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An Asian Goddess


I was home on vacation, chatting on AdultFriendFinder. The IM was on. Seeing as I usually never get a page through it, I wasn’t paying much attention to incoming messages. I just happen to glance up to see the incoming message icon flashing so I respond to it.

Turns out it’s a hot, younger, Asian woman who wants to know if I want to meet with her? I’m kind of surprised, younger women (she was 29) usually don’t want to hook up with a man my age. Just being curious, I asked her why she picked me out of all the possibilities. She replied that she liked the picture of me on my profile and that it had been a funny read. She also had a preference for older men.

A bit more chatting revealed some of her sexual preferences (blow jobs, cum swallowing, doggie position, spanking, cream pies), I agreed to meet her and sent her my address. I then realized that the house was in just a bit of disarray, so I rush around getting things in order. We keep in touch via text messages while she is on her way over. I’m anxiously awaiting her arrival – I had viewed her profile pictures – a nice Rubenesque figure – not fat, just pleasantly round.

About an hour later she shows up (my cock is really hard by now – I had been thinking of all the naughty things we might do to each other), and she looks even better that her profile pictures. She’s about 5’4”, nice and firm for her roundness, perky firm tits, and alluring Asian eyes. She was happy to see me (she had a nice smile on her face), I greet her with a warm hung and she responds by kissing me in a very sultry way while grinding her hips against me in a very suggestive manner. I escort her into my house and ask her if she needs to freshen up or would like a drink of something. She replied, “Water would be fine”. I get her a glass and ask if she’s like to sit in the living room or head to the bedroom. She says, ”Show me the bedroom please”. I lead the way, she says, “Nice” as we enter. She gets onto my bed and I join her. We begin to talk a bit. I ask her if she likes porn, “Yes” she replies. I turn on the television and tune in a porn channel on the Roku. She likes porn with older men, so I search and find some and start it playing.

All this time, I’m eyeing her body, enjoying the round firmness of her ass, the perky curves of her firm breasts, the smoothness of her thighs. She was wearing a short shift sort of dress, (as it turned out she was wearing nothing underneath it) and as she had gotten onto the bed it had slid up her thighs some, revealing more of her firm smoothness to me. We lay there talking and watching porn. I’m very very hard now. She was looking at me in a very longing way. Our conversation reveals that she has been without sex for a couple of months now and is very horny at the moment. She has also mentioned that had been sexually involved with her older stepfather. This gave me a moment’s hesitation, as I wondered what I had gotten myself in for. She told me that she had had no problem with that – it had happened years ago – it’s why she preferred old men now. She also told she was kind of turned on by the idea of fucking a man old enough to be her grandfather (this got me even harder).

As we talked more and watched porn, I casually put my hand on her knee. She gave an auditable sigh, and spread her knees apart a bit more for me. Her skirt slid all the way up to her hips, revealing that she had no panties and totally smooth. I was surprised, and joyful at the same time. I commented about this and she said, “I hate to wear panties and shave”. I said, ”Cool”, and let my hand slide slowly along her smooth inner thigh towards her pleasure place. She gave a soft little moan as I got closer to her smooth mound of joy and spread her legs open more. I let the backs of my fingers brush lightly over her swollen vulva and I moved my hand to caress her other thigh. A quick intake of breath, as she spread her legs more. I slowly stroke her other thigh to her knee, then slowly moved my hand back towards her pussy.

She was moaning very nicely as I did this. As my hand approaches her engorging pussy, I move in between her outspread legs, and open them a bit more with my knees. I now have both hands on her thighs and move them to her puffy outer lips and ever so gently open them just the smallest amount. Hot pussy juice drips out of her. I amazed at how wet she is. I’m glad I’ve put a towel down. Her juices drip down to her ass and onto the towel. I gently rub her outer pussy lips together, getting them all nice and slippery wet, spreading wetness to her clit as well. She starts to really moan at this point, her hips begin to thrust gently against my fingers. I let my fingers play with her some more, as she gets wetter and wetter, spreading herself open as wide as she can so I can enjoy all over her hot slickness. She reaches down and opens herself more for me with her fingers. Her clit is so nice and hard, covered with her juices, her pussy is nice and swollen as well. She spreads herself open so far I can see inside of her vagina. She is soaking wet – I begin to lick her wet, swollen pussy lips. Just lightly touch them with the tip of my tongue, sliding gently toward her clit, then back down to her pulsating fuck hole, again and again. She was moaning and thrusting her hips towards my probing tongue. She is very tasty. I’m enjoying lapping up her juiciness, spreading it all over my face, her pussy, inner thighs.

