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Amelia’s Quest


The middle-aged secretary behind the steel and glass consol
of the reception desk looked up through her bi-focal glasses
and shot me a stern glance. Seated around me in the austere
cavern of the reception area were a handful of other job
applicants. There was a collective stillness as each hopeful’s
face swivelled in her direction looking for a sign they
were next.

Instead, the secretary gave me the briefest of nods, using
her eyes without turning her head to indicate the monstrous-sized
oak doors that led to the inner presidential realm. I sucked
in a deep breath and subconsciously folded the line of my
skirt across folded knees as I acknowledged my readiness.

I rose with a slight shake to my legs, hoping that as a 23-old
“newbie” to the corporate world, I would cut a confident
and elegant path as I swished in my business-like high-heels
across the marbled floor to those intimidating doors (which
included over-sized brass handles).

The next 15 minutes to an hour (depending on the success
of my interview), would determine whether my ass would
be saved from the serving rot of Diary Queen and liberated
by the beginnings of a real job (and, of course, the corporate
pay-cheque would be even more liberating).

I had applied for the position of a junior business associate
at this mid-sized, but highly respectable accounting
management firm, and landing this job was high stakes after
having recently graduated from college with a degree in
the rather “academic” subjects of fine art. Bluntly
put, I’d had enough of doing mundane jobs which generally
required me looking the “blond bimbo” in a uniform
with a name-tag.

I have never consciously compared myself against girlfriends
in terms of physical attributes (well, I guess, to be really
honest, maybe once or twice) but am generally content with
my appearance and figure: I’m naturally blond, have
a classical “heart-shaped face” with well proportioned
cheekbones accentuated by a just ever-so-slightly pout
to my lower lip (I like to think sensual), framed by slightly
off-blond shoulder length hair. I’m petite in frame
(which helps with the “cutsie innocent girl look”
when I need it), although I do admit to a secret envy for an
extra size in bust and butt. But, hey, we can’t have everything
in life.

I knocked discreetly on those polished doors, pulling
down on one brass handle and having to put almost all of my
weight behind that oaken slab to swing it inward. Entering,
my heels sank into plush carpeting, my skin and nipples
reacting immediately to the coolness of the air-conditioning.

I moved as assuredly as possible to the solitary chair (sort
of like an inquisitors’ chair, I couldn’t help thinking
with some trepidation) that faced the desk and the man that
seemed to steer it like an airliner’s cockpit. I hoped
that my nipple reaction was not showing through the thin
material of the demure button-down top that I had selected
for the interview. I sat down, crossing my legs discreetly
and tried to look inspired and professional at the same
time as he stared at me intently, hands before him with pursed

Well, let’s just say (I’ll try not to squeal): I got
the job, my first real job – a step on the corporate ladder.
And an excuse to shop for a new corporate wardrobe!


Several weeks into my new corporate role, I began to relax
with confidence in my abilities to perform my job as well
as interact professionally and socially with my co-workers.
There were many single, young guys working at the firm and
initially my desk became a lighthouse for conversations
that had little to do with work. Most of the hopefuls had
by now moved on to easier and newer pickings in the office
pool, although one or two persistents continued to try
chat me up.

Actually, one of the guys is rather hot, just under six-feet,
broad shouldered, without looking like a workout freak
on steroids. In his Pierre Cardin shirts (and trying to
look corporate scruffy with loose and slightly rolled
cuffs) he seemed well toned in the chest and gut, with the
latter tapering down to a rather seductively slim waist,
cute butt and a noticeable bulge in front (not that I was
looking). What might be considered as a sharp face was offset
by the most sparkling baby-blue eyes I have ever seen, which
seemed to light up with every “aw shucks” grin he threw
my way. This guy knows the affect he has on women, I thought,
the overall picture signalling to me that he was a player
used to the ladies swooning at his feet. Keep your distance
girl, he’s trouble!

Anyway, my sexual interests over recent years had slowly
evolved from what might be called “vanilla” to more
exotic flavors – well, at least in my fantasies. Don’t
get me wrong, a good “booty-call” workout in bed with
a vigorous and talented guy can still get me salivating
and whimpering for more. It’s just that…I’m looking
for something with just that little extra spice.

