirt, with only her black hose and
heels on, she gave me a big smile another kiss and slowly
turned around showing herself off to the grinning men.
I pushed her down onto the table, dropped my head down between
her legs and began to suck on her clit and sopping wet cunt.
The men all moved up close and she grabbed Gene’s bulge and
said, “Let me have your cock”. “YES mamm”! He immediately
dropped his pants and shorts, revealing a nice big cock,
about 8” by 2”, sticking out hard as a rock. Jen took him in
her hand, touched, caressed and pulled him to her mouth.
I continued to suck her cunt as his cock slid between her
lips. I hit the right spot, she gave out a muffled cry and
climaxed! I took her through 2 more climaxes only seconds
apart, then pulled back to let one of the others have access
to her cunt. Billy already had his pants off and moved in
pushing his 7x 3-inch thick cock into her. I watched as the
big mushroom head slowly disappeared between her full
swollen labia lips and into her body, followed by his thick
shaft. Jen pushed against him, her legs doubled up and spread
wide, but her vaginal muscles were gripping his tool. “Jesus,
she is tight, I never new a cunt could feel so good”! She was
still sucking Gene, but I saw her smile around his cock,
she was loving it. Billy started fucking her long, hard
and deep and Jen was pushing against him as he thrust and
squeezing as he pulled back. Billy’s face showed pure bliss,
and 3 minutes later he cried, “Oh my God I’m cumming, YES,
NOW”! And he drove his cock deep, threw back his head, eyes
closed, “Oh Yes”!! This was too much for Gene and he shot
his load into Jen’s mouth and down her throat. I could see
her throat working as she gripped his cock with her hand
and struggled to swallow every drop of Gene‘s sperm. Billy
was gripping Jen’s waist as he pulled himself to her and
held his pulsing cock hard into her cunt. Gene pulled out
and sat down, one big happy smile on his face! Billy finally
opened his eyes and slowly pulled out, Jen’s vaginal muscles
holding tight. His cock finally came free, made a little
popping sound and as she relaxed he muscles a gush of sperm
ran out and down towards her ass. I leaned over and kissed
Jen on the lips tasting Gene’s sperm. “It was FANTASTIC!
I want the rest of them too”.
Adam was already between her legs, cock ready to enter Jen’s
sloppy cunt. He also had a nice sized cock and Jen let his
cock slide in, then gripped it tight enough that he said,
“Hey, don’t squeeze it off”! Then he started pumping her
cunt and she continued to thrust and squeeze, giving him
the fuck of his life. Richard moved up to Jen’s head and presented
his long thin, 9x1.5 inch, cock to her mouth and she immediately
began sucking and stroking him. Jen is good, much better
than most women and Richard only lasted about 3 minutes
before unloading his full balls into her mouth. Adam only
lasted about 4 min before he added his sperm to the other’s
already in her cunt, Gene was hard by now and he started fucking
Jen. Each one fucked her once and she was able to suck each
one off once. They began to leave after finishing, and all
agreed that they had had one awesome fuck and blowjob, the
best ever. After Richard finished fucking and left there
was just Jennifer, Gene and myself. I was looking up between
Jen’s legs, they were spread way out, her muscles were relaxed
and her cunt was spread open, about 2 inches between her
lips, lots of sperm was running out and was in a puddle on
the table. I moved in and began to suck up all of it I could,
Jen squeezing more out for me as I sucked and licked. Jen
stayed on the table resting and drinking the rest of her
drink while the three of us talked. Gene told us he had fantasized
and dreamed of a woman like Jen and a night like this all of
his life. “Do you feel up to a bit more”? I asked. “Of course,
what do you have in mind”? Jen was looking at me with a smile
but puzzled look on her face. “Jen I am going to lay down while
you get in a 69 above me” “OK” “Gene once we are ready I want
you to fuck Jen ‘doggy style’” “Wow, sounds great to me”!
He responded.