I slip the tip of my tongue just inside the opening of her vagina, it tightens around me, I just hold it there, letting her feel it, she relaxes, I slowly circle her hot opening, she relaxes more. My fingers are massaging her clit, on either side, slowly back and forth. Her pussy is so hot. (I’m so hard. It’s all I can to keep from dry humping one out on the comforter. My balls are really full. I’ve not cum in days. I’m ready to pop.) I firmly slide my tongue as far inside of her throbbing fuck hole as I can, flicking the tip up and down and around. I hear, “OH MY GOD!!!!” as she strongly thrusts her throbbing wet pussy against my face. I let the tips of my fingers brush ever so lightly across the tip of her swollen clit. Her vagina clamps down on my tongue, starts throbbing and trying to thrust my tongue out, I hold on. Her whole body begins to vibrate in time with her orgasm. I keep my tongue inside of her, licking every last throb out of her dripping vagina, rubbing every last wave of pleasure from her clit that I could find. Enjoying the arching of her back, tensing of her legs, thrusting of her hips, the moans and animals sounds of her pleasure, until she relaxed with a sigh into a blissful state of repose.

By now I was very horny indeed and very hard as well. I let her rest, watching her juices drip from her still contracting pussy. After a bit, she opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Are you going to fuck me now?” “I want to feel your hard cock inside of me”. During the time I was licking and play with her pussy, she had pulled down the top of her dress, exposing the bounteous beauty that were her breasts. Round, firm, nipples hard with arousal. I gently grabbed a breast in each hand and began rubbing and pinching her nipples as I placed myself between her outspread legs, letting my stiff cock rest on her wet and swollen pussy. I began sliding my stiff shaft long her slippery live slit. Making it nice and wet with her juiciness. I kept this up for a few minutes, letting just the tip of my cock enter her pussy every 3 or 4 strokes. She was moaning with excitement again, spreading her pussy open wide again for my cock. I was extremely excited and stiff by this point. I let the tip of my cock enter her wide open love tunnel again, then thrust smoothly into her until I was balls deep inside of her. She was extremely wet and I slid in without any difficulty. I started to slide in an out of her; she was matching my thrusts with her hips. She was oh so delightfully tight. I was so excited by how thigh she was I almost came. I knew I was not going to last much longer. That warning tingle at the tip of my cock told me my orgasm was eminent. I let her know I was going to probably cum soon, she wrapped her legs around my hips, making sure I could not withdraw, thrusting her pussy up at me in time with my thrusts. All the time she was moaning, Saying “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me good. I want to feel you’re hot cum in me. Fuck me like the little slut I am”. She spreads her wet, trusting pussy even more, rubbing her swollen clit against me. I thrust deeper and faster. I’m very near. She can tell - it excites her even more. Her hips are moving fast now, urging me to cum with every stroke. “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, cum inside my pussy. I want you’re hot cum inside me. I’m massaging her hard nippled tits, and trusting deep into her wide-open cunt. I’m ready; I can feel the surge of cum building. I let her know, “I’m going to fill your pussy with cum”. She spreads herself open extra wide and thrusts hard against me as my cock begins to empty a hot load of sticky cum inside of her. She moans, “I’m coming” and lets me empty my balls deep inside of her throbbing fuck hole. Milking every last drop of cum out of me with her moist pulsating love tunnel. I can feel my hot cum oozing from her still trusting cunt, it’s all over my cock and balls, dripping out of her, flooding the towel. I collapse on top of her for a while, leaving my still tumescent cock inside of her, feeling the last drops of cum leak into her cum filled and throbbing pussy.

I roll off of her and lay back for a while, I’m still playing with her cum filled cunt, which she seems to very much enjoy. After awhile she notices that I’m still hard and asks, “Will you fuck me some more?” I ask her, “How do you want me to fuck you?” she rolls over onto her hands and knees, “Doggie”. I get behind her and just trust my cock deep inside of her in one stroke. She cries, “Oh My GOD!” and cums as my cock hits her cervix. I begin to fuck her like a mad bull. Thrusting deep and hard into her quivering cunt. Her juices are running down her thighs. She is having spasms of sheer delight; I keep fucking her, harder and faster. I can feel her tensing for another orgasm. I increase the speed and depths of my thrusts. As I thrust harder and deeper into her – I begin slapping her ass and pulling her hair. This turns her on very much – I keep it up for a few more minutes. She gets really tense, her back is arched, and she is fucking me with her pussy as hard as she can. I’m holding on for dear life – she begins to cum – long intense quivering of her body, hard thrusts of her soaked pussy on my cock, with a long drawn out moan of complete satisfaction. I hold my cock inside of her, feeling every last thrust and throb of her well-fucked cunt.

I slowly pull out. She is dripping pussy juice and cum. We cuddle up and fall asleep for a while. We awake a bit latter; she looks at me and says, “Thanks for the great fuck daddy. I really enjoyed your hot load of cum in my pussy”. I said “You are most welcome my dear”. I give her a towel to wipe off with. She gets dressed and with a final kiss good bye leaves.

We’ve never seen each other again. I hope we will again. Maybe it’s just one of those random things that happen and will just remain a pleasant memory.

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Nice story. Could use a little proof-reading (sorry, my spelling/grammar sense causes me to notice it.)


gaigin2 replies on 7/27/2017 5:30 pm:
I did run it through Words Grammar/Spell checker. I'll look it over again with the help of someone else's eyes and a yellow high liter and re-edit it. Thanks for commenting.