Now, with my immediate work problems resolved and social
life in good standing (albeit, no regular boyfriend),
I began to dare wonder if I had the courage to bring my sexual
fantasies into the real world.

During my college years I had discovered a popular dating/quasi-sex
hookup website, which was perfect for passing dull nights
(college budget doesn’t allow for extravagant entertainment).
Anyway, I’d noticed the site hosted an “adult section”
in addition to the usual light chatroom stuff. I guess this
is where, as a lark, my alternative sexual fantasy interests
began to blossom: I had shown an interest in several young
women (at least, I think, but does it matter?) looking for
other woman.

So, typing with sticky fingers, I had my first taste at same
sex (admittedly, only online experiences) but discovered
that the idea of fucking and being done by another woman
was highly arousing. From there, I ventured into further,
more off the wall “cyber adventures” with couples,
but ultimately found that fingering myself and sitting
on a vibrator had its pleasure limitations. Besides, the
best part of fucking is the interaction and the surprise
of feeling fingers, tongue and a cock exploring you in ways
you can’t anticipate.

While I had been keeping a tight rein on my carnal fantasies
during my “improving my employment status” mode,
now in the back of my mind the shadow of a plan was beginning
to form. Dare I put it into action? That little “devil”
and “angel” routine began whispering in one ear to
the next, and before long the throbbing in my lower regions
and the tingling pinch of engorged nipples decided it was
a definite “go”.

I grinned wickedly to myself, my hands having “innocently”
brushed down the curve of my body to nestle in my lap where
they became very agitated around the curve of my mound.
(at this point, my clit was suddenly very much awake and
saying “hello!”).

With my ass beginning to stick to the leather computer chair
for reasons nothing to do with room temperature (and a slight
tremor to my hands), I logged onto my favourite old website
and headed straight for the adults section. My plan meant
stepping outside of the security and anonymity of the cyberworld
and to play for real.

I had decided to make my interests known to couples – a
little naughty experimentation so to speak, plus the logic
that having my pussy eaten and fucked at the same time might
offer the best of both worlds. Besides, the more the merrier,
and the less intimidated I might feel with a one-on-one

I ran the tip of my tongue across my lips considering the
“options” of what I was open to. Impulsively, I clicked
“anything goes” under preferences, and felt that
delicious warm rush between my legs as my pussy woke up to
this new reality – I was committed, there would be no turning


It took two weeks of dealing with maybes, outright nuts,
men getting off as woman and those simply interested in
diddling themselves online. Then I spoke to Tina, the fairer
sex of a mid-thirty to early-forties couple. She assured
me that her husband John was completely into introducing
other partners to their lovemaking. In fact, Tina casually
threw into the online conversation, both she and John had
been exploring sexually as a couple with other partners
of both sexes for a number of years. Their sex life and marriage
were never better, she confirmed.

As each of our online conversations developed to where
we all felt comfortable in meeting in person, I began to
realize the growing sexual tension in my body, which felt
like a wound-up coil. We had agreed to use online names only
(for the record, I chose Amelia whereas my real name is a
more bland Jen), and the revealing pictures we exchanged
did not show headshots.

Tina had a voluptuous, sensual body, although not that
she showed any “thirties/forties flab”. Her breasts
were bigger than mine, at least two cup sizes with darker
areola centered by fat, dark rosebuds.

John was lean and lank, and while his penis was not the longest
I had encountered, it was the opposite of his body: stout
and well-girthed. A shiver ran through my body thinking
of that cock sliding into my opening.

Both Tina and John were clean shaven, and I made a note to
attend to my own somewhat neglected bush – perhaps a Brazilian
waxing with a “landing strip” up my mound to accentuate
my cleft? Suddenly, I felt oh so horny - no, check that, I
felt oh so fucking horny!

The one condition which Tina assigned to our anticipated
tryst which caused me some apprehension was the fact that
neither she or John liked rubbers in their intercourse
play – they wanted a natural feel. I have never done “bare-back”
before, scared witless as a teenager by my mother and sex
guidance teacher of AIDS, STVs and being “bare foot and
pregnant”. Now, fucking without condoms seems almost
alien to me (although I have been on the pill as backup) but
the thought of venturing out seemed strangely alluring
in a “dangerous kind of way”.