I took some paper napkins and wiped up the large puddle of
cumm, then I lay down on the table. Jen climbed up, swung
her leg over my head, then lowered her cunt to my mouth as
she immediately took my cock into her mouth and begat to
suck and stroke it. Gene climbed up behind her, his cock
just inches away. I reached up, took his cock in my hand and
guided the large mushroom shaped head and crown in between
her still dripping labia. Gene began to push and I watched
as the head began to slip in my hand sliding slowly down the
shaft. The shaft now began to disappear and as it filled
her sloppy cunt more juices were squeezed out into my waiting
mouth. Gene’s cock finally disappeared completely to
the balls and I ran my fingers over them. Jen squeezed her
vaginal muscles, Gene started fucking and I started gently
sucking on Jen’s clit. She let out a muffled cry and I gripped
her ass while Gene held her hips and continued to fuck. He
moved slowly in and out, while my lips and mouth were alternating
between his cock and Jen’s clit. Jen had her first climax
within about 3 minutes and they just kept coming as we pleasured
her body. She was trembling and moaning as she worked her
muscles on Gene’s now pounding cock. We kept this up for
about 8 minutes when I had a massive climax, shooting several
big hot loads of sperm into Jen’s mouth, a moment later Gene
unloaded, matching one of Jen’s climaxes, filling her
pulsing cunt as he pushed in as hard as he could. Jen almost
collapsed on me and large amounts of cum were oozing out
of her cunt. Finally Gene pulled out but Jen squeezed so
hard it was hard for him, but his cock soon popped out and
into my mouth where I cleaned it up, then cleaned up Jen’s
cunt as Gene sat down. After a few minutes we got up, thanked
Gene, now totally satisfied and moved into the rest room
to clean up. I wet some paper towels and helped Jennifer
wipe off and clean up the sperm I had missed. She washed her
face and then we went back out and got dressed. She looked
great and had a real big smile on her lips, which I kissed
again. “That was the greatest most fantastic sex I have
ever had, just awesome, I never knew that several men at
once could be so much fun”! “Do you want to do it again sometime”?
“Oh YES, defiantly”!
We went back through the main room in the bar and the guys
wanted to buy us each a drink before we left. We thanked them;
sat down and talked about sex for several minutes. None
of them had had a group sex experience before, but probably
would do it again if they could! Jennifer was snuggled up
next to me, my arm around her. None could understand how
I could possible share such a fantastic women with anyone
else. I had enjoyed it as much as Jennifer had! The bar tender
was a bit unhappy that he was busy and could not join us. He
was a good looking man in his late 40s and Jennifer told him
she would be happy to come back and fuck him sometime, as
since he worked until after midnight, tonight was out.
He really liked that idea! We walked out toward the car “You
know we never did get back to the book store you wanted to
see, seems like we got side tracked”! She laughed, “ I don’t
think it could have possibly been as good as we just experienced”.
“No, that was just great, is your pussy sore”? “No way, it
was just getting warmed up, I just needed a break for a bit
to rest up the rest of me”! “How about the book store, do you
want to go in there tonight and see what develops”? “That’s
a thought, no, lets just go to the theater, watch a porn movie
and relax, is that OK”? “Lets do it”!
We walked over to the theater and went in. It had 3 separate
theater rooms so that one could have some choice in what
to watch. One was gay, the other two were hetero, with one
having group action. After I paid we went to the last door,
pulled aside the curtain and waited for our eyes to adjust,
Jennifer was standing in front of me and my arms were around
her waist. After a couple of minutes I saw a couple of vacant
seats in the second to last row and we moved over to them passing
several men. I sat Jen down, then moved past her to sit down.
I put my arm around her, she snuggled up next to me and we watched
a scene with 5 couples and 5 extra men having an orgy. “My
God, that makes me hot and wet again” “Looks like great fun
doesn’t it”. “Oh yes, I could really get of on all of those
big cocks”! I put my hand on her breast, then pulled her blouse
back exposing both of her breasts, “What are you doing,
we will get in trouble”. “No, look at that man in the second
seat over to your right”. She looked, “Oh my, what a nice
big cock! And that one over there and over there, they are
all playing with their cocks”! “Yes and they can now look
at your breasts as that man the second seat over is doing”.
I had moved my hands aside and both of her now naked breasts
were totally exposed. I had my cock out and put her hand on
it. “Oh my, I like that”! “Why don’t you reach your other
hand over to the man on your right”. Jen looked at me, smiled
her pretty smile and reached towards the man. He immediately
got up, moved next to her and began caressing her breast,
so she took his hard cock into her hand and began to stroke
it. He moaned and reached down to her leg and slid his hand
up under her skirt to her cunt as she opened her legs for him.