Trying to convey to your potential future sexual partners
(who you are really turned onto) that you have concerns
that they might harbour such nasty things as STDs is not
easy, but Tina soon got my drift and with a cyber “lol”
replied: “girl, I hear you – and have the solution –
it has worked for us a long time. We each get an updated medical
check-up before meeting, bring along our medical statement,
and we all know that we’re clean and ready for fun”.
I could hardly argue.

Once my hesitations were settled, Tina booked a hotel room
in one of the popular downtown five-star hotels that tended
to attract an anonymous conference crowd. All three of
us were to meet this coming Friday night in the hotel’s
wine bar. Tina had said she would provide all the “surprises”
but warned me to bring along a toothbrush and a fresh set
(or two) of panties, this was going to be a marathon event!

I should mention at this stage that my work life was moving
ahead without any bumps and I had been involved with at least
two projects that required close consultation with the
“big man” behind the oak doors. Having interacted
with him on several occasions, I realized that he was not
as old as I first thought – the big desk and severe bankers’
suit that projected the “corporate image”, created
a more austere and serious picture than his true personality.
Not that I’m suggesting that he would think of flirting
with the female staff at the office – God forbid! However,
he did reveal a wry sense of humour and seemed to take genuine
interest in the company’s staff, regardless of sex.
That said, we all still called him Mr. Walker to his face.


Finally Friday arrived. I buzzed through the day like a
caffeine addict (or should that be sexholic), and had arranged
at work for a “doctor’s appointment” for the afternoon.
I planned on paying my favourite lingerie boutique and
hair salon a visit in anticipation of the night – this
was my day to be pampered and hopefully transported to a
blissful, surreal place of never-before-fucking pleasure.
Just the motion of walking was getting my juices going!

I arrived at the wine bar a fashionable ten minutes late,
with every nerve in my body in heightened mode, the slightest
movement of skin against clothing (particularly in certain
regions) sent highly erotic electric charges to my brain.
I had chosen a very cute and short black cocktail dress from
my wardrobe which accentuated the color of my hair and clung
seductively to even my small breasts and hips. Underneath,
I wore matching black bra and panties, both a fine, almost
transparent lace (the latter being a cheeky T-string that
left my buttocks bare against the swish of my dress.

I had decided against any jewellery, feeling that any additions
would seem too garish (besides, jewellery and sex tend
to get in the way of each other – been there with an earring
stuck in a pants’ zipper). I did, however, splash out
on a new pair of sexy black pointy-toed pumps sporting four
inch heels that I was still trying to get used to – not easy,
particularly while trying to maintain a sultry sway to
my walk.

The maitre de looked me up and down pleasantly, his eyes
expertly scanning my skimpy outfit and body which seemed
to meet his approval. Tina had arranged a reservation under
the name of “Green” to ensure that we did not miss each
other. I passed the name over to the maitre de who took off
almost like an excited lapdog in his eagerness to lead me
to the table – whoa there cowboy, you’re not wearing
high-heels and a clinging dress barely covering your next-to-bare

Then my shock came: enough to cause the blood to drain from
my face while the libido hit antarctic frost-bite. For,
while the attractive, well-dressed woman sitting at the
table matched Tina’s body, the man beside her was none
other than Mr. Walker – my boss! Oh, God, how could I explain
this, how could I get out of this. Better yet, how could I
just vaporize into thin air.

Mr. Walker, presumably “John”, had a similar shocked
look on his face, his mouth literally hanging open as his
facial muscles tried to catch up with the impossible thoughts
firing in his brain. We remained frozen for a split second
– the kind that feels like an eternity – before the maitre
de pulled out a chair for me to be seated. I sat down in a daze,
my mouth attempting to move but somehow unable to form words.

Mr. Walker had moved from shock to that cringing state where
you seem to retract into your clothing. By now Tina had picked
up on the uncomfortable vibe, and turned to her husband
with a frown and raised an arched eyebrow. Mr. Walker coughed
delicately, and explained “Um, it seems that, uh…
Ms. Martin, um… Amelia and I are already acquainted…
she, uh, um, works at the office, ” he managed to say in
a voice that wouldn’t win him any confidence awards in
Fortune Magazine.

His sheepish expression dissolved into astonishment
when his wife burst into a fit of laughter and clapped her
hands loudly. “My, my, it’s such a small world isn’t
it!” she exclaimed with great merriment (which neither
I or Mr. Walker quite shared the spirit of). In contrast
to our reactions, Tina did not seem at all perturbed by this
latest development. “This will be so much better, we’ll
both get to do the girl from the office – now that’s an
unusual twist on the usual sordid tale!” she delighted.

Both Mr. Walker and I relaxed perceptively in wake of Tina’s
obvious enjoyment at the unexpected richness of the situation.
I stammered “Mr. Walker, I…um…I’m not really
sure what – ” Tina cut me off before I could finish my
sentence “Forget this ‘Mr. Walker’ nonsense –
his name is John, and whatever happens in the office stays
in the office. What happens between the three of us, that’s
between us – Amelia, Tina and John.” she decreed for
all. “Now let’s get some drinks. And by the way honey,
you look yummy, I could eat you just here!”

Within the time it took for the drinks to arrive, Tina had
both John and I laughing and relaxed in our out-of-office
roles. As the waiter moved away, I felt a gentle nudge between
my knees and looked quizzically across the table at Tina.
I realized that she had slipped off her shoe and was nudging
her foot insistently between my thighs. With big eyes,
I parted my legs slightly and suppressed a low moan. Meanwhile,
I tried to maintain a straight composure and focus on the
conversation at the table. Unlike my squirming discomfort,
Tina maintained a lively discourse and even ran the tip
of her tongue along the glass rim of her drink as her toes
made contact with my crotch.

I gasped, and quickly reached for my own drink, gulping
greedily. I breathlessly stammered a response to something
John had asked me. I suspected that he was aware of what Tina
was doing, if nothing else but by the many expressions on
my face. One thing was for sure, whoever occupied the chair
after me was going to be in for a damp surprise!

We had a light meal, during which any remaining doubts to
what was about to happen were dispelled. We did not linger,
with even Tina’s cool composure beginning to show signs
of excited impatience. As I got up from my seat, I surreptitiously
wiped a napkin across the surface and felt the coolness
of the sudden air against my ass and the wetness between
my legs. As we walked from the wine bar toward the hotel’s
bank of elevators, I could feel the motion of movement slowly
slicking my juices against my inner thighs – I don’t
think I have ever been this wet!

The hotel room, or rather suite, lived up to its luxuries
label, with a living area fitted out with bar and stools,
a couch and several armchairs. The central focus of the
bedroom area was a king-size bed that could have accommodated
a sport team. The marbled bathroom included a reclined
hot-tub as well as a shower stall that all three of us could
easily occupy (don’t get ahead of yourself girl!).

Seeing the amazed expression on my face, Tina smiled and
turned to an elegant carry-bag that had been placed on its
own on a table nearby the enormous bed. “My bag of surprises, ”
she said mysteriously. “As promised, but I think I’m
going to hold you in suspense before revealing each goodie.
I promise, you won’t be disappointed, ” she winked
with a sly grin.

I walked over to the bed and sat down, unsure to the “how,
when and what” was to happen next. John had gone into the
bathroom, leaving Tina and I alone. She looked at me speculatively,
one hip seductively pitched, then crossed the room to take
my hands and pulled me up toward her. As I stood, she smoothly
placed her arm around my waist while the other circled my
upper back. While her one hand began to fondle my ass, the
other lightly caressed the nape of my neck, the slight stimulation
of her nails against the tender area sending shockwaves
to my pleasure centers.

I instinctively closed my eyes and sighed, and before I
knew what was happening, Tina had inserted her tongue into
my mewing mouth. The softness of her lips, the invading
pressure of her tongue, and the musky smell of her closeness
became almost overwhelming for my excited senses. I sucked
in Tina’s tongue, greedy with lust, my own hands moving
instinctively to pull her closer. The contact of her body,
her breasts against my own, left me weak-kneed, almost
clinging to her for support.