His fingers found, and then slid into her wet cunt. “You
are soaked, you have the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt, this
show must really turn you on”! (If he only knew how she got
that wet!) She moaned, “That feels so good, finger my cunt
some more”. He kept up while Jen continued to stroke his
cock, when suddenly she moved over, leaned down and sucked
him just as he came. He tried to be quiet, but was enjoying
her hot mouth and the way she was swallowing every drop!
She straightened up, “That tasted good, thank you”. “Thank
YOU, can I suck your pussy now”? “If you wish” Jen turned,
leaned back against me and lifted one leg up next to him,
this gave him room to get on the floor and bury his face in
her cunt. After a few minutes she whispered, “Hey, he’s
pretty good at this” as she trembled some and reached a climax.
After several more minutes he stood up and started fucking
her. “Wow, I never thought I would do this in a movie theater”!
“Look at your audience love” “Oh my, everyone is watching
us” “And they are all wanting to get between you legs and
fuck you too” “You are probably right” “I know I’m right”!
He cried out softly, started cumming and filled her sopping
wet cunt with his sperm. “I wonder how we could work it” “Work
what” “Letting them all take turns fucking me of course”!
As her partner got up I thought of an idea that might work.
“There is not a lot of room, but if you sit up on your knees
leaning over the seat back, facing the back of the theater,
then the men can get behind you and fuck you ‘doggy style’,
and you can probably suck some cocks of the men in the last
row” “Oh darling, that is a great idea”! Jennifer got up,
took off her blouse and skirt, gave them to me, tuned, knelt
on the seat and leaned over into the back row where several
men were now standing, their cocks were already out and
waiting for her to suck! A new man had moved in behind her
and as she took one cock in her mouth he pushed his cock into
her cunt. She reached over and started stroking another
cock as she sucked the first. Every time some one came and
filled her cunt, another man took his place. Whenever some
one shot his load into her mouth she took the one she was stroking
and swallowed it. After almost two hours her cunt had been
fucked by 18 men and she had sucked off 25! Sperm was dripping
off of her chin and out of her cunt, running down her legs
to her knees. This was going to be a very wet seat when we left!
She finally stood up, “All right guys, that is enough, I
hope you all enjoyed it” She got a standing ovation! I had
her sit on the seat back with her legs on the arm rests while
I got between her legs and sucked on her cunt, getting as
much as I could in just a few minutes. She slipped on her blouse,
fastened it, slipped back into her skirt and we left. I had
to help her some as NOW she was just a little a bit sore!
Once back in the car she looked at me, kissed me, “I love you
so much, I love the way you keep me happy and satisfy my fantasies,
the way you guide me through these adventures”! “You are
so much fun to keep happy and I enjoyed these adventures
as much as you did”! When we got to her place we went in, went
into the bedroom, put a big towel on the bed, stripped off
our clothes and lay down. I kissed her, then dropped down
and sucked her breasts for a while as the men had seen them
but were too busy fucking and sucking to play with them.
“Please fuck me baby, I want your cock in me so very badly”.
I was now hard as a rock so I eased down took my cock and began
to enter her sloppy, soaked and dripping cunt. I rubbed
the head gently up and down her lips, then slowly began to
enter her body. I could feel the wetness as my cock slowly
slid in, the wetness from a couple of dozen other men’s cocks,
the feel of the walls of her vagina as she squeezed my cock,
released and squeezed again. The feel of the sperm as it
leaked out around my throbbing cock as it continued to slide
into her. Once my cock was buried in her cunt, I lay on top
of her, kissed, caressed and held her, her legs wrapped
around me locking me into her. We lay like that for almost
10 minutes, then I slowly began to fuck her as she cried out
in ecstasy, moaning, trembling, and squeezing my cock
with her vaginal muscles. I fucked her for 10 minutes, then
I came, adding my hot sperm to the rest already in her cunt.
She had climaxed several more times as I fucked her. To me
there is nothing like fucking a hot well-fucked cunt full
of sperm. Fantastic! We finally got up climbed into the
shower and scrubbed each other’s bodies, then into bed
for a long nights sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms. What
a night! What a woman!

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