By now, Tina had slid her hand from the nape of my neck to trace
down one of my breasts, her fingers gently teasing the aroused
nipple through my dress. Suddenly, she bunched my breast
in her hand, then releasing and gripping with increased
pressure and passion. “Aaah, ” I gasped coming up
from our passionate kiss for breath, the yearning throb
from between my legs almost too much to bear.

One of the more useless trivia I picked up during my days
of wandering around college is a small biological fact:
a woman’s breasts can expand by 25% due to a sudden influx
of blood to the glands under intense stimulation. The reason
I mention this is that abruptly my nipples felt like they
were going to burst like ripe fruit under the intense pressure
I felt in my swelling tits which felt like medicine balls
– the skin taut, my lobes heavy and straining against
the bodice of my dress and Tina’s groping hands.

The effect Tina had on me was overwhelming – and I unexpectedly
came, a violent shudder coursing through my body leaving
me slumped in Tina’s arms – the most remarkable thing
was that I was still fully clothed and that this woman had
barely touched me!

Tina used the round “oh” of my mouth during this orgasmic
moment to once again insert her tongue half way down my throat,
stifling my keening moan. Before I had fully recovered,
Tina had unzipped my dress and I felt it glide past my shoulders
and hips. My bra followed shortly after and then Tina began
to slowly sink to her knees, her hands gliding over and around
my body, her tongue lightly tracing over my erect nipples,
breasts and down the curve of my abdomen to finally plant
a tongue-teasing kiss on my wet panties in the area above
of my clit.

“Oooh, ” I moaned, arching my back and butt and instinctively
reaching forward with my hands to pull Tina’s face into
my aching crotch. Tina had decided to be playful and pulled
her face away, her hands instead hooking into my panties
and pulling them free. I felt her hands lightly tracing
down the smoothness of my thighs and calves (the soft static
transmitting from her fingers travelling up my legs deep
into me, then coursing upward to seemingly connect with
my own fingers caressing my nipples). I was now naked as
a babe, my clothes pooled about my still-heeled feet. Through
eyes swollen with lust, I saw Tina begin to undress herself.
I reached forward and captured her hands. “Let me, ”
I said huskily.

I leaned forward, breathing in Tina’s body, her own scent
of sex mingled intoxicatingly with the light perfume she
wore. I inserted my tongue into her mouth, feeling the heat
of her body radiating against me as my hands traced the forms
of her breasts. Her plump nipples turned to hard pebbles
against the touch of my probing fingers. I switched my tongue
to her neck, and spotting a small diamond stud-earring
glittering in the light, I took it and her earlobe into my
mouth, lightly teasing and biting on the metal and soft
flesh. Now Tina’s moaned aloud, with eyes hooded and
arched neck, her hands moving up to press mine into the silky
flesh of her breasts.

Finally freeing myself from her passionate grasp, I deftly
moved both hands behind her back, unclasping the hook of
her dress and lowering the zipper in a quick movement, letting
the silky material fall free. Tina was not wearing a bra,
and her bountiful and bouncy tits sprung free to stare at
me. I immediately latched my mouth to one quivering nipple
and sucked her with a hunger as she wriggled her hips to finally
liberate her dress. Tina definitely believed in minimizing
any delays caused by clothing, as she was also sans panties.

I looked down at Tina’s bald mons, the rosy lips of her
labia slightly peeking from below. I sank down her body
to my knees, tongue extended like a bee to a flower as I nudged
between her legs and latched my mouth to her pussy lips to
suck out her sweat nectar. The smell and taste of Tina was
intoxicating as I rolled my tongue round her hood and teased
her clit. Burying my face into her, I got my tongue into the
slippery inner folds of her body, tasting that unique,
slightly oily and musky essence of a woman.

With a small groan, Tina gently pulled away to my astonishment
and frustration. She backed up to the bed and fell back into
an enticing sprawl, her legs spread apart. Kicking off
her shoes, she used her tantalizing butt and feet to slide
back on a spread into a half- reclined position. The glistening
and inviting folds of her pussy beckoned me as she raised
her arms in invitation.

I did not need to be asked twice, my own pussy generating
a small flood in response. I crawled onto the bed between
her silken legs, my eagerness saying to hell with taking
off my footwear. I sank my face between her legs and buttocks,
and with hands and arms encircled around her inner thighs,
I began to hungrily eat her out. Within moments Tina was
bucking her hips as I desperately tried to cling on and breath
as she smothered my face with her pussy. I could feel the
increased tension of Tina’s inner body against my tongue
as she built to a climax and finally shuddered in a spasm,
her juices gushing out to cover my face. Sated, Tina fell
back with what sounded like a cat’s purr.

I finally emerged from Tina’s crotch panting, my face
sticky, my hair dishevelled and damp. It was only then I
noticed that John had emerged from the washroom, wearing
only a towel around his waist. He must have showered whilst
Tina and I acquainted ourselves. John was sipping a soda
from the mini-bar, and staring speculatively and with
a wolfish expression at us. He must have had been in the room
for some time to have gone into the mini-bar unnoticed,
and I realized that he would have had a fine view of my bent-over
butt and slit while I went down on Tina. Ah, well, what stays
here, stays here…

Tina recovered sufficiently to notice her husband and
she squirmed up onto her elbows, those fantastic tits swaying
in graceful unison. “Come here, ” she called to John
who moved over to the bed.

Tina sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and
pulling the towel away from John’s torso, revealing
a fine and rigid cock that lived up to the close-up pictures
I had seen of it. John’s penis swayed at full-mast before
both of us. “Ooooh, ” I thought, still on my hands and
knees on the bed and subconsciously wagging my butt and
licking my fingers.

“Lie down on your back, ” Tina instructed her husband.
“I think Amelia needs to do a taste comparison to see if
she prefers pussy to cock – or maybe both!” Having John
in my mouth, and “tasting him”, was indeed appealing,
but my own pussy was beginning to feel neglected. I tried
to hide my disappointment at having to wait for a good fucking
and stood up, getting off the bed, still in my high-heels.
John arranged himself so that his legs were over the side,
feet on the floor, his upper torso reclined back, cock raised
like the Pillar of Hercules.

I crouched on the floor between his spread legs and with
one hand tentatively took hold of that pulsating shaft
of meat. My fingers were barely able to encompass John’s
cock, the head of which already gleamed with pre-cum fluid.

Before I could begin, Tina intervened, coming up behind
me and taking hold of each of my butt cheeks. “No, no, ”
she admonished, “I want you standing, bent over, you
can bend your knees and that pretty butt a little, but I want
your mouth bobbing up and down on his cock.” I obeyed,
repositioning myself. John’s cock now stared up at my
wanting mouth.

I took the bulbous head of John’s cock between my lips,
teasing my tongue around the form, tasting the saltiness
of his juice. My tits were swaying slightly as I increased
the up and down motion, taking more of him into my mouth with
each stroke until I could feel his cock at back of my throat.
With each downward stroke, he grabbed my hair and pulled
my face right down his shaft and then thrust upward until
I almost gagged – thank God I’d had my tonsils removed!

I had noticed from the corner of one eye that Tina had moved
away, and I could hear her rummaging around. Otherwise,
I was a little preoccupied to pay much attention to her actions.
After I had been enthusiastically bobbing away at John
for sometime (the man had control!), I felt Tina come up
behind me. A small voice in the back of my mind caused me to
break off briefly to look over my shoulder. Tina had donned
a strap-on harness, fitted on the end of which was the biggest
dildo I have ever seen in my life. The thing was at least 12
inches long and seemed as thick as my wrist. Tina reached
out and lifted the head of it, the shaft pointing at me like
a cannon, and slowly stroked the beast as she gave me one
of her wicked grins.

I began to panic and physically fret as I realised Tina’s
intention and the fact that I knew there was no way I could
accommodate that monster in me. My concern was heightened
by the knowledge that Tina had negotiated me into a very
compromising position – bent over on precariously balanced
heels and no room to move.

“I promise you’ll love this darling, ” she told
me with that wicked smile. “Hold her, ” she instructed
John who wrapped his lower legs around mine and pulled my
head back down onto his cock before I could object.

With muffled sounds I tried to protest and plead as John
used his hands to move my head up and down. To my surprise,
my exposed pussy was suddenly at high-tide. “My, my, ”
Tina said, having stuck three fingers into me, much to my
delight and increasing fear. “I thought we might need
a little lubrication to get things going, but she’s so
wet we won’t need any at all. The little slut must really
want it, ” Tina said giving my exposed parts a slight
smack that sent my pussy lips quivering. “Mmmff, ”
I responded around the cock buried in my throat.

“Don’t try to fight it, spread yourself wide and push
into it as it drives forward, there’s less resistance
and once it’s in you, your body will take over, ” Tina
advised my raised butt. Faced with little alternative,
and hoping that her advice might really diminish the expected
pain, I acted accordingly, spreading my legs further apart
and jutting my butt out further.

Tina firmly placed one hand on my hip, then I felt the slightly
cold sensation of the dildo’s head touch up against the
entrance to my vagina. I tried to loosen up, but could not
avoid scrunching my eyes closed in apprehension. Suddenly
the head of the dildo burst into me, causing me to gasp and
choke on John’s driving cock. It is impossible to describe
the immediate pain I felt, my body instinctively fighting
to eject this massive intrusion, but instead it relentlessly
drove deeper into me until I felt the latex balls of the dildo
slap up between my ass cheeks.

Tina paused briefly, the dildo fully extended in me, and
massaged my butt cheeks as she instructed me to push back
against the dildo and rock my hips to make it more comfortable.
I moaned and did as instructed, and immediately felt my
pussy juices begin to lube the foreign object, the burning
pain diminishing. Tina began to drive the shaft into me,
the head of it bumping way back into me, her hands firmly
gripped around my waist. I went from pain to uncontrollable
lust and wanting it like I’ve never wanted a cock, driving
my butt back against her thrusts, yearning for the complete
fullness inside of me.

It did not take long for that pleasurable tingling build-up
in my body to reach a tempo, my whimpering and frantic body
movements signalling my pending climax. Tina picked up
the thrust of her hips while John began to drive his cock
into my mouth with increasing speed. I felt John spasm about
a split second before I came, his salty cum shooting down
my throat as I desperately tried to swallow and breath,
and deal with that oh-so-unbelievable cascading rippling
of pleasure that washed through body from the epi-center
between my legs.

John released my head, his cock springing from my mouth.
I took in deep lungfulls of air, the taste of him still invading
my senses. I collapsed forward onto John’s chest as that
gigantic dildo slowly slid from me. With the extraction
of the dildo, my pussy felt like a vacuum that could swallow
anything that came in its way. I began to rub my fingers between
my legs to prolong the waves pulsing through my body. Tina
just looked on with amusement, once again stroking the
shaft of the dildo and licking my juices from her own fingers
– that smirking, but oh-so-hot bitch!

With a mischievous smile and twinkle to her eye, Tina insisted
that she was not finished with me. She lay on the bed on her
back and continued to stroke the attached dildo. She beckoned
to me to climb on top of her and once again take that monster
into me – this time voluntary. I hesitated for a micro-second,
then straddled her, slowly sinking down with a satisfied
moan. Once the dildo was fully within me, I began to rock
and gyrate my hips as Tina clutched and massaged my ass cheeks.

The next few minutes passed with very little recall for
me, as I achieved a series of climaxes that left me desperately
short of breath and in a heightened sense of touch that the
slightest movement against any areas of my body seemed
to stimulate a sexual response. At this stage, Tina had
attached her mouth to one of my engorged nipples and was
plying my breasts in the most exquisite way I had ever felt,
my body bent forward over her to afford better access.

It was at this stage that I felt the bed move, and realized
that John was positioning himself behind my bent butt.
I felt his hands begin to stroke my inner thighs and vulva,
massaging the motion of the dildo into my body, then using
my fluids to grease up the crack of my ass. The sensation
was very erotic, and I hoped that he would finally stick
his cock into my pussy. However, John had another idea…

Unexpectedly, one of John’s fingers penetrated my asshole,
then two of his digits were inside me. Needless to say, I
emitted an excited squeal and involuntary contracted
my sphincter as I had never been anally probed before. Before
I could mentally process events, I felt a cold, slippery
wetness around my asshole as John poured a lubricant onto
his fingers and oiled my anal passage. My eyes bulged in
realization of his intended actions and once again I felt
afraid and the fool for having allowed myself to be manipulated
into a compromised position.

I felt the head of John’s cock pressure against my sphincter,
then with surprising ease his cock sank deep into my rectum
as he gripped my hips. I gasped, then emitted a series of
sounds and a string of dirty language that I would not thought
myself capable of as he began to drive his cock into me. I
am now definitely all for anal sex!

The combined motion of the dildo Tina was slowly driving
into my pussy combined with the more insistent motion of
John’s cock inside my ass, the two organs rubbing against
each other between the thinly separated canals of pussy
and rectum, set off a chain-reaction in my body. I was slobbering,
begging and pleading for them to stop, and never stop, as
I was exhausted by each new orgasm that racked my being.
Fuck! Let the pleasure continue!

John increased the pace of his thrusts into my ass, and I
realised that he was on the point of cuming. I began to thrust
my hips down and out against the motion of the two foreign
bodies occupying me, clinching the muscles of both pussy
and ass against the motions inside of me.

“Aargh, ” John exclaimed in a rush of breath as he exploded
inside of me, his seed rushing out to coat the inside of my
ass in a warm flow. I sighed in contentment, then regretted
the slowly slackening and withdrawal of his organ from
this new pleasure orifice I had discovered.

We all lay in a panting heap on the bed, me sandwiched between
Tina and John’s slack bodies – the smell of sex lingering.
Tina eventually nudged us apart and headed for the bathroom,
her butt swishing alluringly. I heard water running into
the hot-tub and sighed at the prospect of pampering my exhausted
body in hot water.

Tina came back into the bedroom, evaluating John and I.
“John’s cock needs cleaning and you’re a really
messy looking hussy, ” she informed me. I had noticed
a distinctive shift in Tina’s tone and body language
as our sexual activities had advanced – she had become
increasingly dominant and almost demeaning. Yet, strangely,
this knowledge only seemed to heighten my desire to have
them control me.

“The two of you need to take a shower while I relax in the
hot-tub. I expect Amelia to give John a thorough cleaning,
then the two of you can maybe join me, ” Tina pronounced.
I got off the bed, the motion causing a little further mess
below – ah well, I thought dreamily, the next best thing
to getting dirty is cleaning up. John and I obediently walked
over to and entered the clear glass shower-stall.

The slightly stinging sensation of hot water bouncing
off my body felt invigorating, however, I was distracted
by John’s growing member as I began to soap him down. The
light gliding motion between skin and soap was highly arousing,
and it did not take long for both John and I to become sexually
re-charged. John’s cock stood up and throbbed in my fingers
as he soaped up my breasts, ass and pussy. I could see Tina
watching us through the slightly fogged glass of the cubicle.

John suddenly lifted me up with his hands around my thighs
and pushed my back up against shower stall, my own legs wrapped
around his slippery torso. I could feel his cock nudging
up against my now spread entrance. Maintaining a firm hold
and position with the soap suds that covered our bodies
was not easy, but I managed to reach down with one hand and
guide John’s cock into me. Feeling the grip of my pussy
lips, he thrust up, his cock penetrating deeply inside
as I mewed loudly with contentment. At last, my pussy had
finally been invaded by a real live and warm cock!

With the aide of the soap, John began riding me fast and hard
against the shower stall. The gliding motion of his cock
in and out of me soon brought about the desired result from
my body as I climaxed, shuddering against him. John was
relentless, and continued to drive into me for what seemed
an eternity, my own body long-spent. Then I felt him pause,
his breathing harsher as he began pounding into me in accompaniment
to my pleas for mercy. With a rush, he came at full hilt, I
felt the warm eruption shooting deep into me.

John slowly lowered me back onto my own feet, my knees trembling
slightly in the aftermath of our exertions. Dripping,
we both went like naughty children to ask Tina’s permission
to join her in the hot-tub. She reluctantly agreed, then
the stern expression on her face cracked into a broad grin.
“So, Amelia, have we lived up to your expectations, will
you be coming back for more?”

Without hesitation, I said “Oooh, yes – please, please!”

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